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    ~This is my first REAL fanfic. I activly write in Line Inspiration, but never wrote a normal one. Here goes nothin...Please don't be TOO harsh when criticizing.~

    The sound of soft thunder brought me out of that recurring dream. It didn't dare go away. Not until I found it.

    The dream was quite simple, really. I was in an open meadow walking along. A sound would make me turn around and when I looked back I woke up.

    Every evening a little more of the sound would play, and I would become even more curious.

    For it was ocrina music. As I turned around I would always glimps a lock of green hair before awakening.

    This would lead me to suspect that the mistery player was Saria, except she has been dead for many years now.

    As I lay there taking this all in, the gentle sound of rain on the roof lured me back into sleep. And back into that same dark feild...

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    I'm presuming it's a Legend of Zelda fic, correct?

    I really know nothing about the N64 series, but it was very nice. A few misspellings here and there, though.

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    YAY! My first responder! Thanks! and ya, i am a horrible speller.


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