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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beggining (Rated PG to PG-14)

    I just finished reading this from the beginning, and you can truly see how much you've helped your writing and plotline. Though at the beginning people were focusing on grammar, the whole storyline was great. Though, one small problem... Can be a learning experience.

    “Go Garchomp” the pokéball opened and Bryan’s Marshtomp came out and looked over at Nosepass.
    Problem ~ Two completely different pokemon.

    Learning experience ~ I had no idea that there were two rhyming pokemon.

    Another thing that you never fixed...

    “Go Garchomp!” the pokéball opened and Bryan’s Marshtomp came out and looked over at Nosepass.
    Even if you say "Ashian said", you need to put punctuation.
    "I really need to get to Vermilion!" Ashian said, though slightly angry.

    Or, to fragment something...
    "My Pokemon are hurt," Ashian said worriedly. "so I need to get the healed."

    There would be a comma, "Person, communication", uncapitalized, finish the sentence, end quotes.

    Anyway, I am really enjoying this.

    New Generation readers +1.
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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beggining (Rated PG to PG-14)

    So as many other times you can see I changed the title cause well, the other title didn't had anything to do with this chapter. This chapter is probably the longest I've ever written which is why I divided it into two parts so that it could feet and you won't get so tired of reading, I'll post the second part but if you want to read the first one and then rest then I don't blame you.

    Anyway this is the end of the Crazy Thunder Arc and I wanted to finish with the whole tournament in this chapter which explains why it is so long, also this is the end of the first season of Pokémon New Generation: A New Beggining.

    This chapter will also show a lot of the things that would be discussed on the next season but what the hell I'll just let you off and read this chapter well the firs half of this chapter


    The moon’s shining down on the S.S. Anne Two, it’s been almost two days since the second round battles ended, it took an extra day to finish off the second round but in the end the four contestants were decided. Ashian, Bryan, Evelyn, and Alexa will be going against each other.

    The ship has already stopped in Vermilion’s docks so that people from the city can look at the semifinals and finals that would be taking place that same day. Out on the pier, various guards are protecting the ship from any intruders that might sneak in during the night.

    A metallic fence is nearby as a kid is starting to climb it. After getting to the top he jumped down and hid behind a few wooden boxes that were nearby. He adjusted his red beret, it had a blue pokéball on the side of it and it was a big hat that covered most of his head, except for some of the spiky black hairs that were coming out from his beret. His face was tanned and he was wearing an aqua blue shirt with a sleeveless black jacket over it, he had a brown bracelet on his right hand.

    “You ready buddy” the kid grinned as a big figured appeared next to him. It looked like a huge metallic penguin, although it looked like it was dress as a butler. It had a trident like crown and long metallic blue fins, it had a long metallic cloak that got to its neck and behind its crown you could see its serious face.

    “Okay Empoleon, use your Steel Wing to break the fence” Lucas whispered and Empoleon’s wings glowed in a silver metallic color as it cut through the fence. “Thanks, return” Lucan ran through the second fence and ran around the ship so that he could find a way to get in. “There” he looked up at the bars nearby that led into the ship. “If I jump over there I’ll be able to get in” Lucas knelled down for a few seconds and then he jumped up high; he spun around a few times and landed on the wooden floor inside the ship.

    Lucas started walking through the hall; he was trying to watch where he stepped though cause he didn’t wanted anyone to wake up at that hour of the night. “We’ll hide over here till the sun rises” he opened a door that took straight into the cleaning room and then he got in and locked the door from the inside so no one could get in.

    Ashian was in his room with Henry, Henry was already sleeping though; but Ashian was wide awake and was looking up at the roof. Ashian sighed and then he turned sideways. “The semifinals are tomorrow, I wonder if Alexa can be able of beating Evelyn” Ashian sighed again.

    Ashian got up from his bed; after the entire thing he’s been through there was no way he could get some sleep.

    He was walking along the hallway, everything was quiet and everyone was sleeping already, if only his live could be as calm as theirs; but he had to fight for the semi and if everything went well he will have to fight for the finals too.

    Ashian heard a thump from a closet nearby. He remembered this was the cleaning closet; considering that on his first night in the S.S. Anne Two he wanted to go to the bathroom and in the end he got locked inside; in the end he peed in the cleaning closet, but blamed Pikachu when they found him inside a few hours later.

    Ashian tried to open the door but it was locked. “I have to open it, go Treecko” Ashian let his Treecko out from its pokéball. “Iron Tail” Treecko’s tail glowed in a deep white and then it knocked the door down with its great power. Ashian peeped inside, he gasped at what, or who he found inside. “Lucas!” Ashian yelled and then he got in.

    Lucas was patting his head, a lot of cleaning utensils were scattered around the floor. “Ashian, how nice to see you after so long man” Lucas smiled and then he got up. Now that you looked at both of them, you can actually see the age difference between the two. While Ashian is eleven, Lucas looks around fourteen year old; although obviously Ashian thought he was the same age as him when they met.

    “Yeah, it sure has been…how you knew it was me, I mean my hair is different, my cloth’s different and I don’t even wear a hat anymore!” Ashian yelled as he took Lucas out of the cleaning closet.

    “Easy, Lucy told me about your new outfit, and I can recognize your face anyways, even if you don’t look as ugly as before” Lucas laughed hysterically after looking at Ashian’s hair.

    “I know, I get that a lot” Ashian rolled his eyes. “But what are you doing here?” Ashian asked and then they started walking back to his room.

    “I wanted to see you, Lucy told me you made new friends, she even gave me pictures of you guys, and to think you met all this people cause of me, I just wanted to see what my help brought you” Lucas smiled and then he looked back at Ashian for a response.

    “Yeah, guess you’re right, you are the one that told me about my dad” Ashian scratched his head and they stopped in front of Ashian’s door.

    “You know, I also came cause I wanted to see your battle, and tell you something really important” Lucas looked at Ashian with a serious face.

    “Really, well assuming that I can always fine answers with what you say, guess I’ll just have to wait for it” Ashian laughed and they got in the room. “Henry’s sleeping right now, but if you want you can use the sheets over there and sleep on the floor” Ashian climbed back to his bed. “Well, goodnight I guess” he said and then he jumped right on his bed; he knew he could sleep, now that he had to look forward to.

    The next day, Ashian introduced Lucas to Henry and Alexa. Henry and Lucas seemed to hit it off fast considering that Henry even though he wasn’t training to be a Pokémon Warrior anymore still saw Lucas as a superior. Alexa on the other hand was kinda of annoyed by how light headed Lucas was with things; specially since he was always saying the tournament wasn’t that important when obviously both Ashian and Alexa want to win.

    “So, you’re going against the guy that defeated Henry right?” Lucas asked, he was eating a beef kabob that they were selling on the ship; the sun was hitting his face so he had to pull his beret down a little.

    “Yeah, Bryan, Henry actually gave him a pretty good battle, if only he would’ve had another Pokémon for the tie breaker he probably would’ve won” Ashian patted Henry’s back, Henry didn’t really cared about the battle anymore, he just wanted the tournament to be over with so they could start travelling again.

    “Attention everyone, we’ll be starting the semifinals really soon, but first we’ll have a word from the host of this tournament who just came in today!” the announcer yelled through the MIC. Then a stage light lit on (although the light from the sun didn’t really show the light from the stage light) and it pointed down at Lucas who was grinning happily.

    “You’re the host!” all three of them yelled at Lucas after he started walking to the stage. Ashian just gasped, Lucas was the host of the tournament which meant he wasn’t just a strong Trainer he must have had a lot of money to create this ship. He smiled a little and then felt his hand grabbing one of his pokéball, he was ready to fight.

    “Now, I know a lot of people expected someone…well someone older right, instead of a fourteen year old teenager right” Lucas let out a hardy laughed and then straighten his voice. “Well anyway, we changed the rules a little, for the semifinals and the finals you will be able to use three Pokémon and you can also used Pokémon you used in the second round” Lucas put the MIC down and started clapping, everyone else; except for the four semifinalists started clapping as Evelyn, Bryan, Ashian and Alexa walked onto the stage.

    “Now, the first semifinal battle, Ashian Trainer VS. Bryan Oak!” the announcer yelled, Ashian and Bryan walked over to different sides of the stage and a Pokémon field started coming out. But unlike most Pokémon fields it was divided into four parts, a part full of rocks, and a part with a giant fan on the floor that was letting out a strong current of air. A part that had a plain grass field and one that had a pool on it with a stone pedestal on the middle.

    “As you can see, this field is rather unusual right” Lucas chuckled as he grabbed the MIC from the announcer and started walking to the stage. “You see, this field has four parts cause you’ll be fighting here in all four parts, you’ll let your Pokémon out on the middle and as the battle moves on your Pokémon will go to different parts of it, but remember that each part has its own difficulty and you will have to surpass it” Lucas gave the MIC back to the announcer.

    “START” the announcer yelled. Ashian already knew one of the Pokémon Bryan was going to use, he had a Pokémon that would go well with every field. Nonetheless Ashian grabbed a pokéball from his Belt and let his Treecko out to fight.

    “A Treecko eh? Well then I’ll have to use this, go Metang” Bryan threw his pokéball on the middle of the field as his Metang came floating out; it narrowed its deep red eyes on Treecko and then floated down to the field. “Now then, I’ll start this off, Metang use Psychic attack!” Bryan commanded as Metang floated back up and sent a current of purple waves flying down at Treecko.

    “Try to dodge it and then use your Bullet Seed attack!” Ashian yelled while moving his hand to the left so that Treecko knew what side to go to.

    “Use your Light Screen attack” Bryan said after he heard what Ashian was planning.

    The waves were about to hit Treecko, but the little gecko Pokémon managed to dodge the attack by jumping on different parts of the middle field, Treecko then charged back and after a few seconds it fired a barrage of glowing orange bullets. Metang managed to see this though and then it put its two blue rocky arms together and created a transparent barrier of energy that blocked the Bullet Seeds. Without a command Metang flew at Treecko and it right arm started to surround itself with purple energy. It delivered at Dizzy Punch on Treecko and sent it crashing into one of the rocks that were on the rock side; Treecko got up and hid in one of the rocks.

    “Okay Treecko wait for it and then use your Iron tail attack” Ashian ordered while trying to figure out where Treecko was.

    “Metang use Confusion Ray all around the rock field so that Treecko can’t concentrate”

    Treecko stayed hidden but it managed to hear what both Bryan and Ashian said. It didn’t know what to do Metang was already charging its Confuse Ray and it had to figure out a way to dodge it; even though he didn’t know how much a Confuse Ray could cover he suspected Metang could actually cover that much range.

    Metang concentrated for a few seconds and then it fired a big purple ball of energy that started circling around the rock field, it dissolved into purple sparkles that showered down on the field. Bryan smirked after he saw the sparkles raining down. “It should be there all confuse, just like his Trainer” Bryan looked across the field at Ashian; he was grinning while looking down, which actually made his hair cover his face. Ashian raised his pokéball. “You returned it, when!” Bryan screamed in anger.

    “When Treecko was hiding, I noticed what you ordered, you see I know that Confuse Ray takes some time to charge up and let out its effect, then I ran over to the right, didn’t you noticed” this hit Bryan right there, Ashian was right he did walked over to the right side of his side of the field, Treecko must have been hiding straight from him and that’s when he returned it. “So that’s it, there was never any rules that said you couldn’t return your Pokémon in the middle of a battle, so go Charmeleon” Ashian grabbed his other Pokéball and his Charmeleon came out.

    “Metang get rid of that thing and use your Meteor Mash!” Bryan yelled as Metang started floating and its fist got surrounded by an orange glow that turned into some kind of spiky meteor. Charmeleon grinned as it did a big jump and ended up in the wind part of the field which made him float into the sky thanks to the fan. “Damn it he dodged it” Bryan gritted his teeth.

    Metang floated over to the wind field; but it started flinching once it got into the fan. It was cause Charmeleon’s tail was letting out small flames, and since Metang was a Steel type the small embers were burning its rock skin. “We got him, Charmeleon use Flame Thrower” Charmeleon breathed in and then he fired a blast of burning flames that crashed against Metang face, but since Metang was being pulled up by the wind and pulled down by the flames it just got stuck there receiving damage.

    “Metang return” Bryan said through gritted teeth as the red beam absorbed Metang back into its pokéball. “Go Marshtomp!” Bryan threw his pokéball and his Marshtomp came out and jumped into the pool that was on the water side of the field. “Now, I got the upper hand” Bryan grinned.

    “That’s what you think” Ashian let out a mocking laugh. *I got Pikachu, Charmeleon took out Metang and I know Bryan has a Pokémon Treecko can take down, I have him trapped* Ashian thought. “Return Charmeleon” he pointed his pokéball at Charmeleon and the lizard was absorbed in. “Now go Pikachu” he threw his pokéball and Pikachu came out while letting out sparks from its red cheeks.

    “Marshtomp stay in the water, it can attack you directly if you do” Bryan ordered after he saw Pikachu charging for a Thunder Bolt attack.

    “Pikachu, fire the Thunder Bolt now” Ashian ordered with excitement.

    “Mud Sport” Bryan ordered.

    Pikachu proceeded on jumping into the metal pedestal that was in the middle of the field as it fired a huge Thunder Bolt into the water; even though Marshtomp had a good amount of damage it still managed to jump out and fire a barrage of mud balls that crashed with Pikachu’s body. Pikachu fell inside the water as it sent a big splash of water.

    “Pikachu use Quick Attack on the water!” Ashian yelled and Pikachu jumped up and started running with a great speed on the water. Marshtomp’s head was still out of the water and Pikachu crashed with the little toad and sent it back in the water; unfortunately Pikachu also bounced back in the water.

    Both Pikachu and Marshtomp floated out of the water with their eyes closed. “Return” both Ashian and Bryan returned their Pokémon, this left Bryan with one Pokémon and Ashian with two. “Go Charmeleon” Ashian threw the pokéball of his trusty Charmeleon back out and the lizard let out another growl as he came out.

    “Go Yanmega” Bryan threw his pokéball and his Yanmega cam out, the big dragonfly Pokémon started letting out a buzzed that could be heard through the whole ship. “Yanmega may have the disadvantage, but it’s thanks to it that I got my last two badges, and you’ll see why” Bryan chuckled evilly and prepared to attack. “U Turn.”

    “Treecko, try to dodge it!” Ashian commanded in desperation.

    Yanmega swoop down from the air as it started to surround itself with a green energy, it curved and then it flew right into Charmeleon sending it flying into the air. Charmeleon didn’t have time to dodge it so Yanmega kept hitting it straight. Charmeleon bounced off the floor and just laid there unconscious. “Return” Ashian grabbed Charmeleon’s pokéball and returned it.

    “Now what Ashian, Yanmega defeated your Charmeleon with one attack, can your Treecko hold it off” Bryan smirked at Ashian.

    “Treecko, get out there and show them your speed” Ashian threw his pokéball and his Treecko came out. “Now, go and show it you’re Quick Attack”

    Treecko started running at the speed of light and then it crashed against Yanmega. “Take your chance Yanmega, use Hyper Beam” Yanmega charged up and fired a beam of orange energy that sent Treecko flying back to Ashian.

    “Treecko get up and fire a Solar Beam” Treecko stood up after struggling for a few seconds and it absorbed a huge amount of sun light into its tail, after a few seconds Treecko was ready to fired the huge glowing beam; but Yanmega flew high into the sky while Treecko was charging and then it got surrounded by a bunch of rocks that were in the rock field and swoop down; Treecko fired the Solar Beam which crashed against the Ancient Power.

    Both attacks held each other off while both Pokémon increased their power into them. “Treecko, you ready” Ashian could see Treecko nodding. “Now, jump it and use Leaf Storm” Treecko jumped high up and let Yanmega crash with the wall and after that it created a tornado of leafs that came from the grass field and surrounded its own body, Treecko started falling down as the Leaf Storm fused with his own body; after a few seconds Treecko crashed with Yanmega (who was doing another Ancient Power). Again both Pokémon kept holding their attacks till Treecko sent the leaf off and they crashed with Yanmega’s body, this sent the dragonfly crashing on the floor.

    Bryan looked down on the floor as he returned Yanmega. “THE WINNER IS ASHIAN TRAINER” the announcer yelled and all the passengers let out a big cheer of victory.

    “I could’ve won, I know it” Bryan said through gritted teeth.

    “Good job Bryan” Ashian walked over to Bryan and stretched out his hand. “Just like old time, although this battle was actually better that the one we had before we left Pallet Town” Ashian laughed; Bryan stared at the hand but just turned around.

    “Yeah, I have to admit you actually got better from that day, but remember now that I know how good you are I’ll train more so that I can surpass you” Bryan glared at Ashian and walked off.

    “That was so cool!” Henry ran over to Ashian and started messing up his hair. “Way to avenge my defeat dude, that was aweeeeeeeeeeeeesooooooooommeeeeeeee” Henry laughed widely.

    “Yeah, you acted like a real Trainer Ashian” Alexa smiled after she walked next to Ashian.

    “Thanks Lex, but be careful Evelyn was the first person I ever battled and even though we had a short battle, she was hard to beat and I assume she got way better in the last three months” Ashian nodded his head after patting Alexa’s shoulder.

    “Wow Ashian, you really got better from that time we fought in the Battle Simulator” Lucas laughed after he walked in front of them. “Wow, back then you were a rookie with only two Pokémon heck you hadn’t even caught your first Pokémon by yourself and the Pokémon you had didn’t know the attacks they know now.”

    “Well I’ve been through a lot and I’ve trained a lot” Ashian smiled and shook hands with Lucas.

    “Well, now it’s Alexa’s turn, cause the second battle’s about to start” Lucas turned to look at Alexa who was already walking over to her side of the field.

    “So what Pokémon do you think Evelyn will use against her?” Henry asked while looking over at Ashian.

    “I don’t know, I’ve only seen three of her Pokémon if you count the Flareon we saw yesterday, but I can say Alexa has a strong team of Pokémon with her and I’m sure she’ll be able to fight well against Evelyn” Ashian looked over at the stage, both girls were all ready and they were getting their pokéballs out.

    “So you’re Ashian’s new lackey ah?” Evelyn asked with a smirk. Alexa just glared at her and got her pokéball out.

    “Maybe so” she finally said after a long pause. “But unlike you I’m actually his friend, go Skarmony” Alexa threw her pokéball and her Skarmony came out and let out a loud screech.

    “Well then” Evelyn got her own pokéball. “Go Ambipom teach them a lesson” her Ambipom came out of the pokéball and opened its two arms instantly.

    “Go Skarmony use Swift attack!” Alexa yelled after a few minutes of pause and then Skarmony flew up and fired a barrage of golden stars down on Ambipom.

    “Ambipom, dodge it and then use Double Hit” Evelyn ordered once she saw the golden stars coming down on Ambipom.

    “Steel Wing fast” Alexa looked over at Evelyn; she seemed calm about battling.

    Ambipom jumped out of the way and it caused the stars to crash with the floor, after a few seconds of preparing itself Ambipom’s hands glowed in a deep purple color as it stretched its right arm at Skarmony. Skarmony took its chance to dive down and its wing started glowing with a metallic light, then the wing crashed with the arm and the two attacks held on. Evelyn was still grinning and Ambipom threw its left arm and punched Skarmony on it beak sending it crashing into the grass field.

    Skarmony got up after a few seconds of struggling and it started perching. “Don’t worry Skarmony just fly up again” Alexa said after she saw Skarmony getting up, it started flying again.

    “Ambipom, wait for it to get to a good height” Evelyn looked at her Ambipom calmly while it nodded.

    Once Skarmony was on a good height it started spinning around, the sound of its metallic body spinning was piercing the air through; then Skarmony turned to point down at the floor while spinning and started diving down on a Drill Peck. Ambipom waited for a moment and then its right arm started glowing in a silver white color and then it sent the fist crashing right into Skarmony’s beak. Then it used its left arm to sent a barrage of golden stars just like Skarmony did earlier and it his Skarmony; but thanks to Skarmony’s strong spin it didn’t have a lot of damage.

    “Skarmony use Whirlwind on the grass!” Alexa yelled with desperation in her voice; she couldn’t think of an explanation on why Evelyn could be so calm.

    Skarmony flew over to the grass field and it sent out a current of air that lifted the grass up, Ambipom tried to keep itself from been blown away but with all the grass crashing with it it didn’t expected the worst. Skarmony started flying and it got surrounded by air and power as it stroke Ambipom with an Arial Ace.

    “Good job Skarmony; now keep hitting it with all you got” Skarmony kept doing Arial Aces on Ambipom over and over again. *Wait what is she planning though?* Alexa thought and then she looked at Evelyn again; she was grinning even wider this time.

    “Now Ambipom use Fire Punch” Ambipom waited for the last Arial Ace to punch Skarmony on its chest, since the attack was super effective Skarmony got sent flying back. “Now hit it with your Last Resort attack”

    Ambipom jumped up as both of its arms started glowing in a deep red color; it sprinted forward and punched Skarmony hard then it used the other punch and sent it flying into a tree that was on the grass field. Finally Skarmony used the rest of the power to hit the metallic bird with both of its arms; this pierced right through Skarmony’s armor and knocked it out.

    “Return Skarmony” Alexa grabbed her pokéball and returned the vulture. “Now go, Togepi” her Togepi came out and started dancing happily on the field.

    “Are you kidding, you’re actually playing with that thing” Evelyn started laughing. “It’s obvious it is still a baby, and you want to put it on a fight, well then Ambipom go and use Swift again”

    Ambipom jumped up and then it sent another barrage of glowing stars flying towards Togepi; Alexa grinned considering that Togepi though little, it was a good jumper. Togepi jumped high in the air and since it was on the edge of the grass field and the grass field was right next to the wind field it jumped on the range of the fan and started floating up.

    “Ambipom try to use a” Evelyn couldn’t finish her command cause Togepi dove down instantly and it gathered energy around its body, it hit Ambipom straight on and sent it crashing on the floor. Ambipom just laid there after a few seconds and then just stayed there. “Return” Evelyn said bitterly after her Pokémon was back in its pokéball. “Now go Munchlax” she threw her pokéball and her Munchlax came out yawning.

    “Munchlax use your Mega Punch” Evelyn ordered and Munchlax jumped on the fan as it floated up (that fan was strong enough to push a Munchlax up) Munchlax’s fist glowed in a white color and then it waited till it floated high enough as to actually hit Togepi.

    “Togepi Metronome!” Alexa yelled, Togepi wagged its fingers and then it fired a Thunder attack from its body, the Thunder hit Munchlax and made him stay afloat. Munchlax recovered though and then it wagged its fingers just like Togepi and fired a Hyper Beam that just sent Togepi flying higher and higher till it got out of the range of the fan.

    Togepi fell hard on the floor and after a few seconds it got up and shook the pain off. “Now Togepi use your Roll Out attack” Togepi started rolling like a ball and then it hit Munchlax who got down from the fan by that time. Munchlax bounced back on the middle of the field and then it got up and fired a Hyper Beam.

    The battle kept going on, Togepi and Munchlax kept firing Metronomes, Munchlax used a Mega Kick and it hit Togepi so hard it sent it flying right into the pool of the water field. I floated out and used its little arms to swim to the pedestal.

    “Now Munchlax use your Comet Punch” Munchlax jumped up and it threw its fist down which started glowing in a clear green color, it punched Togepi off and sent it flying out of the stage and crashing into one of the food desks they had on the ship. “That’s done” Evelyn smirked.

    “Return Togepi, you did well” Alexa smiled down at her pokéball and then she got another pokéball out. “Go Luxio” Alexa threw her pokéball down and her most recent Pokémon Luxio came out, it stretched its legs; after all it hadn’t been out for a long time, then it looked over at Munchlax who was just walking back to the middle of the field after having a jump on the pool.

    “Munchlax, don’t let it take the upper hand and use your Solar Beam” Munchlax had been charging a powerful Solar beam for the moment and then fired a strong white beam at Luxio.

    “Luxio, use Agility and then Double Team” Luxio started running at a great speed an it managed to dodge every bit of the Solar Beam that got fired. After the beam was gone Luxio divide itself into four different clones and then all four of the clones went to different sides of the field. One Luxio standing in the middle of the grass field, the other one hiding in between the rocks of the rock field, one that was standing on the platform in the middle of the water field and the last one which was standing in front of the fan of the wind field.

    “Munchlax, use Rest” Munchlax closed its eyes and after a while it blew a spit bubble out of its mouth over and over. “I know it’s a drastic move but it’s a last resort that I’ll need right now” Evelyn grinned. Alexa was starting to feel a little less than perfect, Evelyn was so calm and she was getting beat so easily.

    “That’s it, Luxio use Charge” all of the clones started to sent sparks around their bodies and as the sparks got to their tail it actually seemed to be making them stronger. “Now, Thunder” the clones took all the charge and then fired a big lightning bolt that fell down on the sleeping Munchlax; since Munchlax was sleep it could dodge so it received all the damage.

    “Munchlax wake up!” Evelyn yelled a little scared after seeing that Munchlax wouldn’t wake up again.

    “Thunder Wave” Alexa ordered with a grin on her face.

    The clones ran over to the middle of the field where Munchlax was and then they fused together and sent a ring of electricity flying at Munchlax; the ring surrounded it and kept it there. After a few seconds Munchlax woke up, but it was still paralyzed.

    “Want me to finish it?” Alexa asked Evelyn and then adjusted her hat and did the pose a Baseball player did before preparing to pitch. Evelyn gritted her teeth at Alexa and then returned Munchlax into its ball.

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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beggining (Rated PG to PG-14)

    “Go Pikachu” Evelyn threw her third pokéball and her Pikachu came out. “Use your Shock Wave” Pikachu Charged up and then it fired a blue ball of electricity straight at Luxio, Luxio jumped over it but then the ball came back. “Thanks to all our trainer Pikachu’s attacks follow Pokémon with electricity that are the opposite, since Shock Wave is negative electricity and Luxio is full of positive, Shock Wave follows it” Evelyn then stared at the field and finally Luxio got hit by the Shock Wave.

    “Luxio are you okay?” Alexa asked after she ran over to help Luxio; Luxio nodded and then it glared at the rat Pokémon. “Okay buddy, let’s do this, use Thunder” Luxio fired a huge Thunder attack that hit Pikachu straight and sent it a few steps into the rock field. “Okay Quick attack.”

    “Pikachu, hide and then prepare and Iron Tail”

    “Luxio, use an Iron Tail just in case” Alexa re commanded.

    Luxio started running at a great speed and tried to hit Pikachu with its head, but the Pikachu was too fast even for Luxio and it jumped into the rock field, it ran over to one of the rocks and since Luxio was still follow it crashed with the rock instead. Pikachu jumped on one of the rocks and its tail started glowing iron white and then it threw its tail down on Luxio. Luxio saw this in time and its own tail glowed the same as Pikachu as both Iron Tails crashed with each other sending air off from the floor. “THUNDER” both girls yelled with all of their strengths as both Pokémon fired a Thunder attack though their Iron Tails; the two attacks crashed and created a huge explosion that sent out a cloud of smoke, the explosion was also as strong as to cover the rock and grass field.

    The smoke cleared from the field. Pikachu and Luxio were both breathing heavily in the destroyed and electrified rock field, (the grass field was also burned cause of the fire the explosion caused with all the electricity) after a few minutes of heavy breathing Pikachu fell down on the floor and its eyes were practically spinning all around. “THE WINNER IS ALEXA BURROWS”

    Alexa sighed after returning her tired Luxio as she walked out of the field. “That was tiresome, she said to Ashian after she sat on the edge of the stage. Ashian and Henry smiled at her.

    “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be ready for our battle later, although I have to say it is going to be hard fighting against you” Ashian laughed.

    “Yeah, thing is I only got five Pokémon, which means I’m going to have to use one of the Pokémon I used in this battle, counting that Togepi is obviously out, both Skarmony and Luxio are hurt” Alexa shrugged and then walked over to the food table and got herself a cookie.

    “Well, Treecko’s still pretty hurt after that battle with Yanmega, Pikachu and Charmeleon are both tired, and Whismur is still hurt from yesterday’s battle, so we’re practically tied up Lex” Ashian shrugged and then got his own cookie. “But unlike you, not all of my Pokémon obey me” he pointed at Gligar’s pokéball; Ashian was right with Ashian not obeying him it was like having only one Pokémon that was fully heal and that would obey him.

    “You’re right, guess we are kinda even” Alexa smiled and then she patted Ashian’s back. “You know I’m just tired of this tournament, I don’t care who wins I just want to keep travelling with you guys” she giggled a little and walked off.

    “So what did you wanted to tell me Lucas?” Ashian asked Lucas after they walked over to the side of the field to look out at the city, it was cramped up with people that were watching the TVs that were stationed all around the city showing what happened on the semifinals. “Looks like every body in the city is going to be watching the finals.”

    “Actually” Lucas finally talked and started chuckling. “Everyone that has Pokécable Station on their TV will be watching it on channel fourteen, in other words if you win you’ll become kinda famous and even if you don’t you’ll still be famous cause everyone is seeing or saw your other battles, same thing goes for Alexa” Lucas smiled at Ashian again.

    “That’s why you wanted to do this, you wanted me to get some recognition, but why?’ Ashian asked him a little confused.

    “Figures it’s the least I could do, you got talent bro, and people should know that you can use it, and that you’re better than most of this so called Champion Trainers we have in our time” Lucas said while looking over at the water.

    “Thanks Lucas, but why did you brought me here?” Ashian asked.

    “It’s about your dad, you see he’s back” Lucas looked right into Ashian’s face and then patted his back. “But he went out on a mission a few days ago, we’ve been busy with the whole Team Dark and all, by the way thanks for helping out Amanda before and for sabotaging Team Dark’s plan on Eclipse Mountain.”

    “No prob, so where’s dad?” Ashian asked again although this time he was a little more anxious.

    “He’s close to Celadon City, so you guys will probably find him on his way to Fuchsia if you move fast enough” Lucas nodded his head and then started walking back. “I got something to give you, here” he gave Ashian a golden ring that had a small diamond inside a sphere in the middle of the year and inside the jewel a sword with a pokéball for a hand held was carved on it.

    “What’s this?” Ashian looked curiously at the ring.

    “Don’t worry, it’s a good luck charm and it’ll help you out trust me” Lucas patted Ashian’s back and walked off.

    “Now we’re finally here, the finals of the S.S. Anne Two Tournament, now I assume as all of you know the price for the win will be a Pokémon rare in this region, and as you also know this battle’s being broadcast all around Kanto to all who have Pokécable Station on their TV which means the winner will get some fame!” the announcer paused. “Our boss Lucas decided to keep the four sided field even though the grass field is almost charred and the rock field is so electrified it’s like a big magnet!” the announcer started coughing up. “Now, we’ll start with the battle, Alexa Burrows VS. Ashian Trainer, two Trainers with great talent going against each other!” the announcer yelled and the camera shifted over to Ashian and Alexa.

    “Well you ready Lex” Ashian grinned at Alexa and then he grabbed one of his pokéballs. “I decided, go Ralts” Ashian threw his pokéball and his Ralts came out and started floating up in the air.

    “All right, then I’ll use this, go Skarmony” even though it was still a little weak and its armor was still hurt after the battle it had against Evelyn’s Ambipom a few hours ago, Skarmony managed to intimidate the little Ralts.

    “Ralts start things off with a Psychic attack” Ashian threw his fist up front.

    “Skarmony, you know what to do” Alexa said in a rather confident tone.

    Ralts floated up and raised his long white arms and he started sending out a purple wave of energy down on the field; the wave was so strong it lifted dirt off the floor. Skarmony swoop into the air instantly and its wing started glowing with a metallic color. The Psychic was faster though and it crashed down on Skarmony’s own body before the vulture could hit its opponent; Skarmony still had its Steel Wing charged as it slapped Ralts with it and sent the Psychic Pokémon flying right into the fan on the wind field.

    “Okay Skarmony, teach that Ralts how to fight with your Hyper Beam” Skarmony flew up into the Wind field and it flew over the fan then it charged up a beam of energy and fired it down at Ralts.

    “Ralts use your Shadow Ball” Ashian ordered while looking up at the sky. Ralts fired a ball of dark energy that passed right next to the Hyper Beam, both of them kept going but Ralts managed to create a Reflect and reflected the Hyper Beam; Skarmony dodged the Shadow Ball but it didn’t saw the Hyper Beam being reflected and go hit by its own attack.

    “Ralts use your Psy Beam!” Ashian yelled after the two attack collision happened.

    “Skarmony, use Whirlwind” Alexa ordered, she practically had the whole thing planned, first thing was to get more advantage and as long as that fan was in the way she wouldn’t have that.

    Ralts concentrated for a few seconds then it fired a rainbow color beam straight at Skarmony; thanks to the wind the fan let out it was gathering wind and strength. Skarmony started gathering wind around its wings and then it started flapping them and holding the Psy Beam back. Thanks to the strength of the wind the wings let out, and the wind the fan let out, the Psy Beam got reflected and was about to hit Ralts if the little Pokémon wouldn’t have used Psychic to pulled itself out of the attack. The Psy Beam hit the fan and caused a huge explosion.

    “Ralts are you okay!” Ashian asked from his side of the field, Ralts struggled but it managed to give Ashian a nod.

    “He won’t be for long” Alexa chuckled and pointed over at Ralts. “Skarmony Metal Crash!” she yelled. Ashian took out his Pokéde-X and saw that Metal Crash was one of the new attacks a Steel type could learn after learning two out of three attacks, from Steel Wing, Gyro Ball or Metal Claw; since he knew Skarmony already knew Gyro Ball and Steel Wing it was no wonder it already knew this one.

    Skarmony’s body started glowing in a deep metallic light, it swoop higher in the sky till it was almost out of sight, but thanks to its armor the sun hit down on the audience’s face. Then Skarmony came swooping down while letting out a metallic sound that could’ve annoyed the hell out of anyone, it crashed against Ralts and the metal was so sharp it practically cut some of its body off and made it bleed. Ralts bounced off the floor and just stayed there knocked out.

    “Return” Ashian returned Ralts and stared at Alexa while he was reaching for his next pokéball that was in his pocket.

    Back in Pallet Town everyone was watching the battle that was taking place in the S.S. Anne Two. Ashian’s mom Cindy was wearing her usual blue long sleeve shirt with her red long skirt; she had a long brown hair. She was watching the battle together with Gary and Tracey.

    “Wow, Ashian sure has changed” Gary said while looking at the TV with an interested look, even though his son lost the battle already he still wanted to see how far Ashian got. “I mean, when we saw him three months ago he was just a rookie that didn’t know what to do, and now man he changed so much.”

    “Yeah, he even dyed his hair, although I gotta say he looks better like that” Cindy said while nodding her head. “He looks just like his father when he was his age, it’s like I’m looking at him twenty years in the past” Cindy giggled a little.

    “And we know he made good friends, like that girl he’s battling with and that boy that lost to Bryan” Tracey said with a smile on his face.

    “Yeah, my little boy’s growing up” Cindy smiled and the three of them turned to look at the TV again.

    Back in the S.S. Anne Two Henry and Lucas were watching the battle from the food tables; problem was there were so many people crowded around the stage they couldn’t walk any closer. “Move damn it!” Henry yelled while trying to scoop his way into the crowd.

    “Don’t worry, we can see clearly from here” Lucas took a gulp of some orange juice. “Plus, We got a TV over here, we can see what’s happening on the stage don’t worry Henry” he said and offered Henry some.

    “Thanks” Henry took the orange juice. “I saw you when you were talking with Ashian, what does that ring you gave him do?” Henry asked looking over at Luca’s hand, he had a ring just like it on his ring finger.

    “Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad, in fact it’s perfect” Lucas laughed. “You see that ring is called the Aura Ring, it has the ability to unlock the power of the Elemental Auras so that you guys can use it during a fight instead of just a Pokémon battle” Lucas nodded his head and looked at Henry.

    “Elemental Auras?” Henry had a puzzled look on his face.

    “Yeah, you may know it as the Special Auras, you know Ashian has the red Elemental Aura which increases the attack of your Pokémon, it also represents the power of fire, you on the other hand have the Special Aura of healing, which lets you heal both Pokémon and people” Lucas looked over at Henry who was a little taken aback by Lucas referring to his Aura Powers. “This is also the Elemental Aura of grass.”

    “Klaid said there were two more Auras?” Henry asked; he wasn’t focusing on the battle Ashian was having anymore.

    “I got the other one, the Special Aura of speed which increases the speed of my Pokémon and my speed when I’m wearing the Aura Ring, now the one we still haven’t seen is the Special Aura of defense which is the Elemental Aura of thunder” Lucas looked at the TV which was focusing on Alexa.

    “You think she’s it?” Henry asked also looking at the TV.

    “Go Gligar” Ashian threw his pokéball and Gligar came out; she was frowning again though. “Come on Gligar, you still have to fight, please” Ashian begged as he bended down on his knees.

    “Gligar glig gar glig”(okay, even I wouldn’t go as far as to humiliate you worldwide) Gligar chuckled and looked at the Cameras. “Gar glig gar gligar” (maybe we should just make peace you know, I’m tired of fighting just keep in mind I’m not like the others okay) after that she took off into the air.

    “I know, you’ll also get your chance to fight Skarmony again” Ashian glared at the vulture who had just flown up into the sky just like Gligar. “Hey Lex, I understand why you destroyed the fan, you wanted to get Ralts into the current so that he couldn’t leave, then you took him out but since its body was still dense cause of the wind current, it couldn’t get up fast enough, that’s when you destroyed the fan and the explosion was enough to take out Ralts” Ashian smirked and then assumed a battle stance. “Now Gligar, use your own Steel Wing.”

    “Skarmony use Swift” Skarmony started flying down and fired a barrage of golden stars, Gligar’s wing was glowing in a metallic light at that time and it started destroying the golden stars over and over. Skarmony kept flapping its wings while Gligar kept destroying the stars. The barrage combined into one huge golden star and Gligar collided with it.

    “Gligar use your Metal Claw, show them what you got” Gligar’s claw glowed in another metallic light and it punched the star and destroyed it. “Nice.”

    “Skarmony use Metal Crash” Skarmony started glowing again and it flew up again into the sky while its body let out that horrible metallic noise once more. Ashian clenched his light; if Gligar got hit she was out. Then Gligar started glowing with the same metallic light. “What, how come Gligar’s use Metal Crash too?” Alexa asked with a startled look.

    “Easy, you even saw Gligar using two out of the three attacks, Steel Wing and Metal Claw” Ashian showed her two fingers. “Now Gligar use your Metal Crash” Gligar started flying up while letting out the same noise as Skarmony. Skarmony started gliding down and both Pokémon collided with each other and made an ear piercing noise that could’ve left anybody deft. Both Pokémon pushed each other off so much that the light turned red; which is the color of burning metal. Finally Gligar did a spin and punched Skarmony with its right claw; this sent it crashing down on the floor.

    “Skarmony return” Alexa grabbed her pokéball and returned the defeated vulture. “Now go Swampert” she threw Swampert’s Ultraball and the big blue frog came out.

    “Gligar are you okay?” Ashian looked over at Gligar; she was gasping for air and her wings were so weak they were almost touching the floor. “You’re too tired, return” Ashian grabbed his pokéball and returned the tired scorpion. “Go Pikachu try to finish it off” Ashian threw his other pokéball and his Pikachu came out yawning, it was still tired from the battle with Bryan but it was enough.

    “Swampert, use your Iron Tail” Swampert’s tail started glowing white and it started running over at Pikachu.

    “Pikachu, use your own Iron Tail” Pikachu’s tail started glowing two and then thanks to its small body and great speed it jumped over Swampert and hit its head with its tail. Swampert ran over to the remaining of the rock field and then started sending shock waves of energy that were so strong as to actually lift the ground and Pikachu with it. The rat Pokémon fell down but it got up a few seconds afterwards.

    “Pikachu, use your Thunder attacks!’ Ashian yelled, Pikachu let out a huge Thunder attack and it coursed all through the field till it crashed with the Swampert.

    “Swampert, use your Surf attack” Swampert ran over to the water field and it jumped on the platform, then it created a huge tidal wave of water and crashed it down on the rest of the field, thanks to this Pikachu got caught by the wave and got taken out of the rock field and out of the stage.

    “Pikachu are now Quick Attack and then Thunder Bolt” Pikachu jumped back into the field and then started running at a great speed over at the empty water field.

    “Swampert use Hydro Pump” Swampert breathed in and fired a huge torrent of water at the Pikachu, Pikachu gritted its teeth; it wanted to go faster, it wanted to reach its limit. Pikachu’s body started to get surrounded with golden electricity and only the shade of its body was visible to through it. Pikachu jumped up and with one last screamed it crashed right into Swampert’s body and sent it flying out of the stage, then Pikachu jumped out and its tail started glowing white again, it hit Swampert with the Iron Tail and sent it crashing with one of the food desks.

    “Return Swampert” Alexa returned the Swampert as it dissolved back into its pokéball. “Go Raichu, let’s win this tournament once and for all” Alexa grabbed her last pokéball and the big orange rat came out. Raichu started letting sparks out of its yellow cheeks.

    “Pikachu do you still have energy after that Volt Tackle?” Ashian asked the tired yellow rat. Pikachu nodded and gave him a thumb up. “No use Thunder Bolt” Pikachu sent out a barrage of lightning down at Raichu, Raichu grinned as it took the hit and absorbed the electricity.

    “Raichu use your own Thunder Bolt” Raichu retaliated with its own barrage of lightning and it hit Pikachu sending it a few steps back while still being electrocuted. Pikachu managed to surpass the electricity though.

    “Now Iron Tail!” Ashian and Alexa yelled as Pikachu and Raichu alike hit each other with their Iron Tail although Raichu’s was longer so it managed to land a better hit on Pikachu. “Pikachu Thunder once more!” Ashian yelled and Pikachu fired another Thunder attack. Raichu fired its own Thunder attack and both thunder crashed and created a big explosion.

    Ashian felt his heart beating faster than normal; he was tired just like Pikachu was tired, and he knew Alexa was tired two, he didn’t even cared about winning as long as the battle would finish once and for all it will all be okay for him. “Pikachu!”


    “VOLT TACKLE” they both yelled at the top of their voices.

    Both Pikachu and Raichu heard their Trainer’s last command and started running. Pikachu surrounded itself with electricity once more; even thought it took a lot of electricity out of it. Raichu did the same but the electricity was orange for it. Then both Pokémon clashed with each other sending out waves of electricity all around the middle of the field. Till finally after a few more minutes of clashing a huge explosion was heard and covered the whole field and stage with smoke.

    “AND THE WINNER IS” the announcer started yelling while the cloud was still disappearing. Ashian couldn’t keep fighting, at that moment he was practically praying that Pikachu wouldn’t get up so that they didn’t had to live with the pressure of the final battle on them anymore. The could dispersed and what could be seen was Raichu standing up while Pikachu was lying on the floor with its eyes closed like if it was sleeping. “ALEXA BURROWS” the announcer yelled and then everyone in the ship and out of the ship started screaming and cheering.

    Alexa looked up at the sky she felt like she was about to fall over; which she almost did since she got down to her knees. “I made it” she started smiling. “I WON” she yelled and jumped high in the air while throwing her fist in the air.

    Ashian sighed as he walked into the now destroyed four sided field, the rock field was magnetized, the grass field was burned, the water field didn’t had any water on it and the wind field’s fan was destroyed completely and it was still letting smoke out.

    “Nice fight Ashian” Alexa walked into the field, Ashian was hugging Pikachu as he walked over to her while she returned her Raichu. “I really thought I was going to lose when your Pikachu learned how to use Volt Tackle” she laughed and then they shook hands.

    “Don’t worry, I gotta say that battle was really something, I’ve never felt that much pressure before” he let go of her hand and let her get down. “Now, go you need to get your new Pokémon and then we’ll going out for dinner” he laughed and then they got down and walked over to Lucas; Lucas was standing in the middle of the ship with an Ultraball in his hands.

    “Alexa, we’re proud to present you with a Larvitar” Lucas handed Alexa the Ultraball. She smiled at it.

    “I always wanted a Larvitar, thanks Lucas” she threw the Ultraball on the floor and a Larvitar came out and yawned for a few seconds; like if it had been in the Ultraball for a long time. The Larvitar, unlike others had two horns instead of one and it had a pair of green eyes. “And a Shiny one too, this is so cool” she giggled and hugged the Larvitar. “I’ll train you really hard and you’ll become a strong Tyranitar”

    That night Ashian and his friends were hanging out on the Pokémon Center. “So the tournament’s over and we’re back to travelling” Henry said while eating some beef jerky. Their Pokémon were left with Nurse Joy, so they couldn’t leave that night; but to think of it they didn’t wanted to leave yet anyway.

    “Yeah, we’ll leave tomorrow; the next city with a gym is Saffron City right?” Ashian asked Alexa who was holding the Town Map.

    “Yep, Saffron City and then Celadon next to it and then Fuschia” Alexa smiled and showed them the map, but Ashian just focused on Celadon.

    “Is there a route that would get us straight into Celadon” Ashian asked while pointing over at Celadon city with his index finger.

    “Yeah, if we got to Lavender Town there’s a special route that can take you straight to Celadon City, but why would you want to go in such a hurry?” Alexa narrowed her eyes at Ashian.

    “Oh nothing, I just want to see Celadon I heard it’s a cool place” Ashian let out a nervous laugh; but for some reason Alexa seemed kinda nervous she was even blushing. “Are you okay?” he asked with a confused look.

    “Yeah, I am…Celadon okay we’ll go” now it was her turn to laugh nervously. She got up so fast that she almost took Henry down with her, and then she started walking. “I’m tired, good night” she walked off to the girl’s dorms.

    “Well we should hit the sack too, let’s go Henry” both Ashian and Henry got up and walked over to the boy’s dorms.

    After strong battles in the S.S. Anne Two Tournament Ashian defeated Bryan while Alexa took down Evelyn, finally it was a battle between Alexa and Ashian. Thanks to that Gligar learned Metal Clash while Pikachu learned Volt Tackle. The bad thing is that after all the fighting Alexa managed to beat Ashian but hey you can’t win them all, and at least Alexa got the Pokémon she wanted so bad.



    Attack Dex for Ashian’s Pokémon


    -Quick Attack
    -Iron Tail
    -Thunder Bolt
    -Thunder Shock
    -Volt Tackle

    -Fury Swipes
    -Flame Thrower
    -Mega Kick
    -Flare Blitz

    -Iron Tail
    -Bullet Seed
    -Solar Beam
    -Quick Attack
    -Leaf Storm
    -Close Combat

    -Steel Wing
    -Metal Claw
    -Iron Tail
    -Poison Sting
    -Hyper Beam
    -Metal Clash

    -Psy Beam
    -Shadow Ball
    -Dizzy Punch (coming next arc)

    -Double Edge
    -Roll Out
    -Hyper Voice
    -Hyper Beam (coming next arc)
    -Slam (coming next arc)
    -Sound Barrier (new attack coming next arc)
    -Music Punch (New attack, coming next arc)s
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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beggining (Now On Season 2) (Rated PG to PG-14)

    I liked it. You put a lot of details about the battle, and that's exactly what you should do. Your grammar was nearly perfect, there were some small mistakes, but those wouldn't be noticed unless you were looking for them.


    And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down―that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.
    Revelation 12:7-9

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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beggining (Now On Season 2) (Rated PG to PG-14)

    I agree with Shadow. Your grammar is basically perfect. Everything was very good, especially battle details. I wasn't looking for it, but I noticed that it's "Skarmory", not "Skarmony". That's all. Overall, a very good chapter.

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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beggining (Now On Season 2) (Rated PG to PG-14)

    Yo. Overall, a good story. Not bad, but not perfect. Grammer improved greatly from the earliar posts (you could edit them, you know). Also, it's "beginning."

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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beginning (Now On Season 2) (Rated PG to PG-14)

    Yeah I'll need help editing, I suck at that

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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beginning (Now On Season 2) (Rated PG to PG-14)

    Nice chapter E-Trainer :)

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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beginning (Now On Season 2) (Rated PG to PG-14)

    So the Travelling Arc, as the title says it's mostly an arc to take a break to see Ashian's and his friend's adventures without worrying too much, during this arc they'll meet a lot of people and Pokémon as they try to hold to their friendship.


    Ashian, Henry and Alexa are walking through the grassy road, after deciding to go to Lavender Town so that they can take the shortcut to Celadon City Ashian and the other left Vermilion and decided to take the special wooden bridge that took straight over to Lavender Town.

    “Hey look at this” Henry pointed over at a picture he was reading in his magazine, it showed several of the sports that humans and Pokémon were playing together. “Soccer, Basketball, Baseball” Henry had an excited look on his face. “This is so cool”

    “I don’t think it’s too cool, I mean why you would play around when you could be training” Ashian looked over at the magazine with an annoyed look. He didn’t really like playing a lot of sports, with Pokémon or without.

    “You need to play sports if you want to be fit and healthy” Alexa was eating a rice ball a few centimeters away from them.

    “There’s no rule that says anything about it, plus I prefer training and travelling more, you don’t get so tired” Ashian folded his arms and looked away while frowning into the sky.

    “That’s cause a Trainer barely doesn’t do anything” Henry narrowed his eyes at Ashian for a moment. “You see, they’re having this Soccer Showdown, it’ll be good, plus it teaches you and your Pokémon how to work better together, and let’s not forget from now on you’ll start having Tag Battles so you’ll need it” Henry smiled while raising his index finger up.

    “Guess you’re right” Ashian started scratching his chin.

    “Well then, let’s go” Henry started running. “The games are being held on a grass field nearby” Henry pointed over to the east.

    “Wow he must really be interested in this” Alexa laughed a little and started following Henry. Ashian waited a few seconds, both Henry and Alexa seemed to be comfortable with this, but he knew he would suck no matter how much he tried specially if they chose a sport like Baseball or Kick Ball, then he would really be in trouble.

    Ashian and the others just stared at all of the games that were in motion at the time. Pokémon Baseball, it was basically a combo, sometimes humans got the bat and the chance to pitch and sometimes it was the Pokémon; it was actually kind of funny to watch a Politoed playing Baseball.

    Henry kept running like crazy, practically checking every sport, Ashian could figure out why Henry coveted being in one of this Pokémon human sports so much. “Hey Henry, I’ve been thinking, you’ve been helping us out a lot lately so guess it’s time for me and Alexa to do something for you” Ashian shrugged while giving away a silly grin. He could see Alexa smiling a little after all Ashian just gave away to embarrassment just to make his best friend happy.

    “Really Ashian, thank you so much!!!” Henry threw himself on the floor and started hugging Ashian’s left like crazy. “I’m so glad, don’t worry I won’t choose a sport in which you’ll get so embarrass” he got up and started scratching his head in nervousness. “Cause well, I already chose one” he laughed nervously.

    “You did” Ashian frowned a little but he was trying his best to crack a smile, although a lot of people could actually see it as a glare. “What did you choose?” he asked while his veins pressured up.

    “Soccer” Alexa answered while she was looking at the sports table. “Hi signed us up for Team Moltres, they’re looking for more members” Alexa pointed over at the team with the emblem of a big yellow bird with long fiery wings and long legs with a flame over its head and a long beak carved on it.

    “Guess I can take it” Ashian shrugged unemotionally. “Well let’s find this team, whatever the hell it is” Ashian waved his hand and started walking.

    They found the Soccer field; there were a lot of teams gathered around planning their strategies and warming up before the game. “So, where’s our team?” Ashian started looking around for someone that had a shirt with a Moltres craved on it.

    “Yo” they all turned around. A girl was behind them, she looked around her thirteen’s, she had a long brown hair tied in a ponytail, she was wearing the shirt with the Moltres carved on it and a pair of black shorts, she also had sneakers with spikes on them.

    “Are you a member of Team Moltres?” Alexa asked after she walked over to look at the girl.

    “Yep, I’m Maria and I’m the captain of this bird’s feathers” she started laughing confidently which just made everyone else sweat drop.

    “What did she just said?” Ashian whispered into Alexa’s ear while Maria was still laughing like a hyena.

    “She means she’s the captain of the team, although I think she’s also the only member” Alexa whispered back and the two regained their attention on Maria and Henry.

    “Okay guys, then change up” Maria got a brown parcel from a desk nearby; it was full of uniforms just like hers. “Put then on, we’ll do introductions later okay” she said while the three kids were changing; although Alexa had to go to the porta potty to change, and Ashian was so nervous about changing in public that he just hid by the trees and changed over there.

    Alexa was stretching with Maria a few meters away from the soccer field, Ashian was looking over at the rules so that he wouldn’t suck so much once he started playing. “I don’t get this!” Ashian yelled as he threw the manual down showing that his eyes were spinning with confusion although it wasn’t very long till he fell down on Henry’s foot.

    “DUDE” Henry yelled patting his foot. “You don’t gotta fall over me you know, it hurts like freakin hell!” he yelled while blowing over his hurt foot.

    “Sorry, but this rules are so confusing I mean, you gotta pass it to the other person or Pokémon that’s close by, you gotta make sure not to lose the ball, then if you’re defense you have to defense the goal line and if you’re goalie you have to catch all of the balls that come at you or else the other team gets a goal; this rules are really hard” Ashian whined after sulking down into the floor like a little kid.

    “It isn’t that hard man, you just gotta go with the flow if you could remember all of that, then you’ll do fine now get up” Henry stretched out his hand and helped Ashian get up from the floor. Alexa and Maria walked over to them while they were finishing with their stretches.

    “Let’s go guys we got the first match” Maria got one of her own pokéballs out; which was actually her only pokéball. “Go Hitmonlee” she threw the pokéball down and a humanoid looking Pokémon appeared, it mostly had brown skin with a pair of long legs that had white rings around them, same thing for its arms. It didn’t have a nose but it did have eyes that could paralyze anyone with horror.

    “Hitmonlee ah?” Ashian got his Pokéde-X out and analyzed Hitmonlee’s data.

    “Hitmonlee the kicking Pokémon: this Pokémon are normally skilled on their legs which give them the ability to stretch them while they’re fighting, Hitmonlee normally live around places in which they can find strong Pokémon to fight with, when a Hitmonlee dies it is said that another Hitmonlee gets the technique the passed Hitmonlee used.” Ashian turned off the Pokéde-X and then looked over at Hitmonlee with confused eyes; almost like he had crossed eyes though.

    Ashian looked at the chalkboard with the tournament’s participants on it; his team was in the first game against Team Gallade. “Oh great, not am I just starting I’m not going to have a chance to see how to play, this is the best isn’t it” he said in a sarcastic tone while Shaking his head.

    “Oh quit whining, plus, actions say more than words remember” Alexa patted his back so that he could feel better. “Remember you just have to try your best and you’ll be okay” she said while smiling directly at his face.

    “She’s right Ashian, plus we’re all with you” Henry gave Ashian a thumb up.

    “I just met you guys, but guess I’m going to help you out too” Maria nodded her head while smiling confidently. “Now let’s go!” The four kids started heading into the soccer field after a few minutes of waiting for Ashian to gather himself up from the floor.

    “Okay everyone ready to start the game, on this side we got Team Moltres” the announcer pointed over at Ashian and the others; they were trying their best to look tough but with a nervous and confused Ashian it was really hard to do that. “And on this side we have Team Gallade” he pointed over at the other team. They had a lime green shirt with white short, the shirts had a red oval on the middle, and they were also wearing helmets that looked like a Gallade’s head.

    “Guess you guys are ready ah?” the one in the front got his pokéball out and after it opened a Blaziken came out and yelled loud up at the sky. Hitmonlee got in front of Maria, while Henry’s Nosepass cause of its slowness but heavy Defense was near the goal line as defense; Henry was on the other side as the second defense.

    Alexa had her Raichu with her, even though Raichu had short legs it was really fast, so since a Pokémon’s able to use its head as long as Raichu uses its head it will be okay; they were both Middle Fielders. Finally, Ashian, Charmeleon and Treecko were all Attackers together with Maria’s Hitmonlee. Maria walked right into the goal line and put on a pair of black gloves. “Okay guys, get ready cause this game’s going to be hard” she said after adjusting her gloves.

    As soon as the game started the leader of the Gallade and his Blaziken hit it off by stealing the ball from Ashian; who was right in front of it too. “Treecko, use Quick Attack and get the ball back!” Ashian yelled. Treecko started running at a great speed while letting out a flash of light. It got right in front of Blaziken but once it was about to take the ball away Blaziken passed it over to another one of the Gallade members. The girl that had the ball wore the same helmet but her long red hair was coming out of her helmet, she looked around fourteen considering how tight her shirt was.

    “I go it!” Alexa yelled while she started running over to the girl. She started stretching her leg out.

    “Ally block it!” the captain yelled after he saw Alexa preparing to get the ball back. Ally managed to see this as she spun around and dodged Alexa’s kick; then she kicked the ball and passed it over to one of their Machoke. She grinned at Alexa.

    “Get out of the field flatty” she giggled and ran off.

    “WHAT DID SHE CALL ME” Alexa yelled while her face got red with rage over what Ally said to her.

    “Hey Maria what does flatty mean?” Henry asked Maria who was right behind him guarding the goal line. Maria just let out a silly laugh.

    “Let’s just say it’s something you do not want to call a girl” she laughed again but then got a serious face. “Henry look out!” Machoke was about to crash with Henry but Nosepass got in front and created a green barrier of energy that blocked the hit; it also made the ball fly in the air.

    “I got it guys” Ashian started running to the spot the ball would fall on once it fell back to the floor. His eyes opened wide once he saw the captain jumping high into the air and doing a kick in the air, he hit the ball with the edge of the shoe and sent it flying to the goal line. Maria put her hands in front of her face and prepared to move to the place where the wall was aimed at. She jumped to the left but the ball bounced off the pole and thanks to that it bounced up over her head and went right into the goal line.

    “Gallade 1, Moltres 0!” the referee yelled after he saw what happened.

    “I’m sorry guys, I couldn’t focus, I never thought he’ll be able to do that” Ashian looked down at the floor. Henry walked up to him and patted his shoulder.

    “Don’t worry Ashian, at least you tried, but remember that you got two Pokémon try having Charmeleon use its fire to scare the team” Henry let Maria take over.

    “Tell you what, I’m sure Alexa can control your Pokémon, why don’t you just skip the game” she nodded her head and then she walked off with the two other Trainers and the six Pokémon back into the field.

    Ashian sighed and then he walked over to a bench nearby. He sat down and looked sadly at the field. “Lately, it seems all of the training I’ve been doing its toppling down on me” he sighed and leaned back on the bench; but not enough to fall off the bench.

    The game kept going pretty well, Raichu’s speed and its long tail managed to score them two goals. Thanks to Nosepass defense and Charmeleon’s (who change from Attacker to Defender) flames kept the member of the other team away. Thanks to Hitmonlee’s High Jump Kick attack they managed to school at least three more goals. And Treecko’s speed made it easier to steal the ball.

    Overall, the match ended with the Moltres having 5 goals and the Gallade 3. “That’s for calling me FLATTY” Alexa girl while she step on an exhausted Ally.

    “Well guess we managed to win after all” Henry laughed. The three started walking back to the bench were Ashian was sleeping on. “ASHIAN WAKE UP” Henry screamed; this made Ashian jump out of the bench and fall on the floor.

    “Did we won?” Ashian asked with an uninterested look.

    “Hell yeah, your Pokémon are really good at this Ashian” Maria said as she gave Ashian Charmeleon’s and Treecko’s pokéballs back. “If you don’t mind can we borrow them for the next round?” she asked.

    “Yeah sure” Ashian looked away from the three; he still felt sad that he was the only one not playing, and no matter how much he tried he still suck at this game. “I gotta get some air” he got up and started walking away.

    “But we’re outside” Henry shook his head, he was about to go over to Ashian but Alexa stopped him and shook her head in seriousness.

    “Okay, I’ll leave him alone” Henry nodded and the three of them walked back into the soccer field for their next game.

    Ashian kicked a tree with fury; he almost broke his foot thanks to this. “DAMN IT” he yelled and kicked the tree again. “I’m no good, ever since that battle I haven’t been able to do anything right” he put his head on the tree while trying to hold down some tears.

    Ashian looked down at his hand, the ring Lucas gave him was still shining down with the light from the sun, a light so strong it was able to blind his eyes with it. “Maybe I’m not really ready, I mean, I couldn’t beat Alexa and I can’t even play soccer, what the hell can I do then.”

    “Go Raichu use your Tail!” Alexa yelled. They were going against a Team called Shining Stars. Raichu was trying to get the ball from one of the other team’s Rhydon. It jumped up and used an Iron Tail on Rhydon’s head; the pains from the attack made the Rhydon leave the ball and gave Raichu the chance to hit it with its ball.

    Charmeleon saw this as his chance and kicked the ball with a Megakick. A boy that was playing for the Shining Stars; who wore a green shirt with a pair of purple shorts ran over at the Charmeleon. Charmeleon still kicked the ball and it flew past the kid, but it bounced off the floor.

    Alexa ran over to where the ball fell off and since she was free she kicked the ball high enough to pass the Goalie but not enough to hit the pole and she managed to score a goal. “Nice we made it” Alexa smiled and looked over at the score. They won the game 3-1.

    “Yeah, I think this time we did it a little better” Henry walked over to one of the desks and grabbed a bottle of water to drink. “Although the game really leaves you exhausted when you think about it” he said while throwing some water on his face.

    “Yeah, but don’t worry guys, we’re just two more rounds away from winning that price” Maria said while clenching her fist in confidence. “Hey where’s Ashian by the way?”

    “Here I am” Ashian waved from afar, he had just gotten back from the forest. “I was just cruising around, you know the usual” he shrugged and walked over to them. “Congrats on making it to the semifinals by the way” he said.

    “Thanks, um…sorry for just benching you out there Ashian, we just” Maria started talking but Ashian stopped her.

    “I know, you wanted to win, I can’t stop you from doing that guys, plus you’re all really good, I wouldn’t want to affect your game” he said while nodding his head and giving a fake smile.

    Apparently Henry saw this and he pulled Ashian over to him. “Listen, if you wanna play just say so, remember I decided to come here so that you could do something different” Henry whispered in his ear.

    “It’s okay, plus you need to have some fun too remember” Ashian said after he walked back to the bench. I’ll stay here and watch the game okay” he smiled and then sat down.

    Alexa and Henry both looked at him but in the end they walked over to Maria and started making strategies for the semifinals.

    “AH” Henry slid down the muddy floor and took the ball away from one of the Chimchar Team members. It was raining so the field was slippery, this caused more players to lose the ball easily and since it was raining Henry, Maria and Alexa had to return Charmeleon.

    “Henry, remember to control your balance, with this heavy rain it’ll be easier to slip off, Alexa move up to Attack position we need to replace Charmeleon’s place!” Maria yelled as she caught the ball that one of the other team’s Alakazam kicked. She ran out of the goal line and threw the ball over at Henry; Henry bounced it on his chest and then after it touched his feet he started running.

    Three members of the Chimchar surrounded him and Henry had to do a spin so he could block them and pass the ball to Treecko. Treecko took its chance to get the ball and thanks to its great speed it used Quick Attack and kicked the ball. The Chimchar’s Flygon used its fan tail to hit the ball and it reflected it to Alakazam; who use Reflect to bounce the ball and pass it to a girl from the Chimchar Team. She had a long black hair and had a sticker of a green star on her forehead. She kicked but it was so fast Maria couldn’t catch it.

    The game held on, in the second part it wasn’t so good either. The Chimchar may have the name of a Fire Pokémon, but they’re pretty good on the water, Star who was the girl that had scored the goal earlier was apparently the captain and her skills were really good. Alexa managed to get the ball, her Raichu took so much water in the entire electricity hit it back and electrified it.

    Alexa kept running ignoring every attack that was thrown at her and ignoring every player that tried to take the ball away. “I’m not going to let you score another goal!” she yelled and kicked the ball. The Chimchar’s goalie caught the ball and threw it back on the field. Star started running while Alexa ran toward her so that she could get the ball back. She stretched her leg but Star dodged her; and cause of the slippery floor Alexa slipped and fell on the floor, she let mud fly out from the floor once she hit it.

    “Lex, are you okay?” Henry ran over to her and looked at her ankle as panic started crossing his face. “You’re ankle” he had a scared look on his face.

    “What about it?” Alexa winced in pain with the pain of her ankle.

    “It’s almost twisted, I mean look” Henry pointed at her right ankle; it was almost facing the other way; half way actually.

    Alexa stared at her ankle as the nurses came over to the field and took her to the nursery. “Hey I saw it!” Ashian yelled from the bench; he was talking to the referee. “That girl Star, when she dodged Alexa she put her left foot in front, I don’t know all the rules but I know that’s a yellow card.

    “Guess your right” the referee whistled and held a yellow card up and pointed over at Star. All of the Chimchar Team grunted after hearing what Ashian said. Ashian walked back to the bench and put on his Moltres shirt and walked into the field.

    “What are you doing?” Henry asked after he saw Ashian getting into the field.

    “I’m Alexa’s replacement, and no matter if I’m no good, I’ll still play” Ashian smiled while clenching his fist in confidence. Ashian grabbed the ball and went over to a corner of the field he threw it over at Henry; who caught it with his foot and then started running.

    Star started running toward him this time, Henry tried to block her. “It isn’t going to work rookie” Star grinned and kicked the ball off of Henry’s feet passing it to another member of the Chimchar Team. Then he passed it to Star and she jumped and flipped in the air as she faced down, the ball high in front of her foot and she kicked the ball straight at the goal line. Ashian ran over to defense and after considering over and over…he put his face in front of the ball and took the shot.

    Maria stared at him in awe. “Why did you do that?” she asked with a confused look.

    “Easy” Ashian grinned as he wiped the blood off his mouth. “I’m not going to let them score one more goal, we’re already losing by two points. Now move it Henry!” Ashian yelled.

    Even with all they did they kept losing the ball; but luckily Ashian kept taking the shots thanks to his speed and he needed to fill in for Nosepass since the Rock Pokémon was returned, and with both Center Fielders gone they only had a Goalie one Defense, and two Attackers.

    “AH” Ashian yelled after he got hit in the chest and got pushed to the floor, he got up; ignoring all the bruises on his body. “Is that all you got, I’ve gotten hit with cotton candy harder than that” Ashian chuckled.

    Ashian noticed the ball was right next to him. “You ready Ashian?” Henry asked while Ashian nodded, he got the ball and started running at full speed. More players from the Chimchar came over to them their Pokémon staying close behind. But Ashian and Henry were passing the ball to each other so fast it lifted the water that was on the grass, thanks to this it covered the other team’s eyes.

    Star kept sliding but Ashian’s and Henry’s ghost moves kept getting her out. Finally they were right in front of the Defense. “Defense does something!” Star yelled. Henry dodged one of the Defenses and passed the ball to Ashian. One Defense slid down to try to get the ball; but Ashian put his leg in front to scare the kid after that he caught the ball on his leg and lifted his leg up and let the kid slide down on the field and sent him crashing with Star.

    “Now, Scissor Shot!” Ashian yelled and kicked the ball up, then he hit it with both of his feet and as soon as he hit the ball and pushed it over to the goal line he opened his legs wide to resemble a scissor. The ball flew straight into the arch and bounced off the net, the Chimchar’s Goalie didn’t even have a chance to get it.

    The referee blew his whistle. “FINAL SCORE CHIMCHAR’S 6, MOLTRES 5” he yelled as Ashian threw himself on the floor; Henry following him a few seconds after.

    “We lost” Ashian closed his eyes and sighed and felt the light of the now rising sun shining over his face while the water that was left on the grass kept his body wet. “I’m sorry”

    “Don’t worry, that was one great Scissor Shot” Maria said after she walked over to him. “Nice game, and let’s face it, if you wouldn’t have been in we probably would’ve lost by more anyway” she stretched her hand and helped Ashian up.

    “Thanks Maria, you’re a great team member” they shook hands and after a few seconds Henry broke them up.

    “Sorry to interrupt but we got a girl with her ankle almost twisted waiting for us” Henry looked at Ashian and they laughed before walking out of the field over to Alexa.

    “He keeps growing doesn’t he?” a silhouetted figured was over looking Ashian and his friends over the hill.

    “Yeah, and so does his power” Shadow said, he was right next to the other figure. “So are you going to tell him or not?”

    “Not yet, he’s still not ready, for the moment you watch him, besides Klaid, you’re my right hand in this Shadow” the silhouette looked down again before disappearing together with Shadow.

    Ashian, Henry and Alexa were saying their goodbyes to Maria after the tournament was over, Alexa was wearing a cast on her ankle and she had a wheel chair. “Thanks, it was really fun Maria” Henry said while smiling at her; Alexa was too embarrass to say it and Ashian just didn’t wanted to say it after almost not doing anything.

    “Thanks Henry and thank you too Ashian and Alexa, all three of you helped me and I want to give you this” she took out an incubator from her backpack. “This incubator contains an egg with a special Pokémon in it, it’ll need the care of three people to be born, and I’m sure you’ll guys will get it” she smiled.

    Ashian walked up and took the incubator. “Thanks” he nodded his head. “Okay team, move out!” Ashian yelled as he threw his fist in the air, all three of them started walking off the road; except for Alexa who had to be pulled by Ashian.

    And so after so many strong difficulties, Ashian and his friends met a new friend called Maria who let them play with her in a Soccer team, Ashian not wanting to do it refused but after seeing the true side of the sport he was the one that saved the team from a big embarrassment; even if they still lost the game in the end.


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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beginning (Now On Season 2) (Rated PG to PG-14)

    That's an amusing chapter.

    Greed and Envy - 2 of the 7 Cardinal Sins.

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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beginning (Now On Season 2) (Rated PG to PG-14)

    I like sideplots...
    Soccer, with pokemon. Nice idea there...
    Your chapter names make me wonder, "what in the world is about to happen!?"


    Back on topic, that could be considered filler, but the group got an egg, so I would say otherwise.
    My guess for the contained pokemon is...


    Something. I can't come up with an idea.
    Wait, yes... IT'S A GIRATINA!!!!!

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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beginning (Now On Season 2) (Rated PG to PG-14)

    You'll have to wait and see, the chapter was originally going to be a filler, but then I thought "oh what the heck miht as well add somethig they can do for the rest of the arc" so there it is the Pokémon egg, although it'll be weird if it was a Giratina, but nice guess.

    Also congrats Objectionist, you just got the hundreth post

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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beginning (Now On Season 2) (Rated PG to PG-14)

    Wow soccer that is awesome hope the next chapter rocks too

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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beginning (Now On Season 2) (Rated PG to PG-14)


    “I’m bore!” Ashian protested the road to Lavender Town was longer than they thought, and they had to take Henry’s horrible road jokes. “Henry’s jokes suck, I have to pull Alexa around all the time” Ashian looked down, Alexa was still on her wheel chair and Ashian lost a bet with Henry to see who was gonna push her around…Ashian lost.

    The forest seemed like a nice place the sun could be seen coming through the leafs, the road reflected the sun light as all kinds of Pokémon gathered to say good day to each other and see what kind of travelers were getting near.

    “Oh stop complaining Ashian” Alexa crossed her and inflated her cheeks looking up ahead. “At least you can walk freely I have to be push around and I have limits now, you know how much I hate that” the eleventh year old kept protesting for about a good fifteen minutes; almost giving Ashian the temptation to let her roll down the road till she crashed with a tree.

    Or fell down a cliff…

    “Anyways, I have to practice for my next gym battles, I still don’t know what type of Pokémon the gym leader uses” Ashian crossed his arms and looked up. “Plus…I’M SO FREAKIN HUNGRY” he yelled into the sky, his echo could actually be heard into the sky.

    “Come on Ashian, calm down, I’m sure there’s some place we can rest nearby” Henry got his green Pokécell out and put on the map feature. “Good thing we bought this when we were in Vermilion you lost yours in Viridian right?” Henry asked him.

    “Yeah, after meeting with Lucas it fell off when I was in the mall, I haven’t seen it since…that sucks” Ashian sighed and looked down in disappointment.

    “Well, there’s a restaurant nearby, I’m sure we can rest over there and then we can keep going” Henry smiled and started pushing Alexa. “You can take a break Ashian I’ll push her over there” he said as the three of them started walking”

    They got out of the lush forest and saw the road ahead a fork was separating the two sides of the route, once side to the right probably took to Lavender or somewhere else, the dirt in the route was scattered all around so you could see that a lot of people passed through that one. The one on the right had less dirt scattered but the grass was longer, and you could see the mountains; and the rain that was falling down far away.

    In the middle of the fork there was a small restaurant it was a brown house with a big pink roof, the roof had white lines around the sides. Clear transparent windows were on the wooden walls; the porch had some stairs on it that took to the white door a diamond door knob that could actually blind Ashian’s eyes with the sun light.

    “Cool a restaurant” Ashian said running up ahead. He got in looking around. There were seats all around; it wasn’t wooden seat but one booth with the space to hold three people on both sides of the desk. There was a counter on the middle of the stone, right in front of the entrance. A lady was there waiting for customers, she had a tall curly red hair, she looked around her forties she wore a maid’s outfit with a pair of round glasses; she wore a pair of black slippers.

    “It looks kinda empty” Henry said looking around for a living soul besides theirs and the waitress’s. Ashian didn’t listened; because well he was already seating on one of the counter chairs.

    “Can I have a burger and a slice of apple pie piece?” Ashian asked pointing at the respective food. After a few minutes the lady came back and Ashian started munching down the burger.

    “Ashian” Henry tapped his back, Ashian turned around his cheeks were inflated cause of all the food he had in and his face was dirty with meat and tomato sauce. “Could you at least use a napkin for god’s sakes!!?” Henry screamed throwing the napkins at Ashian.

    “Guys, I’m still here” Alexa sighed raising her hand in desperation for someone to open the door for her; since Henry ran in to get Ashian out of the restaurant he hadn’t pushed Alexa in.

    Henry grunted and ran over to the entrance helping Alexa in.

    “Wow” Ashian was cleaning his teeth with a toothpick. “That was some good food wasn’t it” he started laughing looking at Henry and Alexa. The two were still eating their large pizza which Ashian considered a little weird. “A large pizza for the two of you” he said with a rather bothered look.

    “It’s not what you think…you see we both wanted the same thing, but we aren’t that hungry so we ordered one large so that we both can eat one half” Henry said alarmed just in case Ashian would do something.

    “Yeah Ashian cool it” Alexa said finishing the bottle of water she was drinking.

    A couple of guys started walking towards them. One of them was a chubby man wearing an orange short sleeve shirt, he had fat arms and legs which could be seen cause of its shorts, and he wore a pair of red sneakers and glasses on top of his head.

    The second man was skinny and scrawny, he had a spiky hair with goggles over his head, he was wearing a blue short sleeve shirt with a pair of long pants with black shoes, and he also had a headband on his forehead.

    “Excuse me are you her?” the chubby man pushed Ashian and Henry aside and sat next to Alexa he held a picture up; it was a picture of her taken from the S.S. Anne Two Tournament.

    “Um…well that is my picture, but who are you?” Alexa asked looking at the picture with a confused look.

    “My name’s Robert and this is Almelo, and we’re here cause well, we were travelling but you know meeting you here we saw the tournament, we thought you were great and you’re well…cute” Robert stopped and laughed.

    “Really, wow I got admirers” Alexa laughed while scratching the back of her head. Ashian got up from the floor pushing Almelo to one of the booths.

    “Hey I was in the tournament too, won second place” he pointed at himself while smiling confidently.

    “Oh right” Almelo said as he gave him a camera and stood on Alexa’ left side while Robert was on the bright side. “Can you take a picture?” he asked; Ashian frowned but he took the picture anyways.

    “You wanna take my picture?” he asked them as he started posing.

    “Nope” Robert said leaving a shattered Ashian on the floor. “I’m so proud to meet you, you’re famous in Lavender tow everyone’s talking about you such a great trainer” Robert said while grabbing Alexa’s hand.

    “Wow thanks, I guess, but how can I be so famous it’s just one tournament?’ Alexa asked him.

    “Yeah but it has already gotten you scouts behind you, people are talking all around the world about sponsoring you, that’s where Almelo and I come in, we got our own advertisement company and we want to see if you could come with us and see our company, please?” he kneeled down begging on the floor.

    “I guess I could check it out” Alexa said looking sideways.

    “Wow cool Alexa that must be lucky” Henry said getting up from the ground. “Getting so many people trying to sponsor you” Henry said.

    “Hey you’re that rookie that almost defeated that kid Bryan in the tournament” Almelo said smiling at Henry. “We want to sponsor you too, you got such great qualities and we can see that you would become a great Trainer”

    Henry nodded as he accepted to go too. Ashian was on the corner. “WHAT ABOUT ME I WON SECOND PLACE HENRY DIDN’T EVEN MADE THE SEMIFINALS” he yelled trying to get everyone’s attention.

    “Oh right, the kid that couldn’t even come up with the right strategy” Robert said narrowing his eyes at Ashian. “Anyone could’ve known that a Raichu can absorb electricity in other words Alexa’s Raichu absorbed your Pikachu’s energy, that’s how you lost” Robert nodded his head.

    “I still won second doesn’t that count for anything?” Ashian asked.

    “No if you’re talking sponsoring, you don’t have any ability or strategy to follow, you’re just sheer luck and strength” Almelo frowned. “That’s something we can sponsor but we’ll lose money if you started losing battles, which you probably will with that strategy of yours” Almelo turned around.

    By this time Ashian was pissed enough as to just leave the restaurant and started walking towards Lavender by himself.

    Ashian was walking down the streets of Lavender, cursing at everything in sight, every store, every glass and every mirror reflected his anger back; this is what made it impossible to calm down.

    Robert and Almelo were right both Alexa and Henry were subjects of many conversations in Lavender, he even saw a couple of kids hoping to catch a Mareep just like Henry’s or a Luxio just like Alexa. “DAMN” he punched one of the walls.

    “Every time” he said in a slow but angry tone. “Every freakin time I try to do something I fail”

    He let himself fall down to the floor as he looked up. “It seems like every time I get closer I’m actually getting farther, I mean I do everything and Henry and Alexa are the ones that end up getting famous, what the hell’s with that” Ashian clenched his fist.

    Ashian looked down at his pokéball; they were shaking all around which meant his Pokémon wanted to come out. “Okay guys, calm down” Ashian grabbed all of his pokéballs and all of his Pokémon came out. Gligar and Whismur started talking once they came out while Ralts and Treecko glared at each other like they normally do; remembering that Treecko was the one that helped Ashian captured Ralts they had some kind of a rivalry, and Pikachu and Charmeleon were trying to keep the other Pokémon focused on the point.

    “Pika pi pika pi” (we want to talk to you about your problem) Pikachu said stepping up in front of everyone. “Pikachu pi Pikachu” (you should try to forget about the tournament and focused on your real goal).

    “Meleon Charmeleon char” (Pikachu’s right, maybe the reason why nothing you do works is cause you’re so worry about it working) Charmeleon said with its arms crossed while looking at Ashian with a serious look; which was almost a glare.

    “Gligar glig gar glig Gligar” (I may have treated you badly before, but I could see you were strong willed, but now, look at you you’re falling apart for one little thing that doesn’t even mater) Gligar took its place next to Charmeleon as the other three Pokémon were preparing to say their part in the conversation; while Ashian was concentrating on grasping everything they said.

    “Whis…mur Whismur mur whis” (We may not know each other well but, I like how you train us, and your confident…I don’t want to see you sad anymore) Whismur said with a low and resentful tone as if it was afraid of Ashian responding to it after he hadn’t responded to the other three.

    “Ral Ralts ral Ralts” (They’re right, you should just focus on your original goal instead of focusing on being famous so fast, you should train and practice more) Ralts nodded its head while looking seriously at Ashian just like Charmeleon was doing. Treecko just shrugged.

    “Tree Treecko tree cko” (We can’t tell you what to do, but if it comes to my opinion take a break, find yourself and your motives before you start worrying about fame) and that was probably the best thing any of his Pokémon said. Take a break to think it over, should Ashian just calm down instead of moving so fast on his carrier as a Trainer.

    “Thanks guys, that really means something, tell you what before we go back with Henry and Alexa let’s spend some time here, we haven’t been alone in a long time” Ashian smiled while all of his Pokémon cheered for him. Ashian smiled again as he and his six companions started walking again.

    Henry and Alexa were waiting in a building in Lavender. It looked like a big glass building, those for big companies that you can normally see in cities; it was probably the biggest building in town if you could see the rest. Turns out Robert and Almelo were really the chiefs of the building and owners.

    Well the two were in a business meeting with other members of their company while Henry and Alexa were waiting outside. The waiting room was pretty simple everything was aqua blue and around five chairs next to the wall. A big counter desk in the middle with one plant in each corner of the room.

    “You think we should’ve gone after Ashian” Henry said after a long wait; he really didn’t want to bring the matter in front of Alexa but he just couldn’t stand the feeling of leaving his best friend out of it.

    “Hey, if he wants to act like a five year old then let him, he should be happy for use instead of focusing so much on himself” Alexa frowned and looked away. “Maybe that’ll teach him to battle for getting better instead of fame.”

    “Guess you’re right, but he has done a lot, I mean we should at least recommend him” Henry looked down at the floor; it was hard stating one’s opinions with braveness.

    “AND THEN WHAT let him get famous, let that fame go to his head and then he injures himself and it’s all over and then what he got everything the easy way and then lost it, instead of getting it his own way” Alexa tried to get up but since her ankle was still injured she just plummeted back down to the wheelchair.

    “Hey Henry, Alexa come in” Robert said as he motioned the two of them to get into the meeting room. Henry and Alexa exchange glances and then Henry pushed Alexa into the meeting room.

    Henry and Alexa looked around and the two gasped. It wasn’t a room full of business people, it was a room full of Team Dark grunts wearing their usual black robes and hood making their bodies seem like actual shadows. “What’s this suppose to mean!?” Alexa demanded glancing at every member of Team Dark that was around.

    “Nothing really” Robert laughed manically as he walked over to Alexa. “We’re just having a small chat” he said grabbing her chin.

    “Don’t you dare touch her?” Henry yelled as he ran over but some of the grunts punched him on the gut making him kneel on the floor.

    “Now stay there kid, the boss will talk with you eventually” the grunt chuckled, that’s when Henry noticed it was Almelo.

    “You guys, you were part of Team Dark all along” Henry grunted as he got up again. He grabbed his pokéball. “Go Nosepass use Rock Slide” Henry threw Nosepass out and the Pokémon immediately sent a barrage of rocks flying at the grunts. He ran over to Alexa but then felt his body being frozen in place. “Thun…der…wave” Henry said slowly as he just let his body be paralyzed by the attack that Robert’s Electabuzz used.

    “What do you want with us Robert” Alexa said glaring at him while still keeping her hands on the wheel chair. Roberts started chuckling as he passed his hand around the desk.

    “You see, I know you guys and Ashian travel everywhere together like the three musketeers” Robert chuckled evilly. “Anyway here’s our plan, you guys tell Ashian to come here, he’ll be so happy that we’re considering him, we’ll trap him, then we’ll take him to HQ and you guys can go free” Robert got closer to Alexa grinning evilly.

    “You gotta be joking; we will never do that to Ashian!” Alexa protested.

    “Or will you” then Robert pressed a button on his desk, then the wall opened up and an Alakazam came out staring at Alexa. Alakazam jumped onto the desk as it glared at Alexa. “You see, Alakazam can use one of the newest psychic attacks” Robert laughed. “Alakazam use Mind Control”

    “Mind Control” Alexa said as her eyes focused on Alakazam as she became lifeless. She let her head fall back.

    “Mind Control has the ability to control the mind of both people and Pokémon for a time limit of two hours, it takes a toll on the user with each three minutes, but I’ll figure Ashian will be in our hands when we’re done” Robert laughed raising Alexa’s head. “Now sweetie call Ashian on your Pokécell and tell him to come here, we got a deal?”

    “Yes” Alexa said while keeping her mouth open and face lifeless.

    “Yes master” Robert restated.

    “Yes master” Alexa repeated as she got her Pokécell out from her pocket.

    Back on Lavender Town Ashian and his Pokémon were having a battle against a Trainer named Laura. She was wearing a pink skirt with a white shirt; she had a curly brown hair and a pair of purple sandals. She had a butterfly clip on the left side of her hair.

    “Go Ledyba use your Silver Wind” Laura ordered as her Ledyba dove down and fired a barrage of glowing wind that started to blow away Ashian’s Ralts.

    “Ralts use your Shadow Ball attack then use Psychic” Ralts concentrated as it fired a ball made out of dark energy at Ledyba’s Silver Wind. The Shadow Ball passed through the wind but the Ledyba flew over it. Ralts caught this immediately and used its Psychic power to change the course of the ball and sent it crashing into Ledyba.

    “Ledyba are you okay” Laura ran over to Ledyba and returned it into its pokéball. “Wow, you’re a really good Trainer” she said smiling at Ashian.

    “Thanks, I’ve been training a lot” Ashian nodded and turned around. His or probably Henry’s Pokécell considering that he had stole it when he ran off, just in case he actually wanted to go back. “Alexa’s calling me, why telling me about her sponsors and all” Ashian sighed remembering what he promised. “Okay I’ll answer”

    “Ashian, hello” Alexa said her voice was still lifeless although it was a little bit more understandable now.

    “Yeah Lex, what’s up?” Ashian asked looking over at the big building about two miles ahead of him.

    “Can you come to the Sponsoring United Building, the big building in the middle of the city you can’t miss it, talk to the secretary and she’ll let you in” Alexa said. “Just come” she hung up.

    “That was…weird, but okay” Ashian shrugged and started running towards the building after he returned his Pokémon.

    Ashian walked into the building as he went up the elevator to the waiting room. “Hey excuse me, I got a call saying” the secretary interrupted him.

    “I know, mister Ashian Trainer, you may pass into the meeting room” the lady pressed a button on the desk and the doors opened up.

    Ashian walked into the meeting room; it was dark, and it seemed like there wasn’t a living soul in sight. “Hello” Ashian walked in and the doors shut behind him. Then a light fell on the other side Robert was standing there chuckling with a hypnotized Alexa next to him.

    “Oh Ashian, how nice to see you” Robert said with an evil grin. “You know, your friend Alexa is good at cooperation, she could make a good Admin, once we learn how to make her obey” Robert grabbed her chin and smiled.

    “You asshole!” Ashian started running as the ring in his index finger started glowing blue. The light went down to his fist as he launched his fist down. Robert pushed Alexa out and jumped out of the way, letting Ashian hit the floor which practically made a hole once the fist collided with it.

    “So that’s the power of the great Attacking Aura, you’re certainly what Master Ray wants” Robert then let his Alakazam out. “Now go and use Mind Control” Alakazam’s eyes started glowing.

    “I don’t think so, go Whismur use Sound Punch” Ashian let Whismur out while covering his face with his right hand. Whismur came out and jumped, its fist got surrounded by sound energy as it punched the floor in front of Alakazam sending a barrage of tiles crashing with the Pokémon’s face. “Now Double Edge” Whismur crashed against Alakazam pushing it to the wall. “Now return and go” Ashian returned Whismur and started running.

    “I don’t think so Ashian” Robert pressed another button on the desk sending an alarmed all around the building.

    Ashian kept running down, but there were grunts guarding the stairs and elevators. “Go Pikachu, Treecko” Ashian let his Pokémon out. “Go use Thunder and Solar Beam!” he ordered.

    “Pika pi pika” (Okay let’s help Ashian up) Pikachu said as it fired a Thunderbolt taking out the Dark grunts. Then Treecko jumped up and fired a beam of white light that made the elevator burst sending the other grunts flying.

    “Okay let’s go” Ashian started running down. *Don’t worry, Henry, Alexa I’ll save you guys* he thought as he got down with all his might get ready for the worse.

    “You can run, but you can’t hide” Robert laughed evilly, he was in a camera room and he could see that Ashian was running down on the stairs. “You’re going right into our trap Ashian Trainer, a trap that will destroy your luck, but can you fight against your worse enemy” he started laughing maniacally.

    After falling trapped by a Team Dark Admin Alexa was controlled by Alakazam while Henry was paralyzed. Even though Ashian has recovered his battling inspiration can he defeat Robert and his grunts and save Alexa from a permanent brain wash…and who exactly is Ashian’s worse enemy.



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    Oh, so THIS is why you asked me about the MC shtick.

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