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    Default Tossing around ideas...

    Just want some input on what could be good and could be bad. I've been thinking of this story for awhile, it's sorta semiautobiographical to a very limited pointAnd it's meant to be humorous. :7up: (Isn't that a cool smiley? /end ADD.)

    So here we go. You've got a guy who goes out with a girl for a month or two, and the relationship ends badly. He's maybe 14 or 15. So at the end of the relationship, the girl gets angry and out of vengance places a curse on him; he either has to find a better girl than her or get back together with her, and in the interim, he can't date. No other relationship works. And then the story progresses to just follow the poor guy through attempt after attempt to pick up a girl. And he always fails, through either his faults or an excruciatingly ironic outside circumstance. The girls themselves are an interesting bunch; some are popular, some are sluts, some are shy or innocent...The whole bag. And he gets with none of them. Except for one, or the girl who placed the curse.

    I can obviously flesh it out a bit more, but I just want input on the basic idea...I'll get a draft of ideas going by the end of the weekend.
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    Seems like an interesting enough idea. Not much input I can give though.
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    Good question.


    Mmm, the potential to be very humorous and yet dramatic, depending how you want to go. It'd even be easy enough to do a dash of both, a dramedy of sorts. I say go for it. You'll need a strong cast of supporting characters, though, because the same gag over and over (guy trying to get girl, failing) will get boring unless you spruce it up. I'd say no to the "can't date" rule, because that would really chop the story's legs off. It'd be through the dates that the boy gets humiliated. And who said he'd even get dates all the time?

    Maybe for supporting characters you could have the nosy mother, the bumbling father who means well but doesn't understand a thing about dating in the '00s, the supportive best friend, the UNsupportive best friend, etc. The possiblities are endless. I can't believe you thought of this first.

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    Seems like a pretty cool idea. A nice story could form out of that if ya added a little more. Give it a try!


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