Anyone else actually like Zensho?
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Thread: Anyone else actually like Zensho?

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    Default Anyone else actually like Zensho?

    I don't recall making a thread about this before so.. Yea.

    All I ever hear are people berating the artstyle and calling the manga "boring".

    I find the style quite cute honestly. It's not anything new or unusual; it's rather pre-moe shojo-like.

    The manga isn't really boring to me either. It follows the games quite well, better than any other manga.
    Most adaptations of the series either have little to nothing to do with the games, or don't follow it that closely (Special, anime, Golden Boys, etc).

    Zensho feels the most like its source games. The designs, characterizations, way the plot flows, etc. Besides Sabrina being too adorable, it's almost like something the creators could have made up.

    The manga just really sucked at battles. They were stale looking and usually a few panels long. Satoshi didn't even battle most of the time, he got most of his Pokemon from gym leaders or random friendship encounters.

    But the manga never seemed like an action type to me. It seems more based on story and character development.

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    Default Re: Anyone else actually like Zensho?

    It looks interesting, and if it was fully translated I would definitely give it a shot. Alas, it isn't.


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