GTS trades surpass 10 million mark: Numbers reflect Pokémon traded in, between Japan,

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Thread: GTS trades surpass 10 million mark: Numbers reflect Pokémon traded in, between Japan,

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    Default GTS trades surpass 10 million mark: Numbers reflect Pokémon traded in, between Japan,

    More than 10 million Pokémon have been traded in and between Japanese and North American players on the Global Trade Station (GTS) since Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were released in the two regions, according to a report released today by Famitsu.

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    I saw this earlier today on Kotaku. Which, by the way, is making this ridiculous claim that the Japanese want American pokemon because they can't give their pokemon names with roman letters.
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    I saw that too. They seem to be quoting this for some reason. Though there is also the fact that the Japanese version has the five character limit.

    I prefer this take on it.
    America's Illegal Pokemon Immigration Problem

    Famitsu is reporting that since the launch of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for NDS, over 5 million copies of the games have been sold in both Japan and America. And Pokemon Trainers from both countries have utilized the software's Global Trading Station to trade over 10,000,000 Pokemon via Wi-Fi.

    Members of Congress, such as Sen. Lieberman, who previously demonized videogames for having a subversive influence on the youth of America, are now calling on President Bush to do something to stem the tide of illegal Pokemon immigration.

    The conservatives want to solve the illegal Pokemon immigration problem by building fences to secure our borders. Liberals, however, are trying to reframe the debate, arguing that we don't have an illegal immigration problem but an illegal Pokemon Trainer problem - you prosecute the children for training illegal Pokemon and the Pokemon will stop coming.

    Meanwhile, frustrated by the government's slow response, a few renegade trainers have formed a militia and plan to stand guard along the Western seaboard. They call themselves the Poke-men. Armed only with Pokeballs, the Poke-men claim to have captured 172 Pokemon trying to enter U.S. soil illegally.

    With the European versions of Diamond and Pearl set to release just next month, the situation has the potential of spiralling out of control unless the government acts quickly and decisively in a bi-partisan fashion.
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    The English alphabet available in the Japanese games are actually not the same as the alphabet available in the English versions. They are visually distinct in the Japanese games.

    Or so I imagine, given the two sets of English alphabet glyphs present in the Japanese font...
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