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Glacier Island

Boreal Wastelands

Treepandaone: Trying your very hardest to put your personal convictions aside temporarily, you prepare to engage the Piloswine herd. Death is as natural a process in the Pokemon world as it is in the human one, but killing is something very few Trainers are ever actually forced to do. Pokemon in general seem endowed with remarkable longevity, able to train and battle their entire lives without succumbing to sustained injuries. If anything, they seem more prone to fainting than anything, which is easily remedied at any Pokemon Center. But this... this is a whole different game.

Despite their obvious lack of fighting skills, it's clear that the group is more than accustomed to this routine. They move flawlessly across the snow like a pack of wolves closing in on their prey, which denotes two things: one, they have transcended their existence as mere researchers and became full-fledged survivors in this frozen hell; two, and much more frightening a realization... they have all killed before.

Shieldon eyes you with apprehension but seems to understand your predicament. Armed with a rather innocent-looking Heart Container, he looks to charge into battle alongside his allies, but the best he can muster is a couple of steps across the nose-high snow to realize the ordeal won't be paying off. Be that as it may, the herd has already been alerted to the presence of the close-range fighters, namely Stoutland and Jacob's Blaziken, and while five Piloswine hold their ground, they make way for the other three to start fleeing - you assume those to be the females, whose survival bears more relevance to the preservation of the herd.

One of the hunters has his Grumpig psychically lift a Piloswine in the air, while Daryl's Magneton blasts it repeatedly with Mirror Shot. Meanwhile the Stoutland, Gligar and Blaziken each tackle their own prey, leaving one last valiant Ice-Type to contend with. Hesitating briefly at first, the much smaller Shieldon finally makes up his mind and targets that final Piloswine, unleashing a silver beam of metal energy straight at the lumbering foe. The attack finds its mark, pelting the enemy for considerable damage, evident even from such a distance; Piloswine roars in pain and twists around uncomfortably as the Flash Cannon pulse drills into his flesh.

- Keep it up Matthew, we have this under control!

Jacob's words of encouragement come just as his Blaziken delivers a crushing Blaze Kick that causes its victim to wobble precariously, about to pass out. A Pokemon with such a massive advantage over its opponents is the ideal partner to have in these situations, and it comes as no surprise that Jacob's only remaining partner would be exceptionally fit to handle the land's adversities.

The Piloswine you attacked soon finds the culprit behind the long-range sucker punch, and charges straight at you and Shieldon in a blood rage. For such a heavy creature, it moves surprisingly fast in the snow, contrary to your partner, who can do little more than stand there and brace himself for impact in his panic... until he remembers your instructions again just in time! Four boulders materialize around the prehistoric Pokemon and are released just as Piloswine is about to ram into him; each rock finds its mark right on the opponent's forehead, four shots of such force that they're enough stop the creature in its tracks! Dizzy from the consecutive impacts, Piloswine seems to temporarily lose his bearings, before quickly regaining composure.
A wild Pokemon with no sense strategy, and a stranger to Steel-Types in his usual habitat, it resorts to its usual offense by coating his tusks with ice and driving them straight against your partner's impenetrable iron skull for negligible damage. The lack of substantial damage seems to fill Shieldon with renewed confidence, and it swiftly Counters Piloswine's ineffective Ice Fang with a twice as powerful headbutt for good measure!

So far, this has been a fairly standard fight for a veteran such as yourself. The foe, despite being in its natural habitat, doesn't seem used to the kind of Pokemon it's facing, and you have the definite upper hand as far as tactical awareness goes. Still, Piloswine is bigger and potentially stronger than Shieldon, and it has yet to resort to the dreaded Ground-Type moves its species can use... You know you should tread lightly but, above all, you can't afford to forget your ultimate goal - you're not out here to win.

The rest of the group seems to be doing fairly well on their own, and you have your hands full with an angry Piloswine looking to crush you and your Pokemon for the sake of its family - a powerful motivation.
With all this in mind, what is your next step?
OoC: Sorry for the late reply. Just wanted to say the first paragraph isn't a dig against you or other updater, just a bit of character development. Also in the last update I changed Shieldon's Heart Container for the Heat Rock Drummond gave me.

Tiresome. Both in action and attitude, the shining glean Pokémon battles once had was waning fast over the multiple years trainer Matthew Brown had adventured in the zones of Fizzy Bubbles. His strongest and battle-hungry were now at the top of their level; his starter, Rhyperior, claiming the title of Fizzy Bubbles alpha male via the skin of his teeth against Jessica, but with new challengers gradually climbing up the ladder he was sure the old Pokémon's dominance would soon be called into question, and battles would become the main focus once more. Never-the-less, Matthew Brown had come to hold a certain apathy against the necessities of battle, and a lack of sleep and doom-and-gloom scenario had only increased the distaste he felt for the art of conflict. There was nothing personal against those who entertained the idea, no crazed idea to join organisations like Team Plasma, whom solemnly swore against any and all trainers who held Pokémon in their possession, just a gradual depreciation for the repetitiveness fighting had come to. Like comparing 3rd and 4th edition D&D, the struggle with crusades often hinged on the balance of storytelling vs combat, the veteran Pokémon trainer now seeking a richer chronology as the clocked ticked ever closer towards any potential retirement, or worse, inevitable death.

His mind wandered to what the future held as he approached the big 3-0, if his continence in Fizzy Bubbles was the conclusion of his destiny. He stared at the landscape around him as the sound faded to a low hum, blanking out the carnage as Pokémon since released from his comrades begun to pick their enemies on the battlefield. His fate lay in the balance, and he was surrounded by life yet still somehow alone. Perhaps it was time for adventure away from the chaos, to search for the diamonds in the sea; items hidden in caverns by people long gone, guarded only by ghostly shadow and fearful superstition. Shieldon's hesitation brought the trainer crashing back down to earth, reminding him of the lack of future should he not survive the day out here in the arctic tundra. Daydreams of far of places meant nothing, but his Pokémon's presence made him he was not alone, not while he still breathed life into shaping his young team into the adults they were destined to become.

The sounds of scuffles quickly returned as his sharpness came rushing back, like a rusty blade edged on a ceramic wheel or rock. The trainers on his flanks had killed before as they eclipsed their former professions, putting Matthew at ease and on edge all at the same time. A Stoutland and Blaziken charged into the fight with ease, prompting Shieldon to attempt the same but its heavy weight and lack of footholds shut the delusion of grandeur down before it had even started. He had identified this as a problem from the very beginning, but was confident his little Pokémon could keep up with the savages he called his allies.

His inclination was right as Shieldon's first attack landed against one of the male Piloswine protecting the herd; the roar of discomfort making him cringe far more than a usual battle would. The pain seemed extra poignant, extra pronounced, as if the victims knew that a loss on this battlefield would mean an end to life. Words of encouragement from Jacob bore no real meaning as he felt the discomfort of continuing, the pack's male population slowly taking more damage than they were dishing out. He knew that if push came to shove he could kill, but if it wasn't necessary could he swallow his pride and leave a few males alive to repopulate the species or would his position be compromised if he showed any sign of weakness to the group of strangers so hell bent on killing for survival be a indication for exile.

His discomfort was confounded as Shieldon continued the onslaught he had laid out just a few seconds prior, pulling four large from the ground and slamming them into the face of the charging mammoth Pokémon. His realization of how one-sided each and every encounter was was confirmed as the Piloswine attempted an Ice Fang, the move bouncing off Shieldon's massive defensive shell before the Counter smashed it back. Here was a Pokémon fighting for its life too, as unaware of strategy and its foe as he was to the Shards. The parallels ran deep, each side being one step up in the food chain of life, vulnerable to the mysteries of the universe and the unknown.

“Good job Shieldon, turn it up with a Toxic to the eyes then while he's blinded shed some of your weight with a [b]Rock Polish[b]. If you get hit, reply with a Metal Burst but if you don't finish the round with an Ancient Power