Masuda hints at DP being online?

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Thread: Masuda hints at DP being online?

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    Default Masuda hints at DP being online?

    <i>The Director of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, Junichi Masuda, has said in his diary that he wants people to be able to play and communicate internationally with the Wi-Fi portion of D&P. It's not definite yet, but that's his intention at least.

    He also says the game is quite far from completion, and that they are making use of all the DS's functions, like two screens, touch screen, local wireless, Wi-Fi, and so on.</i>

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    That's from some time ago. We've been going on the 'using all of the DS' functions' quote for a good while now.

    I wish, however, they'd just sit up and confirm the online. The closest they've gotten so far is the ambigious '16 player WiFi'.

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