SPECIAL: What is your favorite arc of PokeSpe?

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Thread: What is your favorite arc of PokeSpe?

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    Default What is your favorite arc of PokeSpe?

    As we all know, Pokemon has a large variety of arcs which range from the Red and Blue arc all the way to the B2W2 arc. What I would like to know is which one is your personal favorite and why? I like the RSE arc and what the B2W2 looks like it will become.

    While RS had some generic and cheesy ideas to it, it was generally very enjoyable and made the shipper in me happy. The Emerald arc was just mad epic (FRLG arc as well. SHIRTLESS RED.) and I loved the Dex holder reunion. The BW arc was Ok, and kind of boring. But I can't hate it because my otp is in that. Lastly, the B2W2 arc. Like we really have to ask me? All I can say is R.A.K.U.T.S.U. He is the best I'm serious. I really can't wait for his and Faitsu's character development and ughhh such a good plot so far. Dude who hates Team Plasma, 12 year old womanizing international cop who is looking for Team Plasma, and an ex Team Plasma girl equals a butt ton of excitement.

    Please remember that this thread is for your FAVORITE. If you want to share your brutal, honest opinions of the series, there's another thread for that.

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    Default Re: What is your favorite arc of PokeSpe?

    RS arc. Ruby and Sapphire are my absolute favorite characters and I love their story the most. I liked how it focused on the main stories of two characters at the same time accomplishing their goals. I felt that the arc had a decent length and that both characters had great development. Not to mention the confession:) But yeah, overall, I liked this arc the best.
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    Default Re: What is your favorite arc of PokeSpe?

    The RBG arc, it took creative liberties while retaining the charm of the original games.


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