Today is Christmas Eve, the longest night of the year. It was bitterly cold as Ash Ketchum, still hell-bent on finding his parents' killers, wandered through a snow-covered stretch of road between Violet City and Azalia Town. It was 9:51 pm, and the sky was pitch black save for falling patches of white which was snow. Exausted, Ash fell to the ground onto the wet, cold snow, his breathing becoming irregular. He struggled to maintain consciousness, but it was a losing battle.

Ash awakened to find himself in a queen-sized bed with red satin sheets. He was stripped of all except his socks and boxer shorts, and had a wet cloth placed on his forehead. He sat up in the bed to find his clothes folded neatly on a chair and a Cyndaquil at the foot of the bed. Then, a silent figure, dressed in an open silk robe with a white thong leotard and reinforced toe pantyhose, entered the room.

"You're awake, I see.", the unidentified female said to Ash. She then hands him a cup of coffee. "Here. Drink some of this."

Ash took the cup from his guest, then slowly took some sips from the cup. He then looks at the girl.

"Where am I? How did I get here?"

The girl sat down on the bed and began to massage Ash's left shoulder.

"You're in Azalea. I found you half-buried in the snow. Had I not brought you here, you'd be dead now."

"Uhh, thanks.", Ash sets the coffee cup down on the nightstand. "And what's with the sexy getup?"

The girl was blushing. "I always wear this to bed."

"You'd probably want the bed back then? I'll just get dressed and be on my way.", Ash slowly got up out of the bed and walked toward the chair where he clothes, that have been cleaned and dried, were sitting. The girl yanked him back onto the bed.

"Don't be silly. You still need to rest.", She climbs into the bed and pulls the covers up over her. "You can have that side."

"How do I know you won't..", then Ash figured that there was no use arguing with her, so he crawls into the opposite side of the bed, his back turned to his guest. He fell back to sleep.

"By the way,", the girl stroked Ash's back with her index finger, then kissed him on his left cheek, "Merry Christmas."

It was Christmas morning, 6:25 am, when a fully-clothed Ash Ketchum exited the girl's house. His attention turned to a platoon of Team Rocket stormtroopers who were breaking into people's houses and stealing what looked like children's toys. Then an announcement over a loudspeaker decreed that gift-giving is hereby outlawed in the Johto Region by order of Giovanni, CEO of the organization. Several crying children ran into the streets to attack the Team Rocket soldiers that loaded the gifts into a tree shredder, but met their demise by automatic weapons fire from a trigger-happy soldier.

"Those inhuman mother fuckers!", Ash thought to himself as he rushed to the nearby Pokemon Centre. Once there, he accessed the Computer Network to acquire Pikachu, Charisaurus, and Typhlosion from his database. Then he ran into the street to confront the soldiers only to find the girl who was kind enough to offer him shelter for the night...wearing a Team Rocket uniform. Ash's jaw dropped.

"I'm sorry, Ketchum.", the girl spoke, "I can't let you leave this town."

"What the hell is the meaning of this? How did you know my name?"

"I looked at your PokeDex. Ash Ketchum, age 13, from Pallet Town, studied under Doctor Oak while still in elementary school, birth parents both murdered.", the girl tossed a Monster Ball up and down.

"And why would this interest you?", Ash pulled a Monster Ball out of his backpack.

"I had the same parents. By the way, allow me to introduce myself before you decide to get medeivel on my ass. My name is Glaive, Glaive Giovanni, but my real name was Svetlana Oronski."

"O-Oronski? That was my father's last name. That can't possibly mean.."

"That's right, Ashey-Boy! I'm your sister!", Glaive winks at Ash.

"You liar!", Ash releases Pikachu from it's Monster Ball, "My sister died at childbirth!"

"That's what your mother told you. When you and I were born, Giovanni took me in exchange for your parents' lives because they couldn't pay the protection money that they owed. He then ordered you killed when you were two, but our parents shielded you from the bullets."

"What else has that bastard told you?", Ash's fists clenched.

"Nothing you don't already know.", Glaive then released Machamp from it's Monster Ball.

Ash's Pikachu and Glaive's Machamp were soon engaged in mortal combat. Pikachu unleashed a hellstorm of electrical discharges, which deflected off of Machamp's glistening body.

"What the fuck?", Ash stood in disbelief as Pikachu's attacks had no effect on it's opponent.

Machamp then grabbed Pikachu by the throat using it's third arm and proceeded to try to rip the electric Pokemon in half. Pikachu let out loud screams of immense pain.

"That's enough, God damn it!!" Ash angrily grabs Glaive from behind, "Recall your Machamp now!!".

"I like you, kid!", Glaive pressed the switch to withdraw Machamp into it's Monster Ball, "Let's call it a draw."

Ash released Glaive, then recalled Pikachu into it's Monster Ball. Then he turns to Glaive and asks "What do you know about my parents?"

Glaive pulls out a locket, opening it up to reveal two pictures of a young couple who were barely in their late teens.

"These were taken on their wedding night. That's the only info I have. Look, Ashey, I want Giovanni dead as much as you do. I spent almost my entire life in the service of the Team Rocket organization, studying under an officer named Glitter. who was sexually molested by Giovanni when I was nine. She died of sexually transmitted diseases three months later. She was the only thing I had to a mother.", tears streamed down Glaive's face. Then she hugged Ash.

"Don't cry, Glaive. I swear I'll get those bastards back..for both of us.", Ash then kissed Glaive on the lips for seven seconds before turning his back to her with the parting words "Be strong."

Before Ash can make his way to the outskirts of Azalea, Glaive calls to him.

"Hey, Ash!"

Ash turns around. "What is it?"

"In case I didn't mention it before...MERRY CHRISTMAS! Despite how things seem now, I want you to know, I love you!", Glaive then flashes him a peace sign. Ash does the same as he walks away. He then pulls out the newspaper clipping headlining his parents' murders and thought to himself "Mom, Dad. I found your other baby. For you and for her, I swear to God, I'll find Giovanni and end this obscenity once and for all."

Just as Ash passed by a church, he could swear that he heard "Silent Night" coming from the gathering space.