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You have to understand that when I reviewed the game it was right after I had defeated the 8th gym and before I challenged the E4. I think I had one triple battle and no rotation battles at that point.
Ooooh okay. Hehe, sorry about what I said then ^^

So now that I've had a little more experience with the new battle types, I can say I definitely dig the rotation battles more. A little more strategy, and sometimes a lot of that challenging frustration that makes features like that cool. Triple battles are fun, but if they weren't introduced and only rotation battles were, I wouldn't be clamoring for them.
I agree with you on this, partly because I don't think that Double Battles have been developed enough or really accepted enough to justify Triples. Most competitive players choose singles, and if it wasn't for the VGC being doubles then I really see them being neglected.

I'm glad that with Rotational battles, they've tried to work strategy into other aspects of battles that they haven't before. I like basing my team on their moves, abilities and held items, but I've done it in Gen IV already. Plus with Rotational Battles, I hope it means that the metagame for it won't always be filled with Steels and Dragons, as having variety seems key. I hope that Gen VI finds another unique twist to battles.