(did this from the challenge word 'replacement' in an LJ community. Um...yeah, Bishasu swears a *lot* in my version of things, and this is about on par...so whatever. This is set a few days after Giovanni takes command of the Team from his mother)

He's nothing but a stand-in. He's not the real Boss, not him.

I shake my head as he stands down from the podium and exits from the room. There's no way he'll ever work, not this fucking moron.

Of course, the previous Boss was a fucking moron too, but she was someone I could control. This one...he's dangerous. He's a sociopath, more so than people think I am. I've seen that predatory look in his eyes, and it's the same look I've seen on the faces of the psychos who hang out in the clubs I used to frequent. You know, the kind who would just as soon tear your face off as look at you.

Giovanni's that kinda guy. And guys like that don't run organizations like this, they wind up getting stomped by 'em.

That's part of the reason I joined, too. There was a limit to my power on the streets, but not in the Rockets. Especially since the Boss at the time was, as I said, an idiot.

But then some fucking upstart had to go and poison her, and we start over with her bastard son. If the fuckers responsible hadn't already been executed, I swear, I would have torn them apart.

I can't manipulate this guy. He's too clever for that. He's like a fucking predator the way he looks around the room and locks eyes with everyone, giving that feeling that he could go off on you at any moment. He's too fucking dangerous to even try to manipulate.

My plans will have to wait. Rise through the ranks like a good little fucker, play by the rules like the simpering idiots around here, and all that shit. At this rate, it'll take me at least another ten years.

But fuck that, I've got time. I've got all the time it'll need, and it'll all be worth it to grab the Team from that fucker. It'll all be worth it when I get that usurper's throat in my hands and start squeezing...

...But for now, I have to play along. This Team will be mine, and that little fucking bastard isn't going to stand in my way.