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Thread: Pokemon New Generation: New Beginnings (Finished)

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    I know look back at the previous chapter I edited while I was writing this one, you see I based Alexa off af a friend of mine and she's blonde so I had to change it.

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    The BIG mistake.
    Um, use correct grammar and TOO much dialogue. The sentences look rushed. But I know you're just a starter and I think you might improve in the future. Or even better.....
    I hope she made us lots of spaghetti!
    -Luigi from Hotel Mario

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    Three days ago Ashian and Henry got rescued by this girl called Alexa; Alexa took them to the hospital and helped Ashian get better. After recovering from his comma, Ashian bought a new Pokedex and found himself some new surprises; when he was on the Pokemart it got attack by some weird woman with an Infernape, Ashian managed to escape with the clerk and then stayed at the Pokemon Center with Alexa.

    Ashian and Alexa were in the middle of the forest battling with a Ralts; Ashian still needed two more Pokemon for his team so he decided to go Pokemon hunting. Ashian got a Pokeball out, he was wearing new clothe. He still had the red and white hat, but now he was wearing a red vest with a blue undershirt, he had blue jeans and was wearing red sneakers.

    “Go Treecko, teach it a lesson” Ashian threw Treecko’s Pokeball and the small lizard came out. The Ralts starred at Treecko with anger; Treecko did the same. “Okay Treecko, go for a quickattack” Treecko started dashing at Ralts with a great speed; it then hit it with its right fist and managed to push him down. The Ralts just got up.

    “Bulletseed” Treecko started firing some yellow bullets; but Ralt’s red horn started to shine with a blue light, it reverted the seeds and they flew back at Treecko. Treecko managed to dodge it though. Ashian got a big grin on his face. “Wow, I gotta capture that Ralts, okay Treecko use pound” Treecko jumped up and its tail started to glow in a white color. Ralts disappeared in mid air and Treecko fell on the ground.

    The Ralts appeared behind Treecko and hit it with its big glowing thunder. Treecko got electrocuted and it started getting burn up. Ashian turned his Pokede-X up and put on the Attack Dex.

    “Chargebeam, an electric attack that can increase the Pokemon’s attack” he turned the Pokede-X off and then looked at the strategy section. “Okay, I got it, Treecko go and use irontail” Treecko swoop up and its tail started glowing in an iron white color; it finally managed to land a hit on Ralts and sent it crashing onto a tree. The Ralts got up afterwards and it fired a huge black glowing ball from its arms. “A shadowball, Treecko bulletseed” Treecko breathed some air in and then fired another barrage of glowing seeds. Both attacks crashed with each other and they exploded.

    Treecko came out of the smoke; he was holding his arm in pain. “Treecko, don’t worry I can return you if you want” Ashian said holding his Pokeball in front of Treecko. Treecko shook his head and turned to look at Ralts. The Ralts teleported closer to Treecko and then hit it with a psychic. Treecko got sent flying back to Ashian.

    Treecko got up again and started running at Ralts. “Let’s hit it with all we got, go and use closecombat” Treecko jumped up and its fists started glowing blue, then he dove down on the Ralts; even though Ralts tried to fire another psychic attack, but Treecko hit it directly and sent it crashing to one of the trees.

    “Now Ashian, I think its weak enough!” Alexa yelled getting up from the tree trunk she was sitting on. Ashian stared back at her and nodded.

    “Go Pokeball” Ashian threw one of his empty Pokeballs and it absorbed the Ralts, it started tilting, then after three times it pinged. “Yeah, I got a Ralts, and I only need one more Pokemon to have a full team” he said holding the Pokeball up.

    “Yep, now I only need to catch my own Pokemon” Alexa started scratching her head and then looked around for more Pokemon. “But we should probably head back to Orange city now” then she started walking.

    “Right, let’s go” Ashian started following her. They finally got back to Orange city after a few minutes. “Hey, where did you said the gym was?” he asked looking for any buildings that made have the word Gym on them.

    “Oh, the gym is a few streets far from here” she said pointing at the East. “But you go, I wanna go and train my Pokemon on the Pokemon Center” she walked away from Ashian.

    Ashian kept walking East from the city so that he could find the gym. He came across a huge orange building; it looked kinda like a small castle, there were two towers that watched over the gym, and the main building was made of metal. “That must be the gym, we should hurry inside” Ashian started to walk into the gym.

    Ashian walked inside, the gym was obviously different. It had a big hallway with two extra halls by both sides, the carpet was red and the walls were colored in a clear purple. Ashian walked to the middle of the hall and read the sign on both doors. The one on the left said PC, and the one of the right said Battle Field; Ashian knew that PC stood for Pokemon Center, so he went that way.

    Ashian saw the nurse Joy that was waiting on the counter. She was wearing an orange uniform and was wearing a small orange helmet.

    “May I heal your Pokemon?” she asked bowing. Ashian nodded and gave her his Pokeball belt.

    “So what kind of Pokemon does this gymleader uses?” Ashian asked getting back the tray with his Pokemon.

    “He doesn’t have a specific type, he has a special machine that chooses the Pokemon at random” she smiled at him and then told him that the gymleader will be with him soon; Ashian just nodded and walked into the other hall.

    Ashian walked into the Battle Field and he could see the gymleader standing there waiting for him. He had blonde hair, his hair was combed back and his eyes were blue. He was wearing an orange armor that shone with the lights from the roof. “Hey my name’s Ashian Trainer, and I came to have a gymbattle with you” he said walking to the stands and putting on a blue armor; this was obviously the gymsuit.

    “It’s good to meet you challenger, my name’s Taylor you may walk into the machine nearby” he talked in an educated mode, like if he was a real knight. Ashian stared at the big green machine that had a transparent sphere in the middle; it looked like those balls they use in the lottery so that they can draw the numbers.

    “So what do I do with this?” he asked looking at the strange machine.

    “You put three Pokeballs in the compartment, then it draws out one of the three at random” he walked up to his own machine and put three of his six Pokeballs in it. “You press the lever” he pulled down a lever nearby. Then the machine’s sphere started spinning around and after a few seconds it drew one of the Pokeball. “Your turn” he said.

    Ashian walked up to his machine after putting his blue armor. *Okay, so I don’t know what Pokemon he may have, so I’ll just go with the better strategy I can come up with* he looked back at the leader. *Treecko already had his share of battles again Forest and Moana, Pikachu has only been in one battle, so he’ll be my first choice* he put Pikachu’s Pokeball in the machine.

    *Okay, for my second Pokemon, Charmander has been on both battles, but I think that he might have at least one Pokemon that is weak against fire, so here we go* he put Charmander’s Pokeball in the machine too. *Now, the third one, Gligar might work, but it still doesn’t obeys me so guess my new acquire Ralts will work* and for his last Pokemon he put Ralts Pokeball on the machine. The sphere spun again and it drew out one of Ashian’s Pokeball; Ashian grabbed the Pokeball and walked to his side of the field.

    “Okay, we’ll have a three round battle, the winner gets the badge” he said walking up to his side. Ashian got his Pokeball out. “Go Pokemon’ the leader threw his Pokeball into the field and a Slaking came out.

    Ashian threw his own Pokeball and Charmander came out. “Go use ember” Charmander breathed in and then it fired a barrage of fire bullets at Slaking.

    “Slaking, jump it and then use a focupunch” Slaking jumped out of the way and then its fist started to glow in a bluish white color; it started to fall down and its fist was aiming at Charmander.

    “Charmander try to dodge it and then counter with a furyswipes” Charmander’s claws were already glowing white. Unfortunately Slaking ricocheted off the floor and managed to hit Charmander straight on; the hit sent it flying right back at Ashian. “Wow that Slaking’s really agile” he said staring at the hurt Charmander.

    “Yeah, that’s years of training my friend’ then he turned back to Slaking. “Now go and hit it with an icepunch” Slaking’s fist glowed in an icy blue light and it started running at Charmander.

    “Try to dodge!” Ashian yelled; but it didn’t work. Charmander got hit by the icepunch and its chest got frozen by the icepunch. Charmander was struggling to get up, but the heavy ice was making its body fall back down. “Come on Charmander, you gotta win” Ashian got his Pokede-X out and looked at Charmander’s attacks.

    *His attacks are: flamethrower, ember, dragonrage, dig, furyswipes, slash, megakick, and rage* Ashian turned the device off.

    “If you’re not gonna attack then I’ll do it, go Slaking use hyperbeam” Slaking started charging an orange ball of energy in its mouth and then it fired a huge beam of energy that covered the whole field.

    “Charmander, take the hit” Ashian said with a confident smile. Charmander didn’t argued it knew why Ashian told him to do that. The hyperbeam sent Charmander crashing into the wall but it managed to get up.

    “Now Charmander, use rage!” Ashian yelled at the now red glowing Charmander. Charmander glowed with great intensity and then it ran at Slaking; the gorilla tried to dodge it but it ended up getting slashed down by Charmander’s claws multiple times, the more Charmander hit it the weaker it got.

    “Slaking megapunch” Slaking’s fist glowed white and it hit Charmander on its jaw; but it just made the power of rage stronger. Charmander kept slashing; Slaking was already letting out blood from its body and after a few more slashes it finally fell down. “Return Slaking, you did a good job’ He said returning Slaking

    Ashian smiled at Charmander; the little lizard smiled back and then turned to look at slaking. “Good job Charmander, now let’s see how you do with the second one” he said grabbing Charmander’s Pokeball just in case it got knocked out.

    “Go Scyther” Taylor let out his second Pokemon, it looked like an overgrown mantis, it had to scythes on its arms, it had small wings and a reptile like head, it had short animal legs and an armor like torso. “Now go for a slash.”

    Scyther jumped up and it raised its left scythe; after a few seconds it let the scythe down at Charmander; Charmander got a huge cut on its chest. “Charmander, use a flamethrower” Charmander leapt up and it fired a jet of flames at Scyther. The flamethrower was about to hit but Scyther blocked it with its right scythe. “Damn it, that Scyther’s really strong” he said clenching his teeth.

    “Scyther, use furycutter” Taylor ordered throwing his hand in the air in a fancy matter. Scyther flew at Charmander with its small wings and its scythes glowed in a deep green color.

    The scythes started to slash down on Charmander more and more; the more it slashed it the stronger it became. When the scythes were finally glowing in a bright green Charmander got hit one last time and it fainted right there on the spot.

    “Return Charmander” Ashian pointed his Pokeball at Charmander and the lizard turned into a beam of red energy and then it got back into the Pokeball. “Go Pikachu” Ashian threw his second Pokeball and Pikachu came out letting some sparks out from its bright red cheeks. “I know you can win Pikachu, after all you defeated Moana last time” he said smiling confidently again.

    “I can see your Pikachu is strong enough, but my Scyther can over power it anytime” Taylor chuckled a little bit. “Go for an X-scissor” he ordered.

    Scyther started flying at Pikachu and it raised both of its scythes; it created a giant glowing X and it sent it at Pikachu.

    “Pikachu, use thunderbolt to counter that’ Pikachu fired a barrage of lightning and both attacks crashed creating a cloud of smoke. “Now, use quickattack into irontail” Pikachu started running at Scyther and then its tail glowed iron white.

    “Scyther, use another slash” Taylor commanded at his mantis. The bug started flying at Pikachu and both attacks hit each other; Pikachu tried to keep its tail shining, but the slash started to beat it. Pikachu finally jumped out of the way and hit Scyther on its chest.

    Scyther got up and it fired another X-scissor. Pikachu jumped over the X; but Scyther ended up hitting it with a furycutter. “Come on Pikachu, use a thunder attack” Pikachu jumped up and it fired a thunder that crashed with Scyther’s furycutter. The scythes managed to hold on to it though. “Wow, that’s a strong scythe” Ashian growled; but then he finally managed to find Scyther’s weakness.

    “Now, kick some dirt into that scythe” Ashian smiled; Pikachu nodded and it grabbed some dirt from the ground and put it on Scyther’s scythe. Scyther jumped up and it started cleaning its scythe. “Now hit it with an irontail” Pikachu’s tail glowed again and it landed a hit on the distracted Scyther. Scyther fell on the floor and fainted.

    “Amazing, not a lot of trainers manage to discover that one of Scyther’s weaknesses is that it can’t stand having its scythes dirty, that was actually a good strategy” Taylor said nodding his head. He returned Scyther and the machine drew out the last Pokeball. “Go Infernape” Taylor threw the Pokeball and a Pokemon that looked just like the Pokemon Ashian saw yesterday appeared.

    “Wow, I need to get me one of those” Ashian said staring at the blazing fire on Infernape’s head. “Go Pikachu, use spark” Pikachu started running at it and its body got surrounded by a small charge of static.

    “Infernape, use flamewheel” Infernape fired some flames and it started spinning like a wheel; it crashed with Pikachu’s sparks and both of them were sent flying back; but Infernape managed to get up instantly. “Now, ember on its fur” Taylor pointed at Pikachu; the primate just nodded and it fired a barrage of fire bullets.

    “Pikachu, dodge it and use thunderbolt” Pikachu tired to dodge but a few of the embers got on it; Pikachu started extinguishing the fire. “Forget about that, use thunderbolt’ Ashian ordered.

    “Use a flamethrower then flamewheel” Taylor got a serious smile on. Infernape fired a jet of flame that exploded with the flamethrower then it spun again and crashed with the little yellow rat, it managed to knock it out.

    “Return Pikachu, you deserve a long rest my friend’ Ashian returned it and put the Pokeball back on his belt. He walked up to the machine and drew his last Pokeball. “Go Ralts” Ashian threw the Pokeball and the little creature came out.

    “Infernape, use another flamethrower” Infernape charged up and if fired a jet of flames at Ralts.

    “Ralts, use teleport then confusion” Ralts teleported to the side of the field and then it used its psychic powers to turned the rest of the flames back at Infernape. Infernape jumped over the flamethrower though.

    “Now irontail” Taylor took advantage that Infernape was on the air and that Ashian was so worried about thinking of counters; so he decided to attack down. Infernape’s tail glowed just like Pikachu’s and it hit Ralts straight on, then it sent it crashing into the wall.

    “Ralts you okay?” Ashian asked at the struggling Ralts; it nodded. “Now go and hit it with a shadowball” Ralts flew at Infernape and it fired a ball made of black energy.

    “Infernape, counter that with a flamethrower at full heat!” Taylor yelled. Infernape charged up and it fired a jet of flames.

    Both attacks clashed but didn’t explode, instead they held onto each other and both of them kept pushing. Ralts kept using its psychic energy to keep the jet of flames away; it wasn’t working cause the shadowball was starting to lose its power.

    “Come on Ralts, I know you can do it push on” Ashian clenched his fist and smiled at Ralts. Ralts looked back at Ashian with a confuse face, but then it smiled. “Now teleport and finish it off!” Ashian yelled pulling back his fist.

    Ralts teleported behind Infernape and fired a shadowball. “Infernape use infernalflame” Infernape fired a huge jet of red burning flames that took over the shadowball. Ralts was about to get hit by it but it teleported by Infernape’s side and hit it with a purple beam of energy that came from its horn. The beam hit Infernape and it sent it into unconsciousness.

    “Return Infernape” Taylor returned his last Pokemon and then he walked up to Ashian. “That was a great battle, you deserve this badge” he gave Ashian a badge that looked like a sword. “I’m proud to present you with the Warrior badge” he said as he gave it to Ashian.

    Ashian raised his badge to the roof. “Yeah, I got the Warrior badge!!!!” Ashian yelled holding the badge up. Ralts just smiled at him. “Thanks Taylor” he started to walk off.

    Ashian was walking around the city; he was heading back for the Pokemon Center. Just then a Nosepass fell in front of him. “What’s happening?” he asked taking a Pokeball out.

    “Wow, I didn’t know you could get scar by that” he turned around to the source of the voice. Henry jumped out from a small building and smiled at Ashian; he had a bandage arm and a small bandage on his face. “Guess who’s back?” he laughed.

    “Dude, you’re back” Ashian ran at Henry and hugged him. “Sorry, I’m cool, I’m cool” he said letting Henry go instantly.

    “Yeah, right, so heard you found us a new travelling partner, a girl that that, I can live with that” he smiled again this time brighter than before.

    “Yeah, she’s waiting at the Pokemon Center, we should probably go get her” Henry nodded and they both gave each other a nudge before they walked in the direction of the Pokemon Center.

    They got back into the Pokemon Center and they were greeted by Alexa.

    “Hey guys, you must be Henry, nice to meet ya” she shook hands with Henry. “So, are we three travelling together now?” she asked looking at Ashian.

    “Yeah, guess so, we should probably go to sleep and tomorrow we can travel again” Ashian said and then he gave nurse Joy his Pokeballs.

    “Like I said there’s no problem with me, but are we gonna keep going to Vermilion?” Henry asked trying to make the pain in his hand go out.

    “Yeah, since it’s the closest city with a gym, I figure why not” he answered and then turned to Alexa. “This way we’ll have four badges each” he said.

    “Excuse me, if I may say anything, you could go to the SS. Anne 2 tournament” nurse Joy said raising her hand from the desk.

    ‘What’s that” all three of them asked at the same time.

    “Well, the famous SS. Anne got destroyed around twenty and something years ago, they say that it was destroyed by Team Rocket, point is that they’ve created a second SS. Anne and they’re gonna hold a tournament before it leaves the harbor in Vermilion’ she showed them a poster about the tournament.

    All three of them gazed up at the poster. “See Henry, you can compete too, you jus need to have at least two Pokemon” he said showing him the poster. “So should we go?’ he asked.

    “Putting it your words, hell yeah!!!” Henry yelled. “I’m just gonna capture another Pokemon and then I’ll be ready” he started laughing.

    “Well I’m beat, I’m going to sleep” Alexa said stretching up. “See ya” she left to her room.

    “Yeah, let’s go Henry, I’ll get you an extra mattress so that you can be in my room” after that Ashian and Henry left for their rooms.

    So after capturing a Ralts and having his third gymbattle, Ashian managed to get his third badge and now he has made his own trio of travelling partners. Ashian, Henry and Alexa have decided to travel to Vermilion and compete on the SS. Anne 2 tournament, but what does the future awaits them.


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    The grammar has improved a lot. The storyline is very good as well.


    And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down―that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.
    Revelation 12:7-9

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    And so we're finally here, the crazy thunder arc, this arc is mainly about the battles in Vermilion including the gymbattle and the Tournament.

    Things to expect:
    The return of an old friend
    Discover more things abot Ashian's father
    And evolutions


    Ashian is witling down the road. After winning his third badge in Orange city Ashian, Henry and their new companion Alexa are on their way to Vermilion for the SS. Anne 2 tournament. Ashian as always is really calm about this, Henry is looking at the map, and Alexa is trying to spot some Pokemon.

    “Hey Henry, are there any Pokemon here?” Ashian asked turning his head around so that he could look at Henry.

    “Yeah, there’s a lot of Pokemon around here, so we might as well try and catch some for the tournament” Henry put the map down and then sent out Nosepass.

    “You guys are right, go Skarmony, Togepi” Alexa threw her two Pokeballs and her Skarmony and Togepi came out. “Togepi know metronome so it could help use, and Skarmony’s really strong, I’ll let the others out but I wanna save them for later’ she said to both of them.

    “Nosepass might be kinda weak, but it can protect us” Henry said petting the big rock Pokemon.

    “Yeah, go Treecko, Charmander, Pikachu and there I say Gligar” Ashian threw his first threw Pokeballs; but when it came to Gligar’s he just frowned. Gligar started to fly into the sky and it landed on a tree nearby. “Wow, thanks for helping, oh just stay there Gligar we won’t take long!” he yelled; Gligar just turned away and started sleeping.

    “Ashian, you need to do something about that Gligar” Henry looked up at the tree. Nosepass walked up to the tree and it started kicking it; the kick was so strong it sent Gligar crashing down.

    Gligar got angry and it threatened Nosepass by putting its claw in front of Nosepass face; Nosepass just smirked. “Okay, calm down Nosepass” Henry said getting in front of the Pokemon. Nosepass turned away from each other.

    “Hey Henry let’s go!” Ashian yelled; he and Alexa were already ahead of him and were about to go catch some Pokemon with the others.

    “Yeah I’m coming, let’s go Nosepass’ Henry and Nosepass walked off and followed the others.

    Gligar just sat down a three angry at its Trainer and his friends; she didn’t even wanted to be there, she was practically dragged up to come with them and didn’t have any choice no matter how much it tried, but for some reason it started to grow attach to the other Pokemon.

    “Glig gar” (Man, I wonder if that kid really wants me to help him) Gligar starred into the sky; it could see that Ashian was trying his best, but he couldn’t seen to figure it out. “Glig Gligar gar” (Why should I care, he doesn’t even know I’m a girl) it or she shrugged.

    “WHIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSS” Gligar heard the shrieked and started to fly on that direction; whatever the hell that was it was going to save it.

    “Gligar, glig, glig” (Hey where are you!?) she yelled looking around for the Pokemon. She managed to see a Whismur trapped in a bear trap. Gligar growled at the sight of the poor Pokemon and she used an X-scissor to cut the trap down.

    The Whismur looked scare at the sight of Gligar. It crawled down into a hole and starred at the bug Pokemon. “Gligar” (Come on, I won’t bite) she said walking up to the trap. She put her claw in front of the hole to help Whismur up.

    “Whis, Whismur whis” (I guess I can trust you, but are you with Team Dark?) it asked; apparently it also had a girly voice. Gligar looked at it and then at the destroyed trees and plants. There were a lot of Pokeball lying around the floor.

    “Gligar, glig gar” (I see, so they were here too) she looked back at the field; then she managed to remember the day she got captured by Ashian, she could hear what Ray said about Team Dark and all that stuff. “Gligar, gar, gar” (Take me to your leader or anyone that might have the higher authority here) it turned to Whismur.

    “Mur, mur, whis” (Yeah, the great Arcanine, he lives down that path, I hope Team Dark is not there yet) she said looking at the path scared. “Whismur whis” (Are you a Trainer’s Pokemon?) she asked.

    Gligar just grunted. “GLIG” (UNFORTUNATELY) she said out loud. “Gligar, gar, Gligar, glig” (But he’s stupid, thinking that he can get a Pokemon’s trust that easily) she smirked. “Gligar glig” (Anyways let’s go) Gligar and Whismur started walking down the broken path.

    Ashian, Henry and Alexa were walking down a cliff.

    “This is weird, I don’t see any Pokemon around” Ashian kept looking. When they got to a cliff he could see that there were Pokemon being attack by the same black cloaked people from before. “Team Dark” Ashian growled.

    “I heard of those guys, they’ve been attacking every single wild Pokemon terrain and they’re stealing all of the Pokemon, no one really knows why” Alexa got out a newspaper with the article about Team Dark.

    Henry didn’t listen he just starred at the small Mareep that was being assaulted by some grunts. The grunts were using a Crobat and a Sneasel. The Crobat used a sludgebomb and it hit the Mareep; the attack sent it crashing into a rock. The Sneasel fired and icywind and it started to freeze Mareep’s feet.

    “I can’t let them do that, go Nosepass teach them a doubleedge!” Henry yelled; Nosepass jumped down and it started to glow white; after a few seconds it crashed with Crobat and sent it flying back to its Trainer. The Sneasel just glared at it.

    Henry slid down the cliff and ran next to Nosepass. “I won’t let you hurt this Mareep” he said clenching his fist. Ashian and Alexa followed him and Skarmony and Charmander got in front of them.

    “You kids should probably go and play around, leave this to the adults” the one with the Sneasel said; Sneasel glared at Alexa.

    “Return Skarmony, go Rai…” just then a Luxio jumped down in front of them. “Cool, a Luxio” Alexa stared at the dog that got in front of Skarmony and was letting sparks from its tail. The Luxio surrounded itself with blue electricity and it ran at the Sneasel.

    “Sneasel use an icebeam” Sneasel leapt up and it fired an icy beam and it headed straight at Luxio. Luxio jumped up and it dodged the icebeam. Then it ran at it with a quickattack and it fired a thunderbolt. The Sneasel got hit by it and it flew into the tree. The grunt returned Sneasel.

    “I’ll take care of this, go Crobat” the Crobat tried to attack Luxio but Nosepass got in front.

    “Now Nosepass use a rockslide” Nosepass slid down the floor and it sent a barrage of rocks that crashed on Crobat’s wings; the Crobat also got hit on the face and let out some blood. After that Nosepass hit it with another double edge and it defeated it. “Good job Nosepass’ Henry turned to look at the Mareep; it was trembling and its feet were starting to bleed from the cold.

    Henry walked over to the Mareep; he put his hands on Mareep’s feet and his hands glowed green, then Mareep’s feet started to melt, and its wounds got healed. “There all better” Henry said; the Mareep nodded at him.

    “Is that the Aura power you told me about” Alexa whispered to Ashian. She starred back at Henry.

    “Yeah, I think Henry got the healing Aura, he can heal wounds and revive people that only have a few minutes since they died” Ashian said nodding his head.

    “Well the Mareep’s okay” Henry turned back to them and smiled. Mareep looked at the Pokeball he had in his belt; it touched the Pokeball and it got absorb. “What the” Henry said staring at the now tilting Pokeball. It only tilted one time before it pinged. “Guess I got a Mareep” he said.

    Gligar and Whismur were walking down the path and they saw a cave. “Gligar, glig, gar” (Is that the cave?) it asked. Whismur just nodded and they got in.

    They were walking inside the cave and they saw three guys dressed in black cloaks holding a black Pokeball. “Whismu, whis” (They got him) Whismur said scare; the Pokeball was obviously holding the Arcanine.

    “Hey, those Pokemon are looking at us” one of them said, then he grabbed the Pokeball and let the Arcanine out. It looked kinda like a normal Arcanine, but it had red vicious eyes and the lines on its body had the form of lightings. “Go Arcanine, use a fire blast” he ordered.

    The Arcanine jumped up in front of Gligar and Whismur, it then started to fire a huge beam of fire. Gligar motioned Whismur to run and they started running. While they were running and flying the fire started to catch up; but no matter how much they tried they couldn’t keep up. The fire caught Whismur’s tail and it cause it to run faster.

    They managed to get out; but Arcanine used a extreme speed and it crashed into Gligar and Whismur. Gligar got up and it fired a huge white X from its claws. Arcanine jumped over it and it surrounded itself with fire; then it spun at Gligar and did a super effective hit.

    Ashian and the others were walking on the forest looking for Gligar. “Great, I told it not to get lost and what did it do, it got lost” Ashian said shaking his head.

    “Well, we all know that it doesn’t like you a lot” Henry said nervously. He turned to look at the Luxio; Alexa told it that they could work together so that they could beat Team Dark; so the Luxio decided to come. “Alexa, why do I think there’s another reason on why you let that Luxio come” Henry said looking weirdly at her.

    “Well, who knows, I’ll just have to wait” she smiled at him. Luxio just looked at her with a serious face. “Come on Luxio, you gotta give me the chance” Luxio just nodded and looked up front.

    Ashian and his friends heard the noise of fire rushing and ran at that direction. They saw Gligar and a Whismur being attack by an Arcanine. “We gotta help them” he said getting down.

    “Go Pikachu, hit it with a thunderbolt” Pikachu jumped up and it fired a barrage of thunder at the Arcanine. The huge dog just dodged it and fired another fireblast. The grunts came out.

    “Let’s take care of them, go Nidorino” one of them left out his Nidorino. The other let out his Scizzor.

    Henry and Alexa got in front of the other guys. “We’ll take care of this guys Ashian, don’t worry” Henry let out his new Mareep and Alexa let out Raichu. The Scizzor started gliding at both of the Pokemon. “Mareep, use sparks” Mareep ran at the Scizzor and it surrounded itself with blue electricity and both Pokemon crashed; unfortunately Scizzor hit it with a metalclaw.

    Mareep came back running to Henry. “I’ll help you Henry, go Raichu use thunderbolt” Raichu fired a barrage of thunder but Nidorino got in front and receive the damage instead. Then it attacked Raichu with a megahorn; Raichu got hit in the gut and got pushed back to Alexa. “These guys are tougher than I though” Alexa said helping her Raichu up.

    Meanwhile, Ashian was having trouble with the Arcanine. “Okay, go Pikachu, use thunder” Pikachu tried to attack but the Arcanine was too fast and it hit it with a flamewheel. Pikachu bounced back to Ashian. “You okay?” Ashian walked up to the almost fainted Pikachu; it looked very tired so he had to return it.

    Gligar then got up and it glared at the Arcanine. “Whismur, murmur” (It’s too strong, you’re gonna lose!) she yelled at Gligar; but the scorpion just turned away.

    “Gligar listen to Whismur, she’s right” Ashian said walking up to Gligar.

    “Glig, gar, glig” (Just go away okay, I don’t need you) she said glaring at Ashian. Ashian just looked at Gligar again, for some reason he had to make Gligar obey him; even if it was the last chance he had.

    “Gligar, you’re a really stubborn girl” Ashian said scratching his head. Gligar turned back to look at him; she didn’t know Ashian knew that she was a female Gligar. “Yeah, the Pokede-X shows me the genre of my Pokemon” Ashian stated showing Gligar’s data on his Pokede-X.

    Gligar just looked back at Arcanine. “Gligar, glig, gar, glig” (Okay, I’ll obey you this once) it said assuming a battle stand.

    Back with Henry and Alexa; both of their Pokemon got up; but were taken down by a doubleedge and a silverwind. Luxio jumped up in front of them and fired a barrage of blue electricity at the Pokemon. Nidorino falls down, but Scizzor dodges the attack with ease.

    “Wow, that was a discharge, this Luxio’s really strong” Alexa smiled at Luxio; the dog starred back at her and smiled.

    “Scizzor, use a hyperbeam” The man ordered. Scizzor charged up a beam of energy and it fired the beam at Luxio. Luxio jumped over it and it fired a barrage of thunder at Scizzor. Both attacks exploded and created a cloud of smoke.

    “We gotta help it, go Raichu, and use your Focupunch” Raichu jumped over the cloud of smoke; its fist started glowing in a bluish white and it hit Scizzor; the fist sent it flying back to its Trainer. Luxio looked back at Raichu and then turns around back at Scizzor; it walked up to Alexa and nods at her.

    They both walked back to help Ashian. “Are you okay, we’ll help you out?’ they were getting their Pokeballs out; but Ashian stopped them.

    “Gligar and I will take care of this” he said staring back at Gligar. “Now, use steelwing” Gligar flew up and its wing started glowing in a metal white color; it dove down and hit Arcanine’s paw, the big dog ran over after it got up.

    “Arcanine teach those kids a taste of your flamethrower, then flamewheel” the man ordered. Arcanine fired a jet of flames at Gligar; the scorpion managed to dodge it, but it didn’t dodge the Flamewheel. Ashian ran over to Gligar; but Arcanine was already spinning at them with another flamewheel.

    Whismur just starred the whole time; but finally it jumped in front of them and let out a huge screech that sent Arcanine flying back. The big dog crashed with a tree. Whismur was gasping; it had never used hypervoice before and it took all of its energy out, after that it fainted.

    Arcanine started to run at them; Alexa and Henry were ready to help but then a Venasour got in front of Arcanine and flipped it over with a vinewhip. The Arcanine just stayed down and it let the man returned it. After that the two of them ran out of the way. Then another cloaked person appeared

    “Who’s that guy?’ Ashian asked getting up from the floor. It was a woman with black hair, and lines of green, she had a brown sleeveless shirt, and she was wearing brown boots.

    “Glad I got here on time, you must be Ashian?” she asked walking up to him. Alexa got up and ran next to him.

    “Yeah, so what do you want?” Alexa asked growling at the woman. Luxio growled with her.

    “I was sent here by Lucas to help you out on your journey, I’m gonna escort you to Vermilion without any trouble, my name’s Amanda by the way” she said pointing at herself.

    “Come on Ashian, if Lucas sent her here she must be good” Henry said nodding his head. Amanda just smiled at him.

    “Sure, you can help us Amanda, how’s Lucas by the way?” Ashian asked.

    “He’s fine, he has all of his badges already, and his Pokemon Warrior skills increased by a landslide” she smiled back at Ashian. “Now, we should probably go” she said turning around.

    “Wait, I got something else to do” Alexa walked up to Luxio; then she took a Pokeball out and put it on his face. Luxio nodded and touched the Pokeball with its paw, then it got absorbed and got caught. “See, now I got five Pokemon” she said smiling at her new Pokemon.

    Gligar got up and walked up to Whismur; she knew that they weren’t gonna see each other again so she gave her claw so that they shook hands. Ashian walked up to Whismur when he saw what Gligar was doing. “Tell you what Whismur, I’ll let you travel with me so that you and Gligar can be friends” he petted Whismur and the little bear smiled and nodded. “Okay, go Pokeball” Ashian threw the Pokeball and Whismur got caught without putting a fight. “Yeah, I got six Pokemon’ Ashian showed everyone else his Pokeball.

    “Well let’s go” Amanda started walking. Ashian and the others looked at her and started walking. Ashian turned back to look at Gligar.

    “So, are we cool?” Ashian asked.

    “Gligar, gar, glig, Gligar” (Just because you got Whismur doesn’t mean we’re friends, I told you I’ll obey you this once, so it’s over) she said looking away.

    “Okay, let’s just go” Ashian smiled though; he knew that Gligar was starting to like him, and soon he would be able to use her great strengths in battle.

    And so, after travelling around the forest to capture their respective Pokemon, Ashian, Henry and Alexa battled with some grunts from Team Dark; but also managed to capture their Pokemon. Now that Amanda is escorting them to Vermilion, the only thing they need to do is relaxed and wait for the gym and the tournament.


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    Default EXTRA I


    Something new I thought of, I’ll do some extras, this will either be things from the fic that happen in between chapters, or things about the characters.

    Now, I’ll do a special profile for every character.

    Ashian Trainer: the new rookie Trainer from Pallet town, he oddly looks like Ash Ketchum, point is he has set out to travel around Kanto, but he discovered he has great powers and he has to find his dad too.

    Evelyn Ketchum: She’s the daughter of Ash Ketchum, she’s new at this too but even though she was Ashian’s friend they went on their separate ways after Evelyn couldn’t understand about Ashian’s powers.

    Bryan Oak: He’s Gary Oak’s son, he’s as cocky as he father was and he’s Ashian’s rival. He hasn’t seen Ashian since the day they left Pallet though, but who knows.

    Henry; A kid Ashian met in the Pokemon Warrior base, he doesn’t remember his past since he lived in the temple all his live, he decided to travel with Ashian so that he could see the world, Henry wants to be a psychologist.

    Alexa; A girl that saved Ashian and Henry from falling off a mountain, she decided to travel with them so that they could get their badges, but what are her true desires.

    Lucas; A mysterious Pokemon Warrior that told Ashian about his dad, he has only seen Ashian once, but the bond they carry is much heavier than that.

    Ray: He’s a Shadow Warrior, he fight for Team Dark, and he almost killed Ashian in the mountain near Orange city.

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    You keep skipping between tenses and POVs. One minute we're with Ashian, then you start a new paragraph and we're with Gligar. Try

    for POV changes.
    One minute, Ashian "is" doing something, the next, he "was" doing something. Be consistent. I cannot stress this enough! Slow down and type carefully, which you evidently aren't. You are improving, though. Fewer runons, and new speech has a new line. Keep improving!
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][center]

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    Now I get it, I was looking for soemthing I could use to separate the tenses from Ashian to Gligar, as for the others, I being getting confuse while doing a fic that's one person based and one that's third person base, I going a little bit confuse

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    Default Re: pokemon new generation: a new begining

    ...so when the next chapter goin to be posted?

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    Default Re: pokemon new generation: a new begining

    tommorow, if I got time.

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    Default Re: pokemon new generation: a new begining


    Ashian, Henry, Alexa and Amanda are still travelling down the path to Vermilion, they were close to Vermilion about two hours ago; but Ashian had to stop for a little potty break, if you can call it that.

    “Wow Ashian, couldn’t you just wait, we were so close” Alexa whined putting her hands behind her head.

    “Come on, we’re practically there anyways, so stop blaming me” Ashian said looking away from her. “Plus either that, or you would’ve been really angry the rest of the trip, you know with all the fireworks and all” he said chuckling.

    “Shut up Ashian, the more you talk about it the more I wanna go!” Henry yelled trying to contain himself from running away to the nearest tree. “It really bothers me” he whined with a sad face.

    They finally stopped walking when the saw the whole city of Vermilion down the hill. “Wow, it’s so beautiful” Alexa walked up to the hill and let the wind blew her hair. “It can really calm someone when you think about it” she said.

    “Yeah the wind around here is so cold cause of the city been near the ocean” Amanda said; she looked unmoved by the magnificent view of the city. “So, I should probably leave you here” she said.

    “Oh come on Amanda; let us buy you some lunch?” Ashian asked as he got closer to Amanda.

    “No thanks, I gotta go back with Lucas, but see ya” Amanda started walking off. “Oh and good luck on the tournament” she said after she turned back to look at them; after a few seconds she kept walking.

    Ashian started laughing into the sky. “Man, this is gonna be my four gym battle, I’m gonna have four badges” he kept laughing; Henry and Alexa just frowned.

    “You shouldn’t take Spark so lightly, he’s really strong, even I couldn’t beat him easily it took me three tries” Alexa walked up to Ashian and kneeled on the floor. “This city is covered with Spark's electricity, no one can escape, even the biggest bird will be trapped by his thunder” she looked up at the sky with a worried face.

    “Well, I’m the biggest and stronger bird here, and I’m gonna be the first one to overcome that thunder” Ashian gave her a big smile and then started walking down. “But I won’t show you if we don’t get down” Ashian started running.

    Henry looked at Alexa worried. “Do you think Ashian can really fly out of the electricity?’ Henry asked with a worried tone.

    “I don’t know Ashian has great wings that could hold onto his dreams” she then turned back at Henry. “But like I said even the biggest more powerful bird will crumble before the thunder storm”.

    When Ashian got down he stretched his limbs and waited for the others. “Come on guys, stop holding off the champion!” he yelled while he was looking back at Henry and Alexa; they were wincing cause of the rocky hill.

    “Come on Ashian, we’ve been walking for a long time already” Henry whined as soon as they got down.

    “Shut the hell up peasant, now let’s go” Ashian frowned and started walking away from them.

    “Did he just call me peasant” Henry looked at Alexa with a weird look; Alexa just sighed.

    “Who knows what he has on his head” she said and sighed again.

    Ashian and the others were walking around the city; even though Henry and Alexa were hungry Ashian just ignored it and kept walking. “Man, where the hell is that gym” Ashian said with a small frown. “I’m even starting to get hungry myself” he sighed and put his hands behind his head.

    “Come on Ashian, stop whining and let’s go eat, if it wasn’t a gym battle you’ll be dragging off down to the nearest restaurant” Henry whined looking away from Ashian; he had an annoyed tone on his voice.

    “So what, I are the master and I’ll need all the badges I can get” Ashian just turned around and kept walking to the gym.

    “This won’t help” Alexa sighed and started following Ashian; Henry took a few minutes but started following.

    They finally got to a very weird shaped building. It was purple and it had lightings all around it, it had monuments of guitars on both sides of the gym. “Wow, talk about a weird place, isn’t there a gym that’s normal” Ashian said while he was scratching his head.

    Ashian and the others walked in the gym. They saw a kid around sixteen that was sitting on a bench, he had a spiky raised blonde hair, he was a few feet taller than Ashian, and he was wearing a green camouflage suit and had a cell phone hanging from his pocket.

    “Wow, I finally have new challengers” Spark got up and walked up to Ashian. He just looked at Alexa. “Hey you’re that girl I battled a few days ago, so did you finally accepted on going out with me” he winked at her.

    “I said no, not even if hell freezes over” Alexa frowned and turned away from Spark. “Plus, my friend is the one that wants a gymbattle” she said looking at Ashian with a serious smile; you could actually see the tension between them.

    “That’s right” Ashian took a step forward; he was pointing at himself and was smiling confidently. “I’ll be your opponent, Ashian Trainer” he said smirking at Spark. Spark just chuckled till he burst out of laughter.

    “I don’t fight kids but I’ll take you” he walked to the other side of the field. “Put that camouflage suit over there if you want” he pointed at the suit that was resting on the bench.

    Ashian walked up to it and put it on; although he fell over when he was putting the pants on. “Stupid suit” Ashian grinded his teeth till he finally put the pants on.

    “Ashian, Spark uses electric types, so be careful” Alexa said after she sat down on the bench nearby. Ashian just gave her a thumb up and walked into the battle field.

    Spark stretched and then did his battle stand. “I’ll take care of this easily; I only need a few minutes’ he said while he was picking his nose.

    “Okay, let’s go with it” Ashian took one of his Pokeballs out. ‘Go Gligar’ Ashian threw the Pokeball on the field and Gligar came out. It yawned and then looked back at Ashian.

    “Glig gar gar” (Idiot, why are you letting me out) she asked with annoyance. Ashian just chuckled before answering.

    “I thought you said you’ll help me, I men when we were at the forest you said” Gligar held her claw in front of his face and cut him off in mid sentence.

    “Gar glig Gligar” (I said only one time, so leave me alone) she looked angrily at Ashian and then turned around to look at Spark. “Gligar gar gli” (Although I heard what that guy said, I wanna kill him, but I won’t obey you) Gligar flew up to the roof and waited for Spark to let his Pokemon out.

    “Looks like Gligar is not very fund of you” Spark chuckled. “Go Magnezone” out of Spark’s Pokeball came a Pokemon with a metallic armor, it had two giant magnets on each of its arms, it had three eyes one in the right, one in the left and one in the middle; he also had a small yellow satellite in its head. “Hope you’re ready for this” he smirked at Ashian and then yawned with annoyance.

    “Okay Gligar, use steelwing” Gligar just grunted at him and started descending with a metalclaw.

    “Magnezone dodge and use thunderbolt” Magnezone evaded the attack with ease; it got closer to Gligar and it delivered a huge bolt of electricity that coursed all around her. Gligar got up after a few seconds but it was too fatigued already.

    “Gligar hyperbeam!” Ashian yelled throwing his hand to the side. Again, Gligar just smirked and flew at Magnezone with a steelwing.

    “Magnezone, show it your gyro ball” Magnezone stopped for a second then it fired a ball made out of metal; since Gligar was doing a close encounter attack it received full damage from the gyro ball. “Okay, Magnezone use…” Gligar cut it off and it hit Magnezone with an irontail.

    “Good job Gligar!” Ashian smiled and then pointed at Spark. “Now you’ll face the doom the other gymleaders faced before me, unless you’ll want to give me the badge now” Ashian chuckled.

    Alexa hit her face with her palm and shook her head. “Man, he’s done it now’ she said with a tone of regret. Henry just starred at her.

    “Well, Ashian does tend to be a bit rash sometimes” Henry sighed and then shook his head. “But he still hasn’t noticed that he always wins by luck, I mean his Pokemon are always getting tired easily, the only thing that helps him is luck” he said remembering the battle in Pewter and Cerulean; he didn’t really saw the one in Orange city, but he knows by instinct that Ashian did something stupid.

    “Magnezone use thunder attack” Magnezone spun in the air and it floated to the top of the roof. Its satellite started charging electricity and it fired a huge thunder down at the scorpion. Gligar tried to dodge but for some reason the thunder followed it around.

    “What’s happening?” Ashian was staring clueless at the thunder that was following Gligar all around.

    Spark smirked at Ashian and the tire Gligar. “That’s lock on, it creates a special target on the opponent and it causes the attack of my Pokemon to follow you Pokemon till it hits” Spark smirked again and pointed at Gligar’s tail. Ashian looked up and gasps; Gligar’s tail hit a target on the tip of its tail.

    “But how” Ashian then remembered; when Gligar hit Magnezone with the irontail it hit it right in the eye, which means that Magnezone locked it in that moment. “I see, I gotta admit that was a good strategy” Ashian smiled at Spark.

    Gligar couldn’t keep flying and it got hit by the thunder; the thunder sent it crashing into the wall. After a few seconds Gligar fell off the wall and lost consciousness. “Gligar, you okay” Ashian ran over to the wall and returned Gligar after he saw it was totally knocked out.

    “Wow, that’s all, I thought scorpions were stronger than that” Spark chuckled. Ashian just got back to his side and got out his second Pokeball.

    “Go Pikachu” Ashian threw the Pokeball and Pikachu came out. “Go for a quickattack” Pikachu started running at Magnezone.

    “Magnezone use Magnet bomb’ Magnezone leapt back and it fired its two magnets at Pikachu. When the magnets crashed it made a huge explosion that sent Pikachu flying back. It struggle to get up. “That rat is tough” Spark chuckled at Pikachu. “Goo thing I know anything that can beat a Pikachu even electric attacks” he said.

    “Pikachu use thunder” Pikachu ran at Magnezone again and it fired a huge thunder at Magnezone.

    “Magnezone zap cannon” Magnezone flew in the air and it fired a huge blue shaded beam; it fell down on Pikachu but the rat managed to dodge in the last second.

    “Pikachu irontail” Pikachu jumped up and it hit Magnezone with its glowing tail. Magnezone crashed down on the floor and it finally fell down. “That was a good hit’ Ashian said smiling widely.

    “Return Magnezone, go Raichu” almost in one second, Spark managed to return Magnezone and let Raichu out; the big rat Pokemon starred at its pre evolved state and laughed. “Raichu and Pikachu, let’s see which one can beat the other” Spark just starred at Ashian with a confident face.

    “Pikachu, use irontail again” Pikachu ran up again and its tail glowed once more as it shoot it at Raichu.

    “Raichu, use your own irontail” Raichu did what Spark told it and its tail glowed the same as Pikachu’s; both attacks crashed and sent both Pokemon back to their sides of the battle field.

    “Raichu, use thunderbolt’ Raichu ran at Pikachu; its cheeks started letting out sparks when it was half way over. After a few seconds of charging the Raichu fired the roaring barrage of lightning at the littler rat.

    “Pikachu, try to surpass it with your own thunderbolt!” Ashian threw his hand up front and clenched his teeth in suspense. Pikachu’s red cheeks charged up and it fired its own barrage at Raichu’s thunderbolt. Both attacks crashed and started pushing on each other. “Push on!” Ashian yelled clenching his fist.

    “You too Raichu!” Spark yelled in unision; both attacks kept pushing on each other, it looked like it was taking ages considering that both Pokemon weren’t gonna give up. On one side Raichu was the evolve form of Pikachu which meant that it couldn’t lose or it’ll embarrass its Pokemon line. Pikachu had the duty to show Raichu that it was stronger than its evolution form so it kept pushing its body till its own limit.

    Both attacks kept pushing till it finally caused a huge explosion. Ashian covered his eyes, Spark did the same; things were getting hard even for Ashian. “Pikachu you okay” Ashian started shaking away the smoke.

    When the smoke cleared both Ashian and Spark starred at the two rats that were gasping for air. Raichu kneeled down in exestuation; Pikachu almost fell down but it got up again. They both gave each other a big grin and fainted at the spot.

    “Raichu return” Spark held Raichu’s Pokeball up and he returned it. Spark growled at Ashian before he got his third Pokeball out. “Go Electavire” Spark let his strongest Pokemon out; his fierce Electavire. “Hope you’re ready to fight” he grinned.

    “Like hell I am” Ashian got his third Pokeball out; although he had a hint of bitterness in his voice. “Go Charmander” Ashian let his loyal Charmander out from its Pokeball; both Pokemon starred at each other.

    “Go Electavire, use irontail” Electavire’s tail glowed white and it slid at Charmander; the little lizard tried to dodge it, but Electavire was too fast and it hit Charmander on its chest. Charmander panted back up from the floor and starred at Electavire in disgust.

    “Go Charmander, flamethrower” Charmander fired a jet of flames at Electavire. Electavire dodged it with great ease.

    “Electavire teach that thing how to fight, use thunderbolt” Electavire fired a huge barrage of lightning that went straight at Charmander. Charmander duck out and it dodged the thunderbolt. “Now use thunder punch” Electavire’s fist crackled with electricity and it leapt at Charmander. Charmander managed to dodge two punches but he got hit with the third one and got sent back to Ashian’s side of the field.

    “Charmander, use rage” Ashian grinned; this was what he was waiting for this whole time. Charmander ran up at Electavire it started glowing with a red aura. After a few seconds it started slashing down Electavire’s fur; this seemed to do effect considering that Charmander was giving Electavire’s damage back.

    “Electavire, now that it’s close use another thunder punch” Electavire’s fist crackled again as it hit Charmander on its left cheek. “Now, irontail its ribs” Electavire’s tail glowed white and it hit Charmander on its ribs and it sent it flying to the wall.

    Charmander struggle to get up; it placed its hand on its ribs and coughed up some blood. “Charmander, are you okay!” Ashian yelled; Charmander just gave him a grin and it walked back into the field.

    “Guess we gotta teach that lizard not to mess with us, Electavire use thunder explosion” Electavire charged electricity all around its body; its hairs raised up and its tail started letting out sparks. The light started to turn on and off till they burned off, the emergency light lit on immediately. Charmander starred at Electavire, it fired a fire spin while it was charging the energy.

    Electavire growled at the roof and it almost broke it; Electavire jumped over and its body charged all of its energy to Electavire’s fist. When the fist hit Charmander’s chest it surrounded the lizard with electricity and it created an explosion on its body; you could actually hear its ribs cracking. Charmander crashed with the wall again, but this time it lost all the live in its eyes.

    Ashian just starred at Charmander; everything was going by slowly. Ashian started running to Charmander.

    “Ashian wait!” both Henry and Alexa yelled in unision. Ashian didn’t listened to them he just kept running at the poor beat up lizard.

    “CHARAMANDER!!” he yelled.

    So after travelling to Vermilion Ashian has challenged the Vermilion gymleader Spark; at first it was going well, then things started to worsen when Electavire came out, Charmander did the best it could but the huge Pokemon was too strong and it practically left it in a near death state; now Ashian has had his fist lost battle, how would he take this lost.



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    Default Re: pokemon new generation: a new begining


    Ashian was sitting in the Pokemon Center; Henry was getting some food for the three of them and Alexa was watching TV in the common room. Ashian looked up at the emergency room door, it had been an hour since Nurse Joy and her Chanseys got in to tend Charmander.

    Ashian looked back at the clock and remembered what happened after Charmander lost the battle, Alexa and Henry had to bring it to the Pokemon Center as soon as possible, Nurse Joy only took a few minutes to take care of Gligar and Pikachu and they were in the resting room sleeping; but Charmander was a different case, do to the thunder explosion Charmander’s ribs were broken up and it was gonna take time for it to recover.

    Ashian had his first lost and even though he promised he wasn’t gonna make such a big deal out of it, he just couldn’t, he acted like he was gonna win it all and didn’t even care about Charmander’s well being. Nurse Joy came out of the ER and walked up to Ashian.

    “Charmander will be fine, it just needs to stay out of battles for a while, and we already took it to the resting room with your other Pokemon” she bowed and walked back up to the counter. “I recommend you to go train a little more before challenging Spark, he’s too strong for you” she grabbed some papers and gave it to Chansey.

    “I’ll see what I can do” Ashian got up and walked to the common room to join Alexa. She and Henry were talking on the floor and turned around to look at Ashian.

    “Hey Ashian, we were just talking about the tournament, you see maybe you should go to the tournament first and then” Ashian cut her off before she could finish talking.

    “I have three more Pokemon, I’m sure I can deal with it” he frowned and sat down next to Henry.

    “We know, but Whismur’s still not ready to deal with a battle” Henry looked at Ashian nervously afraid that he would react harshly to his comment.

    “Well, I’m sure Treecko and Ralts can deal with it by themselves” Ashian got back up with an annoyed look. “Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go and see how my Pokemon are doing” he left the room.

    Ashian walked up to the hall next to the resting room; since Trainers couldn’t get in he had to look through the glass. Ashian tried his best not to punch the glass so he just rested his head there. “Man, this is my entire fault” he stared at the battered Charmander; it had an oxygen mask on its face and a lamp on its tail so that the flame wouldn’t go out. “I’m so sorry Charmander” he started to let tears out.

    Ashian turned around and saw a kid walking past him. Ashian tried not to gasp. The kid was wearing a blue jacket and had a long afro, he was wearing goggles and had dark blue pants; this kid was Ashian’s old rival Bryan.

    Bryan just looked at him and kept walking acting as if he didn’t know him. Ashian just turned back to the glass; it was a good reason not to say hi Bryan had always been tough and he could think of a million reasons why he wouldn’t even show off in front of him anymore.

    After a night of troubled dreams about Charmander been smuggled down by Electavire Ashian woke up as soon as the sun came out. “Okay, let’s go” he got up and got his two Pokeballs out.

    “Are you sure you want to do this, I don’t think you can beat Spark with only two Pokemon when you barely managed to beat him with three” Alexa said with a worried tone on her voice.

    “Well, there’s no point in warning him now’ Henry just got up and started walking with Ashian. “He has his mind set up and he’s not gonna change it” he looked at Ashian sternly and went out of the Pokemon Center.

    They started walking back to the gym, Ashian saw the posters about the tournament being hung in the many shops and centers. “Wow, the tournament sure has a lot of popularity in this city” Ashian said with a confuse smiled on his face.

    “Well, this tournament has a great price for it, you get a rare Pokemon” Alexa wagged her finger in front of Ashian’s face; Ashian just ignored this and kept walking, the gym was close by.

    Ashian starred at the gym, it was only yesterday when he lost his battle against Spark and now he couldn’t think straight anymore. “Man, I wonder if I’m doing the right thing” he argued with himself but decided to walk in, Henry and Alexa just shrugged.

    Spark was eating some pancakes. After a few bites he turned to look at the trio.

    “Oh guys, sorry I was focus on my breakfast but don’t you think you’re a little too early’ Spark got up and offered them some pancakes but they just shook their heads. “Suit yourself, okay same as last time three on three” Spark walked up to the other side of the arena; Ashian put up the camouflage suit again and then walked to his side.

    “Go Ralts” Ashian threw his Pokeball and his tough Ralts came out and glared at Spark. “Ralts knows you’re the one that did that to Charmander and it wants revenge” Ashian grinned.

    Spark just smirked. “That’s good, it means it defense its comrades no matter what” Spark smiled and threw his own Pokeball down; a Luxrai came out and growled at Ralts.

    “Ralts go and use psychic” Ralts charged up and fired blue waves of energy at Luxrai. Luxrai jumped out of the way with great evasiveness and then stood right there waiting for Spark to tell it something.

    “Luxrai, use thunderbolt” Luxrai started running with a great speed it got close to Ralts and it fired a barrage of lightning that hit Ralts’s mark. “Now, use sparks!” Luxrai surrounded itself with electricity and it ran at Ralts.

    “Ralts try to dodge it and use psybeam” Ralts used teleport so that it could dodge the sparks and it let out a beam of rainbow waves at Luxrai. Luxrai got hit by the attack and got sent back to Spark.

    “Luxrai, use extreme speed” Luxrai started dashing out and it crashed with Ralts; it kept running and dodging the psychic attacks Ralts kept firing at it. Ashian gritted his teeth and kept starring at the battle.

    “He’s not doing anything!” Henry yelled from the stands. “Why isn’t he attacking it!?” he asked out loud.

    “Ashian’s still scare that he will do something wrong and he will leave his Pokemon in a bad state” Alexa looked down at Ashian with a worried smile. “It’s something that comes with those kinds of loses” she sulked back on her seat.

    “Ralts use shadowball” Ralts jumped up and it fired a ball of darkness. The ball flew up to Luxrai and sent it crashing with the wall; but it got up a few seconds after. “It’s really tough” Ashian grunted and stared at Luxrai.

    “Go for a thunder” Luxrai started firing a huge thunder that headed straight for Ralts; the little Pokemon go hit and paralyzed.

    “Ralts, use teleport’ Ralts tried to obey Ashian’s command but its body wouldn’t move the slightest bit. “Ralts are you okay?” Ashian asked but it was too late; Luxrai had already hit Ralts with a extreme speed and sent Ralts crashing on the floor.

    “Ralts return” Ashian grabbed his pokeball and returned Ralts. “Go Treecko” he let Treecko out on the field.

    “Luxrai, use thunderbolt again” Luxrai fired another barrage of lightning; fortunately Treecko managed to dodge it and it hit Luxrai with an iron tail. “Luxrai, shake it off and use your charge beam” Luxrai started charging energy and it fired a beam of light at Treecko; Treecko got hit and let out a huge scream of agony.

    “Treecko, get over it and use bulletseed” Treecko jumped up and it fired a barrage of bullets at Luxrai; the Luxrai used its great speed to dodge the attack.

    “Luxrai, use shadowball” Spark grinned while Luxrai was firing a ball composed of pure darkness; Treecko just stood there waiting for the attack.

    “Now, use gigapunch” Treecko’s fist glowed white and it hit the shadowball and ricocheted it back to Luxrai. Luxrai jumped up and it fired a thunder attack at Treecko. “Dodge and use leafstorm” Treecko moved aside and it let out a huge gust of glowing leafs that pushed Luxrai to the wall. Luxrai fell down and it lost consciousness.

    “Return Luxrai” Spark stared at his pokeball before putting it back on his belt. “Well, guess you can’t win them all right, go Magnetric” Spark threw the pokeball on the floor and a Magnetric came out; its fur was darker than a normal Magnectric’s though.

    “Treecko, use bulletseed” Treecko started firing another barrage of glowing seeds; unfortunately Magnetric was way faster than Luxrai so it dodged it in half a second.

    “Go for a spark attack” Magnetric started running at Treecko, its body got surrounded by electricity and it charged at Treecko; when it hit Treecko got sent flying back to Ashian.

    “Treecko, go and hit it with a leafstorm again” Treecko let out another leaf storm and it headed straight for Magnetric.

    “Magnetric, dodge and use thunder” Magnetric jumped out of the way and it fired a huge thunder at the little Treecko; Treecko received the attack full on and it let out a huge screech of pain.

    “Treecko are you okay!” Ashian yelled running up to Treecko. “Treecko re…” Treecko got up and glared at Magnetric.

    “Ashian, Treecko wants to fight, just let it do it!” Alexa yelled from the stands; she had lost all of her worries and was instead angry at Ashian’s cowardly attends.

    Ashian just looked sadly back at her and turned around again. Treecko snickered at Ashian and turned to look at Magnetric. “That Treecko’s really tough, too bad I can’t say the same about the Trainer” Spark looked at Ashian with a serious face; Ashian tried to ignore Spark’s eyes and looked away.

    Back in the Pokemon Center; the Pokemon are resting in the recovery room. Pikachu is all bandaged up and it’s sleeping peacefully on the small hospital bed. Gligar’s on the other bed, its wings had bandages and its tail was curled up.

    Charmander wasn’t sleep though; it was staring at the roof, its tail was lying inside a lamp so that the flame wouldn’t go out; its face had a few cut bandages around its face.

    Charmander got its tail out of the lamp and got up. Pikachu opened its eyes and looked at Charmander.

    “Pika pi chu” (where are you going Charmander?) it asked the little lizard.

    “Char mander char” (I’m going to the gym and help Ashian) Charmander opened the window that led to the street.

    “Chu Pikachu!” (Are you kidding, your hurt) it yelled getting up; but it went back down as soon as it managed to get up.

    “Mander Charmander mander” (I don’t care, I gotta defeat Electavire) Charmander looked at the floor and then jumped out; it started walking down to the gym.

    Back in the gym Treecko had jut been pushed to the wall; it was holding its arms up so it could stop the thunder attack Magnetric had just fired. “Treecko use bulletseed” Treecko couldn’t obey Ashian though cause the thunder was still holding it back.

    “Magnetric now” Magnetric jumped up and it dove down; its body started to surround itself with electricity, but it was more powerful that a spark attack and the electricity was yellow. The attack hit Treecko and it made it fly up to the roof till its head crashed with it.

    Treecko fell to the floor; blood was starting to come out from its mouth it was rushing out like water coming back after it was just drunk in. “Treecko!” Ashian ran over to Treecko and stared at it for a few seconds. He finally returned the little lizard.

    “Ashian” Henry said but he just shut up; it was Ashian’s battle after all.

    “Guess it’s all down to Whismur” Alexa stared at Ashian; he wasn’t even moving it was like he had been hit with a thunder wave.

    Just then the door opened. Ashian, Spark, Henry and Alexa all turned around to look at the Charmander that had just come in. “Charmander?” Ashian asked walking up to the little lizard. “What are you doing here, you’re still injured!” Ashian yelled looking at Charmander sadly and scared.

    “Char charmander char” (So what, you always say not to give up) the words pierced into Ashian’s body like a million silver knifes. “Char mander charmander char” (What happened to you Ashian, you’re my Trainer, you’re the one that told me to be brave and always fight truly) Charmander stared at Ashian with a disapproving look.

    Ashian chuckled a little before smiling. “Okay Charmander, let’s go” Ashian walked back into the field together with Charmander; they both glared at Spark and Magnetric.

    “Charmander use flamethrower” Charmander roared high and it fired a jet of burning flames at Magnetric. Magnetric dodged the flamethrower easily but it didn’t expected Charmander to attack it with a megakick.

    “Magnetric use thunder” Magnetric fired another thunder; Charmander jumped out of it and it slashed Magnetric’s leg down.

    “Now Charmander, use dragon rage” Charmander charged up a ball of fire and it fired it at the long dog. Not even Magnetric could dodge this one so it just toppled over into the wall.

    “Return Magnetric” Spark grabbed his pokeball and returned the dog. “Go Electavire, teach this lizard its final lesson” Spark threw the pokeball and his fierce Electavire came out and it roared at Charmander.

    “Charmander use your flamethrower” Charmander fired another jet of flames at Electavire.

    “Electavire, use your thunder punch” Electavire jumped up and its fist started to crackle with electricity and it hit Charmander on its chest just like last time. “Now, use thunderbolt” Electavire fired a barrage of lightning.

    “Charmander, dodge and use fury swipes” Charmander ducked over and it dodged the attack before it hit its face; then it started running at Electavire and it started slashing its body down.

    “Now Electavire go for another thunder punch!” Spark’s voice sounded tougher. Electavire started charging electricity again.

    “Charmander, use rage now!” Ashian yelled at the top of his ten year old voice. Charmander jumped up and it got surrounded by red energy, then it slashed down on Electavire before it could use thunder punch again.

    Charmander growled at Electavire and it started glowing with a shining white light. Ashian stared at the growing lizard that was evolving in front of him.

    “Charmander’s evolving just like Pikachu did that time” Henry said remembering how Pichu evolved during the battle with Moana.

    “Yeah, Ash told me Charmander was one of his starters, so it’s obvious that it would evolve” Alexa just stared at the glowing mass of light that was starting to disappear.

    After the light faded a new creature was standing on Charmander’s place. It was a little bigger than Charmander; it had a dark red skin and a small red horn coming out of the middle of its head, its claws were longer than Charmander’s and its mouth was longer, it still had the flame on its tail though.

    “Charmeleon!” I roared after it came out of the light.

    “Charmeleon, I finally got a Charmeleon” Ashian stared at the magnificent lizard with a great smiled on his face; Charmeleon looked back at him and smiled. *I understand now Charmeleon, you can’t win if you get scare you gotta keep going and keep fighting now matter what* Ashian raised his head. “And I’m gonna keep looking forward, cause the flame in my heart will always burn!” Ashian yelled smiling with confidence and clenching his fist.

    “I see, well in that case guess this battle has just become more intense right” Spark chuckled. “Electavire, are you ready to use thunder explosion!” Spark yelled.

    Electavire started charging electricity on its fur and it energy. Electavire finally finished charging and it ran at Charmeleon.

    “Charmeleon, show it our flare blitz!” Ashian threw his fist forward. Charmeleon roared and surrounded its body with fire; its whole body got engulfed and the only thing you could see was the silhouette of Charmeleon in the flames.

    Both Pokemon ran at each other and they crashed sending electricity and flames all around the field. Charmeleon kept pushing on and Electavire held its ground by digging its feet on the ground. *Come on Charmeleon* Ashian thought gritting his teeth.

    *Come on Electavire* Spark thought staring at the two Pokemon. Charmeleon started getting overpowered by Electavire but then it glared at Electavire and it pushed again finally crashing itself on Electavire’s stomach and it sent the Pokemon crashing with the wall.

    Spark smirked and returned Electavire. “Wow, just wow” he said as he started laughing. “That battle was great, it was actually the best battle I had in a long time, trust me I’ve been a gym leader long enough to recognize which battles are good and which are great” he said walking up to Ashian. “Here you go”

    Ashian stared at the badge. He had heard of the thunder badge but this one was different; it actually looked like a lightning. “What badge is this, I’m sure it’s not the thunder badge” Ashian said taking the badge from Spark’s hand.

    “It’s my own creation, it took me a long time to get the PLA to accept it, actually you’re the first one to get one” Spark laughed. “It’s no privilege it’s just that it was just accepted a week ago and a week ago I didn’t had any challengers” he said nodding his head.

    “Thanks Spark, I won’t lose it” Ashian grabbed his badge case and put the badge inside. “Now I got four badges” he smiled.

    That night Ashian, Henry and Alexa were rereading the rules to the S.S. Anne 2 tournament. “Wow, the tournament’s tomorrow” Ashian said staring at the sign. “Henry its gonna be hard considering you only got two Pokemon”.

    “I know, but it’ll work, I don’t want to win, being part of the action is enough for me” Henry said; he was watching the TV nearby.

    “Yeah, plus we’ve been training a lot” Alexa smiled at Ashian. “And considering the battle you had today, I don’t think you’ll have trouble Ashian” she said blushing a little.

    Ashian got up. “I’ll go get some soda” Ashian started walking; but after a few steps he crashed with someone and fell down.

    “You okay” Henry asked helping Ashian up. Ashian rubbed his head but he gasped when he saw who he had crashed with.

    A girl with a long black hair that was tied in a long piggy tail, she had a black top and long brown pants, she had a pair of black sandals and a pale white skin.

    Ashian stared at the girl. “Evelyn” he said with half serious half worried tone.

    “Ashian” Evelyn said doing the same look.

    After so long this two friends and rivals meet again. Evelyn being the fallen friend Ashian lost at the start of his journey and the girl that didn’t accepted his powers, but now that Evelyn’s back how will Ashian act up, will he stay with Henry and Alexa or will he go with his ex travelling companion and leave his true friends behind.


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    Default Re: pokemon new generation: a new begining

    this is a cool fan fic
    keep it up

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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beggining (Rated PG to PG-14)

    Well chapter 25 we're officially half way through the fic, now to celebrate the occasion I got a little half way gift at the end of the chapter...enjoy.


    “Evelyn?” Ashian asked staring into his old companion’s face.

    “Yeah, you already said that” Henry said tugging on Ashian’s shirt. Henry too stared at Evelyn he had only seen her once but he could still remember how she abandoned Ashian when they were in the Pokemon Warrior base.

    Evelyn turned her gaze from Ashian and Henry to Alexa.

    “And who might this be?” She asked pushing Henry aside and walking up to Alexa. “I don’t think we’ve met” she stretched her hand out.

    “Alexa Burrows” Alexa shook Evelyn’s hand; although you could sense the rivalry that was growing inside this two.

    “So, what brings you here Ashian?” Evelyn asked turning to look back at Ashian.

    “Same thing that brings you here, the S.S. Anne Two Tournament” Ashian stared at Evelyn with an emotionless face. “I can do whatever the hell I want you know” he said staring at the floor.

    “Well I thought you’ll go into hiding, you know with those weird powers and all” Evelyn flicked her hair. Alexa started clenching his fist but Ashian stopped her.

    “Well I didn’t and I managed to get four badges and a strong group of Pokemon thank you very much” Ashian said through an annoyed tone; he motioned Henry and Alexa to follow him up.

    “Well guess we’ll see who’s stronger during the tournament” she smirked and walked off.

    “Ashian, was that girl really your friend” Alexa said through gritted teeth. “She doesn’t see like the type of person someone would want to hang out with” she looked at Ashian seriously.

    “I didn’t know either, till she just left, once she knew about my powers she just left on her own without saying anything” Ashian looked down again. “But I’ll show her, I’ll show her that I’ve gotten stronger since last time” he clenched his fist.

    “That’s the spirit!” Henry yelled slapping Ashian’s back. “Forget about the past and concentrate on the future’ he laughed.

    “Yeah, says the one that didn’t even say anything during that whole conversation” Ashian said patting his back.

    “Well let’s just go the first round is tomorrow so we gotta train a lot and kick that tournament’s ass!” Alexa yelled and stormed back into the girl’s room.

    Ashian was having another dream, or nightmare. He was standing in the middle of a deserted area, a huge ball of energy was covering about 1000 meters of the land and it rose into the sky absorbing everything that was at its range.

    “What the” Ashian started walking closer to the sphere. He saw Luca’s body lying there, half of his body was absorbed by the sphere the other half was laying on the floor; he still looked like he was alive though.

    “Lucas wake up” Ashian shook him up. He turned his gazed up a huge creature was flying over the skies; it looked down on Ashian and started diving down at Ashian.

    The creature wrapped its snakelike body around Ashian. “What is this?” Ashian asked while he was getting squished.

    “You’re the chose one Ashian Trainer, but which side are you on” the snake hissed it raised its head then it dove its head and opened its mouth to reveal the sharp fangs.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Ashian screamed his body was getting bit by the snake and he felt the venom rushing into his body.

    “Ashian wake up!” Ashian opened his eyes. Henry was shaking him around.

    “What is it man?” Ashian scratched his eye and looked at Henry.

    “You were screaming non stop something about a snake and all that” Henry said looking at Ashian worriedly. “Are you having those weird nightmares about your powers again?” he asked.

    “I don’t know Henry, but I’m sure that guy Shadow’s nowhere in sight to help me now, and even if he was I’m not sure he could help me much” Ashian got up. “Well let’s go down the tournament’s gonna start soon” he put his vest on and started walking down.

    “Well remember what happened the last time you didn’t take that guy’s advice” Henry started following him.

    “Yeah, yeah we got attack by Team Dark and almost got killed” Ashian said in a rather calm tone. “But I’m sure this is only a dream Henry so calm down” Ashian opened the door to the common room and they walked up to Alexa.

    “Hey guys, you ready?” Alexa adjusted her gloves and smiled at her friends.

    “Yeah, I’ve been thinking and if I don’t use the same strategy or any thing related I will have better chances or winning” Henry laughed.

    “Well let’s just go” Ashian started walking out of the Pokemon Center.

    “What’s with him?” Alexa whispered into Henry’s ear.

    “He had a bad dream, he always acts this way after he has one of those” Henry explained; he started following Ashian.

    They were walking down the street; people were crowded around they were all walking to the S.S. Anne Two. “Wow, I think the whole city’s here” Ashian said looking around at the people.

    “Not really, most of them are viewers, you see the first round will be held here in Vermilion, the next rounds will be taking place overboard” Alexa stopped; Ashian almost tripped over but understood why she had stopped.

    The ship was really big; it had a golf field on the roof, a huge tail on the back and it had about a thousand windows, the ship was so big there were guides around to make sure people wouldn’t get lost, the front of the ship was really big too it almost looked like a Pokemon League Pokemon Field.

    “Wow, luxurious” Henry gasped, he was walking to the pier so that he could get on the ship.

    “Yep, it’s sure going to be a hard tournament” Ashian and Alexa followed him.

    Once they got on board Ashian went to the front so that he could see the battles that had already started; Henry and Alexa went to their rooms and unpack their things.

    Once Ashian got to the front he saw at least fifteen Pokemon fields all of them were having battles held on. But Ashian focused on one crucial battle, Bryan against some kid name Lucius. The kid had short blonde hair and was wearing a white shirt.

    “Wow, Bryan’s Sneasel has proven to be a strong Pokemon” the announcer said through the MIC. Ashian saw that Bryan captured a Sneasel and that it was fighting against Luciu’s Sandshrew.

    “Go Sneasel, use avalanche” Bryan said without even blinking; it looked like he had the upper hand considering that Sandshrew was already fatigued and Sneasel looked perfectly fine.

    Sneasel jumped up almost touching a cloud then it started firing snowballs down at Sandshrew. The little armadillo got hit by the snowballs and got thrown off out of the field; it fell unconscious a few seconds after.

    “The winner of this battle’s Bryan!” the announcer yelled announcing the end of the battle.

    Bryan walked out of the field not really caring about what the announcer said. He looked at Ashian for a second it seen like he wasn’t gonna say anything but then.

    “Well, look what the Glameow dragged in” Bryan smirked. “I thought you were too scared to fight” he stared at Ashian.

    “Well, I’m not anymore, I can fight by my own” Ashian glared deeply at Bryan.

    “Well, guess we’ll see, you still have that weak Charmander” he smirked again.

    “No, for your info” Ashian took out a Pokeball and he let his Charmeleon out. “It just evolved” Ashian grinned at Bryan.

    “Not bad, guess that even you can make a Pokemon evolve” Bryan looked at the entrance to the field Henry and Alexa had just come in.

    “Hey Ashian, who’s that?” Alexa asked looking at Bryan.

    “Bryan, my childhood rival” Ashian said in a serious tone.

    “Well, guess you managed to find your own lackeys ha Ashian” Bryan hissed. “Well, guess a loser will find his loser team eventually” Bryan smirked at Ashian; the more Bryan talked the more Ashian wanted to punch him, the wind was already blowing so strong his fist could just go at him and he could say the wind pushed him.

    Ashian just ignored Bryan and he started walking to the Pokemon field, whatever Bryan wanted to cause he wasn’t going be part of it for sure. Ashian looked up at the blue scoreboard six battles were already over Bryan and Evelyn already had theirs now it was Alexa’s turn. “Good luck” he said as he nodded his head softly and walked to one of the sits that were close by with Henry.

    “Ashian that guy Bryan was a real jerk, don’t listen to what he said he’s just jealous that you have friends and he doesn’t” Henry said as he looked back up at Alexa, she took off her black hat and put it on a bench.

    “Now for our seventh battle we have Alexa Burrows from Celadon city and Tony Rickman from Azalea town in Johto!” The announcer said as the pictures of both contestants appeared on the screen. The kid she was battling looked like a fourteen year old his face was a little pale but it actually suited him, his hair was pointy and he was wearing pitch black glasses that were tight on his head, he was wearing an aqua blue tight shirt and his pants were a clear pearl white color.

    “Wow, I got a cute girl as my opponent” Tony gave Alexa a mischievous smile and winked his left eye at her.

    “I think a shiver went down my spine” Alexa frowned as she made a gagging noise. A few minutes later both trainers were facing each other and they got their pokeball out from their pocket.

    “Man, looks like that guy’s gonna be trouble” Henry said as he let out a mocking laugh; Ashian on the other hand was worrying about what Alexa would do to counter this guy.

    “Go Raichu” Alexa threw her pokéball into the field and her Raichu came out and gave a hardy laugh before looking back at Alexa. “I know it has been a long time since the last time I let you out, but it’s time to show what we’re made off” she gave Raichu and thumb up; the huge rat smiled and let out a few sparks from its clear yellow cheeks.

    “Go Graveler” Tony let his pokéball fall on the floor and a huge ball of rock came out, the ball just stood there for a moment but them four arms came out then two eyes open as the ball stood up. “Graveler use rollout!” Tony ordered the wind blowing his shirt around with so much strength that he almost got blown off.

    “Raichu jump it over and then use iron tail” Raichu bounced off the floor with its tail as it started to ascend in the air. Then its tail started to glow white as it pointed it at Graveler like if it was a sword then it started falling down.

    “Graveler use curl up” Graveler turned into a ball again and the iron tail just threw it around the field; Graveler unrolled and got up again as it chuckled at Raichu. “Now use rock tomb” Graveler roared up into the sky as a pile of rock started appearing in front of Raichu, it surrounded the rat and then one of the rocks appeared right under Raichu and it sent it flying off.

    “Raichu get up, we have to finish this fast” Alexa turned back to Ashian. *I hope you’re watching this, you have to fight for yourself not for some stupid rival* she thought as a soft smile rolled down her face. “Now Raichu use your double team!” Alexa threw her hand in the air as Raichu raised its arms and it started creating clones of itself.

    “I won’t lose so easily, Graveler roll out” Graveler curled up as it started rolling around; it started to tackle the clones that were around the field.

    “Raichu, don’t let is use focus punch” Raichu leapt off its feet and its fist started to glow a bluish white as it punched the approaching Graveler; the hit was so strong the wind current got broken by the strength of the fist. Graveler rolled out of the field and fell unconscious.

    “You did it Lex!” Henry yelled, he ran out impatiently from his seat and ran over to Alexa. “That battle seemed so easy for you.”

    “Yeah, well that guy Tony wasn’t that strong, to tell you the truth I think I went easy on him I couldn’t bear myself to hurt the little guy” Alexa laughed as she put her hand behind her head. She looked at Ashian; he got up from his seat and walked off to the field next to the one Alexa was.

    “Now for our eight battle we have Ashian Trainer against Ray Karin!” the announcer yelled at the top of his lungs, although it seemed like they were about to blow with all of the noise. Ashian looked at his opponent the kid was wearing a green shirt, his straight blonde hair was comb to the back which left a huge space on his forehead, the kid had a smirked on his face which just made Ashian grow angrier cause it reminded him of Bryan.

    “Well let’s get this party started kid” the kid laughed clenching his knuckles as he started smiling at Ashian mockingly. Ashian started to think of the Pokémon he should use. He could either use Pikachu but the chance of him having a Pokémon that’s strong against electric, same thing for water Pokémon against Charmeleon so he knew they were out. Then he had Gligar, it still wouldn’t obey him and the more he used it the more stubborn it became, Treecko was strong but right now he needed something that could take a punch and Whismur while still a little weak it had a good defense.

    “Go Whismur” Ashian didn’t hesitated as he grabbed his Pokéball and threw it out of his hand, the ball practically slid off and it bounced of the floor and it let Whismur out from its slumber.

    “Go Hitmonchan!” Ray grabbed his own pokéball as it burst open revealing a humanoid looking Pokémon, it looked like a boxer it had a rough brown skin and it was wearing a blue boxing suit with red gloves; you could swear you were looking at a Pokémon copy of Rocky. “Now, go and use your dynamic punch” Hitmonchan leapt off its feet and its fist started glowing white as it thrust it down at Whismur.

    “Whismur, use your hypervoice” Whismur bounced off the floor and then started sending out huge sound waves from its ears and its mouth. Hitmonchan covered itself with its arms as the waves started sending pieces of woods flying off.

    “Hitmonchan don’t’ let him get the upper hand, use your closecombat” Hitmonchan jumped up on the air as its fists started to glow blue Hitmonchan started to fall down as it gave Whismur a strong punch on its right jaw, then it started to punch Whismur at an amazing speed; Ashian took a few steps back as to evade Whismur in case it got sent flying out.

    “I have to win, come on Whismur you can’t just look so easily!” Ashian yelled with rage as the poor Pokémon got beat up. Alexa clenched her fist as she got up.

    “What is she planning?” Evelyn said from the audience she had a serious smile and her eyes were following Alexa around.

    “Ashian, what the fuck are you doing!” Alexa yelled as she stepped a few feet away from Ashian. “You’re treating your Pokemon this bad just because you want to prove yourself to some people that don’t even care about you; I’m tire of seeing you act this way!” Alexa threw her head down to the floor and started to let out a few tears then she walked out of the front of the ship.

    “Alexa” Ashian said; so softly you almost couldn’t hear him. “She’s right…go Whismur let’s win this the old way” Ashian smiled down at the little creature as Whismur smiled back and turned around to face Hitmonchan.

    “Hitmonchan go for a skyuppercut” Hitmonchan ran up at Whismur its fist glowed blue as it leapt down and it threw its fist back up so that it would send Whismur flying into the sky.

    “Whismur use your roll out” Whismur took this at its chance to curl up and roll down from the sky; the Hitmonchan didn’t expected this and got hit right on the head. Whismur bounced off and it yawned when it landed.

    “Hitmonchan don’t let it make a fool out of you use your gigapunch” Hitmonchan’s fist glowed white as it started running at Whismur.

    “Whismur use your Doubleedge!” Whismur’s body glowed white s it started to run at Hitmonchan with a great speed. Hitmonchan put thrust its fist backwards and then threw it forward as it crashed with Whismur itself. Both Pokémon crashed with each other and created a huge explosion.

    When the smoke cleared Hitmonchan was dangling around till it finally fell down. “The winner’s Ashian Trainer!” the announcer yelled as Ashian walked over to Whismur and threw it in his arms.

    “Good job Whismur, guess you’re stronger than I thought” Ashian laughed as he returned the happy little creature into its pokéball. Ashian turned to Henry; Henry nodded his head and pointed to the hall that was outside of the fight area.

    Ashian was practically jogging down the hall each second his breath got heavier but he had to find Alexa, if she was that angry at him she might even leave the ship. When Ashian was about to give up he saw Alexa staring at the stars; she was leaning on the fence. “Lex” Ashian said softly as he walked up to her.

    “I don’t wanna hear it Ashian, you’re sorry and all, but that won’t help the way you acted” she looked at Ashian; tears were about to roll out from her eyes this just made Ashian feel worse. “Do you like her, Evelyn?” she asked in a high pitched voice.

    “I…I don’t know” Ashian responded as he started to lean on the fence too. “I can’t decide, I did but then she left and now I’m confuse all over again” he looked down at the dark blue sea, it was obvious Alexa wouldn’t leave cause they were far off from Vermilion now.

    Alexa turned sideway; Ashian did the same and they both faced each other. “Well you have to decide…cause I like you too Ashian” she said staring at Ashian with sad eyes. Then Alexa started to move forward as she started to turn she kissed Ashian.

    “Lex” Ashian said blushing in a deep red. Alexa put her finger in front of Ashian’s mouth and shushed him.

    “Think about it” she said as she walked back to the room. She stopped before the door closed. “Right now, we’re rivals too Ashian” she said as the door finally closed and Ashian stayed there thinking back at what just happened.

    Ashian and Henry met Evelyn Ashian’s old travelling partner and Evelyn almost had a fight with Alexa. Then the S.S. Anne Two tournament finally started leaving on a three day trip, Ashian and the others met Bryan Ashian’s old rival and after Alexa had her fight it was Ashian’s turn. But Ashian was so worried about proving himself he didn’t cared about Whismur and after receiving a few yells from Alexa he went back to his senses and won the battle.

    But after Ashian won and he went to find Alexa, she kissed him and told him he had to choose between her and Evelyn, what would Ashian do, who will he choose and will he manage to win this tournament with all the trouble he’s going through.


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    Default Re: Pokemon New Generation: a New Beggining (Rated PG to PG-14)

    Pre last chapter for the Crazy Thunder arc, also once this arc is done I'll update the first post to show the new arcs.


    Ashian opened his eyes to look over at the roof of his room; he remembered getting a room in the S.S. Anne Two, he also remembered the battle he won and what happened after that. Ashian passed his hand through his lips so that he could feel the softness of Alexa’s lips.

    “That’s right, I almost forgot” Ashian looked over at the roof, his face was unemotional as if all the happiness in him had been sucked away. Ashian looked down so that he could see Henry’s bed under his, he didn’t told Henry and he didn’t wanted to tell him, imagine telling your best friends that he and the girl they’ve been hanging out with has a crush on him, Henry would feel left out and losing either Alexa or Henry is bad enough.

    Ashian got down from the bed. “Let’s go Pikachu” Ashian turned to look at the wooden basket that was nearby; Pikachu was sleeping in it. “Better let it sleep it off” Ashian smiled as he walked out, he decided not to use his red vest or red hat so he just had his jeans and his blue shirt.

    Ashian was walking down the hallway, it was quiet like he was the only person there or like everyone died and he was the only one left alive. He walked up to the front of the ship, the battle fields still weren’t set up.

    Good thing Ashian and Alexa got back before Henry’s battle was over, it was a close match, his Nosepass was fighting a Machamp and was almost knocked out, luckily Henry managed to use a protect to block the damage, and from then on Henry got the advantage.

    “Well if it isn’t Ashian” Ashian turned around, Bryan was walking over to him from a hallway nearby. “What, you were going to jump out so you wouldn’t have to embarrass yourself on the tournament” Bryan started laughing; Ashian just looked back at him with a glare and then turned back to the sea.

    “You know what Bryan, shut that fuck off!” Ashian yelled as he charged at Bryan and tackled him over the wall. The crash made a bucket of brown paint that was on the floor above fall off. Ashian looked up and noticed the bucket. “Oh my god!” he yelled as the paint crashed.

    “Who in hell confuses a hair dye with a paint!” Ashian yelled as he took the towel he had on his head off. The paint was hair dye and dry fast hair dye at that, in other words, Ashian’s hair was brown now. His hair instead of its usual black was brown.

    “Well, you actually look better” Henry laughed as he brought Ashian a can of soda. “I mean it doesn’t even look that bad” Henry started looking at Ashian with one of his eyes closed. “I mean, just fixed your hair and you’ll become a babe magnet.”

    “Well, I do want that” Ashian laughed while scratching his chin and then he got up. “But forget about that, we got the second round to worry about” he said as they started walking.

    Ashian and Henry walked over to the front again; Evelyn was having his second round battle. The girl she was battling with had a long red hair; she was wearing a pink shirt with yellow shorts and a huge grin on her face. Evelyn’s Flareon was fighting against a Vaporeon.

    “Flareon, hit it with your Overheat” Evelyn ordered as she threw her hand in the air, Flareon started charging a sphere of heat as it fired it down on Vaporeon.

    “Vaporeon, use Aqua Jet” Vaporeon jumped up, it immediately started surrounding itself with water and it started spinning right at Flareon. It crashed with the overheat; this made a lot of vapor and steam to come out. “Now, use Water Pulse.”

    “Flareon, use Quick Attack and then Flame Wheel” Flareon started running at a great speed and crashed together with Vaporeon before it fired its Water Pulse, then it surrounded itself with fire and crashed with Vaporeon again, this sent Vaporeon flying out of the Pokémon field.

    “The second round winner for this field is Evelyn Ketchum!” the announcer yelled, but Evelyn didn’t even have to wait for him to finish so she could walk out of the field. Evelyn turned to look at Ashian and started laughing.

    “What the hell, did a cat fell sleep on your head or something?” she asked while laughing it off. “I mean, just look at you, it’s like you” she couldn’t finish her sentence cause the laughter just didn’t let her do anything.

    “Henry, I hate you” Ashian gritted his teeth as he looked at Henry.

    “Ashian, is that you?” Ashian turned around, Alexa was walking over to them. “What happened to you” she started looking around him; she wasn’t laughing though so Ashian felt a little better. “Seriously, what happened though?”

    “I was about to beat Bryan up and then this bucket of paint fell on me” Ashian started scratching his head. “Although it is still awkward” Ashian sighed.

    “Oh don’t worry” Alexa smiled as she started brushing Ashian’s hair. “I’ll make it look better” she smiled one of her usual heart warming smiles. And for some reason, Ashian lost all of his thoughts about the kiss with Alexa. “There” she stopped combing his hair.

    Ashian looked really different instead of his spiky hair his hair was now straight and combed to the sides so that the left and the right would be in opposite sides and would show his face. “Wow, I look so cool” Ashian said as he saw his reflection on the water. “I’m totally different from myself.”
    “See, we finally managed to get rid of your ugliness” Henry started laughing and slapped Ashian’s back. Henry turned around to look over at the screen. “Hey, I think you’re battle’s next Ashian” Henry pointed over at the screen, it said Ashian was going to battle a girl named Sal; Ashian sighed, he still felt a little queasy about his new hair color.

    “A two Pokémon battle right?” Ashian asked and turned to look at Alexa. Looking at her closely he could see that her front hair had a small shade of black on then, which made a small shadow on the floor itself.

    “Yep, two Pokémon for battle and you can only use those two Pokémon once” Alexa looked at him and frowned a little. “What are you staring at so stupidly?” she asked.

    “You dyed your front hairs” Ashian said as he turned away blushing and pointed over at her hairs.

    “I wanted to in the same position as you, I know it’s not as much hair as yours obviously, but it’s the thought that counts” Alexa smiled as she grabbed his hand and started whispering on his ear. “Don’t worry, what happened yesterday should worry you that much, just focused on the battle” she whispered.

    “Okay, thanks” Ashian whispered and then he started walking over to the field, his pokéball in hand as he got in the field and faced his opponent. Sal was at least three years older than him she had her fiery red hair tied in a ponytail; she was wearing a pink shirt with broken sleeves and a pair of dark green shorts.

    “You must be my opponent, it’s nice to meet you” she bowed and get her pokéball out from her pocket. “Now, get ready to hear my roar, go Swallot” she threw her pokeball and a huge purple ball appeared, it deformed so that it could show its face, it had a pair of red eyes and a small black mustache, it was mostly purple and its lips were puckered up.

    “All right, time to see if this new hair can give me more luck, go Whismur” Ashian threw his own pokéball out and after the large white beam cleared up his Whismur came out; although the little Pokémon had its ears in front of its eyes. “Come on Whismur, don’t let her know you’re scared” Ashian demanded with a serious look, this just made Whismur more scared though. “Sorry, I didn’t meant to scare you” Ashian laughed nervously.

    “I’m getting bored, Swallot use Sludge Bomb” Swallot leapt back and it fired a barrage of mud balls from its big body. Whismur saw this but instead of dodging it, it stayed there and let the Sludge Bomb hit her.

    “Whismur, get up and use your Pound attack” Whismur struggled a little but she managed to get up; her ears glowed white as she jumped forward as it hit Swallot on its stomach.

    “Swallot, Double Edge while its close” Sal took her chance to attack as Swallot crashed against Whismur and sent it flying into the sky. “Hyperbeam now!” she yelled as Swallot fired a huge beam of energy into the sky.

    “Whismur, use Rollout!” Ashian yelled into the sky once he saw the Hyperbeam heading Whismur’s way.

    Up on the sky Whismur opened its eyes just in time to see the Hyperbeam about to crash with her, she curled into a ball and started rolling so that it would pass through the Hyperbeam. She rolled down back to the ground and thanks to the Hyperbeam she had a straight path down. Once she could see the floor she turned around and rolled right over to Swallot, her Rollout attack crashed with Swallot and sent it crashing back to the floor.

    “Swallot get up” Sal ran over to the purple mass and helped it up; even though it took a lot of strength to do that. “Now, use Poison Barrage!” Swallot jumped high in the air as it started spinning and firing purple beams of light all around the field.

    “A new attack, Whismur dodge it” Ashian threw his hand around while Whismur was trying to dodge all of the light; but in the end once one hit all the others took their shot at her. “Whismur!” Ashian yelled as he ran over to Whismur. Whismur got up and it faced Swallot with an angry smile. “I think Swallot awoke her inner strength” Ashian grinned and prepared himself for what was coming.

    Whismur inhaled a lot of air inside and it fired a huge wave of sound that lifted the wood off the floor as it headed straight for Swallot. Swallot tried to dodge it; but unfortunately for it the Hyper Voice filled the whole field which means BAM. Swallot flew out of the field without any struggles as it fell unconscious on the floor.

    “Return Swallot” Sal’s voice became saddened as she returned her Pokémon. “You win the first round, but can you win the second one, go Nidoking” Sal threw he pokéball and her Nidoking came out. It looked like a huge purple dinosaur (don’t worry, it’s not Barney) , it had long sharp claws on its hands and a white chest, he had a long purple horn on its head and long purple and blue ears, its legs were small but strong enough to create a huge hole on the floor.

    “Return Whismur” Ashian grabbed Whismur’s pokéball and returned the little Pokémon. “Go Charmeleon” Ashian threw his second pokéball and his newly evolved Charmeleon came out. “Let’s see how strong you’ve become since you evolved” Ashian grinned. Charmeleon felt weird at first; seeing how its Trainer looked totally different it was a shock to see Ashian as his new self. But in the end it assumed its usual battle stand.

    “Nidoking go for a Poison Jab” Nidoking started running as it sent out huge waves of energy cause of the strength of its big feet. Its arm started glowing in a deep purple color that could almost pass for a fuchsia. Nidoking stretched its arm and it prepared to the deliver the hit on Charmeleon. Charmeleon saw his chance and grabbed Nidoking’s arm in time; he managed to push Nidoking back but the poison was taking some effect.

    “Charmeleon, try to shrug it off and use your Flame Thrower” Charmeleon took in a huge current of air into his nose and fired a jet of burning flame at Nidoking.

    “Nidoking, use your Hyper Beam” Nidoking took a step back and fired a huge beam of orange energy that crashed with the Flame Thrower; Both attack crashed and created a huge explosion around the field.

    Ashian covered his face with his hand as he looked into the now growing cloud of smoke. “I hope Charmeleon’s okay” Ashian looked over to see Charmeleon kneeling on the floor, he was letting out smoke from his nose and then he got up. “Charmeleon, hit it with your Fire Punch” Charmeleon reacted instantly and started running over to Nidoking with its fist surrounded by flames. But just when Charmeleon was about to hit, he flinched and stopped running. “Damn it, the poison’s taking its toll” Ashian grunted and then it hit him. “Charmeleon stay there!” he yelled.

    “Nidoking Double Edge” Nidoking started running at a great speed; it was leaving trails of energy as it ran. I jumped into the air and prepared to slam Charmeleon.

    “Now Charmeleon, use Bulk Up then Seismic Toss!” Ashian yelled as Charmeleon breathed in and then hiss muscles got bigger; he lifted his arms up and caught Nidoking in mid air. Then Charmeleon started spinning it and then he threw Nidoking out of the field; he almost threw it out of the ship.

    “All right!” Ashian yelled and then he ran over to his tired Pokémon. “You did it Charmeleon” Ashian started petting Charmeleon, who took a few seconds to smile cause of how different his Trainer looked. “Yeah, this new hair would take a while to get adjusted too” Ashian laughed.

    A few minutes later Ashian was patting Henry’s back while Henry was looking down at the floor sadly. “Come on Henry, you’ll do fine” Ashian smiled nervously and then looked over at the board; it said that Henry’s second round battle would be against Bryan. “Bryan’s not that hard to beat, I fought him once and I won” Ashian laughed.

    “Yeah for you, you’re the one that has four badges, I’m the one that only has two Pokémon, which barely know any attacks” Henry sighed as he kept looking down. He knew it wouldn’t be easy although it really didn’t helped moving a lot while looking down because he was starting to get sea sick. “I need to run” Henry got up, his face turned vomit green and then he started running fast, he almost crashed with an old couple while he was running.

    “Man, he’s going to kill himself with his nerves” Ashian laughed nervously. Alexa walked over to him, she was drinking a can of soda.

    “You do know this would be Henry’s first two on two battle, and let’s not forget his last battle was practically a lucky shot” Alexa took a gulp from her soda. “Plus, even if Henry does wins, he only has two Pokémon in total, so once the battle ends either he wins or loses he will still lose” She looked up at the sky and sighed again. “He’s stuck.”

    “Yeah, but that doesn’t matter, as long as he tries his best and fight Bryan with everything he has, I don’t care if he loses” Ashian shrugged and got up. “I’ve seen Henry train, he may be clumsy sometimes, and it’s true that when it comes to training Bryan’s a hare and Henry’s a turtle” Ashian stopped so that he could grin for a moment. “But, just like the tale of the Hare and the Turtle, if the hare goes too fast it’ll get cocky and once that happens…the turtle will have its chance to beat the hare” Ashian smiled and turned around to see that Henry was back already. “You ready champ” he laughed.

    “Yeah, I guess I can’t hold it off anymore can I?” Henry laughed; unfortunately this almost got him sea sick again. “Well, guess I’ll have to leave it all to luck” he shrugged it off and started walking.

    Ashian looked around; Bryan came out from the inside of the ship and then started walking over to the field, although he couldn’t do it without glancing at Ashian first. “Watch me wipe the floor with you’re little friend Ashian” Bryan smirked and then kept walking.

    “Be careful, a hare may be fast, but a turtle has a strong defense” Ashian didn’t turned to look at Bryan while he talked, but he could feel Bryan’s rage growing from where he was.

    Everyone was gathering around the field, all eyes were staring right at the battle field as Henry and Bryan prepared to bring their Pokémon out. “I don’t care if you’re Ashian’s rival, I’m still beating you” Henry clenched his hand around the pokéball so much it almost slipped through his hand; but he managed to make it. “Go Nosepass” Henry threw his pokéball and his Nosepass came out.

    “You call that a Pokémon, you have got to be kidding me!” Bryan started laughing and threw his own pokéball in the air. “Go Garchomp” the pokéball opened and Bryan’s Marshtomp came out and looked over at Nosepass.

    “Henry already has the disadvantage, do you really think he can win” Alexa said in a worried tone and then turned to look at a serious Ashian.

    “Don’t worry” Ashian didn’t turned away from the field but he still could concentrate well. “Henry’s ready for this, I know that” he grinned as he kept staring at Henry.

    “START” the announcer yelled through the MIC as both kids motioned they’re Pokémon to fight.

    “Go Nosepass, use your Rock Throw attack just like we practiced it” Henry threw his hand in the air to imitate Ashian’s moved. Nosepass raised its face and a barrage of rocks formed and fell from the sky.

    “Marshtomp, teach them the power of Iron Tail” Bryan smirked as he kept staring at the battle that was in motion. Marshtomp jumped up and its tail started glowing white while it started cracking all of the rocks. Then it jumped off the last rock and it ran towards Nosepass; after a few second Marshtomp’s tail crashed with Nosepass’s body.

    “Nosepass, use your Double Edge” Nosepass started running at a great speed and it was about to crash with Marshtomp; but the toad like Pokémon was prepared and it fired a current of water that pushed Nosepass back. “Nosepass, use Rock Tomb now!” Nosepass created a pile of rocks that kept moving forward and getting higher till it hit Marshtomp on its jaw. Marshtomp bounced off the floor, but it got up easy after a few seconds.

    “You little” Bryan gritted his teeth and then glared at Henry. “I’ll show your Pokémon some pain, go Marshtomp, use your Water Pulse” Marshtomp charged up and it fired a ball of blue energy from its mouth. The ball slid through the field as it let out a path of water. It crashed against Nosepass.

    Nosepass fell on the floor and after a few minutes of shaking it just stayed there. “Looks like the rock abomination couldn’t handle it” Bryan chuckled and then he took off his goggles. “Is this the best you got for me?”

    *What am I gonna do, there’s no way I can beat his second Pokémon with a Pokémon I just got a few days ago* Henry thought as he sulked down on his legs. *What’s worst is that, Ashian will be disappointed in me* he looked over at Ashian’s face; but instead of disappointment he was actually smiling.

    “He can do it, there’s one more round” Ashian said to Alexa; although apparently she wasn’t listening.

    Henry smiled back and then got back up from the floor. “I’m not running away anymore Bryan, cause one a turtle leaves its shell, there’s nothing that can stop it” Henry gave him a wide smile and threw his pokéball out so that his Mareep could come out.

    “I see, you’re not giving up, in that case go Umbreon” Bryan threw his own pokéball and his Umbreon came out. “Now go for a Shadow Ball” Umbreon jumped up and fired a ball of darkness at Mareep.

    “Mareep, dodge it and use your Thunderbolt” Mareep jumped sideways and fired a barrage of lightning that went straight to Umbreon. Umbreon used its Quick Attack to dodge that attack and then it used the rest of the momentum to crash against Mareep.

    “Mareep, use Spark” Mareep surrounded itself with blue lightning and it crashed back with Umbreon; thanks to this Umbreon got paralyzed and once it tried to counter this attack it couldn’t move. “Now, use your Headbutt” Mareep bounced off the floor and hit Umbreon with its head. “We’re winning!” Henry yelled cheerily.

    Bryan kept gritting his teeth, Umbreon was getting beat by a little Mareep; it hadn’t even moved for more than five minutes since it got hit, and it was already showing bruises from the attacks. “Umbreon, bring this to the end, use your Night Shade” Umbreon finally started moving and its eyes glowed black as it fired a beam of dark energy at Mareep. The sheep Pokémon was already preparing for its next attack and thanks to that it was an easy target for the Night Shade. Mareep got hit and got sent crashing.

    “Mareep, don’t give up, this race is not over yet” Henry looked at Umbreon again, he knew he had the advantage, Umbreon was already gasping for breath and even though Mareep got hit by strong attacks it was still fit to battle. “Bryan, you just gave me the straight path to victory” Henry smiled, Bryan looked confuse but then he noticed what Henry was talking about. “You’ve completed the tale, by getting so cocky your Umbreon couldn’t foresee the Spark and the paralysis status, in other words while it was confident about winning, it’s like it fell sleep like in the tale” Henry clenched his fist. “Now Mareep, use your Thunder!” Henry yelled wide into the air.

    Mareep fired a huge Thunder attack down at Umbreon. “Umbreon dodge it!” Bryan yelled with fury but the paralysis hit Umbreon again and it stopped it from moving; once this happened Umbreon got hit by the Thunder attack and got sent crashing with the bars of the ship. “Umbreon!” Bryan started running over to his Pokémon.

    “The winner of the second round is Henry Trainer” the announcer yelled through the MIC. Henry smiled; but the moments of happiness were short. “Now, will need to go to a tie breaker” the announcer said, it hit him there, Henry knew Mareep wasn’t ready for a tie breaker. “Now we’ll still follows the rules of the tournament so you’ll have to use another Pokémon”

    Henry raised his hand and looked down at the floor. “I give up” everyone gasped, except for Ashian and Alexa who knew why Henry would do that. “I wasn’t aware that I needed more than two Pokémon to participate, when I only have two Pokémon myself, so I retire from this tournament” Henry said as he put his hand down and then he walked over to Ashian. “I’m sorry Ashian, guess I lost the battle” Henry turned to look away from Ashian, but Ashian put his hand on Henry’s shoulder and turned Henry’s face so that he would look over at his.

    “Don’t worry Henry, you did good…for a turtle” Ashian laughed with a silly tone and then he patted Henry’s back.

    “Hey, something I noticed, in the Surfing Competition in Cerulean you said my last name was Knight, here they said it was Trainer, which if I recall its your last name” Henry looked at Ashian confused.

    “That’s cause, we have developed a closer bond, I don’t see you as a friend man, I see you as a brother” Ashian smiled as he and Henry shook hands. “Plus, now that my hair kinda looks like your, except mine’s brown and yours is red, people will believe it” Ashian laughed again.

    That night Ashian was about to go to sleep after he gazed at the stars for a few minutes. “Man, I won the second round this afternoon and tomorrow we got the semifinals, I wonder if I can beat both Bryan and Evelyn, although they both got better since the last time I saw them” Ashian sighed. He had his hat in hi hands. “Now that I got this new hairdo, I think it wouldn’t be fair to cage it inside this hat” Ashian grabbed the backpack that was on the floor and he put the hat inside. “From now on, there will be no hat in my head” Ashian smiled and then started walking back to his room.

    On the wall nearby Evelyn was snooping on Ashian. “I got him sir” she was holding a communicator in her hand as she pressed the button she started talking on it. “I don’t think he knows anything about the rebels, but who knows, after all he does share a few strings with the leader” she said as she turned off the communicator. “But just how much does Ashian knows about his older brother” she grinned and then started walking back.

    After winning his second round battle Ashian helped Henry on his battle against Bryan. The battle was great, but even though Henry did his bed, he still lost to Bryan and after a good afternoon of rest Ashian has accepted his new hair color and is willing to change his life. But who was Evelyn talking to, and who exactly Ashian’s older brother is, and does he even know about him.


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