Okay, so the title is a little lacking :P But this is a Pokémon fic I wrote midway through last year that stars a couple fan characters of mine (one Pokémon whose name you oughta know once you see it ^^). So, after a bit of...belated...revision, I decided to post it here. There's also a couple pictures to go along with it (a recently drawn pic of the main character, plus two drawings that had originally inspired the fic). I suppose I've gotten better at Pokémon fics since then; I'll just have to post one of my more recent ventures so you can see if I'm telling the truth or not :P Oh, and there is a sequel in the works, though it is slow going ^^; Anyway, have fun reading, and I hope you enjoy both pics and fic ^^ I look forward to the comments.

Water Wonder pic 1 - http://www.deviantart.com/view/7434942/
Water Wonder pic 2 - http://www.deviantart.com/view/7435235/
Colored CK (the trainer in this) pic - http://www.deviantart.com/view/7409457/

Water Wonder

"Whoa Nidoking, slow down! We're not going to have any food left if you keep eating it at that rate!" a voice giggled.

"Nido!" a second voice growled. There was a loud thud.

"Char Char Charizard!" a new one chastised.


"Guys, calm down and keep eating," the first voice instructed, sighing softly. The scene was rather normal. A young trainer was sitting on a tree stump, at the edge of a forest. The wooded area happened to be located on Minneola, a particularly forested island in the Orange Archipelago. Gathered around the teen were a Nidoking, Charizard, Feraligatr, Arbok, Victreebel, and Kadabra, both concentrating on their individual servings of PokéFood. The human herself was CK, past Pokémon Master and current breeder/trainer. She was leaning back on the stump, looking up at the sky and smiling.

"Man, I'm glad we decided to take some time off in the Orange Islands. We really needed it," she commented. A chorus of agreeing voices followed. CK sat up, turning her Pokémon League hat around so the brim shaded her eyes from the sun. Pushing up her glasses with one gloved hand, she hopped off the stump. "So, what do you guys wanna do when you're done eating?"

"Charizard Zard."

"Nido Kingu King."

"Ferallll Gatr."




"Whoa, whoa, too many conflicting opinions!" CK exclaimed. "Charizard, you and Feraligatr want to train, so you guys can do that. Nidoking, maybe you can find some fruit to eat in the trees. Don't stray too far though. Victreebel, you can stay with me, since you wanna explore too. Finally, Arbok and Kadabra, you can rest for as long as you two want." The half-dozen Pokémon all cried out happily, each pleased with the split decision. Momentarily the group separated, each going off their own way. CK and Victreebel waved to the others, then started off into the forest.


"You know, we were really lucky to find this island. It's not even on the main map of the Archipelago," CK commented.

"Viiitreee Bel Viictreeebel," the large plant remarked, hopping beside its trainer as they traveled down a path. CK giggled softly.

"Yes, I know that the Fire, Ice, and Lightning Islands aren't on the map either," she said. "But there's reason for that," she added. Victreebel nodded, then paused and looked through the trees. CK stopped walking as well, and glanced to the Grass type. "What is it?"

"Bel Vi," it said simply. CK glanced past Victreebel, to where it was looking. The ocean was visible through a break in the trees, and there were a gathering of shapes moving through the water.

"Looks like a bunch of Goldeen," CK guessed. "I wouldn't be surprised, they're actually quite common," she continued. "Now come on, maybe we can find a good, sunny clearing for ya," she said, walking on. Victreebel chirped cheerily, then followed. As they left the spot, neither noticed as a huge form splashed out of the water, grabbed one of the Goldeen, then vanished back under the depths.


"Ni ni ni ni ni," Nidoking growled, grinning. He held fruit in each hand, and a pile of more in front of him, and was eagerly stuffing them into his mouth. Pausing to chew the huge mouthful, he glanced towards Charizard and Feraligatr, as the two charged for each other. They collided heavily, pushing against each other's immense force. Nidoking blinked, then shrugged, and popped another fruit into his mouth. Beyond the training pair were Arbok and Kadabra, snoozing in the grass. Kadabra was using Arbok's hood as a pillow, when one of its ears jerked. It opened its eyes and sat up, looking out over the ocean.

"Charbokka Char?" Arbok said sleepily, raising its head.

"Kadabra Ka, Dabra..." Kadabra said softly. Arbok blinked in surprise.

"Charbok?" it gasped. Kadabra nodded. Arbok looked over the others nearby. "Charbokka Bok Arbok Charrr?" it asked. Kadabra shook its head, a simple no to the snake's question. Arbok had a "You sure?" expression on its face, but said nothing. After a glance out over the calm waters, it curled back up and soon drifted back to sleep.

"Kada...." Kadabra whispered. It yawned, and leaned back against Arbok, closing its eyes.


"'Everyday, along the way, I will be prepared. With every challenge I will gain knowledge to be shared. In my heart, there's no doubt of who I want to be. Right here, standing strong, the greatest Master of Pokémon. We all live in a Pokémon World'..." CK softly sang to herself, walking down the path with her hands folded behind her head. Victreebel looked to her, blinking.

"Victreebel Vic Viiii?" it questioned.

"What am I singing? It doesn't matter," CK nervously laughed, a faint pink blush coloring her cheeks. She slid her hands in her pockets, and looked ahead, humming. Victreebel rolled its eyes, then turned its eyes forward. The pair walked on in silence, until a simple statement broke the stillness.

"You know Victreebel, we'd better get back to the others. It'll be getting dark soon, and I still haven't set up camp."

"Belll," came the agreement. CK and Victreebel nodded at each other, then turned and started back. Behind a large rock at the side of the path, a short, shadowed figure watched the two. Eyes glimmered, and it turned and scampered away.


"Good night guys," CK's voice said, echoing in the night. Her Pokémon each replied, the various grunts, hisses, and growls drifting out over the small camp fire. The teen trainer smiled, looking at her team as they all settled down. She too began to relax, laying back on top of her sleeping bag, looking up towards the sky, eyes drifting shut. Then, suddenly, a distant cry sounded in the near darkness. CK's eyes snapped open and she sat up, looking out over the ocean.

'Wonder what that was...' she thought to herself. She glanced past the fire to her sleeping team, then stood up. Sliding on glasses and hat, she quietly stepped away from the camp. None of the Pokémon stirred.

"It came from a few miles out," CK muttered to herself, as she made her way down to the shore. She hopped from grassy area to sandy area, and started further down. "It was probably nothing more than a herd of Lapras, but still...." she said, pausing. The girl looked out over the water, smiling. "Curiosity's got me hooked." CK folded her arms, eyes scanning the calm waters. Waves gently washed up on shore, coming up nearly to the trainer's black and white sneakers. A breeze gently wafted over the sands, rustling the minute pebbles. Carried with the wind was a soft cry. CK blinked and turned, spying a small form a bit further down the sands. Without hesitation she jogged towards it, stopping a few feet away. The tiny Chinchou raised its head as CK neared, antennae waving weakly.

"It's a little Chinchou...and it looks hurt," CK softly stated, to no one other than herself. "Huh?" She watched as the Chinchou suddenly stiffened its antennae, the balls on the end glowing brightly. It laughed a bit, then turned and scampered away. "That was odd...." CK muttered. Eyes widened as an ear-splitting roar sounded mere yards away. Hesitantly turning around, the teen trainer gasped when she saw the source of the bellowing call.



It turned its eyes to her, growling.

'But what's a Gyarados doing so far inland?' were the thoughts tugging at the back of CK's brain. However, she couldn't dwell on them right now, as the enormous water dragon lunged for its potential prey. CK dived to the side and rolled upon hitting the sand, as the Gyarados slammed into the beach. It came up with a roar, and lunged again. CK scrambled to her feet, and started running.

"This is not how I envisioned my life would end!" the frantic girl exclaimed. She yelped, and ducked, as a Hyper Beam blasted by, inches above her. "Too close, too close, too close!" she shrieked. CK skidded to a stop in the sand, looking ahead of her. "The Chinchou!" she shouted. She took a step back, as the Water/Electric's orbs began crackling. A Thundershock attack was fired, crackling through the sand. It hit its mark, CK's painful scream heard even above the Gyarados' roar. Up near the forest, six pairs of eyes snapped open, as all of the Pokémon sleeping near the fire were jolted awake.

"Kada!" Kadabra shouted. The dragon's cry thundered through the air, and all of the Pokémon ran to the edge of the grass, looking at the beach. They gasped, collectively screaming their trainer's name in their own languages.

"CHAR ZARD!!!!!"


"KA DAB!!!!!!!"




The team watched in horror as CK fell to the sand, then screamed out again when she was blindsided by the Gyarados' tail fins, throwing her much smaller body shooting out over the water. She hit it at high speed, skipping several times over the surface before finally submerging with a huge splash. The Gyarados cried out triumphantly, going out to sea to retrieve its prize. CK floundered in the water, trying futily to keep her head above the surface.

"Feraligatr!!!" her voice screamed, just before a wave knocked her under the water.

"Fera!!" the gator type shouted. It began charging for the water, but was halted when Kadabra grabbed onto its shoulder.

"Kadabra Ka Dabra Bra Dab!" Kadabra said sharply. Feraligatr knocked its hand away, and growled.

"Feraligatr Gatr FERAL!" it snarled.

"Charbok!" Arbok exclaimed. Feraligatr and the others turned, looking back out to their trainer. CK was coughing up water, holding on to nothing more than a small piece of driftwood. An enormous shadow fell over her; the Gyarados had arrived.

"Gyarrr....." it hissed lowly.

"FERA!" Feraligatr yelled. Suddenly, it gasped, as did the others. A huge tidal wave was roaring near the Gyarados, a glowing form in the center. The wave crashed, and something exploded from the water, flying up into the sky and circling above CK and the dragon.

"Kadabra Ka...." Kadabra said softly. Everyone but Arbok looked at the Psychic in surprise at its "That's what I sensed earlier" statement.

"Bok..." Arbok said simply. The group looked back.

What was flying above the water was a Pokémon, but not like one anybody had ever seen before. It resembled Moltres, but instead of being made of fire, this one appeared to be entirely water. Thin feathers were on the top of its head, looking a bit like hairs that had collected morning dew. Its eyes were a deep as the sea, and just as calm, as well as just as foreboding. Its beak was long and sharp, and a shimmering silver in color. Legs were stretched out under the body, the talons curved, and deadly-looking. Finally its tail flowed down to the ocean, connecting it with the bird, and never seeming to separate, no matter how high the flyer went. Gyarados looked up at it in anger; CK looked up in shock.

"GYARRR!!!" the dragon roared. It fired a Hyper Beam, but the bird dodged easily. The long, sword-like beak then opened, and a huge ball of water began building up. Scant moments later the enormous Hydro Pump was fired, slamming audibly into the chest of the Gyarados. It squalled in pain, falling back and crashing underneath the waves. CK's eyes fixed on the strange bird, watching it come closer and closer, circling downwards. It came to a stop a few feet above the water, tail shrinking with the loss in height.

'Whoa....' was CK's solitary thought. She blinked as the bird lowered, until its feet rested atop the waves, as if they were solid. She winced as it reached over her, then blinked in surprise as it picked her up by the collar, depositing the trainer on its back. Long, graceful wings opened up and began flapping, and the water bird let out a squawk as it flew towards the beach. CK's team respectfully stepped back as it neared, stopping over the sands and letting CK down, into Nidoking's waiting arms.

"Dabra..." Kadabra whispered. The bird looked at him in silence.

"Char," Charizard said, as Nidoking gently released its trainer. CK coughed twice, knees shaking just before they collapsed under her. Nidoking stepped forward, catching her before she hit the ground. Using Nido's arm as support, CK raised her head, looking up towards the bird Pokémon.

"Thank you...." she said, her voice hoarse from screaming and swallowing water. The strange monster nodded, then flapped its wings and sailed out over the ocean.

"Feraligatr Fer Ligatr Gate."

"Bokka, Charbok Ar Bok."

"Yeah, I'm glad I'm okay too," CK said, nodding weakly. She blinked as something dropped onto the sand nearby. Looking over towards the object, she exclaimed softly in surprise.

"My hat...I didn't even notice it was gone..." she mumbled. A shadow passed overhead, and the water bird circled before heading out to sea once again. It glanced over its shoulder as it flew out, crying out into the midnight world.

"Aquatre!!!" As the last bits of its voice faded away, the bird tucked its wings in and dove into the ocean, seeming to melt into the water. And it was gone.

"Aquatre...." CK whispered.

"Feral...." Feraligatr muttered. It smiled slightly, then started back for camp. With CK riding on Arbok, the others soon followed.


"I'm telling you, that's what happened!"

"Calm down CK, you're going to make your voice sound even worse."

"But Professor Oak, you gotta believe me! That's what really, truly happened!"


It was about noon the following day. CK was on a video phone in the nearest city's Pokémon Center, currently talking to Professor Oak, though her ocean-irritated vocal chords made her voice a bit raspier than usual. Arbok watched over her shoulder.

"Now CK, I didn't say I didn't believe you. After all, what you saw is perfectly reasonable. Two Pokémon working together for one goal is actually quite common, though I've never heard of a partnership between a Gyarados and a Chinchou..."

"Professor Oak, that's not my point---" CK began.

"Also, people are discovering new Pokémon all the time. But until you provide me with some photographic proof, I'm afraid I can't take your statement as fact," Professor Oak sighed. CK groaned a bit, hanging her head. "Now then...." Oak continued.

"...What?" asked the girl's croaky voice.

"When are you going to send a new capture my way? It's been quite a while since I got anything from you." CK looked at the screen, laughing nervously.

"Well, I've just been so busy training and getting badges that I haven't had time to catch anything new..."

"Honestly CK, you and your cousin Ash act alike so much sometimes, it's scary," Professor Oak commented. CK groaned again. Oak looked offscreen, blinking. "I've got to go, my noodles are nearly done. Bye CK!"

"Bye...." the trainer sighed. The phone clicked off, and CK turned away from it.

"Charbokka Charbok Char?" Arbok asked.

"What now? I guess we go find Aquatre," CK simply said, walking away. Arbok slithered after her.

"Bokka, Charbokka Bok."

"Yes, I know it won't be easy."

"Charbok Bok Arbokkk."

"And I know we may never see it again."

"Bok Charbok?"

"So why go? Because...." CK paused, turning towards the snake. She grinned, and pointed a thumb at her chest. "I'm a Pokémon Master, plus a Pokémon Breeder. Finding out new things drives me. Besides, I never did thank it adequately for saving my life. I woulda been that Gyarados' midnight snack otherwise." CK winked, then whirled around, and started back for the door. Arbok sighed, rolling its eyes.

"Bokka Charbok Char..." it muttered to itself. It looked at CK to find her glaring at it.

"I am not like Ash," she growled lowly.

"Charrrrbok Char."

"And my hoarse voice does not make me sound like him!"

"Bok Char."

"Does not!"

"Bok Char!"

"Does not!" The two went out of the center, still arguing back and forth.

"Bok Char!"

"Does not!!"

"Bok CHAR!"