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    Default Valentine Pie (Palletshippy)

    How she got her flowers to grow like that in the middle of winter was beyond me. But then, we weren't that far from Seafoam, so it's not really that cold here.

    Of course, I wasn't interested in Delia. Seriously, what kind of guy do you think I am? Sure I had the cheerleaders, but really, they were just eye candy. There's only one person I have my eye on.

    And there he is now, valentine in hand. Perfect.

    He walks up to me, looking shy. Maybe it's just the way he's holding the valentine--clutched to his chest with both hands holding it at the edges, as if it could fly away. But yeah, yeah, he looked shy. That's the description I'm sticking with.

    He holds the valentine out to me. It's a pre-made design but he had scribbled something on the bottom of it. "...Here you go, Gary," he says. "Happy Valentine's Day."

    I snatch the paper away from him. You know, I've got an image to mantain. "Yeah, still workin' on arts and crafts with your mommy?"

    He nods, oblivious to the insult. "Yep! I'd forgotten how much fun it is to work on that kind of stuff with her!"

    "Yeah yeah, you'd better run along, squirt."

    He does, strangely enough, and heads into the lab. Yeah, going to find his mommy. She's in there baking some Valentine's pies or something with a load of berries Gramps got from Houen.

    So I lean against the building and look at the paper he gave me. Like I said, the body's regular store-bought stuff, red paper heart and a little bit of lace. Now, I may have 'designs' on him or whatever, but trust me, it doesn't have to be sappy.

    So I look for the scribble I saw before. There it is, on the bottom, a crude drawing of a Pikachu with the caption "I Pika-choose You!"

    From anyone else I would have been disgusted. No, from anyone else, I would have been physically ill. But from Ash, it was...cute.

    On the side of the house, Delia opens a window and I get a wiff of that pie. But I also hear Tracey reading something out loud. "You 'Pika-what' me?"

    "Pika-CHOOSE!" Ash explains, and they all laugh.

    Going around giving valentines to everyone...That's just like something he'd do, isn't it?

    I shake my head, crumpling up the one in my hands and tossing it over my shoulder. Maybe I should look for someone closer to my level.

    "Gary!" I look up to see Ash poking his head out the door. "The first pie is done! Want to have some?"

    Well, with an invitation like that, how can I resist?

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    Cute ficcie, to be sure. I'm not much of a palletshipper, but this was still a cute piece - not a sappy, "lovey-dovey" piece, just a cute little piece of Valentine fun. I liked it
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