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Thread: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Finished!)

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    Default The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Finished!)

    I would love to hear people's opinions on this story, even if it is a negative one. It can only help me to get better, after all. So please don't hesitate to tell me what you think.

    Author's Atlas thread

    Part One: Meet the Humans
    Chapter One: Aqua
    Chapter Two: Twilight
    Chapter Three: Octavianus
    Chapter Four: Rivals N Enemies
    Chapter Five: Boreas' First Battle

    Chapter Six: A Grey City
    Chapter Seven: Triple Trouble!

    Part Two: The Daycare, the Thieves, and the Scientist
    Chapter Eight: Dire Difficulties at the Daycare
    Chapter Nine: Predator
    Chapter Ten: In Pursuit of Plasma
    Chapter Eleven: Incendiary Inferno of Crimson Chaos Fire
    Chapter Twelve: Repose
    Chapter Thirteen: Deceit in Nacrene City
    Chapter Fourteen: An Archaeologist With Backbone

    Part Three: Double: Evolutions and Trouble
    Chapter Fifteen: The Stolen Skull
    Chapter Sixteen: A Good Servant, but a Cruell Master
    Chapter Seventeen: The Endless City
    Chapter Eighteen: Liberated
    Chapter Nineteen: Rolling Rocks
    Chapter Twenty: Water and Ice
    Chapter Twenty-One: Premier Insect Artist

    Part Four: City of Light
    Chapter Twenty-Two: 8/7
    Chapter Twenty-Three: The Shining Beauty
    Chapter Twenty-Four: Hours of Fun
    Chapter Twenty-Five: Sunset at the Ferris Wheel
    Chapter Twenty-Six: Of Trapped Tails, Crazy Corvids, and Fencing Friends
    Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Great Warrior
    Chapter Twenty-Eight: Electrifying Battle at Great Speed

    Part Five: Where the Past Meets the Future
    Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Chapter Without a Title
    Chapter Thirty: The Road to Driftveil
    Chapter Thirty-One: The Trouble With Team Plasma
    Chapter Thirty-Two: Venenum in Aura Bibitur
    Chapter Thirty-Three: Full Circle
    Chapter Thirty-Four: On the Narrow Isthmus Between Two Troubled Eternities
    Chapter Thirty-Five: The Underground Boss

    Part Six: Blood, Magnets, and Tears
    Chapter Thirty-Six: In the Broad Daylight
    Chapter Thirty-Seven: Into the Shadows
    Chapter Thirty-Eight: Penumbra
    Chapter Thirty-Nine: Umbra
    Chapter Forty: Eclipse
    Chapter Forty-One: In the Dead of Night
    Chapter Forty-Two: The Highflying Girl

    Part Seven: If Winter Comes, Can Spring be Far Behind?
    Chapter Forty-Three: Better to have Loved and Lost?
    Chapter Forty-Four: Reunion in the Grasslands
    Chapter Forty-Five: The Ancient and Most Noble House of Equinox
    Chapter Forty-Six: Celestial Tower Skirmish
    Chapter Forty-Seven: Never Odd or Even
    Chapter Forty-Eight: The White Mountains
    Chapter Forty-Nine: Ice Mask

    Part Eight: By Inferno's Light
    Chapter Fifty: Day of the Dragons
    Chapter Fifty-One: Dead or Alive?
    Chapter Fifty-Two: The Calm Before the Storm
    Chapter Fifty-Three: For Equinox and Honour
    Chapter Fifty-Four: Ashes and Dust
    Chapter Fifty-Five: Fight or Flight?
    Chapter Fifty-Six: The Spartan Mayor

    Part Nine: The Road to Victory
    Chapter Fifty-Seven: The Exposed Rook
    Chapter Fifty-Eight: The Return
    Chapter Fifty-Nine: Countdown
    Chapter Sixty: Cowardice, Love, and the River of Time
    Chapter Sixty-One: Strange Bedfellows
    Chapter Sixty-Two: Lost in the Black Mountains
    Chapter Sixty-Three: The End of the Road

    Part Ten: Five Great Warriors
    Chapter Sixty-Four: On the Eve of Battle
    Chapter Sixty-Five: Light and Darkness
    Chapter Sixty-Six: Courage and Fear
    Chapter Sixty-Seven: Brain and Brawn
    Chapter Sixty-Eight: Forgive and Forget
    Chapter Sixty-Nine: The King's Castle
    Chapter Seventy: Black and White

    Part Eleven: The Point of No Return
    Chapter Seventy-One: The Seven Sages
    Chapter Seventy-Two: Love and War
    Chapter Seventy-Three: The Tightening Noose
    Chapter Seventy-Four: Children of Equinox
    Chapter Seventy-Five: To the Death
    Chapter Seventy-Six: The Last Chance
    Chapter Seventy-Seven: The Day that Changed the World
    Chapter Seventy-Eight: Selene, Lucius, Toxica, Octa, Aqua, and Boreas

    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    Chapter One: Aqua


    Boreas yawned as he stared off at the passing riverbanks, bored out of his skull. There was absolutely nothing to do on the small motorboat except to be bored. Earlier that day, when they were chasing Team Plasma, the excitement of the chase had meant there was no time for boredom, but now that they had escaped Boreas really noticed how long and boring the way back to Driftveil was. He could not even play with Black, his trainer, as he was too busy steering the boat. Maybe I should just ask him to return me to my pokéball, Boreas thought, at least I'll be out of the direct sunlight in there.

    Boreas sighed and stared off at the riverbanks again, but this time something caught his eye. They were passing by a small rock in the river and on the rock a very cute Vaporeon was sunning. Her shapely body was covered in blue fur that sparkled in the Sun, her finned tail was about as long as her body, and when she looked up as the boat passed her Boreas saw she had a lovely face. She smiled and winked at him, and Boreas felt as if his heart had stopped and his blood was boiling. He tried to greet her back in some way, but only managed an awkward nod and something that was supposed to be a charming smile but probably looked more like two fishermen had caught their hooks in each of the corners of his mouth and were now trying to haul him in. It had been a long time since he had last seen another Eevee, let alone one as pretty as this Vaporeon, so Boreas yearned to go talk to her, but the boat had already passed and they were moving away from her.

    “Black, stop the boat, I want to talk to that Vaporeon,” Boreas said to his trainer, but of course Black didn't understand a word of it, being human.

    “Not now, Boreas,” he said, “Let me just focus on steering, or we'll end up on a rock.”

    “C'mon, just look over there, and you'll get it!” Boreas said, pointing to the Vaporeon.

    Unfortunately, Black's back was turned to him while he steered. “If you're hungry just get some berries from my backpack.”

    Boreas sighed, looked at the shapely Vaporeon again, and jumped off the boat. The water was cold, but that was quite a relief after sitting in the unseasonably warm Sun for a while. He managed to resurface and began clumsily swimming to the rock. He wasn't a great swimmer, but at least managed to keep himself afloat and slowly made progress against the river's calm current. After a few minutes of clumsy swimming while the Vaporeon watched him amused, he finally arrived at he rock and held on to it with his front paws to keep afloat. He looked up into a pair of gorgeous black eyes looking at him expectantly, and realised he had no idea what to say.

    “Uh... Hi,” he said.

    “Hi there,” said the Vaporeon, “my name's Aqua.”

    “Hi Aqua,” Boreas said awkwardly.

    “So... Do you have a name?” She asked.

    “Uh... Y-yes, it's Bors. No, Boreas!” He kicked himself underwater for making a complete mess of this. He realised that though he had planned to be really charming and witty, he was currently displaying all the charm and wit of a spoilt carrot.

    After a very awkward pause of a few seconds, she said: “So um... Can I help you, Boreas?”

    “Uh, well... Y'see... I just wanted to tell you that though my Blizzard is usually powerful enough to freeze a Heatran, with someone as hot as you nearby I couldn't even manage a cooling breeze.”

    It was silent for a second or two, and Boreas felt incredibly awkward and decided he should just apologise for wasting her time and try to swim back to the boat. Then she started laughing. “Thanks. I've never heard that one before. Come, join me, the rock is big enough for two and I've seen minerals who were better swimmers than you.”

    Boreas gladly joined Aqua on the rock. It was just large enough for two to sit on while maintaining a somewhat respectable distance. “So I saw you with a human on that boat. Is he your captor?”

    “Captor?” Boreas asked in surprise, “No, he's my trainer, his name's Black.”

    “Yeah, that's what I mean. So you're a captive pokémon?”

    “No, I'm not. He's my trainer, not my captor.”

    “You say Arseus, I say Arkeus. It's the same thing, really.”

    Boreas was getting annoyed. “No, it's not! Black is not my captor, he's my trainer and what's more, he's my friend. And I don't like it when you call him my captor.”

    Aqua gave him a sceptical look. “He keeps you locked up in a little plastic ball, doesn't he?”

    “No he doesn't, he only returns me to my pokéball for my own protection, like when we crossed the Route 4 desert.”

    “Okay, but he makes you fight his fights for him, and orders you around during those fights, doesn't he?”

    Boreas tried to think of some clever rebuttal, but she was partly right and he found it hard to think while her deep black eyes looked into his, so he just said: “Well... I suppose you're partly right there, but the way you phrase it makes it sound a lot different then what it's actually like.”

    “Different in what way?”

    “Well, for one thing he doesn't “make” me fight, I choose to fight for him because he's my friend.” Aqua snorted sceptically. “No, really. Besides, I want to become the Champion as much as he does. And I'm even more motivated than him to stop Team Plasma.”

    “Team Plasma? Are those the humans you were chasing when you came by earlier?”

    “Yes, that's them. They got away from us this time, unfortunately. They're a bunch of pokémon thieves who want to separate humans and pokémon.”

    “Sounds like a good idea to me. What have humans ever done for us?”

    “Sure, maybe it sounds like a good idea to you now, but they do wicked things to achieve that goal, and they don't just want to liberate pokémon from bad people, but they want to separate pokémon like me from trainers who are their friends as well.”

    “Perhaps they're right. Maybe a pokémon and a human can't be friends.”

    Boreas found it difficult to argue with those pretty eyes, but couldn't let that go. “What about Black and me, then? I can assure you we are friends.”

    “Maybe you aren't. Not really.”


    “No, hear me out. I once knew a Lanturn who had been captured by a Gyarados when she was a Chinchou. That particular Gyarados had a habit of hoarding his food, so he would sweep the sea for food daily and throw what he couldn't eat into a big closed off cave and eat them later. After several weeks in the cave she managed to escape. You'd expect her to hate her captor, but she never spoke ill of him. When she would speak of him, she would talk about how he never treated her or his other prey unkindly and how he would always make sure there was enough food for them. When someone is held captive for a long time, they will actually convince themselves their captor is a friend, because it feels a lot better than being a captive.”

    Boreas hesitated. He had heard of this before, but had never considered it might apply to him. “No. Black and I really are friends, I'm sure of it, and if you knew all that we've been through together and all the things that Team Plasma has done, you wouldn't agree with them.”

    “Maybe I wouldn't. Why don't you tell me about it?”

    “I dunno, it's kind of a long story...”

    “Hey, I've got time and I could use the company. And as for you, your “friend” seems not to have noticed you're gone, so I guess you have time too.”

    With a start, Boreas realised she was right. “Oh no, you're right! He's gone! I have to swim after him, or I may not find him again!”

    “You'd never catch up to him. I saw your swimming and it's pretty bad, while he's in a boat. Why don't you wait here with me until he returns to look for you? Or, if he doesn't come back for you, I can swim you to Driftveil and you'd just have to hold on.”

    Though the prospect of talking to Aqua for much longer and then getting to hold her while she swam him to safety sounded very appealing, Boreas was worried about not finding Black again. “Uh... I don't know. I think I should-”

    “Please?” Aqua blinked a few times in rapid succession, and Boreas' desire to go find Black disappeared like snow before the Sun.

    “Alright then, I'll tell you. It all began when I was just a little cub, a few weeks old...”
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    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    A brave Quilava finds herself barely escaping the destruction of her town at the hands of a mysterious army of pokémon. She and her new friend, a clever, yet scatterbrained Kirlia, find themselves enrolled in the adventure of a cocky Glaceon and his Vaporeon wife as they try to stop the mysterious Shadow.

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova

    This... has drawn me in.
    Write more... NOW... please.
    You've got a real talent for drawing the reader in without too much reading necessary, in fact, I barely realized how long this chapter was!

    Again I commend you, good job!

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova

    Amazing first chapter

    ...especially for Boreas's impulsiveness!

    2010/08/02: 4th chapter

    More fanfiction at:
    Kayi S. Rowling's Library

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova

    Thanks, both of you, for the nice feedback.

    Chapter Two: Twilight


    “Wait for me, Zeph!” Boreas called after his brother.

    “Hurry up!” Zephyrus stopped running for a moment, but only a moment, too impatient too sit still as usual. “If you keep being so slow, you'll never evolve into a cool Jolteon like dad!”

    “I'll evolve into something else then, you'd make a better Jolteon anyway! Just wait up and tell me what this is all about!”

    “In a minute, we're nearly there! And hurry up, or you'll evolve into a Slowpoke!”

    “You can't evolve into a Slowpoke!”

    “I can't, you can too!”

    The brothers ran on through the forest, until Zeph finally stopped. They were in the midst of thick shrubbery that made it impossible to see very far. “Zeph, are we there?” Boreas asked, “What do you want to show me?”

    “Boreas, do you know what a human is?”

    “Sure I do, it's those two-legged animals with no fur. I've seen them from a distance.”

    “Right, well I was running through the forest just now, chasing... I don't know what- when I found it!”

    “Found what?”

    Zephyrus was so excited that he seemed about to start jumping up and down. “A herd of humans! They're just behind these shrubs!”

    “Really?” Boreas curiously pushed through the shrubs, but was stopped by Zeph.

    “Watch out, we can't let them see us! Eurus says when a human sees you, they catch you and then...”

    “Then what?”

    “They eat you!” Zephyrus spoke dramatically. “Alive.”

    Though Boreas knew their brother Eurus wasn't the most reliable source of information, he was still frightened by the idea. “What does it matter even if they see us, Zeph?” Boreas tried to put himself at ease, “They'll never catch us anyway.”

    Zephyrus chuckled. “They won't catch me, you mean, I'm fast and I'll become a Jolteon like dad when I grow up. They may catch you, though, and I'd hate to have to save you.”

    “Shut up, they couldn't catch me if they tried! They couldn't run after me, they have only two legs so they'd fall over.”

    “Well yeah, obviously, but they don't need to run, because they've got these red and white balls, and if they throw one at you...”

    “Then what?”

    “BOOM!” Zeph startled Boreas, “you die! And then they turn you into cheese and eat you. True story, they almost caught me when I discovered them earlier today, but I'm way too fast for them.”

    Despite all this talk of danger, Boreas was very curious about the humans now. He slowly sneaked forward and looked between the branches of the shrubs, careful to remain hidden. He saw a bizarre sight. The humans' burrows were above the ground and made of wood and stone. These burrows covered the landscape for as far as he could see. Between the burrows, a few humans were walking. Boreas quickly stepped back into the shrubs so they wouldn't see him and turn him into cheese.

    “See!” Zeph whispered excitedly, “I told you there was a herd of them here!”

    Boreas stepped forward again to take another look at the strange place were the humans lived. This time he saw something that shocked him: there was an Oshawott walking around there, being chased by a human female wearing white and orange clothes and a green thing on her head. “Oh no,” he said, “Zeph, look over there, we have to help that poor Oshawott! The human's going to eat him!”

    Zephyrus looked through the shrubs at the Oshawott. “But what if they catch us too?”

    The human had nearly caught the Oshawott. “We have to go, now!” Boreas said, and he jumped out of the shrubs and started running down the grassy slope, shouting a warning to the Oshawott. But it was too late: the human had reached him and picked him up. Boreas hardly dared to watch, but to his surprise the human just hugged the Oshawott and they both laughed.

    “Boreas!” Zephyrus hissed from the shrubs. “Get back here! The humans will see you!”

    “I... Don't think they're that dangerous, Zeph. Look, that human is just playing with the Oshawott.”

    “Mum and dad will be so mad at you!”

    Boreas realised Zephyrus was right and ran back into the shrubbery.

    “You were so lucky!” Zephyrus said, exasperated, “What if they'd killed you and made you into cheese?”

    “Maybe they don't really do that, Zeph, that human and that Oshawott seemed friendly to each other.”

    “Maybe she was just trying to cheer him up so that when she eats him, his flesh is not all stringy from his sadness.”

    “But you just said they turn you into cheese. Then what does it matter if your flesh is all stringy?”

    “I- um- well- I don't know, I'm not a human. Let's just go back home, okay?”

    But Boreas' curiosity had got the better of him now. “Not yet. There's one more thing I want to do. I want to see what their burrows look like on the inside.”

    “What? You can't go inside them! There'll be humans there, and they'll turn you into cheese!”

    “I know, I won't go inside. Look at that burrow there, one of the windows is open. I could just look through it. Are you coming with me?”

    “O-okay. But if any human comes close, we run for our lives, okay?”

    “Okay,” Boreas nodded. He was frightened too, of course, but his curiosity overwhelmed his fear. They stepped out of the shrubs, and cautiously ran down the grassy slope. A small hedge surrounded the garden of the burrow, but both Eevees were small enough to walk through. They looked around cautiously before running to the open window. It turned out the window was a lot higher than they thought, and they couldn't even look through if they stood on their hind legs.

    “That's a shame,” said Zeph, “let's go now before they catch us.”

    “No, I've got an idea. I'll climb on your back and look inside, then you can climb on my back and look inside.”

    Zeph stood under the window and Boreas climbed on his back. He stood up on his hind legs and looked through the window. There were no humans inside, just their weird furniture. Boreas was somewhat disappointed by the lack of truly bizarre things. Then a delightful smell hit his nostrils and he saw a delicious-looking sausage lying on the table.

    “What do you see?” Zeph whispered.

    “Sausage,” said Boreas, “I'll be back in a moment.” and he pulled himself up on the window frame´s base and jumped inside.

    Inside, he jumped up on a chair, then on the table, grabbed the sausage, and went back outside via the same route.

    “You went inside!” Zeph whispered in awe.

    “And I got us sausage. Now it's your turn to look.”

    “No, this place gives me the creeps. Let's go back to the forest!”

    They ran back to the shrubbery and hid themselves. “Do you want half?” Boreas asked.

    “We don't know what's in it,” said Zeph, “maybe that sausage is made of Eevee flesh!” Boreas took a bite. It tasted delicious. “That would mean you're a cannibal now!”

    Boreas didn't feel any different. “I don't think so, I don't feel like a cannibal. It tastes very good.”

    Zephyrus ate his half of the sausage and let out a satisfied burp. “Y'know, we can't tell mum and dad about this. Only Notus and Eurus. We'd get in so much trouble if mum and dad knew...”

    “Yeah. We should probably go back home now, it'll be dark soon.”

    By the time they made their way back to the burrow's vicinity, the Sun had set and twilight rapidly darkened the forest. Suddenly a distant flash of light lit up the forest.

    “Oh no,” said Boreas, “it's going to storm too... And we'll already be in so much trouble for coming home after dark...”

    Zephyrus suddenly stopped in his tracks. “Boreas, the sky is clear.” Another flash lit up the forest. “And those flashes are coming directly from our burrow's direction...”

    The brothers ran even faster now, and the flashes of light became brighter as they approached. Then, suddenly, there came one final flash and after that the forest remained dark. When they approached the burrow closer, they heard sounds of fighting ahead. When they finally reached the burrow, what they saw was terrible: their mother, standing in the burrow's opening, was fighting five Zangeese at once, using the leaf on her forehead to parry their sharp claws and attack back, while their father lay on the forest floor among three other Zangooses, his throat covered in blood. Their mother was clearly at the end of her abilities too, as several deep cuts, one of which ran over her face and crossed a now dead eye, covered her body and she was losing a lot of blood. She saw Boreas and Zeph stand still in shock and shouted “Run! Run for your lives!”

    This snapped them out of their shock, and they began running through the nocturnal forest. Behind them, two Zangeese decided to pursue the much easier prey. Boreas noticed that Zeph wasn't running at his best speed, but was matching his speed to him.

    “Zeph, run as fast as you can!” he shouted, and an icy shiver of fear went over his spine as he heard the rustling of something running through the shrubbery on both sides.

    “I'm not leaving you behind too, Boreas! We've got to stick toge-”

    A Zangoose jumped from the shrubs, a claw flashed, and Zeph collapsed with a horrifying gargle. Boreas stopped in his tracks as another large white pokémon jumped out in front of him. The Zangoose lifted its sharp claw, and Boreas knew there was no escape and prepared for the killing blow. Suddenly a vine shot from behind him, wrapped around the surprised Zangoose's claw, and threw him to the ground. Boreas looked around in surprise and saw a Snivy and a human standing there.

    “Don't worry, boy!” said the Snivy, “We shan't let them get you too!”

    “Octa, Leaf Tornado!” the human ordered. The Zangoose was charging at Octa and his trainer, both claws ready, but the Snivy created a small tornado of sharp leaves that made the Zangoose cry out in pain as they cut him. The other Zangoose charged the trainer, who jumped back to dodge the first slash, and hid behind a tree against the second. Then he picked up a large stick while his Snivy caught the other Zangoose in another Leaf Tornado, blocked the Zangoose's slash with it, and hit him back so hard that he crashed into a tree. Both Zangeese ran away, back to the burrow.

    “Hah, that was easy,” the Snivy said smugly, “They couldn't even hope to stand a chance against me. Incidentally, my name's Octavianus and- Are you quite alright, boy?”

    The horrible truth had just hit Boreas like a heavy hammer hitting his heart, so he had collapsed and started crying. “Z-Zeph is dead! And dad t-too. And Mum and Eu-eurus and Notus are gone too, aren't they?”

    Octavianus looked defeated. “I- um- Yes, I'm afraid they're all quite dead. I... Apologise we were not here in time to save them as well.”

    A wave of despair overwhelmed Boreas. He had never felt so alone. He just cried in misery on the forest floor for a while. Then two big arms picked him up and held him as he cried for everyone that he'd lost.

    “There, there, little guy,” the human said, “We will take care of you and find you a new home. Don't you worry.”
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    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    A brave Quilava finds herself barely escaping the destruction of her town at the hands of a mysterious army of pokémon. She and her new friend, a clever, yet scatterbrained Kirlia, find themselves enrolled in the adventure of a cocky Glaceon and his Vaporeon wife as they try to stop the mysterious Shadow.

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter two is up!)

    N'aww poor Eevees!

    Only thing I can point out...
    “I know, I won't go inside. Look at that burrow there, one of the windows is open."
    If the young Eevee doesn't even know the correct term for a house, I'd doubt he know what a window would be named, right?

    Other than that? Brilliant reading!

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter two is up!)

    Oh dear, what a backstory... *cries for Boreas's family*

    2010/08/02: 4th chapter

    More fanfiction at:
    Kayi S. Rowling's Library

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter two is up!)

    Quote Originally Posted by TheJustice View Post
    N'aww poor Eevees!

    Only thing I can point out...

    If the young Eevee doesn't even know the correct term for a house, I'd doubt he know what a window would be named, right?

    Other than that? Brilliant reading!
    I was hoping no one would notice that. I had Boreas use the word 'window', despite logically not knowing what a window is, because unlike for the word 'house' or 'town', I couldn't think of an analog word for it that a wild Eevee cub would know, so I would have had to use a lengthier term like 'hole in the wall covered with something transparant', and that would just have disrupted the narrative flow too much.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kayi-chan View Post
    Oh dear, what a backstory... *cries for Boreas's family*
    I felt rather guilty while writing it, and when I came to the part where Zeph dies, I really considered having him survive too. In fact, I'm still considering having him turn out to be alive, just badly wounded in the next chapter.
    Speaking of which, the next chapter will take a while, as I'll be gone most of the week.
    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    A brave Quilava finds herself barely escaping the destruction of her town at the hands of a mysterious army of pokémon. She and her new friend, a clever, yet scatterbrained Kirlia, find themselves enrolled in the adventure of a cocky Glaceon and his Vaporeon wife as they try to stop the mysterious Shadow.

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter two is up!)

    Chapter Three: Octavianus

    Boreas awoke in the open air and, after a moment of disorientation, the bitter memories of the previous night hit him like an anvil of sadness. He tried to go back to the blissful unconsciousness of sleep, but now his sadness, the Sun's light, and his hunger kept him awake. He smelt a delicious odour and tried to ignore it, as he didn't want to ever eat again in his grief. His stomach, however, had different plans and was rumbling loudly. Eventually, he couldn't help submitting to his hunger, so he opened his eyes and slowly got up from under the small blanket that had somehow ended up on top of him.

    “Good to see you awake, boy,” Octavianus said, “I do hope you slept well.”

    “I'm fine.” Boreas lied, “Just a bit hungry.”

    “You're in luck, then,” Octavianus said, “for as you can probably smell, Black is preparing breakfast. Incidentally, what did you say your name was?”

    “I didn't... But it's Boreas.”

    “Ah, good. Did I introduce myself yet? Regardless, my name is Octavianus, but please call me Octa. For Octavianus is a good name to bear, but rather sesquipedalian.”

    “R-right, I suppose it is.”

    “Octa!” Black called, “Breakfast is ready, so wake up our guest and come here!”

    Boreas was hungry, of course, but he was a bit afraid of coming closer to the human, still worried he might end up as breakfast. “I don't want breakfast.”

    “Come, my dear fellow,” Octa said to Boreas, “I heard your borborygmi, so don't pretend you're not hungry. You'll feel better once you've had a decent meal. Besides, I think 'tis about time you met Black.”

    Boreas' stomach rumbled loudly and saliva entered his mouth as he smelt the food's delicious odour again, and that convinced him to join Octa and Black. Black was baking food in a pan on a small fire and currently scooping the food onto three plates. He saw Boreas and smiled friendly. “Hey there, Eevee. It's good to see you're awake. Have some breakfast.”

    Boreas sat down and ate gratefully. The food was delicious and warmed him from the inside. He felt satisfied for the first time in a day as he ate. He looked up at the friendly human who had rescued him and made him breakfast, and decided he would have to tell Eurus and Zeph that humans-

    He felt a lump in his throat and his eyes became hazy with tears as he realised he could never tell Eurus or Zeph how wrong they were, nor would Eurus ever try to make something up and pass it off as truth. Both of them were gone forever. The grief for his lost family came back in full force and bitter tears forced themselves into his eyes.

    Black petted Boreas' collar. “There, there, little guy. I can't bring back your family, but I promise I will find you someone to live with. Accumula Town is just a few days away, and there must be something they can do for orphaned pokémon at it's pokécenter. I'll make sure they will take good care of you. By the way, what should I call you?”

    Boreas tried to stop crying. “B-Boreas.”

    “He can't understand you, my dear fellow,” Octa said picking up a small stick, “but let me help you.” he wrote Boreas' name in the earth with the stick in elaborate, curly letters.

    “Thanks, Octa.” Black said, “so your name is Boreas? Well then, Boreas, don't you worry, we'll get you to safety. Speaking of which, I think we should get going if you're both done eating.”

    Black returned the plates and pan to his backpack and they set out over the over the earthy path through the forest. Octa walked next to Boreas and started talking to him. “Say, my dear fellow, I know this is somewhat of a sensitive subject to you, but do you happen to know if your parents were well-bred?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I mean: who selected your grandparents to breed? How far back do you know your family tree? Is your family pure-blooded, or do you descend from any non-Eevees? You must understand, genealogy is somewhat of an interest of mine.”

    “I... Don't know.”

    Octa sighed. “Then you probably aren't well-bred, what a pity. I want you to know, though, that it won't interfere with a potential friendship between us.”

    “It won't?” Boreas wasn't sure what he'd done wrong, but that was a relief to hear.

    “No, it won't. Some, like my great-aunt Galaxia, believe those of good lineage should only interact with others of good lineage and treat those who aren't well-bred with contempt, but I don't agree with that. That's just getting things backwards, for it seems to suppose that not having good ancestry is a curse, while good ancestry is the standard. In reality, of course, it is the other way around: good ancestry is a blessing, and the standard is not having so. The fact that you aren't well-bred simply means that while I was born into greatness, you shall have to achieve it for yourself.”

    Boreas still wasn't quite sure what Octa was talking about. “What do you mean?”

    Octa was, by now, gleaming with pride. “You see, my dear fellow, my family has been bred by expert breeders for thirty-five generations to be an excellent line of great pokémon, and I can, in fact, tell you a plethora of stories about each of those generations. I am a direct descendant, for example, by twenty-six generations, of the Serperior that was used by the warlord Kalgan, whom ruled all of Unova three centuries ago. And my ancestor by thirty-one generations' brother Vigintus was the main pokémon in the team of Sir Edward Slateport, whom discovered Hoenn. And Hieronymus, my ancestor of fifteen generations...”


    “...Well, you get the idea. He went on like that for hours, describing the life and achievements of what must've been hundreds of members of his thirty-five generation ancestry.”

    “He sounds like an arrogant, pompous twit.” Aqua said.

    Boreas chuckled. “Well, he is. But he's also a nice guy and a good friend once you get over his smug attitude and obsession with ancestry.”

    “Still, blabbering about his own family like that to someone who'd just lost his family, and indirectly insulting your family while acting like he's so enlightened...” She grabbed Boreas' paw. “It must've been so hard for you...”

    Boreas blushed. “I-uh- well- I didn't feel so bad. And... um... Where was I? Oh yeah. Actually, Octa's stories about his family actually distracted me from my own family, and I was content to just listen to him for several hours. Anyway, in the end I just couldn't hold in my laughter at the weird way he speaks...”


    “...And so 'twas like that that she- What's so funny, my dear fellow?” Octa stopped talking.

    Boreas just couldn't hold in his chuckling. “You talk funny.”

    Octa wasn't amused. “What are you insinuating?”

    “I mean you say things like “my dear fellow” and “'tis”. Do all captured pokémon talk like you?”

    Octa had returned to his prideful manner. “No, my dear fellow, not many talk like me. This style of speech signifies a sharp wit, great intelligence, good ancestry, and mastery of our noble language.”

    Boreas thought. “So if 'tis like thee, my dear fellow, that that I shall be predilected to employ vocabulary with sesquipedalian loquaciousness, notwithstanding the availability of more comprehensible diminutive alternatives, I shall signify myself to possess all of these qualities? Or shall it just be anaspeptic, prasmotic, or even compunctuous of me to cause others extreme periconbobulations when they cannot comprehend me?”

    Both were silent for a moment, then erupted into laughter. Octa slapped Boreas on the back jovially.

    “Shh.” Black hissed. He was standing still in the path. “Look over there, a Lillipup!”

    A Lillipup was sitting under a tree next to the path. It had apparently not noticed them yet. “Excellent.” Octa said, rubbing his hands, “a new teammember.”

    “No, Octa.” Black said, “I was thinking of capturing it. I hear their final evolution is wicked strong. Get in there and use Vine Whip.”

    “That's what I- Oh, never mind.” Octa sighed. He ran at the Lillipup and hit it with a vine, to its great surprise.

    “Great job!” Black called, “Now I can catch it!” He threw a pokéball. It landed harmless several metres to the Lillipup's right. The startled Lillipup ran off into the forest, calling for help.

    “You missed?” Octa said incredulously, “How could you miss it?”

    “Sorry, that was the first time I ever threw a pokéball... I thought it would be lighter. Still, it's several days to Accumula, so it's not like we won't run into any other wild pokémon to catch and show to Bianca and Cheren.”

    “Hmpf,” Octa snorted, “like we'd ever lose a pokémon catching contest to those two.”

    “Octa, why do you and Black want to catch pokémon?” Boreas asked as they continued on the path.

    “Because, my dear fellow, the Champion battles with six pokémon. Despite my ancestry and skill, I couldn't hope to defeat six pokémon on my own. So we'll need a team of six by then. Preferably sooner, as most other trainers use multiple pokémon too.”

    “What is the Champion?” Boreas asked.

    Octa stared at him incredulously. “You... Don't know? Sorry, I forgot you are very young and grew up in the wild. The Champion is the most powerful trainer in all of Unova. When Black defeats him, he will be the new Champion, and I will be in the Hall of Fame as his main pokémon. Of course, that will not be a new feat for my family, as I directly descend from nineteen different Hall of Fame members. My grandmother, for example, was in-”

    Boreas interrupted him, “Where does the Champion live?”

    “The Champion can be found all the way in the north of Unova, on the top of a large, deserted mountain. There is a castle there, where the Champion and four other mighty trainers will battle challengers. But to even be allowed to challenge them, one first has to collect all eight badges. This is done by defeating the Gym Leader of each city, a powerful trainer whom is an expert on his or her speciality type. We are currently journeying through Unova to collect all eight badges.”

    “How many do you already have?”

    Octa seemed a bit embarrassed. “Not a single one, actually. Black and I only met yesterday, I was a birthday present to him. We're travelling to Striaton City, where we will defeat our first Gym Leader, and on the way there, we will stop in Accumula to get you a new home.”
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    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    A brave Quilava finds herself barely escaping the destruction of her town at the hands of a mysterious army of pokémon. She and her new friend, a clever, yet scatterbrained Kirlia, find themselves enrolled in the adventure of a cocky Glaceon and his Vaporeon wife as they try to stop the mysterious Shadow.

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Chapter three is up!)

    During the week of the forums being down I finished two chapters. Enjoy.

    Chapter Four: Rivals N Enemies

    “...To which the barman says: “May I push in your stool?”” Octa finished. Boreas laughed, though the joke was rather lame. “Now it's your turn again, my dear fellow.”

    “Let me think...” Boreas said, “Oh yeah, I remember another one: A zombie-pirate and a Wigglytuff are walking on the beach together, when suddenly the zombie-pirate steps in a- Hey, look over there, I think we're getting close to another herd of humans!” Boreas pointed at a big, grey building that was visible through the trees.

    Herd of humans, my dear fellow?” Octa mocked, “We in the civilised world call it a town, you know.”

    Embarrassed, Boreas uncomfortably shifted position in Black's arms. “I know, I know.”

    Octa climbed from Black's shoulders to his head and stood on top of it to look further. “Regardless of your odd vocabulary, I believe you're right. We seem to be approaching an urban centre, quite possibly Accumula.”

    “Ouch!” Black yelped, “Octa, get back on my shoulder, or you can walk for yourself!”

    Octa quickly apologised and slithered back to his shoulder. The sight of the big grey building ahead frightened Boreas a bit. “Octa, I'm scared. Isn't going inside a human town dangerous for us?”

    “Well, on our own it might be somewhat perilous, yes, but with Black along we have nothing to worry about. Humans never attempt to capture one another's pokémon. After all, if one went around doing so, what is to stop others from doing the same, and then one would have to perpetually watch one's pokémon and be wary of others. Besides, most pokémon are rather attached to their trainer and wouldn't appreciate being taken.”

    “But what if we get lost? Or if there's something much more dangerous than humans hidden in there? And I don't know anything about human towns, maybe I'll inadvertently do something very stupid or dangerous...”

    “Don't worry, my dear fellow, just stay close to Black and yours truly. I shall tell you all about urban locations and their oddities once we arrive there.”

    “Hey, Black!” A voice shouted from behind, “Yoohooo, wait up!”

    “Bianca?” Black said as he turned around. A human female wearing white and orange clothing was running at them while waving. Black stopped to wait for her..

    “Heeey, Black!” She said as she caught up, beaming, “It's good to see you again! What, it's been...” A thoughtful expression appeared on her face.

    “...All of five days, yeah.” Black chimed in jokingly.

    Bianca returned to her energetic demeanour, “Only five days? But so much happened! I have so
    much to tell you!”

    Black smiled friendly. “I have much to tell you too. Why don't we try to find Cheren and then we can have something to eat together in Accumula?”

    “Cheren? Oh, I passed him about an hour ago, so he should catch up to us soon. I wanted to walk with him, but he was so slow and when I told him to hurry up he became all Cheren-like and told me I would scare off- Oh, you caught an Eevee!”

    Before either Black or Boreas could protest, Bianca had taken Boreas from Black's arms and was hugging him. “Oh, it's so cute! Where did you find an Eevee, I want one too! They're so rare and cute! Oh, it's so cute and fluffy, like a teddy bear! It's even purring cutely! What will you make it evolve into? I hear they can evolve into three different pokémon! Oh, Cheren will be so jealous of you when he sees it! Has it- Hey, don't be scared!”

    Boreas, startled by the sudden hug, had escaped from Bianca's grip and was now hiding from the overly energetic human behind Black's legs.

    “I told you you would scare pokémon away.” Another approaching human said. He had black hair and wore glasses, black trousers, and a blue jacket. “And to answer your questions, since Black looks like he just about drowned in that torrent of words of yours, yes it is, presumably here on Route 1, yes they are, yes it is, it was actually growling because you were just about smothering it, knowing Black he probably doesn't know yet, they can actually evolve into seven different pokémon, and no, I won't.”

    “Hi Cheren.” Black greeted the new arrival. “Where's your pokémon?”

    “Tepig is in his pokéball.” Cheren said. “There's no reason to tire him with walking around.”

    “Oh yeah, I returned Oshy to his pokéball too,” Bianca said as the three walked into Accumula, “he was very tired after we caught a seriously cute Lillipup, so I'm giving him a rest. By the way, guys, how's your pokédex coming along? Did I mention I caught a Lillipup and that it was really cute yet? So now I'm at 2.”

    “I've caught a Purrloin,” Cheren said, “so if that Eevee is all Black caught, it looks like we have a three-way tie.”

    Black scratched behind his ear in embarrassment. “Uh yeah, I didn't actually catch Boreas, he's not really mine. I'm just taking him to the pokécenter.”

    Boreas had more or less forgotten about that. In the past few days, he'd gotten so used to being around Black and Octa that he didn't really want to be dropped off at the pokécenter any more.

    “Really?” Bianca asked, “what's wrong with him then?”

    Black told the other humans the story of how the Zangeese had attacked Boreas' family and how he had managed to rescue only Boreas as they walked through town. The story reminded Boreas of that horrible night, and how terribly alone he had felt. He had felt as if he was the only person left in a cold, dark, empty universe, no one to care for him, with no one to talk to, no one to love, no one to dry his tears about his family. Now he had Octa and Black, and the thought of losing them too and being alone once again was unbearable.

    “Octa, Black!” he squeaked, “I want to stay with you! I don't want to go to someone else!”

    “Are you certain, my dear fellow?” Octa said, slithering down to the ground and walking next to Boreas, “we shall be travelling through Unova for at least several months, quite possibly years. We may encounter exceptionally perilous situations, and circumstances may get dire, especially during winter. Wouldn't you prefer if the pokécenter found you someone who doesn't travel and has a group of Eevees, so that you may live happily with an adoptive family?”

    “No, I want to stay with you, you are my friends. I don't care if it may be dangerous, I want to stay with you. Please?”

    “I'm honoured, my dear fellow, but you'll have to convince Black, not me. Of course, that means you'll first have to make him understand what you're saying in the first place. For what it's worth, I'd like it if you remained with us. 'Tis said that a civilised man seeks out good and intelligent company, so that through learned discourse he may rise above the savage and come closer to Arceus.”

    Black had just finished his story and Bianca was softly weeping. “So, did you catch any pokémon after that?” Cheren asked.

    Bianca was suddenly furious. “You- You callous, cold-hearted, insensitive jerk! How can you care about the stupid pokémon catching contest after that?”

    Cheren held up his hands in apology. “I'm sorry, I meant nothing by it, I was just curious.”

    “No, I didn't catch any pokémon. I... just didn't meet any. Bad luck, I guess.”

    Boreas grinned. They had actually met nine wild pokémon, three of them had fled before Black could even throw a pokéball, he had missed five of them, and the only one that he had actually hit, a Patrat, had escaped from the pokéball and ran off before he could thrown a second.

    “That's strange,” Cheren said, clearly suspecting the truth, “I ran into seven wild pokémon. What rotten bad luck for you. If I was a suspicious kind of person, I might actually think you were lying and are just really bad at catching pokémon... If I were a suspicious kind of person.”

    “R-right. Fortunately you aren't a suspicious person, are you?”

    Boreas tried to tell Black that he wanted to stay with him.

    “You want me to hurry up?” Black asked, “Alright then, we'll visit the pokécenter before finding a place to eat if you just can't wait.”

    “No, no, that's not what I said at all!” Boreas said.

    “Alright, alright, calm down, we're already going. You just can't wait to get there, can you?”

    Exasperated, Boreas turned to Octa. “Can you believe this guy?”

    Black turned to Bianca and Cheren, “I'll have to visit the pokécenter first, and I'll probably be there for a while. Why don't you go on ahead, I'll catch up later.”

    “No no no.” Bianca said jolly, “Oshy needs a break, I'll follow you to the pokécenter. Cheren is coming along too.”

    “But I don't- hmpf, whatever.” Cheren sighed.

    “Octa, can't you write what I'm trying to tell him?” Boreas asked.

    “Sorry, my dear fellow, but these stone roads are too hard to write on. We'll have to think of something else, and fast too.”

    Boreas was too busy thinking to be worried about the humans all around them or the weird stone surroundings as they walked through town. Suddenly an idea sprang to mind. “Octa, we could form the shapes of the letters ourselves!”

    “Wouldn't that look rather silly, though?” Octa responded.

    “C'mon, help me. I can't do it by myself.”

    “Fine. B is up first.” Octa sighed. Boreas stood up on two legs, carefully keeping his balance with his tail, and Octa grabbed his shoulders and curved his body to form the upper bulge of the B while his tail formed the lower bulge. With Octa hanging on to him like that, Boreas had a very hard time staying on two legs.

    “Aww, look how cute!” Bianca squealed, “Black, your pokémon are playing some kind of game.”

    “Hey, that looks pretty funny.” Black chuckled.

    “Oh, oh!” Bianca looked like something was just escaping her memory. “I think I saw pokémon do funny tricks like that on TV once... Let me think... Oh yeah, it's called a pokémon musical! I think they do them in Driftveil!”

    “Nimbasa.” Cheren corrected her.

    “When I get to Nimbasa, I'm totally going to sign up my pokémon for that, it'll be so cute! You guys should sign yours up for it too when you get there! Maybe they'll get to perform together.”

    Meanwhile Boreas just couldn't keep his balance any more, so he let go of Octa and they both fell backwards. “Hmpf, that was futile.” Octa grumbled.

    “No it wasn't!” Boreas didn't want to give up hope yet, “Let's form the next letter.”

    “That won't help, my dear fellow.” Octa said, “If they didn't recognise our B as a letter, an O shan't fare much better. I'm afraid we'll have to think of something else.”

    They followed the humans through the town, thinking in silence, when they entered a large square where people were coalescing. One of the buildings had an image of a pokéball printed on it's façade and a red roof.

    “Look Boreas,” Black said, “That's the pokécenter where we'll find you a new family.”

    Boreas shakes his head, but Black had looked away before he saw the gesture.

    “I wonder what's going on there.” Cheren said, looking at the people collecting on the other side of the square.

    “Oh, let's check it out!” Bianca said, “It's sure to be exciting if it draws so many people!”

    “I think Boreas wants to get to the pokécenter right now.” Black said, “Or is it okay if we see what;s going on first?” Boreas and Octa both nodded vehemently. “Okay, let's see then.”

    The three humans joined the crowd to see what was going on. Octa and Boreas each climbed to one of Black's shoulders so they could see over all the humans. On a grassy plateau in the square stood nine humans. Eight of them wore the same costume, mostly grey with a white, apron-like cloth. The left- and rightmost of them were holding big black flags with a symbol of a blue line that zigzagged over a shield and formed a P. The same symbol was also embedded on their clothing. The eight who wore the same costume formed a line together, and a ninth figure was pacing in front of them. His clothing was nothing like the others', a long yellow-and blue mantle with red eyes on it and an upper portion that resembled a castle's battlements. He had long green hair and his right eye was covered by a red eyepatch.

    “My name is Ghetsis.” he spoke. His voice sounded like it belonged to a much older man. “I am here representing Team Plasma. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to talk to you about pokémon liberation.”

    “Huh?” Cheren said.

    “What?” Bianca said.

    Ghetsis continued as he paced. “I'm sure most of you believe that we humans and pokémon are partners that have come to live together because we want and need each other. However... Is that really the truth? Have you ever considered that perhaps we humans... Only assume that this is the truth? Pokémon are subject to the selfish commands of trainers... They get pushed around when they are our “partners” at work... Can anyone say with confidence that there is no truth in what I'm saying?”

    “No way.” Cheren exclaimed, though his voice betrayed some uncertainty.

    Black seemed lost in thought. “I don't know.” he mumbled.

    “Now, ladies and gentlemen, pokémon are different from humans. They are living beings that contain unknown potential. They are living beings from which we humans have much to learn.”

    “You can say that again.” Octa proudly said.

    “Tell me, what is our responsibility toward these wonderful beings called pokémon?”

    “What could it be?” Bianca mumbled.

    “Liberation?” Cheren said mocking.

    “That's right!” Ghetsis pointed at Cheren, either oblivious to or ignoring the sarcasm, “We must liberate the pokémon! Then, and only then, will humans and pokémon truly be equals. Everyone, I end my words here today by imploring you to consider the relationship between people and pokémon... And the correct way to proceed. We sincerely appreciate your attention.”


    “That all sounded very reasonable.” Aqua said. “I take it that wasn't your last meeting with Team Plasma.”

    “Unfortunately it wasn't.” Boreas said, “But I agree, Ghetsis' speech sounded very reasonable, and it gave everyone something to think about. People around us were discussing it, and I myself wondered if I really wanted to stay with Black. If being with humans really meant being ordered around and never reaching my full potential like Ghetsis said, wouldn't it be better to be released? Though Octa didn't say anything, he may have wondered what right human breeders had had to choose for thirty-five generations whom his ancestors bred with. At least, he should have wondered that.”

    “But despite you thinking of leaving Black, you obviously convinced yourself you wanted to stay with him and somehow managed to communicate that to him, didn't you?”

    “Yes I did, but I got some help on the second point...”


    The crowd dispersed as Boreas was thinking about all that Ghetsis had said while Bianca, Cheren, and Black discussed the same topic. The only other person who kept standing in place was a human with long green hair. He wore white clothes and a Purrloin sat on his shoulder.

    “I agree with Cheren.” Octa said to Boreas, “While this gentleman may be right about some humans, Black is not like that. I, for one, would not leave even if he did “liberate” me.”

    The green-haired human seemed to be startled by that. He walked over, pushed a surprised Bianca aside, and spoke very rapidly: “Your Snivy, just now he was saying-”

    “Hey, who do you think you are?” Cheren asked annoyed.

    “Saying? What do you mean?” Black said. “That's a weird thing to say.”

    “Oh.” the human seemed disappointed, “Then you can't understand them either. How sad. My name is N.”

    Octa chuckled. “Now what kind of silly name is that?” he said to Boreas as the three other humans introduced themselves.

    “That is my name.” N said.

    Octa blushed. “Um- I apologise, I was just surprised by your rather uncommon name. My name is Octavianus, and my friend on the other shoulder is Boreas.”

    “It's a pleasure to meet you both.”

    Boreas was becoming increasingly aware that Black was in an awkward situation, with N talking to the pokémon on his shoulders and more or less ignoring him. “You can talk to pokémon?”

    N nodded. “Yes, I grew up with pokémon and learned to understand them. It's a shame your master cannot.”

    Black scraped his throat. “Oh yeah, almost forgot I was here. So, N, it was nice meeting you, but we've got a pokédex to complete and a Champion to beat, so-”

    N interrupted him. “The pokédex, eh? So you're going to confine many, many pokémon in pokéballs then.”

    “Um, I-”

    “I'm a trainer too, but I can't help wondering... Are pokémon really happy that way?”

    “I don't know if they are,” Black said, “but I try my best to make my pokémon as happy as I can.”

    “You're an interesting trainer. Let me see your skills and your pokémon's!”

    “So, you want a battle then? Octa, show that Purrloin what you can do!”

    Octa jumped off Black's shoulders. “Ha, the day I lose to a Purrloin is the day I ask my parents whether I was adopted!”

    “Then get ready to hear their confession!” The Purrloin said as he jumped off N's shoulder.

    “Show him who's boss, Diego!” N cheered his pokémon on, “Pursuit!”

    “Hit it with a Vine Whip, Octa!” Black ordered.

    As Diego came charging for Octa, vines shot out of Octa's hands and hit him hard in the face. The Purrloin, however, didn't even flinch at the pain, nor did he seem wounded or hurt in any way. In his surprise, Octa forgot to defend and the Purrloin jumped on him and dug his claws into his flesh. Octa tried to get the Purrloin off him by slapping it with his vines multiple times, but as before Diego seemed impervious to the attack.

    Black recognised the uneven battle and got Octa's pokéball out. “Octa, retu-”

    “No, I've got this!” Octa said. To Boreas' great surprise, Black actually seemed to understand the meaning this time.

    Octa lashed out with both vines this time, and the Purrloin was knocked loose, made a half somersault through the air, and landed hard on the ground.

    “Ha, and how do you like that?” Octa boasted, “You cou- Hey, are you alright, chap?”

    It seemed Octa had hit Diego much harder than he'd thought. The Purrloin was not getting up, and a flood of blood was starting to ooze out of deep wounds all over his body. His breathing was very fast and shallow.

    Octa rushed over to the dying Purrloin, heavily shocked. “H-Holy smokes, no. I didn't- It wasn't my intention to-”

    Suddenly the blood now covering Diego's flanks disappeared, and he lifted his head, bit Octa's leg, and gave him two vicious slashes with his claws. Octa screamed in pain, Black cursed, and Boreas shouted: “That's cheating!”

    N smiled mischievously and said, with a twinkle in his eyes: “No, it isn't. It's a legitimate attack called Fake Tears. Diego just gave it his own special touch.”

    “You filthy feline fiend!” Octa hissed furiously as he slapped Diego with his vines, “I'll get you for that!”

    While the battle continued as it did before, with Diego seemingly impervious to Octa's attacks, Boreas asked, “But how? How did he do that trick with the blood?”

    N merely smiled as he cheered Diego on. Boreas decided to give his own support to Octa and cheered “C'mon Octa, you aren't losing to a Purrloin, are you?”

    “I'm not losing,” Octa hissed as he dodged another Pursuit, “he's just a bit more surreptitious than I had expected.”

    With a rapid turn, Diego once again grabbed a hold of Octa with his sharp claws. Octa desperately slammed him with vines, and he let go and ran back to N while Octa pursued. Diego climbed back to N's shoulder.

    “Come back here!” Octa called after him, “'Tis not over yet!”

    “Actually, it is.” N said, “I give up, you win.”

    “Huh?” Black said, “But your pokémon isn't even hurt yet!”

    “Diego is in much worse condition than you can see.” N responded. “You win, but remember that as long as pokémon are confined in pokéballs, they will never be perfect beings. I have to change the world for pokémon, because they are my friends.” He started to walk off when Boreas had an idea.

    “N!” he called, “could you please tell Black I want to stay with him?”

    N turned around surprised. “Why?”

    “Black rescued me from a pack of Zangeese that killed my family. He wants to take me to the pokécenter so they can find a new home for me, but I've already found one. I want to stay with him.”

    “I never expected to hear pokémon say such things...” N said. He turned to Black. “Boreas says he wants to stay with you. I can't fathom why, but he's quite adamant about it.” He walked off.

    “Weird guy.” Cheren said, looking after N. “But I'm not going to worry about it.”

    “Boreas, do you really want to stay with me? Don't you want me to find you a new home?” Black asked.

    Boreas nodded. “Well, if you're as adamant about it as N said, I won't try to persuade you. Welcome to the team, then.”

    “I do still have to visit the pokécenter, though.” Black said to Bianca and Cheren, “Octa received some nasty scratches in that battle.”

    Bianca had been uncharacteristically silent for quite a while now. “Black, I've been thinking about what that Ghetsis guy and N said. D'you think they might be right? I mean, maybe Ghetsis is right about this pokémon liberation thing. What if Oshy is unhappy with me?”

    Black gave his friend's shoulder a friendly squeeze. “I'm sure he's very happy with you.”

    “Do you really think so?”

    “Of course,” Black boasted, “I don't need N's powers to understand the general idea of what a pokémon thinks.”

    Octa and Boreas roared with laughter.

    Chapter Five: Boreas' First Battle

    A light spring drizzle fell from the sky and made small puddles on the road as Black and his pokémon walked over Route 2. Unlike Route 1, Route 2 was a paved stone road where occasionally cars and bicycles would pass. Due to this they covered a larger distance every day, but they met very few wild pokémon. Black was wearing a long raincoat, but Octa and Boreas thought the rain was quite refreshing. At some point they became aware of a strange rattling sound very far away. In the course of several minutes it became louder and clearly came from behind. A human boy on a bicycle was approaching, slowly overtaking them. As he approached the rattling noise that a piece of paper stuck in his wheel was making became louder and more annoying. When he finally overtook them, he suddenly braked and made a skidmark two metres long.

    “Hey dude!” the boy shouted as he jumped off his bike. He wore a shorts and a T-shirt that said “N00BS R NOT COOL”. “Why aren't you wearing shorts? They're comfy and easy to wear!”

    “Because it's raining.” Black said, “And pretty cold. Besides, I prefer to wear trousers.”

    “But dude, all the cool kids are wearing shorts!”

    “I'll keep that in mind. Bye.” Black walked on.

    The boy followed him. “I'm Jimmy. You should wear shorts, dude, or everyone will think you're some gay noob.”

    Black yawned. “I couldn't care less. Now please, go bother someone else, kid.”

    “No, I want to battle with your pokémon! I'll show you how awesome my Patrat is!”

    Black smiled slyly and stopped walking. “Sure. I'll accept your challenge.”

    “Awesome!” Jimmy said, “My pokéball is at my bike, so I'll go get it!”

    While Jimmy ran back to his bicycle, Black knelt to talk to his pokémon. “Alright Boreas,” he whispered, “now that you're a member of the team, we'll have to teach you how to battle. And I think this stupid kid would be an excellent first opponent for you. After all, you couldn't possibly lose to him.”

    Boreas felt very nervous. “But I don't even know what to do!”

    “Great, just follow my commands.” Black said as he got up.

    Jimmy had returned. “I'm gonna win this! Patrat, go!” He threw his pokéball and a Patrat came out.

    “Get him, Boreas!” Black said.

    Boreas turned to Octa. “Wh-what do I do?”

    “Just get in there and follow Black's orders. You'll likely be victorious, for it's just a Patrat and her trainer looks like his entire family put together would be intellectually inferior to either of us.”

    “Okay.” Boreas said meekly as he nervously set a few steps forward.

    “Patrat, Tackle!” Jimmy ordered.

    “Boreas, start off with a Tail Whip!” Black ordered.

    The Patrat ran at Boreas and bashed into him at full speed. The air was knocked out of Boreas' lungs and he only barely managed to keep from falling over. His side hurt badly where the Patrat had hit him. Boreas slapped the Patrat with his tail, but the Patrat didn't seem to care and knocked him down with another Tackle.

    “That's not how you-” Black started, but then he said “Never mind. Just hit that Patrat with a Tackle.”

    The Patrat had put some distance between her and Boreas, so Boreas had the chance to charge at her. When he impacted the Patrat, he painfully felt the shock in through his neck, and fell to the ground again as the impact dizzied him, while the Patrat seemed only a little bruised. She Tackled him again, and now his ears were buzzing and spots were dancing before his eyes. He was aware of Black and Octa shouting orders, encouragements, or advice to him, but he couldn't make out the words. His entire body was sore, and as he tried to get up again, his foe impacted him once again and he collapsed immediately.

    “I give up.” Black said sadly.

    “Woohoo!” Jimmy cheered. “I won! Hahaha, take that!”

    Boreas felt incredibly ashamed about losing. He didn't want to look up to see the disappointment in Black and Octa's eyes, but he could hardly keep lying on the ground either. With a sigh and a jolt of pain from his sore limbs, he got up while Jimmy gloated to Black. Boreas kept his gaze down, not wanting to look Octa or Black in the face. Finally Jimmy got on his bicycle and rode away, chanting “I beat a big kid! I beat a big kid! I beat some guy who doesn't wear shorts!”

    Seeing Boreas trudge sadly with his tail between his legs, Black picked him up and petted his collar. “Hey, don't worry about it. You just weren't ready and I asked too much of you. We'll make you a good battler yet, we'll start training immediately. No, let's make that tomorrow when it's not raining.”

    Glad that Black wasn't angry at him, Boreas jumped back to the ground only to see Octa was not in a good mood. “Octa? Are you mad at me?”

    Octa sighed. “I don't suppose I should be, for you couldn't really help it. I'm just exceptionally embarrassed to have lost to some nincompoop and his Patrat.”

    “I'm sorry.”

    “Don't be, my dear fellow. One shouldn't dwell on one's mistakes, but instead look forward to prevent repeating them. And since Black declared we shall train you tomorrow, I doubt your next battle will go similarly.”

    “I just... Didn't think it would be that hard and painful. Even my own attacks hurt. Does that get any better?”

    “Your neck probably hurts now, doesn't it? At least that Tackle you performed looked bad for your neck. The problem lies here: just because you can do something, doesn't mean that act will be reliable in combat. Of course you can tackle someone, but if you haven't mastered Tackle, you could hurt yourself as much as your opponent, as you've noticed. Or take Bite, for example. Pretty much every pokémon can bite, but that doesn't mean biting shall be reliable as a move in combat. If you were to try biting your opponent untrained, you might lose teeth, and the bite shan't be as powerful as it could be.”

    “So what you're saying is that I lost because I am untrained, and that I might've won if I had been trained.”

    “Might have won? You would most certainly have won if you had had some basic training. I could have defeated that Patrat blindfolded and with my both arms tied behind my back, and so shall you in a few days. Well, except for the arms, that is, for you couldn't walk properly with them tied behind your back.”

    The next day it was sunny, so they spent the entire day teaching Boreas how to fight. In the beginning they used Black's rolled up sleeping bag as a target for Boreas' attacks, as it was soft enough to prevent him from hurting himself. Later, when Boreas had learned how to keep himself relatively safe during his attacks, Octa acted as the target instead, easily blocking or dodging most of his attacks. However, as the day continued the rare occasions where Boreas would manage to hit Octa became increasingly common, and he was starting to figure out several handy tricks for surprising him, so eventually they switched back to using the sleeping bag as a target instead. By the end of the day, Boreas was exhausted but satisfied with a hard day's work.

    The next day they did a different kind of training. Now Octa would hit Boreas with attacks, and Boreas had to try to dodge or block his attacks. Boreas found this form of training a lot less enjoyable, even though Octa made sure to put very little strength behind the attacks. By noon Boreas had only started managing to dodge the attacks once in a while, and was getting quite sore from the hundreds of weak attacks that had hit him all morning.

    While they were eating lunch, resting from the training, a familiar voice called “Heeeey Black!”

    “Hey there, Bianca.” Black said before turning around to greet her.

    “Oh, you're having lunch, that's a great idea, mind if we join you?”

    “Not at all.” Bianca and her two pokémon, an Oshawott and a Lillipup, joined them. The Oshawott seemed very shy and more or less hid behind the Lillipup.

    “Hi,” the Lillipup said, “I'm Puppy, and this is Oshy.”

    “We've met.” Octa said with a slight bow, indicating the shy Oshawott, “But it's nice to meet you. My name is Octavianus, and my friend here is-”

    “I'm Boreas.” Boreas introduced himself. Octa looked a bit annoyed at being interrupted.

    “You know,” Bianca said to Black, “Cheren said I walk too fast and will chase wild pokémon away like that. I think he may be right, because I left two days after you from Accumula to visit the market, but I've already overtaken you.”

    “You don't walk that fast, I haven't travelled for the past two days in order to train Boreas.”

    “Oh yeah, the really cute Eevee, right? I think Cheren may have stopped to train too. I guess that's important if you want to beat the Gym Leaders, I mean, they're gonna be pretty tough, won't they? But I think I'll see how strong the one in Striaton City is first before I really wait to train.”

    “I was originally planning to do the same, but when I battled some kid Wednesday, it turned out Boreas had absolutely no experience in any battles whatsoever, so I decided to train him first. Speaking of which, I'd like to see how he fares in a battle now. Will you battle me?”

    Bianca adjusted her hat. “Challenge accepted. So... We'll each use two pokémon, I think, because that's all we have. Let's get to it!”

    Octa stood up. “Well gentlemen, it seems we are going to have a battle. Arceusspeed to all of you.”

    “...Okay.” Oshy said quietly.

    “Right, bring it on! And good luck to you too!” Puppy barked.

    Boreas felt a lump of anxiety in his throat. “Octa, I don't know if I can do this.”

    “Don't worry, my dear fellow, you'll be fine this time. Remember all that you've learned in the past two days, and just concentrate on the battle.”

    “Boreas, you're up first, good luck!” Black said.

    “Puppy, let's see how well Black's training has paid off!”

    Puppy and Boreas stood opposite each other, waiting for the battle to start. “Boreas, Tail Whip!” Black ordered.

    Boreas wagged his tail in a manner that was as cute as he could manage to make him seem harmless to the opponent. “Ha!” Bianca said, “That didn't do anything! Tackle him!”

    Puppy charged for Boreas, so Boreas patiently waited for the last moment, and then quickly sidestepped out of the way and pursued with a Tackle of his own. Puppy came to a halt after missing Boreas and had no time to dodge Boreas' Tackle and was hit hard by it. This time Boreas wasn't hurt by the impact at all, and managed to get out of the way before the Lillipup could counter-attack his counter-attack. After another command from Bianca, Puppy charged Boreas again. Boreas quickly used his paw to toss some earth into his face, obscuring his vision. All it took was an easy sidestep and a quick Tackle as Puppy missed him. Puppy quickly recovered, however, and unexpectedly hit Boreas rather hard. Boreas charged for Puppy now, compensating for his attempt to dodge, and hit him full on. Puppy collapsed, and Bianca called for his return.

    Octa laughed and applauded. “Jolly good work, my dear fellow! I shall now take it over from you, though I wonder whether 'tis at all necessary.”

    “Great work, Boreas!” Black said, “Now get back, Octa will fight the Oshawott.”

    Boreas proudly returned to Black's side as Octa took over from him.

    “Now it's time for this little one!” Bianca said as Oshy stepped up to meet Octa.

    Octa did a little bow as a pre-battle salute and Oshy responded with a curt nod.


    “Leaf Tornado!”

    As Oshy charged him, Octa whipped up a small tornado of leaves, cutting Oshy and hurting him, though Boreas noticed the cuts were only superficial scrapes, unlike the deep wounds Octa had caused to the Zangoose trying to kill him on the night they had met. Octa didn't manage to dodge the quick Tackle that followed, but he responded by slapping Oshy with the vines quickly shooting from his hands. Already Oshy was seriously hurt while Octa was more or less unscathed. After they exchanged another attack, Bianca had no choice but to give up.

    “I'm no match for you. Still, it was a fun battle, and we got to see Boreas in action, so I figure it was all good, huh?”

    “Yeah, and you did well too. You were just at a type disadvantage, or you might've won.”

    Octa folded his arms. “Hmpf, thank you very much for that.”

    “Octa, did you see how cool that was? I mean, I really beat Puppy, and it wasn't even difficult.”

    Octa smiled. “Yes, you did well. I wonder how we shall fare against the Gym Leader.”
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    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    A brave Quilava finds herself barely escaping the destruction of her town at the hands of a mysterious army of pokémon. She and her new friend, a clever, yet scatterbrained Kirlia, find themselves enrolled in the adventure of a cocky Glaceon and his Vaporeon wife as they try to stop the mysterious Shadow.

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    This is a great story,but I only saw one mistake

    Quote Originally Posted by apenpaap View Post
    Black seemed lost in thought. “I don't know.” she mumbled.
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    Amazing story, even my writings couldn't mach up with this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tris79 View Post
    This is a great story,but I only saw one mistake
    Black seemed lost in thought. “I don't know.” she mumbled.
    Thanks for pointing that little oversight out. I remember changing that line from Bianca to Black in the rewrite, but apparently forgot to change the personal pronoun along.

    Quote Originally Posted by zekromaniac View Post
    Amazing story, even my writings couldn't mach up with this.
    Wow, thanks, I'm deeply honoured.

    Chapter Six: A Grey City

    Exhausted, Black and his pokémon finally arrived at the Striaton City pokécenter while mnight had already fallen over the grey city outside. Much earlier that evening, they had been ready to stop for the night when they had caught a glimpse of Striaton's grey buildings far away, so Black had decided to walk on and rest at the pokécenter. Unfortunately, Striaton turned out to be much larger and mazelike than expected, and when Black asked the locals for directions to the pokécenter they either ignored him or just gave a vague indication and walked on. They had spent several hours wandering the boring grey city before they finally saw the single non-grey façade of the city. Now Black, seemingly ready to fall asleep on the desk, was filling in his name on a form the nurse gave him. When he was finally done, Nurse Despair gave him the key to one of the small guestrooms upstairs.

    “'Twas a lengthy ambulation,” Octa yawned, “But spending the night in a comfortable room shall be worth it, shan't it, my dear fellow? I anticipate just getting a complete night's sleep without the cold, nocturnal cars raging by, precipitation, or insects awakening me. Just a calm night with no excitement or disturbances.”

    As Boreas, walking half-asleep, nodded, someone said, “Heeey Black!”

    Octa sighed. “Oh, in the name of...” he muttered. The door of the room they had just passed had opened, and there stood Bianca wearing a green pyjama. Their practise battle against her was almost two weeks ago by now, and they hadn't seen her since, as Black had stayed on the same spot for another day to train Boreas some more while Bianca had been too impatient and hurried on to Striaton.

    “Hi there, Bianca.” Black said, “How are you?”

    “Great, though I lost to the Gym Leader.”

    “That's a shame.”

    “He used grass-types, so Oshy was at a type disadvantage, just like when we battled. But at least he- Hey, do I bore you or something?” She said with an annoyed edge to her voice as Black had just yawned widely.

    “Huh? Oh, 'scuse me, you don't bore me, I'm just really tired, y'know, I've walked all day. Why don't you tell me all of this tomorrow, okay?”

    They entered an empty room, and Black stepped into the bed and was asleep within seconds. Boreas found a good place to sleep under the bed, while Octa curled up on the feet-end of the bed.

    The next morning at breakfast Bianca was telling all about her battle with the Gym Leader.

    “...Like, he was a really nice and shy guy named Cilan, and he even apologised after he won. But his brother told him not to. And-”

    Black interrupted her. “What type of pokémon did Cilan use again?”

    “He used grass-types, silly, a Pansage, I told you that yesterday. But anyway, so we started out by both sending our Lillipups to battle...”

    “Hmm.” Octa spoke while sipping from a cup of tea, “so it appears we're up against a user of the grass-type. That could be problematic, given that I'm a grass-type as well.”

    “So you have to focus on non-grass-type attacks to win, right?” Boreas asked. “Hey, I've got an idea! If Cilan starts with his Lillipup again and Black starts with me, I can beat that Lillipup, after all I've already beaten one, and then I can tire out the Pansage, and then when I'm actually defeated, you can beat his weakened pokémon.”

    “Good plan. Though be careful not to underestimate that Lillipup. The fact that you beat a Lillipup doesn't imply your ability to defeat all of them. Since Cilan is a Gym Leader, his Lillipup is likely more powerful than Bianca's. But if you can defeat it, you could indeed help me by tiring out the Pansage. They're silly ape-like creatures, so I don't expect too much trouble.”

    As they were finishing their breakfast, Black said: “By the way, did you remember to do that errand Professor Juniper gave us?”

    “What errand?” Bianca asked.

    “Remember, she told us to visit her friend Fennel.”

    “Oh yeah! I didn't do that, I guess we should visit her before you go challenge the Gym Leader.”

    “Do you know where she lives?”

    “I don't think the prof told us. Do you reckon Nurse Despair might know?”

    “I guess we should go ask her.”

    Nurse Despair gave Black and Bianca a map of the city and directions to Fennel's laboratory.

    As they walked through Striaton City, Boreas became crushingly aware of how incredibly grey and dreary the city was. Every single building was grey, the street was grey, and even the sky was a clouded grey. While most of the people didn't wear grey, their clothes were so similar that they almost seemed like uniforms. Everyone wore blue jeans, and green sweaters, shirts, or tops. Everyone minded their own business and seemed to be on their way somewhere, and no one seemed to be having any fun or talking to each other at all. The only pokémon out of their pokéballs were at work.

    “We seem to fit in like a streaker at Queen Victoria's funeral.” Octa mumbled, making Boreas chuckle.

    “Bianca?” Black said quietly, as talking felt strange on the quiet street, “Have you noticed the looks most people here give us?”

    Bianca nodded. “Some seem almost scared or angry. It was like that yesterday too.”

    “Not the most welcoming city, eh?”

    All the boring greyness made Boreas feel odd. He felt a desperate need to do something to break the city's monotony. He saw several Timburrs and humans repairing a hole in the road and walked up to them.

    “Pardon me, but I have nothing to say!” he said to them and then walked on.

    “What was the meaning of that behaviour?” an amused Octa asked.

    Boreas shrugged. “I'll let them figure that out. I just feel like breaking the monotony of this place.”

    Octa tossed a look backwards. “A laudable goal in itself, perhaps, my dear fellow, but I'd rather you didn't upset the locals. Those Timburrs are talking about something right now and eyeing us suspiciously. I don't think this city is the most accepting recipient of attempts to spread some minor chaos.”

    Boreas laughed. “Oh, c'mon, what's the worst that could happen?”

    “Well, they could have you caught and Black arrested on some nonsensical charge like “Not having one's pokémon under control”, “disruption of public order” or “suspicious behaviour” and fined or asked to leave the city.”

    Boreas laughed. “You can't be serious!”

    “I am somewhat serious, actually. The chances of that scenario playing out may not be gargantuan, but it does happen. My great-great-uncle Regulus, for example, once-”

    “Yeah, yeah, I'm sure he was arrested once for impersonating a goat in public or something. You're being too careful.”

    “I beg your pardon? Your cavalier attitude is the one that'll get us into trouble.”

    “You shouldn't worry so much. Even if we do get into trouble, at least we'll have had some fun in this paltry-boring city, and we'll have made some people's day more interesting. But, since you're making this into such a big deal I guess I'll stop.”

    After about ten more minutes of walking through the grey streets, they arrived at the laboratory and rang a doorbell. A long-haired woman with glasses wearing a lab coat opened the door.

    “Hi,” Bianca said, “I'm Bianca and this is Black. Professor Juniper asked us to visit you.”

    Fennel clapped her hands together. “Minerva sent you? Excellent, I need some skilled pokémon trainers to help me with my research.”

    “Well, you've got the right people before you, then.” Black said, “we are great pokémon trainers, and I'll be happy to help you.”

    “Good, why don't you come in?”

    They followed Fennel inside, through several corridors and past labs were scientists were working on strange experiments. Boreas tried to sneak inside one of them to see what the scientists were doing with fifteen cakes and a saw, but Octa hurried him along. They entered a big lab containing several beds and weird, big machines.

    “Welcome to my lab. I have a little favour to ask of you.” Fennel said.

    “Anything.” Black said.

    “First, I have to explain that I research pokémon dreams here. For several years, I could only get data via roundabout ways. But I've been working on this machine, which will let me view pokémon's dreams directly. It works by tapping into several...”

    While Fennel was detailing the workings of the machine, Octa nudged Boreas. “Take a look at Black, my dear fellow.”

    Black was paying close attention to Fennel's words, looking deep into her eyes with a smile on his face and a slight blush on his cheeks. “He seems interested in the machine.” Boreas said.

    Octa guffawed. “Methinks he's more interested in its creator, if you know what I mean.”

    Boreas felt he was missing something. “No, I don't.”

    “You know, he seems enamoured with her.” Seeing Boreas' not-understanding expression, “Twitterpated. Smitten by her, fascinated, enchanted, infatuated, has a crush on her?”

    “You mean he's... In love with her?”

    “A brilliant deduction, my impulsive little friend. I suppose she is quite fair for a human. Of course, this allows me to have some fun. Watch me make him both envious and embarrassed in a single move.” he calmly walked over and stood between Fennel's legs, who didn't notice, busy as she was explaining the complex machine, and shot a quick glance up. Then he smirked smugly at Black, who turned as red as a tomato.

    “Octa, get back here!” he whispered angrily, then added an apology to Fennel.

    Fennel noticed Octa and stopped talking to pick him up. “Hey, Octa, aren't you a cute little guy? Why don't you wait over there for a moment until I'm done talking to your trainer? I promise it won't take long.” She smiled to Black, “I'm sure he meant no offence by it, he's just impatient.”

    While she talked, Octa shamelessly threw a look down into her cleavage and smirked smugly at Black again. Fennel put Octa down and he joined Boreas again. “Now normally I wouldn't treat a lady like that, but it was worth it to see that look on Black's face.”

    “Let's see, where was I?” Fennel asked.

    “You had just finished telling us how the machine works.” Bianca said.

    “I did already? Okay, well, there's a problem with it, you see. It turns out I need a vapour called Dream Mist that is produced by the pokémon Munna and Musharna. It has several interesting effects on dreams, one of which is that they are made much more vivid and stronger, which is needed for the machine to work properly. The problem is the Dream Mist itself is actually illegal in this city, so I can't get any. So my request to you is: could you please catch a Munna and give me some of the mist?”

    “Okay,” Black said, “we'll do it. But why did you have to wait for us, couldn't you just ask some other trainer for help?”

    Fennel chuckled, “Surely you've already noticed how the people of this city react to even their unwritten rules being broken, let alone if I were to ask someone to actually break the law. Not that that's an entirely bad thing: the crime rates here are so low that you pretty much don't need to bother with locks at all. But it's rather inconvenient now.”

    “Where do we find a Munna?” Bianca asked.

    “At the northeast of the city there's an old villa where a scientist used to live. It's been abandoned for over a century. Munna lives there now, that's why people call it the Dreamyard. There's actually quite an interesting story behind it, if you want to hear it.”

    “Of course we-” Black started.

    “Perhaps later.” Bianca interrupted. “We'll go catch Munna now.”

    The Dreamyard itself was a large, mostly decrepit and collapsed mansion, and the large garden around it had become a small forest after a hundred years of neglect. It looked rather creepy together. As they entered the forest, Boreas noticed an odd smell hanging around.

    “Hey Black,” Bianca said joyfully, “Now I'll get to see how you catch pokémon! I'm sure I can learn a lot from your skill.”

    Black returned a forced smile.

    “Muuuuuuunna!” Bianca sang, “Where aaaaaaaaare you?! I want to be friends with yoooooooou!”

    “Ssh!” Black hissed, “You'll scare them away like that!”

    “Cheren said that too, but I'm just making sure they know I'm not sneaking up on them, but just want to be their friend.”

    “I don't think it works like that, Bianca.”

    “Help, help!” A Munna appeared from behind some shrubbery, “They're after me, help!”

    “See!” Bianca said as the Munna approached, “I told you!”

    “What's wrong?” Boreas asked, but at that moment a grey-clad human jumped from the bushes and grabbed the Munna. A second human followed.

    “Eep!” Bianca squeaked, “Who are you?”

    "We are Team Plasma!” The left human said, “We fight day and night to liberate pokémon from foolish humans!"

    The right grunt stood up with the struggling Munna in his hands. “And we heard Munna and Musharna emit a strange vapour called Dream Mist, which influences people's dreams. Sage Rood wants to use that to make people want to release their pokémon... We'll show them dreams to manipulate their hearts!”

    The Munna was panicking by now, begging for help. “You can't manipulate people into releasing their pokémon!” Black said, “That's as bad as forcing them to do so. Why don't you just try reasoning with them? And besides, you're squeezing that Munna way too hard.”

    “We can do whatever we want, brat!” the left grunt said, “Sage Rood's orders are much more important than whatever you say.”

    “Come on, spit out that Dream Mist!” The right grunt yelled at the Munna, who started crying.

    Boreas couldn't ignore the cries for help. He ran at the Team Plasma grunt and climbed up in his clothing, noticing that the grey costume provided an excellent climbing surface. When he reached the man's face, he scratched him, drawing a little blood and making the startled grunt yelp and let go of the Munna. The Munna tried to float away, but in her panic and pain she couldn't levitate properly. Fortunately Bianca managed to catch her while Boreas ran back to Black.

    The two grunts approached Bianca threateningly, so Black and his pokémon stepped in front of her. “Out of the way, brat!” the one grunt shouted, “You have no idea about the trouble you're getting yourself and your girlfriend in. Hand over the Munna, and you needn't get hurt.”

    “You're not touching that Munna.” Black said, “Now get out of here.” Boreas growled to help repel the grunts.

    “Y-yeah.” Bianca stammered.

    The Team Plasma grunts threw their pokéballs to release a Patrat and two Purrloins, one male and one female. “I warn you, brat, don't act tough because you may have won some of the fake battles that you trainers fight. We, Team Plasma, don't just fight for badges like you selfish trainers, but for the liberty of pokémon everywhere. So our resolve is unending, and if you stand in our way, we'll kill both you and your pokémon!”

    Boreas felt like running away now, as he really didn't want to die. He hadn't thought these guys would actually be willing to go that far. But he saw Black and Octa weren't wavering, and swallowed his fear, as he wanted to abandon them even less.

    “I told you: You're not touching that Munna! Threats won't help you.”

    “Then you brought it to yourself, brat! Pokémon, get 'em!”

    “Whaaaat! Don't hurt Black!” Bianca cried.

    “I take it you don't care that I have only two pokémon and you three?” Black said with a sly smile.

    “Ha! Team Plasma doesn't play by the rules! You should've thought of being outnumbered before you challenged us, brat! A Snivy and a Lillipup aren't gonna stop us!”

    Lillipup?” Boreas snarled, “Is that supposed to be an insult towards my tail?”

    “Good.” Black said, “Then I don't need to feel guilty about outnumbering you myself. Bianca, I could use some help.”

    “O-okay.” Bianca stuttered, “Oshy, Puppy, go, but be c-careful.”

    “Boreas, Puppy!” Octa commanded, “fight together against one of them, Oshy and I shall each fight one of the others!”

    The male Purrloin rapidly charged Boreas, who tried to dodge, but the Purrloin was too fast and he received a painful scratch in his side. Boreas countered by Tackling the Purrloin, then was joined by Puppy who Tackled the Purrloin too.

    The Purrloin tried his best not to be surrounded by the two canines and to play them out against each other, but Boreas made sure to constantly outmanoeuvre him. The Purrloin just didn't stand a chance against two enemies, and quickly lost. The pokémon Octa and Oshy were battling also lost quickly.

    A silence fell as the grunts didn't seem to know what to do next, until it was suddenly broken by Bianca: “YAHOO! YES! We won!”

    The one grunt spoke up. “...I can't believe we lost. But we have to obtain the Dream Mist! Please, give us that Munna! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!”

    "Knock it off!" Bianca said.

    Suddenly an old man with greying blond hair wearing long, red clothing appeared out of nowhere “What are you two doing goofing off?” he thundered with a heavy Dutch accent.

    “S-S-Sage Rood!” the grunts yelped, “W-We didn't mean to... It was an accident... It was HIS fault!”

    Rood disappeared and reappeared on the grunts' other side. “Stilte! We, Team Plasma, shall separate pokémon from foolish people!”

    He disappeared and reappeared again. “If you can't fulfil your duties...”

    “W-we're so sorry!”

    “Get out of here now, and never let me see you again!” he disappeared, and the Team Plasma grunts ran off.

    “Woah,” Black said, “That was weird.”

    “Yeah.” Boreas said.

    A Musharna floated out of the bushes. “Thank you for saving my daughter from those people.” she said.

    “Mummy!” the Munna floated out of Bianca's hands to hug her mother.

    “A Musharna!” Black said, “That Rood-fellow must've been an illusion!”

    Munna and Musharna began floating off, but Bianca called after them. “Heey, we need your help too! We need some Dream Mist!”

    Musharna blew a big cloud of pink vapour from its nose, and Bianca quickly captured it in a glass pot that Fennel had given her for that reason. “Thanks! Black, why don't you take it to Fennel? I want to catch a Munna too, I think, they're cute. So I'm staying here to find one. Will I see you at the pokécenter?”

    “I've got a better idea: come to the Gym when you've caught your Munna.”

    “You're going to challenge the Gym today still? It's already getting dark.”

    “I don't want to spend more time than is strictly necessary in Striaton. I don't like this city very much, and I believe the feeling is mutual.”

    “You seemed to quite like Fennel, though,” Bianca winked.
    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    A brave Quilava finds herself barely escaping the destruction of her town at the hands of a mysterious army of pokémon. She and her new friend, a clever, yet scatterbrained Kirlia, find themselves enrolled in the adventure of a cocky Glaceon and his Vaporeon wife as they try to stop the mysterious Shadow.

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Have no fear, chapter six is her

    Very great chapter.It was kinda funny when Team Plasma mistook Boreas as a Lillipup.
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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Have no fear, chapter six is her

    Chapter Seven: Triple Trouble!

    When they arrived at the Gym, Black looked as nervous as Boreas felt. The Gym was a plain grey stone building like every other building in Striaton, the only difference being that it had the word 'GYM' engraved above the door and colourful paintings of pokémon on the windows that looked very pretty with the light from inside shining through. When he reached the closed door, Black paused for a moment, breathed deeply, and entered.

    To their great surprise, the door into the Gym actually led into a restaurant. People were eating all kinds of dishes at tables and waiters walked around serving them.

    “Do you have a reservation, sir?” Black made a little jump of start when a waiter standing next to the door spoke to him.

    “Uh... I think I may have taken a wrong turn somewhere.” Black explained. Then he saw Bianca sitting alone at a table, waving to him. “Or maybe not. Excuse me.” he walked to Bianca and joined her at the table.

    “Hey, Black,” she greeted, “cute place, huh?”

    “I suppose.” Black shrugged, “but I wasn't really looking for a place to eat. I want to challenge the Gym.”

    Bianca chuckled. “That's good, because-”

    A waiter with fiery red hair showed up next to the table. “Hi Bianca,” he lilted, “and hi, I'm Chili and I'll be your waiter this evening!” he introduced himself to Black.

    “I'm sorry,” Black apologised, “but I don't actually want to eat here. I'm on my way to the Gym and accidentally wandered into your restaurant.”

    Bianca and Chili both laughed. “This IS the Gym!” Chili exclaimed, “And I'm the Gym Leader!”

    Suddenly two other waiters who looked a lot like Chili aside from their hair styles stood beside him.

    “My name is Cress, and I'm the Gym Leader as well.” The waiter with wavy blue hair one said, “Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

    “And I'm...” the waiter with spiky green hair said, “Uh... Cilan... And I'm... uh... The Gym Leader too.”

    “Great!” Chili said, grabbing a pokéball from his belt, “A challenger! Then let's get right to it!”

    Cress placed his hand on Chili's shoulder. “Calm down. Regardless of whether or not this gentleman wishes to challenge the Gym, he is still our guest here so we'll serve him first.”

    “So this really is the Gym?” Black asked.

    “Of course it is!” Chili exclaimed.

    “Wow, it's... Uh... Different than I expected a Gym to be like.”

    “That's because it's also a restaurant!” Bianca said.

    “Um...” Cilan said, “It actually used to be just a restaurant... But the three of us also like pokémon... And we're pretty good at battling, so...”

    “Pretty good?” Chili vociferated, “We're blazingly amazing!”

    “I agree with Chili's assessment.” Cress spoke. “But this is no time to discuss battling. We shall bring you our menu charts, and four pokémon chairs so you companions can join you.”

    “And... Um... After dinner...”

    “It's time to battle! Burn, baby, burn!”

    After Boreas finished eating his delicious lasagna, he saw how much of the sauce was still left on the plate and tried to start licking it off when he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. “Please, my dear fellow, I implore you not to start licking off your plate. Have some respect for civilisation and the basic table manners that come with it.”

    “But I still have sauce left.” Boreas pouted.

    “Nevertheless, Attila the Hun would have considered the way you ate the rest a disgrace. Don't make it even worse.”

    Boreas sighed. “Okay.”

    Octa sipped from his glass of wine. “Oh, and incidentally, you've got sauce in your fur.”

    Boreas wiped his face with his paws. “Better?”

    “Worse.” Octa said, “you spread it out.”

    Eventually Boreas got the sauce off his face and Octa finished his small glass of wine, making a big show of tasting it to Black's great amusement. “Why are you drinking that stuff anyway?” Boreas asked, “It smells vile.”

    “I beg your pardon? I drink it, for wine is what makes the difference between supper and dinner and between lunch and luncheon.”

    “What about breakfast?”

    “Well, I suppose it also makes the difference between breakfast and alcoholism, but that is beside the point.”

    The moment everyone was done eating, Chili stood beside the table. “It's time to battle!”

    Black, Octa, and Boreas stood up. “All right. Cilan, I challenge you to a battle!” Black said.

    “Uh... Me?” Cilan said surprised.

    “I'm afraid you misunderstand.” Cress spoke, “Cilan is not the only Gym Leader. But all three of us are. Therefore you don't challenge one of us, but all three.”

    “All three?” Black asked.

    “Yeah!” Chili rabbited, “And we get to decide whom you battle! And as you have a Snivy, the Fire-type scorcher Chili -that's me- will be your opponent!”

    “Fire?” Octa almost looked scared for a moment, before regaining his composure. “Hmpf, Fortune vomits on my eiderdown once more.”

    “Grass-types like you are weak to fire, aren't you?” Boreas asked.

    “Yes, thank you, I know that.” Octa sneered.

    “That messes up our plan, doesn't it?”

    “When you have finished kicking in open doors, maybe you can start making useful contributions.”

    Boreas was getting quite fed up with Octa's sudden irritability. “Look, don't vent it on me if you're scared!”

    Octa sniffed haughtily. “Frightened? I'm not frightened, not in the least! I laugh in the face of fear and tweak the nose of terror!”

    “Good.” Boreas sneered, “Then stop whining and help think of some way to win this.”

    Black stood up from the table. “Then I challenge you to a battle. Type disadvantage or not, I will win.”

    “Then it's time to burninate!” Chili shouted, quickly drawing a pokéball. “Prepare to-”

    “Not yet.” Cress stopped him. “First we clear a space for the battle. Help me move some tables.”

    The three siblings and the other waiters cleared a roughly circular space about six metres across. With the space cleared, the rest of the restaurant was packed tightly with tables. Dinner guests were getting interested in the upcoming battle and moved to the tables around the circle. Boreas was getting very nervous as he realised that with Octa weak against fire, the battle's result would depend on him. He really hoped he would fail only a little, instead of the horrible and embarrassing failure that seemed so much more likely.

    When the circle had been cleared, Black and Chili stood on opposite ends of it. Cress stood to the side of the circle. “I will be the judge of this battle.” he spoke, “The challenger and Gym Leader Chili shall both use two pokémon. They are not allowed to use items, and a pokémon that has been switched out counts as having been defeated. Begin the battle!”

    “YEEEEEOOOOW!!!” Chili yelled as he tossed his pokéball, “Time to play with FIRE!!!”

    As a Lillipup was released from Chili's pokéball, Black ordered Octa to battle. “Octa, show him what you've got!”

    Octa saluted his foe with an elaborate bow. “With pleasure.”

    Though Boreas realised it was better strategy to have Octa battle Chili's Lillipup and Boreas whatever fire-type he used, he didn't like it at all. A Lillipup didn't seem like such a threat, for even if this one turned out to be very powerful, at least he knew what to expect. While he could only picture his opponent as some scary, large flamy entity that wanted to eat him. He shivered and brushed against Black's leg.

    “Cinder!” Chili ordered, “Start off with Work Up!”

    “Octa, Growth!” Black ordered.

    As Cinder did a few quick pacing exercises and fake attacks, Octa stood serenely still with his eyes closed as long vines grew from his hands and tail. After both prepared for the battle in this manner, Chili ordered Cinder to use Bite.

    “Octa, keep it at a distance with Vine Whip! Don't let it get to you!” Black ordered.

    “I'm way ahead of you, old chap.” Octa said.

    As Cinder charged Octa, he tried to strike her, but with several rapid ducks she dodged Octa's vines and pounced him. Octa managed to dodge the attack by making an odd sort of pirouette.

    Boreas chuckled. “Are you taking up ballet now?”

    As Cinder turned around to try again, Octa's tail vine hit her hard, and Boreas cheered for him. Cinder did a feintto the left, and gave Octa a nasty bite on the arm as he moved to dodge it. With a yelp, he slapped her with his vines and followed it up with a Leaf Storm that only slightly hit her. The two combatants circled each other, both very alert and ready to dodge the other's attack and follow it up with their own. When it became apparent after a few seconds of this that neither was going to attack first, Octa smiled. “We shall see whom has the most patience, shan't we?”

    “Cinder!” Chili shouted, “Bite it, now!”

    As Cinder lunged to bite Octa, he dodged it with a quick roll and countered with Vine Whips from all three vines. Cinder collapsed when the hits connected. “Gym Leader Chili's Lillipup is unable to battle. The score is 1-0 in favour of challenger Black.” Cress announced.

    “Great job, Octa!” Boreas cheered as Octa bowed to the applauding audience.

    “Woohoo!” Bianca wooped, “That showed him!”

    “It's not over yet!” Chili shouted, “One more left, this is where I give it my all! Go, Trogdor!”

    The arrogant, prideful manner Octa had adopted after beating Cinder made way for obvious fear as Chili threw his pokéball and a Pansear appeared. “I shall endeavour to tire it, my dear fellow,” Octa said, “but I'm afraid you shall have to do the main battling.”

    “Octa, show the monkey who's boss with Vine Whip!”

    “Trogdor, start off with Work Up!”

    As Trogdor did some exercises his whorled, flamelike hair glowed with fiery energy. Octa whipped him with his vines, but he hardly reacted. Boreas swallowed a lump in his throat. Then Trogdor spit a beam of flames at Octa, who was engulfed by them. When the smoke subsided, Octa was still standing, though charred and in obvious pain. “Not bad. You might actually stand a small chance against my friend.”

    Trogdor spit fire at Octa again, but he dodged it and rapidly slithered behind Trogdor and slapped him on the back of the head, obviously aiming to annoy rather than hurt. “Then again, that may just be wishful thinking.”

    Octa rapidly slithered away to dodge another Incinerate. “Come on, I haven't got all day, you know. I'd like you to beat me so I can enjoy watching Boreas utterly vanquish you.”

    Nimbly dodging Pansear's flames to slap him again: “If you can't even defeat a grass-type such as me, what chance do you have against him?”

    But as Octa slapped Trogdor in the back of the head, he turned around very fast, grabbed a hold of Octa, and threw him to the ground, immediately following it up with another Incinerate that completely engulfed him.

    “Octa!” Boreas gasped.

    When the attack finished, Octa lay on the ground, seared and still smouldering. “He's all yours, my dear fellow.” he coughed.

    “Challenger Black's Snivy is unable to battle. The score is 1-1. The next knock-out wins the battle!”

    “Boreas,” Black said as he picked up Octa, “It's your turn. Do your best!”

    Feeling like a piece of ore about to enter the blast furnace, Boreas stepped forward. Trogdor spit a beam of fire at him, and though it was easy to dodge the heat he still felt from it scared Boreas. As he charged Trogdor, the monkey shot another beam of fire at him, but this time he had no chance to dodge. The flames' heat was terrible, searing his fur and making him hurt all over. He continued charging with tears of pain in his eyes as Trogdor got ready for another Incinerate. He tried to tackle Trogdor, but the monkey easily dodged him and countered with another painful beam of fire. Boreas realised that he would never win the battle like this. Sand, he thought, I need to do a sand-attack. But inside the clean restaurant there was obviously no sand around. Then he saw something and had an idea.

    He sprinted away from his opponent, to the empty fighting circle's edge and jumped on a table, startling its occupants into dropped their drinks all over themselves.

    “Boreas!” Black called, “Get back into the circle!”

    But Boreas' plan was working: Trogdor followed him and jumped onto the table. The moment he landed, Boreas swept a pawful of macaroni from one of the plates into his opponents eyes in a blinding Macaroni-Attack.
    Trogdor was so surprised that he lost his balance and fell backwards off the table, so Boreas jumped off after him as the table's occupants cursed. He landed on top of Trogdor with the vertical equivalent of a Tackle and scratched him good with his claws before Trogdor managed to kick him off. Instead of running back into the empty circle though, Boreas ran under the tables, using the seated people's legs for cover. Between the cover and the macaroni stinging in his eyes Trogdor didn't even remotely hit Boreas, only succeeding in searing tablecloths and trousers. When he reached a certain table, Boreas jumped up and dug his claws into the tablecloth, dragging it off the table as Trogdor reached him, so that the large bowl of tamato soup on the table fell all over him.

    When Trogdor slowly lifted up the tomato bowl, Boreas immediately Tackled him down. That was the last straw after being dowsed with tamato soup: Trogdor didn't get up. It took a moment before Cress managed to get a clear view of the situation under the table, but then he proclaimed: “Gym Leader Chili's Pansear is unable to battle! Challenger Black has won the match with a score of 2-1!”

    I did it! Boreas thought, as happy as a mouse who has just found a tunnel into a cheese factory. He appeared from under the table and was picked up and hugged by Black. “Great work, Boreas! We won!”

    Boreas remained in Black's arms as Octa, looking a lot better after drinking some fresh water, joined him there. “Excellent work, my dear fellow. That was quite a clever trick you used. 'Tis a shame I didn't think of it myself.”

    As Cress and Cilan calmed down the angry patrons whose food had been used as a weapon or whose trousers had been set on fire, Chili said: “You got me. I! Am! Burned! Out! Whoo-hoo! You're on fire! Take this Gym Badge!”

    He tossed a small metal badge to Black, who handily caught it. Bianca joined Black to celebrate. “That was awesome, Black! It was so cool how your pokémon just, like, defeated his! I was worried you might lose at several points, but you won! Hehe, Boreas, you're a crafty little guy, aren't you? I'm inspired now, I think I'll challenge Cilan when he's done apologising to that lady whose macaroni was used as a projectile. With Munny as my new team member, I think I can beat him!”
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    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    A brave Quilava finds herself barely escaping the destruction of her town at the hands of a mysterious army of pokémon. She and her new friend, a clever, yet scatterbrained Kirlia, find themselves enrolled in the adventure of a cocky Glaceon and his Vaporeon wife as they try to stop the mysterious Shadow.

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    Default Re: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Lucky chapter seven is up!)

    Chapter Eight: Dire Difficulties at the Day Care

    The morning after their victorious Gym battles, Black and Bianca left Striaton City immediately, only stopping to leave a message for Cheren with Nurse Despair. For the first day's travel Route 3 was a straight, paved road with short and neatly trimmed grass to the sides. But as they approached the hills it led to, the road roughened, becoming less neat and showing cracks where trees had dug their roots under it. The grassland on both sides of the road gave way for a forest that looked rougher every day. After several days it became clear that Route 3 was hardly ever travelled upon, as not a single vehicle or even other pedestrians passed them. When they entered the hills, the road stopped pretending to be a road at all and just became a rough, unpaved, winding trail between the forested hills. Small streams coming from the hills would cross the trail, and sometimes a dead tree blocked it. They saw a lot of wild pokémon, but neither Bianca nor Black managed to capture any.

    After a week's travel through steadily increasing wilderness it seemed like they were completely in the middle of nowhere. So it was rather surprising when suddenly five people in red clothing jumped out of the bushes around the road. Their pokémon jumped out along with them, surrounding Black, Bianca, and their pokémon.

    “Eep!” Bianca shrieked, “Don't hurt us!”

    “W-what do you want?” Black stuttered.

    Boreas growled at the pokémon, but they growled back, so he stopped.

    “That's just what we were going to ask you.” one of them said.

    “We're just travelling to Nacrene.”

    “Via Route 3?”

    “How else?”

    “If they need to go to Nacrene, most people take the Subway or the highway.”

    “What does it matter? We're just travelling on the road, so let us go!”

    “Come with us.”

    “No. Why?”

    “Because you don't have a choice. If you're not pokémon thieves you have nothing to fear.”

    They could do nothing but follow their captors. They were taken through the forest, and eventually entered a large open estate and seemed to be heading to the large wooden buildings in the middle. A few pokémon and trainers were playing or training on the estate, eyeing them angrily as they passed. Their captors made them enter the largest of the buildings, which turned out to be a large, comfy house on the inside.

    “Nestor! Getrude! We may have caught some pokémon thieves!” the leader of their captors shouted.

    “We're not pokémon thieves,” Black grumbled for the umptillionth time, “we were just passing by.”

    An old couple wearing overalls entered the room. “Well, well, well.” The old lady pointed, “what have we here? Come to steal people's pokémon again, haven't you?”

    “No, we haven't! We were just passing by over the road when these people suddenly jumped out of the bushes and forced us to come here.”

    “What were you doing there if you weren't planning to kidnap the pokémon here?”

    “We are trainers on a journey to defeat all Gym Leaders. We have earned the Trio badge in Striaton
    City, so now we're going to Nacrene, and frankly I had no idea that walking past a place nowadays means you're a pokémon thief."

    “So you're saying you aren't with Team Plasma?”

    “Team Plasma? Have they been stealing pokémon?”

    The old couple nodded. ““I suppose we'll have to consider you innocent until proven guilty.” the old man said, “I'm sorry about troubling you like this, but we have no choice, y'see.”

    “Hmpf,” the old lady said, “I suppose you may be innocent, but we'll keep an eye on you while you're here.”

    The trainers that had captured them apologised and left. “Okay,” Black sighed, “now it's our turn to ask a question: who are you, what's going on here, and what has Team Plasma been up to?”

    “You see, this here's a pokémon daycare. We have been running it for forty years now. Trainers bring their pokémon to us, and we'll take care of them and train them for a while. Sometimes the trainers themselves stay around to help us or to just have a vacation with their pokémon, if they don't stay we charge some fees. Some trainers have us take care of their pokémon to give them some rest, some to train them, and some to breed their pokémon. Anyway, about two months ago an old Dutchman named Rood visited us. I gave him a tour of the daycare and asked if he wanted us to raise any of his pokémon, but then he started arguing with me. He said all these pokémon were captives and slaves, and that the young born here would live their entire lives in captivity unless something was done about it. He asked me to release all the pokémon here, especially newborns, into the wild. Of course, I politely refused and told him that while he made some good arguments I didn't agree.”

    The daycare lady nodded. “That's when the trouble started. A few days after that crazy Dutch bastard had stomped off, he returned with some lackeys. They referred to him as “Sage” Rood, and he said he was one of the leaders of an organisation named Team Plasma, and that he would ask us politely to set the pokémon free one more time before they would take matters into their own hands. So we told him that the pokémon here weren't even ours, so that it wasn't our choice to make and that threats would take them nowhere. A few days later they raided us, took a dozen pokémon and four eggs.” her eyes were getting misty, “It was so heart-breaking when their trainers came back for them and we had to tell them. We greatly improved security around here, and everyone who works here now takes shifts patrolling the estate, but it's not enough. Every week or so, they manage to kidnap a pokémon or steal an egg, b-but-” as though as the daycare lady seemed, she was breaking up in tears now.

    Her husband put a hand on her shoulder. “Calm down, dear. We tried to find their hideout, of course, and to call for help, but they are too good at hiding and we're too far away from everything for much help to arrive. First they only kidnapped the pokémon, but two weeks ago, they actually crossed the line into killing them: an egg disappeared, and we found it's broken and empty shell not too far away. That's happened every night since then: an egg or cub disappears, and we find the remains.” he was breaking up too now, “I-I just don't understand it. Why would anyone kill a young pokémon? Especially when they claim to be setting them free? I-I just don't think we can continue running the daycare if this goes on, it wouldn't be right. If this continue, the only thing we can do is close shop.”

    “Bloody Plasma,” Black seethed, “what they tried to do in Striaton was one thing, but stealing and killing pokémon? I don't care about your inhospitable welcome, I'm not letting them get away with this! I'm going to help you catch them.”

    “Th-thank you, but they cover their tracks well. It won't be easy.”

    “We'll have to try. You said they always come at night. So I'll wait for the early morning, when the trail is fresh. Maybe we can follow them, or perhaps my Eevee can pick up their scent. Bianca, are you helping too?”

    After a moment's doubt, Bianca agreed. “Yes. You're right, we have to catch them. So what do we do until morning?”

    “Feel free to rest and have fun here until then.” The daycare lady chirped, “We'll have dinner ready at seven and you're welcome to join us, other than that you can do whatever you want. That goes for your pokémon too.”

    Octa nudged Boreas. “My dear fellow, don't you think it's odd that Plasma should kill juveniles and destroy eggs? I mean, think about it, it seems to conflict with their stated goals.”

    “What do you mean?” Boreas asked.

    “It seems to me that, while Plasma is quite obviously responsible for the kidnapped pokémon, the dying juveniles don't sound like the work of humans. Why would they destroy eggs and only leave the scales? I would rather attribute those events to a predatory pokémon taking advantage of all the humans here being too busy protecting the daycare from Team Plasma to protect against predators as well.”

    Raging, boiling anger at the predator preying on the young boiled up in Boreas. “You're right! It must be some cowardly predatory monster that preys on those who are too weak to fight back. I can't wait for tomorrow when we go after them, I'll show them!”

    “Calm yourself down, my dear fellow, we aren't going to trail our hypothetical predator, we have to find Team Plasma.”

    “Team Plasma can wait. The predator that killed the young will pay for what they did!”

    “These are not the same pokémon that killed your family.”

    “I KNOW!” Boreas shouted.

    “Seeking a misplaced vengeance against them shan't help us, then, nor would it be advisable to do so even if we didn't have better things to do.”

    “But we can't just let them go, they're the same kind of lowlife murdering bastards as the Zangeese that killed my family! We can't just let those evil cowards go!”

    “To prey upon the weaker members of a species is not cowardice, it is quite simply good tactics. A predator who preyed only upon prey that has a good chance of killing him would not live long.”

    Boreas couldn't believe what he was hearing. “Are you actually defending them?”

    “No, I am merely making you put things into perspective to prevent you from seeking out vengeance. When your parents returned home from hunting with meat, do you think they bravely killed a mighty Salamence? Of course not, they will have preyed upon something weak, like Patrat or Zigzagoon. They will likely have sought out weaker members of those species such as the young and the sick-”


    Octa was getting rather vexed himself. “I am not insulting your parents, I am simply speaking the truth to prevent you from acting like an imbecile. What do you think the meat humans make and feed you is made from? They herd Miltank and Tauros, essentially making the hunt incredibly easy and riskless for themselves. I understand you are upset, but please think about it. One can't live without eating, you can hardly blame them for that.”

    Logic and anger duelled in Boreas' head. While Octa's words were sensible and logical he just couldn't accept them. “No. You're wrong about it all. Whoever is eating those eggs and young is an evil coward, and so were the Zangeese that killed my family, and I will make them pay for what they have done!”

    Octa gave Boreas a disdainful look. “How disappointing. I had thought you were more intelligent than that, despite your uncertain ancestry. But perhaps I was mistaken.”

    “Just shut up, you arrogant git, and stop insulting my family!”

    “Hmpf, perhaps my great-aunt Galaxia is right. Perhaps one blessed with good ancestry such as me really shouldn't mingle with common pokémon like you! Good day!” Furious at each other, they walked off in different directions.
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    The Glaceon and the Shadow

    A brave Quilava finds herself barely escaping the destruction of her town at the hands of a mysterious army of pokémon. She and her new friend, a clever, yet scatterbrained Kirlia, find themselves enrolled in the adventure of a cocky Glaceon and his Vaporeon wife as they try to stop the mysterious Shadow.

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