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    This is my attempt to write a horror story with me, my friends, and the characters of Pokemon. Hope you like it.

    Prelude to Darkness- Chapter 1


    Kanto region:
    Year 1602....

    The two men continued to run down the dark corridor. John held his lamp in front of him, hoping to find some place, some corner to hide in. Anything would be enough. His hand was at his stomach, clutching it, trying to halt the blood that was oozing from the large gash there. He could barely keep himself on his feet as he ran ahead of his friend, Tomas. Tomas tried to make out what John's lamp was eluminating, but sweat dripped into his eyes, and he had no time to do anything about it. They were exhausted from all the running and hiding. Tomas didn't know how much longer he could keep up, and began to slow down some. John at last saw what he so desperatly desired, a door. He picked up his pace upon hearing those horrible screeches getting closer and closer. He grabbed the door's handle and pulled on it. The door swung open and he looked back. Tomas was several feet away, and was breathing heavily. He also saw what was gaining on Tomas. Their screeches echoed through the hallways. Without a second thought, he slammed the door shut and locked it. Tomas's eyes grew in terror as he realized what his friend had just done. He ran up to the door. He wildly pulled on the door handle, not wanting to look back.

    "John!! Let me in!! JOHN!!! LET ME IN!!!!!" Tomas yelled hysterically through the door. But his words fell upon deaf ears. John cried as he heard Tomas's screams. The hysterical man banged on the door harder, begging and demanding for it to open. John backed away from the door and fell onto a chair, crying for his friend. He held his face, hearing the screams louder and louder in his head.

    "I'm sorry, Tomas! I'm so sorry!" he whispered in between sobs. He knew Tomas couldn't hear him, but he wouldn't dare raise his voice, knowing what was out there.

    "PLEASE!!! I don't want to die!!!" Tomas's screams echoed through the door. He slid down the door as he tried to comprehend how his best friend could have done this to him. A few seconds later, the screaming stopped. The sound of flesh being torn and liquid splattering to the floor made John cringe. Dark-red blood leaked through the crevice at the bottom of the door. He gasped, knowing his friend was dead, but he had to concentrate on his main goal. He opened up his journal and began to scribble upon it everything he knew about this place and its dark secrets, so that someone could find it and halt the darkness that permeated every corner of the large estate. The door once again began to shake violently, and John hurried his hand. Upon finishing his entry, he threw it to the table on the opposite wall, where he hoped it would stay, untouched. He turned to the door, which was about to be knocked down. He slowly stepped back. The unearthly shrill cries pierced through him. The door began to vibrate violently and crack were forming along the edges.

    "I WON'T LET YOU TAKE ME, YOU BASTARDS!!!" John yelled. He no longer cared wether they got through or not. He knew he would never leave this place with life. But he wasn't about to be killed this way. John removed his rapier from its sheath on his belt. He stared at it, wishing not to hesitate any longer. With his hands quivering, he placed the end of it to his open wound, penetrating it slightly. The stinging forced him back, but he was determined to end his life himself. "I hope you forgive me, Tomas..." he softly muttered. Tears fell down his face as he drove the rapier into himself half length. He let out a sharp breath as it plunged into his body. Pain flooded his senses and his limp body collapsed to the chair. He couldn't even close his eyes as the shadow of death overwhelmed him.

    400 years later....

    The hot sun was almost unbearable as the seven trainers slowly walked along the small dirt path. There were almost no trees beside them as they walked on, and no clouds in the sky to block out the scorching heat of the sun. They sighed in relief as they saw a small patch of trees up ahead. Out of all of them, four were almost exhausted to the point of collapsing, and were behind by several feet. They were Jorge, Michael, Lea, and Arturo; trainers that had come from far off the coast of Indigo, the American League. They had met Ash and company in an international Pokemon Tournament. At first, the four friends intended to go back to their home, but Ash offered that they stay and travel with them a while to learn more about his way of life. They weren't used to leaving home at ten years old, or traveling everywhere on foot. Now they almost regreted it. Ash looked back and saw his friends beginning to slow down. "C'mon, guys! It's not that much farther to the Pokemon Center," Ash said, noticing that they were almost not walking anymore. He knew they weren't used to walking from town to town wothout using vehicles, being teenagers, but he didn't expect them to be tired already. They had been with him, Misty and Brock for almost a month now. He, Misty, and Brock stopped and waited for the others to catch up. They were experienced in walking long distances, since they'd been doing it for years. The Orange Islands had been the only exception. But these four weren't used to it yet. Michael came up to them first, panting. He was the oldest, at nineteen years old." Easy for you guys to say! You're experts at this!" he stated tiredly. He didn't expect walking for six hours straight could take so much out of him. He took out his water bottle and nearly emptied it. Jorge, Arturo, and Lea slowly walked up behind him.

    "It's like they run on Energizer batteries," Jorge uttered between large gulps of water. He removed the moisture that had accumulated on his forehead with his arm. At sixteen, he was the youngest of the four, but by no means any less experienced in Pokemon training. They were all the top trainers from their cities.

    "Yeah..." Arturo agreed. He silently cursed the radio weather man for saying it would be cloudy the whole day. He sighed and continued walking to catch up with Ash and the rest. At seventeen, he was also very young for a Pokemon trainer, according to where he lived. But he was amazed the day he arrived with his friends to the Indigo League and saw young trainers everywhere.

    "My feet are killing me." Lea complained. She wondered how Ash, Misty, and Brock could possibly be walking for so many hours without getting tired as well as them. Then she remembered how she used to drive from city to city back where she came from. What only took a few hours now took one or two days to travel. She couldn't even be her usual hyper self anymore. "I suggest we take a break right there." she said, pointing to the group of trees. Everyone else nodded.

    "Ok. I guess we have been walking a long time now." Ash agreed.

    "You *guess*?!" Arturo muttered sarcastically. Ash ignored the comment as he walked toward the shaded spot. They all gladly followed. Upon reaching it, everyone sat down at the trees' bottoms, stretching out their tired legs. They enjoyed the cool breeze that reached them in the shade. Ash and Misty ended up sharing the same spot under a tree by chance, or so they each thought the other thought. They wathched as Pikachu played with Togepi. While everyone relaxed in the shade, Brock walked ahead to see if he could find the Center. He looked at his trusty map for guidense.

    "According to this, the Center should be right..." he said as he looked up towards the rolling hills. "There." Brock smiled. Sure enough, the Pokemon center was just a small distance away. And he knew what awaited ind=side of the Pokemon Center all too well. He frantically ran back to his friends. "Guys! I saw it! The Pokemon Center is just over those few hills! Let's go!" He cried, pointing behind himself. Misty shook her head at his excitement. She knew all too well what he was excited about.Everyone else in the group let out a loud groan at Brock. It didn't take them long to know what Misty did. And they didn't feel like starting again now that they could have some rest.

    "Brock, why can't we just stay here a while before getting there?" Jorge asked suspiciously from his spot under a tree's shadow.

    "'Cause he wants to be 'joy-ful'," Misty uttered loud enough for Brock to hear. Jorge snickered as Brock gave Misty an irritated look. He really wanted to see Nurse Joy, but didn't like to be ridiculed by it. He then smirked.

    "I know someone who wants to be covered in 'ash'," he said, grinning widely. Almost immediately he regreted it, knowing Misty. Misty jumped up, her face extremely red, and lifted her mallet over her head. Even though she had the deepest love for Ash anyone could imagine, she would never admit it openly, for fear that he might not feel the same way. So she had to act as though the thought sickened her. She was about to kill Brock when her arms were stopped by Ash's strong hands.

    "Huh?" Misty looked back, wondering who wouldn't want this on Brock after what he had just said. She dropped the mallet when she saw who it was.

    "Misty! Calm down!" Ash said, trying to hold Misty back. "Just remember, he's the one that provides the cooking." Misty turned around and blushed at Ash holding her, he blushed as well. Everyone saw this clear as day, but said nothing. Ironically, Ash felt the same way about Misty as she did for him. He never intended it to happen, it just did. But he was afraid that if he ever told her, she would leave, not feeling the same way. He immediately let go when he realized he'd been holding her close to him for almost a minute now.

    "Sorry, I guess the heat is getting to me." she lied. But she took comfort in the fact that Ash wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

    "That's exactly why we need to wait here, Brock." Michael pointed out, not wanting to get up. Brock wasn't about to give up. He knew the destination of their traveling. They were all going to visit Jeannette, the trainer Ash had battled againdt in the fourth round of the Pokemon League Tournament that ended two months ago. After it was over, Michael and her had become very close. She had recently suffered a bad injury while training with her Pokemon. Brock decided to use this in his favor.

    "You know, they must have a telephone so you can call Jeannette and tell her we're almost there, Michael." he said, with a sly look on his face. At that, Michael jumped onto his feet and turned to everyone.

    "Then what are we waiting for! C'mon guys, let's get going!" he cheerfully shouted to them. "It's really not that far away." Jorge, Arturo, and Lea glared at Michael.

    "Not you too!" Lea sighed. 'We might as well get this over with,' she thought. Everyone unwillingly lifted themselves up and started walking towards the Pokemon Center, shading themselves as best they could to avoid being sunburned. Almost an hour later, they finally reached reached the Center. Everybody sighed in relief as the cool air of the A/C hit their faces. In the middle of the place stood the sole purpose for Brock's being, at least he thought so.

    "Hello. May I help you?" asked the pretty young lady known as Nurse Joy. She smiled warmly as they walked down to her desk. As always, Brock was the first one to get to her. He pushed Ash aside, and pushed his face very close to hers.

    "You can help me to be a good lover to you!" Brock crazilly announced. Nurse Joy stepped back in surprise with a sweatdrop as he held her hand. Misty took care of everything by grabbing Brock's ear and pulling him away from Nurse Joy.

    "Only a shrink could help you, Brock." Misty stated truthfully. Everyone watched as she dragged him away, crying in pain. Ash took this time to step up to the desk.

    "Heh, sorry about my friends. Would you mind taking care of our Pokemon?" he asked, letting Pikachu jump down onto the desk.

    "Sure!" Nurse Joy answered. Everyone gave her their Pokemon. Misty had to give Brock's, seeing as though he was still out of it. Joy put the Pokeballs on a cart and took them to the back. She returned soon after. "Anything else?"

    "Yeah!" Michael said. "Do you have any Vid-phones here?" he asked, ignoring the looks he recieved from his friends.

    "Oh, yes." Nurse Joy replied. "They're right over there." she said, pointing to the Vid-phones on the left wall.

    "Thanks!" Michael managed to say as he ran to the phones, digging in his pocket for any change. Lea shool her head at it all and faced Nurse Joy.

    "Do you have any rooms?" she asked.

    "Lets see... seven people..." Nurse Joy accessed her computer and checked for accommodations. "Oh, I'm sorry. We have only two rooms left, and they only have one bunk bed each," she said.

    "What?!" Arturo exclaimed as his face fell. "How the hell will we fit into two one-bed rooms?!" he blurted out. While Brock stared at Nurse Joy with an idiotic expression on his face, the rest began to think of what to do. Misty then had a thought.

    "Let's see... Lea and I can share one room, and Ash, Arturo, Jorge, Brock and Michael can share the other," she suggested. All the boys leered at her.

    "Sounds good to me, Misty," Lea agreed, facing Jorge and Arturo. "Don't you guys think so?"

    "Oh, sure. For freakin' sardines maybe." Arturo retorted sarcastically. Jorge nodded in agreement. Ash put his hand on his chin as he tried to figure out the arithmatic of two girls, four guys, and only two rooms. He winced as his head began to hurt slightly.

    "Waitaminute! You and Lea get to sleep in a bed in your own room, but all of us have to be crammed into one room, and only two of us get a bed!? That's not fair!" he complained after almost a minute of tought. Misty only gave him an annoyed look.

    "Would you rather sleep with the girls, Ash?" she questioned him, pointing at him accusingly. Ash immediately fell back in surprise and horror.

    "NO!" he yelled back. He had never thought of it that way before. He looked away as a small blush appeared on his face.

    "Then take it like a man!" Misty proudly scolded him. She new that it would shut him up.

    "Hmph!" he muttered, crossing his arms and facing the opposite direction. Arturo and Jorge shook their heads, chuckling at the whole scene. Misty noticed this and silenced the both of them the only way she knew how. They dropped to the floor, holding the large lumps on their heads. Misty stood with her mallet in her hands as Lea chuckled. Michael put the fifty cents into the Vid-phone and dialed the number he knew at heart. After waiting a few rings, the phone was answered. His face lit up in a smile as he saw who he wanted to talk to for a long time. It was Jeannette Fisher. He lightly flushed, noticing her combed, shiny hair falling down the sides of her light colored skin and saw her gleaming violet eyes looking right at him.

    "Hello?- Oh! It's you, Michael-Kun! How are you?" Jeannette said, smiling lightly. Michael nearly felt himself getting lost in her gorgeous eyes, but snapped out of it in time.

    "Hi, Jeannette! I'm doing fine, thank you. I jus called to tell you that we're at the Pokemon Center already. We'll spen the night here and tomorrow we'll be at your house by noon." he said, trying to give her his best smile.

    "That's great." she said. "I'll be so happy to finally meet your friends, and to see you again..." Jeannette felt a small blush on her face and didn't notice how badly Michael was blushing. She was extatic about Michael finally able to visit her in her her house. Ever since Ash had introduced her to him, she had developed a strange liking to him that she had never had before. He was nice, outgoing, brave, loyal, and above all, she thought he was handsome. Another blush appeared on her face. She hoped to heaven that one day he might feel the same way about her. She anxiously awaited his response.

    "Thanks, Jeannette." He nervously chuckled. "I can't wait to see you again. Oh, by the way, how is your leg?" he asked, trying not to think about that day.

    "It's a lot better now. I sometimes even forget what happened. The doctor told me I didn't need crutches anymore, just to not put too much stress on it." she said, smiling reassuringly. Michael felt relieved that Jeannete's leg had gotten better. He was afraid that she would have that unnecessary pain for a long time. He remembered how she had gotten badly hurt. She had been bleeding badly from her leg for many minutes, and had gone into shock. He nearly drowned in sorrow, thinking she wouldn't make it, but the ambulance arrived quickly and gave her the care she needed to live. He felt so grateful that his friends were there to respond quickly. He would never forgive himself if se had died because he hesitated for a few moments in his fear. But now it was all over, and she was better. He trully couldn't wait to see her again after joining his friends on their journey to visit her. He knew that what he felt for her was special, and not just the love between friends. He had thought about telling her how he felt, but decided to wait untill he could see her face to face. But there was also the problem of what she'd say. Would she say she liked him back, or would she reject him?

    "I'm glad to hear that!" he stated, grinning widely. "I hope your leg gets better soon, Jeannette-Chan." he sadi, using the Japenese form of addressing her as a very dear friend. For she was herself Japanese. "How are your Pokemon doing?" Jeannette's face was replaced by a Bellsprout's head, answering his question. The small Pokemon waved furiously at Michael, shouting out into the speaker. Jeannette managed to squeeze through, laughing at Bellsprout hyper activeness.

    "Hehe, sorry about that. I guess Bellsprout likes using the Vid-phone. So... I guess I'll see you tomorrow then." She said, hoping he would agree.

    "Of course! I'll see you then. Bye, Jeannette-Chan." he waved to her as he talked.

    "Sayonara, Michael-Kun!" she cheerfully exclaimed. The picture faded and the screen turned off. Michael tried to memorize her perfect smile in his head, like a picture. He slowly stood up and headed for the rest of the group, where Ash and Misty still argued about the rooms they would have to share. He winced, hearing each of their insults, which kind of reminded him of when he first knew Lea.

    "Room hog!" Ash blurted. Misty flushed red in anger it him calling her a 'hog'.

    "I am NOT a room hog, you jerk!!" she retaliated.

    "Are too!"

    "Am not!!"

    "Are too!!"

    "AM N-" Misty began, but was interrupted by Brock's fuming.

    "Will you two keep it down?!" he shouted. "I'm trying to ask Nurse Joy out!" Ash and Misty looked aroun themselves and noticed everyone was staring at them oddly, as if they were a couple of freaks. They both felt like crawling into a whole and dying there, then they hung their heads, blushing in embarassment.

    "Sorry." they both said in unison. They looked at each other for a second, wanting to apoligize, but their pride got in the way.

    "As I was saying, would you like to-" Brock then turned to Nurse Joy again, but realized she was now gone. "Aw, man..." he hung his haed before glaring in Ash and Misty's direction. Michael now decided to speak to break the awkward silence.

    "What's all the fighting about?" he asked, pretending he didn't hear any of it.

    "Misty and Lea get their own room, while we have to cram ourselves into the other one." Arturo informed him. Michael quickly looked up at Lea, who was smirking.

    "I think it's fair." she declared, closing one eye and sticking out her tounge at him.

    "But, there's only two beds in each room..." Jorge mentioned. "How are we all going to fit in the other one?"

    "I think the first question would be... who'll get the beds?" Brock said, looking at the floor thoughtfully. "Now how do we decide who gets the beds?" Ash had dacided he'd had enough of his friends arguing for beds. He moved his arm upward to get their attantion.

    "I have an idea." he quickly announced, without even thinking of an acyual idea. All of the boys desperately looked to Ash for the answer to who'd get to sleep in Pokemon Center luxury that night. Brock looked at him suspiciosly.

    "What's this idea of yours, Ash?" he asked. Ash opened his mouth to say something, but then realized he had nothing to say. He laughed nervously as he put his hand behind his red cap.

    "Um.... I'll have to come back to ya." he said, slowly retreating. Everyone face-vaulted in stupidity. MIsty made sure she laughed as hard as she could at his well expected response. At least to her it was. Brock and the others picked themselves up and gave him a death stare, which he backed away from. Nurse Joy then came up to them with what they hoped was good news.

    "Good news. Apperently we have another room vacant now. But, it also has only one bunk bed." she said. Ash slowly did the math in his head.

    "Wait. That means one of us has to sleep in the floor tonight..." he trailed off, noticing everyone around him was looking down at him. "What?" he asked, fearing the worst. All of the sudden, his stomach began to turn. Later that night, Misty gently slid a sleeping Togepi into her backpack as she laid down on the bottom bunk. She looked up at the top bunk.

    "Good-night, Lea," Misty said, yawning in the process.

    "See you in the morning," Lea answered. She lied down her head on the pillow and pulled the sheets over herself. "But now I will see my Trunks-san..." she whispered as she dozed off.

    "What?" asked Misty, hearing the remark. But the only sound she heard was Lea's soft breathing as she slept. She shrugged and decided to forget it. Misty then remembered something and looked out the bedroom's window at the stars. As she slowly closed her eyes, she softly whispered, "Good night, my Ashy..." She smiled and slipped into sleep.

    Outside, a small sleeping bag stood out among the dark green grass. Ash's head poked out of the top of the bag. One hand was behind his head while the other one was gently petting Pikachu. It purred silently. "Well, at least you're out here with me, buddy." Ash whispered. "Dumb Misty. This is all her fault." He sighed. "What am I saying? It wasn't her... she's sweet and kind and caring. She only gets mad that way 'cause of me." He looked up at the trees above him. "I wish I could get on her good side for once."

    "Pika pikachu pi, pika" Pikachu comforted Ash, telling him not to worry about it. "Pika-kachu pikachu, pi kachu."

    Ash smiled. "Thanks Pikachu. I hope it does." he said. He made himself more comfortable in his sleeping bag and then let out a yawn. He whisperd goodnight to Pikachu and kept a second goodnight for himself. 'Good night, Mist.' As he slept, the trees above swayed in the wind. An eerie whistling sound whispered in the air. In the moonlight, a shadow crept toward Ash, moving silently. It's claws reached for him, yearning to haunt his every thought. A street lamp on the pathway to the Center flickered for a few seconds before fully eluminating the small clearing where Ash slept. The harrowing shadow was gone.

    To be continued.....


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