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    10 years after "Pikachu I choose you", the world was on the tip of the knife edge as the recent Gulf War 2 and Terrorist attacks weaken the world. Nature was also angry as Man continued to waste her used-to-be infinite resources.

    Nature vented her anger in form of a changed Team Rocket. A Nature-orientated Team Rocket. To raise the stakes, evolved humans who were not accepted by their 'primitive' counterparts join Team Rocket who accepted them as human.

    Ash Ketchum now a Wild Force Ranger must protect his fellow humans from rogue Pokemon. But when his Nature orientated opinions clash with his duties, can his save Silver Town from the angry high leveled Mt Silver Pokemon trying to take back their habitat. And also why a man with mask of machinery look so familiar.

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    Default Flashbacks

    What makes a human a human? Is it his origins? No, he is born from a father and mother and conceived thru a mammalian womb. But the right answer is the internal human factor that makes one a human. But it takes more than looks to determine this factor. Any the human race plagued with discrimination, intolerance, impatience has clouded his judgment over those unique few of his own kind, even if they are basically humans but unable to blend in, not because they don’t want to, is that they simply can’t. Many die or suffered greatly, these people often had to do the inevitable just survive in a cold, unfeeling world.

    Deep in the night, the streets were silent except for the calling of Ninjasks and cicadas. Cold winds were like music to curtains, making them dance to their ‘tune’. As the curtains danced, a teenager turned and tossed in bed, muttered angrily, “My..Nose….! Ash!!!!”. This person had a mechanical face. As the night went by, the teen’s dream played on like a video tape in its player.

    The young man’s name was Wugi. He’s 19 years old now. His story was traumatic to anyone, kind enough to listen. Since young, Wugi was a real-life version of Dr. Dolittle. His ability to converse with any beast or Pokémon was a gift from the heavens. But… this gift was his curse too. His peers isolated him for he often hears Nature’s conversation.

    But one day, he was partnered to Ash Ketchum, a quite powerful Pokemon trainer, in chemistry class in college. By nature, Ash Ketchum was clumsy and by accident, spilled hydrochloric acid into Wugi’s face. Ash’s friend, Gary, made it worst when he wiped a towel, which he did not, knew that it was soaked in nitric acid. So the two acids now become the famous Aqua Regis, the gold melting acid!

    Wugi’s nose and sections of his face had to be removed. Even though the operation safeguarded Anakin’s life, doctors reckoned that Wugi would not survive for another month. Dr. Gamma, Wugi’s father, did not believed that, he would not let his son die. He created a new face, one that was mechanical and functional for Wugi. Two holes attached to a filtering and odor detection device was welded to his nasal passages and nerves to replace his nose while a bicycle chain-like mechanism acted as his upper lip. A skull–like sheath covered Wugi’s ghastly red facial muscles beneath it. But Wugi now had but little facial expressions to convey moods and emotions.

    But misfortunes come in pairs…., soon Dr. Gamma was involved in a nuclear plant break down which ‘cooked’ all his colleagues in very hot steam and rumors speak of Team Magma’s involvement in this accident. Mysterious, Dr. Gamma’s body was not to be found anywhere!

    As the hands of the clock ticked, Wugi soon recalled something. He remembered the day he interrupted Giovanni, his superior, in his speech and gave all of Team Rocket a traumatic reminder of their goals. But after spending a month in a prison cell for such insolence, Team Rocket’s members were somehow inspired by his words thru sorrow and then anger. The cold and unfeeling world that discriminated them for small reasons had brought them here to Team Rocket in the first place! Over next months, they became a changed secret society and soon reverted back to its roots; to revolutionize the discriminative world into a fair and kind world. Soon Team Rocket saw Wugi in a different light and soon they began to gain a little support from the public especially after economic downturn recently and the second Gulf War.

    The ‘blue’ rays of the sun soon made their way into Wugi’s bedroom. Bluish sunlight was already a common sight here, especially in this Team Rocket underwater colony, Atlantis. It had been nothing but an ineffectual struggle over a 10-year-old nightmare.

    Then a knock came at his door. It was Mrs. Gamma. She opened the door. “Oh I see that you are awake.” She said. “Good morning mum! Sigh!” Wugi sighed and got his slim but muscular torso into a Team Rocket uniform and his cape. “What’s wrong? Honey.” Mrs. Gamma asked. “Sigh! I had a dream last night. It was a painful playback of the events 10 years ago.” “Don’t tell me… I had a dream too, of your father. But I was taken to a time when we first met to the time we had you! Those happy times! But now… sniff… just gone like that! I just wished I didn’t have to age so slowly.” Wugi patted his mother’s shoulder. “Mum! Perhaps you have a mutant gene that decelerates your aging that’s a miracle!” “What miracle! Your father has left me, living is such a torture!” Mrs. Gamma was getting a little frustrated with her life since her spouse is gone and since her body’s aging slowed down by 2 times after her teens years, Mrs Gamma is physically thirty-five years old when she’s already forty-nine like her husband!

    “I am sorry! I still could not stand the feeling that your father is gone! We better get going!” Mrs. Gamma recovers from the loss and packs her patients’files on the table. It would take time to heal the wounds. “Meow…! But it can’t beat the loss of James and Jesses.” Sobbed a Persian, the infamous talking feline. “James is trying to run away from his overbearing and uncaring parents and Jesse, from the whole world who looked down on her. It took so much trouble for them to be together and yet they had to die in their wedding!” Meowth used to be from trio consisting of the incompetent but loyal James and Jesses, Team Rockets, but on their wedding night, the police shot them and the feline escaped.

    Wugi reminded his mother and Meowth “ Mum, Meowth, we can’t change the past but we can change the future, our future.” Mrs. Gamma stared at her son and she noticed the Team Rocket kids outside. Obviously, it was 8:00 am in the morning, school students were walking to school. A simple phenomenon, which hides something lacking in the cruel world outside; tolerance…. Among the kids were individuals born deformed from birth or even victims of government experimentations! They were very eye-catching but yet the people here accept them as humans. In the outside world such people had to live in the darkness even deprived of their living rights.

    “Thanks Wugi! Lets go! Son!” Mrs. Gamma now understood their mission. Wugi gazed at the sky which their enemies live under with blazing vengeance which he and all of the newly reformed Team Rocket intend to avenge in time to come…


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