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    Default New to the Manga, Question.

    So, the Manga has recently peaked my curiousity and i've started investigating on where to begin.

    I'm going to go with the Viz releases since they are more recent and cheaper than the really old versions. Just looking for the cheapest place to buy. My question is what order do they go in? I know it seems dumb.
    I understand that there is Pokemon Adventures: 1 - ? 5 is it?
    My confusion is on where Diamond/Pearl, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and such come in.
    As well as the random bonus books that come in like POkemon Adventures: Mew (something or other.)

    I assume you go in the order of the generations of games, but I thought I should ask just in case, so if someone could set me straight that would be awesome. And it would be more awesome if someone could do a short list of what I need to read.

    Thanks for looking. =]

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    Default Re: New to the Manga, Question.

    I recommend you check the Pokemon Adventures page on Bulbapedia. All the answers to your questions should be there.

    Click here.

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    Default Re: New to the Manga, Question.

    Ok basically there are currently 10 chapters in adventures. In the new Viz releases, volumes 1-3 are chapter 1, 4-7 are chapter 2, and 8-11 (the most recently released volume) are part of chapter 3. They're continuing to release volumes from chapter 3 and presumably onwards, until they catch up with...

    Diamond and Pearl Platinum, which is released as another volume number 1, is actually chapter 7, and is volume 30 in Japan. They've skipped chapters 4-6 in order to release chapter 7 faster, which caused them to restart the volume numbers. Chapter 7 is known as the Diamond and Pearl chapter in Japan, with chapter 8 being known as Platinum, but they changed the title to keep it from being confused with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventures, which is another series entirely.

    It's all horribly confusing, but I'm still happy to be getting the series one way or another.

    By bonus manga, are you referring to this type of thing:

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    Default Re: New to the Manga, Question.

    It's Pokemon Adventures, which covers Kanto and Johto so far, and then Pokemon Adventures Diamond Pearl Platinum, which is Sinnoh. These are actually considered the same series, but because Viz had stopped translating the series for several years, they're releasing both now to catch up.

    Kinda like how the anime has different titles for its different seasons.

    There's also Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, which is a different series entirely but VERY worth checking out. It's 8 volumes, Sinnoh only, and already complete, so you don't have to worry about waiting around for the next volume.

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    Default Re: New to the Manga, Question.

    There are many different Pokémon manga series that aren't related to each other... I assume the manga series you decided to read is Pokémon Adventures (also known as Pokémon Special in Japan)

    That means you should get:
    Pokémon Adventures -
    Currently 12 volumes, getting to almost the end of Johto... they'll probably continue to release the volumes by order till they'll cover all of RS/FRLG/E chapters
    At the same time as they continue to release the rest of the volumes, they're also already releasing the DP chapters as "Pokémon Adventures: Diamond and Pearl - Platinum" -
    So you can buy them now and either read them now, despite not being in order, or wait till they finish releasing the rest of the "original" Adventures (generations 1-3) and only then start reading the "new" one for DPt

    Other Pokémon manga series that are NOT related to Pokémon Adventures are:

    Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure - (despite the similar name, it has nothing to do with Pokémon Adventures / Pokémon Adventures: Diamond & Pearl - Platinum)

    Pokémon Tales -
    (short stories for young kids)

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team -
    (one volume MD manga)

    Movies manga: (this one I think is more like anime pictures with dialogue on them, not really "manga")
    This one seems to be another anime pictures comic, for short movies 1 and 2

    I think that's all that's available currently... or at least what's shown on Viz's site
    I wish I could get all of these...

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    Default Re: New to the Manga, Question.

    Thank you all! I understand what I was confused about now.

    Joey: Nevermind on the bonus thing, I think I just mistook it as a bonus manga, but it was volume 1 or something.

    Now that I know what I'm doing I'll enjoy these manga. I'll focus on Pokemon Adventures but I'm most definately checking out that D/P line, as it looks like a good read as well. =D


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