Working Title: Fragmented Revenge (Heavy R rating)

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Thread: Working Title: Fragmented Revenge (Heavy R rating)

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    Default Working Title: Fragmented Revenge (Heavy R rating)

    Not too sure if this is a little too much for this community. THe rules are a bit vague, and it's wayy to early to think. If I've screwed up and posted something that is against the rules. just edit the topic and you know delete the story and just leave a message within so, I know what's going on.)

    Working Title - Fragmented Revenge
    Rating - heavy R
    Genre - transgressive/Drama/
    Author: Arun K Raman (nickname - Tygerofdanyte)
    Warning/comments: It is slightly erotic and it teases you with glimpses. There is some male/male and some female/female. Somewhat graphic talk of rape, and drug use and other things. It's my style of writing as of late. Damn you Palahniuk and Thompson.

    The story is still uneditted so do comment and critique and tear it apart. Also if you can think of better titles please do tell.


    please do critique. I might send this in to our college magazine. A bit editted maybe. but Still.

    Edit: changed formatting a bit
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    Just a reminder--heavy things like this go behind spoiler tags. I put them in for you.

    Anyway, frankly, I had no idea what the story was about. It was too disjointed for me to make heads or tails of it. Perhaps that's because it's too early for me, but the jumping from place to place was head-swirlingly confusing.


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