You know, losing like that reminds me of that day. The day when I decided to become a Coordinator. It wasn't something I went into happily... as always, I had a selfish and bitter reason for doing so, which is the total opposite of what everybody thought of me. Never in a million years would they have thought that I would lust for something as vulgar as revenge.

And yet, that is who I am. That day may have changed my course in life, but it didn't change or influence my personality... I have always been like this. But what of it? I'm beautiful, after all. I have the right to be vain. And am I not an artist? Do I not have the right to be petulant?


Here's a picture of him. I took one of him secretly at one of the Contests he entered. He looked smug, even when he had been beaten by Robert. I remember, we laughed about it afterwards. He told me that the reason he lost was because of his arrogance... and yet, he had managed to beat me. I remember, he looked just as smug back then. I recall wanting to strangle him, just to get rid of that arrogant, self absorbed smirk.

But that would have been too easy. He had told me, before we battled, that he was a Pokemon Coordinator. I didn't know what one of those was at the time, seeing as how I had only started using my precious Pokemon to battle recently. He explained that a Pokemon Coordinator was someone that entered themselves and their Pokemon into special Pokemon Contests. It wasn't how strong your Pokemon was that was important, but how well you impressed the crowd and judges with beautiful attacks and combinations. I didn't like the idea at first... after all, I was an artist, but my art is far too good to be wasted on some petty crowd. I argued that being a Coordinator was a pathetic profession, and that his Pokemon surely must be useless if all he used them for was to butter up some weak willed judges.

...Little brat. It didn't take long for him to tear apart my precious Pokemon... my beloved partner. And yet he looked so happy when he had won! He had just beaten up the cutest Pokemon you could ever have seen, and he was happy! He mustn't have a heart... Like you, you little bitch. You would get along well with him, if you ever met. Of course, I'd be hoping that you would just destroy each other.

...But then, that wouldn't be much fun, would it? I want the pleasure of beating you both myself. That's why I became a Coordinator... I want to enter the Grand Festival and embarrass him, and now you too, in front of EVERYONE. I tried to do it in our battle, but you fought against it and managed to claw your pathetic way to victory. But not him... even if I fail to rip your confidence apart, I still want to destroy his. Maybe I'll use you to do so... I've used people before to make things go my way.

...But whatever happens, we will battle again, on the glorious stage of the Grand Festival, even if I have to cheat for you to ensure you obtain that last ribbon. After all, beating you wouldn't be much fun if it wasn't in front of the biggest possible audience and with the biggest possible stakes. I want to tear apart any pathetic dreams you have of success and make people see how weak you really are.

Until then, my precious Meno-chan.

Authors Note: Nyah! The very first Harley fic! If you don't know who the hell Harley is, then you are either an idiot, you someone that I'm showing this fic to in real life. (You are... Emma-Hime, perhaps? Since she is only friend I have who doesn't laugh right in my face when I talk about Pokemon and so if the only one I'd show this to. *waves*) If you know who he is, then surely you must be one of his fans! What? You aren't one of his fans? :P *kicks violently* Anyway, whowever you are, I hope you enjoyed it, as the FIRST HARLEY FANFIC EVER. Yayness. ^__^

All opinions welcome. n.n I'm not really bothered, even if you don't like it, because I just *needed* to write this, and I'm semi-happy with how it came out.