OK... I wasn't entirely sure where to ask this, but I guess it counts as "other media", since I'm looking for a song.

It's called "Mama no Daiji na Pokemon" or "Mama's Dear Pokemon" according to Bulbapedia. It took a lot of digging around just to find the article about the song. A quick google search led me to find lyrics for the song, but I can't for the life of me actually find the damn song to listen to. And I know for a fact that the only reason even I know about this song was from hearing it somewhere on the internet. Youtube doesn't seem to have it either. And it was released like a decade ago on a CD from Japan that's long been out of print.

I remember hearing this song a few years ago and even though it was cheesy as hell I loved it. The sappy melody had a lot of meaning to me back then. So if anybody happens to know where I can find it, I'd be very happy.