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Thread: Pokemon DEATH BATTLE!!1112111213342!!111ONEONEONEELEVEN

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    Default Pokemon DEATH BATTLE!!1112111213342!!111ONEONEONEELEVEN

    Death battle are doing a 3 way pokemon death battle between venusaur charizard and blastoise

    the link is here

    For those who do not know what death battle is they put comic book and video game charicters against each other to fight to the death such as superman vs goku and pikachu vs blanka.

    I believe they wont be using mega stone's as a trainer is needed and death battle allows no outside help.

    This may also mean no TM's as trainers teach pokemon TM's but i don't know about that i am just speculating.

    I do not know if this means they can learn egg moves though as pokemon could get freekey in the wild maby and maby blastoise can learn ice beem that way?


    Who do you think will win?


    PS: Personally i think Venusaur will win IF! A) They only use 4 moves B) they allow Egg Moves. With a move set off Toxic / Sludge, Leech Seed, Synthesis, and Amnesia and just wait out the fight while boosting its Special Defence to defend against ice beem + fire blast
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    Default Re: Pokemon DEATH BATTLE!!1112111213342!!111ONEONEONEELEVEN

    Hi, if you want to have a Venusaur vs Charizard vs Blastoise type of thread, we have a Contest Hall for that kind of thing here - http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f458/:)


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