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    this is my first BMF Fic and here it is:

    T&L:The Industrial League


    The Victorian Era was known for many things including the Industrial Revolution, but what people don’t know is that in London there was a Pokemon tournament known as The Industrial League.

    In Bonak street, there was a battle between a shoe shine boy and a rich boy, in their hands were pokeball but these pokeballs are not like the ones in Modern times, this pokeball was powered by steam and still had a device on it since scientists did not know how create a perfect pokeball but there was one man who was trying to invent a perfect pokeball but we’ll come back to him later.

    Then they signalled to each other that were ready to battle.
    “Go Growlithe!” screamed the rich boy and a elegant looking Growlithe flew out of its pokeball and barked loudly for its owner.
    “Go Larvitar!” screamed the shoe-shine boy( who name was Tom) and a Larvitar jumped out of its pokeball and looked at its opponent knowing it was time to battle.
    “Growlithe, ember!” bellowed the rich boy and a blast of flame flew out Growlithe’s mouth and headed toward Larvitar but Larvitar niftly evaded the attack.
    “Larvitar, tackle!” shouted Tom and Larvitar ran toward Growlithe and rammed it towards a brick wall.
    “ You peasant!” shouted the rich boy and Tom made a face
    “Growlithe, bite!”
    Growlithe ran towards Larvitar and as it attempted to bite Larvitar, Larvitar ducked and instead of biting Larvitar, Growlithe bit a stone causing it to yelp in pain.
    Tom smiled as he knew that he was going to win the battle and he knew how to finish the Growlithe.

    “Larvitar, Hyper Beam!” bellowed Tom and Larvitar opened its mouth then a yellow beam appeared and it shot out of its mouth heading for Growlithe, it was a direct hit and it was so powerful it caused the Growlithe to faint.

    Larvitar and Tom did a high five and the rich boy sulked as he returned his Growlithe, then Tom walked up to the boy and shooked his hand and said:
    “That was a lousy performance, your Growlithe isn’t much of a fighter”
    “I know, he is more of a pet than a fighter” replied the rich boy who listened to every word that Tom spoke.
    “what your name anyway?” asked Tom who had battled this boy as he wouldn’t give him money for shining his shoes.
    “ Albert Shregina, son of Henry Shregina who owns Shregina Bank” replied Albert who was handing over the money to Tom as payment for winning the match and for shining his shoes.
    “do you want a rematch next time?” asked Tom who loves battling as it gave his experience so that one day(Tom hoped) Larvitar would evolve into a Pupitar then to a Tyranitar who would help Tom with work as well as being the greatest trainer there was.
    “Maybe if I see you Tom” replied Albert who realised that he was going to be late home and had to run off.
    As soon as Albert left, Tom decided to release Larvitar and together they walked to Mr Faygin's house where they would see a unexpected surprise.

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    Chapter 1: Gifts us an egg

    Tom knocked on Mr Faygin's door. He nursed his fist; the door was a very hard, thick pine and was hell on his knuckles. There was no reply. Tom rapped on the door again. Still there was no reply. There was a bang, a clatter and a smash, before the door swung open. Tom stared at the toothy grin of Faygin, and walked inside.

    Mr Artemis Faygin was an middle aged man who had a long brown moustasche, a black top hat and short ginger hair, he had something in his hand which Tom had no idea what it was.
    “ hello Tom and Larvitar” said Faygin who was giddy with excitment for some reason.
    “come inside, I got some things to show you”
    Tom followed Mr Faygin wondering what the thing was while walking up the stairs to Faygins study, when he finally reached the door of the study he waited for Mr Faygin to finish washing his hands and when Faygin had finished he went toward the door of the study then put his hand in coat pocket and got out a key with a ribbon on the end and used it to opened the study door.

    The study was filled with amazing stuff, from painting of Pokemon, books about Pokemon and even inventions that a trainer might need on their journey,
    Tom was busy looking at the thing on the table, it was a pokemon egg which was a light blue colour and Tom wondered what pokemon it would be.
    “well I want to give you some things Tom, but first you must return Larvitar” explained Faygin who was looking through his bookcase for a book and so Tom returned Larvitar.
    “what is it Faygin?” asked Tom who was eager to find out what they were.
    Faygin got a red shiny book from the bookcase and gave it to a surprised Tom.
    “what is this book about Faygin?” asked Tom who knew how to read since Faygin taught him to.
    “this is the Pokemon Dextery or the Pokedex for short, this has information of all the pokemon we know about even extinct ones like Kabutops and Omastar and we still don’t know how many pokemon there are in the world but ever since Britain has an Empire we can discover even more Pokemon” explained Faygin who knew a lot about Pokemon and had friends like David Livingstone who was exploring Africa looking for new Pokemon.

    Tom was really happy that he had received this book but he noticed that the egg on the desk was moving and nudged Mr Faygin who was busy improving on his Hit Machine (or HM for short) and as Mr Faygin turned around he noticed the egg was glowing so Tom and Faygin ran towards the desk and witnessed a Pokemon birth, then what came out was a Pokemon who was a light blue colour with big long ears in place of arms, a huge lump on its head and was smiling.
    “WYNAUT!” bellowed the pokemon who had screamed so loud, Tom thought that he was going to go deaf.
    “what is that?” asked Tom who had never seen a Wynaut before.
    “check your Pokedex” replied Faygin who was surprised that the egg given to him by Charles Darwin had hatched and when Tom found the page he read aloud:
    “Wynaut, the cheerful Pokemon, the pre-evolved form of Wobbuffet, it is known to charm its trainer to pamper them”

    Tom looked at Mr Faygin and saw him smiling then Tom asked:
    “Can I keep Wynaut Mr Faygin please, I’ll look after him and train it up and…”
    “Yes Tom you can, oh Tom I have one more gift for you” replied Mr Faygin while Tom wa busy hugging the newly born Wynaut then stopped to ask:
    “What that Mr Faygin?”
    “I entered you into the Industrial League” replied Faygin happily.

    This is Cluff the cheeky cloud pokemon.

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    Chapter 2: A surprise for Ma

    It took Mr Faygin a couple of minutes to try and revive Tom who had fainted since being told he had been entered into the world famous Industrial League, a tournament that involved getting the six medals of the British Empire in order to get in, just as Faygin was about to get one of his inventions to wake up Tom when he saw that Tom eyes slowly and when he finally got up the first thing he did was hug Faygin who pushed him away as he hated being hugged.
    “You entered me into the Industrial League?” asked Tom who thought Mr Faygin might be pulling his leg but Faygin just nodded and Tom screamed:
    “Okay Tom now go home, your Ma will be be surprised to hear the news” replied Mr Faygin who wanted Tom to go home as he had to work on his Techique machine(or T.M for short) and Tom walked down the wooden staircase, opened the pinewood door and struggled home due to the weight of the pokedex.

    Tom’s house wasn’t spectacular, but it was his home. As he opened the door he saw his Ma busy knitting at the roaring fireplace. She was making a new clothes for him, which although being terribly itchy and ragged, they were all he had.

    Tom had one sibling. May worked as a servant for the Kimorin family, a rich, powerful, snooty family of snobs in west london. His father, (who was refered to as 'Pa', thanks to their common country grandparents) worked designing Pokeballs, which, although sounding exciting, was as boring as having to read a dictionary for fun.

    As he shut the wooden door his Ma spoke:
    “So Tom, did you see Mr Faygin?”
    “Yes Ma and I got money I earned from work” replied Tom and he went through his pockets and got the sound of jiggling was heard as he got the money out.
    “10 shillings exactly” and he handed the money to his Ma and she went to the shelf and got out a cider bottle which Tom knew was were the money for him to enter the Industrial League and so far Ma had saved 3 pounds and 46 pence and to register the price was 4 pounds but Tom was waiting to surprise his Ma.
    “So Tom, what this heavy looking book that Mr Faygin gave you about?” asked Ma who didn’t know how to read but Tom could explain to her what anything said as Mr Faygin had taught to read and write.
    “This is a Pokemon Dextery or a Pokedex, it has all the information of all the Pokemon we know of, and Mr Faygin gave me a pokemon” replied Tom who dropped the Pokedex onto the table and it made such a noise that it the pokeball containing Wynaut to open releasing the pokemon who had just woken from a nap and was bawling it eyes out.
    “WYYYYYYYYY!” cried Wynaut and Tom and Ma spent ten minutes tryng to comfort it and when Ma sang her lullaby the Wynaut instantly fell asleep in her arms and Tom got out his pokeball and swiftly returned it.
    “That Wynaut reminded me of when you were a baby” said Ma and Tom blushed because as a child he cried day and night.
    “Hey Ma, I have a surprise for you” said Tom eager to show Ma the letter that Mr Faygin had given him showing that he had registered for the Industrial League.
    “What is it dear?” asked Ma who wondered what Tom’s surprise would be.
    Tom showed his Ma his letter that showed he had registered for the Industrial League and after he explained that Mr Faygin had paid the registration fee she almost died in shock.
    “So when do leave son?” asked Ma who was waiting for Pa to come home so she could tell him the great new.
    “Tommorow, the League starts a year today so I must leave as soon as possible if I would be able to enter the League on January 20th 1894” explained Tom who saw that his Ma had tears trickling down her cheeks knowing that her son was going to leave home.
    As soon as Pa got through the door, Ma told him the news and decided to have a special meal of Goose and ale for Tom leaving for his journey, after that Tom, Larvitar and Wynaut were packing their stuff that would need for the journey and then went to bed dreaming of success.

    The next morning at the crack of dawn, Tom got out of his bed and got changed into the clothes his Ma had made the day before and put on his lucky cap, he then got the pokeballs containing Larvitar and Wynaut and walked into Ma and Pa’s room and kiss them goodbye, then he opened the door of his house and walked along the street as the sun rose into the dawn sky.

    This is Cluff the cheeky cloud pokemon.

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    Chapter 3: Love is all around
    Tom walked the rough streets as he approached the centre of London jiggling the money that was originally going to be used as payment for entering the Industrial League. However, it was now going to be used to pay for supplies he needed for his journey.

    Tom looked around and saw people setting up stalls and he realised it was market day and he saw the early punters looking for the best items for either for them or their Pokemon, Tom decided to go into the Pokemon shop so he could stock up.
    While he was putting the supplies of medicence and pokeballs into his sack Tom noticed that the street were hustling with people and just looking at them brought a tear to his eye, after he had paid Tom explored the market place looking for a treat for Larvitar and Wynaut who were sleeping peacefully in their pokeballs, then Tom saw a girl about his age being attacked by a group of youths and Tom thought she was being assaulted and so rushed over to help her.
    “Leave her alone, you bullies!” shouted Tom who was really angry at these youths and was ready to release Larvitar.
    “Or what?” asked one of the youths “gunna fight us?”
    “No,”replied Tom “Go, Larvitar”!
    Larvitar jumped out of its pokeball and stared at the youths who were laughing at it,
    “What that gunna do?” asked one of the youths who was smoking a pipe while taunting Larvitar.
    “Well if you keep annoying it, I will just command Larvitar to do a Hyper Beam and you know how powerful a hyperbeam is” replied Tom smiling at the fact that he had defeated the youths by simply bulffing and before he knew it the youths had scapered off afraid of what might happen to them.
    Tom picked the girl who had just been attacked and he expected, but instead the girl went slapped him in the face causing him to step back.
    “What the hell did you that for, I just saved you” asked Tom who was holding his hurt cheek, trying to nurse it better.
    “I am perfectly capable of defending myself, and I do not need help from scruffy shoeshine boys like yourself” replied the girl who was very snobbish and Tom knew she was from a rich background by her posh voice.

    Tom was extremely angry, how dare this girl insult him and he had rescued her and this what he got in return, Tom was in such a rage he blurted:
    “Well I challenge you to a Pokemon battle and we will see if I am just a scruffy shoeshine boy” and he commanded Larvitar to go to his side.
    “Fine” replied the girl “Go Misschief!”
    Flying out of its Frightball, a Misdreavus floated toward the girl cackling, Tom checked his PokeDex from his sack to see what this pokemon was:
    “Misdreavus, the banshee pokemon it is known to bite people’s hair and it has scream that can be heard from a mile away”
    Tom shut the pokedex and put it back into his sack then he commanded Larvitar:
    “Use tackle!”
    Larvitar ran toward Misschief but instead of tackling Misschief, Larvitar went through it and crashed against a brick wall and Tom ran toward Larvitar to check if Larvitar was okay while the girl and Misschief just laughed as if they were evil.
    “Misschief” screamed the girl“use perish song!”
    Misschief started to sing and the song of hell swepted toward Larvitar causing it to cover its ears but the song was getting louder and could not stand it anymore and within a minute Larvitar had fainted.

    Tom was frustated but then he realised he had one pokemon left and so he grabbed the pokeball containing Wynaut and threw it.
    “Go Wynaut!” shouted Tom and out flew the cheerful little pokemon.
    “Wy Wy” screamed Wynaut and started to do a strange little dance.
    “Pathetic,” replied the girl. “Misschief use psybeam!”

    Misschief ’s eyes started to glow and then a purple beam shot out of its gleaming eyes and went staight towards Wynaut.
    “Wynaut!” bellowed Tom trying to remember an attack he had read from the Pokedex.“Use er..Mirror coat!”
    Wynaut’s body started to sparkle and when the Psybeam hit Wynaut, it bounced back and hit Misschief causing it to scream.

    “Misschief use thundershock!” shouted the girl and static electricity surrounded Misschief and then it darted towards Wynaut.
    “Wynaut counter!” yelled Tom and a red barrier surrounded Wynaut and as the bolt of electricity headed toward Wynaut it collided back to Misschief and shocked it, the girl thought the electricity wouldn’t hurt it but when she saw that Misschief was in a bad state she was forced to return thus declaring Tom the winner.

    “Alright Miss, can you apoligise to me for slapping me” asked Tom who was delighted he had won against a girl.
    “Sorry for slapping you even though you helped me er..” replied the girl who looked reluctant after losing a battle.
    “Tom, Tom Atin and apolgy accepted erm..” said Tom who wanted to know the girl’s name.
    “Lovelace Hillda, but you can call me Love” replied Love who was looking cheerful even though she had lost.
    Tom looked at Love and smiled, she could a great partner on his journey and asked:
    “Do you want to come on my journey?”
    Love smiled at Tom and replied in a sweet voice:
    “Yes, now come with me to my house and I will tell the rest of my Pokemon team”
    Tom and Love walked hand in hand across the street but watching them in a nearby house was Doctor Stephen Rocket who had plans up his sleeves for them.

    This is Cluff the cheeky cloud pokemon.


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