Diamond and Pearl top charts for 8 weeks: Defeats 7-week record of Ruby and Sapphire
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Thread: Diamond and Pearl top charts for 8 weeks: Defeats 7-week record of Ruby and Sapphire

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    Default Diamond and Pearl top charts for 8 weeks: Defeats 7-week record of Ruby and Sapphire

    According to Famitsu's game rankings, the latest games in the Pokémon franchise, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, have held the #1 position on the Japanese sales charts for 8 straight weeks, beating the 7-week record of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Famitsu reports that 101,113 units were sold in the week ending November 19, 2006, and estimates that a total of 3,161,145 units have been sold. Diamond and Pearl finally gave way to Sega's Fashionable Witches ♥ Love and Berry ~DS Collection~ (オシャレ魔女 ♥ ラブ and ベリー 〜DSコレクション〜) and Nintendo's Jump! Ultimate Stars in the week ending November 26, 2006.

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    For how many weeks did Gold and Silver hold the position? I have found this sort of data hard to come across.

    It is a well known fact that Ruby and Sapphire were a step down from Gold and Silver in terms of sales. However, only few recognize that FireRed and LeafGreen more than made up for that setback, ameliorating the sales by much more than the additional development cost.

    We now know that not only have Diamond and Pearl have not gone down from Ruby and Sapphire's standards, for the time being their record slightly exceeds that of those two games. But it still remains to be seen if the overall sales will surpass Ruby and Sapphire's. Even assuming that, what will happen from there? The third generation gave way to an unprecedented component - remakes which were not at all far from being on-par with the "main" games. It is worth to compare the overall sales of Ruby, Sapphire, Colosseum, FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald and XD to those of Red, Green, Blue, Stadium, Yellow and Stadium 2.

    Considering that Gold, Silver, Stadium GS and Crystal did not make it to the standards set by their predecessors, it is by no means fair to expect the fourth generation games to reach the third generation's glory. But by how much will their marks be apart?

    This generation is in desperate need of a bang that would truly distinguish it from all others.

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    Ruby and Sapphire held the record before Diamond and Pearl overtook it. It is safe to presume that Gold and Silver managed no more than 6 weeks.

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    It's also possible that RS and GS and even RB had stiffer competition.

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    DP does have Jump Ultimate Stars to compete with now.

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    It is also almost Christmas, so more parents are gonna buy the games around this time of year.

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    The figures for the 9th week are out. 110,946 units sold in that week (up from 101,133), estimated total 3,272,091 units sold.

    The ranks for the 10th week are also out. The two games that beat DP quickly fell behind it. For some mysterious, ineffable reason, a PS2 game, Tears of Destiny, manages to beat all the Wii launch titles. Final Fantasy IV also beats out DP.


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