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    Quote Originally Posted by Akimbo View Post
    Wow, being eaten by a Seviper isn't the way to go,
    True, it would be a very nasty way to die.
    good chapter, amazingly descriptive as usual.

    Though one small thing I have to point out, in the second last paragraph, first sentence, you left out what was probably stomach.
    It's annoying when people accidentally leave out a, isn't it?

    Chapter Thirty-Three: Full Circle

    Boreas struggled in panic against the stomach's tight embrace. He had already tried to open both exits with all his strength, but hadn't stood a chance against the powerful muscles. If he pressed hard on one side, he could feel the ground outside, which the Seviper seemed to be slithering over. His breathing was very fast and ragged as he struggled.

    I'm going to die in here! He thought, I'M GOING TO DIE IN HERE!!!

    He tried to get himself under control. Calm down.

    No, I'm going to be digested alive!
    Not if I stop panicking and think my way out of here!
    He tried to get his rapid shallow breath under control and stopped struggling. He noticed the parts of him that were submerged were getting very itchy, but tried not to scratch because that would probably only make things worse. He realised there was little chance he would manage to get out on his own, so he would have to try and appeal to his enemy's better side, if it had such a thing, for a chance of mercy.

    “Hey!” he said loudly, hoping Seviper would be able to hear him, “Seviper, what is your name?!”

    “None of your busssinesss,” a hissing voice sounded far away.

    “Uh... Well, hi anyway, my name is Boreas!” Boreas thought that if he could make her see him as a person, rather than prey, maybe she would spit him out, “meeting you is a... let's call it a unique experience.”

    “Could you be quiet and ssstart sssquirming around again? That ticklesss very nicccely.”

    “I just want to tell you a bit about myself, if that's okay with you.”

    “I don't care,” hissed Seviper, “I'd rather you were quiet, becaussse I'm going to take a nap to digessst you.”

    “Are you sure? I mean, I'm not just any prey, I'm a sentient being like you! I have hopes and dreams like you, and have friends like you, and I really, really like to live, like you. So, um, could you please show how good a person you are and spit me out?”


    “Please? Don't you realise how cruel this is? You're sentencing another sentient being to a very slow, painful death. Won't you please let me out? I surrender, so you might as well let me out.”

    “No! You are nothing but food, and I eat food!”

    “But I'm not food! Can't we solve this like fellow civilised beings?”

    “You tassste like food and you fill my belly, ssso you are food.”

    “Imagine the pain I'm going to go through!”

    “Yesss, they alwaysss sssquirm delightfully for hoursss before finally sssettling down.”

    “They? You mean you've done this to someone before?”

    “Oh yesss. Not often, but occasssionally. Live prey tassstesss very good and isss niccce and sssquirmy.”

    Boreas was horrified by the thought that others had been eaten alive by this Seviper before, in part because it meant his chances of negotiating his way out were very tiny. “Please let me out? I have a mate and sixteen cubs, what will they ever do without their father? I can already imagine poor... Stephen crying for his daddy, and how will little... Marina cope with her father's death? And what about young... uh... Flapdoodle? Can you live with the idea of him growing up without his father? Please don't don't do this, for my kids if not for me.”

    “That'sss what all prey sssaysss if they get the chanccce.”

    “Do you want sixteen grown-up Eevees coming after you to avenge their father?”

    “If they come after me, if they exssissst at all, I will welcome them. They can go the sssame way as you.”

    “Spit me out right now! If you don't, my friends will cut you open to rescue me!”

    His fleshy prison shook with the snake's laughter. “Your friendsss are either dead or dying. I didn't even bother continuing the battle, becaussse my friendsss were winning ssso overwhelmingly. I've gone outssside, where it'sss warmer.”

    “Let me out! Don't you see how unbelievably cruel this is?!”

    “No. Ssshut up.”

    Desperation was setting in now as Boreas was beginning to see the snake would never let him out. “Please!” he begged, “I... I will turn to your side! I will help you kill my friends if you let me out!”

    “Too late.”

    “Please!” he begged, “I- I don't want to die!”

    “Ssshould have thought of that before fighting Team Plasssma.”

    The horror of the entire situation threatened to overwhelm Boreas as he realised he would never get out. “O-okay,” he said glumly. “You win. I will be your prey. If you spit me out, I will let you kill me without resisting. And then you can eat me.”

    “Why ssshould I ssspit you out? I like you where you are now.”

    “Because it will be unbelievably painful for me! If you're going to kill and eat me, at least give me a quick death.”

    “Too late. You ssshould've thought of that before I ssswallowed you. Now let me sssleep.”

    A last bolt of desperate fury went through Boreas. “You complete evil monster! I will freeze you from the inside once the paralytic wears off!”

    “It won't wear off for hoursss.”

    Boreas tried to make cold in a single, focused point, and found it was incredibly difficult, but with titanic effort managed to. He aimed right for where the heart was, and shot the Ice Beam from his forehead. The snake shook with laughter. “Hey, that ticklesss, do it again!”

    But Boreas couldn't. He had managed to overcome the low dosage of paralytic coursing through his veins through sheer force of will, but it had taken him an effort as if he had run a marathon up mount Everest. He just lay in the stomach panting. His final hope had been blown to smithereens. His skin was horribly itchy, and was beginning to sting with pain in several spots already. He realised that soon he would be in similar pain all over, which would grow worse and worse until he would lay there screaming in agony while his skin dissolved slowly. He wondered if he would die once his skin had dissolved, but realised there was little chance of such a quick way out, as the veins in the skin were tiny and would almost immediately close themselves, so he would lose little blood. Once his skin had been digested, the gastric acid would continue its horrifying job as it began work on the tissue underneath. He was pretty sure the major organs were all deep within the body, so he wouldn't die of damage to them. He realised he would probably die of blood loss after many hours of torment when the acid finally began destroying his major arteries.

    As the horrifying realisation filled his mind, he sat there hyperventilating in panic. Then he just burst out struggling and screaming. “NO! Please! Kill me quickly, anything but this! I don't want to die like this!”

    He stopped the useless struggling and cried. The tears streamed through his fur as he thought of the terrible fate that was already happening to him. He let out a loud wail for himself.

    Then a grim, cold determination set in. Enough self-pity, justified though it is, he thought. I have one final option to save myself from that: I'm in a room mostly filled with liquid; I could drown myself.

    Drowning himself in the acid would be quite horrible, especially when he couldn't stop his breathing reflex any more and began breathing the acid, but it sure beat being digested alive.

    So this is it, he thought with complete calmth. This is how I die. I drown myself inside a Seviper.

    He couldn't help but chuckle with gallows humour at the irony of having escaped being eaten by Zangeese only to be eaten by their arch nemesis eleven months later. At least those eleven months had been fun; with the exception of a few days he wouldn't have wanted to miss them for anything. He took a deep breath and prepared to plunge his head under the horrid liquid, but then realised that was a bad idea, as he was trying to give himself a quick death. He breathed out, collected his courage, closed his eyes, and sunk his head under the surface. He felt himself rapidly running out of breath and shifted positions so it would be harder for him to get his head back above the surface if he lost courage.

    Suddenly the entire stomach shook violently, he heard Seviper scream in agony, and a light shone past his eyelids. He almost opened his eyes to see what it was, before realising that would be an enormously bad idea. He resurfaced, wiped the acid away from his closed eyes, and opened them as his meaty and dangerous prison moved violently. He couldn't believe his eyes: light was streaming in through a minuscule hole in the wall.

    The entire stomach jerked fiercely along with its owner. “That wasss the lassst missstake you ever made!” Seviper roared furiously. “I'll make you sssuffer for that!”

    “No!” A furious voice came from outside, “eating Boreas was the last mistake you ever made, you fiendish creature!”

    Boreas put his eye to the hole. Though tiny, it was bleeding massively and hard to see through, but his heart jumped with joy as he saw Octa on its other side, with his Leaf Blade drawn and covered in blood, dodging the Seviper's attacks like a master swordsman. He looked far more furious and impressive than Boreas had ever seen, his eyes ablaze with furious determination and a single-minded purpose in every move. “Octa!” Boreas called, “Octa! You're a sight for sore eyes!” he tried to widen the tiny hole that Octa had cut all the way to the Seviper's stomach, but found the flesh was far too strong to tear.

    “Boreas, my dear fellow!” Octa said, his voice soaked with joy, “how joyful I am to hear you are still alive.” Boreas was thrown away from the hole as the snakes battled each other.

    “If you like your friend ssso muccch,” Seviper seethed, “you can join him inssside my ssstomach and ssspend your final hoursss being digesssted together! After I bite your limbsss off for what you did!”

    “You, milady, are a cruel monstrosity and a barbarian, and do not deserve to have your name capitalised. Your Mephistophelean maliciousness brings a black mark of shame to all those who have the misfortune of sharing a species with you.”

    “Do you think you ssstand a chanccce againssst me with that puny leaf?”

    “I have already demonstrated it has the required attributes to stab into your stomach. That is all I shall need to deliver this planet from your vileness and rescue my dear friend.”

    Boreas tried to follow the battle by looking through the hole Octa had carved, but most of the time it wasn't facing Octa, and it was too small and too filled with blood to see much anyway.

    “Ssstabbing sssomeone in the gut while they're asssleep... Zssinzssolin warned usss our enemiesss were evil, but thisss isss an unexsspected low.”

    “Do not speak to me about low actions. Your own actions are so low I'd imagine mining companies would be willing to pay you generously to have them mine metals from the Earth's co- ARGH!”

    Octa yelped in pain. Boreas pressed his eye to the bloody hole, and saw his friend was backed against a stone wall, bleeding from a large cut and trapped.

    “Hehehe,” Seviper laughed, “time to join your friend inssside my tummy!”

    As Seviper was about to strike, Boreas decided he had to do something. With another outpouring of titanic effort, he created another Ice Beam and fired it straight at the wound Octa had made. Seviper jerked back in pain, and Boreas pushed himself against the stomach's dorsal wall. Just in time, as a razor-sharp Leaf Blade sliced the stomach open lengthwise. As he was flushed out the opened stomach in a flood of gastric acid and blood, he heard Seviper scream. He landed on grass, panting heavily and exhausted, but happy to be out in the air again.

    “To leave you to bleed to death would be a merciful thing to do,” Octa said grimly, “compared to what you tried to do to Boreas. But I shall be even more merciful and give you the quick death you never had the decency to grant my friend.”

    Seviper, lying flat on the ground with a large part of its front side cut open, hissed at Octa and tried to bite him.

    “We both know a wound of this extent is impossible to survive. You shall bleed out within minutes.”

    Seviper paused, then exposed its throat to Octa. “Make it quick.”

    Boreas looked away and heard a loud slash and gargle. He tried to stand up. “Octa... You saved me!”

    He was about to hug the Servine when he got to his feet, but thought better of it because he was still drenched in acid and blood. Then Octa surprised him by hugged him instead. “My dear fellow, I almost lost hope when I came outside and saw the bulge at its stomach had stopped moving.”

    “Both of us,” said Boreas, “I was trying to drown myself to avoid being digested alive.”

    “I apologise for not being here sooner, the guards gave me a bit of trouble.”

    They stood there embracing each other, when Boreas really began noticing the burning sensation on his skin again. “Octa? I think I'd like to wash myself right now.”

    Fortunately the cold storage was right next to the river, so they could jump straight in. Underneath Boreas' fur, his skin was red and sore, but it seemed he had escaped with nothing worse than that. The wound Octa had received didn't seem to be poisoned either.

    “Now, my dear fellow,” said Octa, “I'm afraid we shall have to go back inside to help the others.”

    Boreas had completely forgotten about the battle in his joy to be alive. “Of course! But, Octa, Seviper poisoned me with something that is inhibiting my powers. I can make Ice Beams, but it's extremely tiring.”

    “Then you shall just have to use that quick mind of yours instead,” Octa said as they ran inside, “It seems the only way we are likely to defeat the remaining five pokémon in the first place.”

    “Well, I'm glad you don't put me under any pressure,” mumbled Boreas.

    In the inner part of the cold storage, Boreas found the guards were all knocked out. “Did you do this on your own?”

    “Yes. They attempted to obstruct my way as I came to rescue you.”

    Their friends had clearly lost the battle. Capella was writhing on the ground in agony, every vein in her body clearly visible under her skin in an obvious and disturbing black. Selene was buried in a mound of sludge, heavily struggling against its pull to keep her beak in the air. Toxica, who was missing one of the leaves on her head, was clutched in Drapion's death grip. Black's still body lay were Seviper had left it, so at least he was out of direct danger for the moment.

    “Octa, I've got an idea, but it'll probably result in broken bones and/or necks for both of us,” said Boreas.

    “Do tell. If it can help us save our comrades, we should execute it.”

    “Look at that high stack of containers there, it looks very unstable. If I climb to the top, I bet I could make it fall over just by shifting the goods in the top container. You would have to draw all five of them to the spot under it and keep them there for as long as possible. Only, there's a large chance either or both of us would get crushed along with them.”

    Octa nodded. “I shall give you a few minutes to climb to the top, my dear fellow. Be quick about it, for I shan't be able to hold all five of them off very long. And just in case we shan't see one another again, I want you to know it's been an honour to consider you my friend.”

    Boreas nodded. “It has.”

    He ran to the unstable stack of containers and saw just how hard it would be to climb them. Each container was three metres high and made of solid, smooth metal. The only grabbing point on the containers was the heavy handle on the doors, which was about halfway up. Each container's front side was in the same direction, so Boreas decided to climb that side of the stack.

    He pulled himself up on the handle of the first container, carefully placed his rear legs on it, and stood up on two legs. He still had almost fifty centimetres to go before the top of the container. He jumped up, and just managed to grab the edge. He pulled himself up and managed to stand on the thin ledge the second container left because it wasn't stacked evenly. Six more to go. He was beginning to wonder if Octa might have the easy half of the plan when he saw that the third and fourth container were stacked evenly, without leaving ledges to stand on between them, and that the sixth container even overhung the fifth. But he would tackle those problems when he got to them, first he had to climb the second container.

    When he pulled himself up to the door handle halfway on the third container, he took a look down and saw he was very high already. Falling from this height would probably mean breaking bones, even without the containers falling as well. But he also saw that his impression of the fourth container being evenly stacked on the third had been faulty: it left a tiny ledge of only a few centimetres on this side, actually. It would never be enough to stand on, but he could probably hold it and climb to the side of the container. Since the fourth container was placed too far to the right there was a wider ledge on the container's left side. He jumped to the edge, and held on to it. He tried not to look down at the depth of nine metres gaping under him.

    Cautiously, he shifted his left paw further to the left, then followed with his right. Like this, he climbed to the left corner, where he could pull himself up to the ledge. He looked for a way to scale the fourth container, but the only place to grab between the top of the container and the ledge was the door handle, which was on the front side, while he was on the container's right side. He realised he would have to make an almost impossible jump to grab the handle. He prepared himself, then made a jump that just allowed him to clear the corner. For one sickening moment he thought he wouldn't make it and would break all his bones on the ground, but with a grunt of pain his left paw managed to grab the handle. He quickly joined with his right. He was getting exhausted after climbing eleven metres and was in desperate need of a rest. While pulling himself up on the handle, he heard Octa's voice echo through the vast hall:

    “A good morning to you, brutal fiends. Take a good look at this blood on my Leaf Blade. I'm afraid I shall have to inform you it's your friend the Seviper's. I killed her myself, and I believe I could dispatch all five of you with similar ease.”

    Boreas wanted to shout at him that it was too early, that he was only halfway, but that would give away the plan, so he just climbed faster despite his exhaustion as he heard the five poison types run after Octa. By the time he scaled the fourth container, the sounds were beginning to approach him. But there was a big problem: since the sixth container overhung the fifth by a good forty centimetres, there would be absolutely no edge to grab once he scaled the fifth. He tried to see if there was any ledge on the sides, but the containers were evenly stacked there. Of course there would be a ledge on the backside of the fifth, but he had no way of getting there. The sounds of running stopped and he heard Octa fight with all five opponents down below him. He climbed on the fifth container's handle and pulled it as hard as he could. To his fortune he found the container wasn't locked and swung open in a wide arc with him still hanging from the handle.

    Octa's voice sounded from far down: “I can handle you all, just you wait, though a little help from above would be very convenient if it hurried up!”

    He climbed on top of the open door and then lost his balance as it moved under him. He fell down and for one horrifying moment it seemed he would die fifteen metres down, but he managed to grab the handle. Despite his sore muscles' protests he pulled himself up to the top of the door. This time he was more prepared for the door's shiftiness and managed to keep his balance. As he heard Octa yelp in pain, he jumped up to the sixth container's handle. Completely exhausted, he noticed the stack wobbled with each step he took, so poorly balanced was it. He opened the seventh and highest container's door and found it contained heavy crates. He began shoving them all to the door's side of the container and felt the stack heave more and more with each crate he moved. Finally, when he moved the third crate, the entire stack lost its balance. The effect was incredibly scary, as the entire container began falling with him in it.

    In freefall, he opened one of the crates and dived into it, landing in a heap of fish. He wanted to close the crate, but then a massive impact made him lose consciousness.

    A part of Boreas' consciousness returned to him and he opened his eyes. He saw a white roof.

    “You okay, pup?”

    “Lucius?” he mumbled, “you filthy traitor.”

    “Hey, no need to thank me or anything, I only got the help that saved your ass and your boyfriend's from the mess you made.”

    “Octa?!” Boreas exclaimed, “is he alright?!”

    “You nearly killed him with that stunt, but he got lucky and was only lightly crushed.”

    “Capella? Selene? Toxica? Black?”

    “Nurse Hate thinks they'll all recover. Of course, you'd all be dead from either being crushed or poisoned if it wasn't for me and the help I got.”

    “Lucius, I can't believe I'm saying this, but thank you. And I'm sorry for calling you a coward and a traitor. So what happened to Zinzolin and his pokémon?”

    “When we arrived, he was trying to rescue his pokémon from that pile of containers you buried them under. He agreed to come with us as long as his pokémon would get to go free once the pokécenter healed them.”

    “So he's been arrested?!”

    “Yeah, he's kept in Clay's Gym because Clay thinks the police aren't strong enough to keep him locked up if Team Plasma comes to save him.”

    On an unseasonally sunny and warm day two weeks later they were on their way to the Gym to make an appointment for a battle with Clay. All of them were fully healed once again. Capella had been the closest to death, she almost hadn't survived the poisoning, and Boreas had broken a number of bones and suffered a bad concussion. But now they were all healthy again, and taking a walk through Driftveil's market on their way to the Gym. All sorts of goods from all over the world were on display.

    “Oy, shir,” the deep voice of a salesman cried out as they passed his stall, “wanna buy an evolushunary shtone? I've got all kindsh, and they're only 2000 pokémoney! Your pokémon will love them, I'm shure!”

    “Sorry,” said Black, “but none of my pokémon evolve with a stone.”

    “But what about your Oddish, shir? When it evolvesh to a Gloom, it can ushe one of my shtonesh to
    become a Vileplume or a Bellosshom!”

    “Shorry-” Black blushed at his inadvertent imitation of the man's speech impediment, “Sorry, but I don't think she wants to evolve at all.”

    Boreas suddenly became aware of an awful stench of rotting meat that hung in the air. A Gloom ran past him. “Yes I do!” she piped, “Come on, give me the Leaf Stone!”

    “Your Oddish jusht evolved, shir.”

    “Huh? Oh, so she has!”

    “Sho do you want a shtone?”

    “Yeah, I do!” said Toxica.

    “I guess she does. Toxica, do you want to be a Vileplume or a Bellossom?”

    “I want to be a Vileplume!” she said, grabbing the Leaf Stone. A bright white light enveloped her, and her body transformed to a Vileplume's. When the light stopped, the flower on her head had become huge and shadowed her face rakishly.

    “Hey, I like this,” she said happily, “how do I smell?”

    Boreas sniffed the air and noticed the rancid odour of rotting meat had disappeared, and instead there was now a quite lovely smell. “Fine.”

    “Really? How about now?”

    Suddenly Boreas began to cough at the disgusting smell. “That's the most disgusting thing I've ever smelt, and that's coming from someone who spent some time inside a Seviper!”

    “Hee hee, I can control it now that I'm a Vileplume,” Toxica laughed, “and Octa, don't I look lovely now?”

    “I... um... can't deny you possess a certain amount of attractiveness.”

    Suddenly a light tremor shook the ground and flashes of light came from the Gym. Black and his pokémon ran there. When they arrived at the Gym, they saw Clay was standing in the door to his Gym, which was surrounded by Team Plasma, led by Ghetsis, the Sage they had first seen in Accumula.

    “Clay,” Ghetsis spoke. “It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Ghetsis of Team Plasma's Seven Sages. I've come to pick up my friend who is in your care.”

    “Ah don't need no thanks,” Clay responded, “yer buddy here stole people's pokémon, kidnapped some young'un, an' then tried to kill him an' his pokémon.”

    “What's this? There seems to be a misunderstanding... We never steal pokémon, and we only free pokémon from wicked people. And if evil people fight against our noble cause, we will occasionally use extreme measures against them.”

    “Well, that sounds real nice if it's true. Ah may not talk purdy, but at least Ah'm an honest man. You talk real nice, but what yer sayin' kinda sounds like lyin'. So tell me plain, what are ya tryin' to say?”

    “Team Plasma's goal is to liberate all pokémon from humans. This is a noble goal, and to achieve such a noble goal, occasionally it can be necessary to do quite unnoble things. All servants of our king are necessary to achieve our goal. Give your prisoner up, or I shall be forced to do quite unnoble things.”

    Scowling, Clay shouted some things inside, and then Zinzolin walked out the Gym. “Ghetsis... Merci beaucoup.”

    “Well, Ah reckon you've won this without a fight. Take 'im and git!” Clay said.

    “Not so fast!” Black interrupted, “Clay, the odds aren't as bad as you think! Those grunts are pretty poor fighters and Zinzolin's pokémon aren't here. Ghetsis is the only real threat.”

    Ghetsis laughed, a very unpleasant laugh that sounded as if he'd learned it from a book. “Well, well, the trainer who's been giving us so much trouble. Get out of our way, boy, or I will do what my friends could not and teach you never to interfere with Team Plasma again.”

    “Ghetsis,” said Zinzolin, “please don't. There 'as been enough death already. Three of my pokémon were killed while doing their duty.”

    “I see, my friend. Very well, in that case, I expect we will all meet again sometime.”

    “Hold on!” shouted Black, “I haven't agreed to just let you go!”

    Ghetsis nodded, and the grunts threw their smoke bombs. Boreas blew away as much of the smoke as possible, but there was an awful lot of it and most kept hanging around. It seemed Plasma was spreading out: most of the grunts were staying here and throwing their pokéballs to fight, while Ghetsis, Zinzolin, and three of the grunts were running off. Boreas couldn't let them get away and ran after them. He heard Black shout behind him:

    “The Sages are escaping! Octa, you and the others stay here and get these guys while Boreas and I go after the Sages!”

    Boreas ran faster than Team Plasma, but they had a head start and were quite a bit ahead as they ran through the docks. They reached a pier on the river and jumped into a boat that was waiting for them. Boreas cursed and jumped in the water to swim after them as they speeded off, but found out he could barely even stay afloat, let alone keep up with the boat.

    Boreas splattered around in the water, feeling like a total failure, when suddenly he was lifted into a passing boat. Black was steering the motor boat. “It's not over yet, Boreas! I hired this boat to pursue them, we may still get them!”

    The other boat was far away by now, but this boat was even faster. They pursued Plasma up the river for many kilometres, very slowly approaching the slightly slower boat. Boreas was full of hope that they might still catch them, when they reached the thinner, meandering parts of the river. Now Black's inexperience with steering a boat became very obvious, and they nearly crashed into the riverbanks or rocks several times. Black was forced to take it very slowly, and pretty soon no sign of Plasma remained. Though they kept going for a while, both eventually had to concede that they'd lost Team Plasma and Black turned the boat around.

    Boreas yawned as he stared off at the passing riverbanks, bored out of his skull. There was absolutely nothing to do on the small motorboat except to be bored. Now that Team Plasma had escaped all exitement had worn off and Boreas really noticed how long and boring the way back to Driftveil was. He could not even play with Black, as he was too busy steering the boat. Maybe I should just ask him to return me to my pokéball, Boreas thought, at least I'll be out of the direct sunlight in there.

    Boreas sighed and stared off at the riverbanks again, but this time something caught his eye. They were passing by a small rock in the river, and on the rock a very cute Vaporeon was sunning. Her shapely body was covered in blue fur that sparkled in the Sun, her finned tail was about as long as her body, and when she looked up as the boat passed her Boreas saw she had a lovely face. She smiled and winked at him, and Boreas felt as if his heart had stopped and his blood was boiling. He tried to greet her back in some way, but only managed an awkward nod and something that was supposed to be a charming smile but probably looked more like two fishermen had caught their hooks in each of the corners of his mouth and were now trying to haul him in. It had been a long time since he had last seen another Eevee, let alone one as pretty as this Vaporeon, so Boreas yearned to go talk to her, but the boat had already passed and they were moving away.

    “Black, stop the boat, I want to talk to that Vaporeon,” Boreas said to Black, who didn't understand a word of it as usual.

    “Not now, Boreas,” he said, “Let me just focus on steering, or we'll end up on a rock.”

    “C'mon, just look over there, and you'll get it!” Boreas said, pointing to the Vaporeon.

    Unfortunately, Black's back was turned to him while he steered. “If you're hungry just get some berries from my backpack.”

    Boreas sighed, looked at the shapely Vaporeon again, and jumped off the boat. The water was cold, but that was quite a relief after sitting in the unseasonably warm Sun for a while. He managed to resurface and began swimming clumsily to the rock. Though his swimming was bad, he managed to keep himself afloat and slowly made progress against the river's calm current. After a few minutes of the clumsy swimming while the Vaporeon watched him amused, he finally arrived at he rock and held on to it with his front paws to keep afloat. He looked up into a pair of gorgeous black eyes looking at him expectantly, and realised he had no idea what to say.

    “Uh... Hi,” he said.

    “Hi there,” said the Vaporeon, “my name's Aqua.”

    “Hi, Aqua,” Boreas said awkwardly.

    “So... Do you have a name?” She asked.

    “Uh... Y-yes, it's Bors. No, Boreas!” He kicked himself underwater for making a complete mess of this. He realised that though he had planned to be really charming and witty, he was currently displaying all the charm and wit of a spoilt carrot.

    After a highly awkward pause of a few seconds, she said: “So um... Can I help you, Boreas?”

    “Uh, well... Y'see... I just wanted to tell you that though my Blizzard is usually powerful enough to freeze a Heatran, with someone as hot as you nearby I couldn't even manage a cooling breeze.”
    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    A brave Quilava finds herself barely escaping the destruction of her town at the hands of a mysterious army of pokémon. She and her new friend, a clever, yet scatterbrained Kirlia, find themselves enrolled in the adventure of a cocky Glaceon and his Vaporeon wife as they try to stop the mysterious Shadow.

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Lucky chapter seven is up!)

    I've been going through this fic, starting from Chapter 1. I haven't gotten very far yet, but already, I'm loving it! It's exciting and well written witha unique and well done perspective. I can't wait to read more.

    Made by Blue Dragon!

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter 32)

    he way you connected with the beginning of the story was really well done, I couldn't believe you killed off some of the Sages Pokemon, you managed it really well, good work
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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter 32)

    Quote Originally Posted by Thundagere View Post
    I've been going through this fic, starting from Chapter 1. I haven't gotten very far yet, but already, I'm loving it! It's exciting and well written witha unique and well done perspective. I can't wait to read more.
    Thanks, let me know what you think of the rest!

    Quote Originally Posted by Akimbo View Post
    he way you connected with the beginning of the story was really well done, I couldn't believe you killed off some of the Sages Pokemon, you managed it really well, good work
    Thanks, I considered ending it at other points, like the moment when they decide to turn back (just before chapter one) or when Boreas jumps off the boat, or when he first sees Aqua, or the ending of chapter one, but in the end I figured Boreas' pick-up line would be a good point to quit it. And as for killing off some of the sage's pokémon, I figured it was more or less unavoidable. Disembowelment and being caught in an avalanche of containers are, after all, quite dangerous activities.

    Chapter Thirty-Four: On the Narrow Isthmus Between Two Troubled Eternities


    “...And I believe you know the rest of the story already,” finished Boreas.

    “Yes, I think I might have the rest before,” Aqua grinned, “That lovely Vaporeon laughed at our plucky Glaceon hero's cute pick-up line and invited him to join her on the rock, taking pity on his awful swimming and already finding him and his intelligent cyan eyes quite intriguing. They talked and talked, and ended up falling completely in love, and one evening eight days later they were walking through the glade together when our charming and witty Glaceon hero finished telling his tale to her as she listened in awe to the amazing tale being told in his sexy voice.”

    “Eight days?” asked Boreas, walking closer to her so their sides brushed together, “surely it can't have been only eight days.”

    “Incredible, isn't it?”

    “I can hardly believe I didn't even know who you were nine days ago. Or that I wasn't in love; in hindsight it feels like I wasn't even really alive then.”

    “I know just what you mean.” She approached his face for a kiss, but suddenly water began pouring down from the sky like they were walking under a waterfall.

    “Kyogre's crotch,” Boreas cursed, “I don't like getting wet... And it's an hour back to the pokécenter.”

    “I do like getting wet,” said Aqua, “but not by rain. I think my burrow is somewhere close by here, though, follow me.”

    Boreas followed her as she ran. “What d'you mean you think it's here?”

    “I never approached it by land before, I always come by the river.”

    They ran to the riverbanks, though by this point in the river they were five metre high cliffs rather than banks. They ran along the cliffs for a while, until Aqua announced: “This is it. My burrow is down there, by the water.”

    Boreas peered down. “How are we supposed to get there?”

    “I don't know, I told you I've never come this way before. But I guess we could try to climb.”

    Boreas saw there were indeed footholds and small edges to climb down on. They grabbed each other's paw to help them climb. It was a scary climb, but easier than it looked. Once you were on it it seemed less like descending from a sheer rock face and more like a ladder. They arrived at the bottom of the cliff safely and entered a burrow in it.

    Boreas had never really imagined what Aqua's burrow would look like, but he had expected something warm, soft, pleasant and lovely like her. But the only pleasant thing about it seemed to be that it smelt of her. For some reason, it felt like a sad, lonely place, though it looked like any other burrow.

    “Well,” said Aqua, laying herself down, “now that we're here, I can finally lie down. My feet hurt from all that walking.”

    Boreas grinned, “What, that short hike tired you out?”

    “Short?!” Aqua exclaimed, “it was very far.”

    “It wasn't. Besides, we had breaks at several points, usually when we started kissing and just wouldn't stop.” He blushed at the memories.

    “It was far for me, I'm not used to walking.”

    “Aww, poor you...”

    “Hey! Don't make fun of me, I don't make fun of your swimming either!”

    Boreas arched an eyebrow.

    “Okay, I guess I do. But only rarely.”

    Boreas arched it a bit further.

    “Okay, okay, I do that quite a lot and have no real right to complain. But could you massage my feet for me? They're very tired.”

    Laying down next to her, Boreas did so with pleasure. “So... um... you live here all by yourself?”

    “Of course I do!” Aqua said defensively, “you didn't think I was cheating on you, did you?”

    “No, of course not, that came out wrong. What I meant to say was that it seems a bit... I dunno... Lonely.”

    Aqua's face suddenly seemed wistful and sad, but then it disappeared in favour of a smile. “Nah, not at all! I may be alone, but there's a big difference between being alone and being lonely. Besides, I'm only here at night, at day I'm usually outside.”

    “So what do you do outside?”

    “Well, I go to see you.”

    “Aside from going to me, I mean before you knew me.”

    Aqua smiled another smile, but it seemed fake. “Oh, you know, I fish... I sun... I... uh... swim? And I... well, I visit my friends of course. Yes, I visit.... Marie? And um... Josephine?”

    “Are you okay, my love?”

    “Of course,” she said far too jovially, “I-I'm fine.”

    “No, you aren't,” Boreas pointed out, “I can clearly see the sadness you're hiding under that pretty smile. You know you can tell me everything, right?”

    “Okay,” Aqua said with fake joviality, “so maybe I don't really have that many friends here, and maybe on occasion this burrow can be a tiny bit lonely, but that's no problem.”

    She paused, and the fake smile on her face disappeared as she looked into Boreas' eyes with great sadness. “Actually, you're right, I feel lonely here quite often.”

    “It's strange, but I can feel it... I could the moment we entered here. You don't really like this burrow, do you?”

    “I didn't say that,” she said with more fake joviality, “It can just be a bit lonely, I didn't say I don't like it...” the fake smile disappeared, “but you're right. I don't like this place at all. I-I'm...” to Boreas' surprise, Aqua's voice began breaking up and tears glistened in her lovely eyes, “so-so lonely here. Y-you just can't imagine how lonely this place is.”

    Boreas wasn't sure what to say, but he stopped massaging her feet and took her in his arms instead to give her some emotional support. “Hey...” he said kindly.

    “I-I've been here for six months,” the tears were beginning to stream now as her shoulders shocked in his arms, “and I don't even have a s-single friend... Everything he-here is either prey, predator, or just doesn't se-seem to like me-he! I-I hadn't seen a friendly face in months before I met you.”

    Boreas embraced her tightly. “Oh, my love, I didn't know... I'm sorry. But now you have me, at least.”

    Aqua cried onto his shoulder. “Bu-but only for now. T-tomorrow, you'll defea-eat Clay and the-then you'll have to lea-eave with Black, and I'll s-still be here, all alone.”

    “No, dearest,” Boreas gently rubbed her back, “it doesn't have to be that way... You could come with me when I leave!”

    “N-no, Boreas,” Aqua sniffed.

    “We could still be together, my love, forever if we like! And you wouldn't be stuck in this lonely burrow any more.”

    “B-Boreas, I can't,” cried Aqua.

    “Of course you can, what binds you to this place?”

    “W-well, nothing, but-”

    “Then join me, love! You would never have to be lonely again. Not only will you be with me, but you'll have friends in the others. I'm sure you'll like them all very well once you get to know them... Well, except for Lucius, you probably won't like him, but that's pretty common.”

    “No, Boreas, listen to me, I can't join you.”

    Boreas felt his heart sink while it was pounding against hers. “Why?”

    “B-Black,” Aqua said sullenly.

    “Oh, him? There's nothing to be afraid of, my love, he's-”

    “No, I'm not afraid of him. I just- can't travel with a human. Not after what they did.”

    “Oh, but Black isn't like the humans that hunted you, he's kind and loves his pokémon and he'd never harm you, and will always take good care of you. Black is different.”

    “I know!” Aqua surprised Boreas by yelling this angrily, “I know. But tha-that doesn't matter. Even if he's a g-great guy, I hate him. Don't you see? I hate all humans. I have to hate them. I can never forgive them for what they did, Boreas, don't you see?”


    “Listen, my love, I lied to you. When-when I told you how I evolved, it was more or less a made-up story. I wasn't there to fish, I was there to meet someone. A very good friend. In-in fact, he was my lover. Lothario was his name... I loved him, Boreas, and the humans killed him! I-I saw his corpse... That's why I fled, not because the humans would come after me with harpoons, I mercilessly drowned both of them and their pokémon like the miserable insects they were, so who would ever know I was there at all? B-but I just couldn't return... I couldn't announce to his family that he had died, and that it was because he wa-was meeting me... And I couldn't face all the memories; everything would remind me of him. I-I fled down the river wi-without saying goodbye and never even t-t-told anyone what happened to him... My family and friends must think I've been dead for months... I feel like I've been dead for months...”

    A pang of jealousy had clouded Boreas' mind for a moment, but he had stuffed it away carefully. Aqua needed his support now, above all. “Oh, my love, I can't imagine how hard that must've been for you,” he said gently as he rubbed her back and held her tightly.

    “N-no, you can't... At least you had Octa after your parents died... And all kinds of th-things to distract you... I-I've been here for s-six months, all by myself with only painful memories to keep me company. Y-you have no idea how that feels like, and I hope you never will. Do you see now, Boreas, do you see why I can't help but hate Black, even if I know he's not like them?”

    Boreas thought of Thomas. “Yes. I do. But- but if you stay here alone, it'll only make things worse. You'll be alone and miserable again, and I couldn't stand the thought of travelling on while you're still here like that.”

    “It wouldn't be as bad as it was, my love, because now I have the happy memories of you to keep me company besides the sad ones... And I would have hope, hope that I would see you again one day.”

    “But you would still be miserable, even if you were less miserable than you used to be. There must be a solution... You could travel along with us, but not actually with us. You could travel on your own and just sort of follow the same path, and we could meet every evening, as far away from Black as you'd like.”

    “I-I don't know... I would have to follow you pretty closely to follow the same path, and it would still feel like travelling with Black. P-please understand, I want to like him, I honestly do, but seeing a human... It reminds me of that horrible day... I can never forget it, or forgive them. And I would have to come close to human-infested places... I know I never showed this, but going into Driftveil with you really hurt and scared me, it's just that at those moments I was able to drown that out with my love for you, but at night I felt horrible about it. But I have another idea: stay with me! Not here in this miserable place, of course, but we could travel together to wherever we'd like! Just you and me and the world.”


    Aqua interrupted him, “No, I don't want you to answer this impulsively, because as much as I want to travel with you, I don't want you to become unhappy with a rash decision later on. Just... think about it carefully. I don't want an answer before tomorrow.”

    “I could never be unhappy if I was with you.”

    Aqua brought her face in front of Boreas' and smiled while tears still twinkled in her eyes. “Maybe. Maybe being together would be enough, but you'd miss your friends and your ambition, and that might make you very unhappy in the long run... I want you to be happy, I couldn't live with the idea that I made you unhappy, so think about it carefully, okay?”

    She kissed him while salty tears continued to stream from her eyes. “But whatever you decide and whatever the future may bring, stay here with me tonight, o-okay? I've never told any of this to anyone, and I-I feel like it's opened all the old, barely healed wounds... I-I just can't face loneliness right now...”

    Boreas thought about the Gym battle tomorrow morning, then decided he didn't care if he missed it. If Aqua needed him, he would stay with her for as long as she needed him. “I will,” he whispered.

    He felt her cry on his shoulder again. “Thank you. I-it must be strange, t-to suddenly see me become so... weak and-and sad and lonely when I must normally seem so strong and jo-jolly and flirtatious...”

    “You're not weak. Crying after all that isn't weakness, in fact I'd say it shows how strong you are that you are even sane at all after half a year of being vexed in loneliness by your memories.”

    “Th-thank you. B-but I want you to know that when I'm jolly and flirty and all that, it's not just a mask or an act or anything, I act like that because of how happy you make me feel.

    The way I felt when you jumped out of the boat and began talking to me... I can't describe how glad it made me... It was the first time I had really felt joy in half a year. I mean, when I saw you come by the first time, about an hour earlier, I had thought you were cute, and I had seriously considered swimming after you to talk to you, but I didn't because you were with a human and because I didn't know what to say anyway... So I just checked out your tail and bum as you boated past,” (Boreas blushed deeply at this), “and then I went back to sunning, which was sort of my only pleasure in all that time alone... But I found I just couldn't put you out of my mind, that I was wondering what would've happened if I had gone to talk to you. It was very nice to have something non-depressing to think about for a change, really. And then I couldn't believe my luck as I heard a boat pass again and saw you were on it. So I smiled and winked, and tried to collect my courage to go talk to you, and to my surprise and joy you came to me! And, well... the eight days since have been the happiest of my entire life. You made me feel things I haven't felt since Lothario died, Boreas.”

    Boreas had a momentary urge to ask her whether she had loved Lothario more than him, but he resisted it, recognising that would be a very cruel question, and exactly what she didn't need from him right now. He didn't want her to be unhappy, and he decided to be a good, supportive boyfriend for her. “I didn't know I made you so happy... That alone makes me happy...”

    They lay silently in each others' arms. Aqua's sniffing and whimpering on Boreas' shoulder soon stopped, and a while later her breathing became very slow as she went to sleep in his arms. Boreas was in a daze of love for the gorgeous creature in his embrace, as her sharing her anguish with him had only made him adore her more. He was only snapped away from his blissful adoration for her by a momentary pang of annoyance as he pictured the faces of his friends when he returned to them the next morning and they would draw the obvious conclusion. At least he figured Selene might be clueless enough that she wouldn't jump to that conclusion, and maybe some of the others would believe him if he told them there had been no horizontal dancing involved. Lucius would certainly make himself incredibly annoying, though.

    But after that momentary pang of annoyance, he found he didn't really care as he cradled the soft, finned head resting on his shoulder. And then he knew it for certain: tomorrow he would tell his friends that he would leave the team. He would fight one final battle with them against Clay, and then he would leave with Aqua. He would miss them all, of course, but he wanted to stay with Aqua more then anything else in the world.
    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    A brave Quilava finds herself barely escaping the destruction of her town at the hands of a mysterious army of pokémon. She and her new friend, a clever, yet scatterbrained Kirlia, find themselves enrolled in the adventure of a cocky Glaceon and his Vaporeon wife as they try to stop the mysterious Shadow.

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter 34)

    Horizontal dancing, nice way of putting it there

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter 34)

    Ugh. I had a nice comment all written out, conspiracy theories and all, and then the stupid computer freaked out and so I'll do it tomorrow when I'm less tired.
    ANYways, nice chapter. In a few of your comments and your writing style, I was getting the feeling that Aqua wasn't going to have a horrible secret, just, you know, a secret. I, being the conspiracy theorist I am, still feel like the reveal wasn't dramatic enough and we still don't have the whole story, but I read too much drama.
    I'm thinking. Hrm. Well, Boreas obviously can't stay, that would kill the plot. So they're gonna run into Plasma and he'll be dragged along, pining for his love the whole way, and Aqua will realize all over again how lonely she is without Boreas and end up following and showing up just when they're in the middle of another Sage battle and Boreas is having dramatic 'last thoughts' about how he'll never see Aqua again and he'll think she's an angel.
    BTW, if that actually is what you're planning, you might wanna tweak it a little. It's a great plot, but really cliche...
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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter 34)

    Chapter Thirty-Five: The Underground Boss


    The flying mountain suddenly began turning as they climbed it. Boreas' paws lost all grip and he nearly fell into the depths, but he managed to grab hold of a small ridge, trying not to let go and reach the plateau just above him. Below him the vast, forested vista the mountain was flying over was breathtaking, but kilometres down. If he fell, he would certainly be dead. But he just couldn't reach the plateau above him.

    “Need some help?” Aqua's pretty finned head looked over the edge.

    “Aqua!” Boreas said happily, “there you are, help me up!”

    “Of course, my love!” she said as she extended a paw over the edge.

    Boreas tried to grab her paw with his free paw, but something heavy was hanging on to it. He looked down and saw it was Octa, dangling above the depths. “Octa? Are you here too?”

    “Obviously,” spoke Octa.

    “Look, it isn't that I'm not glad you're here too,” Boreas explained, “but I can't grab Aqua's paw while you're hanging on to mine.”

    “Oh, I shall just let go and let myself fall into the depths then, shan't I?”

    “Yes. Since this is obviously a dream, I could just let you fall without any problem.”

    “Very perceptive, my dear fellow. However, have you paid any attention as to what this dream is trying to tell you?”

    “It's not trying to tell me anything, because dreams are a product of the brain, basically thoughts had while you're asleep. Since it's a product of my own brain, it isn't going to tell me anything. I was just having a fun, albeit far-fetched adventure with Aqua when you had to enter my dream and start having this silly discussion with me. So why don't you just let go, if I know my dreams lately, the real fun starts when I get up there on that edge.” He giggled in anticipation.

    “You are right, of course, this dream is merely your own brain thinking while asleep. But perhaps that means you are trying to tell something to yourself? Maybe your decision to leave the team to go adventuring with Aqua isn't the right choice?”

    “If it's trying to say that, it's not being very convincing. Because if I don't let go of you and grab her paw, I fall to my death in this dream. While if I do let go of you and grab her paw, not only am I safe, but I'll have... fun with her right there if the pattern of my dreams the last days holds.”

    “Well, don't blame me, we've just established you're the one dreaming all this, including me, up. I can't help it if your metaphorical thinking is awful, I am not even real and even if I was you'd still be the one dreaming this, not me.”

    “Just go away, okay? Just let me have my fun in my dream and save the lessons for when I'm awake. Now since this is my dream, I'm just going to pretend you weren't here, climb up there, and have some fun.”

    “You might want to direct your eyes upwards once again before doing that, my dear fellow.”

    Boreas looked up and saw the grinning face of Diego instead of Aqua's. “AAH!” he yelped as he lost his grip on the mountain.

    Boreas tumbled through darkness. “Octa, you bastard, this dream was going awesomely until you had to show up and poke your haughty nose into my business!”

    Flames erupted in the darkness and coalesced into the shape of a gigantic Zoroark head. “Hehehe,” laughed Diego's fiery face, “it's not his fault, you know, but yours!”

    “And as for you!” Boreas yelled at the flaming Zoroark, “Get out of my dreams!, unless it's so I can practise killing you, which, by the way, I'm still going to do next time we meet!”

    “But if you leave the team, you'll get to kill me, because you'll never meet me again!”

    “Even better, I wish I had never met you in the first place! I still have occasional nightmares about the night you hung me from that Ferris wheel, or at least, I had them before I met Aqua and all my dreams, aside from this one, sort of started following a similar theme.”

    “But what I meant was: the team will have to continue fighting Team Plasma without you. What if they die?” suddenly a watery silhouette of Octa drifted past and evaporated as Diego slashed at it, “What if Team Plasma wins?” a mount of dirt shaped roughly like Black drifted by and was immediately melted by Diego, “Could you live with that?”

    Boreas pointed angrily at Diego and saw his own paw was made of air, as was the rest of him. He was not invisible, though, he looked more like a Glaceon-shaped cloud. “You. Get. The. Hell. Out. Of. My. Dream. Everyone except Aqua, sod off! It's my dream and I don't want any of you to bother me!”

    Diego began to talk, but was suddenly interrupted when starlight coalesced into a shapely Vaporeon who kissed him. The madness all around him disappeared as he felt her lips caress his.


    Boreas was aware of nothing but the kiss waking him up and Aqua's body pressed against his. His eyes opened when their lips parted and he was greeted by Aqua's gorgeous visage. “Good morning,” she whispered.

    “Good morning, gorgeous,” said Boreas, “and thanks. I was having a really annoying dream.”

    “So I heard,” she smiled.

    “Oh. Was I talking in my sleep?”

    “More like mumbling, I couldn't catch most of it. But you sounded very annoyed.”

    They kissed each other again. “Aqua,” said Boreas, “I've decided my answer to your proposal.”

    “Don't tell me yet,” said Aqua, “don't decide yet. I want you to spend the day with your friends first.”

    “But why? It's not going to change my mind.”

    “It may. It just seems unfair since I cuddled you all night. That's got to be very persuasive, but your friends haven't had any chance to convince you. I just don't want you to make a mistake you'll be unhappy with.”

    “Okay, fine.” I will need to tell them anyway, thought Boreas, might as well do it today and get it over with. “You will hear my decision tonight. Oh, that reminds me, I need to get to the Gym for our battle!”

    “No problem, love, I'll swim you there.”

    Boreas should really be enjoying holding on to Aqua while she swam, but his mind was preoccupied. The dream had been annoying, but it had alerted his mind to the downsides of leaving the team. Then again, what difference would he make in the fight against Team Plasma? In the end, he was just a single Glaceon, and he wouldn't really make that much difference. Besides, even if he did and Team Plasma succeeded because he left the team, that was no problem to him any more. Without a trainer, how much did he really care about pokémon and humans being separated? Sure, other pokémon might not always like it, but he could hardly be putting their happiness before his own. He was going to choose what made him happiest, and as his mind drifted back to Earth, he realised that was Aqua. He began covering her neck in kisses as she swam.

    “Mmm,” Aqua hummed in delight, “you know you'll make me lose concentration like that...”

    “I know, but how could I resist it?”

    When they arrived at the city, they kissed and said goodbye. Boreas would've asked her to come watch the battle, but he realised now that asking her to enter a human building would be out of the question.

    He ran to the Gym, where he arrived just as Black and his other pokémon arrived too. Boreas was greeted by six grins that made him want to sink into the ground with shame. Though, when he took another look at Selene he saw her grin was more of an absent smile then a grin.

    “Ah, Boreas,” Black grinned, “glad to see you found some time in your uh... busy schedule to join us.”

    “'Ow'd it go?” beamed Toxica.

    Boreas felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment as Octa, one eyebrow arched, started talking. “I suppose 'twas only a matter of time before you two engaged in carnal knowledge, given your respective personalities, but for you two to move so rapidly was quite rash. Regardless, you have my congratulations, my dear fellow, and I do hope you had fun.”

    “Just listen to the guy,” Lucius sneered, “cropped up with jea-”

    Octa interrupted him. “No, I am not jealous of Aqua. No, 'tis not just a phase he's going through. No, he does not love me more. There, I made the jokes so you can do us all a favour and keep your mouth shut. In fact, don't ever open it again if you want to do the entire planet a service.”

    Boreas spoke up. “Would any of you believe me if I told you that what you think happened didn't actually happen?”

    “You mean you didn't sleep with 'er?” Toxica asked incredulously.

    “Well, if you put it like that, yes I did, but not like that.”

    “You mean, without rumpy-pumpy?”

    “Yes, that's pretty much what I mean.”

    A couple of sarcastic grins and looks showed how much they believed him. “Fine,” he said, “then I'm not going to tell you what really happened either.”

    He wondered if he should tell them he was leaving the team, but he figured he'd rather tell them one-on-one then to just throw it into the group. Black looked on his watch and entered the Gym. Inside was a deep pit with a mining elevator. Since Clay wasn't there, Black stepped on the elevator and it sunk down into the shaft. They travelled down into the depths, through layers of earth and past the occasional fossil. Finally a light from downwards became brighter than the sunlight from upwards. They reached the end of the shaft, a large enlightened cave. In the middle of it was Clay in his cowboy costume.

    “There ye are, boy!” he said, “Ah think it's about time Ah saw for myself what it is about yer skills that makes a Gym Leader like Elesa take such a shine to ya! We'll be usin' three pokémon each! Krokorok, yer first!”

    “Toxica,” said Black, “show him what you can do!”

    As Toxica and the Krokorok began their combat, Boreas noticed with a twitch of annoyance that Octa was looking at the battle with a bit of an absent smile on his face. “Octa,” said Boreas, “I have to tell you something.”

    “Oh?” Octa answered without even looking at him, “nothing unpleasant, I hope?”

    “Well, that depends on how you look at it. I'm leaving the team.”

    That got Octa's attention. He immediately turned to Boreas, a startled expression on his face. “I beg your pardon? I believe I might be suffering from a slight aural impairment today.”

    “I'm leaving the team.”

    “You... are... what?” Octa enunciated.

    “I'm leaving the team to stay with Aqua, Octa. We're going to travel the world together.”

    “Don't you think this is a bit rash, my dear fellow?”

    “No, she suggested it last night, actually, and told me to think it over carefully because she didn't want me to make a rash decision. So I decided this morning.”

    “Even a decision that one took quite a while to make can be rash, my dear fellow. And this decision is rasher than a rash on you on a day you are both inebriated and enamoured. Surely you must realise the idea of leaving your friends, whom you've known for most your life, to go gallivanting with a lady whom you've known for barely nine days is a truly silly and frankly wrong decision. But fortunately I have a much better idea that shall allow you to stay together with her even as we leave Driftveil: Aqua can join our team. I know 'tis unorthodox for a trainer to have more than six pokémon with him, but that needn't necessarily be a barrier. Besides, Capella still insists she is not technically a member of Black's team, so if Aqua joined he would technically have six pokémon in his team.”

    “I already thought of that, Octa, but she didn't want to join us.”

    “Oh, and quite obviously if 'tis an inconvenience to Aqua, you should just leave your friends. My dear fellow, I had rather hoped our friendship was strong enough that you wouldn't break it because 'tis a minor inconvenience to some strumpet you barely know.”

    “Look,” Boreas was getting pretty angry at Octa's attitude, “it's not like that. She really has a very good reason why she can't join us, and there is absolutely no way she could without feeling horrible. And I know her very well!”

    “Yes,” said Octa with a mirthless grin, “you “knew” her all night long, didn't you?”

    “Shut up, I told you nothing happened between us last night!”

    “Don't lie to me, my dear fellow. And what might this compelling reason she has to ask you to abandon me be then, hmm?”

    Boreas realised there was no way he was spilling Aqua's secrets to Octa. “I can't tell you, that's between me and her.”

    Octa gave him a cold stare. “Fine. Evidently our friendship is not as close as I thought it was. I would've thought you would feel by now you could confide any secret in me, but perhaps I was mistaken. I would've thought our friendship would be worth more to you than the whims of a lady you met a week ago, simply because she has brought you sexual pleasure, but evidently I was mistaken.”

    “I told you!” Boreas yelled, “We did not have sex!”

    All pokémon eyes in the room turned to Boreas, who felt embarrassed as well as angry now. After a momentary pause, the battle continued. Boreas saw Krokorok was on its last legs, and Toxica finished it with a single Energy Ball. “Woohoo!” she cheered, “being evolved is awesome!”

    “Well, Ah'll be, young'un,” said Clay as he returned the Krokorok and sent out a Palpitoad, “Sure didn't see that coming!”

    A Palpitoad appeared from the pokéball. “Ha, that's both a water and a ground type!” scoffed Black, “Toxica, you'll easily handle this!”

    But as a bright green Energy Ball formed in Toxica's hands, one of the big blue bumps on Palpitoad's forehead burst open and a disgusting blob of purple sludge fired out at great speed and exploded all over Toxica before she could react. Toxica screamed in pain as her skin rapidly dried out and yellowed wherever the sludge touched her. It seemed for a moment she was going to continue the battle, but she was covered in a great amount of the horrid sludge and her flower was hanging limp and turning a sickly orange. Black forfeited and immediately rushed over with an antidote to help her.

    “Ya don't become a Gym Leader without coverin' for weaknesses, boy,” said Clay.

    “Octa,” commanded Black as he cleaned the horrid sludge off Toxica, “you take over.”

    Instead of making a remark or saluting his opponent as usual, Octa grimly nodded, drew his Leaf Blade, and stepped forward. He and Palpitoad carefully circled each other, both realising that whoever made an aggressive move would probably get hit first: if Octa attacked, he would be too close to his opponent to dodge a Sludge Bomb, while if Palpitoad fired a Sludge Bomb, the lithe Octa could dodge it and attack him, and both combatants could probably be defeated by a single attack from the other. They eyed each other cautiously, not daring to break the stalemate. Boreas hoped Octa would get one of the Sludge Bombs right in the face.

    “Boreas,” whispered a kind voice next to him.

    “Capella,” Boreas nodded, “I take it you want to talk to me about the little disagreement I just had with Octa?”

    “Not really,” said Capella, “it's hardly the first time you argued and you'll work it out in a few days as usual. I just wanted to ask you if it's true that you didn't have sex with Aqua last night.”

    “Yes, it's true,” Boreas said frustrated.

    “Okay,” Capella nodded, “then I believe you.”

    “You do?” Boreas asked in surprise, “That's so unlike... Well, everyone else.”

    Capella nodded.

    “Thanks, you've got no idea how frustrating it is that no-one believes me, even if it doesn't really matter.”

    Suddenly the stalemate was broken. Boreas hadn't seen who broke it, but Octa was dodging Sludge Bombs left and right, but didn't run at Palpitoad, instead dropping his sword and extending his vines. The vines slammed Palpitoad and left nasty red stripes, then they wrapped Palpitoad and seemed to dehydrate him within moments. Octa had to duck under one last Sludge Bomb before it was over.

    “Givin' up's the easy way out!” said Clay, “If Ah wanted, Ah coulda given up any ol' time!”

    He threw a pokéball, unleashing an Excadrill. Octa picked up his Leaf Blade once again and began battling the badger, but his every strike was parried by the massive metal claws.

    Boreas was feeling a bit disappointed. “So... Aren't you going to ask me what happened last night if it wasn't what everyone thought it was?”

    “No. Unless you really want to tell me, of course. But otherwise, I figure whatever may have happened was between you and Aqua.”

    “Well... I think I'd like to tell you. I asked her to join the team, but she can't. You see, human hunters killed her previous boyfriend and she's still very shook up about it. She can't help but hate humans and so there's no way she could join the team. And she can't just stay where she is either, because she is incredibly lonely and has absolutely no-one in the world, except for me. And so she wants me to leave the team and travel with her. And so do I.”

    “I see,” said Capella, “that explains the argument. Well, I will miss you and so will the others, but I hope you'll be happy with her.”

    Boreas sighed in relief. “I'm glad you take it so well. Octa... He was furious! Why can't he just react the same way? Why does he have to start meddling and try to hold me back?!”

    “Because he's very fond of you,” Capella said earnestly. “He likes you a lot, Boreas, and doesn't want you to leave.”

    “Why?” Boreas seethed, “why can't he just be happy for me?”

    “You do the same thing, you know. When you try to stop Toxica's attempts to win his heart, it's essentially the same behaviour. You are scared of the thought that Octa might like Toxica more than you at some point, aren't you?”

    “No, I'm not! That's ridiculous!”

    “You are, aren't you?”

    “Well, not as such. I mean, I just don't think Toxica is right for Octa and I want to protect him from her.”

    “Maybe, but the main reason is that you're afraid he might like Toxica more than you if he ever falls in love with her.”

    Boreas sighed. “I guess. What does it matter anyway?”

    “Well, put yourself in Octa's position. He is not just having to face the fact that you like Aqua more than him, but now you are leaving with her too, meaning he would see you only very rarely any more. You've got to agree, having your best friend suddenly disappear from your life like that is pretty horrid, and you would likely react even more possessive of him if the roles were switched.”

    Octa ducked under a powerful metal claw as Boreas grudgingly had to agree. “Maybe. So you're saying I should try to make things up to him before I leave?”

    “That might be a good idea, yes.”

    They watched the battle in silence as Boreas grew more and more annoyed. “Well?” he snapped, “when are you going to talk about Team Plasma?”

    “Team Plasma?” Capella asked quizzically.

    “Yes, Team Plasma. I know you're going to mention them next to convince me to stay, but I can already tell you it's not going to work.”

    “I'm not trying to convince you of anything, Boreas. And what does Team Plasma have to do with it anyway?”

    “You are trying to convince me, you're just being subtle about it. And what if I was just the one person who might make the difference between Team Plasma winning and Team Plasma losing?”

    “The chances of that are minimal,” replied Capella, “it's very unlikely you're that special person who might make all the difference, or that such a person even exists.”

    “Yes, but what if I'm just the drop of water that makes the bucket flood over? It doesn't necessarily have to be because I'm special, but I could just be the one extra person good needs to defeat evil.”

    “Again, what are the chances things are so close that a single person would make the difference? Is it worth that tiny chance to give up your own happiness?”

    “Okay, but what... What if one of you dies while fighting Team Plasma and I've left? What if you died, Capella? Or Octa? If I hadn't left, you might still be alive because in a single battle there is a good chance I would've made the difference! I could never forgive myself if that happened.”

    “But what about yourself? Isn't your own happiness worth more than all that? Why should you care what might happen to us if you're happy? We are old enough to take care of ourselves, and even if one of us died you would eventually get over it.”

    “But I-” suddenly Boreas' thoughts caught up to him and realised something very strange was going on. “Hold on, this is really weird. You tricked me into arguing your side while you argued mine!”

    While Boreas hadn't been paying attention, Octa had been defeated. Black looked unsure of whom to choose. “Uh... Bore- no, wait, steel weakness... Luc- no, ground weakness... Uh, Capella, finish it!”

    Capella threw Boreas a friendly smile as she slithered forward. “Believe it or not, but I'm not arguing either side. I just want you to make the best choice, so I voiced the arguments you already thought of. You've essentially been arguing with yourself.”

    She began using water and fire to battle her opponent while Boreas rushed over to help the unconscious and wounded Octa regain consciousness. But his thoughts weren't there, they were raging through his mind in a storm of conflicting thoughts and emotions.


    Alder stood in silent awe as his last pokémon was defeated. Finally he spoke the words: “...It's over. But it's an odd feeling. I'm not angry that I lost, in fact I feel happy. Happy that I witnessed the rise of a great new Champion!”

    Boreas couldn't believe it. He looked at his friends and they all had the same dumbfounded expressions on their faces. Then he began laughing in victory, and before he knew it they were all hugging each other happily. Their journey was finally at an end, Team Plasma defeated and now the Elite Four and the Champion too, but... Yet, Boreas felt empty inside. He was glad they'd won, but he realised he had had to give Aqua up for it. He remembered her lovely smile, the soft touch of her lips, how he had stayed with her for a whole night to help her deal with her loneliness and just felt dead inside despite his superficial joy. He had achieved all he had ever hoped for, but at what cost?


    “Never,” mumbled Boreas.

    “Whuh?” mumbled Octa, slowly waking up, “Oh, 'tis you.” He looked at Boreas as if the Glaceon was a very foul insect that had somehow found its way into his sandwich.

    “Yes, it's me!” Boreas snapped. “But I'll go stand over there if I'm in your way, my lord.

    Boreas bowed sarcastically and stood a bit away. He was convinced now that leaving the team was the right choice. And yet...


    Boreas thought the kiss would never end, and would've been quite happy if it never did. But eventually they broke apart and looked into each other's eyes. But Boreas saw the reflection of something unsettling in Aqua's gorgeous black eyes: six gravestones. He tore his gaze away from her and saw all six. He was filled with horror at the thought that he'd let this happen. He hardly dared read the names on the graves, even if he knew what they said.







    How could he have let it happen? How could he have left them? Even if they hadn't met their premature ends he would never have seen them again. He looked back into Aqua's eyes with nothing but sorrow and hate.


    “Never,” Boreas mumbled even more vehemently. This time, his mind was made up. As much as it pained him, he couldn't leave with Aqua. He realised he had to go tell her and sneaked onto the elevator while the others were too busy watching the battle to notice. When he reached the top of the shaft he pressed the button that sent the elevator down again and ran out of the Gym.

    He had to search by the river for a while, but eventually found Aqua fishing and called for her. She surfaced with a radiant smile on her face that evaporated when she saw Boreas' grim face. “I see you've decided.”

    “Yes, I have,” said Boreas glumly. He had no idea how he was going to tell her his decision, he couldn't bear the thought of telling her.

    “You... Didn't choose for me, did you?” Aqua said flatly.

    “N... No. I'm sorry, Aqua, I'm so sorry, but I just can't leave now... When this is all done and Team Plasma has been defeated, I will happily join you, but I just can't now.... Please forgive me.”

    Aqua's pretty eyes found his and she kissed his forehead sorrowfully. “You don't need to be sorry, my love. I think I already knew this would be your decision if you really thought about it. It's why I gave you a day to think about it...”

    Tears shot into Boreas' eyes as he hugged Aqua. “I really wish I could stay with you.”

    “I know. So do I. In a perfect world, I would join you and your friends on your surprising adventures in Unova, but we don't live in a perfect world. But that doesn't mean we'll see the last of each other tomorrow, my love. Your next stop will be Mistralton, won't it? I can get there by myself and meet you there.”

    “B-but...” Boreas stammered, “it'll be ages before we reach Mistralton... We won't see each other for weeks, if not months...”

    Aqua kissed him. “But we will see each other again, my love, and that's what's important. We'll spend as much time together as we can in Mistralton. And I won't even have to stay here, because like you, I'm leaving tomorrow. I'll probably reach Mistralton before you, so maybe I'll make some new friends there.” She said it all in a cheerful voice, but Boreas could hear the sadness under it.

    “Well,” he said, “at least we've got one last day together.”

    Late that evening, Boreas arrived at the pokécenter.

    “Well, well,” Lucius laughed, “look who decided to spend the night here.”

    “Shut up,” said Boreas, “Uh... Capella, Octa, can I speak to you two?”

    Capella looked at him with an encouraging smile while Octa coldly stared at something a bit above his head.

    “I... Well, I've changed my mind.” A happy smile flashed over Octa's face for a single moment before his scowl returned. “I've decided to stay with you. I've already talked it over with Aqua, and we decided to meet in Mistralton. And I'm sorry for upsetting you, Octa. I didn't mean it that way.”

    “It's great to hear you're staying,” Capella smiled.

    “Hmpf,” Octa sniffed haughtily.

    “Come on,” said Capella, “we all know you're incredibly happy about this and he's already apologised. So just make it up and be friends again. You know you want to.”

    Octa stared haughtily for a bit longer, and the a smile spread across his face. “Excellent, my dear fellow, 'tis most agreeable that you decided this way. I knew you'd come to the right decision eventually.”
    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    A brave Quilava finds herself barely escaping the destruction of her town at the hands of a mysterious army of pokémon. She and her new friend, a clever, yet scatterbrained Kirlia, find themselves enrolled in the adventure of a cocky Glaceon and his Vaporeon wife as they try to stop the mysterious Shadow.

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    Default Part Two: The Daycare, the Thieves, and the Scientist Review

    Alright, Chapters Eight to Fourteen.

    The first thing I must note about this Part is that it seemed rushed as soon as the group entered Nacrene City. The events were fast-paced with lacking description. I feel that the last two Chapters could have been split into Three of Four Chapters, and maybe even had their own Part. Chapter Thirteen came off as a filler Chapter, and cutting it out completely wouldn't have affected the story.

    However, I do find the dialogue much better in this Part, and I feel that it really helped in defining the characters. Lucius and Toxica are quite interesting additions to the team, and a much-needed blast of fresh air. Interactions between Boreas and Octa had become stale, and adding two new vastly different personalities rejuvenated the story. I also like the way Black got more focus in this part, even if it was just a slight increase. It better introduced him, and as with the new Pokémon, helped the story.

    I especially liked the battle with Rood, and how it was a hopeless situation. Aqua's opinions regarding Team Plasma and their ideas mixed well, but I think it could have been expanded on. The way you presented her, she was just a challenge for Boreas to argue with, and nothing else. It didn't seem like she actually believed in what she was saying, and was just saying it for the sake of providing a different point of view. I hope you expand(ed) on her dislike of relationships with humans in the upcoming Chapters; maybe a past incident similar to why Boreas first hated Lucius.

    Overall, it was a good part, but the rush at the final two Chapters felt too jarring, and brought down the quality of the rest of the story. I'll try to catch up to the rest of the Chapters, but I can scarcely find the time.

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter 35)

    Hrm, so it doesn't appear to be heading towards my prediction. You've characterized Aqua a little oddly, I think you're not showing her grief as well as you could. I can see the kind of character you're trying to make, but it's not.. hmm, not sure exactly how to say this.
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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter 35)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuujux View Post
    Alright, Chapters Eight to Fourteen.

    The first thing I must note about this Part is that it seemed rushed as soon as the group entered Nacrene City. The events were fast-paced with lacking description. I feel that the last two Chapters could have been split into Three of Four Chapters, and maybe even had their own Part. Chapter Thirteen came off as a filler Chapter, and cutting it out completely wouldn't have affected the story.
    Thanks for reviewing again. I think I agree with chapter 13, it's not one of my better chapters. It's not as much filler as it might seem, though. And as for the parts, those weren't actually added until chapter sixteen. The first fifteen chapters were originally just loose chapters, but by 16 I realised the loose chapters were making the navigation on deviantART very unwieldy, and would only make things worse as I progressed in the story. So I divided it into three parts. Originally I did it pretty much arbitrarily, as just an interface thingie, but since then I've tried to give the later parts more of a singular character and try to give them a bit of unity.

    However, I do find the dialogue much better in this Part, and I feel that it really helped in defining the characters. Lucius and Toxica are quite interesting additions to the team, and a much-needed blast of fresh air. Interactions between Boreas and Octa had become stale, and adding two new vastly different personalities rejuvenated the story. I also like the way Black got more focus in this part, even if it was just a slight increase. It better introduced him, and as with the new Pokémon, helped the story.

    I especially liked the battle with Rood, and how it was a hopeless situation.
    Thanks. You'll be glad to hear there'll be a battle with each of the Seven Sages in the story.

    Aqua's opinions regarding Team Plasma and their ideas mixed well, but I think it could have been expanded on. The way you presented her, she was just a challenge for Boreas to argue with, and nothing else. It didn't seem like she actually believed in what she was saying, and was just saying it for the sake of providing a different point of view. I hope you expand(ed) on her dislike of relationships with humans in the upcoming Chapters; maybe a past incident similar to why Boreas first hated Lucius.
    She does have a good reason to dislike humans, actually, but it'll be a while before it's explored. Chapters 22 and 34 expand on it.

    Overall, it was a good part, but the rush at the final two Chapters felt too jarring, and brought down the quality of the rest of the story. I'll try to catch up to the rest of the Chapters, but I can scarcely find the time.
    Thanks for reading and leaving such detailed reviews, and I hope you'll like part 3.

    Quote Originally Posted by Windywords123 View Post
    Hrm, so it doesn't appear to be heading towards my prediction. You've characterized Aqua a little oddly, I think you're not showing her grief as well as you could. I can see the kind of character you're trying to make, but it's not.. hmm, not sure exactly how to say this.
    I think I understand what you mean, and I'll try to improve on it.

    Chapter Thirty-Six: In the Broad Daylight

    Heavy raindrops poured down from the sky. They were at the riverbanks at Driftveil's northern edge, about to leave, and Boreas could feel his friends wishing he'd hurry up as they waited for him to say goodbye to Aqua.

    “Well, I guess this is goodbye,” Boreas said awkwardly, not quite sure how to handle it.

    He was about to turn away and walk off with them when Aqua's lips suddenly interlocked with his. Boreas could feel his legs give away as his mind was enveloped by the highly sensual kiss. He rubbed Aqua's back lovingly and felt her rub his back too. They lay on the ground firmly entangled as they kissed for what seemed like ages. Boreas felt Aqua wrap her legs around him as they kissed passionately.

    “Hum-hum,” Octa scraped his throat.

    With a stab of disappointment, Boreas slowly ended the kiss, reminded of the world. They kept hugging each other very closely, though, relishing in the physical contact. “Well, my love,” said Boreas, “I'll see you in Mistralton, then.” He jocularly added: “if you still want to, that is.”

    “I want you right now, Boreas,” Aqua whispered in his ear, “but I'll settle for waiting until Mistralton.”

    Boreas began kissing her again, but this time they let go of each other after a while. After winking one last time, Aqua jumped into the water and swam away. Boreas followed Black in a happy daze as they left the city while he chilled the rain above him to give himself a very cold shower.

    Boreas usually enjoyed travelling and seeing new, unpredictable places. In fact he loved it and had a tendency to get annoyed and bored whenever they stayed in the same place for a long time. The horizon would seem to beckon for him, to invite him to come see what was behind it.

    But not this time. Boreas pined for only one thing, and it was Aqua. The only part of the horizon that seemed to call for him was the part behind him, where he had left her. He could barely appreciate the forest they travelled through as they journeyed over Route 6. Instead he would spend most of the time thinking of Aqua, thoroughly lovesick. If he wasn't thinking about Aqua for a moment, he would soon be reminded of her by basically anything. Any amount of water would spark happy memories, and though he knew she wouldn't be passing through these rivers on her way to Mistralton, his heart jumped at every shadow in the water and every wave. In fact, anything blue would make him very joyful for a single moment, only to feel disappointed next. It seemed even the clouds conspired to remind him of the forked shape of her tail, or the finned shape of her head, or the pointed shape of her ears, or the curved shape or her hip, or the round shape of her eyes...

    He was beginning to have a lot of second thoughts about choosing not to leave the team. He couldn't help but think he would've been much happier if he had chosen for Aqua, at least for now. Of course he might be unhappy eventually in some distant future, but he wondered if it had been worth sacrificing his current happiness for.

    “Did you ever wonder how Capella can move without legs?”

    “Wah!” Boreas startled, “Oh, Selene, it's you. Uh... Can't say I did.”

    “It's just weird,” Selene croaked, “she doesn't have any legs or wings, yet she moves... I wonder how she does it.”

    “It's not really that strange, you know,” Boreas explained. “Just look at her, she sort of keeps the front of her body on the ground and then slightly lifts her rear and-”

    “Are you talking about my rear?” Capella suddenly asked.

    “No, no, no,” Boreas blushed, “of course I wasn't. I mean, I was, but only because I was explaining how you can walk without legs to Selene, who didn't understand that.”

    “Why don't you ask Lucius?” Capella suggested, “I'm sure he'll be glad to enlighten you.”

    “Okay, I'll go ask him,” Selene flew off.

    “So... How are you holding up?” Capella asked.

    “Oh, fine,” Boreas said with as happy a smile as he could muster, “A bit lovesick, I guess.”

    “That's very understandable. You two really seem to have something great going on between you.”

    “I can't wait until I see her again... She's so lovely.”

    “She certainly is,” Capella agreed. “I hope the thought of her waiting for you in Mistralton cheers you up a bit.”

    “It does, it does. Also the fact that you're with me helps a lot too. All of you, I mean, but you in particular. You always seem ready to support me with kind words or wise advice, and I want you to know I really appreciate it.”

    “Thank you,” she smiled.

    Boreas sighed. “I can't wait for Mistralton... How long d'you think this route will take us?”

    “Well, the route won't take very long, but we'll have to cross Chargestone Cave afterwards. You weren't there, but Clay gave Black all kinds of advice and information about it after our battle. Apparently it's a cave full of powerful electromagnetism, with many electric and steel types calling it home. Clay talked about floating stones, held afloat by sheer magnetism and gigantic electric arcs like lightning. It'll be quite a spectacular place if even half of it is true.”

    Boreas would normally love the idea of exploring such a bizarre place. “I guess,” he sighed, “but to me it'll just make the journey to Mistralton a few days longer.”

    “More like a few weeks, if Clay is to be believed, actually.”

    “Weeks?!” Boreas exclaimed, “Aww, I wish we could just skip it.”

    It is a well-known fact, of course, that most prophecies and expectations turn out to be mistaken. It is probably a good thing too, as it means our universe is an unpredictable, interesting one. But on occasion, someone says something so uniquely and thoroughly mistaken that it becomes a deliciously piece of hilarious irony in hindsight. When Bill Gates said “There's nobody getting rich writing software,” or when Napoleon told the inventor of the steamship “you would make a ship sail against the winds and currents by lighting a bonfire under her deck? I have no time for such nonsense,” they were these kinds of situations.

    Capella said: “Cheer up, Boreas, I'm sure we'll all have a great time in the cave.”

    It was clear that winter was coming to an end. The snow had already disappeared before they reached Driftveil and temperatures were pretty warm now as well. But only at day; it was still frigidly cold at night so Black and all his pokémon would sleep in the tent, underneath all of Black's spare clothes and coats to keep them warm.

    On one of these nights, most of them had gone to bed already. Only Toxica was still outside. Boreas was nearing sleep, his brain a soft, empty pillow of sleepiness inside his head, when he was suddenly snapped awake by a voice whispering: “Psst, Octa? You awake?”

    “Yes,” Octa whispered back, “I believe I am quite awake.”

    “Well, come on out 'ere!” Toxica whispered, “The stars are gorgeous tonight, you really 'ave to see them!”

    There was a bit of a pause. Then Octa said “Yes, I believe I shall go outside,” and Boreas could hear him sneaking out of the tent.

    Boreas considered just going to sleep for a moment, but then rejected it and sneaked out of the tent himself. It was indeed an unusually beautiful night. Hundreds of stars glittered in the sky, and all five moons were up. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky. Octa and Toxica were sitting on a small slope, uncomfortably close to each other for Boreas' tastes. He walked up behind them and suddenly sat himself down between them, though there wasn't really enough room left between them. “Hey guys,” he said cheerfully, “nice night we're having, isn't it?”

    They made a bit of room for him. “Yes,” Toxica spoke with a withering glare.

    “Quite,” said Octa. “My dear fellow, could I have a word with you in private?”

    “Uh, sure.” They excused themselves and walked some distance away, until Octa stopped, apparently satisfied Toxica couldn't hear them any more.

    “My dear fellow,” Octa asked, “Why do you exhibit this behaviour?”

    “Uh... What do you mean?”

    “Do not obfuscate stupidity, my dear fellow. I know you're doing it on purpose, and I ask you what the reasoning behind it is, for your interference makes me feel quite glim-flashy.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Fine, if you want me to spell it out for you: you have systematically been attempting to interfere in the friendship between Toxica and myself for a long time now. Why do you do this? Do you honestly believe I would ever consider her more of a friend than you? And even if you do, what makes you think you have the right to interfere?”

    Boreas felt very embarrassed. “Well... I don't know how to put this, but... Um... I think she might be interested in being more than just a friend to you.”

    “Well, obviously.”

    “What?” Boreas asked flatly, “You mean you knew that?”

    “Do you think me blind and stupid, my dear fellow? Evidently I knew it, it has been quite obvious for a long time now. But that is completely irrelevant.”

    “Well... I... Huh? But...”

    “You have such a way with words, my dear fellow. I anticipate your next syllable with great eagerness.”

    “But you always seem not to notice... I just thought you were oblivious to it or something.”

    “Quite, yes, because obviously a disinterest in obvious romantic advances showcases obliviousness towards them, rather than simple disinterest. Isn't it quite obvious that I am in no way romantically interested in Toxica? Honestly, for one so smart you can be quite stupid, my dear fellow. Yet all this is entirely irrelevant to the discussion we're having. Whether I consider Toxica a friend or a romantic interest is not the issue, the issue is your apparent belief you have the right to interfere in my relationships to others.”

    Boreas felt very embarrassed and rather silly about it now. “Uh... Yeah, sorry. I shouldn't have, you're right. But-”

    “No, you shouldn't have. And I would appreciate it if you ceased this behaviour at once.”

    “Okay, I will. I suppose it was rather childish of me. But, you know, on occasion it really seems as if you like her too in that way.”

    “Total codswallop. Poppycock. Nonsense. Utter balderdash and cobblers. Rubbish, tosh, tripe. An utterly mistaken impression, my dear fellow. I am not in the least romantically interested in her, and even if I were 'twould not matter, for she is neither of my species nor of noble birth.”


    “Therefore, even if I was romantically interested in her in some bizarre kind of alternate universe, I could never allow myself to mingle with her in such a way. After all, thirty-five generations of my ancestors were properly bred to give me the great gift of a noble birth, so I could hardly deny that gift to my own descendants, could I?”

    While Boreas had liked to hear Octa wasn't interested in Toxica, he didn't like the sound of this at all. “I thought you said that whole idea of not mingling with non-properly bred pokémon was outdated and only your great-aunt Galaxia still believes in it?”

    “Oh, evidently I consider that rubbish, otherwise we would not even be friends. But this is just being friends and socialising, 'tis hardly the same as squandering the noble Equinox blood running through my veins willy-nilly by procreating with non-pure-blooded, non-well-bred pokémon.”

    “You've got your priorities in a very weird order, you know? First of all, just because you're in love with a girl or romance with her doesn't mean you're automatically going to have cubs with her.” He shuddered at the thought of suddenly having cubs to care for due to his relationship with Aqua. “Also, it seems to me you're kind of limiting yourself to a very small group of girls there. I mean, how many female Snivies, Servines, and Serperiors of pure blood can there be who aren't related to you? What if you don't like any of them?”

    “'Like' doesn't enter into it, my dear fellow. When my breeders and my family decide 'tis time for me to procreate, I shall do so, regardless of whom they choose.”

    Boreas was shocked by this. “But that's disgusting! They're just gonna choose some girl they want you to breed with and you have to sleep with her to make little Snivies without even knowing her?”

    “Now, do not denigrate that which you do not understand, my dear fellow. I would know her, as we shall of course be properly introduced and given time to woo one another before the matrimonial ceremony would be conducted. After that, yes obviously 'twould be our duty to produce progeny to make sure the noble blood of Equinox flows into the next generation, but our union would be a loving one, my dear fellow.”

    Boreas still thought it was completely ridiculous. “But what if you don't love her?!”

    “Love shall grow eventually even if it may not be present at first. Our respective personalities shall be taken into account when my mate is chosen, my dear fellow, don't worry.”

    “But what if you love someone else? You can't even choose for yourself, that's so horrible!”

    “I suppose 'tis the downside of being of noble blood, my dear fellow. I have a duty to both my ancestors and my descendants, therefore 'tis irrelevant whether I love another than my chosen mate. You see, my blood is quite a lot more precious than yours, or that of most pokémon, for 'tis not just mine, but that of my entire family. 'Tis my duty to ensure my descendants shall be able to claim the same birth that I can.”

    “To hell with your 'duty'!” Boreas shouted angrily, “You can't let them do this to you, it's totally unfair!”

    “To. Hell. With. My. Duty.” Octa slowly and coldly articulated. “I know you do not view duty and honour as very important matters, but I do. I would consider both of them more important than my life, and frankly I find the suggestion that I should just ignore my duty deeply insulting.”

    Boreas was about to argue with Octa, but recognised his friend was adamant about this and if he argued it would turn into a very nasty argument. “I still disagree, but I'm not going to argue about it. Anyway, back to Toxica, if you don't like her in that way, why don't you just tell her so? It seems kind of mean to let her think she has a chance for so long instead of just breaking her heart quickly and getting it over with.”

    “Well, she has never admitted her feelings towards me. The day she does I shall be forced to tell her the truth, but until that day I see no reason to unnecessarily complicate our relationship with a sudden declaration that I see her as no more than a friend, and couldn't consider her more than a friend even if I did. And now, my dear fellow, I'm going to return to Toxica to gaze at the celestial panorama. I would appreciate it if you didn't interfere.”

    Boreas returned to the tent, but he just couldn't get to sleep. What Octa had told him seemed horrible, and he didn't wish it to anyone, let alone his best friend. He reminisced about how he had fallen in love with Aqua, spent so much wonderful time with her, kissed her; and felt horrible when he realised Octa could never allow himself something as wonderful as that. Octa would never be in love, when he kissed someone it would be because he had no choice, and he would only ever be with a girl for the rest of his life because he had to. Boreas trembled with the unfairness and with annoyance that Octa himself, who could easily just ignore all that nonsense and love whomever he liked, would proudly continue that idiocy.

    He also felt sympathy for Toxica. He might have found her obsessing over Octa annoying, but now he really felt sorry for her. When she finally collected enough courage to admit her feelings to Octa, all she would get would be a refusal and the same cold-hearted story Octa had told Boreas. It would feel far worse than when Febby had shown up with a boyfriend, Boreas realised.
    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    A brave Quilava finds herself barely escaping the destruction of her town at the hands of a mysterious army of pokémon. She and her new friend, a clever, yet scatterbrained Kirlia, find themselves enrolled in the adventure of a cocky Glaceon and his Vaporeon wife as they try to stop the mysterious Shadow.

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    Chapter Thirty-Seven: Into the Shadows

    “...And so his family and breeders will choose his mate... He will never get to fall in love, he'll never kiss a girl a really loves, he'll live unhappily ever after with someone he doesn't love. And the worst thing is, he thinks it's just great... He thinks it's his duty to his ancestors and descendants and is very adamant about it.”

    Capella nodded. “I see,” she spoke back softly, so the the others didn't hear the conversation. “I didn't know things were like that for Octa. I suppose I should be lucky my family never went went around telling me whom I could and couldn't love, despite our claim to great ancestry. I can really understand why you'd feel so bad about it.”

    “It's just... I've had all that joy of falling in love with Aqua, her falling in love with me, kissing her and all. The thought that Octa won't ever get to experience that... I want him to experience the same kind of happiness I have. I mean, he's my best friend, and he really deserves that sort of thing. But you know, I can tell if I argued about it with him, it'd just turn into a really nasty and bitter argument and he wouldn't be convinced anyway... But I can't just stand by and let him throw his happiness away either.”

    Capella surprised Boreas with a quick, friendly hug by wrapping around him. “Cheer up, Boreas. Remember that it's not an immediate problem right now. While he isn't actually in love, and probably never has been, it's easy for him to just write it off and assume he can go without it. But when he actually falls in love, it'll be a lot harder to keep to his 'duty' and there's a good chance he'll depart from family tradition.”

    That would cheer Boreas up, if not for one thing: “But surely his ancestors show he won't? If they did it like this for 34 generations, surely many of them have fallen in love with others than their chosen mate, and yet they ended up with the one their family and breeders chose. Why would Octa be any different?”

    “First of all,” said Capella, “Octa is not his ancestors. He likes to pretend he is, but he isn't. It's not his ancestors who are relevant, but him. Secondly, his ancestors didn't have you and me as friends. Because when Octa falls in love I'm going to do everything in my power to convince him to jump at it and not let family tradition stand in the way of his happiness. I'm sure you'll do the same.”

    That made Boreas feel much better. “Yeah, yeah, I will. But do you think we could convince him? He's very adamant about this kind of thing and you know he doesn't change his mind quickly.”

    Capella nodded. “True, his convictions can be as strong as a mountain's foundations. But surely you've realised by now that love is powerful enough to move mountains? Especially when we give it a bit of an extra push.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Of course I am. Love conquers all, Boreas. I'm sure it can even melt our friend's cold heart with its flames. We can't do anything about it now on our own, but I guarantee you that when he falls in love we only need to give him that little extra push he'll need to make the right choice.”

    “Yeah, we will. You really know how to give someone hope, you know? You're such a great friend.”

    “Thank you. That's a very nice thing to say.”

    “We're being followed,” Selene whispered in Boreas' ear.

    They had been in Chargestone Cave for a week now, and Boreas still marvelled at everything in the cave. The rocks held afloat by electromagnetism were only the beginning of the wonders of Chargestone Cave. The walls themselves glowed with a weak, pulsating blue light making flash lights unnecessary. Electric charges ran through the rock, and on occasion they would jump out in massive lightning bolts. The charge in the air made Boreas' fur stand on edge more often than not. The cave was quite rocky too, and they had to climb up and down rockfaces often. It was easy to forget his lovesickness in such an exciting surrounding.

    “Followed, eh?” Boreas asked the floaty-brained Murkrow jocularly, “by what?”

    “I'm not sure,” she whispered, “but I think they're invisible in a way.”

    Boreas smiled at his silly friend. “Invisible in a way?”

    “Yeah, I'm not sure how to explain it... I think they really are as visible as you or me, but are just very good at seeming so uninteresting our brains just ignore them as somebody else's problem... The only reason I even noticed them at all was that I just happened to be surprised by one in the corner of my eye, but when I looked at it directly I couldn't even see it any more... I've seen them in the corners of my eyes a couple times since.”

    Boreas smiled disbelievingly. “Invisible people who are not really invisible? Oh, those guys. Don't worry, they're just here to see if I would make a good member for the Invisible People who are Really Quite Visible club. I sent my application in a few days ago.”

    “Really? Can I join too?”

    “I'll tell them you want to join if they accept me.”

    “Oh, that'd be so- Hold on, you're not serious, are you? I think I've heard of this... It's called saw-cast-him, right?”

    Boreas nodded. “Yeah, I was being sarcastic.”

    “So no club for invisible people?” Selene said sadly.

    “I'm afraid not. But why don't you go warn Lucius about the invisible people?”

    “I'll do that, thanks! He'll want to know this.” She flew off.

    “Heh, invisible people,” Boreas chuckled, “this magnetic field must be making her brain even fuzzier than normal.”

    But then he had to swallow his laughs: three very visible masked people were suddenly around Black, one of them with a knife on his throat.

    “Ah!” Black yelped, “Who are you? What do you want?”

    Boreas wanted to help, but realised he couldn't do that without risking Black's life. He saw the same helplessness in his companions.

    “Come,” said one of the masked men. Black had no choice but to follow them. They walked him around a corner, where a huge TV-screen was built in the wall. Suddenly the masked men were gone.

    “Wow, you forced me to walk five metres I would've walked by myself anyway. That was so incredibly useful.”

    “There's a TV in this wall,” remarked Boreas. He frowned. “Why is there a TV in the wall?”

    The TV turned on seemingly by itself. Boreas startled, seeing the faces of the five Sages they had met and two others. Ghetsis stood in the front, smiling like a car salesman about to rip you off, and the other six stood in a row behind him, their coloured robes looking like a rainbow.

    The goateed Zinzolin stood on the left of the screen in his purple robes. Boreas shuddered at the memories of his Seviper eating him alive. Next to him stood the bald old Gorm in his blue robes. Boreas remembered how he had nearly been executed under water by his Kingdra. All the way on the right of the screen was the greying blond Rood in his red robes. Boreas remembered the pain as flames consumed his flesh during the battle against him. Next to him stood the moustached Bronius, in his brown robes (though they seemed more of a dark orange now). Boreas was reminded of the time he'd spent locked up with his legs broken and how Thomas had breathed his last breath in front of him, his neck broken.

    The final two sages stood in the middle. The one on the left was thin as a skeleton, had a long beard and wore green robes. The one on the right was very fat, had a sleazy moustache, and wore yellow robes. Standing next to each other, they looked almost exactly like the number 10.

    Six of them were grinning maliciously, while Zinzolin simply stared in a mixture of anger and sorrow.

    “Hello, Black,” spoke Ghetsis. “I believe you know most of my friends already, but let me introduce the two you have never met. These are Ryoku, master of the grass-type, and Giallo, master of the steel-type. We are the Seven Sages. I believe it's time to tell you how I created Team Plasma.”

    He began pacing in front of the other Sages. “It's thirty years ago by now... I had a dream. I saw a world where pokémon and people were free to reach their full potential. Free to develop themselves to the fullest, without interference from the weak humans, free to use their power however they liked. You see, our world is a very imperfect one... Worthless humans hold back both pokémon and the few worthy, intelligent, powerful humans from reaching their full potential... Pokémon and some people have great potential, but the other humans... They're weak. They have no ambition, no spine, no drive, no dreams! They capture pokémon and use them for futile contests and fake battles, stifling their potential forever. And they do the same to humans who show potential, they are forced not to use their power to their fullest, but to consider the wishes and needs of the weak... This is evil. It was a terrible realisation. The mighty should rule, be revered by the weak! They, or should I say we, should be in charge of the planet, not the weak! We alone can make our dreams and ambitions true, and rule in the best way possible. In the end, it would even be better for the weak.

    I realised I was one of the mighty... But by myself, I could never change the world. I would need to seek allies worthy of my friendship. And so I travelled the world for years, seeking out the most powerful trainers on the planet... Sadly, most of them didn't agree with me, brainwashed as they were by the weak... But I forged a powerful friendship with the six who did agree with me. I convinced them their various positions as Elite Fours, Champions, and pokémon masters were not worthy of them and their pokémon, so they all left their posts... To join me. We realised that even with the power the seven of us wielded together, we were still not powerful enough to bend the world to our will... So we planned. We found a perfect plan to allow pokémon and people to unleash their full potential! And we realised we'd need the legendary pokémon of Unova for it. But the legendary dragon would only appear to a 'hero'. Unfortunately our ambition, our might, our very potential disqualified all of us for it... We needed someone pure of heart, someone weak, yet strong in a way, with ambition like us, but willing to waste their ambition on others. And so we decided on a plan: I would concei-”

    Suddenly the skeleton-like Ryoku stepped forward. “Ghetsis, I think you had better not tell him of this yet. Just in case.”

    Ghetsis nodded. “You are right, my friend. This information is too valuable.” He turned back to the camera. “I will not tell you the entire story today. You will likely never hear it, but I may tell you the rest later. If there is a later for you, which I highly doubt. You see, after more than twenty years of planning, we initiated the penultimate stages of our plan a year ago. All seemed to go well... But then Rood here returned from his operations on Route 3 with startling news... He had been defeated. Defeated by an outnumbering force using foul trickery and cheating, but it was still defeat... A hard hit to all of us. And soon, Gorm followed. We realised you, who were involved in both incidents, were a threat. A very minor one, but still a threat. So Bronius decided to take care of you when you reached his city... Sadly, he had mercy on you and it led to the temporary downfall of our operations there... Zinzolin made the same error when you reached Driftveil, and three of his pokémon died for it. It is clear by now, you are not be an ordinary trainer. It seems you mainly won through luck and trickery, but it is still impressive. We have decided to take you seriously.

    And, at the same time, our lord N reported he had met you, and he thought you might be the other hero... He wanted us to test you. N is what I raised him to be, naïve and dramatic. He believes you will defeat any threat we send your way, because it's destiny that you... Well, I can't tell you yet. But we take another view. Even if you are the other hero, that will not save you. We have the power to change any destiny we want! Therefore, I want to inform you this is the final day of your life. Ryoku is waiting for this recording to finish to attack you. He will not show you, or your pokémon any mercy. There will be no cages or wounds involved this time. Only graves. This is regrettable, but necessary. Farewell, Black.”

    The TV turned off by itself. Footsteps approached after a moment. Ryoku looked even thinner in real life than he did on the recording. He looked like a green-clad, bearded skeleton, very spidery. Behind him followed six pokémon; a Ferrothorn, a Lilligant, a Cradily, an Exeggcutor, a Tangrowth, and a Shiftry. There was no mercy in any of their eyes, just determination.

    “It is useless to flee,” spoke Ryoku in a Japanese accent, “there is no escape. The Shadow Triad would stop you.”

    Black's pokémon formed a protective line before him. “So, you're just planning to kill me?” Black asked.

    “You gladuated from a minor annoyance to a major threat when you murdered three of Zinzolin's pokémon, Black. We have no choice but to eliminate you and your pokémon.”

    “And for what? For your ridiculous idea of allowing yourselves to reach your full potential? I thought you were simply misguided before, but now I see you're just seven egomaniacs who thirst for power. The whole pokémon liberation business is just a distraction from your real goals, isn't it?”

    “Silence, boy. I won't argue with you about this. There's no use, as you'll soon be dead.”

    “Why not simply get your invisible guys to kill me, then?”

    “Because we believe you deserve to die like this. You have a promise of power. That promise deserves to be extinguished in a worthy manner; by one even more powerful, namely, rather than by a knife in the back or a cut throat. Secondly, because this is a personal matter. You have interfered with our plans and murdered three pokémon of a very close friend of mine, it seems only fitting I should be the one to end your interference for good. Sayonora, Black. Kougeki Kaishi!”
    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    A brave Quilava finds herself barely escaping the destruction of her town at the hands of a mysterious army of pokémon. She and her new friend, a clever, yet scatterbrained Kirlia, find themselves enrolled in the adventure of a cocky Glaceon and his Vaporeon wife as they try to stop the mysterious Shadow.

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter 37)

    Wow this is awesome, the way you've changed the storyline of black and white, yet kept it the same is amazing. And then the way you lead up to excitement is great, I'm really quite excited for the next chapter.

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter 37)

    Oh, I love it~! Ghetsis is typical Ghetsis and characterized perfectly and the bit about Octa seemed right on target. Great characterization all around this chapter. ;D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akimbo View Post
    Wow this is awesome, the way you've changed the storyline of black and white, yet kept it the same is amazing. And then the way you lead up to excitement is great, I'm really quite excited for the next chapter.
    Thanks, I hope it lives up to your excitement. I was originally planning to keep the story much closer to the game, as you can see quite clearly in part 1, but from part 2 onward I've deviated more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Windywords123 View Post
    Oh, I love it~! Ghetsis is typical Ghetsis and characterized perfectly and the bit about Octa seemed right on target. Great characterization all around this chapter. ;D
    Good old monologuing, arrogant Ghetsis. He must've finished with good marks at villain school.

    Chapter Thirty-Eight: Penumbra

    Though they were all powerful grass-types, not all of Sage Ryoku's pokémon battled in a similar way to Octa, the most powerful grass-type Boreas knew. Some of his enemies fought like him, using speed, agility and finesse to rapidly dance over the battlefield, but did so in a much more powerful, rapid sort of way. Lilligant and Shiftry were a lot like this; they rapidly and agily danced over the battlefield, unleashing powerful blasts of energy as they drained their enemies. Others, like Ferrothorn, fought without any finesse or style, simply unleashing mighty attack upon mighty attack while seeming entirely impervious to damage. To his luck Boreas was finding the type advantage he had over all Ryoku's pokémon, except Ferrothorn, very useful. Though they were far too powerful to be simply taken down by his attacks, he could hurt and distract them.

    Tangrowth was somewhere between the two styles. As a whole, it walked like a powerful, dangerous force of nature; but its vines were nimble and agile. It walked around over the uneven battlefield like a massive storm of vines trying to grab Boreas. He nimbly dodged some of the vines, and when one came too close he would quickly Ice Beam it to make it jerk away in reflex. But with dozens of vines attacking him at the same time, he found himself backing into the cave wall. He focused entirely on his defence, and remembered a trick he had used in the battle against Zinzolin: he could quickly parry an attack by unleashing a very small, but very cold blast of cold from his paw, rapidly freezing and sublimating the air so it created a small, but powerful shock wave that interfered with most attacks. He found that if he timed it right, it was very useful for fending off the vines trying to grab and beat him. He parried vines left and right, but it still wasn't enough. Eventually the inevitable happened as a vine caught his hind paw and lifted him in the air. Boreas used Ice Beam on Tangrowth's hidden face, but it still whipped him with the vines. Boreas screamed in pain as the vines left long whip-marks on his back.

    Suddenly flames burnt on Tangrowth backside. It roared in pain and dropped him. “Yeah,” Boreas heard Lucius' voice call out, “and how did ya like that, ya nimrod? Why don't you pick on someone strong like me instead?”

    Tangrowth turned to deal with Lucius, so Boreas immediately attacked. Burning Tangrowth from one side and freezing it from the other, Boreas and Lucius were giving it quite a hard time. The battle seemed to be going well for them, but Boreas saw something he couldn't ignore: Toxica lay writhing on the floor in front of Exeggcutor, whose eyes were glowing an eerie purple. She was entirely defenceless and apparently in pain.

    He broke off combat with Tangrowth and ran through the battlefield, passing Octa duelling Shiftry with moderate success and Capella and Black fighting Lilligant together, Black wielding a big rock and Capella spitting flames and nets of electricity at it. As soon as he came close, Boreas struck the Exeggcutor's egg-heads with Ice Beams. The eyes dimmed as the Exeggcutor broke off its attack, only to turn on Boreas.

    Suddenly Boreas felt something touch his mind... A powerful will attempting to enter it. He tried to repel it somehow, to focus on stopping it, but it easily penetrated his mind. He heard a voice in his mind and felt it probing his memories. “Well, well, Boreas, you've been through a lot over your short life, haven't you? Combat... Friendship... Tragedy... Love...”

    Get out of my memories! They're private.

    “Hahaha, silly Boreas... Do you think me looking at them is the worst that's going to happen to you? Maybe I should alter them a bit, hmm? How would you like to have a memory of Black snapping Thomas' neck? Or Octa raping Aqua? You'd never realise they were fake...”

    No, you-you can't!

    “Oh, but I can. I could make you hate all your friends forever, but I won't. It would take far too long and wouldn't be productive. I'll just overload your nervous system with blasts of psychic energy to kill you instead. Sigh, it's a shame to have to destroy your mind, it's a very good mind... There is much intelligence in here, and also powerful, fiery, passionate emotions. It's a shame you sided with the wrong side. I think we could've become friends in another life. Hehe, listen to me getting melodramatic; it's not easy to kill someone whose mind you've seen.”

    Exeggcutor's glowing purple eyes were all Boreas saw as powerful energy coursed through his body, overloading his nerves and making him scream as his entire body was in severe pain.

    “Oy, not on my watch!” yelled Toxica and the pain disappeared, as did Exeggcutor's mind, as Toxica had covered it in toxic pollen. Before Exeggcutor could attack her, Boreas got back to his feet and began attacking too. Fighting two pokémon at once, Exeggcutor had no chance to probe their minds and instead tried to overload their nervous systems with psychic pulses. But the poison Toxica had used and Boreas' own ice attacks were quickly getting to it.

    Toxica suddenly grabbed Boreas and dragged him to the ground. “Get down!”

    An intense beam of pure white light, like the Sun itself, blasted past just above his head. It was thick enough to have completely enveloped Boreas if he hadn't ducked, and Boreas could feel its incredible intensity as it raged past. It hit the cave wall, where it created a massive, smouldering crater as the cave was showered in debris. “That's Hyper Beam!” Toxica yelped.

    “Thanks,” said Boreas, staring at the smouldering crater, “that'd have vaporised us if it hit...”

    But then, the spiky, steel-clad Ferrothorn attacked. It swung its powerful, thorny seed pods around like maces, shattering rocks as it hit them. Toxica and Boreas both tried counter-attacking, but its powerful steel armour seemed to make it impervious to damage. Boreas' Ice Beams just left a slight white snowy residue that quickly disappeared, and Toxica's Energy Balls seemed to do nothing at all.

    Boreas ducked behind a rock to hide from Ferrothorn's powerful pods, but the rock shattered as the mighty steel-type hit it, showering Boreas in painful stone splinters that made many small cuts. He realised only the fire attacks Lucius and Capella could use stood any chance against the Ferrothorn and began withdrawing to Capella (as Lucius was still very busy fighting Tangrowth). The mighty pods hit the ground with Earth-shaking impacts behind him as he ran. As he passed Octa, who was still fighting Shiftry, his friend suddenly tackled him to the ground as another Hyper Beam blasted overhead with the intensity of a solar flare.

    “That beam's devastating,” Octa pointed out, “dodge it at all costs!”

    “Thanks, that's the second time someone- LOOK OUT!” he grabbed Octa and rolled them both away, just avoiding Ferrothorn's seed pod crashing down to crush them both.

    They quickly got to their feet and continued fighting. Capella was fighting Lilligant, who had given Black a nasty cut and was trying to keep attacking him. Boreas shot Ice Beams at Lilligant to give Capella some freedom. “Capella, some help with Ferrothorn would be very useful!”

    Momentarily not busy with Lilligant, Capella had a chance to spit flames at Ferrothorn, who really didn't seem to like that. The flames left nasty marks that kept smoking. After several flames, it actually retreated to its trainer. “Awesome, Capella!”

    “Thanks, now let's get that Lilligant, together we may be able to defeat it!”

    The dragon and the fox battled Lilligant, and it quickly turned into a very defensive battle. Boreas would parry attacks by making a short, concentrated pulse of cold with his paw; Capella would use a spark of electricity from the jewel on her forehead; and Lilligant would neutralise attacks with a blast of energy.

    They circled around each other firing attacks that were either dodged or parried, all trying to find an opening in the enemy's defences. Capella and Boreas outnumbered Lilligant and they were both at a type advantage, but Lilligant was phenomenally fast and powerful. Even though she had to spread her attacks between him and Capella, Boreas was still having a hard time parrying all the energy balls and barely had time to Ice Beam his opponent. They tried to outflank Lilligant, but the nimble way it danced around as it battled meant they often ended up next to each other anyway.

    “Keep putting pressure on it, Boreas!” Capella encouraged him after ending up next to him again, “I think we can win this battle without casualties!”

    Suddenly Boreas felt something wrap around his tail, and before he could do anything Tangrowth lifted both him and Capella up. They dangled from the charred, smouldering mass of vines upside-down. Boreas used Ice Beam against the Tangrowth, but it actually seemed to like that as it put the flames it smouldered with out.

    “Cradily,” Ryoku commanded. “Execute them with Hyper Beam!”

    The next second seemed to last for an eternity. Cradily's head glowed with a white, solar light. Boreas and Capella both realised her flames were the only thing that could save them. They looked each other in the eyes. A friendly smile tugged on the corner of Capella's mouth as a grim fatality entered her kind eyes. Boreas realised what she was going to do and wanted to tell her not to do it, to save herself first, but it was too late. She spit a string of flames at the vine Boreas was hanging on. Tangrowth yelped in pain and let go of Boreas as it retracted its vine. Capella spit fire at the vine holding her own tail as Boreas began to fall, but it was too late: a blinding light blasted just over Boreas and his tail burnt with pain. Capella's thin, serpentine form was slightly visible in the beam, like a wisp of smoke.

    Boreas fell in a shallow hole on the ground, the pain in his tail far outweighed by the pain in his heart. But when Capella dropped into the hole too, her back turned to him, he was happy again. “Oh, Capella, you're still alive! I thought you'd been vapo- GAH!”

    He almost gagged as he embraced her and turned her around and saw the Hyper Beam had blasted most of her flesh off her front side. There was no skin left on that entire side of the body and most of the flesh underneath it had been destroyed too. He could see most of her organs, at least the parts that were left, and could see all the way to her spinal chord in various places. Blood squirted out massively, soaking Boreas' fur within seconds. He realised what was left of her heart still beat and the one lung that remained still breathed and looked into her face.

    It was horrible to see his friend like this. Her face looked as gruesome as the rest of her body, but in a way even worse because he could still recognise her kind features in it. Her cheeks and snout had been blasted away entirely, resulting in a bloody skeletal grimace. In fact, little flesh remained on her skull. But parts of her kind eyes were left in her sockets.

    “Capella, evolve, right now!” Boreas desperately shouted, “Please! You will survive if you evolve! It will all be better!”

    Capella looked into Boreas' eyes with the remnants of her own and exhaled her final breath as the heavily damaged remains of her heart stopped beating. “No!” Boreas cried, “no, you can't die! Please, just evolve! Everything will be alright... Please...” He cried softly as he fully embraced her horribly damaged corpse. “...please... Capella...” She was gone forever.

    Boreas sat there in the hole for a while, crying for his dead friend. Then a furious, burning rage worse than anything he had ever felt before came over him and set his mind alight. “I... will make them pay for what they have done!”

    He jumped out of the trench, looking like a ferocious werewolf or hellhound that has just committed unspeakable acts of horror, between the blood he was soaked with and his furious, vengeful face. His enemies stopped fighting in horror as he appeared from the ground looking like this. Boreas screamed with burning rage and attacked them. He fought his way through the battlefield in blind rage with massive clouds of snow and ice waving around him and attacking while he bit, clawed, and kicked his opponents, trying to inflict as much pain and death upon them as he could. He was screaming in inarticulate fury. His entire body was ablaze with hate as he tried to avenge Capella.

    “My dear fellow, calm down please,” said Octa as he grabbed Boreas, stopping him from continuing his rampage.

    “Let me go, Octa! They killed Capella!” Boreas roared.

    “I know,” Octa said with a grave face. “I saw her body. Calm down.”

    “How could I calm down?! I have to avenge her!”

    Suddenly Octa slapped his face. It served to partially wake Boreas from his rage. “Yes, you do, and you shall be far more useful to that end if you just alm down and think.”

    “THINK?!” Boreas bellowed, “I'm going to kill them all!”

    “Do – so – calmly!” Octa hissed, “Put your cunning mind to avenging her, not your stupid rage! Revenge is a dish best served cold!”

    “I'm serving it just fine hot! Capella sacrificed herself to save me!”

    “Then don't throw her sacrifice away along with your own life! They'll easily kill you if you don't calm down!”

    “It's been going just fine like this before you interfered!”

    “Only because they were terrified of you! But they have realised by now you are just a mortal, albeit very angry, Glaceon. So get your emotions under control if you don't want to follow Capella!”

    Boreas tried to breathe normally. His fury was still very present, but at least he was no longer ablaze with it. “Okay! I am calm!”

    Ferrothorn, Shiftry, and Lilligant chose that moment to attack them. “We need to think of- gah!- something fast, my dear fellow!” Octa said, dodging seed pods and parrying attacks, “We are the only ones left standing, while we took only two of them down. Don't worry, the others are merely wounded for now.”

    “Where's the fourth?” Boreas asked, parrying an Energy Ball and jumping away under a crushing seed pod.

    “Defending Ryoku, it's that Cradily!”

    The Cradily that had fired the Hyper Beam... But Boreas tried to focus, to keep calm. There would be time for mourning and rage later. The three enemies surrounded them now and formed a circle as Boreas and Octa fought them back-to-back, Octa with his Leaf Blade and Boreas using Ice Beams and parries. “If we can get past that Cradily,” Boreas whispered as they fought, “we could take Ryoku hostage, like we did with Gorm.” Or kill him for what he did to Capella.

    “But these- argh- three will – never let us do that,” Octa said, “and we can't- just have one of us distract them, because they'd never keep fighting one of us with the three of them, and we'll need someone to battle Cradily as well. We can't do all of that with just the two of us.”

    He was right. In fact, it seemed they could only lose. They were thoroughly outmatched by three stronger opponents surrounding them.

    Suddenly Lilligant screamed as Black dived upon it, stabbing it with the long bread knife he kept in his backpack. “Run!” he commanded Boreas and Octa as Ryoku returned his wounded Lilligant to its pokéball, “run for your lives!” he began attacking the other pokémon, wielding the knife like a dagger.

    The other two would defeat or kill Black within a minute, Boreas realised, but he actually had an idea now. “Octa, you heard him, run!”

    “Never! We shan't leave our trainer behind in combat!”

    “I've got an idea, c'mon!”

    Jumping over an attack by one of Shiftry's branches, they ran and got some distance between them and the two pokémon battling the human. Boreas unleashed an icy stormwind, not on the battlers but on a stone floating nearby. He channelled all his anger into the wind and the sparkling stone moved, kept accelerating it rapidly, until it arrived by the battle between Black and the two pokémon.

    The two had just knocked Black down with some nasty blows and were about to kill him when the stone reached them. Though only Boreas had noticed it, a charge had been accumulating in the ground under them. When the floating magnetic rock approached, that charge suddenly found a way to go and arced through the air, using the bodies of Black and the pokémon as easy conduits on the way. Boreas thoroughly hoped Black would be okay, but he didn't have time to worry about it now.

    Boreas and Octa ran at the Cradily, jumped out of the way of a Hyper Beam, and began fighting it. They synchronised their attacks so one of them would hit Cradily even if it defended. Though Cradily seemed slow, lumbering, and passive, it proved itself a powerful and agile battler as it easily battled the two friends with Energy Ball and Ancientpower. Ryoku watched the battle with interest. Boreas couldn't wait to get the human. He imagined knocking him to the ground, jumping on top of him, then freezing his head until he died. This little lapse into fantasy cost him dearly: Cradily slashed at him and he dodged too late. Terrible pain went through his head and he felt blood flow through his fur, but he kept fighting.

    The attacks, which kept hitting Cradily soon had their effect on it. It was surprising how soon it was unable to stop them from running on to Ryoku. The human returned his pokémon to their pokéballs. “Very impressive,” he said. Then he suddenly disappeared, probably with help of the Shadow Triad. They tried to find him as best they could, but were soon forced to concede that they'd lost a valued friend and the ones responsible had escaped.

    “Today,” Octa spoke solemnly, “we acknowledge a terrible loss. For this morning, Capella of the house of Draco died. Incredibly brave and selfless to the end, she gave her life in battle against her enemies, so that her friend might live. The manner in which she died was cruel and brutal, but at least her suffering was over soon.

    Yet despite our terrible loss and the premature ending of a wonderful creature's life, this is not just a tragic occasion. 'Tis an opportunity to appreciate the time we spent in her presence, and to be grateful we were her friends. An occasion to celebrate her life, while we mourn her death. For Capella lived a life I believe we should all strive for. She was loved dearly by all those who had the pleasure of knowing her, and with good reason. Capella was wise, kind, friendly, loveable, sweet, honourable, brave, hard-working, fair-minded, and most importantly, a fierce friend. Capella graced this planet with her presence for a hundred and eight years. This is longer than any of us are likely to live, yet 'twas far too short. She was, despite her endless wisdom, still young. She could have made the world a brighter place with her presence for centuries. But death intervened.”

    Silent tears streamed over Boreas' cheeks as Octa delivered his solemn eulogy. He heard Toxica cry loudly next to him and embraced her to support her and himself. Lucius was scowling furiously, while Selene looked at her feet sadly. Black looked at the motionless corpse he held in a blanket with a trembling lip. All of them were wounded or hurt in various ways, but it was nothing compared to the gaping wound in their hearts. Toxica cried on Boreas' shoulder as he cried into her flower. When Octa described Capella with words like wise or brave, they sounded so empty. To Boreas, Capella was the memories to the kind words she spoke, the gentle hug she had given him, the friendly way she could smile, and the hope she could fill him with.

    “The pain we all feel at this dreadful loss reminds us that though we may not always agree with one another, our hearts beat as one. The bonds of friendship between us celebrate a lady who was kind and brave and honest, to the very end. Though the world may seem so much darker without her light, that light is still present in all our hearts. We shall never forget Capella, and I feel honoured to have called her my friend. Farewell.”

    “She was good and kind,” Lucius growled, “and I'll get the bastards that did this to her.”

    Black slowly lowered Capella into the grave he'd dug for her. “Farewell, Capella. Rest in peace.”

    Boreas wanted to tell him to stop as he threw the dirt back into the shallow grave, but he knew it would change nothing. Octa walked back, his face a calm mask, but Boreas knew the pain he had to be feeling under it and included him in the embrace as well.
    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    A brave Quilava finds herself barely escaping the destruction of her town at the hands of a mysterious army of pokémon. She and her new friend, a clever, yet scatterbrained Kirlia, find themselves enrolled in the adventure of a cocky Glaceon and his Vaporeon wife as they try to stop the mysterious Shadow.

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter 38)

    I really liked Capella, she was such a nice calm character.
    The little bit at the end with Lucius was really well done, it showed that he has emotions.

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