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    it's a pokemon fanfic, but it's about a pokemon, not about a trainer. I also don't usually write fanfiction, or much in general. So it may not be the greatest thing you've ever read. I've already written 2 chapters, and a third is on the way...


    A Torchic's Identity

    Chapter 1: shaky beginnings

    It all began in an egg, not an extraordinary egg, but not an ordinary one either. It was a bright orange egg with a creamy yellow on both ends. The egg was smooth, and like most other eggs, oval in shape. This egg rested on a bed of straw with other eggs which were just like it. These eggs were on a dark shelf, which was in a warm room, which was a part of a small house, just outside Lavaridge Town, A small community which was in the shadow of the majestic Mt. Chimney.

    All of a sudden, the egg started to move a little, an make noises. It was getting ready to hatch and be born into the world. It wobbles a bit, but what it doesn't know, is that it's wobbling too close to the edge of it's shelf, it wobbles closer to the edge until it tips over it. Fall, fall, fall, the egg was plummeting towards the bottom and then... THUD! It landed on a stool. It didn't break the egg, but a big crack had formed its way around the greater part of it's shell. The egg made a high pitched peeping noise. It was then heard by somebody...

    A girl had entered the small warm, dark room, she had long flowing chestnut hair, with two flower-like hair clips on either side, and an emerald skirt, she had heard the distressed egg and went to it's aid. She knelt down to pick it up, curiously, she wore no footwear, but gold bands around her ankles with pokeballs attached to them. She picked up the egg and examined it.

    "This isn't too good at all..."

    She took it to another room, it was similar to the first, but it didn't have that many shelves. She carefully peeled of some loose egg shell. The shell revealed orange and yellow down. The little creature inside was breathing and was thankfully alive and well. She took the hatchling to yet another warm dark room, and kept it in a straw-laden pen. It struggled to break of the remaining shell. After that was taken care of, it fluffed up her feathers to reveal itself to the world. It was a torchic.

    "where am I?" she thought to herself.

    "what am I?" She looked around, she saw some other orange fluffy things, much like herself. She walked towards them, the ground was soft and stringy, how straw was supposed to feel. She noticed her feet for the first time, they were relatively big compared to her, each had three long bird toes in the front and one in the back. She stumbled her way to the others, the others were huddled with each other under a heat lamp, peeping amongst themselves. She approached them and piped up:

    "Do you know where we are?"

    The torchics stopped peeping. They looked puzzled at the new torchic for a few minutes. One the older ones tilted it's head to one side and said

    "Tor? Tor-chic-chic-chic?" (("who are you? How can you talk like that?"))
    The other torchics started to peep amongst themselves. The newcomer was then had even more questions

    "What do they mean?, I talk how I talk..." She asked "What are you?"

    (("We are Torchics, a kind of pokemon")) said one the torchics, they said it in their own tongue, she understood it, but couldn't speak it herself.

    "Pokemon?... Am I a Torchic as well?" She questioned in what was referred to by pokemon as the "human language".

    (("You don't talk like us, therefore you aren't a torchic... You're probably not even a pokemon! You're probably a nothing!")) Another torchic shouted meanly at now shivering chick.

    (("Robbie! Don't be mean to her like that, she is a something... But I don't know what though")) said another one.

    (("She's a freak that's what, a human talking freak!")) The other torchics chimed in (("freak! freak! freak! freak!")) Of course, being called a freak wasn't very nice at all... She couldn't help it if she didn't talk like them at all.

    Robbie spoke up, (("we don't like freaks in our group, GO AWAY AND STAY AWAY")) and with that he used an ember attack right at the newcomer's face. The hot particles of ash went into the young torchic's eyes, she flinched at them, causing her to scream, and her eyes started to gloss over with tears. They started to stream down her face, soaking the down on her small wings, and dripping onto her toes and the straw laden ground of the pen. She tried to run away from the cruel torchics as far as possible but she slammed herself against the wall of the pen. This only caused the torchics to laugh even harder

    (("not only is she a freak, she's a klutz as well!! Ah-hahahahaha!!!")) The other torchics were really causing a ruckus. But the laughing stopped when a door opened up.

    "What's going on in here?" a man entered the small room and turned towards the pen with the torchics. This man had denim overalls and a plaid shirt, and orange hair which was similar in colour to the torchics. For this was the torchic's breeder, a man who was sanctioned by the pokemon league to breed torchics to be one of the three beginner pokemon that beginning trainers can choose to train with, when they start their pokemon journeys. He wasn't a dangerous man, but the young torchic did not know that so she hid herself under the straw in the darkest part of the pen. The man came closer and crouched down to the torchic's level, the other torchics seemed happy to see him.

    "I guess you're all excited aren't you? Tomorrow, you'll get to meet your new trainers and go on a big adventure in the big wide world, maybe you will all become pokemon champions. I'd be excited as well, but you'll need to get some sleep so you can be ready for the big day you'll have. Good night torchic" With that, he walked out of the room, almost all the torchics had fallen asleep under the heat lamp. Except for the one under the hay in the far corner of the room. She had been weeping to herself.

    "Why do they hate me? Because I don't talk like they do?" She wept to herself as she wiped away some of her tears with her torchic foot, because her wings were far too small to be much use as they are. "It's not fair... I'm just like them! I can't help it if I can't talk like them..." With her face, feathers and feet wet with tears, she cried herself to sleep under the cold straw.

    Chapter 2: Lonely Dream

    The young torchic had woken up... She was in a place which wasn't so different from the pen she had been sleeping in. It was a cold grey world. the sky was full of grey clouds. like a thunderstorm would happen any second. The air wasn't fresh like you would from being outside, it smelled exactly like the pen, warm and musty The ground felt cold, rocky, and it seemed barren, for there weren't many green plants. Only tall weeping willows which only added to the sadness of it. She seemed to be the only thing that was not cold and grey.

    Being in this place made her feel miserable, so she wanted to get away from this place. She had stumbled a few times over some of the rocks that stuck out of the ground, but it didn't seem to hurt, she had already figured she was in a dream. She walked until she had found a small brook. She decided to get a drink, she had not eaten a thing since she first hatched, so by now she was pretty thirsty. The young torchic tried to find a good place, she didn't want to fall in, being a fire type, you wouldn't want to fall into a stream and drown.

    When the chick pokemon had found a good spot to get a drink, She saw something that she had never seen before; her own face. It was round and orange, with a small beak and two round eyes and three yellow feathers on top.

    "I don't seem so different from other torchics... Do I?. She was transfixed by the torchic staring back at her. Wanting to touch the image in the water, she extended a foot out and dipped her toes into the water. It was not warm like her face was supposed to be, but it was icy cold, and wet. She didn't like this much so she took it out., she also noticed that her reflection was gone. She waited for it to return, but it didn't so she decided to leave the brook. Before she did though thought she had heard someone calling.


    The young torchic perked up to the sound. The place she was in was very quite, there wasn't even any wind blowing. So any sound would have been noticeable. She looked around for who was making the sound:


    She heard it once more, it was coming from the east, so she ran towards the sound. Only s didn't really know who this "Darla" was. The young torchic did not think of it until now but she didn't have a proper name for herself.

    Most pokemon don't even get special names, they usually only get called whatever pokemon they are, like "Torchic" or "Mudkip". Humans don't seem to call other humans "Human being" but they call them by unique names, such as "William" or "Laura". It isn't like this with pokemon, they don't seem to bother much with names, they simply call other pokemon by their species' name, or names that their human trainers have come up with. The latter however is more special, because it makes them more unique then others of there own kind, and it doesn't change when the pokemon evolves, it practically stays for life.

    These were of course, very complicated issues for a torchic who was less then a day old, But somehow she knew the name being called out was meant for her. Darla... the name seemed so perfect for her, so she decided to name herself just that. Darla. From now on, her name was not simply known as "torchic" but now she would be known to the world as Darla! Darla now knew who the voice was calling for, and she also knew that there was someone, somewhere out there who wanted her. This was another thing that she wanted, someone to want her, to take care of her and most importantly, to love her for who she is...

    A mother.

    Darla did not want to be alone in this big wide world, she wanted someone who can be her friend, someone who she wanted to love and to love back unconditionally, even if she was considered a freak by everyone else. She would have that one person who would love her because of what made her different.

    The small Torchic had been running towards the voice for quite some time, she noticed that the ground was no longer as rocky as it once was back at the brook. The ground was not as grey as everything else, and it was becoming softer, but was this a good thing? Her feet were progressively going deeper and deeper within the mud as she kept running, and occasionally a foot would get stuck within the deep mud and she had to pull it out. Both feet had become caked with mud and both seemed to get heavier and heavier with each step. It got to the point where she was getting exhausted from all the weight of the mud on her feet. Finally, she got completely stuck and couldn't move them.

    "Ooh... I wish someone can help me!" Cried the small pokemon as she desperately tried to move her feet out of the soft muck, but the more she moved, the more stuck her feet became. She then saw something that really made her want to get out of the mud. A huge figure was moving towards her, this figure was not another torchic or even the farmer. It looked like it was a part of the mud itself, only it had a big long arm and a cavernous mouth. Darla tried struggled to move but it only made her more covered in mud, she fell on her stomach. She tried to push herself up with her wings but they were too small to be of much use, and only got stuck in the mud herself. Now she was in very deep trouble, there was a monster coming for her and she was completely unable to run away from it. The creature had come close enough to be smelled by the torchic, the smell of rotten waste and garbage filled her nostrils and she began to choke. The only thing she can do was scream. But this didn't do a thing, it only made the smell much more offensive. The monster then lunged straight at the terrified pokemon.

    Darla suddenly woke up with a scream. She noticed that she was back in the straw-laden pen within a small room. She wasn't caked with mud anymore, although she seemed to be a bit wet, and was smelling of a faint ammonia smell. She also noticed that there was sunlight coming through a small window which was high up on a wall of the room. Most importantly, there were no monsters around, in fact, there didn't seem to be anyone in the room. The other torchics that were there the night before were gone. They must have already left to be someone's starter pokemon. There didn't seem to be anyone there... No one to was there to comfort her after her bad dream. She was alone, scared out her wits, wet, and smelled awful. Darla started to cry out to someone to someone she wanted but just wasn't there...

    "MOMMY... MOMMY!!!" The small pokemon cried... If someone did not know that she was a pokemon, her voice could have easily been mistaken for a small child's cry. In a way though, she was a small child, only she didn't have anyone to be with her and to love her... She was completely all alone.
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    Chapter 3 is finished, any C&C would be greatly accepted :)

    Chapter 3: Freedom and friends at last

    Darla the Torchic had been through plenty in her less then a day of being alive, her egg had almost been scrambled, she was rejected by her fellow torchics on the grounds that she talks like a human being instead of a regular pokemon, and she had a dream. This dream may have scared her, but also gave her a purpose in life. She didn't want to be a just a pokemon, she wanted to be a human being as well. Or at least make something of herself. Right now though, she needed to find a way out of this place.

    After she was done crying, she walked over to a food trough on the far side of the pen. There was still some corn kernels left from the night before. She never had any food since she hatched, so Darla was famished. After finishing up what remained of the corn, she tried to figure out how she could escape from this dank pen.

    Unknown to Darla, she was not really alone in the torchic pen room. There were four beady eyes who had watching her since she woke up. One of them belonged to a ratatta, and the other belonged to a spinarak. The two pokemon were good friends who have been living in the pen house for quite a long time without the farmer not knowing. They had been watching Darla, and they somewhat felt sorry for her. So they had decided to both come out of hiding and to help her out.

    The rattata scurried down from the wooden rafters, it's nimble paws were quiet enough not make a sound but sure enough not to let it fall to the ground. He then squeezed himself through the wiring of the pen and buried himself in the straw and approached the Torchic. She didn't notice the rattata until it was right behind her. Darla turned around and when she saw the rattata:

    "AAAAHHH!!!" Screamed the frightened Darla

    "RAAAAAA!!!" Screamed the equality frightened rattata

    "Who are you? What are you" asked Darla, her heart was racing really fast from her encounter with the purple rodent pokemon.

    Ratta Ratatta! (("I was just about to ask you that")) the rattata answered. He had felt a little silly for scaring the pokemon he was going to help.

    "Um... I'm Darla, nice to meet you" Darla said in a polite manner as she calmed down. She wasn't used to being around other pokemon.

    (("hi, I'm Rattata... Darla? That's a little weird... You named yourself?")) the rattata replied a bit perplexed, but after wondering about that he got down to why he came in the first place. (("do you any help getting out?"))

    "Oh... That would be very helpful, thank you! Do you know a way out of this pen?" Darla asked, she was quite happy to find that there were some friendly people in the world she could trust.

    (("Oh yeah, I know this old barn like the back of my paws, I know a few ways out of this place...")) the rattata explained a number of different exit routes to get out of the pen, only most of them were too difficult to get through. The doorway was locked tight, but even if it were not, she was too small to reach the door handle. She looked at the window, she saw that it was completely open. This would be the perfect escape. The only problem was that this window was quite high. However, there were some boxes that were piled up. They could be like steps upward towards the window and freedom. It would be easy for a four-legged pokemon like rattata, but it would prove difficult for the two-legged torchic. Nevertheless, she would have to take that chance if she wanted to escape.

    The first thing they did was to turn over the food trough, this made a good step up so they could get over the pen gate. Darla got help getting up by using Rattata as a step, she then pulled Rattata up by using her beak. The two pokemon then got up on top of the pen gate, Rattata jumped down pretty quickly, but Darla couldn't seem to follow.

    (("What's the matter?")) Rattata asked impatiently as he waited for Darla to jump.

    "I...I...I can't seem to m..m..m..move... I d..d..don't want to f..f..fall down..." Darla stammered as she looked at her Rattata friend down below, the drop was only two and a half feet, but to Darla, it seemed too high for her. She may have remembered falling and hitting the ground when she was still in her egg. Darla must now have a paralysing fear of heights, this would make climbing out the window a lot more difficult and a lot more scary for the young torchic.

    (("oh... Um... Just wait right there, and when I tell you, close your eyes and jump, you won't get hurt, I promise!")) the Rattata quickly found a burlap sack that had corn inside, this would make a soft landing. He grabbed it with his overgrown incisors and dragged it directly over the petrified pokemon who tried to keep her balance on top of the gate by clutching the top with her feet.

    (("Okay, jump when I say "now, okay Darla? NOW!"))

    The chick pokemon closed her eyes, and she let go of the gate. She fell forward, and landed with a soft thud onto the sack. The kernels inside made a scratching sound inside the bag. Now that that was over it, now came the difficult bit. Climbing up to the small window, this would be hard because it was quite high up, the two pokemon would have to crane their heads upward to see it, and for a pokemon with a phobia for heights, this would be very hard.

    "I don't think I can climb that high... I'll probably fall" Darla said this in a near whiny tone of voice. The rattata's patience was beginning to wear thin... Darla hadn't done anything but complain or cry over something, but then again, she was only a day old, so he had to bare with it.

    (("well, all you need to do is to jump upward onto a higher box, it's easy")) Rattata tried to calm the nervous torchic as best he could.

    The two pokemon climbed up the stacks of boxes, the rattata in front and Darla behind him. Climbing the boxes was very easy for the rattata because he's done this many times already, when living in a place where you are not wanted, it's best to know your way around the place and to find good hiding spots. Darla on the other hand was having this a little tougher, she never really climbed up much before now, and her fear of heights didn't help much, often she was tempted to look down, but she knew she wouldn't be able to move on up or worse, she could lose her balance and fall. So she gingerly reached her foot to a higher box, feeling for a secure hold with her toes. Then with her beak, she then grabbed the edge of the box and lifted herself up to it. Climbing would be a lot easier if her arms were not so small and near useless as they are now. So slowly, but steadily, the two climbed higher and higher to reach for the window to freedom.

    They were almost up to the window, Darla reached and grabbed another box with her toes and started to hoist herself up, but the box slipped from her and tipped over. Darla started to scream for her life as she tipped over, lost her balance and started to plummet towards the floor. The corn sack was not there to break her fall this time. It was a very long drop to the bottom, probably an even longer drop then when she was still in her egg. Down, down, down she fell, until she didn't seem to fall anymore. From above the beams that made the roof shot out a strand of silk, it came down and caught the terrified torchic by the ankle. The strand was light enough so it couldn't be seen unless you looked close enough, but strong enough to catch and hang on to things which were heavy, like a pokemon. It was a spinarak web.

    "Spin-Spinarak!" (("I got you, don't struggle. You might break it.")) The spinarak was struggling hard to hold the flailing torchic. He was watching Darla and the Rattata so if they got into any trouble, the he could help them anyway. He slowly moved along the beams which held up the roof slowly. He had to be careful that the thread did not break and Darla fall once again. He placed Darla right on the window sill, so Darla escape. There was only one more obstacle that remained in her way to freedom. getting down from the window. Luckily though, there was a stack of hay that was conveniently placed just outside the window, so all Darla did was to close her eyes, be brave, and to take that leap of faith. She landed with a soft landing and slid down the haystack.

    She did it, she was finally free from that room. The outdoors seemed wonderful to her. The midday sun was shining brightly in the big blue sky that seemed to go on forever. The grass smelled sweet and the dew on them was making her torchic toes a little cold and wet, but she didn't mind at all, in fact she loved it. She absolutely loved being free, free from being inside a dark room and also from being forced to take orders from others. She was now her own pokemon, free to make her own decisions.

    "Thank you so very much, I would have probably stayed inside that scary room forever if it wasn't for you!" The young torchic said in human with deep gratitude, it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her in her short life. She was overjoyed that the world was not a cruel and frightful place she thought it was. Tears of joy ran down from her face as she said good bye to the rattata and spinarak who saved her life, she was now determined to go out and to make her mark on the world and to make a name for herself. She was a pokemon with a special ability, and nothing was going to get in her way of achieving her goal to get a family of her own, and her own identity.
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