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    Default Two Trainers Training

    This is a fanfic that's kinda in hiatus, but I'm posting it the first, and only completed, chapter in hopes of jolting myself into continuing the writing process. Feel more than free to make comments, suggestions, and helpful criticism. This is a LOT better than the one I was going to post (and shorter). But so you all know, this is just the first chapter of what I hoped to be an ongoing fanfic. But enjoy it or hate it. It's up to you.

    While this isn't a full page in MS Word, it was meant to be part of a bigger fanfic, but like I said, I'm hoping this will jar me into writing more of it, including the scene that explains the first little paragraph.

    The Beginning...Or the End?

    “How did I get here?” he asked, dangling from a cliff face. “It all seemed so simple starting out.”

    A town. Children lined the streets, waiting to enter HIS house. Waiting to get the thing that would signify the start of their journey. A Pokemon.
    “This line is taking forever,” he said, halfway down the line. “I’ve been here for,” he looks at his watch, “THREE HOURS?!”
    “At least we made it this time Dave,” another kid said, standing nearby. Older than most of those around them, these stuck out like sore thumbs. Kids stared like they were freaks.
    “Yeah, but before we missed it because we were having fun. Now we’re standing here. Doing NOTHING,” Dave said, rolling his eyes and stamping his feet in impatience.
    “Oh c’mon, at least now we get to get out of town. Now we won’t be the only wannabe trainers in town,” the second boy, Kurt said, always calm.
    “But we’re EIGHTEEN. We’re standing in line with a bunch of 10 year old midgets,” Dave said, upsetting the kid in front of him, who, insulted at the comment, turned around and kicked Dave in the shin.
    “Stupid little punk. I oughta,” Dave said, barely being held back by Kurt.
    “Calm down man. You asked for it. Just calm down and it’ll all be over soon.”
    “I didn’t ask for jack. We should have been smart and gone ahead and worked in town.”
    “Yeah. And we should just stay in town for the rest of our lives. Never leave. Never see anything. C’mon, you know how all the old guys talk. ‘If I had only been a trainer.’ Do you wanna be like that? I sure don’t. And I’ll GLADLY wait in line to avoid that. If you wanna leave, go ahead, but I ain’t gettin’ outta line for NOTHING.”
    “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Dave said, shaking his head. “I just hate standing here.”
    “I know man, but like I said: Time will go by fast.”

    Five hours later.
    “FINALLY,” Dave said as he and Kurt stepped into Elm’s house.
    “Sorry, but we usually don’t have this many kids. We just didn’t expect it. Luckily we got a big enough supply of Pokemon in to handle them all.”
    “Good, at least our wait won’t be for jack,” Dave said, never one to be thankful.
    “Professor Elm, excuse my friend’s impatience, but where can we pick ours up at?”
    “Do you know which you’d like, or would you like an explanation of each?”
    “We know, we know,” Dave said, wanting to get it over with.
    “Good, that’s very good,” Elm said, bringing out 6 Pokeballs, 2 of each starter.
    “I want a Cyndaquil,” Dave said.
    “And I want a Totodile,” Kurt said.
    “Here you boys go. Take good care of them. And take this Pokemon Gear, complete with Pokedex to help you on your journey,” Elm said cheerfully, handing them each a Pokeball and a small watch type device. “That also has a phone on it, so make sure that if anything happens you call me or your parents.”
    “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go,” Dave said, eager to get up and go.
    “Uhhh, he means ‘thank you,’” Kurt said, trying to be polite.
    “No, I mean I’ve been waiting in line for 8 freaking hours and I…WANT…TO…GO!!!!”
    “You can go, just be careful out there, and don’t train your Pokemon too hard,” Elm said, showing the first sign of anything other than happiness.
    “We will Professor,” Kurt said, as Dave pulled him out of the house and the next trainer stepped in, door closing behind him.
    “LET’S GO,” Dave said as he pushed Kurt towards the edge of town.
    “I’m going, I’m going,” Kurt said as they left town. Having NO idea where fate would eventually lead them.

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    Not bad...maybe some explanation as to why they're just starting out if they're 18...

    I like how they're so different, that's cute.

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    Well, it is briefly explained, but your right, I need more detail to it. I'll probably end up having them talk about it later...when I get around to writing more.

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    I said I wasn't sure if I would ever write more to this. Well... I have, with plans to continue their journey.

    Chapter 2

    “We’re in the middle of nowhere and I’m tired,” Dave whined as they walked.
    “Shut up, we just left town,” Kurt said, slapping Dave in the back of the head and pointing behind them to the entrance of town, ten feet behind them.
    “Maybe I’m still tired from standing in line for EIGHT HOURS,” Dave replied, slapping Kurt in the back of the head. “Doesn’t feel too good, does it? Huh? Does it?”
    “Shut up,” Kurt said, slapping Dave again, this time sending him stumbling forward into a tree, knocking something down.
    “HEY,” Dave said standing up and rubbing his head.
    “Shut up and look,” Kurt said clamping his hand over Dave’s mouth and noticing that the thing that had fallen was none other than a Pokemon.
    “OOO, a Pokemon. But what is it?” Dave said through the hand covering his mouth.
    “I dunno. Why don’t you go over and ask it,” Kurt said as he pushed Dave forward.
    “Why me?”
    “Because you knocked it out of the tree.”
    “But I only knocked it out of the tree cause you hit me.”
    “And I only hit you cause you wouldn’t stop whining.”
    “I only started whining cause…cause…cause…”
    “Cause nothin’, now go!!”
    “Alright, alright, alright. I’LL get the Pokemon, YOU just stand by and watch.”
    Turning around Dave saw that nothing was there, the Pokemon had obviously ran away.
    “Now look what you did,” Dave complained.
    “Shut up, and let’s keep going,” Kurt said, leaving Dave behind.
    “DON’T LEAVE ME HERE,” Dave yelled as he ran after him.
    “Then keep up,” Kurt said, rolling his eyes as he continued walking.
    “If you would wait up, maybe I could keep up,” Dave said, catching up to Kurt.
    “And maybe if you didn’t keep falling behind, you would be caught up.”
    “And maybe…maybe…maybe YOU’RE the slow one.”
    “…You scare me sometimes man,” Kurt said, shaking his head and chuckling lightly.
    “And you scare me…all the time,” Dave said before getting smacked in the back of the head by Kurt.
    “Think we should stop here for tonight?” Kurt asked, acting like nothing had happened.
    “Geez, I dunno, I think you damaged my brain with that last hit,” Dave complained, rubbing his head.
    “Alright, then I’ll stay here and set up camp, while you go and gather fire wood,”
    “What’s fire wood?”
    “The thing I’ll beat you with if I have to go get it,” Kurt said, mock-threatening.
    “Fine. I’LL go. Like ALWAYS,” Dave said, then walked away mumbling, “Big bully. Make me do ALL the work. I oughtta…”
    “You oughtta what?”
    “Nothing. Nothing at all,” Dave mumbled as he walked into the darkness.

    Time went by without a sound as Kurt set up camp by the light of the moon.
    “Where is he with our fire wood?” Kurt mumbled as he sat waiting in the silence…the strange silence he thought suddenly. Getting up he headed off in the direction Dave had gone.
    “It’s not like light would be a problem with him, since he DOES have a Cyndaquil.”
    Trudging on and mumbling to himself about this and that Kurt eventually reached a large lake.
    “Strange. I don’t remember there being a lake near here on any map.”
    “That’s because this like isn’t ON any map,” a strange voice said as a hand clasped onto Kurt’s shoulder, digging into his skin.
    “Hey, let go of me before I…,” Kurt said, spinning around to come face to face with a man nearly twice his size.
    “Before you…?” the man said smiling one of the ugliest smiles Kurt had ever seen.
    “Uhhhhhh…uhhh…before I…SEND MY TOTODILE AFTER YOU!!!!” Kurt yelled as he released his Totodile.
    “Stupid kid,” the man said as he let the Totodile gnaw on his leg.
    “Uhhh…doesn’t that hurt?” Kurt asked, worried that his “well thought out plan” had failed.
    “Nah. Not when you have one of these,” the man said as he released a Feraligatr who immediately picked up the Totodile and held it at arms length to prevent the little gator from biting him.
    “Look, before you kill me, just tell me what you did with my friend,” Kurt said, mustering his courage.
    “Kill you? Who do you think I am?”
    “A murderer who killed my friend Dave.”
    “HAHAHAHA. You kids today. Everything’s murder murder murder. No trust today. None at all. If I was going to kill you, wouldn’t I have done it while your back was turned?”
    “Uhhhh. Maybe you like to see your victim’s scream in agony.”
    “HAHA. Good one, and I’m guessing I would then feed your body to my Feraligatr?” the man laughed again as his Feraligatr licked its lips hungrily.
    “HAHAHAHAHAHA. That hurts kid. I come over to warn you about the operation going down here BEFORE you get caught, and you call me a murderer. If I didn’t have a heart I’d be mad, but I like you kid. You got guts. Listen, I haven’t seen anyone else, so why don’t I help you search for your friend?”
    “How do I know I can trust you?”
    Letting go of Kurt, the man stepped away and instructed his Feraligatr to let Totodile go.
    “There. You have your Pokemon back. Now you can either accept my help, or go along your way. Won’t hurt my feelings either way.”
    “I dunno…,” Kurt said softly, thinking it over.
    “Listen kid. This thing going on here is bigger than you or even me. I’ve left it alone, because it’s left me and everyone else alone. Most people don’t even come out this far, heck, there’s no reason to since there’s nothing out here that you can’t find other places. So, again, I left it alone because I didn’t want to draw attention to my quiet little corner of the world, but if there’s someone in danger, then I can’t leave it alone anymore. YOU can’t do it on your own with nothing but a Totodile, and I can’t do it alone, even with my team, mainly because I raised Pokemon for size. Sure that may seem like all I’d need, but to get in where we’ll need to get in, we’ll need you and your Totodile, and anything else you have. Now if we find that your buddy has been captured by these guys, we’ll have to do something, but if it turns out that they didn’t take him, then you have to swear that you’ll reveal NOTHING about what’s going on here. But like I said, we either go there together, or I’ll see you to the trail, and make sure you get far away from here. It’s YOUR choice, but decide FAST because if they have your friend, it may be too late already,” the man stared Kurt straight in the eyes while saying this, never blinking. Kurt stared back, never blinking, as if hypnotized by the man’s voice, and those glaring eyes.
    When the man stopped speaking, Kurt blinked a couple of times, then rubbed his eyes.
    “Ok, let’s do it,” he said as a wry smile crept across his face. “But I have some bad news. I don’t have anything more than this Totodile. And he’s never even seen battle.”
    “Hmmm. I’d tell you that you could battle wild Pokemon found around here, but since ‘they’ came here, I haven’t seen any Pokemon. Not even a Rattata. But don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be ok.”
    “I hope so,” Kurt said, worry filling his voice as the man returned his Feraligatr and began walking off, Kurt hurrying to keep up with the large man’s pace.

    To be continued…

    Hopefully on my next post I'll have come up with a better way to separate the paragraphs since the tabbing looks awkward on here.

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    Hm. This is more interesting that an average trainer fic, which it somewhat seemed to be after the first chapter. *sits back and watch*

    You said there'd be more? Well, then I'll be waiting
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