Pokemon in NYC (my PokeDream)
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Thread: Pokemon in NYC (my PokeDream)

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    Cool Pokemon in NYC (my PokeDream)

    Here is my Pokemon Dream I saw last night and I like to share with you guys

    I was waking up in my apartment in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY when I heard scream of people. I got call from Port Authority of NY & NJ, that there has been weird creatures landed at LaGuardia Airport. I was Secret Agent.
    As quickly as I get up, when I dig my pocket for MetroCard, I also found PokeDex and spotted crate full of PokeBalls, and I realize I was Secret Agent Pokemon Master.
    It was winter and it was full with snow.
    I rush to bus stop on 37th Av as Q72 bus was pulling over.
    Soon, 20 minutes later, Q72 bus was inside LaGuardia Airport, and there was Pokemon, which PANY&NJ call it weird creature.
    All Pokemons were there.
    I met with police and I told them, "Officer, they're all helpful Pokemon if you train them."
    At the moment I said, "train them, they all stop fighting and urging." At moment, I realize I was hearing Pokemon talking just like Dr. DoLittle who talks to animals and rodents.
    Just then, all Pokemon said, "Hello. Can you please catch me?"
    So, I did. I use PokeBalls and all Pokemon was caught. These PokeBall got name of Pokemon I caught for easy reference.
    PANY&NJ police officers and employees thank us.
    I know all Pokemon move because I played Pokemon Games often.
    I choose Moltres, and "Go, Motres!"
    Soon, Moltres came out and said, "I am at your service, Master. Where would you like to go?"
    "I like to go outside."
    "I let you ride me on my back."
    So, I climb up to back of Moltres and he kept me warm by adjusting fire.
    I guided Moltres and as we were flying over Hudson River, New York Waterway was stuck in frozen icy river. Ferry had passenger and no one want to step out of boat.
    So I call out, "Go Gyarados! and Gyarados pop out, and said, "Hop on."
    I jump off Moltres to Gyarados, and Moltres return to it's PokeBall.
    "Gyarados, use your Fire Blast to melt ice away around the boat."
    Gyarados used Fire Blast, and it melted area.
    Just then, people on boat scream, "It's Dragon!! Run for your life!"
    One of children told them, "It not Dragon. It's Pokemon!!"
    So, I went back of Gyarodos's tail, and call out, "Bulbasaur, use your Vine Whip to one of rails."
    Bulbasaur said, "At your service. It tight up boat, and Gyarados use Fire Blast as it went to clear ice as it travel through frozen river and brought ferry back to Pier 79.
    "Thank you, Agent Endo." captain of ferry said.
    Soon, next morning, New York Times had reported, "POKEMON SAVES A DAY"
    It had well detail of Pokemon incident at LaGuardia Airport and NY Waterway.
    Soon, all people are not afraid of Pokemon and they enjoyed it.
    On next day, blackout occured. By now, all Pokemon were familar with NYC.
    Even the museum started to put sign, "NO PETS, PLEASE BUT POKEMON ARE WELCOME."
    Somehow, I got special International Radio, where I could hear all the emergencies around the world and space.
    I heard on radio, "This is Tokyo Fire Department. We have trouble bringing little children who is trapped on fire in Tokyo Disneyland."
    So I got on Moltres back, and rush to Japan.
    As it was flying over Japan, all residents were surprise to see Pokemon as I was headed for fire scene.
    I arrive at Tokyo Disneyland and it was huge fire.
    I called, "All Water-Pokemon come out and use your Hydro Pumps to assist firefighters!
    Soon, all Water Pokemon came out and use Hydro Pumps.
    I call out, "Ninetales, Gastly, Hunter, Gengar come out and help".
    So, they did.
    Ninetales warm me up in it's fire as Gastly, Hunter, Gengar guided me through the fire to trapped children and we rescue them.
    Fire Department was thankful and they reported to police and they give me appreciation by giving me special pass to ride any trains or buses for free in entire Japan.
    Next, I receive message from President O'bama, and soon all Pokemon return to their PokeBall and this time, I said, "Alakazam, use your Teleport to White House, Washington, DC."
    Soon, I was in inside Whitehouse where President O'bama made me special ID which read:
    They escorted me to Union Station and took Amtrak ride back to NYC.
    Soon, I was call all over the world.
    I was invited to ride every transportation, and police allowed me to photograph because of Whitehouse Offical ID card.
    And I live happily with Pokemon by rescue, assist emergency personal, and entertainment.

    Enjoy it!

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    Default Re: Pokemon in NYC (my PokeDream)

    That's a really nice story! I really like it!
    But... Can Gyarados actually use Fire Blast?
    Today's the day everyone's an dumbass.

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    Default Re: Pokemon in NYC (my PokeDream)

    I am not saying that you cannot make a dream inspired story but the whole thing was lacking in details and was rather...sparse to say the least. There is no background, no nothing.

    I recommend organizing your thoughts and then writing a story based on it. Also, the enter key is your friend, we cannot read a wall of text like you put up there.

    All in all, the story has great potential if a few serious flaws are fixed.
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    Default Re: Pokemon in NYC (my PokeDream)

    Quote Originally Posted by Billy(2257) View Post
    That's a really nice story! I really like it!
    But... Can Gyarados actually use Fire Blast?
    Gyarados in my N64 Pokemon Stadium Video can use Fire Blast.


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