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    Default Where The Heart Is (PG)

    Disclaimer: Don't own pokemon!

    A/N: And I'm back with another fic! I'm just taking a little break from writing 'School Days', but don't worry. I'm not gonna abandon it! Anyway, this is a little different then some of my other stories, but oh well. That's just how it goes. One more thing, Misty and Ash don't know each other and Ash and Brock don't know each other, but Misty and Brock do. Did that make sense? Hope so! Enjoy!

    Ages are as follows:

    Ash: 24
    Misty: 23
    Brock: 25
    Giovanni: 40's

    Where The Heart Is

    "Geodude, quick! Use rock throw!" Commanded the Pewter City gym leader.

    "Geo!" It nodded, starting its attack.

    "Squirtle, use your hydro pump!" A young man, with the Team Rocket emblem stitched on his uniform, ordered.

    "Squirtle!" It said, letting loose powerful sprays of water from every hole in its shell.

    Geodude fell to the ground, weakened by the continuos water attack.

    "No, Geodude!" Screamed the rock trainer, running up to his pokemon. "Are you okay?"

    "Geo..." It answered weakly, nodding its head.

    "Strip him of his pokemon." Ordered the young Team Rocket member.

    "Yes, sir." Saluted another member.

    It was obvious, by the respect given to the young man, that he was the elite member of this particular squad. His uniform was a different color than the ones his comrades were wearing. It was black with a small 'R' embroidered in gold at the corner of his shirt. He also wore a black cape that draped over his shoulders, making him look all the more sinister. A Pikachu was also perched on his shoulder.

    "No, I won't let you take them!" Screamed the gym leader.

    "Restrain him." Ordered the young man.

    Another member came up behind the gym leader and tied his hands behind his back, while another took his pokeballs off of his belt.

    "I won't let you get away with this!" He yelled, his anger rising.

    "Calm down now Brock. There's no use resisting us." Smiled the elite confidently. "Take him away."

    "Yes, sir!" Nodded the member who was restraining Brock. He took him outside where a black van was waiting.

    "I don't see why we couldn't have just taken the airship." Sighed another member, walking up next to the elite.

    "Sorry, Matt. Its easier this way. We don't want to take any chances of being seen." Smiled the elite.

    "We wouldn't have been seen. Its pitch black out there." Exclaimed Matt.

    "Yeah, I know, but you remember what Giovanni said. No slip ups." The elite sighed, walking outside.

    "Yeah, yeah. I know." Sighed Matt, following the elite.

    "Sorry bro." The elite apologized.

    Matt just shrugged it off and hopped into the van.

    The elite member looked up at the star filled sky, wondering if this plan would really work. His boss, Giovanni, had seemed so confident when he first presented it to them. But then again, he always had confidence, especially in the elite's skills.

    "Well, we've captured all but one gym leader." Announced a rocket holding a clipboard. "Where to next?"

    "Cerulean City..."

    A/N: This prologue took longer than expected. I seriously spent 20 minutes just staring at the screen ^ ^ ;;. Anyways, you guys know the drill. Please review! AAML forever!
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    Disclaimer: Don't own pokemon!

    A/N: Well, here's Chapter 1 (finally). Anyway, enjoy!

    Chapter 1


    "Nice work, Staryu!" Exclaimed the Cerulean City gym leader.

    "Hiya!" The pokemon nodded, finishing its attack.

    "Bulbasaur, return!" Ordered the opponent, angry about his loss. "We'll be back!"

    The angry trainer stormed out of the gym, muttering something under his breath.

    "Another beautiful win Staryu." Smiled Misty.

    "Hiya!" It replied, spinning in the air.

    Just then, clapping could be heard from behind Misty. She whipped her head around to see a mysterious looking young man with a black cape draped over his broad shoulders. A Pikachu accompanied him.

    "Impressive." Exclaimed the man.

    "Who are you?" Misty asked cautiously.

    "That's for me to know…" He started, snapping his fingers. About a dozen Team Rocket members surrounded Misty. "And for you to find out."

    "Team Rocket…" Misty breathed, glaring at them.

    "You're almost as smart as you are talented." Smirked the elite. "Get her!"

    On command, the Team Rocket members immediately started to close in on Misty.

    "Staryu!" Yelled Misty.

    "Hiya!" Exclaimed the pokemon, spinning out of the water. Upon seeing its trainer in trouble, it instinctively squirted a water gun across the gym floor, causing the advancing Rocket members to slip and fall into the pool.

    "Rapid spin!" Commanded Misty.

    Nodding, the star-shaped pokemon dove into the pool and began its attack. A whirlpool started to form, and soon the Rocket members were pulled into the attack and thrown out of the pool.

    "Nice job, Staryu. Now, let's get out of here." Exclaimed Misty, running towards the exit.

    "And where do you think your going?" Asked the elite, blocking Misty's only way out.

    "Staryu, water gun attack!" Ordered Misty, pointing at the elite.

    The pokemon nodded and started its attack, but the elite dodged it with ease.

    "Pikachu, thunder." Said the elite calmly.

    Hearing its master's orders, the small electric pokemon jumped off of his shoulder to perform a massive thunder attack.

    "Pika!" Announced the Pikachu, sparks forming on the pokemon's cheeks. "Pikachu!"

    Thunder filled the arena and found its target. Staryu let out a pained cry and fell to the floor, unconscious. Misty ran to it and knelt by its side.

    "Staryu, are you okay?" Misty asked frantically.

    It nodded weakly as Misty returned it into its pokeball. She stood up and glared at the elite.

    "Now, you'll come with us if you don't want the same thing to happen to the rest of your pokemon." Warned the elite.

    Misty had no choice, she knew she was defeated. Sighing, she dropped her hands to her side and let the recovered Team Rocket members bind her hands together.

    "Good job, Pikachu." The elite praised, scratching his pokemon behind the ear.

    "Pika…" Purred the smiling pokemon. The elite mirrored the smile and laughed at his companion's content look. He then looked in Misty's direction.

    "Finally…" He smiled. "The last gym leader is ours. Giovanni will be very pleased with our work. Although, I must say, she was one of the hardest to capture."

    The elite approached the young girl and lifted her face to look at him. Misty also took this opportunity to examine the elite. She noticed that he was still young, about her age, maybe a little older.

    "You're very beautiful…" Whispered the elite, showing no emotion.

    Misty looked at him cautiously, wondering where this was going.

    "Who are you?" Misty asked again.

    "I'm the elite member of Team Rocket, number one next to our boss, Giovanni." Replied the elite automatically, almost as if he were reading a script.

    "What's your name?" She inquired.

    "Hey! Listen you! Don't bother him with such stupid questions!" Scolded Matt. "Come on, let's get her into the van."

    Several Rockets grabbed her and forced her to follow them.


    Misty turned around at the sound of the young man's voice.

    "My name is Ash." He repeated.

    Misty just stood there, staring at him until a Rocket pushed her forward and forced her to move.

    "Pika pi?" Asked Pikachu.

    "I'm fine. Let's get back to headquarters." Announced Ash, following the rest of the members out of the gym.

    A/N: Okay, there's Chapter 1. I know it's kind of short, but it'll get better! I promise! Anyway, hope you liked it! AAML forever!
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    Disclaimer: Don't own pokemon!

    A/N: Chapter numero dos! Enjoy all!

    Chapter 2

    No Way Out

    "Where do you think they're taking us?" Asked Misty, who was sitting, tied up, next to Brock.

    "Probably their headquarters." He replied. "Hey, I'm surprised they got you. You were probably one of their hardest to capture." Announced Brock, trying to lighten the eerie mood that was formulating.

    "Yeah, well, that's what they said." She said, smiling weakly.

    "That elite got you, huh?" Asked Brock, remembering his battle with the fierce elite.

    "Yeah, he did." She sighed. "I'll tell you one thing, he's really skilled."

    Brock just nodded in agreement as he looked out of the window at the night sky.

    "What do you think they're planning to do with us?" Asked Lt. Surge, the gym leader from Vermilion City.

    "I wish I knew. All I know is that they've captured us and we all have one thing in common." Said Brock.

    "Our gyms…" Misty breathed, realizing what Brock was getting at.

    "Exactly. It must have something to do with it. I just wish I knew what." He sighed.

    "Guess we'll find out sooner or later." Misty stated, looking out of the window and seeing the 'Welcome to Viridian City' sign.

    Everyone knew who the gym leader was in that gym. Misty shut her eyes in pain and anger thinking about his name. And, from what the elite had told her, it was now obvious that he was the leader of the infamous Team Rocket.

    "Great, Viridian City." Scowled Surge sarcastically.

    The van soon came to a halt as the driver waited to be admitted through the entrance. He was given permission and drove through the black, iron gates that surrounded the gym. The van stopped in back of the gym and the door was soon opened. Several Rocket members forced Misty, Brock, and Surge out of the van and awaited their orders.

    The elite stood before them, Pikachu at his side, and examined the trio.

    "Good. Bring them in." He said after several moments of silence.

    The members took hold of their bonds and pushed them inside of the massive building. They lead them into the battling arena where Giovanni waited. After fulfilling their duties, they took a knee and bowed to their leader.

    Misty looked on in disgust. How could someone so vicious be treated with this much respect?

    The elite took his place at the front of the line and approached Giovanni.

    "Sir, we have captured all of the gym leaders. These were the three remaining ones. They were restrained last night." Said the elite.

    "Well done. Were you seen?" He asked cautiously.

    "No, Sir." Answered the elite.

    "Wonderful work Ash, as usual. Now, take them to their cells and, soon, our plans will be underway." Announced Giovanni, leaving the arena.

    "Yes, Sir. Well, you heard him. Take them away." Ordered Ash.

    "Yes, Sir!" All the members saluted simultaneously.

    They walked off, taking the gym leaders with them. Ash was left alone in the arena, left only with his thoughts of their up and coming plan.

    "It's starting to take shape. After countless months of planning, we're finally doing it, Pikachu." Smiled Ash, petting his pokemon.

    "Pikachu." Answered the pokemon, nodding its little head.

    "Imagine all the money we're going to make." He smiled. "It's more than we could ever dream of."

    "Pika!" It squealed, smiling.

    "Well buddy, let's go tend to the prisoners." Ash announced.

    "Pi!" It replied as they both walked down the long corridor leading into the jail cells. He went down a flight of stairs and came to another hallway. Just then, Ash saw Matt walking out of one of the rooms, panting.

    "Hey, what's wrong with you?" Ash smiled.

    "It's that gym leader from Saffron, that's what." He sighed, taking off his head gear.

    "She can't be causing you that much trouble." He said peeking into the room.

    "Yeah? You try going in there when she's pissed off." Matt sighed in exasperation.

    "It'll only be a couple more days." Ash stated. "Just hold on until then."

    "I know, I know." Said Matt. "It's a good thing we got the rest of the leaders last night."

    "Yeah, we've been waiting long enough to start our operations." Nodded Ash.

    "Which one of them goes first?" Asked Matt.

    "Well, if it was me choosing, I'd pick Sabrina. She's the only real threat, with her psychic powers and everything." Ash said, walking away. "Well, I got to go. I have to go check on the others."

    "Okay, see you later." Sighed Matt, walking back into the room reluctantly.

    Ash lightly laughed to himself, thinking about everything that his best friend had to endure in that room.

    "Here we are." Ash said, opening one of the door's in the hallway.

    He stepped inside just in time to see Misty and Brock being thrown in their separate cells.

    "Sir!" The rocket saluted.

    "Very good." Ash smiled.

    The rocket grabbed a nearby notepad and looked to Ash.

    "Pewter City gym leader: Brock Slate." Said Ash, pointing to Brock while the rocket jotted down everything he was saying. "And the Cerulean City gym leader: Misty Waterflower."

    The rocket nodded and then handed the pad to Ash. He looked it over and then gave his approval.

    "Where is Surge?" Asked Ash, noticing an empty cell.

    "He's in a tougher holding cell. He was too strong for these cells, so Matt took him downstairs." Answered the rocket.
    "Poor guy. He's stuck with all the dirty work today. I'll have to talk to Giovanni today about a raise in his salary." Smiled Ash.

    "When do these two go?" Asked the rocket, changing the subject.

    "They'll be last. I already told Matt that we'd take care of Sabrina first." Stated Ash.

    'Take care of her?' Thought Misty, fearing the worst.

    "Well, I'll be back in about an hour to take over your shift. You know what to do if things get out of hand." Reminded Ash.

    "Yes, Sir!" Smirked the rocket, fingering the dart gun on the table.

    "Okay. I'll be back shortly." Ash said, walking out of the room and heading for Giovanni's office.

    Upon reaching his office, Ash lightly knocked on the door. He heard a soft response and opened the door.

    "Ah, Ash. There you are. I was just about to have someone find you." Started Giovanni. "Is everything set?"

    Ash bowed. "Yes, Sir. Everything is prepared. The gym leaders are all currently in their cells."

    "Very good." Smiled Giovanni. "It will still take a bit of planning to make sure we don't get caught, but I truly believe we can pull it off."

    "I think so too, Sir." Smiled Ash.

    "Ash, have you recorded the cell arrangements?" He asked.

    "Yes, Sir. They're right here." Ash replied, handing his boss a notepad.

    He read down the list of names and stopped at the last one.

    "Well, well, well…Misty Waterflower, Cerulean City's great water pokemon gym leader." He said in a low tone.

    "Do you know her personally?" Ash asked.

    "Yes, I do. We go way back. I knew her parents well." He paused and then continued. "After all these years, she's been residing inside of the gym…"

    "I take the next shift in her room. Would you like me to take a message for her?" Ash asked.

    "No, I will deal with her later. She's not going anywhere and you will see to that." Stated Giovanni firmly.

    "Yes, Sir!" Bowed Ash as he headed for the door, but he suddenly stopped. "By the way, Sir, I've noticed the hard work that Matt has had to endure during these past couple of months, so-"

    "A raise? Consider it done. He has been working hard. And it's because of people like him that we can finally start our plans." Said Giovanni.

    "Thank you, Sir." Bowed Ash one last time before he exited the room.

    Once he was gone, Giovanni turned towards his window and stared out over the horizon. He then looked at the notepad and fingered Misty's name.

    "My dear…your pain and suffering has only just begun…"

    A/N: Yay! Another chapter up! Hope you guys liked it.
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    Woah... now this is cool. Ash is a Rocket elite. Go Ash!

    Giovanni has some sort of past experience with Misty it seems. oooooh!

    Very nicely done.
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    But Natalie Portman is prettier than Misty. Not to mention smarter. This is fun. It feels a little bit choppy though- maybe you could flesh out the setting and whatnot more.

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    Disclaimer: Don’t own pokemon!

    A/N: Well, here’s chapter 3! By the way, thanks to everyone who reviewed ‘School Days.’ I really appreciated it. I just hope this fic meets everyone’s expectations.

    Chapter 3

    The Plan Revealed

    A cold night chill rushed throughout the corridors of the Team Rocket Headquarters as Ash and Pikachu walked to Misty and Brock’s holding room. Slowly, he opened the door and found the rocket member taunting the young girl.

    “Hey! Leave her alone!” Yelled Brock through the bars of his cell.

    “Oh, shut up!” Hissed the rocket. “Come on over here, sweetie. I’ll show you a good time.” He smiled seductively as he looked in Misty’s direction.

    Misty was curled up in the far corner of the cell, hugging her knees to her chest and looking down at the floor.

    “That’s enough.” Ordered Ash as the rocket abruptly turned around.

    He straightened himself out and stood, saluting, the elite.

    “Sir! I-I didn’t know you had returned.” Stammered the rocket.

    “Obviously.” Stated the elite, who was looking in Misty’s direction. Misty, on the other hand, was looking at the scene that was taking place from the corner of her eye.

    “Are you okay?” Whispered Brock.

    Misty nodded in response but kept her eyes on the elite and the rocket member.

    “You’re dismissed.” Sighed Ash disapprovingly.

    “Y-Yes, Sir.” Bowed the rocket member as he exited the room.

    Ash shook his head in frustration as he took a seat next to the two cells.

    “Pikachu, pikapi?” Asked the electric pokemon.

    “I’m fine, Pikachu. Just stressed out.” Explained Ash as he petted his friend.

    Ash looked over at the young girl in the jail cell and smiled.

    “So, you know our leader, Giovanni?” Asked Ash.

    Misty kept her gaze to the ground as the elite spoke to her. She didn’t want to talk about anything to do with him. Every time she would hear his name, a combination of anger and pain surged throughout her body.

    “Not talking then?” Inquired Ash. “Fine. What about you? Do you have any connection with our boss?” He asked, directing his question towards Brock.

    Brock, in response, shook his head. “What are you going to do with us?”

    Ash smirked at him and stood up. “What is it that you all have in common? You, her, Surge, Sabrina, Koga, Blaine, Erika…”

    “Our gyms.” Replied Brock.

    “Very good. Now, what makes a gym operate? Besides the fact that you need a gym leader.” Asked Ash.

    Brock thought for a moment and went through the possible solutions in his head.


    Ash and Brock looked to Misty, who had been quiet the whole time.

    “Exactly.” Smiled Ash.

    “But why would you do all of this just for money?” Asked Brock.

    “Why not?” Shrugged the elite. “Once we take control of your gyms, we will be the most feared organization in the world.”

    “How do we play a part in this?” Brock inquired.

    “You’re gym leaders, aren’t you? Well, in order for us to be successful with our plans, we need to get rid of all of you first. Then, since none of you will be returning to your gyms alive, we’ll take them over.” Explained Ash.

    “You’ll never get away with this!” Yelled Brock.

    “Oh, yes we will.” Countered Ash.

    “But don’t you think someone’s going to notice that all of the gym leaders are gone?” Questioned Brock.

    “Of course, but no one’s going to suspect that we’re responsible. No one knows where our base is. And besides, people on the streets already think that Team Magma and Team Aqua are responsible. We’re in the clear.” Stated Ash confidently.

    “You’re sick.” Brock spat out.

    “Maybe, but I’m not the one in the cage, am I?” Taunted Ash.

    Ash’s gaze then reverted back to Misty.

    “What’s wrong with this one?” Ash asked.

    “What do you think is wrong with her?!” Screamed Brock. “We’re locked up in Team Rocket Headquarters and we’re all going to die.”

    “I suppose you have a point there.” Smiled Ash.

    “Pikachu!” Nodded the pokemon.

    “Well, you two had better get a good night’s sleep. I’ll be here keeping watch, so don’t even think about trying anything on me, got it?” Warned Ash.

    Brock nodded and sighed, wondering how they would ever get out of this situation.

    “Hey Ash, its Matt.” Said the small device attached to Ash’s collar.

    “Go ahead, Matt.” Responded Ash.

    “I just got word that the boss wants to start eliminating them tomorrow…starting with Sabrina, of course.” Informed Matt on the other end.

    “Okay, I’ll be there first thing tomorrow to help you out with her execution.” Smiled Ash.

    “Okay, thanks. Over and out.” Announced Matt as the device turned off.

    “You’re going to kill Sabrina…” Whispered Misty, not believing what was happening.

    “Well, to be truthful with you, I’ve never actually killed anyone. I just help my squad with restraining the prisoners.” Explained Ash.

    “You’ve never actually killed anyone before?” Questioned Misty.

    Ash shook his head. “Nope, I’m not too partial to seeing blood spilling out of someone.” He laughed.

    “Then who actually does it?” She asked.

    “It depends on who’s on duty.” He explained, giving her a questioning look. “I’m glad you finally decided to talk to me.”

    Upon hearing this, Misty turned away and continued to stare at the ground. Ash, on the other hand, just smiled.

    “Don’t worry. It’ll all be over before you know it, I promise.” Smiled Ash, who was looking at the girl.

    “I’m not afraid of dying.” Whispered Misty in a coarse voice.

    “What was that?” He asked, staring intently at the young girl.

    “I’m not afraid of dying.” She repeated.

    Ash looked at her as a million thoughts floated through his mind. ‘Not afraid of dying?’ He asked himself. ‘Well, there’s a first. She’s brave, I’ll give her that.’

    “You’re very brave. You’d make an excellent Team Rocket member.” Commented Ash.

    “Forget it.” Misty started. “I guess courage runs in my family.”

    “I see.” Nodded Ash. “So, if I may inquire, where is your family now?”

    “Dead…” Replied Misty coldly.

    “Killed by whom?” Inquired Ash.

    “Look, can’t you see she’s been through enough? You’ve already won, there’s no need to probe any further.” Said Brock.

    “I apolo--”

    “Your leader…” Misty interrupted.

    “Excuse me?” Asked Ash, looking in her direction.

    “That sick bastard you call a leader killed my mother, my father, and my three sisters.” She explained, flashing him a look that the young elite had never seen in anyone before. Her eyes told him of the pain that she had endured throughout her life.

    “I’m sorry about that.” Apologized the elite. “But I’m sure our boss had good reason to-”

    “He had no right to kill my family!” Screamed Misty, tears in her eyes. “He left me with nothing…no family…nothing…”

    The elite continued to stare at the young girl as she wiped away her few tears. He sighed and then shook his head.

    “Look, Ms. Waterflower, I really am sorry about what happened to your family.” Sighed the elite. “But what had to be done, had to be done.”

    Misty looked at the elite, but said nothing. He looked back at her, trying to figure out what exactly she was thinking.

    ‘Its like she’s trying to see through me.’ He thought as he broke eye contact.

    Trying to change the subject, Ash flipped through the prisoner’s papers and stopped at Misty’s profile.

    “So, your 23?” Asked Ash.

    Misty just nodded in response.

    “You know, you’re the youngest gym leader in Kanto.” Announced Ash.

    “I know.” She whispered.

    “Hey, don’t get any sick ideas pal!” Warned Brock.

    “I wouldn’t dream of it.” Smiled Ash, directing his gaze back at Misty. “If it makes you feel any better, I’m the youngest Team Rocket member here. I’m only 24.”

    “You’re 24?” Questioned Brock.

    “Why? Were you expecting me to be older?” Laughed Ash.

    “Well, yeah. You are a part of Team Rocket…and an elite at that.” Said Brock.

    “What can I say? I started young.” He smiled. “Well, that’s enough talk for tonight. I suggest you two get some sleep. Like I said before, there’s still a lot to do before your big day.”

    Brock shook his head in disgust and tried to get comfortable on the cold stone ground. Misty, however, stayed in her corner and continued to stare at the ground, her arms folded across her chest. Ash noticed this and looked at her.


    ‘There’s something about that girl that I quite can’t put my finger on. It’s like she’s accepting what’s going to happen and yet, she hasn’t given in. I’ll have to keep a close eye on her.’ Thought Ash as he made himself comfortable in his chair.

    After telling Pikachu to keep watch for the first few hours, Ash drifted off in to a deep sleep. Misty, however, looked out of the tiny window in her cell. She saw the moon in all its splendor, showered by the stars that sparkled like diamonds. At that moment she was praying that somehow, someway, she would get out of this alive.

    A/N: Okay, there’s chapter 3! Sorry it was kind of short but I hope it was all to your liking anyway. Now, go review!
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    It's a very interesting characterisation of Mr. Ketchum. I quite like it.

    There's not much I can really comment on, a bit more description might help, it's mainly dialogue at the moment but still it's a very good fic.
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    Disclaimer: Don’t own pokemon!

    A/N: Hey there guys! I’m back with another chapter. Hope you all like it!

    Chapter 4

    One Down

    Misty awoke to the sound of two male voices. She slowly opened her eyes and tried to get them to focus properly. As soon as she had regained her sight, she looked around the room searching for the source of the two voices.

    “We need you down on level one now.” Said Matt. “Giovanni is waiting.”

    “I know, but I need someone down here to keep an eye on these two.” Sighed Ash.

    “Ah, they aren’t going anywhere.” Matt told him. “Come on. We need you now.”

    Sighing, Ash nodded. “Okay, fine.” Just as the elite was about to leave, he turned back around. “Go Noctowl!”

    He threw a pokeball up into the air and out came a multicolored Noctowl. It flew onto a perch near the ceiling and screeched at its trainer.

    “Noctowl, watch over the prisoners. Matt and I have to take care of something. I’ll be back shortly.” The elite informed as he turned to his Pikachu. “Let’s go buddy.”

    “Pika!” Announced the pokemon as it positioned itself on its trainer’s shoulder.

    The two rocket members left to take care of their ‘business.’ Misty stood up and stretched out. She looked to her left and noticed that Brock was still sleeping. Sighing, she took a peek out of her window to try and guess the time. The sun was just rising up from behind the mountains.

    “It still must be early.” Misty said to herself.

    All of a sudden, a gunshot rang throughout the building. An ear shattering scream was heard from down the hallway, causing both Misty and Brock to jump.

    “What the hell was that?!” Asked Brock, jumping to his feet.

    Misty clenched her fists in anger and shut her eyes in pain and anguish. “S-Sabrina…”

    Realizing what she meant, Brock began pounding on the bars of his cell. “No! Sabrina!”

    “Brock…its no use...she’s gone.” Whispered Misty.

    “No…” Cried Brock as his knees dropped to the floor.

    “Brock…we’ve got to get out of here.” Misty whispered in a low voice, making sure the Noctowl didn’t hear.

    He nodded his head as he wiped away his few remaining tears. “I know…but how?”

    “We’ll find a way, I know we will. Then, we’ll go to the police and finally bring this place down.” Vowed Misty. “But we have to do it soon, or else more lives could be lost.”

    Brock nodded in agreement as he stood up. “We have to think.”

    “I wish I had my pokemon with me. I hope they’re okay.” Sighed Misty.

    “I’m sure they’re fine. We’ll get them back, don’t worry. But until then, we’re on our own.” Stated Brock.

    “I know.” Misty nodded.

    Just then, the elite re-entered the room. The Noctowl that had been keeping watch flew down to greet its trainer and landed on his extended arm.

    “Hey there Noctowl. Any trouble?” Ash asked.

    The pokemon shook its head in response.

    “Well, done. Now, I want you to go outside and fly around the building a few times. Keep watch for any suspicious looking characters. If you see anything, report back to me immediately.” The elite ordered.

    The pokemon nodded and then flew out of the door as the elite took a seat on the nearby chair. He sighed as he petted his Pikachu.

    “Only six more, buddy. Then all of our hard work will finally pay off.” Sighed the elite.

    “Pika…” Purred the electric mouse contently.

    It was then that Ash noticed that Misty and Brock were awake.

    “Oh, good morning.” Greeted Ash.

    “Don’t give me that bullshit! You killed her! You killed Sabrina! You murderer!” Screamed Brock hysterically.

    “Brock, calm down.” Warned Misty.

    “I already told you that I was going to kill her. It should come as no surprise to you.” Stated Ash.

    “But…why?” Cried Brock.

    “I explained it to you already, I won’t do it again.” He said, turning to Misty. “Keep your friend calm or else I’ll have to.”

    “He has a right to be upset! You just killed an innocent person. How could you just walk away, without a tinge of guilt inside of you?” She asked.

    “It was easy…” Whispered the elite. “Your friend needs to stop being so weak about it.”

    “Weak?! He just lost a good friend! You have no idea of the pain that he’s going through.” Countered Misty.

    Ash stood up, enraged and stormed over to Misty’s cell. “Don’t talk to me about the pain that he’s going through! I know the pain! I’ve been there, numerous times!”

    Misty also stood up to face the elite. “If you’ve gone through the same pain, then why would you want someone else to suffer the same thing?”

    “Revenge…my parents were innocent people too…they were killed by one of the gym leaders. This way, if no leaders survive, then I’ll be sure that I’ve avenged my parents.” He stated.

    “Your parents were killed too?” Asked Misty.

    Ash just nodded in response. “A long time ago. I was only 7 at the time. You don’t know how it feels to see both your parents dead on your own kitchen floor, their blood staining everything.”

    “Actually…I do.” Started Misty. “Your boss did the same thing to my parents, as well as my sisters. I’ve had to bury 5 of my loved ones…how do you think I feel?”

    “Probably worse than I did at the time.” Replied the elite.

    “And anyway, how do you know that a gym leader killed your parents?” She asked.

    “Well, you’re a gym leader, you should know this symbol.” He said, pulling out a metal medallion. It had the symbol of the pokemon league on it, engraved in gold. “As you know, this is the symbol of the gym leaders of Kanto. It was engraved in my parents’ abdomens when I found them. The knife that was used to do the job was sticking out of my father’s stomach.”

    Misty gasped and put a hand to her mouth. “That’s terrible.”

    “I know. To this day, I’ve never found the murderer, but when I do, he’ll be sorry he ever crossed paths with me.” Stated Ash.

    “I’m sorry…” Whispered Misty.


    “That must have been a terrible experience to go through, especially at such a young age. But you’re going to kill all of us, 7 innocent people, just to find one person?” She asked.

    “I don’t know that you’re all innocent. For all I know, you could all be working in it together…even you.” He said, turning his back on her.

    “That must be awful…not being able to trust anyone…thinking that everyone is against you.” She whispered.

    Ash stopped in his tracks as he heard her speak. Could it be true that someone actually understood half of what he was going through? He turned back around to face her and lightly smiled.

    “I get by.” He stated simply. “Besides, everything went uphill for me when I met Giovanni. He accepted me into his family and trained me to be the powerful elite that I am today.”

    “And you’re proud of that position?” She asked. “You’re proud to say that your own boss has killed countless innocent people, just like your parents were?”

    “He’s only killed them because they betrayed him...they were evil people, all of them.” He stated.

    “And what about me? Do I look evil to you?” She asked, staring at him.

    Ash just stared at her, not sure how to react. He was pretty confident that this girl was not the one that had committed his parents’ murder. It was as if she was trying to reach inside of him and pull out the little kid that was lost long ago…almost as if she could see through him.


    “Hey Ash!” Yelled Matt through the small device attached to Ash’s collar. “We need you again. Come to level 2.”

    “Got it. I’ll be right there.” He sighed as he slowly backed away from Misty’s jail cell. “Excuse me. Let’s go Pikachu.”

    The pokemon nodded and followed its trainer out of the room. After the door had closed, Misty crouched down in a corner and sighed to herself.

    “You okay Brock?” She asked suddenly.

    “I’m fine.” He replied. “You know, it’s weird.”

    “What is?” Misty asked.

    “It’s almost as if you were getting through to him, but it was probably just my imagination.” Sighed Brock.


    Giovanni was staring at the small screen in the corner of his desk. He watched as Misty and Brock talked to each other, not even aware that they were being videotaped.

    “Hmm…it seems Ms. Waterflower has found my elite’s weakness. I’ll have to keep a close eye on him to make sure he knows where his loyalties stand.” Stated Giovanni. “Ash…you will kill the girl if it’s the last thing you do.”

    A/N: Okay, there’s chapter 4! Hope you all liked it! And please, please, please, go check out my one shot called ‘Never Again.’ I really want everyone’s opinion on it. Thanks guys!
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    Disclaimer: Don’t own pokemon!

    A/N: Well, here’s chapter 5. Enjoy everyone!

    Chapter 5

    A Startling Revelation

    “Okay, I’m here. What is it?” Asked Ash, who was facing Matt.

    “The boss wants us to take care of two more.” Matt informed.

    “So soon?” He inquired.

    “Yeah, he says that something doesn’t feel right. He wants to get it done as soon as possible.” Matt said. “Which ones do you want to do?”

    “Let’s go with Koga and Blaine.” Sighed Ash tiredly.

    “Okay.” Said Matt, turning to a squad of rocket members. “You heard him. Go and fetch Koga and Blaine!”

    “Yes, sir!” Saluted the rockets as they went to do their duties.

    “That’ll be three down, huh?” Matt asked Ash. There was no response. Matt looked over at his partner and saw that he was staring blankly down at the ground. “Ash?”

    “Huh?” Ash said, whipping his head up. “Did you say something?”

    “Yeah, like five minutes ago.” Shrugged Matt. “Are you feeling okay? You look kind of pale.”

    “I’m fine.” Sighed Ash.

    “Are you sure? I think you’re working too hard. Maybe I should ask Rick to take over your shift.” Matt offered. Ash’s head snapped up as he heard the young boy’s name. He was the same rocket member who had harassed Misty earlier. “I’ll give him a call.”

    “No, that’s okay. I don’t want him in there.” Announced Ash.

    “Why not?” Asked Matt, a look of question on his face.

    “Because he was harassing that gym leader.” Ash told him.

    “So what?” Matt shrugged.

    “I’m not going to allow that.” Ash said. “Our job isn’t to harass young girls.”

    “You’re talking about the Cerulean gym leader, right?” Questioned Matt.


    “Well, can’t say I blame him. She’s quite a looker.” Smiled Matt.

    “Cut it out.” Sighed Ash.

    “What? Have you already taken her?” Smirked Matt. “Is that why you’re constantly taking shift in that room?”

    “Will you stop?! Don’t you have work to do?” Asked Ash, walking away.

    “Not until that squad’s back with Blaine and Koga.” Said Matt, who was following him. “Just a little warning Ash, don’t fall for her. She’ll be dead soon anyway.”

    “Fall for her? I am not going to fall for one of the prisoners.” Announced Ash.

    “Okay, I was just saying…” Muttered Matt.

    “Sir!” Announced one of the rocket members. The rockets that Matt had sent out earlier had returned with Blaine and Koga in tow. “Here are the prisoners.”

    “What are you going to do with us?” Asked Blaine, trying to shake the rocket members off of him.

    “Oh, you’ll see old man.” Smirked Matt.

    “Old!?” Screamed Blaine. “Why you little…”

    “Blaine, calm yourself.” Said Koga calmly as he faced Matt. “I’m sure there is a valid reason for why we are here.”

    “Of course there is.” Said Matt smoothly. “Why don’t you tell them Ash?” He asked, facing his partner who had been unusually quiet. Koga and Blaine also took this opportunity to look the young elite over. Koga gasped in shock as he saw the boy’s face.

    “You…you’re…you’re Delia’s son…” Stuttered Koga.

    “What are you talking about?” Asked Matt, raising an eyebrow. Ash, on the other hand, was staring intently at Koga and what he had to say. “He’s obviously lost it. Take him away.”

    “No, wait!” Demanded Ash. “W-What did you say?”

    “I said that you are most definitely Delia’s son, am I correct?” Asked Koga.

    “How do you know my mother?” Asked Ash shakily.

    “Ash, what’s going o--” But before Matt could finish, Ash put a hand up, silencing him.

    “Your mother was a very good friend of mine, as well as your father.” Started Koga. “They helped me out when I needed guidance. They were very good, kind people. After your parents’ deaths, we all thought that he had killed you too. It surprises me to see you, their only son, among people such as these.” He finished, looking around the room at the rockets.

    Ash took a few minutes to let Koga’s words sink in and then took a deep breath. “If what you say is true about you knowing my parents, then you must know who killed them.”

    Koga looked towards the ground and slowly nodded his head.

    “Who is it? Who killed my parents? You have to tell me!” Demanded Ash.

    “It is the one that you think you are the closest with. He is above you.” Sighed Koga. “Your parents were killed by…”

    “By two cold hearted gym leaders.” Interrupted a voice. Everyone looked to where the voice was coming from and saw Giovanni striding towards them. “My boy, your parents were killed by two of the most vicious leaders of all time…Scott and Renee Waterflower.”

    “What?! He’s lying!” Koga yelled. “Scott and Renee would never do such a thing and I can prove it! Just take a look at their youngest daughter. Their innocence is shown through her. Misty is pure…just like they were.”

    “Lies! All of them!” Announced Giovanni, angrily. “Matt, take care of them!”

    “Yes, sir!” Saluted Matt. “Move out!”

    “You won’t get away with this!” Screamed Blaine as the two leaders were being hauled away.

    “Ash, listen to me! You mustn’t believe what Giovanni says! He’s only trying to soil your mind with lies! Go to the girl!” Yelled Koga as they disappeared from sight.

    A million thoughts were floating through Ash’s mind. He just couldn’t control them all. Was Koga really telling him the truth? Or did the former gym leaders of Cerulean City really kill his parents? Ash shook his head in frustration and shut his eyes.

    “Ash…I will have Rick take over your shift.” Said Giovanni. “It’s obvious that you’ve been through enough.”

    “No, sir. I’m fine.” Sighed Ash.

    “But I must insist. I don’t want my finest member to be unable to perform his duties when the time comes.” He urged as he walked away from Ash.

    Ash sighed in defeat. “Yes, sir.”

    Giovanni entered his office and sat in his chair. He looked out of his window at the sky and sighed. “A little too close for comfort.”

    Just then, the intercom sitting on the desk began to beep. Giovanni pressed the button and laid back in his chair. “Yes? What is it?”

    “Sir, the gym leaders are in their positions.” Informed Matt.

    “Go ahead…kill them.” Ordered Giovanni nonchalantly.

    “Yes, sir!” Replied Matt on the other end.

    Just then, two gun shots rang throughout the corridors of the Team Rocket Headquarters.

    “Three down…four to go.”

    A/N: Well, done with that chapter. Sorry it was kind of short. Lately, it seems as if my chapters are getting shorter and shorter. Oh well, its quality over quantity, right guys? Anyway, review away! AAML forever!
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    Disclaimer: Don't own pokemon!

    A/N: Okay, here goes chapter 6...I think. Sorry, I tend to lose count. Anyway, I know its been a looong while since my last update so hopefully this chapter will be worth the wait. Enjoy!

    Chapter 6

    Revealing the Truth and Childhood Pasts

    The sun began to set over the hills of Viridian City as the occupants of the Team Rocket Headquarters prepared themselves for the long night ahead. Ash, on the other hand, had been sitting in his office, pondering about what Koga had said earlier. Was it true that Koga really did have some sort of connection with his parents? Or was it just a lie to try to confuse him? He didn't know and had no way of finding out...unless...

    Ash stood up out of his seat and looked at the setting sun.

    "Maybe...just maybe..."

    Just then, Ash ran out of his office and made his way down the corridor and into one of the prisoner's holding rooms.

    "Rick, I'm relieving you of your duties for today." Exclaimed Ash as he tried to regain his composure.

    "But, sir!" Started the rocket. "I was told by Giovanni to watch them for the rest of your shift. You're not even supposed to be here."

    "Since when do you start telling me what to do, huh?"

    "I-I'm s-sorry sir." Stuttered the elite as he bowed his head to the ground. After getting up, he quietly exited the room.

    "Moron..." Muttered Ash distractedly. He suddenly remembered his reason for kicking the rocket out and abruptly turned to the jail cell. "Now..." He unlocked the cell holding Misty and forced her up. After handcuffing her, he motioned her to follow him. Upon seeing the confused look on her face, he sighed. "Don't worry. It's not your time yet. Just follow me."

    Misty nodded slowly and followed Ash out of the room wondering where he could be taking her. She looked around at the other doors around her. Most of them said 'Team Rocket Personnel Only' and she could only assume that those were the rooms that were holding the remaining gym leaders.

    "In here." Motioned Ash as he walked Misty into his office. Upon entering the office, Ash locked the door and gave a sigh of relief. He started to walk towards Misty and released her of her shackles. "This is my office. There aren't any video cameras in here. Giovanni would kill me if he knew what I was doing."

    "What are you doing?" She asked as the handcuffs fell to the floor.

    "Have a seat first, and then I'll explain everything." He sighed as they both sat down. "First of all, I need to ask you a few questions, if that's okay with you."

    "Like it matters if it's okay with me or not. You'd force me into answering your questions anyway." She spat out.

    "That's not true. The only thing I've forced you into doing is coming here. I haven't made you do anything. I even got rid of that rocket that was harassing you earlier." He stated. "Now please...I need to know the truth."

    "I have no idea what you're talking about."

    Ash sighed and began to explain his reason for bringing her here. "Are you really Scott and Renee's daughter? Please tell me the truth."

    Misty looked taken aback at the sound of her parents name. She looked to the side and closed her eyes painfully. Just thinking about her deceased parents made her think about their death and who had killed them.

    "Yes...they're my parents." She whispered.

    Ash took a deep breath and realized that Koga was telling the truth. "And is it also true that they were the previous gym leaders?"

    "Yes, that's also true. I took over after...after..." Misty bit her lip, trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall.

    "Its okay. I know." Ash sighed, putting his hand on her shoulder.

    "Why are you asking me all of this?" She asked, looking up at him.

    "I'm just trying to figure something out." He sighed.

    "Your parents...you're trying to figure out who killed them, aren't you?" Misty asked, putting all the pieces together. "And you thought that my parents had killed them..."

    "No, it's not like that at all-" Ash started, but was interrupted as Misty stood up.

    "That's it, isn't it? You think that they killed them." She whispered. "Well, let me tell you something Mr. Elite. My parents were good people and they didn't deserve to die, no matter what anyone says."

    "I know...I know they didn't kill my parents." Ash stated, trying to calm the young girl. "I just needed to see you to make sure."

    "Me? What do I have to do with this?" She inquired, sitting down again.

    Ash took in yet another deep breath and began to recall what Koga had said earlier. "Today was Koga and Blaine's day to go. We were commanded by Giovanni to take care of them. We gathered them into the main hall and that's when he said it. Koga said that he knew my parents before they died…that your parents didn't kill them."

    "What gave you the idea that my parents killed them in the first place?"

    "Giovanni had said that they were pure evil and only cared about themselves. He's the one that told me." Ash finished.

    "And you believed that bullshit?" She asked, swallowing back a lump that had formed in her throat.

    "That's why I came to see you." He explained. "Before Koga was taken away, he told me to see you for the truth…because you would never lie."

    "My parents would never kill anyone." Misty stated. "And their lives were taken away for no reason at all. How is that right?"

    "I'm sorry for accusing them, but now I know the truth." He sighed.

    "I don't understand. You believe me?" She asked.

    "Unless you give me a reason not to." Ash smiled, standing up. "It's kind of hard to explain. I only trust people who I believe would do no harm to others. And that's you."

    "But we're completely different people, how can you trust me so easily?" Misty inquired.

    "If you think about it, we're not so different. We both seek to avenge our parents' deaths; we're both loyal to our friends, the list goes on." He said simply.

    "I guess you're right." She sighed. Misty's eyes then shifted over to the elite's desk where a picture was sitting. "What's that?"

    "Huh? Oh this?" He said picking up the photo. "It's a picture of my parents, me, and some other people with their daughters. It's the only picture I have left of them. I remember me and their youngest daughter used to play together all the time. We go into so much trouble." Ash laughed, recalling his younger days. "We even got identical scars. We tried climbing this big oak tree in my back yard. The branch broke under our weight and we fell." He finished as he lifted up his sleeve to show her the scar. "I'll never forget that girl or the memories we had."

    Misty put her arm on Ash's desk and waited for his reaction. "Neither will I."

    A/N: Well, there it is! Kind of short, I know, but hey, it is starting to heat up. Anyway, review guys! Thanks!
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    Disclaimer: Don’t own pokemon!

    A/N: Wow…when was the last time I updated this story? Anyway, thanks for the patience guys, I really, truly appreciate it! Well, on with the show!

    Chapter 7

    Reunion of Two

    Ash fell silent for a moment and tried to answer back, but found that his voice was caught in his throat.

    “You…your…the girl…,” he stuttered.

    Misty just nodded in response, what more could she do?

    “You’re that little boy…the one I always used to play with…the one that would constantly stand up for me when I was bullied around for being a runt…,” she whispered. “I can’t believe it.”

    “No…that can’t be. It just can’t…,” breathed Ash, who was now pacing around the room in a panic.

    “Why not? The pieces fit, don’t they?” questioned Misty, who was now standing to face the elite. “It’s not impossible.”

    Ash slammed his fist against his desk, causing some loose papers and items to scatter across the floor. Everything was happening so fast. This girl was once a childhood friend and she would soon be dead at the hands of Giovanni.

    “Come on,” Ash announced solemnly.

    “Where are we going?” Misty asked.

    “You’re going back to your cell,” he stated. “I need some time to think.”

    “Ash, it’s the truth, whether you believe it or not,” whispered Misty.

    “I believe it…I just can’t accept it,” he replied.

    “I know it’s hard, it’s a big shock for me too, but we can get through this together. Please, deep down, you know Giovanni is the wrong one here,” Misty tried to explain.

    “No. I can’t defy him. He’s like a father to me,” said Ash, shaking his head.

    “But he isn’t your father. He can’t replace your father, he’ll never be able to,” she said. “Ash, please…”

    “I said no! I can’t! I don’t care who you are, no one will ever cause me to betray him,” he shouted in frustration.

    “Fine…” Misty whispered. “I’m sorry for bringing up any bad memories. Am I the next one to go? Well, I guess it really doesn’t matter. I’ll be dead either way,” said Misty, in a low voice.

    “Don’t say that!” screamed Ash.

    He was clutching his desk and shaking his head furiously.

    “I can’t handle much more of this!” he yelled out, grabbing Misty’s cuffs. He reattached them to her wrists and turned her around. “Don’t tell anyone you were here, understand?”

    “Whatever…” said Misty, who was now staring at the ground.

    “Don’t give me that! Come on, Misty,” pleaded Ash.

    Hearing the urgency in his voice, Misty turned to look at him. His eyes showed nothing of his current Team Rocket reputation, but that of his young, innocent childhood days. Misty thought that after the death of her parents those days were lost forever, but seeing the look in Ash’s eyes rekindled a light that had been out for far too long.

    “Okay, I won’t tell anyone,” she replied softly.

    “Thank you,” smiled Ash gratefully.

    “No problem,” she sighed. “Well, let’s go.”

    She started to head for the door when Ash’s voice caused her to stop.


    She turned to look at him once again.

    “What is it Ash?” she asked, waiting for a response.

    Ash just stared at her, not sure of what he was going to say in the first place. What had caused him to even call her name?

    “Never mind,” he said, shaking his head. “Let’s go.”

    He led her out of his office and into her holding room, where Brock was waiting eagerly. He placed her in her respective cell and locked the door. With one last look back at Misty, he swiftly left the room.

    “What was that all about?” inquired Brock.

    “I’m not sure,” replied Misty, looking back at the door in which Ash had departed.

    Ash was walking through the corridors of the Team Rocket Headquarters, thinking to himself.

    ‘She can’t be the same person, can she?’ thought Ash as he made his way through the corridor.

    “Hey Ash!” came a voice from down the hall.

    Ash looked up and turned his head to see his partner, Matt.

    “I thought you were supposed to be on a break?” asked Matt.

    “I needed to check something real quick,” replied Ash.

    “Oh, well, is Rick back at his post?” Matt inquired, looking back at the room.

    “No, its fine. The prisoners aren’t going anywhere,” he sighed.

    Seeing the forlorn look in Ash’s eyes, Matt placed a hand on his shoulder.

    “Are you feeling ok?” Hearing Matt’s voice, Ash looked up and swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat.

    “Matt…did you ever stop and wonder if this is all for real?” whispered Ash.

    “Huh? What do you mean?” he asked.

    “What I mean is…have you ever felt like we’re just being used, like this is some sort of game?” Ash asked.

    “No, of course not. Giovanni would never use us in that way. He knows how hard we work and rewards us for accomplishing our missions,” replied Matt. “What are you implying anyway?”

    “Nothing,” Ash sighed. “Things have just been different lately.”

    “Ash, by any chance, does this have something to do with what Koga said earlier?” inquired Matt, stopping his partner in his tracks.

    Ash just stared at his partner, not knowing what to say.

    “Come on, Ash. You know everything he said was a lie. You can’t trust any of them, especially that girl from Cerulean City. I bet those two are in it together. Her parents probably deserved to die--”

    “Stop it Matt!” yelled Ash.

    “Huh? Hey, what’s wrong bro?” asked Matt, who was now giving Ash a very confused look.

    “Nothing…I just-I just need to get some fresh air, that’s all,” replied Ash, who continued to walk down the corridor.

    “Okay,” shrugged Matt as he returned to his duties.

    ‘What is wrong with me?’ thought Ash. ‘I shouldn’t be questioning Matt about these things. I need to figure this out for myself.’

    “Ash?” said a low voice.

    Ash looked up once again and saw Giovanni staring at him. Ash immediately bowed and spoke in a low voice.

    “Hello, sir,” he said.

    “Is something the matter, Ash?” asked Giovanni.

    “N-No, sir. What makes you think anything is wrong?” stuttered Ash.

    “My mistake then,” Giovanni replied, walking alongside Ash. “You know Ash, you’re one of my best rockets. I would hate to lose you.”

    Ash took in a sharp breath at Giovanni’s words. Had Giovanni heard his conversation with Matt?

    “You won’t lose me, sir. I will stay loyal to this team until the end,” bowed Ash.

    “I’m very relieved to hear that,” smirked Giovanni. “I’m very sorry for what happened earlier. I know it must have been hard hearing all those lies from that heathen, Koga. I was the only one who understood your parents. They were good people; they really didn’t deserve to die.”

    “Thank you, sir,” Ash nodded.

    “Your welcome, I’ll hold you to your word then,” he paused and then continued, “Well, I must tend to some unfinished business. If you’ll excuse me.”

    Ash nodded and watched as Giovanni walked back into his office.

    “He’ll hold me to my word…” Ash repeated. ‘Is that really worth anything?’

    “Pika pi!”

    Ash turned his head and saw his pokemon, Pikachu, running up to him.

    “What is it, buddy?” Ash asked.

    “Pika pikachu pi chu pikachu!” it wailed.

    “I told Rick not to go back in that room,” sighed Ash. “Come on, let’s go before he causes anymore trouble.”

    Pikachu jumped on its master’s shoulder and they headed off in the direction of the holding room. Upon entering the room, Ash saw the young rocket teasing Misty and constantly poking her with his pocket knife.

    “Aww, come here sweetie. I only want to play,” he taunted.

    Having had enough, Ash lifted the rocket by the collar and threw him against the nearest wall.

    “S-Sir!” exclaimed Rick.

    “Listen and listen good. I don’t ever want to see you in this room again, got it?” stated Ash firmly. “You will no longer be assigned to watch these prisoners.”

    With a final glare, Ash threw Rick to the side and opened the door.

    “Get out,” he stated.

    Rubbing his arm and muttering under his breath, the rocket started to exit the room.

    “Stuck up punk…” Rick muttered.

    “Pikachu!” exclaimed the pokemon angrily as it threw a thunder shock at the rocket.

    “Pikachu, that’s enough,” said Ash as he closed the door in the injured rocket’s face.

    Sighing, Ash sat down in his chair and began to file through some papers left on the desk. He jotted something down on a blank piece of paper and handed it to Pikachu.

    “Here buddy, give this to Giovanni,” he said.

    “Pikachu?” it asked, taking the note in its paws.

    “It’s a letter relieving Rick of his duties for the time being,” he explained. “Go and give it to him.”

    “Pika!” it exclaimed, running out of the room.

    Sighing once more, Ash leaned back in his chair to relax. Looking over at the jail cell, he noticed that Misty was nursing an injured arm. He walked over to her cell and opened the lock.

    “Come here,” he said.

    “Why? Is it my time yet?” she noted sarcastically.

    “Come on, let me take a look at that,” he said as she stood up.

    Misty walked out of the cell and stood in front of his desk. Ash searched around in a few of his drawers and found exactly what he was looking for.

    “Here we go,” he said to no one in particular. “Let me see your arm.”

    Misty looked at her injured arm and then back at Ash.

    “I won’t hurt you, I promise,” he stated as she reluctantly let him examine her arm. “Hmm…it’s not too bad. Just a little antiseptic and it should be as good as new.”

    After pouring some of the clear liquid onto a cloth, Ash applied it to Misty’s exposed skin and wrapped it up in a bandage.

    “There you go,” he smiled, letting her arm go.

    Misty looked at her arm and gave a faint smile.

    “Thank you, Ash,” she said.

    “Your welcome,” he smiled.

    “I don’t get it. Why help us when you know we’re going to die anyway?” asked Brock, who was now standing up.

    “Good question,” replied Ash, looking down at the ground, “I don’t really know myself.”

    “You know, you’re not as bad as I originally thought,” commented Brock.

    “I guess your right,” he replied, looking in Misty’s direction.

    “So, why stay with Team Rocket?” Brock inquired.

    “Brock, just drop it,” interrupted Misty calmly as she once again entered her cell.

    “Misty…I’m really sorry about--” Ash stopped as a loud beep rang through the intercom attached to his collar.

    “Ash! It’s Matt. I could use your help down at the base level,” announced the rocket.

    “Sure, what’s up?” he asked.

    “Its Surge, we’re having trouble restraining him,” Matt exclaimed tiredly.

    “You’ll never take me down!” yelled a voice, that was unrecognizably Surge’s, over the intercom.

    “See what I mean?” said Matt.

    “Okay, I’ll be right there,” nodded Ash.

    “Thanks bro and bring Pikachu too.” The intercom beeped once more and then died.

    “Well, you heard him buddy. Let’s go,” sighed Ash.


    Ash opened the door to let Pikachu out, but before leaving he took one last glance back at Misty. Several moments later, he disappeared through the door.

    “What was that all about?” questioned Brock.

    “I wish I knew…”

    A/N: Yay! Yay! Yay! I finished it and all in 2 days too! Err…okay, um, you guys know the drill and once again I apologize for the long (gee, that’s an understatement) delay. Thanks for your patience! AAML forever!
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