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Thread: POKEMON: The Power Inside (Chapter 20 - Route One Rumble!)

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    Default Re: POKEMON: The Power Inside (Chapter 12)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kai-Mei View Post
    Just wanted to point out, this sentence doesn't make much sense. If you take out the part about "it's owner...", (which is an appositive and should theoretically be able to be removed from the sentence) you get:
    Inside the luxurious office, had returned to his comfy leather chair behind his desk and was now reclined with his feet up, watching and listening to the television news coverage from Sapphire City intently.
    I think it's that comma after "business suit", marked in red, which should be changed to "and" or another such coordinating conjunction.
    Thanks! I actually just split into two sentences to avoid the awkward-sounding run on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kai-Mei View Post
    You forgot a comma after "But" (I've marked it in white).
    Thank you! Edited.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kai-Mei View Post
    "Pokemon" should capitalized
    I actually go with the idea that 'pokemon' is like the word 'animal' in my fic's world. So i don't capitalize it or the particular pokemon's name unless it's a proper noun situation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kai-Mei View Post
    You don't need that comma.
    Edited! Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kai-Mei View Post
    You need to offset "like" from the rest of the sentence. (Course, using, like, 'like' in a sentence isn't technically correct either)
    Good call on the commas, but using like in a quotation is just fine in this case IMO. It's dialog after all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kai-Mei View Post
    That 's' should be lowercase.
    Disagree with you here.

    “Kick some butt out there!” She smiled sweetly and turned to return to her seat in the crowd.

    The 'S' in 'She' needs to be capitalized because 'smiled' doesn't have anything to do with the quote. If it were 'she said' or 'she shouted,' then yes, the 's' would be lowercase. But since you can't smile words, "She smiled..." is a brand new sentence. I suppose I should separate it from the quote, but just sayin.

    Anyways, thanks for reading all of you.

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    Default Re: POKEMON: The Power Inside (Chapter 13 Up Already!)

    Oops. Sorry 'bout the last one. I say the exclamation point and the lowercase letter and little alarm bells went off in my head; I don't think I actually read the next part. Sorry about that. :D

    EDIT: I just realized something! (wow, a first!)
    If those fangirls in the middle bit act just like Twilight fangirls (they probably don't, but I prefer to think of them in that way), then Ash looks like a foot is EDWARD CULLEN! AGH! And I had such high hopes...
    Just kidding. But I do love your characterization of them and the rest of the cast, it's very realistic.
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    Default Re: POKEMON: The Power Inside (Chapter 13 Up Already!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kai-Mei View Post
    Oops. Sorry 'bout the last one. I say the exclamation point and the lowercase letter and little alarm bells went off in my head; I don't think I actually read the next part. Sorry about that. :D

    EDIT: I just realized something! (wow, a first!)
    If those fangirls in the middle bit act just like Twilight fangirls (they probably don't, but I prefer to think of them in that way), then Ash looks like a foot is EDWARD CULLEN! AGH! And I had such high hopes...
    Just kidding. But I do love your characterization of them and the rest of the cast, it's very realistic.
    LOL! Thanks Kai Mei.

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    Default Re: POKEMON: The Power Inside (Chapter 13 Up Already!)

    What a good chapter! Can't wait for the reveal the true identities of the new Boss and the prisoner.
    Thank you, Legacy. I really like your story.

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    Default Re: POKEMON: The Power Inside (Chapter 13 Up Already!)

    FINALLY! Lance Vs. Ash

    Please let me know what you guys think after you read it. Thanks everyone!


    Ash could feel the ground underneath his sneakers vibrating from the capacity crowd’s boisterous cheering. The noise was deafening from where he stood as he continued to stare in wonderment at the incredible number of people packed into the arena’s bowl. It was actually to the point where his ear drums stung from the decibel level.

    The boy could sense the many thousands of pairs of eyes all peering down at him from above on every side. Normally, this would have unnerved him, as it had done during previous battles throughout his life, but tonight – perhaps because the crowd was clearly behind him – Ash felt strengthened as though the fans’ encouragement was fueling him.

    Feeling rather lost in the moment, Ash was almost startled when he noticed that a long, slithering pokémon had appeared on Lance’s end of the field. The graceful serpent had sparkling sky-blue scales and small, feathery white wings on either side of its head. Ash and Pikachu were taken aback by the sheer beauty and majesty of Lance’s first battler, Dragonair. The small sapphire-like orbs on its neck and tail shimmered in the bright stadium lighting, as did its glossy, black eyes, which Ash noticed, were fixed squarely on him from across the field.

    “All right,” Ash said to Pikachu with a confident deep breath, “Let's do this!”


    Still feeling the soreness underneath his bandaged chest, Ash reached down and unclasped his first pokéball from his belt. Feeling the electrifying sense of adrenaline coursing through his body, he wound up like a baseball pitcher and hurled the ball onto the field.

    “I choose you! Sceptile!

    Ash’s green, lizard-like pokémon appeared before him, its leafy, palm-like tail blowing slightly in the wind. Its lanky arms were folded calmly across its chest, matching its placid, yellow eyes. The stoic grass-type twirled a twig in its mouth like a tooth-pick, not looking the slightest bit intimidated by Lance’s dragonair. The crowd reacted to the appearance of both pokémon, and the referee signaled for the match to start.

    “Let the battle begin!” his voice echoed loudly throughout the stadium.

    Sceptile had joined Ash years ago when it was still a young treeko. The two had met in the Hoenn Region when Ash helped Treeko save the tree in which it lived from dying of dehydration. From that moment on, Treeko became very loyal to Ash and decided to join him on his journey through the region. Eventually, it evolved twice and turned into one of the strongest pokémon on Ash’s entire team… a distinction that Sceptile was eager to prove tonight against Lance.

    The boy's grass-type sprang into action instantly after the ref’s signal and came out firing. Upon Ash’s command, the leafy-lizard became nothing but a green blur as it bounced all around the field like a pin-ball and blasted several successive Bullet Seed attacks in Dragonair’s direction, fully exhibiting its incredible agility in the process.

    Sceptile’s first few attacks, which were flying at Lance’s dragonair from every direction because of how fast Ash’s pokémon was moving around, barely missed the serpentine Dragon-type, who was quite elusive in its own right. But finally, a few speeding bullets were able to hit their target, striking Dragonair around its middle and leaving a few nasty welts behind on its skin. At this point, Sceptile finally stopped zooming around the field, either from fatigue or simply to observe the damage it had done to its opponent.

    “Your sceptile is quite fast! Very impressive!” Lance shouted from across the field, smiling approvingly at Ash. “But it’s going to take more than speed to defeat me, I’m afraid.”

    “I wouldn’t doubt it!” Ash called back, but was slightly distracted by a slight pain in his chest.

    He rubbed his hand gently against the bandaged portion of his chest and abdomen, feeling how tender and sore the area was where his stitches were. He winced in pain, but quickly forced any thoughts of panic or fear from his mind when he heard Lance called out his first attack.

    “Dragonair, let’s show them our specialty! Hyper Beam!”

    Dragonair obeyed and the glassy blue orb on its neck began to glow. A split-second later, a powerful multicolored beam of incredibly concentrated energy shot like a laser from the orb towards Sceptile. The crowd gave a collective gasp at such a display of raw power, but luckily for Ash, Sceptile was barely able to somersault out of the beam’s path in the nick of time.

    “That was close!” May shouted after a deep exhale.

    Max had jumped out of his seat at the sight of Dragonair’s Hyper Beam, but was relieved to see that it had missed its mark.

    “Yeah it was,” Brock agreed. “And now’s Ash’s chance!”

    “What do you mean?” Dawn asked.

    Brock was about to reply, but Misty spoke up first and turned to Dawn.

    “Well, Hyper Beam is a really powerful attack, but it drains so much of the user’s energy that the pokémon who uses it must recharge afterward,” Misty said knowingly, although she avoided looking Dawn in the eye.

    “Gee, thanks!” Dawn growled, glaring at Misty and looking more annoyed than genuinely thankful.

    Misty was ignoring her however. The red-head’s entire focus was on the field, a look of concern in her emerald-blue eyes. She thought for a moment that she had seen Ash grab his chest with a look of agony on his face…although he appeared to be fine now.

    “Alright Sceptile, now’s our chance!” Ash echoed what Brock had said. “Leaf Blade!”

    Sceptile lunged towards the debilitated dragonair. The two long, razor-sharp leaves on both arms began glowing neon green as it reached back in preparation to strike. Then, with a powerful downward jerk of its arms, Sceptile slashed Lance’s dragon-type across its abdomen with its Leaf Blade, leaving two gruesome, bloody scars behind.

    Dragonair howled and writhed in pain, retreating quickly towards Lance, who had a look of anger on his face for the first time since the battle began. His pokémon looked flustered, but still able to continue on.

    “Are you all right, Dragonair? Good. Let’s fire back with Iron Tail!”

    Dragonair darted towards Sceptile like a missile from across the field. While in midair, its whip-like tail began to glow bright white like molten steel before the pokémon tried to scourge Sceptile with it. But again, Ash’s most powerful grass-type proved to be too agile and avoided repeated Iron Tail attempts like some sort of acrobat.

    “Awesome job, Sceptile!” Ash called out after it had successfully dodged four-straight attacks and landed calmly on its feet, still chewing nonchalantly on the twig in its mouth. “Dragonair’s Iron Tail attack sure is strong… but let’s show them how strong you are!”

    Again, Sceptile began to dash all around Dragonair’s half of the field with impressive speed. Lance commanded his pokémon to try to slow its opponent down with a series of Thunder attacks, but only one of them was able to actually strike the fast-moving Sceptile. Shaking off the painful shock, it blitzed Dragonair, leaving its feet and connecting with a crushing body blow. Dragonair went flying and landed so hard that a cloud of brown dust was thrown up into the air. Lance’s pokemon was twitching from the pain it had endured, but once again, refused to relent.

    By this time, the crowd was going nuts as Sceptile was clearly imposing its will over Dragonair. Ash had a confident look on his face, and Pikachu was jumping up and down in celebration. But Lance didn’t look overly concerned.

    Ash’s pokémon continued to show off its speed with the intent to make it hard for Dragonair to land any solid blows, but Lance cracked a smile as he cupped his hands along his mouth and shouted directions to his battler.

    “Dragonair, I want you to keep your eyes on Sceptile and try to use Wrap!”

    Almost two minutes passed with Dragonair just sitting near midfield keeping its eyes glued on Sceptile, who was still running circles around it, pausing to fire random Bullet Seed attacks, then continuing to move. Dragonair avoided the majority of these, but didn’t try to retaliate, only focusing on gauging Sceptile’s constant movement.

    Finally, Dragonair whipped its tail like a lasso in the direction of the streaking grass-type and managed to grab hold of one of its legs. Before Ash or his pokémon could react, Dragonair had wrapped its entire body up tightly with its tail like an arbok constricting its prey. Sceptile struggled, but could not free itself from the bind.

    “Now Dragonair, use Hyper Beam!”

    With Sceptile still firmly in its grasp, Dragonair turned its head towards it and fired another multicolored energy beam which struck Ash’s pokémon at point-blank range. This time it was Sceptile’s turn to moan in agony as it landed in a crumpled heap on the field, obviously on the verge of losing consciousness.

    “Sceptile!! Are you okay?!” Ash’s cried out, fearing that his battler was finished.

    But Sceptile managed to return to its feet, albeit a little wobbly-legged at first. It was breathing very heavily and wore dozens of scratches and bruises all over. It took a moment or two to collect its composure while Dragonair recharged itself, and looked over its shoulder to Ash. The fifteen-year-old said nothing, only giving Sceptile a nod and a slight smile. And as if the pokémon understood exactly what Ash’s gesture had meant, it turned back to face its opponent.

    Sensing an opening, Lance commanded Dragonair to bombard Sceptile with Thunder and Iron Tail attacks, one after another.

    Luckily, Sceptile was still strong enough to use its speed advantage and narrowly avoided the barrage despite the fact that the previous Hyper Beam had definitely taken its toll. The grass-type did not return fire however… its mouth was tightly closed the entire time.

    Seeing that both Dragonair and Sceptile were both extremely exhausted, Lance decided to go for the kill.

    “Dragonair, wrap Sceptile up again… then blast it with another Hyper Beam!”

    Dargonair repeated the Wrap attack by launched its long and narrow body at Sceptile, but this time, Ash’s pokémon did not even try to run away. It simply stood its ground and allowed Lance’s dragon to wind its body all around it.

    Right away, Lance thought this to be odd, but chalked it up to Sceptile’s fatigue. He was just about to order Dragonair to fire its Hyper Beam, but stopped when he noticed Ash grinning from across the field.

    “Exactly what I wanted,” Ash shouted and pumped his fist. “Sceptile… Use Solarbeam! NOW!”

    “No!!!” Lance screamed, realizing exactly what Ash and Sceptile had planned.

    While still tied up by Dragonair’s Wrap, Sceptile finally opened its mouth and revealed the ball of pure light energy it had been gathering inside. Then, before Dragonair could either brace itself or fire its Hyper Beam, Sceptile unleashed the bundle of intense yellow energy right in the dragon-type’s face. Instantly, Dragonair’s grasp of Sceptile loosened and its body went limp before falling to the ground.

    “Dragonair is unable to battle! Sceptile is the winner!”

    “Unbelievable!” Max jumped to his feet and applauded with the rest of the Sapphire Stadium crowd when he saw what Ash had done. “Genius!”

    “That was awesome!” May screamed.

    “Wow! Ash somehow signaled to Sceptile to charge its Solarbeam without even saying anything to it,” Brock commented. “And then purposely let Dragonair use Wrap on it again!”

    Misty and Dawn were also on their feet, wildly clapping and screaming. After a moment or two, both girls realized that they were cheering together. They stopped briefly to exchange unfriendly glares, but quickly continued to applaud once again. From in between the two girls, May simply rolled her eyes when she noticed.

    “Great job, Dragonair,” Lance commended his fallen Pokemon as he returned it to its ball. “You battled hard.”

    The Dragon Master then turned his attention towards Ash as he took out his next pokéball. He called out, “Very clever, young man. But, that’s only my first pokémon… Aerodactyl! You’re Next!”

    Lance launched his next ball onto the field, and the enormous prehistoric creature appeared in the air just above the field. Aerodactyl flapped its powerful gray wings and bared its serrated, dagger-like fangs.

    Ash could feel the wind from Aerodactyl’s flapping wings from all the way across the field. He stared in awe at the fierce-looking beast. He pondered for a moment, then decided to stick with Sceptile, a grass-type, to face off against Aerodactyl, a part-rock-type.

    “All right, Aerodactyl,” Lance bellowed. “Get up in the air!”

    Obediently, Lance’s flying pokémon took to the sky, swooping powerfully over the field like a fighter jet. The loud shriek that came out of its mouth could be heard even over the steady noise of the crowd.

    Sceptile, who was obviously limited to the ground, did its best to land attacks from there, but the effectiveness of its Bullet Seed and Leaf Blade attacks were negated because of the distance Aerodactyl was keeping from it. After easily dodging several of Sceptile’s grass-type attacks, the winged beast dived down from the sky like a meteor, descending directly towards Ash’s pokémon at incredible speed.

    “Iron Head, Aerodactyl!” Lance shouted.

    As it swooped and screamed down towards its opponent, Aerodactyl’s entire body began to glow white, picking up even more speed as the white flame of energy intensified. It lowered its now steel-hard head and bashed Sceptile in the stomach with a devastating head-butt. Ash gasped when he saw his leafy friend fly backwards from the force of Aerodactyl’s Iron Head attack and crash land at the boy's feet.

    “You okay, Sceptile?”

    Sceptile managed to climb to its feet, but staggered around very punch-drunkenly.

    “Quickly, Aerodactyl! Now, use Ice Fang!” Lance called out.

    While Sceptile was still dazed, Aerodactyl plummeted down from flight once again and opened its huge jaws. The jagged fangs that lined its mouth began to glimmer with a bright icy blue glow and it bite down hard on Sceptile’s left leg.

    Ash heard a sickening crunch and was horrified when he saw that the entire lower-half of Sceptile’s body became covered in ice. Still barely conscious, Sceptile was now rooted to the ground with its legs frozen solid. Aerodactyl turned back and charged up another Iron Head. It missed on this attempt, but simply turned back and tried again. Now that it couldn’t move, Ash’s pokémon was nothing but a sitting-psyduck standing there. Ash knew he had to think of something; Sceptile wouldn’t be able to keep dodging attacks without its trademark quickness.

    Aerodactyl had turned back after its most recent Iron Head attack and was hurtling down towards the still-partially-frozen Sceptile again. This time, a huge ball of yellow energy was charging in its open mouth.

    “Sceptile, use a Drain Punch!” Ash shouted just before Aerodactyl was about to fire its Hyper Beam from close range.

    Sceptile balled up its green fists and its right arm became surrounding by a bright neon green energy as it pulled its arm back in preparation for the punch. It whipped its arm forward at the exact moment that Aerodactyl descended upon it, and the green energy it had been storing in its punching arm exploded on impact.

    Aerodactyl screeched in pain, and both it and Sceptile were thrown backwards in opposite directions from the force. However, while the flying ancient flying-rock type looked battered and beaten as it slowly rose from the ground, Sceptile looked fresher and healthier than it had looked before.

    “What the--?” Lance’s eyes grew big with shock, but then realized what had occurred. “Oh, Drain Punch… it damaged Aerodactyl… siphoned some of its energy and transferred it to Sceptile!”

    “That’s right,” Ash said with a sly grin.

    Sceptile now leaped up to its feet and flexed its wiry muscles. The renewed strength allowed it to shatter the block of ice that had encased its legs. Aerodactyl was still lying in a mangled heap on the ground. Its wings were a crumpled mess at its side as they drooped limply.

    Pikachu again was jumping up and down, cheering from Ash’s side.

    “Now,” Ash continued. “Sceptile, finish it off with another Solarbeam!”

    Calmly walking closer to the injured Aerodactyl, Sceptile took a deep breath and slowly charged up its Solarbeam while Lance’s pokémon struggled and failed to return to flight. It was too weak for its wings to work; it could only look up at the approaching Sceptile with a look of horror.

    “NOW!” Ash screamed at the top of his lungs.

    Sceptile exhaled mightily and discharged the blazing beam of energy which struck Aerodactyl directly. It looked like a rag-doll as it rolled violently backwards from the beam’s force before finally stopping at Lance’s feet.

    “Aerodactyl is unable to battle! Ketchum’s Sceptile is the winner!” the announcer bellowed excitedly.

    “Great job Sceptile! You beat two of Lance‘s pokémon all by yourself!” Ash shouted as he took out the grass-type’s pokéball. “Now take a break… I’ll probably need you later on.”

    Ash returned Sceptile to its ball and looked over to Lance to see which pokémon the champion would send out next.

    “Aerodactyl, it’s okay,” Lance said, removing his third pokéball from his pocket. “Now, it’s time to turn this thing around… Go, Tyranitar!”

    “All right, I choose you… Gliscor!” Ash shouted when he saw Lance’s Tyranitar appear on the field.

    The flying ground-type emerged from its ballwith a bright flash and stood happily at Ash’s end of the field, obviously excited to battle.

    “Gliiiis-kor!” It greeted Ash with its familiar goofy grin. Its big yellow eyes were teary out of gratefulness to Ash for choosing him to battle, and its tongue was sticking out as it smiled. The dark purple pokémon looked ready to pounce on its trainer out of affection.

    “Haha. I’m glad to see you too, Gliscor,” Ash chuckled. “But right now, we’ve got a pretty important battle to worry about.”

    Gliscor whirled around and took a look at Lance’s enormous tyranitar, who was roaring and stamping its huge feet at the other end. After sizing up its opponent, Gliscor turned back towards Ash and gave him a wink as if to say, “No problem… that thing doesn’t look that strong.”

    “Stay focused, Gliscor,” Ash warned.

    The ref signaled for the round to start and Tyranitar led things off with a quick Dark Pulse attack which it send zooming towards Gliscor. Instead of looking fearful or intimidated by such a powerful dark-type attack, Gliscor just giggled as it easily avoided the speeding ball of dark energy. The winged pokémon then used the wind current that the powerful attack had created to sail up into the air, gliding above the field gracefully.

    Once an inexperienced and clumsy ‘flier,’ Gliscor had since mastered the skill and was now one of Ash’s swiftest pokémon, not to mention one of his most tenacious battlers, despite his happy-go-lucky attitude. Years ago, the boy had left Gliscor to train with a man named McCann, whom they had met while traveling through the Sinnoh Region and whose nickname was 'The Air Battle Master.' Ever since then, Ash's gliscor had become a very skilled battler who excelled in the air.

    Gliscor soared through the air above the field effortlessly, clearly enjoying the fact that it was able to show off in front of all these spectators. It appeared as though it was more focused on the huge crowd rather than the dangerous tyranitar, who was still firing Dark Pulse and Stone Edge attacks from the ground.

    But Gliscor somehow managed to elude every single one of the attacks, which sailed harmlessly past it and disappeared into the sky. Still gliding through the air, it stuck its tongue out at Tyranitar, then turned its head towards Ash and waved before it continued to pose for the crowd.

    “Quit fooling around, Gliscor!” Ash scolded, obviously perturbed by Gliscor’s lack of focus. Hoping that calling out an attack would help his pokémon think more about the battle than playing around, Ash shouted, “Use X-Scissor! Now!”

    Both of Gliscor’s claws began to glow white as they both built up an increasing amount of energy. Then, crossing its arms into the shape of an ‘X,’ the vampire-bat-like pokémon made a hard slashing motion and the two criss-crossing beams of energy were released and flew down at Tyranitar.

    The X-Scissor attack struck Lance’s pokemon in the chest, and it roared in anger as it back-pedaled. Gliscor continued to chuckle, having the time of its life. Furious at being laughed at, Tyranitar shot several more impulsive Dark Pulses up towards Gliscor, but again, each of them missed.

    Finally, Lance too grew fed up with the failed attacks. “Use Screech, Tyranitar!” he hollered.

    Tyranitar obliged and let out a high-pitched, ear-splitting shriek that could have shattered glass. The sound waves reached Gliscor up in the air, who immediately yelped and fell out of the flight when it grabbed its ears. It crashed to the ground, still visibly affected by the piercing scream and unable to attack.

    “Now, Tyranitar! Let’s try Dark Pulse again!” Lance ordered.

    This time, the black and purple beam of dark energy that Tyranitar released struck Gliscor directly. The aura of horrible energy was imbued with dark thoughts and emotions, sort of like forcing someone to have a terrible nightmare without putting them to sleep.

    Gliscor bawled, tears streaming from its eyes from the horrible feeling the Dark Pulse had caused. Ash tried to clam it down and instructed Gliscor to use various attacks, but his Pokemon was too distraught to listen.*

    “Finish it, Tyrantiar! Hyper Beam!” Lance yelled, showing no mercy.

    And once Tyranitar’s most powerful attack pulverized Gliscor, it was over for Ash’s pokémon. Gliscor smashed all the way into the wall behind Ash at his end of the field and collapsed.

    “Gliscor is unable to battle! Tyranitar is the victor!”

    “Good work, buddy,” Ash sighed, returning Gliscor to its ball. “We’ve just got to work on your focus.”

    “Well, we knew Ash wasn’t going to sweep Lance,” Brock said after Gliscor went down.

    “Yeah, Ash is still winning though. He’s got five pokémon left!” May said. “Lance is down to four.”

    “That’s true, sis,” Max replied. “But Sceptile was pretty wiped out when Ash returned it… and Lance hasn’t even used his two strongest Pokemon yet.”

    “You mean Dragonite and Gyarados?” May asked.

    Misty, who was seated next to May, spoke up as well.

    “Yeah, I’ve seen those two pokémon up close when Ash and I met Lance years ago… and they are two of the strongest pokémon I’ve ever seen,” Misty said, remembering how ferocious the angry Red Gyarados had been when they had tried to stop it from destroying Mahogany Town and how it had taken Lance’s awesome dragonite to eventually stop it from its rampage.

    “So you’re saying Ash is going to lose?!” Dawn growled.

    “Of course not!” Misty growled back with a look on her face that showed she was finally beginning to lose patience with Dawn.

    “Can’t you two at least try to get along?!” May insisted, looking very annoyed (as did Brock, Max and Johanna). “We’re all here because we’re on Ash’s side… there’s no sense in arguing when we all want the same thing.”

    But despite the fact that May was seated in between Misty and Dawn, neither of the two girls paid her any attention.

    “You think Ash isn’t good enough to win? He’s not ten years old anymore, you know!” Dawn shouted.

    “I never said that… it’s just that when Ash and I met Lance –”

    “Yeah, we get it,” Dawn interrupted angrily. “You and Ash used to be best of friends. You used to be so close. You used to do everything together… save pokémon, meet elite trainers, go on adventures… blah, blah, blah. But that was then, Misty. This is now! I’ve been traveling around with Ash for a long time now, and I’m telling you… after some of the stuff we’ve been through and some of the pokémon that Ash and I have seen, this Lance guy is nothing special!”

    Unfortunately for Ash, Lance proceeded to prove Dawn’s statement (…Lance is nothing special…) wrong as the battle carried on. After defeating Gliscor rather quickly, Tyranitar took out Ash’s next two pokémon, Charizard and Sceptile (again) with overwhelming strength.

    Charizard demonstrated its usual power and supreme battling ability as it battled toe to toe with Lance’s tyranitar like two heavyweight boxers. It had managed to land a few of its Fire-Blast assaults, which weakened Lance’s dark-type considerably. In the end, however, Tyranitar finished Ash’s charizard with a series of Stone Edge attacks, followed by a Hyper Beam of its own.

    Sceptile, who was already rather fatigued from battling earlier, met the same fate as Charizard. Lance’s dark-type Goliath was simply too strong for any of Sceptile’s grass-moves to work. Bullet Seed just bounced off the thick-skinned beast’s chest without doing much damage, and by the time Ash tried to have Sceptile charge up another Solarbeam, Tyranitar had defeated it as well. Momentum was now fully on Lance’s side.

    “Damn it,” Ash muttered under his breath. He was sweating profusely now, and the persistent pain in his chest and arm had worsened. Gritting his teeth, he struggled to unclasp his fourth pokéball.

    “Glalie… it’s your turn!” Ash grunted, trying his best to ignore the throbbing discomfort he was feeling in his abdomen.

    The spherical pokémon, which Ash had always thought looked a little like a soccer ball, materialized and began to battle the weakened tyranitar right away. Ash instructed his glalie to head butt its opponent to start out, but Tyranitar was still strong enough to bat the ice-type away like a beach ball.

    “Tyranitar, another Dark Pulse!” Lance barked, but snarled with anger when he saw Glalie bounce out of the way just in time to avoid the black-energy.

    “Try Stone Edge!” Lance’s voice was growing more tense by the minute.

    Three blue rings of light materialized horizontally around Tyranitar’s middle. From this energy, dozens of jagged and sharp gray rocks formed and were sent hurtling towards Glalie. This attack did make contact, but luckily for Ash, Glalie’s frozen-hard body protected it from taking too much damage.

    The two pokémon continued to exchange attacks back and forth, Tyranitar mainly relying on its Dark Pulse and Glalie attempting to bash it back with about a half-dozen carefully timed Head Butts. Both battlers were successful in connecting on a few of their attempts, but neither had taken enough damage to go down.

    “Glalie! Double-Team, now!” Ash yelled, knowing he would have to get creative if Glalie was to have any chance of beating the much more powerful Tyranitar.

    The ice-type pokémon began bouncing all around the field like a rubber-ball. It picked up so much speed that illusionary copies of Glalie popped up all around the field. Soon, it looked like there were two-dozen of them surrounding Tyranitar.

    Lance jerked his head all around the field, trying to quickly discern which Glalie was in fact the real one, but it was no use. Tyranitar was equally baffled, not knowing which opponent to attack. Ash did not wait for his adversaries to even attempt to figure it out. Before Lance could call out an attack, Ash decided to go on the offensive.

    “Use Ice Beam, Glalie!” Ash shouted.

    While Tyranitar was whirling around in confusion, one the glalie behind it leaped up into the air. Its orbital body began to convulse, its bright blue eyes focused completely on Tyranitar. A ball of white light formed in between its pointy ears at the top of its head, quickly growing in size and intensity. At the climax of the beam’s growth, Glalie fired the powerful Ice Beam towards Tyranitar.

    Lance tried to alert his pokémon, but by that time, it was too late. Tyranitar turned around just in time to see the Ice Beam speeding towards it. Still feeling very depleted from its tussles with Sceptile, Charizard and Gliscor, Tyranitar was unable to move swiftly enough to dodge the luminescent beam of ice. It struck it directly and almost instantly, the bright green pokémon turned into a sickly blue color, and its body became as stiff as a board before it fainted.

    “Tyranitar is unable to battle! Glalie is the winner! Both trainers are down to three Pokemon each!”

    “Yes!! Way to go, Glalie!” Ash screamed excitedly. Pikachu pumped his tiny fists in the air.

    “Amazing work, my friend,” Lance complimented Tyranitar, who had managed to conquer three of Ash‘s toughest pokémon before succumbing. “You’ve definitely earned a rest.”

    Salamence was the Dragon Master’s next fighter. It roared fiercely and shot a huge red flame from its mouth into the air once it appeared on the field. It whipped its heavy tail against the ground, leaving a huge dent in the concrete.

    Again, the crowd gave a collective, “Oooooh!” when they saw the prodigious pokémon that Lance had chosen.

    “Salamence, huh?” Ash said to himself. He took out his trusty, red hand-held Pokedex and punched a few buttons.

    “Salamence… the Dragon Pokemon. One of the strongest dragon-type pokémon in the world. It is an extremely fierce battler and becomes uncontrollable if enraged, destroying everything in its path with its razor-sharp claws and fire-breathing ability.”

    “Hmmm… ice-types are pretty strong against dragon-types, but if Salamence can breathe fire, Glalie won’t stand a chance,” Ash said, talking to himself as he quickly pondered.

    “Okay, Glalie… return!” Ash finally made up his mind. He replaced his ice-type on the field with his next pokémon. “Feraligator! I choose you!”

    The pokéball bounced on the field and out popped a bulky blue reptilian-pokémon that looked far more suited for swimming in the water rather than battling on land. It wore large blue scales on its leathery skin and jagged red fins on the top of its head, back and tail.

    “Look! A feraligator!” Max again jumped out of his seat and pointed down toward the field in amazement.

    “Wow!” Brock said. “Ash must have evolved Totodile just recently! Last time I saw him he didn’t have Feraligator.”

    “Yeah, it evolved while Ash and I were in Tundras,” Dawn explained. “He seemed pretty excited about it, but I don’t know why. I mean look at that thing… it’s so ugly! Sure wouldn’t be much to look at in a contest.”

    “I think it’s beautiful!” Misty said, gazing down at the evolved form of the totodile, whose ownership she had once battled Ash for.

    She felt a warm feeling seeing Ash use Feraligator in this battle since she and Ash had both coveted it back during their Johto days. She couldn’t explain why she felt like that, but maybe it was just because it was at least some sign that Ash hadn’t forgotten those days when the two of them (along with Brock) had traveled that strange new region together.

    “It’s beautiful,” Misty repeated whimsically.

    Feraligatr definitely battled beautifully, completely holding its own against Lance’s Salamence. Running around on all-fours, it was remarkably fast despite the fact that it didn’t look equipped to move very well on land. Lance’s dragon had tried several attempts at biting Feraligator with its powerful Thunder Fang attack, which would have been devastating to the water-type, but each time Lance ordered the attack, it managed to escape Salamence’s electrified bite.

    Additionally, Salamence’s fire-breathing ability was all but negated by the fact that Feraligator was resistant to such attacks due to its type. And whenever Salamence did try to unleash a Flamethrower here and there, all it took was a well-timed Hydro Pump to extinguish the flames and further infuriate the proud dragon-type.

    As the battle proceeded, Salamence did manage to give Feraligator a bunch of blood-red scars with its dangerously sharp claws, but each time, Ash’s pokemon countered with vicious Slash and Crunch attacks of its own. Both pokémon were soon bleeding from the deep cuts and slash-marks that littered each of their bodies, and both became more and more determined to win with every painful laceration that they received.

    Eventually Lance concluded that Salamence’s best chance to win would be to take to the air. It was really the only advantage that it had over Feraligator, who was obviously a powerhouse fighter in its own right.

    “Salamence, fly up into the air!” the man commanded.

    With a fierce flap of its muscular red wings, Salamence managed to thrust itself up into the air just before Feraligator could hit it with another Hydro Pump. Lance’s beast was now soaring through the air, showing just how much faster it was able to fly than it was able to scoot around on the ground.

    “Be careful, Feraligator!” Ash warned from his end of the field.

    Salamence dipped and dived all around the stadium, firing jets of blazing green flames from its mouth down towards its opponent on the field. After a few misfires, finally one of the Dragon Rage attacks drilled Feraligatr right in the back and caused the pokémon to smash into the ground with so much force that it created a giant crater in the field.

    “Feraligator!” Ash screamed. “Please be okay!”

    The blue-skinned reptilian creature remained motionless for a few moments, but finally managed to return to its feet just before the referee was going to rule it unable to battle. The crowd erupted with cheers when they saw the perseverance that the massive water-type was displaying. Lance had a look of shock on his face when he saw that the attack hadn’t finished Feraligator off. But a smile crept onto his sweaty face when his and Ash’s eyes met from opposite ends of the field.

    “Your pokémon definitely reflect your personality, Ash,” Lance called out. “Truly impressive!”

    Ash smiled back, but said nothing. He appreciated Lance’s compliment, but the boy wasn’t out here looking for compliments; he only cared about winning… about proving to the entire world that he was so much more than just some feel-good story on the news. Ash wanted to prove that he belonged.

    Both Salamence and Feraligatr were both running on fumes. Both were breathing extremely hard and looked incredibly fatigued. Sensing this, Lance knew he had to go for all of nothing right now.

    “Salamence! I want you to dive down at Feraligator! Finish it off with Dragon Pulse!”

    Obligingly, Salamence contracted its crimson wings close to its body and began to plummet towards the ground. As it surged down straight towards Ash‘s gator, a ball of green energy could be seen growing inside of its open jaws.

    “Feraligator! Stand your ground and use Focus Blast!” Ash commanded.

    Without delay, Feraligatr tightly shut its eyes and clenched its massive jaw, apparently heightening its mental focus. And then, with a booming roar, the pokémon discharged a mighty blue beam of light. It shot like a rocket up towards Salamence. At that exact moment, Lance’s dragon unleashed its blue-green pulse of energy down towards Feraligator.

    Both beams hurtled towards each other from their respective directions and collided. When they hit, a massive explosion of blinding light occurred and the crowd’s noise was completely drowned out by the deafening boom that sounded an amplified clap of thunder. A mammoth cloud of dust shrouded the entire field, completely masking the field from the crowd.

    Everything went silent as the fans all tried to figure out what had happened to Salamence and Feraligator following the explosion. Finally, when the haze cleared, the spectators all released a collective gasp when they saw both pokémon lying transfixed on the ground. Both had been knocked out!

    “Both Salamence and Feraligator are unable to battle!” the referee’s voice boomed over the loud speaker. “Both trainers now have two pokémon remaining!”

    The crowd returned to its normal volume, and both Ash and Lance recalled their fainted fighters. Ash wasted no time after Feraligator was returned to its ball. He ignored the pain in his chest and quickly tossed out Glalie's pokéball once again.

    “All right, Glalie! Time to go back to work!”

    The hockey mask-looking ice-creature reappeared on the field, looking as focused as ever with its block-like teeth clenched. Ash already knew which pokémon Lance would send out, and wasn’t surprised at all to see a giant ruby-red, serpentine pokémon with its enormous mouth gaping open, showing off its bone-crushing teeth.

    When it emerged from its pokéball, the beautifully crimson monster sparkled as if it had been surrounded by thousands of twinkling diamonds. The crowd again reacted to the sheer glamor of the ‘shiny’ pokémon.

    “It looks like Ketchum has called upon his Glalie once again… while Lance has summoned his legendary Red Gyarados!” the announcer screamed, his tone of voice exhibiting just how tense the battle was getting.

    The size discrepancy was amazing between Ash and Lance’s battlers. Gyarados towered over the much smaller spherical ice-type and looked as if it could have swallowed Glalie whole if it wanted to. But neither Ash nor his pokémon looked too concerned.

    But unfortunately, both Ash and Glalie’s confidence did not last long. Lance’s Red Gyarados was certainly every bit as powerful and ruthless as Ash had remembered from encountering it in Johto five years ago. It started out with three strong Dragon Pulse attacks in a row, forcing Glalie to retreat back and play defensively. Each vicious beam of puke-green light energy mutilated the field when it struck the concrete.

    Glalie narrowly avoided the attacks, but was clearly growing tired from all the jukes and evasions it was forced into. Eventually, Ash had to instruct Glalie to use Double-Team once again in order to give it a respite from Gyarados’ relentless offense.

    The Glalie-illusions again materialized, momentarily confounding Lance’s murderous dragon-type. But unlike Tyranitar, who had looked discombobulated when Glalie had used Double-team and allowed the ice-type to sneak-attack it, Gyarados never gave it the chance.

    “Use Thrash!” Lance shouted immediately.

    And upon command, Gyarados’ eyes grew wide with rage and it let out a terrifying scream. Ash and Pikachu (not to mention many of the fans who were seated close to the field) had to cover their ears from the pain the cry caused. Gyarados then began to wildly whip its long body like a magikarp flopping on dry land. It thrashed about uncontrollably, whizzing through each and every illusionary Glalie copy as it moved swiftly around the entire field.

    Finally, when its muscular tail whipped the real Glalie who never had time to attack. It flew back and nearly crashed into Ash, but ended up bouncing violently against the wall.

    “Glalie are you all right?!” Ash ran over and bent down over his Pokemon.

    Glalie weakly responded, and gingerly rolled back onto the playing field.

    “Gyarados, use Hydro Pump!” Lance hollered, not wanting to let up. A thick jet of crystal blue water shot from its mouth.

    “Quick, Glalie! Ice Beam!” Ash reacted.

    Again, both attacks from Ash and Lance’s pokémon collided, but this time there was no explosion. Instead, Glalie’s powerful Ice Beam struck the Hyrdo Pump attack and halted it in mid-air. The entire stream of water that was protruding out of Gyarados’ mouth began to freeze until eventually, the Ice Beam completely prevailed and struck Lance’s shiny pokémon in the mouth.

    It furiously writhed in pain, but the attack seemed to anger Gyarados more than it had damaged it. Out of anger, it proceeded to fire more and more misguided Dragon Pulses, further destroying the field in the process. The entire rectangular surface now looked more like crater-filled mess than it did an actual playing field. Unable to really land any successful attacks, Ash tried desperately not to become discouraged. He knew Glalie couldn’t avoid Lance’s powerful beast forever.

    For a brief moment, Ash let the thought of losing to Lance creep into his head. There was definitely nothing to be ashamed of at this point… he had given the defending world champion an incredible challenge. At this point, no one who had seen the battle would be able to really criticize – NO!

    “No!” Ash growled out loud. He had come this far… he would NOT settle for just a close loss, no matter how impressive his battling had been up until this point. He wanted to win.

    Ash racked his brain for a plan. He looked at the wrecked field… and suddenly an idea popped into his head! It would definitely be risky, but he figured it was his only shot.

    “Glalie, use Ice Beam… on the entire field!”

    Glalie obeyed its teenage trainer and shot a powerful icy beam of energy down towards the ground. In a matter of seconds, the field started resemble a large skating rink, which glimmered in the harsh stadium lighting.

    “What is he up to?” Lance said quietly, trying to figure out Ash’s plan.

    “Now Glalie! Double-Team again!” Lance heard Ash cry out.

    Once again, dozens of Glalies appeared on the field, but none of them moved… all of them stood still, almost daring Gyarados to attack them. Still puzzled at Ash’s last two moves, Lance shrugged and called out, “All right, Gyarados… Fire Dragon Breaths at all of them!”

    Gyarados immediately shot dozens of bright green beams of ‘breath’ from its mouth, one at each of the Glalie copies. One by one, the illusions disappeared upon impact, until the real Glalie was hit. The powerful gust of hot energy struck the ice-type creature hard, who moaned in pain and crashed to the ground.

    “Glalie is unable to battle! Gyarados is the winner! Ketchum has just one Pokemon remaining!”

    A steady murmur fell over the crowd. It was obvious that people were confused as to what Ash had done.

    “What just happened?” May asked when she saw Glalie faint. “Why didn’t Ash tell Glalie to attack?”

    “Yeah,” Max questioned. “All it did was sit there after it used Double-Team.”

    “Hmmm.” Brock scratched his chin and thought about what they had just seen.

    “Hey! I know what he’s doing!” Misty exclaimed suddenly. “Look at the field!”

    May, Max, Brock, Dawn and Johanna all did so, but were unsure of what Misty had been getting at.

    “What about it?” Dawn asked, sounding as snippy as ever. “What are you talking about?”

    “The Ice Beam that Glalie used on the entire field!” Misty said excitedly, happy that she knew exactly what Ash had been thinking. “Gyarados’ Dragon Breath melted the ice! The entire field is flooded!”

    Sure enough, the thick sheet of ice that Glalie had coated the whole surface with had now melted, and Gyarados was now standing in about a half-foot of water.

    “So what?” Dawn insisted.

    “You’ll see!” Misty said with a grin.

    “All right, Pikachu,” Ash said, looking down to his best friend who was standing next to him. “You know what to do. Your strongest Thunderbolt!”

    “Pikah!” The yellow electric Pokemon cried as it bounded onto the field and began to spark.

    A look of shock and horror overtook Lance’s face when he realized what Ash had done.

    “Pi…Kaaaaah….CHUUUUUU!” A gigantic bolt of yellow lightning shot from Pikachu’s body down towards the flooded field.

    And as though the water on the ground helped to intensify the attack, Gyarados instantly became immersed in the yellow energy and convulsed like it was having a seizure. It screeched in pain before the Thunderbolt finally subsided. Gyarados, who was now more of a charred, black color rather than bright red, as it had been before, crashed down to the ground and did not move.

    “Gyarados is unable to battle!” The announcer sounded rather shocked at how quickly it had been defeated. “Pikachu is the winner! We are now down to one pokémon per trainer!”

    The entire stadium exploded with cheers when Gyarados fainted. Everyone in the building could sense the magnitude and excitement of the battle. Each trainer was now down to his last pokémon! Ash had sacrificed Glalie so that Pikachu would be able to quickly defeat the water-type dragon.

    “Awesome, Pikachu! I knew that would work!” Ash pumped his fist.

    “Pika Pika!” Pikachu jumped up and down excitedly.

    “This is it, buddy! One-on-one!” Ash said, bending down to talk to his most trusted friend. “We both know what pokémon Lance has saved for last… just do your best.”

    Pikachu nodded and scampered out to near midfield with a fierce and unwavering look on its face. Lance, still with a look of subdued confidence on his face, took out his final pokéball and paused.

    “This kid sure is something special,” he said to himself. “My, how much he has grown since I last saw him.”

    Then with a swift flick of his wrist, Lance tossed the ball calmly onto the field. Out of the white energy that was released from the sphere, a bulky orange dragon appeared on the field. It had small teal-colored wings and thick tree-trunk legs.

    “There it is,” Ash said to himself. “Dragonite.”

    “And the final showdown of this epic battle will pair Ketchum’s Pikachu against Lance’s famous Dragonite!” the announcer screamed.

    Ash knew he and Pikachu were in for the fight of their lives. Dragonite was world famous for its role in Lance’s world championship four years ago, and Ash had seen how powerful it was on numerous occasions, both on television and in real life.

    But the fifteen-year-old took comfort in the fact that his Pikachu was pretty amazing as well. Ash thought back to the countless number of times that Pikachu had been there for him... from saving his life from the angry flock of Spearow on his tenth birthday (the day Ash and Pikachu had first met), to all the amazing adventures the two of them had shared over the years.

    “Okay, Pikachu!” Ash shouted, feeling emboldened by those memories. “It’s time to win this thing!”

    “Pikah!” The electric-type rodent gave a sound of agreement.

    “Let the battle begin!” the referee bellowed.

    “Dragonite, start this off with a Twister!” Lance directed confidently.

    Dragonite‘s tail began to glow. It then whipped it in a circular motion until a vicious tornado of air was formed and flew towards Pikachu, kicking up huge amounts of dust and debris in the process.

    Pikachu lowered his head and shut his eyes, trying to shield himself from the flying chunks of concrete and the speed of the wind. But the diminutive mouse was simply too small to hold his ground, and the Twister picked him up easily and threw him back with ease.

    Pikachu crash-landed hard a few feet in front of Ash and squealed in agony. The fur on his head was now covered in dust and looked disheveled. The pokémon quickly jumped back to his feet and shook off the pain.

    “Okay, Pikachu! Our turn! Use Thunderbolt!”

    Again, sparks flew from Pikachu’s cheeks and it leaped up into the air, shooting another blast of raw electricity towards Dragonite. The jagged bolt of lightning smacked its target, who recoiled slightly from the shock, but remained relatively unscathed since its two thick, muscular legs remained rooted to the concrete, grounding much of the electricity. Lance decided to keep Dragonite on the ground for the duration of the battle so as to not leave itself completely vulnerable to Pikachu’s incredibly powerful Thunderbolt attacks.

    “Let’s try a Dragon Claw, Dragonite!” Lance ordered.

    Pikachu, who had been agilely darting around the field while trying to fire Thunderbolts from different directions, yelped when Dragonite sliced its stomach with a green-glowing claw. Pikachu tumbled across the field, leaving a trail of tiny blood droplets behind it as it rolled. It again returned to its feet, still refusing to relent.

    “Pikachu! Are you okay?!”

    Pikachu just gritted its teeth and growled at Dragonite, signaling to Ash that it was ready to continue to fight.

    “Quick Attack!”

    Dragonite wound up from another swipe at Pikachu with its Dragon Claw, but the lightning-fast rodent was able to lunge out of the way and struck Lance’s pokemon in the face with a swift head-butt. Pikachu moved so fast that it looked like a yellow blur when it moved.

    Dragonite balked a bit from being hit in the jaw, but it still looked almost unscathed. It bellowed loudly as it continued to swing its sharp claws at the scampering electric-mouse, who was doing its best to elude further damage.

    “Dragonite… Wing Attack now!” Lance commanded.

    The small pair of wings on Dragonite’s back started to glow bright white, and the beefy beast was slowly lifted off of the ground. Then, like a slingshot, Dragonite whizzed towards Pikachu and pounded him with its glowing wing. Pikachu again did a series of backwards somersaults and smashed into the concrete field. But yet again, the mouse climbed tenaciously to a standing position, refusing to lose.

    Pikachu was now breathing heavily and had many cuts and slash marks all over his furry body. Ash had a look of concern on his face, knowing that momentum was clearly on Lance’s side.*

    “Pikachu is getting pummeled out there!” Dawn groaned.

    “It certainly doesn’t look good right now,” Johanna observed with a somber tone in her voice.

    “Yeah, but Pikachu isn’t giving up!” Max argued. “It could still come back!”

    “I hope so, Max,” his sister replied.

    Everyone except Misty continued to discuss Ash’s chances during brief timeout on the field. She was sitting at the edge of her seat with a terribly tense look on her face. For a few seconds she let her emotions boil up inside her. Then…without warning, she exploded. Misty stood up and screamed at the top of her lungs.*

    “COME ON, ASH! PIKACHU! YOU CAN DO IT!!” she screamed so loud that May jumped. Several people who were seated in front of the group again looked back at the very loud girl, but Misty could not care any less. She desperately wanted Ash to win, and she was far too excited and nervous to keep quiet.

    “You know he can’t hear you from here, right?” Dawn said, looking over with an agitated look.

    Dawn was right. Ash hadn’t heard Misty scream from the stands, but for whatever reason, the boy stopped and looked into the crowd to his right, where (he thought) his mother was seated. He didn’t know why he looked over there, but he told himself that seeing his friends' faces might inspire him, or something like that. That was when he saw her.


    Ash almost screamed when he saw a familiar red-headed girl seated in the front row near midfield where his mother was supposed to be sitting. Despite the fact that he was in the middle of the biggest and most excited battle of the entire tournament… Ash felt as though time had stopped.

    Despite all the crowd noise, the shouting, the cheering, the blaring background music that was being pumped over the speakers… Ash heard nothing but silence. Despite the almost one hundred thousand rabid fans that were packed into the enormous stadium…Ash only saw one person.

    It was really her! It hadn’t just been a result of his coma or some sort of dream… he had actually seen her at his bedside in the hospital earlier in the week. She was back! The girl who he had struck such a special friendship with all those years ago. The girl who had saved his and Pikachu’s life when she had fished them out of the river. The girl who he --

    “Dragonite! Hyper Beam!” Ash’s thoughts were interrupted by Lance’s voice. Ash jerked his head back towards the playing field, remembering that he had a task at hand.

    Somehow though, the battle seemed different now that Ash knew Misty was here watching. Somehow he seemed more confident… more at ease.

    “Pikachu! Dodge that Hyper Beam and hit Dragonite with an Iron Tail!” Ash directed.

    The stream of white-hot energy barely missed Pikachu when he leaped to the side. Sensing his chance to strike, the speedy rodent sprinted towards the Dragon-type, who was now sucking wind furiously after expelling so much energy. Pikachu’s jagged tail proceeded to glow, and in a swift spinning motion, he whipped Dragonite across the neck with his Iron Tail attack.

    “Pikah!” Pikachu landed on his feet after connecting with the attack. Dragonite was clutching its neck, howling angrily from the wound Ash’s pokémon had inflicted upon it.

    “Nice one, buddy!” Ash cheered, forcing himself not to glance over at Misty again to gauge her response. He had to focus on the battle now.

    From that point forward, Ash and Pikachu more than recovered the momentum of the battle. Dragonite, now legitimately fatigued, was having trouble landing anymore attacks.

    Both Ash and his Pokemon looked rejuvenated. Pikachu was dashing all around the field with blinding speed, avoiding most of Dragonite’s attacks while managing to land a few Quick Attacks and Thunderbolts here and there. Finally, with Lance and his dragon on their heels, Ash saw an opening for one of his favorite moves.

    “Volt Tackle, Pikachu!”

    Pikachu’s entire body became engulfed in a yellow flame of electricity as it picked up even more speed.

    “Pika-Pika-Pika-Pika-Pika-Pikaaaah!” It sprinted towards Dragonite, who couldn’t move fast enough to avoid the tackle.

    Dragonite fell to the ground with a loud crashing sound. The crowd went silent, wondering if this was the end. Ash’s heart skipped a beat. Was this it? Had he actually defeated his idol?

    But after a few seconds on the ground, Dragonite managed to stand up. It was clearly shaken up, however.

    Unfortunately for Ash, Pikachu looked very tuckered out as well. The Volt Tackle had been effective, but it had also drained Ash’s little buddy of much of his energy. It was clear that the battle would be over soon, one way or another.

    “Dragonite, I know you’re tired! But just a little more! Twister again!”

    The funnel of fierce wind again shot at Pikachu, but this time, the electric-type sprinted directly towards it at full speed.

    “Volt Tackle again, Pikachu! Charge right through that Twister!”

    “Pika-Pika-Pika-Pika…” Pikachu’s voice was lost in the storm as he became a bright yellow jet stream. The blur of yellow light shot straight through the Twister with ease and again struck Dragonite in the gut, knocking the large Dragon-type to its knees.

    Pikachu bounced back off of Dragonite’s belly and landed awkwardly on its feet near the centerfield line, looking incredibly tired and on the verge of fainting. Dragonite’s eyes were fluttering and squinty, as if the pokemon was trying desperately to hang onto consciousness. It was still on its knees, unable to stand up.

    Ash felt a rush of adrenaline. This was it.

    “Pikachu! Finish this off! Use-- AAARRRRRGG!!!!”

    Ash was interrupted by a crippling pain in his chest. It felt like a bomb had gone off inside his heart. The searing pain nearly brought the boy to his knees, and he screamed before he could finish his command. Pikachu turned and looked back to see what was wrong with Ash. The crowd seemed confused as to what the hold up was, as most of the spectators were too far away to tell that the young trainer was agonizing at his end of the field.

    “Pikapi!” Pikachu screamed with concern on his face, totally forgetting about finishing off his opponent.

    After only a few seconds, Ash managed to steady himself, and the pain slowly began to subside. But it was too late now. That second or two of hesitation was all Lance needed. Before the boy was able to completely recompose himself, he heard the Dragon Master's voice scream definitively from the other side. Apparently Lance hadn't realized that Ash had been hurting either.

    “Dragonite! Quickly, use Hyper Beam!”

    “Pikachu! Watch out!”

    But it was no use. Pikachu turned his head back towards the action on the field just in time to see the multicolored beam of powerful energy heading straight towards him. He had no time to react. The Hyper Beam struck Pikachu head-on, and it was over. The tiny electric rodent was thrown back like he had been hit by a truck and landed face-first onto the concrete. This time, he did not get back up.

    “Pikachu is unable to battle! Dragonite is the victor!!!! … Which means that Lance the Dragon Master has defeated Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town!”


    Well, there was the battle. I'm sure many of you are like, WTF?! Well, I assure you that the next chapter will shed some light on what happened at the end of this battle. Stay tuned!

    Please leave me some feedback!
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    Default Re: POKEMON: The Power Inside ('Ash Vs. Lance' Now Up!)

    NOOOO!!! Ash lost! He was so close! But he had a heart attack!
    I think I had a heart attack at the end too.
    Really, really epic. You did an excellent job, but I swear if something like this happens again, I won't make it back up.

    Made by Blue Dragon!

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    Default Re: POKEMON: The Power Inside ('Ash Vs. Lance' Now Up!)

    Your sceptile is quite fast!
    should be Sceptile

    Sceptile balled up its green fists
    wouldn't it just be fist?

    “Look! A feraligator!”
    It's actually spelt Feraligatr, there's no 'o' in there...

    Now, onto the battle....
    That was totally awesome!
    Each key attack was greatly described, I had no trouble visualising the battle!
    I regret that you left out Charizard's fight with Tyranitar, but the epicness of the rest of the chapter makes up for it.

    What's Team Rocket gonna do now Ash is out of the tournament i wonder??
    Interesting hmmm......
    Next chapter can't arrive quickly enough!

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    Default Re: POKEMON: The Power Inside ('Ash Vs. Lance' Now Up!)

    Sweet chapter. It's pretty hilarious that Pikachu lost to a Flying-type. Oh well, Lance uses illegal moves, so he's just a wuss anyways.

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    Wow, just wow. Truly epic battle! Elegantly written with brilliant detail! The ending was a little unexpected but I'm sure you will address it like you say.

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    I remember this sequence in ASL and it still has me breathing hard after reading! Legacy, you sure know how to make a girl excited! ;)

    Anyways, I wonder who or what caused Ash to lose focus at the end. I am beyond excited to find out!

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    Default Re: POKEMON: The Power Inside ('Ash Vs. Lance' Now Up!)

    That was an epic battle! Nice work, Legs.

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    Default Re: POKEMON: The Power Inside ('Ash Vs. Lance' Now Up!)

    Excellent battle. That was very exciting right till the end.

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    Default Re: POKEMON: The Power Inside ('Ash Vs. Lance' Now Up!)

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. The end was a little fishy, but I assure you guys that it will be address :)

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    Default Re: POKEMON: The Power Inside ('Ash Vs. Lance' Now Up!)

    Amazing battle sequence! Just superb detail and description here mate! I loved Gliscors personality and rambunctiousness!

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    Default Re: POKEMON: The Power Inside ('Ash Vs. Lance' Now Up!)

    That was a good battle. Honestly I don't want to give myself a dejavu by saying the same thing I said last time.

    The battle was good, but it still disappointed me that you skipped Charizard's an Tyranitar's battle, I would've loved to see that one, that and the fact Charizard was knocked out off screen.

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