Yet another day, I suppose. Wouldn't be a day going by in this place without that slimy mass slithering up behind me and encasing me in its foul carapace.

Only today something's different.

Tracey snickers to himself, looking at the affected area. "You know," he muses after a moment, "I dare say this is the first time I've ever heard of a Muk's venom hardening."

I nod, untying my stuck shoe and freeing my foot. "It is puzzling."

He chuckles again. "You know, I'm going to make a sketch of this..."

"I figured."

Waving me off, he goes off to find his sketchbook, leaving me to examine the hardening substance under my shoe. A lighter purple than the Muk itself, and giving off almost no smell. "Pecular..." I think, taking a cotton swab from my lab coat and swiping up a thin tendril of the substance.

I go back to the lab, putting the specimen on a glass slide and adjusting the microscope, until I hear Tracey out in the hallway laughing hysterically. "What's going on?"

He looks up at me, tears of mirth streaming down his face. "I just figured out what this is. I just want to see the look on your face when I tell you."

I examine the sticky shoe once again, but nothing comes to mind. "Tell me."

"Weeeeell..." he drawls, dragging it out. "Let me just say this..."


He grins, already working pencil over paper. Whenever he does that, I can tell the result will be somewhat singular. "Let's just say that Muk's in heat."

"Oh..." I mutter as best I can. "...All right. I think tomorrow I'll go out and get a new pair of shoes."