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Thread: Twins of Fate: On The Run (Book 1)

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    Default Re: Twins of Fate: On The Run (Book 1)

    I'm pretty high up there aren't I?
    Thank you Zekurom! I really do value your opinion.

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    Default Re: Twins of Fate: On The Run (Book 1)

    Alright, I just finished this story.

    It had an interesting but slow start, and you improved a lot from the first to the last chapter. A few things I found bad were the lack of description in some scenes, and the scattered grammar and spelling mistakes. You also seemed to jump from one scene to the other too quickly, and it was a little better towards the end.

    The characters were not that interesting, to me. Thabet seemed too generic for me, while Guillotine came across as overly-sadastic. They both followed some generic routes in terms of characters and roles.

    But regarding the story overall, the premise is good. The writing could have been better. But what really matters is how much you improved throughout the chapters. I might go and check out the sequel someday. Keep it up.

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