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    Well, I have finally rewritten the prologue; here it is and I hope you enjoy it. IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO FIX EVERYTHING...damn tags...

    Of Angels and Vampires


    The Gathering
    The Mission

    By Fallon

    ~ * ~

    Tokyo, Japan

    [ BGM: Pax Deorum – Enya ]

    The strong current of the cold winds began picking up a few moments after she had arrived. Her bare feet stood on a single round pole on top of one of the buildings near the Tokyo Tower; her long purple skirt swayed as the winds blew, and not once did she shiver from the cold winds. The woman stood her ground on the pole, her eyes closed. Her right arm was raised, holding the top of her golden staff, and her left was raised thigh length, gripping the bottom of the staff. The staff she was holding was long and made of pure gold, with a red orb on the very top and two perfectly crafted pearly-white wings.
    Her long auburn hair was pulled back, and the only thing that covered her face were her auburn bangs. She wore a long purple skirt, a yellow obi with the yellow straps dangling, a white one-shouldered shirt, and a black sleeveless top. Her eyes hadn't fluttered open to notice that the sky was darkening with black clouds that covered the starry sky and shut out the light from the stars and the moon over Tokyo. Behind her she had a pair of white shimmering wings that extended every now and then as the cruel winds blew east of her. A few white feathers would pull away from the wing and disappear from sight.

    She was sent to Japan to protect and destroy.

    “Protect those who live on Earth, and destroy those who assault the ones we must protect.”

    Those words described her code of conduct for being a part of the Gaia Forces, groups of armies assigned to different countries of the world to protect the mortals that dwell there. She was the General of Gaia’s first female army, and this was going to be her first assigned mission.

    A while back, before she left her home, Gaia, she had spoken with the Head of the Council, Mayura. Mayura was a tall young woman, long flaming red hair, ruby-colored eyes, and she wore a white silken dress with red robes and gold jewelry. Mayura was giving the General the staff before she left to begin her mission.

    “Take this,” she said, presenting the staff to the auburn-haired woman.

    She bowed slightly. “Thank you, Mayura,” she murmured, taking the staff.

    Mayura smiled. “This was used by many of Her Defensive Alliance’s Generals, as well as myself. You know the meaning of this given to you, do you not?”

    She knew exactly what she had meant; she had waited for this moment ever since she joined the Gaia Forces. The staff was given to those who had reached their final rank in their training: the position to be General. She had gone through every step of training to reach her goal of being head of the army. It had taken her a few decades to receive the most precious possession in all Gaia, but finally after all that hard work she finally had gotten where she is today.

    The woman nodded. “Yes, I do.”

    Mayura gave her another smile. “And do you know the meaning and what it possesses?”

    “Yes, it can form into a sword for use of combat; the red orb can gather power from the Gods only if requested. The wings represent Gaia and its people, and the gold represents the person’s purity and dedication to serving Gaia,” she replied.

    “Very good, you knew more than I expected,” she said. “That was to test what you knew of the staff. It wasn’t that hard, now was it?”

    The auburn-haired woman shook her head. “No, ma’am.”

    “Well, now that you completed the short easy knowledge test, I am giving you your first assignment of your first mission as General, where you left off with the late General Ria: the mission to finish off the remaining Japanese Vampires.”

    During the last mission, she was sent with a group and General Ria to complete her training as Colonel, after which she would be promoted to General. Their mission was located in Tokyo, Japan, on the planet Earth. There they would wipe out the Japanese Vampires before they had the chance to reform their race. She had heard little of the Japanese Vampires; she only knew that they were different from the Vampires in the west. They’d feed off mortal blood for survival, live a long life and aged slowly. However, they weren’t affected by crucifixes, sunlight, stakes to the heart, and such. They seemed hard to defeat, but one way or another the Angels could bring them down.

    However, while they were having their first round with the Japanese Vampires, the former General Ria had been badly wounded by the Japanese Vampires’ leader, Ookido Yukinari. Ria had died there in battle, and the remaining Angels fled back to Gaia, leaving the Japanese Vampires thinking they had won the first round.

    But it wasn’t over yet…it was only beginning.

    This happened 744 years ago, when the war between the Angels and Japanese Vampires began. It took 744 years to prepare a new and bigger army for Her Defensive Alliance, and a new General was to be chosen.

    She then put her thoughts aside and focused her attention on Mayura. “We will carry out this mission and see to that Yukinari and his race of vampires are removed, ma’am,” she said, bowing slightly again.

    “I don’t expect you to kill them all at once; they might’ve repopulated while we were getting prepared. Let us hope that our time of preparation wasn’t a waste,” Mayura replied.

    “I’ll make sure it wasn’t a waste, ma’am,” she said, tapping the staff on the marbled floor with a serious expression.

    Mayura smiled once more. She knew the woman standing before her wouldn’t let her down. “Then it is good to hear that from you. I knew you would be the right type of person to be General…I expect you not to fail or surrender. You and your army are much stronger than that. I give you leave and with good fortune. May the Gods be with you, General Hanako.”

    And now it was all up to Hanako to stop this and avenge Ria’s death for Gaia.

    Her hands tightened its grip around the staff again. Hanako slowly opened her eyes, her brow furrowing and her eyes narrowing at Tokyo Tower. In the short distance from where she was standing, a strange color of light purple appeared behind her, and the rumbling sounds of thunder could be heard from miles.

    She was the General, Gaia’s ray of hope in defeating their long-time enemy that they loathed for centuries when they came into existence. Now was their chance at giving them what they deserved for all what they had done.

    They’ll pay… Hanako thought, still focusing her glaring eyes on the Tower.

    ~ * ~

    He gazed up with his dark brown eyes: listening to the thunder rumble high above, seeing the clouds swirl and thicken dark as an abyss in the sky. The only lights that were shining were the lights among the streets. He had a feeling in his heart that something was going to happen tonight, something that hasn’t occurred for a very long time.


    He muttered harshly with his Kyoto dialect under his breath, “Nigousan…” he uttered again, looking in all different directions, with a pensive look on his face. He was thinking that everything was coming into place: the return of the Gaian army and the presence of his daughter appearing.

    He predicted either of those was going to happen, of course, Her Defensive Alliance was going to make another appearance, he has sure on that of happening sooner or later. As for his daughter, who had disappeared 1212 years ago, was chosen to be the Nigousan: Mistress, the Japanese Vampires’ “savior”. She was chosen to lead her father and her people to salvation, the one that would save them from fading from existence.

    He looked towards the darkening sky again, little droplets of rain fell on his face and flashes of lightening lit up the sky. He could smell the blood of a Gaian Angel, the purest of blood and that was all going to shed and poured on the ground…

    “Yukinari?” A soft voice broke in his thoughts, breaking the cycle of his deep concentration; his dark brown eyes shifted to the right. “Is something wrong? Don’t you want to come inside?” it asked. Yukinari turned his head slightly, smiling, then turning around completely. Standing before him was a woman near the apartment complex with wavy lavender hair; she gazed at him with her bright golden-yellow eyes. Almost giving a pleading and innocent gaze at him. Surely Vampires are sensual but Yukinari was in no mood of getting his foot caught in the sheet tonight, Lure me into bed and you’ll regret it… he thought, giving the woman a look of refusal.
    Iie, Yumiko-chan.” He replied; Yumiko seemed disappointed. “I have…important things to do tonight, maybe some other time.”
    Yumiko smirked. The woman was trying to hide her utter disappointment, “Really? I hope it won’t hold you back next time.” Yukinari could tell she was upset, he didn’t mean to disappoint her—he just wanted to brush her off and leave. Giving her a smile, he took her hand, holding it inches away from his lips, “It depends, Yumiko, but I’m sorry to disappoint you,” he said, kissing her hand and then stepping back. “You know how the job is…Ja.” He turned away and left the lavender-hair woman standing at the entrance of her apartment.

    Women… Yukinari thought with a smile forming on his lips. They would do anything to drag a man to bed, to have that feeling of pleasure…

    Yukinari walked in haste, trying to make his way down the long streets of Tokyo, passing through shops and such. Looking ahead to where the Tokyo Tower stood with the sounds of thunder rumbling and flashes of lightening.
    The Gathering will take place tonight, he thought, taking no notice of the rain beginning to fall nor the people quickly brushing by him, trying to dodge the droplets of rain. If the Gaians dare to interrupt and go for another round… Yukinari looked up. We’ll be ready for them…

    ~ * ~

    Tokyo Tower

    A man with short gray hair and deep blue eyes. He was dressed in samurai armor, standing outside the Tokyo Tower, pacing back and forth, waiting for his leader’s arrival. He seemed nervous and afraid of what he was about to tell his leader: numerous of the karyuudo* have sighted a few angels roaming about the tower.

    “They might plan an attack on the Gathering! Or assassinate Yukinari-sama!” Said one of the karyuudo; it was obvious enough for the Angels being here in the first place, they all knew they would come back one day. The man with the short gray hair sighed, “We will do what we can, that is to make sure the Gathering is secure and no intruders may enter,” he spoke to the group of karyuudo, “Be on your guard and protect Yukinari-sama at all cost! Let no harm come to him, is that clear?”

    Ossu!” They cried.

    Now he stood outside the tower, still waiting patiently but worried. Looking out into the distance of the streets, he could see a figure coming towards his direction. Narrowing his dark-brown eyes through the drizzle of the falling rain, he could see it was his leader. “Yukinari-sama!” He shouted. A thought then had crossed his mind: his leader probably won’t be too thrilled that a few of the karyuudo had spotted Angels.

    Yukinari approached the man near the tower entrance, “Bonsowa-ru, Shurii,” he said smiling. Shurii bowed, “Sir, I have important news from numerous karyuudo—something you probably do not want to hear,” he spoke nervously.
    “If its anything about those Gaians then let me hear it, I knew they would appear sooner or later…” Yukinari replied, brushing past Shurii.
    “Indeed it is sir, but we are assuming that they are here to assassinate you and—“
    “Very much like their plans last time, they can’t seem to get their revenge on me.”

    Yukinari cut in bluntly and gave a long sigh. Shurii stayed quiet for a moment, striding along side with his leader.
    “Have you given the orders to them yet?” Yukinari questioned as they both walked down the long hallway, making their way to the elevator.
    Hai, wagakimi,” Shurii replied, “Shortly before your arrival sir.”
    “Good, I don’t want them to interfere this time.” Yukinari said, “This will be their second encounter and if this keeps going—they’ll end up making me feel weary to my death, if that’s what their trying to do. Sometimes I wonder, Shurii, why can’t they just forget about us and move on?”

    Once they entered the elevator, Yukinari waved his hand over his face: changing his eye color from a dark brown to a ruby-red.
    “You know they won’t stop until we’re all dead, sir.” Shurii answered.
    Yukinari nodded, “Yes, I know they won’t stop at nothing…nothing would stop them from killing us…”

    The elevator slowly levitated and suddenly came to a shaking halt; it had reached the third floor. The doors slowly slid open as both Yukinari and Shurii exited. Yukinari was preparing himself for the Gathering that was soon to begin; a few female servants gave him his traditional wear. Clothed with dougi and hamaka—traditional robe and pants that were the colors of gray and black—and he tied his sword’s hilt at his right side also putting on long black cloak to cover his clothes. The servants then bowed to their lord and disappeared from his sight; it was only Shurii and his leader that was alone again.

    Shurii only then gave a glance at his dear old friend, sighing he asked, “Are you ready to face what will happen tonight, sir?”
    Yukinari only chuckled, his colored-ruby eyes narrowed, “Hai, Shurii…” He responded, turning and his long black cloak whisked as he did. “I am always ready for anything…even for my death…”

    ~ * ~

    The double-doors flung open and that alerted everyone in the building that their Leader had arrived. Rows of vampires rose to their feet, turning their heads towards the doors; there they seen their leader, Lord Ookido Yukinari, making his entrance. They all bowed as he walked down the isle, then his army of karyuudo, too, rose and bowed, greeting their leader.
    Yukinari walked up the steps to his throne, facing towards his throne then with one quick turn he looked on to his race. All of their eyes were on him and no sound stirred the moment, just the focusing on their leader.

    Outside the tower: an azure-colored hair, a pair of dark blue eyes looked through the window, and wings fluttered softly as the figure stood still. With both hands on the long glass window, turning her head, she looked at a two other angels and gave them a slight nod. The two angels then nodded in response and the third one joined them, “We must report back to the General,” spoke the angel with azure hair. “The vampires’ gathering is about to begin.”

    Extending his arm, he gave the signal for everyone to be seated. Thus, being seated himself, he suddenly stood rooted to his spot; feeling the same presence he felt earlier. He looked up through the windows, smirking, So they did come…I knew that they would…

    As soon as the others joined the group, the woman with the dark blue eyes approached her General, telling her of what her and the others had seen. “The Gathering is held here, ma’am,” she said, “All of them are inside—possibly discussing of our presence being sensed.”
    The group’s General was silent for a moment; she knew this mission was going to be risky and having to do this as new General. She was to lead her warriors into a dangerous situation like this and she hoped things would not end up like it did before. “Indeed,” she responded, finally managing to break her short silence, “Was Yukinari there?”
    “I saw the hellspawn with my own eyes, General,” The azure haired angel replied dryly, “and all of his other demons.”
    “How many vampires did you see?” The General asked.
    “Only four hundred of his people and two hundred of his karyuudo, it seemed like it, ma’am.” She replied again.
    The General then nodded, “Two hundred in his army? That number seems like a few…but combining his people and the karyuudo would only make six hundred total.”
    “It depends on how well they trained, General.” The woman said.
    “That is also true,” Hanako replied, sighing. She had hoped the Japanese Vampires number would down size—but it was only wishful thinking. She chose taking the top ranks and well-trained warriors from Her Defensive Alliance instead of adding the lower ranks for more help. Her army only numbered one hundred and fifty.
    She looked at the woman with azure hair, “Leiko, I want you to lead thirty warriors positioned at the North window of the tower, wait on my command.”
    “Yes, General!” The woman named Leiko replied, gathering the requested number of warriors together.
    “I want twenty on the South window, thirty on East window, and twenty on the West window!” Hanako commanded, pointing in the given directions. “When I give the signal of my staff breaking the window, that is your cue upon entering. But when I say kougeki, you attack.” She said.
    The groups then divided up into twenties and thirties, moving into their assigned places of the tower. Hanako carefully watched them all fall into their positions, sighing, she hoped her plan would work out this way. There may be more of them and little of us…but I have faith in all of you.

    ~ * ~

    Yukinari remained seated but he was tense: he could feel their presence drawing closer and closer by the second! He urged to warn his people but if he were to do that, it would only cause a huge up roar. <I>I’ll let them pull their tricks, but I’ve got my own up my sleeve.</I> He thought as the corner of his mouth rose up forming a small smirk. Yukinari then focused his attention back to his people, trying to shake off the Angels’ presence near.

    Shurii was standing before the Japanese Vampires, discussing of a new era that was dawning, “This year marks a new age for all of us,” he spoke aloud. “The Gathering that brings all of us together to unite as one nation of Vampires—and bringing us together defines that we can work together in aiding each other in every need.” He looked towards his leader and Shurii could see the uncertainty in his eyes…like something was wrong…but he just focused his attention back on the Vampires.
    “It has been brought to our leader and my attention that our race has begun fading from existence. The cause of that is unknown but to many of the karyuudo have told me that it might be the Gaians’ doing of our number decreasing.” When he had spoken of the word Gaians, the entire room filled with scorn.
    “Those Angels interfered with our last Gathering and we can’t let them do it again!” Shouted a male Vampire.
    “You band of hunters are suppose to be protecting us and yourselves! What type of training do you go through and get killed by a Gaian?” Shouted another.
    Arguments and threats exploded among the Vampires; Yukinari rose from his throne, “FUGENFUGO!” he shouted.

    The room went silence.

    Yukinari’s eye roamed over the crowd—all was silent. Clearing his throat and settling back down in his throne, “Please, Shurii, continue.” He commanded. “Other issues will be discussed later.” He hissed, eyes roaming over the crowd once more.
    Shurii nodded his head, bowing slightly, “My apologies, Yukinari-sama, I shall continue.” Turning towards the people again, Shurii continued.
    “I am to announce of our Leader’s plan of saving our race from brink of extinction,” Shurii said, pausing and inhaling, “We must find the Nigousan and seek for her help.”

    “But the lineage of the Nigousan has been long gone since she disappeared! It is impossible to find her again!” Shouted one female vampire. Conflict was on the rise again; Yukinari only sunk back into his throne, sighing. I knew this was going to be hopeless but there is no other way! He thought.
    “How do you expect us to find her when we don’t even know where the hell she is! It would take YEARS to find her reincarnator!” Another one yelled.
    Shurii sighed, putting his hand up to silence the crowd, “It is impossible, yes I know, but Yukinari-sama has come up with a way to find her.
    “In order to find the Nigousan, it takes a few centuries for the reincarnator to appear—and when she does, the vampire blood will awaken and Yukinari will sense the Nigousan.”
    All of the Vampires were silent, how could such a thing be possible? Yukinari sense the Nigousan? Most of them have forgotten that the Nigousan was their leader’s daughter, after all.
    “So there is a form of bond between our Lord and the Nigousan?” One asked.
    Shurii opened his mouth to respond but Yukinari cut in, “Yes, as you all know that the Nigousan, Suzumi, is my daughter. She is the one that could save us all from dying. Of course, the Nigousan has a choice of choosing whether or not she should save her people…and only I know how stubborn my daughter is.” He chuckled.

    “What if she refused to do her duty, sir?” Asked Shurii.

    “If she refused, then I would have to force her—because our presence here on this Earth is well known. Not only to bring destruction and such upon the humans, but our will to survive.”

    Yukinari rose from his throne, “Some of you may not agree of why I want the Nigousan back, although some of you do. With the Nigousan, we will be able to defeat the Angels by greater numbers in our army.” He spoke, “The bigger our army will be,” clenching his fist as tightly as he could, “the stronger we be and will be able to kill them all! Claiming our victory!”
    Cheers and cries erupted throughout the room. Yukinari looked through all the windows, he still could sense them outside…he knew they were waiting. “Come out and fight Gaians, I dare you…” Yukinari said softly, his lips curving into an evil grin. Shurii’s eyes were focused on his leader, reading the words he had spoken, then following his gaze towards the large glass window. Shurii’s eyes narrowed, seeing a pair soft fluttering white wings and then a dark figure looming from the window.

    ~ * ~

    The General’s wings fluttered softly, catching the wind while the clouds were still dark as an abyss. Floating in mid-air looking through the window, her eyes grew narrow like daggers focusing on him. It was like he was staring straight at her, beckoning her to come. Reading his lips, she could see the expression he had on his face…that devilish smile! Her hands grew tighter around her staff, trying to hold herself back from smashing the window without giving the command to her army.

    “General!” a voice called, pulling Hanako back to reality.

    The General turned her head, eyes focusing on Leiko, “Yes, Leiko?”

    “The others are awaiting your command for attack, ma’am.”

    Hanako and Leiko joined their group, “I give the command shortly, but hear me out, I want all of you to be strong as you were trained. The Council is counting on us, although Lady Mayura has told me we cannot kill them all at once. I am following orders as General, but if their plan of bringing the Nigousan back will be a problem for us.”

    “So is your command to kill them, General?”

    “No, my command to you is to protect yourself and those around you…but if such a threat as the Nigousan’s return then we will do what we can.” Hanako sighed softly, turning, facing towards the window, staff in both hands and placing it in front of her.

    “North, East, West, South GO!” Hanako shouted.

    The staff then broke the window.

    ~ * ~

    With the sound of the windows shattering in all four directions of the room, the Vampires quickly rose from their seats: growling, hissing, and cursing at them. Hanako and her army remained quiet, standing together, not paying attention to the Vampires that loathed them and said such words.
    Yukinari stepped down from his throne, waving his hand to silence the crowd. He grinned at the General, his ruby red eyes narrowing at her and she could feel his gaze over her body.

    It disgusted her deeply.

    “Welcome back Gaians,” Yukinari said with a positive tone. “What a surprise this is…for you to stop by.” He hissed walking by his karyuudo; they stood as if on cue and awaiting their leader’s command. Yukinari stopped, rooted to the floor, only a few feet away from where Hanako and her army were. “Have you come back for your revenge, may I ask? Or have you come back to make mends with us and put our troubles behind to make peace?” He questioned; his eyes fixed on Hanako.
    Hanako remained calm, tightening her grip around her staff, “You know very well of our reason coming back here, Yukinari.” she sneered.
    “Do I?” Yukinari mused, smiling. “Then remind me again of why you are here, Hanako?”

    Hanako’s narrowed eyes decreased and her brow furrowing, “How long has it been since we last fought, Yukinari, a few centuries now? Well, the last time I remember you killed the General and my mentor, Ria.” She responded harshly.
    “Ah yes! I remember now! I did kill the former General Ria, back then you were under her teachings to be promoted to be General, isn’t that right?” Yukinari smiled again proudly.

    It was all coming back to Hanako like it had happened recently, only it took place 744 years ago.

    With a quick stroke of his sword, he thrust it at Ria, jabbing the sword straight into her stomach. Ria cried out, Yukinari grinned looking at Ria; Hanako jerked her head, looking to where Ria and Yukinari fought, she could see that her General was defeated. “General Ria!!” She shouted, sprouting her white glistening wings, flying towards her.

    Leiko struggled to rise, to try and crawl to the General, but she failed. Failed to save her from the demon, the only thing she could do was hanging her head in guilt and cry.

    Ria sank to her knees, clutching at the open wound in her stomach feeling the warm liquid blood flow from it. Yukinari stood over her, laughing as his ruby-red eyes pierced her, “Looks like I win, Ria,” He said, raising his sword. “Any last words?”
    Ria tilted her head up, looking into the eyes of the Vampire Lord, “You will never win against Gaia, Yukinari, I swear it you will not win!”
    He gave a chuckle, “But I have already threw you down and my next move is to kill you! Once when your army is defeated, we will go to Gaia and destroy it once and for all!”
    Ria struggled to stand, with her sword in one hand and the other on her wound, “Foolish demon! You think you have such power to do so? The Beings of Light will cast you and your hellspawn back to where you came from!”

    “Not unless the Beings of the Darkness have the first move.” Yukinari threw his sword at her, aiming for her head, but soon there came a loud clang! Hanako blocked his sword with hers; Yukinari gazed at Hanako, looking at her almost surprised. Hanako’s eyes narrowed and with all her strength she tried to fend off his sword from touching Ria.
    “What is this? The General’s apprentice trying to stop me?” He asked, throwing his head back and bursting out with laughter. Hanako growled, shoving him back, “Hanako, what are you doing? Just let him finish me off!” Ria told her.
    “I won’t let him, General!” Hanako yelled, “Even if he has already struck you, I won’t let him kill you!”
    Hanako sprinted off, swinging her sword at Yukinari, he easily dodged it and smiled. “The General’s apprentice still has much to learn,” he mocked, smiling, “too bad your mentor is going to die.”

    “You bastard!!” she screamed, swinging her sword at him, desperately trying to hit him.

    Yukinari dodged her attacks, he stuck his sword out and suddenly stopped her attack, twisting her sword around and she lost her grip with it, then he appeared behind her, holding her tightly around one arm and his blade near her neck. Hanako struggled to free herself from his grasp, but he held on to her more tightly and dug the blade deeper into her throat, almost cutting it.
    She froze as she listened to him whisper in her ear, “Struggle more and I’ll cut your throat, Gaian,” he hissed. “If you and your army ever come back, I’ll kill you.”
    “How do you know we’ll come back, Yukinari?”
    “Because I do, apprentice.”
    Hanako looked over to where Ria stood, her wound still bled and she struggled to remain standing. Ria tried to move closer towards Hanako but Yukinari growled, “Stay back tenshi!” Ria stopped, “Let her go!” she demanded,
    “Why should I let her go when you’re close to death?” Yukinari mocked, grinning.
    Ria was at loss for words, staring at Hanako, fearing for her life. Hanako showed no emotion, courage was in her—Ria could tell, yet she was still afraid for her apprentice’s sake. Hanako felt the same.

    “I may not be dead yet,” she began; Yukinari looked at Ria, paying attention to what she had say. “But if you let Hanako go, you can give me my death.” She said. “No! No! Don’t let him Ria! You can still live!” Hanako protested, trying to convince her General that she’d rather die than her.
    But it was already too late, Ria was already injured and luckily she still had the strength to stand. Yukinari smiled, “What a willing sacrifice,” he said, letting loose of Hanako and approached Ria. “I suppose I could finish you now, before we have any more interruptions.”
    Ria nodded her head, “Yes,” she responded softly, looking at Hanako. With the look in her eyes, she told Hanako to let this be. Hanako couldn’t believe that she was really going to die, “General Ria,” she whispered, trying to hold back her tears that were welling up inside her.

    Leiko still had time to stand up, quickly rising to her feet, with her bow in her hand, she reached behind her back to grab an arrow. She wasn’t going to let Yukinari kill the General! “One stroke and that bastard will pay.” She whispered harshly, pulling the arrow back on her bow and waiting for the moment to let go of the arrow while it was facing the back of Yukinari.

    “Well, it was lovely knowing you, General Ria, I do hope they give you a proper burial when you return to Gaia.” Yukinari said.

    “I will be remembered but hopefully when I am gone, I want you to remember this,” Ria turned around, showing Yukinari the battle that raged on between Angels and Vampires. Swords jabbing into flesh and allies/opponents falling to their knees, still struggling to stay alive and fight. “I hope that when I am gone, you and your race will be gone from this face of the earth forever, Yukinari.” She said.
    “Only the future holds to what is to come, General, and I plan to have my descendants live on. Even though I do not wish to take over the world, but to have the existence. To know that I, as a Vampire or whatever you wish to call me, exist.” He said.
    Hanako heard both the General and the Vampire Lord speak these words; she felt the same way about Ria, to stop the Vampires.
    “I have lived long before Gaia knew of our existence, my father’s wishes was for me to be a great leader like him, and I am carrying out his wishes for I am was his only heir. Even though I have no heir to take my place, for when I pass on,” He raised his sword, pointing at Ria’s back. Ria closed her eyes, inhaling the scent of chaos and mixed blood of Angel and Vampire, she suddenly felt the blade go through her back. With a quick gasp, she fell to her knees but Yukinari caught her in his right arm, holding her up, “if I am not the one to destroy your damned race, then some how I will find way.” He said, smiling, feeling the body he held go limp—hearing the faint sound of the heart beat, beating slower and slower.
    Yukinari let go of Ria and she fell to the floor, moving away from her, he went off to watch the battle rage on. Hanako rushed to her General’s side, “Ria!” She said, the General only shook her head, “It’s your turn now, Hanako, my duties are done.” She told her, smiling, “You will be Her Defensive Alliance new General, Hanako, I hope everything I had taught you was enough.”
    Hanako nodded, “Y-Yes it was, Ria, I thank you.” Ria still smiled, slowly shutting her eyes.

    Leiko quickly released the arrow and it pierced into Yukinari’s back.

    ~ * ~

    Hanako shook her head, “You monster!” she hissed, Yukinari smiled, “Do you remember now?”

    She gave a slight nod, shaking with anger, gripping her staff, “It is my mission to kill you, you heartless demon!” she spat. Looking at him, her brow furrowed, he tempted to approach her, smiling and gazing at her.
    Hanako stood frozen in her spot, filled with hatred and anger for the creature coming towards her, she couldn’t stand it any longer! She wanted to kill him! Just remain calm, she thought, your chance is coming.
    Yukinari stood towering over Hanako, looking down at her, she could hear voices whispering in Japanese coming from the crowd. She didn’t pay any attention to them but kept her focus on Yukinari. He looked at her for a long period of time, like he was admiring her beauty, Hanako could tell by the way he looked at her and how he stood so close. It was making her feel very uncomfortable, how dare he even get this close!

    His ruby-red eyes gazed into hers; he simply smiled again, speaking to her in his native tongue, “Omaesan uruwashii,” he said, Hanako completely understood what he said; she replied, “Akuma, temae kirenai ko-ru touhou sore.
    Yukinari smiled, “You seem to understand me, Hanako.”
    “I may live on Gaia, Yukinari, but there are few whom speak Japanese to me…I could understand very well.” She told him, still looking at him as he stood close to her.
    First she had the feeling of anger and hatred, now she was feeling utterly disgusted with him near her—she still held on, waiting for the right moment.
    Yukinari smirked, “Well, when you come from a place like Japan, you have to communicate with those around you in your native tongue, am I right?”
    “Yes,” Hanako said, nodding her head, “But what does our language have to do with remembering of what you had done long ago?” she asked.
    She had a point, Yukinari thought, but he only brought it up to get her started. Firing her up, that is. He thought with a grin. “Oh, nothing really, just wanting you to refresh my memory, General.” He said, “Besides, it has been a long time since you were last here.”

    That’s because we were getting prepared for you, Yukinari, that’s why it had taken us this long to get here. Hanako thought.

    “Well, that I cannot discuss, Yukinari—“

    “You were getting ready to fight me, weren’t you.”

    Hanako was a little surprised, “Yes,” she quickly answered, whispering.

    “Why be prepared when you can just walk into the battlefield and fight?” Yukinari stepped away from Hanako, letting her have some space but still stood close. “Surely you could’ve waited a few more years to come back and kill me but no—you chose to stay on your planet and train as hard as you could.”
    Hanako stood rooted in her spot, quietly listening to him speak.
    “You were probably still going under your training as General, I knew you weren’t strong enough to fight me at that time.” He said.

    She wanted to scream out that she still could defeat him, now that it has passed that long, she believed she probably could. “It is true,” she replied, sighing, “even though I was still an amateur of combat skills at that time but I am ready to fight you.”
    Yukinari chuckled, “You challenge me to a fight?”
    Hanako shook her head; “I do not challenge you, but am ready to fight you.”
    He smirked, “I see,” he said, “since you are determined to fight me, then know this, Hanako.”
    “And what is that, demon?” Hanako questioned, glaring at him.
    Yukinari smiled, “It has been a very long time since the last time I had a…certain feeling,” he began, Hanako felt his hands trail up her arms and he was beginning to touch her face, feeling her smooth skin. Hanako still hadn’t moved, even though she had wanted to strike him at that moment.
    “I think I am beginning to fall for you, General, sad but true, yet so strange because of our differences.”
    “I cannot say I have the same feelings for you, Yukinari.” Hanako sneered.
    “Yes I know,” He replied, smiling, “there would be no way for us to be together…”

    “We’ll never be together, Yukinari, besides, what made you think you would fall for me?”

    Yukinari cupped her chin with one hand and the other grasped her shoulder, Hanako froze, her patience was running short. “Omaesan uruwashii,” He whispered to her like before, drawing himself closer towards her and his lips softly pressed against hers. Hanako was shocked, her eyes widen, The first step, she thought to herself, she heard the murmurs and whispers among the crowd again and voices whispering coming from her own group. The first step that he creates to get towards me. Hanako struggled to free herself from him, but he only kissed her harder and held her more tightly. Hanako moaned; this can’t happen, she thought, gripping her staff, the staff formed into a sword. He can’t do this!!
    Finally, Hanako had gotten her chance; shoving Yukinari away from her, there was a perfect distance between them, she pointed her sword at him. “Damn you, Yukinari.” She spat. Yukinari only grinned, “You like it? Maybe I can show you to my chambers.”
    Hanako screamed, turning and facing her army, “KOUGEKI!!” she yelled and the battle had begun.

    ~ * ~

    Hanako stood facing Yukinari, glaring, full of anger and hatred. Yukinari only stood rooted in his spot, smiling like a demon that had caused bad mischief. “How dare you pull something like that, Yukinari. I should kill you for that!” Hanako yelled.
    “Oh, I thought you’d like it, General, I’m just starting to have my fun with you!” Yukinari responded, flipping his long black cloak and withdrawing his sword. “But if it’s a fight you want, then I shall give one.”

    “You may have defeated me long ago but I will win against you this time!”
    “Really? We’ll have to see about that.”

    Yukinari positioned himself, smiling evilly at the Gaian, he beckon her to come close; Hanako took off, charging straight at Yukinari. She swung her sword at his side but with a clang! He blocked it with his sword. “Come on, General, show me what you have learned, since it has taken you this long to come back.” Yukinari swung his sword back at her, she blocked his attack and they began moving forward; Hanako seen that he was going to swing his sword again, she quickly dodged the attack. Moving a few feet away from him, she stood, staring at him again, he stared back and with a great leap, she came down on him barely missing his face. She had cut his left shoulder.
    Hanako had gotten quicker and stronger due to her training she had taken, but Yukinari still could keep up with her pace.

    One after another, Leiko grabbed arrows from behind her, firing the arrows at Vampires that quickly dropped to their knees. She turned her attention towards the General and Yukinari, she sworn this time nothing would happen, she’d protect Hanako no matter what.
    Bringing her attention back, she seen a figure approach her at top speed, a vampire—one of the karyuudo—dressed in dark samurai armor, wearing a red mask, covering his mouth and nose and only revealing his dark-brown eyes that pierced her.
    He raised his sword, screaming and Leiko, taking a great leap, her wings quickly shooting her upward and missing the vampire’s attack. She instantly turned, glaring at him, he too, turned and looked at her. “Come down and fight Gaian!” He spat, Leiko grabbed another arrow, “You do not demand me, but simply attack me from my range.” She replied, shooting the arrow at him, the vampire easily dodged it, chuckling and leaping up towards her, grabbing a hold of her ankle. He yanked Leiko down, slamming her onto the floor; Leiko looked up, seeing that the vampire held his sword over his head. She rolled to the side quickly, getting to her feet and taking a sword from a vampire that had been defeated, charging at him, whipping the sword at his thick dark armor. He gave a slight chuckle, “Archers aren’t very good with swords.” He said, Leiko jumped back, holding the sword in her right hand tightly and her left arm extended, showing the palm of her hand. “This archer is skillful with the sword.” She sneered, glaring at him.

    Yukinari growled, slamming the sword against the glass window, barely hitting Hanako; She stuck to the window, keeping her distance away from Yukinari. Outside the thunder began to roar rain was pounding on the windows, the windows surrounded them and they both paused. Standing still, flashes of lightening blinked within the distance, the lights flickered then dimmed and came back to its normal glow. Hanako glared at Yukinari, stepping forward and moving away from the window, her wings flutter flawlessly, her bangs obscured her face as she stood in a position waiting for Yukinari to attack again.
    Yukinari looked at her, simply beautiful, very flawless, was all he could see written all over her—to top it all off was her bravery and strong will.

    He gave a chuckle, breaking the silence between them.

    “What seems to be so funny, Vampire?” Hanako asked, snapping.

    “You truly are beautiful, Hanako, you being in this state, I would love to see you in my chambers.” He replied, grinning evilly.

    The thought of such a thing made Hanako’s skin crawl, “Ugh, don’t let all of your sick fantasies go to your head, Yukinari—better yet, they have. I would rather die than get sexually tortured by the likes of you!!”

    She took off again, charging at him, her sword at her side, ramming it at his side, he blocked the impact with his sword, and he backpedaled, both of their swords clanging together.
    Yukinari’s black cloak whisked and flowed at his every move continuing to hacking at her with his sword, chopping little strands of her hair, making her head in the direction towards the window. Hanako traced his steps, knowing what he was going to do; she gave a groan, clashing her sword with his again. She was making him step back, looking into his ruby-red eyes and keeping her focus there. The little red orb at the hilt of the sword began to aglow a bright red color, jabbing the sword against him he quickly blocked it. Hanako rushed passed him, turning around and tightly grasping the black cloak, with all her strength she yanked him forward, elbowing him in the head and he gave a cry lowering his head. Then suddenly, with the twirl of the sword in her hand, the sword began slicing down the right side of his face, a long thick line beginning from his brow all the way down towards his mouth.

    Yukinari gave out a cry of agonizing pain, instantly dropped his sword and falling to his knees. Trying to cover the long cut with both of his hand he cried and the entire room heard his scream.

    Shurii turned, looking towards to where Hanako and Yukinari stood, seeing that his leader was on his knees. “Yukinari-sama,” he whispered.

    ~ * ~

    Yukinari tried to open his eyes, he could only see out of his left eye and his right eye burned with unbearable pain, the eye was completely cut and he could feel it. Hanako approached him; standing before him and looking down at him, she put her golden sword at her side. Her dark-brown eyes narrowed at him; Yukinari turned his head and looked at her, the blood dripping from his eye he rose to his feet. Giving a low chuckle, he grinned at her.

    “Damaging half of my sight won’t change a thing, General, I still can kill you in one stroke.” He said gruffly. “Easy for you to think,” Hanako responded, pointing her sword at him, “that is if you can still manage to see only with one eye and keep up at the same time.”

    She charged at him again, Yukinari tighten his grip around the hilt of his sword, swing it to one side and striking it at Hanako their swords clanging again. She turned around, trying to stab at the back of his leg; he quickly blocked her sword again and shoved her away from him. Hanako stood in her spot, seeing that Yukinari was coming close, the thick red blood still streamed down the side of his face and he did not even flinch or dare to cover it—just simply kept on going. Hanako had hoped that would slow him down, but it wasn’t good enough, she’d have to do something better.

    Their swords clanged together again, Yukinari smiled at her, instantly coming around her and she hadn’t seen him doing so—instead he was right behind her. With the quick stroke of his sword, he sliced at her back, one curved line across her back and she flung forward.

    Hanako caught her fall, turning and seeing Yukinari reaching out to grab her, pulling her by her hair. Swinging her around, he slammed her onto the floor, dropping her sword and she lied on her stomach for an instant, seeing her sword not too far from her.
    Hanako heard him approaching, she quickly struggled to grab her sword but he stopped her before she could and he stepped on her hand. She groaned, trying to reach it with her other hand but the vampire only laughed, grabbing her and pulling her up.

    Yukinari had one arm wrapped around her tightly, just like before when she was trying to fight him when he tried to kill Ria; his sword gently sliding across her neck and then came a low evil chuckle.
    “We’re back to where we started, General.” He said. Hanako didn’t move, “Yes, I’d be surprised if you didn’t kill me, Yukinari.” she said, “Besides, didn’t you say that you would kill me if we came back?”

    It was true he did say that but he wasn’t ready to kill her just yet.

    “Yes, I did say that but right now I’m not ready to kill you yet, General.”
    “Why not?”
    “Because I still want to have a little fun with you before I do.”
    “Not this again, I would rather die now than do that.”
    Yukinari smirked, “Well it isn’t an option, General.”
    “Still, I refuse to do what you wish.”

    The vampire grunted, slamming his sword into the wall, barely missing Leiko. She pulled the sword at her side, jabbing it into his side he gave out a cry. “HEE-AH!” She yelled, punching her fist at his face, smashing and breaking the mask from his face. In an instant, he fumbled backwards, falling on his back and Leiko stood over him looking down at him. Seeing what she had done, the mask lied in pieces on his face and on the floor. She knelt down to clear away the broken mask, seen that he was still breathing, his eyes popped open and he looked at her extending his arm out to her he grabbed her neck. His fingers squeezing tightly around her neck, she gasped for air and tried forcing him to let go.
    He chuckled, “Foolish Gaian, you think you can throw down the vampires? You’re wrong!” He yelled, rising, still having her in his grasp, he slammed her onto the floor while she still struggled to free herself. He had both of his hands on her neck now and she could feel everything around her become numb, darkness taking over her. No… she thought to herself. I won’t die so easily and let them win! Kicking her leg up, she hit him right in the groin and he let go of her neck, falling over with his hands in between his legs. She appeared beside him, bow and arrow in her hands, she fired an arrow at him, struck him in the leg. Leiko turned around, scanning the room for the General and Yukinari, she gasped, seeing what he was doing to her—like before—and she took off and headed towards them.

    Yukinari moved Hanako towards the battle that raged on while the blood from his eye dripped on her skin and white top. “Look at it, Hanako,” he said, “look at what our differences have against one another…the Beings of Darkness and Light, fighting each other to single one another out.” Hanako looked on to the battlefield.

    “You know I am here to carry out Ria’s wish of you and your race to disappear, don’t you.” She said.

    “Of course I do, but I will still keep on fighting to live for my existence.” He told her.

    “Your existence does not matter to the world…your just another leech roaming the Earth looking for a purpose!” Hanako responded harshly.

    “Oh, General, you make things more and more difficult for yourself—as much as I don’t want to kill you but just drag you to my chambers.”

    “Then why don’t you?”

    “Because you are very stubborn.”

    “Good, if I keep on doing this then maybe you’ll leave me alone.”

    The blood from Yukinari’s eye still bled, with his sword in his hand he wiped the blood on the back of his hand. Sighing he spoke, “Then I suppose your first step is by cutting my right eye?”
    “It wasn’t a first step, Yukinari, only an act of defensive.” She replied coldly.
    “So it was your way of keeping me away from you?” asked Yukinari.

    “No, I just cut out your eye so you wouldn’t have to look at me with both eyes,” she said, “your stare just burns with evil and desire—so I suppose you can call that a first step…of killing you.” She lifted her head up, looking at him.

    “Then I don’t see why you could’ve killed me a long time ago when you had the chance.” Yukinari said, holding her more tightly with the blade against her throat.
    “Maybe because I was still under training and General Ria could’ve killed you if you hadn’t struck first.” Hanako replied.

    “Well it’s too late for that now and I’m going to give you a choice, General,” Yukinari hissed, “Either you come with me or I’ll cut your throat, being true to my word that I can kill you.”
    Hanako swallowed hard, she refused to make any choices, “Go ahead and kill me, but if you lust for me just stop this now and I’ll go. But if you give me another choice, we’ll leave you in peace.”

    Yukinari gave her an odd look, “How can you be certain that you won’t come back? You know you always will!” He had thought about that for a moment, letting lose of his grip around her but still had the blade at her throat; Hanako hadn’t said anything, she was hoping he’d go along with her option…but a Vampire cannot be fooled so easily, she knew that very well.
    “I don’t agree with your option, General,” He began, grabbing a hold of her again, “but I’m just about to make up my mind of killing you.”

    “What about your other option?” Hanako asked.

    “There still could be that, if you beg me not to kill you, then I will.” Yukinari said, lowering his head and inhaling the scent of her skin. “Pure Gaian blood runs through those veins,” he whispered to her, “immortality you are given by your Gods. I’d like to get a taste of that blood, General, before I kill you.”

    Hanako’s skin began to crawl again, sending shivers down her spine, “Disgusting,” she managed to mutter out, “I take it you were like this with your other wives, Yukinari?” she asked.

    Yukinari placed kisses on her right side of her neck, smiling, “As a matter of fact, General, I sort of was getting taste of their blood was sweet,” he said, “but I’ll bet yours is the sweetest.”
    Hanako felt his lips on her skin while her heart was thumping inside her chest. Searching for her staff, she seen it lying in the same place as before, she had to get it before Yukinari could devour her and drag her to his chambers. She felt his tongue in her ear, licking it and he moaned; she stood there feeling ever so disgusted by him and she hated it.

    Looking down at her staff again, the red orb on the staff began to glow and she watched it move, the staff shook and she kept her eyes on it, hoping that it would come to her. Then not too far away, a figure stood holding a bow and arrow in her hands; Hanako looked up and saw that it was Leiko.

    ~ * ~

    Leiko’s wings fluttered softly, her eyes pierced with anger, pointing the arrow at Yukinari, “Let General Hanako, Yukinari.” she barked suddenly. Yukinari stopped, looking up, Leiko quickly noticed the blood gushing out from his right eye. “Ah, the General’s protector,” he said, “come to rescue your General, have you?”

    “Indeed,” Leiko replied, “now let her go!”

    “Not until I get what I want from her!” Yukinari shouted, still having his sword in his hand and holding Hanako tighter.

    “I won’t let you kill her—just like what you did General Ria!” Leiko shouted back. Yukinari smiled evilly at her, “No, it’s something better than that.” He hissed. Hanako looked down at the staff again, seeing that it still shook and the red orb glowed more brightly now; she shifted her eyes at Leiko, nodding her head then at Yukinari.

    In one quick moment, Hanako flung her right arm forward, sending it back and jabbing it into Yukinari’s stomach. He let lose of her finally, letting her go and Hanako sprang forward, “DO IT NOW LEIKO!!” She shouted, grabbing her staff and then quickly jumping to her feet.

    Leiko let lose of the arrow, the arrow piercing through his left shoulder; Yukinari lost his balance and began falling backwards. Leiko reached behind her grabbing another one, firing one at his right side; then taking one more she was about it let it fly, but something came fast and the voice cried out, “NOOOOOO!!!!”

    Yukinari lied on his back, groaning and spoke, “Shurii wait…”

    Shurii stood before Yukinari, holding his sword in front of him; Leiko looked at him, still holding her bow and arrow and then looked at Hanako questioningly. “Get out of the way—“ Hanako shouted but Shurii interrupted her, “Don’t kill him! Please spare him!” he begged. “Why should he have a chance to live?! He didn’t give General Ria a chance!” Leiko spat. Shurii looked on with concern both at Leiko and Hanako, he lowered his sword, “I know he killed your former General,” he began, “but please, spare his life.” He said, looking at Hanako.

    Hanako held her staff in her hands and the red orb’s glow faded. She sighed, “Karyuudo,” she said, “as enemies we must fight in order to do what is right, I have only brought my army here to avenge General Ria’s death and by the order of the Council of Gaia.”
    Shurii gazed at her, not speaking but listened to what she had to say, “We will spare your leader’s life—for now—but we will be back to do what we are commanded.” Hanako said. Leiko gave her a look of disappointment but did not speak and she lowered her bow. “You’re going to let him live then?” Shurii asked.

    Hanako nodded, “Yes, for now we are, but we’ll be back.” She walked towards Yukinari looking down at him, “Mark my words, Yukinari, we will be back for you.” She whispered.
    “I’ll be waiting, General.” He replied.
    Hanako turned around and headed towards the battle that still went on and she demanded her army to stop; Leiko was about to follow but turned and looked at Shurii. “You have courage to speak to the General that way and asking her to spare your leader’s life,” she said to him, “but next time we won’t.” She turned and left, following the other Angels out towards one of the broken windows where a large purple portal opened.

    Leiko stopped and looked at her General, “Why did you do that, General?” she asked. Hanako sighed, “Because I remembered Lady Mayura didn’t want us to kill them all at once,” she said, “our army’s number was too small even though we could’ve taken them on. But I thought it better to leave it at that.” Leiko didn’t reply, but nodded.

    The Japanese Vampires watched the Angels leave and the portal disappearing then they cried with cheers. Shurii commanded that they clean up, leaving no evidence behind for the humans to investigate and find out about their existence. He turned his attention back to his leader, where he sat up and yanking out the arrows that pierced his body.

    “Damn it, that’s number three!” he spat, “And to top it off I lost my right eye!” Shurii knelt beside his leader, giving him a torn cloth for his eye, “At least I begged them to spare your life, sir,” he said. “<I>Hai,</I> I thank you for that Shurii.” Yukinari responded. “I was a bit surprised that they did, though.” Shurii said, sighing. “They said they’d come back to kill you too.”

    “I know, I just hope they won’t come back tomorrow to finish me off.”

    “I’m sure they won’t, Yukinari-sama.”

    “Our main focus now is finding Suzumi,” Yukinari said, “I want to start tomorrow to search for her.”

    “Not tomorrow, sir, you need time to heal,” Shurii said, “Maybe in a few days we will to see how things let up.”

    “Well, starting tomorrow we must go back to Kyoto, to my father’s palace. From there I will rest, will that make you happy?” Yukinari asked, smiling.

    “Yes it will, my lord.” Shurii replied.

    “When those damn Gaians come back, I want Hanako in Kyoto, Shurii.”
    “Yes sir, but why the sudden interest?”

    Yukinari gave Shurii a grin; “You know what kind interest I’m talking about, dear friend.” Shurii nodded, not replying, only he was thinking of his leader’s safety. If he were to take Hanako back to Kyoto, wouldn’t that result in his death if he brought her there? Shurii would have to make sure that did not happen.

    ~ * ~

    A/N: I’m sorry if my Japanese is really bad; I haven’t taken lessons on it so I am stuck with a Japanese Dictionary that usually helps a little. ^^;; This closes out the prologue, hopefully you all enjoyed it and I am working on the first chapter now. ^_^ A lot of things are changing since I’m rewriting the whole story over now! Feedback is appreciated!

    * = Karyuudo means “hunter” in Japanese; I couldn’t find the proper word for “hunters” so this word will have to do.

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    Very good stuff. Your efforts are evident, and the pecular subject matter seems second nature.


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