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    Chapter 148: Burying the Past

    “This official battle between Mike, League Winner from Littleroot Town, and Mark, Top Coordinator from Hearthome City, will now begin! Each Trainer will be allotted the use of six Pokémon with no substitutions! Battle will end when all of either Trainer’s Pokémon are unable to continue! Begin!” Alexis said, on the side of the Pummelo Gym. Drake was sitting on a bleacher, watching both me and Mark.

    “Let’s start off strong! Empoleon, go!” Mark sent out Empoleon.

    “Two can play at that game! Metagross, come on out!” Metagross came out.

    “Empoleon, use Hydro Pump!” Empoleon fired a Hydro Pump at Metagross.

    “Use Confusion!” Metagross’s Confusion fired the attack right back at Empoleon, doing relatively little damage.

    “Empoleon, use Steel Wing!” Empoleon flew at Metagross using Steel Wing.

    “Metagross, Psychic!” Metagross caught Empoleon with Psychic. “Now use Brick Break!”

    “Empoleon, intercept with Steel Wing!” The two attacks collided.

    “Okay, try Gyro Ball!” Metagross spun at Empoleon.

    “Counter that with Drill Peck!” Empoleon spun using Drill Peck, doing just as much damage to Metagross.



    The two attacks missed each other and hit their targets. There were two huge explosions, and when they subsided, our Pokémon were knocked out.

    “Metagross and Empoleon! Both Pokémon are unable to battle!” Alexis said. Drake got an inquisitive look.

    “Metagross, you did great. Take a rest,” I said, returning Metagross. “Okay, Gallade! Let’s do this!” I sent out Gallade.

    “Empoleon, good job! Have a good rest,” Mark said, returning Empoleon. “Aerodactyl, let’s go!” Mark sent out Aerodactyl. “Use Ancientpower!” Aerodactyl fired an Ancientpower which knocked Gallade on the ground.

    “Gallade, use Psycho Cut!” Gallade’s Psycho Cut hit the mark for a critical hit.

    “Aerodactyl, Steel Wing while it’s close!” Aerodactyl knocked Gallade far away with its Steel Wing.

    “Gallade, use Magical Leaf and Confusion!” Gallade used Magical Leaf and guided it towards an escaping Aerodactyl with Confusion. The attack landed, causing Aerodactyl to fall.

    “Aerodactyl, get up and use Hyper Beam!” Aerodactyl struggled to get up.

    “Gallade, use Thunderpunch!” Gallade leapt at Aerodactyl with Thunderpunch. Unfortunately, Aerodactyl’s head popped up and the Hyper Beam in its mouth collided with Gallade’s Thunderpunch. There was another explosion, and after that, both Pokémon were out.

    “Wha-?! Gallade and Aerodactyl! Both Pokémon are unable to battle!” Alexis said, puzzled.

    “Wow, I never thought it would be this close,” I said, retuning Gallade. “Go, Deoxys!”

    “Well, this makes it a little more epic!” Mark replied, returning Aerodactyl. “Go, Mew!”

    We sent out our legendaries to face off. Drake got an astonished look when he saw them.

    “Ready, pal?” I asked.

    “Absolutely!” Deoxys replied.

    “Mew, use Aura Sphere!” Mew fired an Aura Sphere at Deoxys.

    “Deoxys, use Extremespeed!” Deoxys adopted Speed Forme, dodged, then struck Mew with Extremespeed. “Now use Focus Punch!” Deoxys readied a fist.

    “Mew, use Silver Wind!” Mew fired a Silver Wind that stopped Deoxys’ attack and sent it far back. “Now fire a Dark Pulse!” Mew launched a Dark Pulse at Deoxys.

    “Deoxys, dodge and use Night Shade!” Deoxys moved away and hit Mew with Night Shade. “Now hit it with Zap Cannon!” Deoxys fired a Zap Cannon at Mew.

    “Mew, use another Silver Wind then Dark Pulse!” Mew’s Silver Wind negated the Zap Cannon then a Dark Pulse nailed Deoxys. “Now use Psychic!”

    “Use Psychic back!”

    The two grabbed each other with Psychic, slowly causing each other damage. This went on until Mark broke the ice.

    “Mew, break free and use Iron Tail!” Mew flew at Deoxys with Iron Tail.

    “Deoxys, Counter!” Deoxys glowed with Counter, doing double damage to Mew. Both Pokémon passed out.

    “What the-?! Uh, Deoxys and Mew! Both Pokémon are unable to battle!” Alexis said, surprised.

    “Deoxys! You OK?” I asked, running up to it.

    “I’ll…be fine. You keep this fight going!...good luck!” Deoxys responded as I returned it to its Poke Ball.

    “Okay, let’s do this! Girafarig, come on!” Girafarig came out, ready to battle.

    “Ready over here! Ninetales, come on out!” Ninetales came out, just as ready. “Start off with Will-O-Wisp!” Ninetales launched several Will-O-Wisps.

    “Girafarig, use Magic Coat!” Girafarig ran towards the Will-O-Wisp with Magic Coat in effect, hoping to make the Will-O-Wisp effect reflect back to Ninetales.

    “Rrgh! Ninetales, gather them up with Fire Spin and then put them out with Toxic!” Ninetales used Fire Spin to move them to its tails and used Toxic to blow them out.

    “Heh, I loved that appeal! Anyway, Girafarig! Charge Beam!” Girafarig fired a Charge Beam and upped Special Attack.

    “Ninetales, use Flamethrower!” Both attacks missed each other and hit the target.

    “Girafarig! Thunder!”

    “Ninetales, Overheat!”

    This time, the attacks collided. They eventually created ANOTHER explosion, engulfing both Girafarig and Ninetales. When it cleared, the two were KO-ed.

    “But…! Rrgh, Girafarig and Ninetales! Both Pokémon are unable to battle!” Alexis said, astonished.

    “You think the universe is trying to tell us something?” I asked, recalling Girafarig. “Go, Golduck!” I sent out Golduck.

    “Let’s find out!” Mark said, recalling Ninetales. “Let’s do this, Breloom!” Mark sent out Breloom.

    “Okay, Golduck! Use Hydro Pump!” Golduck fired a Hydro Pump, which did relatively little damage to Breloom.

    “Breloom, use Energy Ball!” Breloom fired an Energy Ball, damaging Golduck greatly.

    “Golduck, use Blizzard!” Golduck fired a Blizzard, which stopped Breloom in its tracks.

    “Rrgh! Breloom, get out of there with Mach Punch!” Breloom used Mach Punch to escape and get a distance away from Golduck. “Now finish it with Dynamicpunch!” Breloom ran at Golduck with a Dynamicpunch.

    “Golduck! Aerial Ace!” Golduck ran at Breloom with Aerial Ace. Both attacks hit their intended targets’ faces, and they were both out like lights.

    “There’s no way!! Gah, Golduck and Breloom! Both Pokémon are unable to battle!” Alexis said, flabbergasted.

    “Wow. Who’d have thought?” I said upon returning Golduck to its Poke Ball.

    “It seems fitting, though,” Mark replied. I noticed Drake having an intense look on his face by this point.

    “This is it! We’re going to settle this once and for all with our partners in crime!” I said.

    “I couldn’t agree more! It’s time to put this to an end!” Mark replied.

    “Espeon! Showtime!”

    “Umbreon! Action!”

    We sent out our Eevolutions, who glared immediately upon seeing each other as opponents.

    “Okay, Espeon! Let’s start this off with Quick Attack!” Espeon moved toward Umbreon with Quick Attack.

    “Umbreon, dodge it! Then use Faint Attack!” Umbreon jumped, then came down with a Faint Attack that did considerable damage to Espeon.

    “Espeon, hurry! Signal Beam!” Espeon quickly turned around and nailed Umbreon with Signal Beam.

    “Okay, Umbreon! Use Take Down!” Umbreon rushed at Espeon, but Espeon moved out of the way and Umbreon took recoil damage for hitting a wall.

    “Espeon, another Signal Beam!” Espeon fired a Signal Beam at Umbreon.

    “Umbreon, Swift!” Umbreon’s Swift cancelled the Signal Beam out. “Hey, Mike! Guess what time it is?” Mark said, looking at the sky. I noticed the sun had gone down.

    “Oh, no!” I said. There was still light out, but the moon was going to come up soon. “We’ve gotta come up with something before Mark takes advantage of the moon! But what…?”


    I looked to see that Espeon’s red gem was glowing, indicating that it was predicting the future. At once, I got an idea as if I’d read Espeon’s mind or something. “All right! Let’s give it a try!” I said.

    “Hey, I saw that red light! So what did you guys predict?” Mark asked.

    “Oh, just a 100% chance of brightness tonight! Use Flash!” Espeon used Flash in front of Umbreon, causing it to hide its head. “NOW!” I shouted. Espeon grinned, nodded, and moved its head upward to launch our strategy.

    “Umbreon, get rid of that with your rings!” Umbreon’s yellow rings glowed, and the two lights cancelled each other out. “That was a pretty sad tactic! You didn’t have Espeon move at all!” Mark said. I said nothing. “Not very chatty tonight, eh? And speaking of tonight, it’s about to arrive! Of course, we’ll have you beat by then! Iron Tail!” Umbreon launched an Iron Tail.

    “Counter that with your own Iron Tail!” The two Iron Tails hit their marks and blew Espeon and Umbreon back towards us and a distance from each other. “Mark, I have only one chance to win this: to end the match before the moon comes up. I’m going to try my trump card.”

    “Okay! I’m ready with the same one!” Mark said, grinning.



    The two ran at each other with their Giga Impacts and collided, creating a massive explosion (AGAIN). It took a while to clear, but it finally did. Espeon and Umbreon were staring at each other.

    “Well, that was a waste! And look,” Mark said, noting the moon, “…the moon’s out! We’re matched point for point, so I’ll have to remedy that a little bit! Then you’re toast! Umbreon, use Moonlight!” Umbreon just stood there. “Wh-what’s going on? Umbreon?!” Mark asked frantically.

    “HEH,” I chuckled to myself. “Mark, this has been the greatest match of my life. We’ve matched each other, knockout for knockout, hit for hit, and everything in between. I could never ask for a better rival…or brother, for that matter. But I’m afraid that this sibling rivalry…is over!” At that time, Umbreon fell to the ground and fainted.

    “U-Umbreon! No…” Mark said.

    “FINALLY! Umbreon is unable to battle! Espeon is the winner, and victory in this match goes to Mike of Littleroot Town!” Alexis said, relieved that it wasn’t another tie.

    “Espeon! We did it!” I said, running up to it and hugging it.

    “Espe, Espeon! Espe!” Espeon said. It kinda winced, though.

    “Mike, that was great…and unexpected (man, that was a lot of ties)! Congratulations!” Alexis said, hugging me.

    “Yeah, what was up with that?” Mark asked, coming over.

    “No clue,” I said.

    “But how’d you do it? Espeon and Umbreon matched each other move for move! You said so yourself!” Alexis asked.

    “Well…I kinda lied. When Espeon used Flash, I had it use Morning Sun, replenishing a ton of energy because of Flash’s brightness!”

    “…wow. That’s…that seems impossible,” Mark said, shocked. “Still, great job…MIKE,” Mark said with a good amount of difficulty.

    “That was an incredible battle!” Drake said, coming over. “You boys also seem to be evenly matched!” he said.

    “We do?” Mark and I asked, looking at each other.

    “You two would make a great Tag Team!” Drake said to us. “In any case, that battle was just what I needed! Now I know that there are Trainers out there who can give me and my partners that thrill back! I look forward to tomorrow, Mike!” He then waved as he walked off.

    “All right! Now there’s no mistake: we’re GOING to win that Winner’s Trophy!” I said, pumped.

    After finally coming out on top over Mark, I didn’t have a doubt that I was going to win the next day. It was just a matter of keeping my head in the game and not letting the thought of his Dragonite get the better of me.

    …the first of those two objectives, of course, proved impossible later that night.

    “It…it can’t be…” I said in despair.

    “I’m sorry, but Espeon’s too injured to battle tomorrow. You’ll have to leave it here,” Nurse Joy said. We were at the Pokémon Center, and Espeon was the only one not being given the green light to battle against Drake.

    “So…what’ll happen now?” Alexis asked. “Maybe you could get another Pokémon from Professor Birch? Ooh! I’ll lend you Mightyena again!”

    “Nah, scratch that. I’ve got an idea!” Mark said. He then shared it with us.

    “…all right. I’ll try it. We’ll win this for you, partner!” I said. The stage was set, and I was ready to step onto it.
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    Chapter 149: Bond. Destiny Bond.

    And so, the day of my battle finally came. I went to Pummelo Stadium, where a horde of people awaited me and Drake. We entered, and Alexis and Mark took the bench behind the battlefield while I went to the stairs leading to the Dragonite statue where Drake was.

    “I’m expecting a lot of fight from you, Mike! Especially after yesterday’s battle!” Drake said, holding out his hand.

    “I’m hoping it’ll be a great battle too, Drake!” I said, shaking it. We then took our positions as a referee went to the side. The field went down and was replaced with a rock field with a pool in the center.

    “This official battle between Drake, Orange League Champion and Pummelo Gym Leader, and Mike McCarver, the challenger from Littleroot Town, will now begin! Each trainer will be allotted the use of six Pokémon! Only the challenger may make substitutions, and once three of either Trainer’s Pokémon are unable to continue, we will take a break for a field change! From then on, battle will resume until all of either side’s Pokémon are unable to continue! Begin!” the judge said.

    “Okay, let’s get things started!” Drake said, sending out a Ditto, a pink blob-like Pokemon.

    “Metagross, come on down!” I said, sending out Metagross.

    “Ditto! Transform!” Ditto morphed into Metagross.

    “Oh, man. Metagross, use Zen Headbutt!” Metagross flew at Ditto with Zen Headbutt.

    “Ditto! Use Hammer Arm!” Ditto raised its arm and used Hammer Arm to stop Metagross’s attack.

    “Nice try, but that won’t work on Metagross! Use Thunderpunch!” Metagross hit Ditto with a Thunderpunch, sending it flying backwards.

    “Good move! But nothing we can’t come back from. Ditto, Earthquake!”

    “Metagross, Earthquake back!” Both Pokémon slammed the ground with Earthquake. Ditto looked much more shaken up than Metagross. “Way to go! Now use Take Down!”

    “Ditto, use Take Down back!” Both Pokémon charged at each other with Take Down. The attacks collided, and both Ditto and Metagross were sent flying backwards.

    “Nice move, but I think I can top it! Use Zen Headbutt!” Metagross flew forward.

    “Try all you want; we’ll just keep mirroring until we win! Zen Headbutt!” Ditto flew forward.

    “NOW! Grab it!” I said. Metagross grabbed Ditto’s front arms. “Now use Gyro Ball!” Metagross spun in a Gyro Ball, and Ditto was unable to do a thing.

    “What the-?!” Drake said, astonished.

    “Reverse Release!” I said. Metagross let go upon stopping, sending Ditto flying into a boulder and smashing it. The minute the dust cleared, Ditto went back to its original form, knocked out.

    “Ditto is unable to battle! Metagross is the winner!”

    “Way to go, pal! That’s one for our team!” I said.

    “Meta!” Metagross said, fist-pumping.

    “Good work, Ditto. Return,” Drake said, recalling Ditto. “Nicely done, Mike! You figured out Ditto’s weakness!”

    “Yup! While Ditto’s appearance may change, its physical status doesn’t! It couldn’t have Metagross’s true build, so it couldn’t defend against all those attacks as easily as Metagross!” I explained.

    “You got it! But let’s see just how you plan to keep it!” Drake said, sending out a Steelix as his next Pokémon.

    “Steelix…hmm. Metagross, return!” I said, recalling Metagross. Ground-Type moves could really hurt Metagross. I’ll play it safe…or will I? I thought. “Girafarig, let’s do it!” I said, sending out Girafarig.

    “Interesting. I’m well aware that Girafarig is well-versed in Electric-Type moves, so it’ll be fun to see what it can do against Steelix! Dragonbreath!” Steelix fired a Dragonbreath at Girafarig.

    “Dodge and use Charge Beam!” Girafarig jumped to the side and fired a Charge Beam at Steelix, which did nothing.

    “Michael, what are you thinking?! He just said that Electric attacks have no effect against Steelix!” Mark called out.

    “That doesn’t mean they don’t have effect! Watch and see! Girafarig, another Charge Beam!” Girafarig fired another Charge Beam at Steelix. It still did nothing, but this time it looked larger than before.

    “Steelix, use Iron Tail!” Steelix launched an Iron Tail at Girafarig.

    “Catch it with Psychic!” Girafarig used Psychic to stop Steelix’s tail where it was.

    “Gotcha! Use Crunch!” Steelix curled up and used Crunch on Girafarig’s neck, doing major damage.

    “Girafarig! Use Charge Beam!” Girafarig fired another Charge Beam, still doing nothing. However, this one looked bigger than the rest.

    “Wait…I see what you’re doing! Steelix, Dig!” Steelix let go of Girafarig and dug underground.

    “You’ll have to do better than that! Girafarig, Earthquake!” Girafarig used Earthquake to shake things up.

    “Oh no! Steelix, come out of the ground!” Drake said, but nothing happened.

    “If only Espeon could be here to predict when Steelix would come out! Ah well, I’ll just have to improvise! Girafarig, fire Thunder into the air!” Girafarig launched a Thunder attack up high. At that point, Steelix finally emerged, rattled. The Thunder then came back down. “Now, let’s finish this! MIRROR COAT!”

    “Rig!” Girafarig said. It then caught the attack with Mirror Coat, taking some damage. However, it just managed to reflect the now Psychic-type attack to Steelix, finally damaging it. The attack landed and knocked Steelix out.

    “Steelix is unable to battle! Girafarig is the winner!” the judge said.

    “All right! Way to go, Girafarig!” I said. Girafarig smiled weakly. “Oh. I guess you’d better return, huh?” I said, returning it to its Poke Ball.

    “Smart move. The Mirror Coat was so risky, I would’ve probably called Girafarig back as well. You’ve got a great battling sense, Mike! I’m having a lot of fun! And the fun is just getting started!” Drake said, sending out a Dusknoir. However, this one wasn’t gray and black with dark yellow rings, but light blue with bright yellow rings.

    “Hmm. Dusknoir. Okay, Golduck! Let’s get going!” I said, sending out Golduck. “Start things off with Aqua Jet!” Golduck engaged in Aqua Jet and flew at Dusknoir.

    “Dusknoir, use Trick Room!” Dusknoir encased the arena in Trick Room. “Now use Shadow Punch!” Dusknoir’s Shadow Punch nailed Golduck just as Golduck reached Dusknoir. However, Golduck used the opportunity to dive into the water.

    “All right! Now use Blizzard!” Golduck jumped out of the water and hit Dusknoir with Blizzard. However, the attack seemed relatively weak.

    “Dusknoir, use Shadow Ball!” Dusknoir fired a Shadow Ball at Golduck.

    “Dodge and hit it with Hydro Pump!” Golduck jumped to the side and got ready to use Hydro Pump.

    “Shadow Sneak!” Dusknoir crept into the shadows, zipped behind Golduck, and hit it with Shadow Sneak.

    “Rrgh! I forgot that attack isn’t affected by Trick Room…” I said, pissed. “Golduck, into the water!”

    “Shadow Sneak!” Dusknoir used Shadow Sneak again, hitting Golduck away from the pool.

    “What’s the weakness?! Rrgh, Golduck…oh! Try Psych Up!”

    “Shadow Sneak!” Dusknoir crept behind Golduck, but since Golduck was using Psych Up, it didn’t attack. “You figured it out. But too little, too late! Use Thunderpunch!” Dusknoir nailed Golduck with Thunderpunch, knocking it into the pool. Unfortunately, Golduck floated to the surface, KOed.

    “Golduck is unable to battle! Dusknoir is the winner!”

    “Excellent!” Drake said to Dusknoir.

    “Golduck, you did great. Return!” I said, returning Golduck to its Poke Ball. “Okay, I think it’s time to fight power with power! Deoxys, it’s showtime!” I said, sending out Deoxys. The crowd gasped and started chatting excitedly upon seeing it.

    “Let’s do this, Mike!” Deoxys said.

    “Right! Let’s start off with Rock Slide!” Deoxys used Rock Slide to attack.

    “Dusknoir, use Shadow Punch!” Dusknoir’s Shadow Punch neutralized the Rock Slide.

    “Deoxys, switch to Defense Forme!” Deoxys transformed. “Now get behind Dusknoir and use Psychic!” Deoxys quickly moved behind Dusknoir and grabbed it with Psychic.

    “Oh, no!” Drake said.

    “Yeah! Switching to that form decreased Deoxys’ Speed, making it faster than Dusknoir in Trick Room!” I said. As soon as I said that, however, the Trick Room vanished.

    “All right! Dusknoir, try Shadow Sneak!” Dusknoir escaped the Psychic and hit Deoxys with Shadow Sneak.

    “It’ll take more than that to take me down! ZAP CANNON!” Deoxys said, transforming to Attack Forme and hitting Dusknoir with Zap Cannon, paralyzing it.

    “Dusknoir! Use Shadow Sneak!”

    “Deoxys! Double Team!” Deoxys made its clones, making Shadow Sneak ineffective. The clones then grabbed Dusknoir, holding it in place, while Deoxys got in view.

    “All right! Let’s finish him off!” I said.

    “Right! PSYCHO BOOST!” Deoxys said, getting Psycho Boost ready.

    “Dusknoir, Destiny Bond!” Dusknoir fired off a Destiny Bond that hit Deoxys just as it released the Psycho Boost.

    “Huh? Oh no, NOT AGAAAAAIN!” Deoxys shouted, but it was too late. The Psycho Boost hit its mark, and Dusknoir went down for the count. “Well partner, I guess you’ll have to go on without me! Good luck-URK!” it said as it glowed purple and fell to the ground.

    “DEOXYS!!” I shouted.

    “Dusknoir and Deoxys! Both Pokémon are unable to battle!” the judge announced. “Therefore, we’ll take a short break to change the field!”

    I’d lost Deoxys, but I was still ahead. Keeping Deoxys’ encouragement as well as Alexis’ and Mark’s faith close, I readied myself for the second half…and for victory at last.
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    Chapter 150: Day and Dragonite

    “You ready? ‘Cause I think Drake is,” Mark asked.

    “Ready as I’ll ever be…so no,” I answered.

    “Just stay focused. Deoxys’ sacrifice won’t be in vain,” Mark said.

    “Right. With its wishes along with yours, my team and I will win this for sure!” I said.

    “Good luck, Mike! I know you can win!” Alexis said, giving me a good-luck kiss. I then went out to the field, which had changed to a desert-like field. In this, the final match of the Orange League, I had to take out just three more of Drake’s Pokémon, while I had only lost two as of yet.

    “Well, I think it’s time we got this started back up! Venusaur, let’s go!” Drake said, sending out a Venusaur.

    “Girafarig, you’re up!” I said, sending Girafarig back out. “Let’s start out with Psybeam!” Girafarig fired a Psybeam at Venusaur.

    “Venusaur, Dig!” Venusaur went under the sand, avoiding Psybeam.

    “Oh, no! Where is it?! Where will it pop up?...Darn it! Espeon could track where it’d come up!” Just then, Venusaur came up and slammed on top of Girafarig. “Girafarig, use Thunder!” Girafarig let loose a Thunder, but it did little damage.

    “Venusaur, Vine Whip!” Venusaur started lashing Girafarig with Vine Whip, not giving it a chance to retaliate.

    “Girafarig, hang in there! Try a Crunch!” Girafarig’s tail managed to grab a hold of Venusaur’s leg, causing it to wince.

    “Venusaur, don’t let up! Keep using Vine Whip!” Venusaur, through the pain, nailed Girafarig with Vine Whip after Vine Whip.

    “Girafarig! Use Earthquake!” Girafarig tried to use Earthquake, but its hooves got stuck in the sand. “…oops.”

    “Venusaur! One more ought to do it!” Venusaur used one last Vine Whip, knocking Girafarig out.

    “Girafarig is unable to battle! Venusaur is the winner!”

    “Girafarig, you did great. Come on back,” I said, recalling Girafarig. “Okay, it’s go time! Gallade, I choose you!” I sent out Gallade. “Use Psychic!” Gallade used Psychic to lift Venusaur into the air.

    “Venusaur, Solarbeam!” Venusaur began charging up for Solarbeam.

    “Get ready…” I said.

    “Get set…” Drake said as Venusaur spun around.

    “GO!” We both said. As Venusaur fired the Solarbeam, Gallade turned Venusaur upside down to send it flying into the air.

    “Great! Now use Ice Punch!” Gallade leapt up to Venusaur and instantly froze it with an Ice Punch. Venusaur landed, frozen and KOed.

    “Venusaur is unable to battle! Gallade is the winner!”

    “All right! Nice job, Gallade! We’re on a roll now!” I called out.

    “Gallade!” Gallade said.

    “I’m glad to see you getting back in your groove, Mike! But can it hold up against THIS?” Drake asked as he sent out an Electivire.

    “Okay, let’s just see what it’s made of! Gallade, start off with Psycho Cut!” Gallade rushed at Electivire with Psycho Cut.

    “Electivire, use Thunderpunch!” Electivire’s Thunderpunch cancelled out Gallade’s Psycho Cut. “Now use Thunderbolt!” Electivire shot out a Thunderbolt.

    “Gallade, Confusion!” Gallade used Confusion to send Thunderbolt into the sand. I’m not gonna be risky. I know of Electivire’s Motor Drive ability: if it gets hit with electricity, it’ll get much faster. And as fast as Gallade is, I don’t want to chance anything. “Now use Night Slash!” Gallade hit Electivire with a Night Slash.

    “Electivire, use Shock Wave!” Electivire grabbed Gallade with its two tails and used Shock Wave to zap it.

    “Gallade, fight back with Leaf Blade!” Gallade hit Electivire with Leaf Blade, causing a critical hit.

    “Electivire! Cross Chop!” Electivire rushed at Gallade, ready to use Cross Chop.

    “You’re not going to win using that! Gallade! Teleport!” Gallade teleported out of the way and behind Electivire. “Now use Close Combat!” Gallade hit a defenseless Electivire over and over again with Close Combat until it was sent flying. “Finish it! Psycho Cut!” Gallade landed one more Psycho Cut before Electivire landed on the ground. When it did, it didn’t get up.

    “Electivire is unable to battle! Gallade is the winner!”

    “Way to go, Gallade! We’re on a roll!” I cheered.

    “Gallade!” Gallade replied, giving me a thumbs-up.

    “Just one more! You can do it, guys!” Alexis called out.

    “Yeah, one more!...one more…? Aw nuts,” I said, realizing what that “one more” was when Drake reached for the Poke Ball attached to a string hanging around his neck.

    “You know it, Mike! My partner in crime, and the last Pokémon between you and the Winner’s Trophy! GO!” Drake said, sending out a Dragonite.

    “Well, WE’RE screwed,” I said in awe of Dragonite.

    “Dragonite! Thunderbolt!” Dragonite fired a Thunderbolt at Gallade.

    “Gallade, Confusion!” Gallade caught the attack with Confusion.

    “Now, Dragonite! Extremespeed!” Dragonite flew at Gallade with speed I’d probably never even seen before. It then struck Gallade in the torso, causing Gallade to drop the Thunderbolt which electrocuted both of them and exploded. After the explosion, Dragonite had taken minor damage, while Gallade had passed out.

    “Gallade is unable to battle! Dragonite is the winner!”

    “Wow…beaten in no time at all…” I said. “Then again, Gallade had just beaten two Pokémon in a row. You did great, Gallade!” I said, recalling Gallade. “Okay, Metagross! Let’s do this!” I said, sending out Metagross. “We can’t drag this out! Use Thunderpunch!” Metagross flew at Dragonite with Thunderpunch.

    “Dragonite, dodge and use Thunderbolt!” Dragonite flew away, flew back, and used Thunderbolt.

    “I’m not repeating the same mistake! Dodge and use Gyro Ball!” Metagross flew to dodge Thunderbolt and hit Dragonite with an extremely powerful Gyro Ball. “Yes! Being the slower one does have its advantages!”

    “Dragonite! Let’s show them our new secret move! Sky Drop!” Dragonite summoned up a gust of wind that blew both itself and Metagross into the air.

    “What?!” I said in shock. Clearly, this was another new move like Wild Charge. “Metagross! Try using Psychic!” Metagross, however, couldn’t move. “Rrgh, big deal! Metagross’ build will protect it from collision damage!”

    “Hah…you’re pretty naïve.”


    “That’s not what I was aiming for!” Drake said. “Dragonite! Thunder!” Dragonite fired off a powerful Thunder that did major damage to Metagross. It was then that Metagross was flung into the ground. Luckily, it managed to get up after that.

    “That’s the way! Now grab it!” Metagross floated up to where Dragonite was and tried to grab it.

    “Dodge it!” Dragonite flipped over Metagross, only to be intercepted and grabbed by Metagross’ back legs. “What?”

    “Now! Gyro Ball!” Metagross used Gyro Ball to spin for a while. “Reverse Release!” Metagross stopped and released Dragonite, flinging it towards the ground.

    “Dragonite! Skull Bash!” Dragonite did a complete 180, flew upward, and rammed into Metagross with a Skull Bash. It was enough to send Metagross plummeting to the ground, completely knocked out.

    “Metagross is unable to battle! Dragonite is the winner!”

    “Wow…Metagross, great job. Take a break…ugh,” I said, returning Metagross to its Poke Ball. “It’s official. I’ve got to find a way to slow Dragonite down. But to do that, I’ll need the help of a friend…”

    “So, you calling on your Espeon? Finally…I’ve been hoping to face it!” Drake said.

    “…no. Espeon’s…unable to battle,” I answered.

    “What? Then how-” Drake started.

    “Mark! Let’s give him our answer!” I said.

    “You got it!” Mark said, pressing the button on his watch. At once, a figure flew around the skies. It circled the inside of the stadium a few times before flying toward the sun, then coming back down. It landed right behind me.

    “Meet my answer to the dilemma that is your Dragonite! Salamence, it’s showtime!” I said, grinning.

    “RAAAR!” Salamence roared, ready to battle.

    “…heh. Heh heh heh! Hahahahah!” Drake laughed, confusing me. “It’s never a dull moment with you! Always throwing one new surprise after the other!...and this one trumps them all. I’m truly grateful to be battling you today, Mike!” he said.

    “The same to you, Drake! But just because we respect each other doesn’t mean I’m walking out of here without that Winner’s Trophy!” I answered.

    “We’ll just see! Dragonite! Let’s start with Ice Beam!” Dragonite fired an Ice Beam at Salamence.

    “Nice, but nothing we can’t counter. Flamethrower!” Salamence fired a Flamethrower, which neutralized the Ice Beam. “Okay! Now use Dragonbreath!” Salamence fired a Dragonbreath at Dragonite.

    “Dragonite! Thunderbolt!” Dragonite’s Thunderbolt cancelled out the Dragonbreath. “Now use Extremespeed!” Dragonite flew around to distract Salamence.

    “Salamence! Listen for it! And when the chance comes, use Dragon Rush!” Salamence nodded and closed its eyes. As soon as Dragonite changed direction, Salamence’s front glowed with a light blue aura and it flew towards Dragonite. The attacks collided, and Dragonite took a major hit. However, it still wasn’t enough to make it go down.

    “Dragonite! Twister!” Dragonite whipped up a Twister and used it to trap Salamence in place.

    “Oh no! Salamence!” I said as Salamence flinched.

    “Hyper Beam!” Dragonite took the opportunity to blast Salamence with a Hyper Beam. The attack landed for a critical hit, and Salamence went down.

    “…no…” I said.

    “…uh, Salamence is unable to bat-” the judge started.

    “RAAAAAAAR!” Salamence roared, getting back up.

    “What?!” Drake said, astonished.

    “Sorry, Drake! But I had that Expert Belt ready!” I said, pointing to a black belt wrapped around Salamence’s leg that I’d prepped not too long ago. “It prevents a Pokémon from being taken down in a single hit, so we’re still in this! Salamence! Use Dragonbreath!”

    “Dragonite! Extremespeed!” Dragonite dodged the Dragonbreath with Extremespeed.

    Dammit! If Extremespeed hits, Salamence will go down for sure! We’ve gotta slow Dragonite down, but how?...wait…WAIT! I thought to myself, getting an idea. “Salamence! Hidden Power!” Salamence used Hidden Power, which spread everywhere and stopped Dragonite in its tracks.

    “Oh, no! Dragonite, use Thunderbolt!”

    “Salamence! Dragonbreath!” Salamence quickly used Dragonbreath to hit Dragonite. As if by a complete miracle, Dragonite became paralyzed. “YES! Now let’s turn the tables! Salamence! Use Draco Meteor!” Salamence readied a Draco Meteor and fired it in the air.
    “Dragonite, hurry! Use Hyper Beam while they’re right there!” Dragonite, however, couldn’t move.

    “Time to show them a new Homerun Attack!” I said. This is for you, Espeon! “Salamence, fly up to the Draco Meteor and use Dragon Tail! LET’S GO!!!” I shouted. Salamence zoomed up to where the Draco Meteor was about to explode. It then attacked the Draco Meteor with a glowing tail, sending it down at Dragonite with incredible speed. At once, the Draco Meteor exploded, and all of the remnants made contact with a helpless Dragonite, causing a major explosion. Salamence flew to the ground, only for us to find that Dragonite was still upright after the dust cleared. “How in the hell?! How could it have possibly…sur…vi…oh,” I said, noting Dragonite’s spaced-out look. It then fell to the ground.

    “Dragonite is unable to battle! Salamence is the winner, and the winner of the Orange League is Mike of Littleroot Town!”
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    Chapter 151: The Spoils of Battle

    “We…we won! All right, WE WON!” I shouted. I then hugged Salamence’s neck while it licked my face. “You did awesome, pal!”

    “Rar!” Salamence replied happily.

    “Way to go! I knew you could do it!” Alexis said, jumping on both of us.

    “You guys were awesome!” Mark said, joining the group hug. “Never have I been more happy to be wrong!”

    “Thanks, you guys! This would never have happened if you all hadn’t been here to support me!” I said. “Thanks. Thanks a lot!”

    “ESPE!” I heard. I turned to the entrance, and there was Nurse Joy with a bandaged Espeon. “Espe Espeon!” Espeon said, running up to me.

    “Espeon…you’re okay!” I said, giving Espeon a big hug. “I’m so glad you’re all right…partner!”

    “Espe, Espe!” Espeon said, congratulating me.

    “So that’s where it was,” Drake said, coming over after returning Dragonite to its Poke Ball. “It’s amazing, seeing the powerful bonds between partners. I know it all too well,” Drake said, holding Dragonite’s Poke Ball. “I’m proud of you, old friend.”

    “Drake, thank you for a fantastic battle!” I said.

    “Oh no! Thank YOU for renewing my spirits, living up to my expectations, and doing such an excellent job raising your Pokémon! If you all could come with me, we would like to proceed with placing you all in the Orange League Hall of Fame!” Drake said. He then took us over to the stairs leading to the Dragonite statue, where I let all of my Pokémon out. He was handed a golden trophy with a winged golden Master Ball on the top. “Congratulations, Mike. May your travels be blessed with good fortune, and may your legend live on in this League’s history!”

    “Thank you very much, Drake!” I said, receiving the trophy. “Yeah! WE’RE WINNERS OF THE ORANGE LEAGUE!” I shouted excitedly, holding the trophy up high. My Pokémon shared their excitement, then all eight of us had our picture taken and we engraved our prints into a tile. I insisted that Espeon be a part of this, seeing as it was the front-runner of my team.

    After all that, we went to the Pokémon Center to heal up.

    “So…what should we do now?” Alexis asked.

    “Well, can we really fly back to Kanto? I mean, I don’t know if Salamence can fly that far…” Mark said.

    “In one try, anyway,” I agreed.

    “Rar,” Salamence said, nodding.

    “Hang on…” Alexis said, checking her Pokegear. “Okay, it says here that there is a ferry that runs to Pallet Town from Hamlin Island, just north of Kumquat Island! If we can take that route to Pallet Town, then Hoenn won’t be that far away!”

    “Cool! Okay, then I guess we’ll be off to Hamlin Island whenever everybody’s ready!” I said.

    “Hey, congratulations,” a familiar voice said. I turned to see Rojan, Chelsea, and Gerardo standing right there.

    “Rojan?!” I said in shock.

    “Gerardo?! Chelsea?!” Mark said, also in shock.

    “Long time no see, you guys!” Alexis said to them.

    “Hey!” Gerardo said in greeting.

    “You did so well! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!” Chelsea said to me.

    “Yeah, nice battling!” Gerardo added.

    “Uh…thanks, guys! But I think we definitely owe a great deal of thanks to Salamence here!” I said, motioning to Salamence.

    “Rar!” Salamence said bashfully.

    “Wow!...wait, you can only have seven Pokémon at once, so…” Rojan said.

    “Salamence is wild. It’s been following us around for a while, so it’s become one of our new traveling companions!” I explained.

    “I think it might have a crush on my Kingdra!” Alexis said, playfully elbowing Salamence, who blushed and turned away as if to say ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’.

    “Well, before you guys go and catch a ride back to Kanto, we should have lunch first!” Rojan suggested.

    “Sounds good! All-you-can-eat special, here I come!” Mark said.

    After getting our Pokémon back, we all went out for lunch.

    “So you turned down the request to become the new Orange League Champion, then?” Chelsea asked.

    “But why? I mean, being the Head Leader would be great!” Gerardo said.

    “Well, I’d much rather see Alexis become a Leader first. Besides, there’s something…something I have to do…” I said, trying to conceal Orre from them.

    “You’re trying to conceal Orre from us, aren’t you?” Rojan asked.

    “Damn, you’re good. Okay, yes. I’m planning on going to Orre to stop the Shadow Pokémon plot…with everyone else as well,” I said reluctantly.

    “Why do you say that last part like you do?” Chelsea asked.

    “…because…because this is going to be a dangerous mission. You all haven’t seen what I’ve seen. These Pokémon…they’re not even real anymore; they’re just shells. Their hearts have been artificially closed off, so they’re not afraid to attack humans. With power like that…I don’t know what could happen. I mean, it HAS happened to me. Twice!” I explained.

    “Yeah, I remember. That big dude-Gorigan, was it?-used a Shadow Hypno to try and drown you. But you’ve gotta remember: what was done can be undone. The secret lies with the Relic Stone!” Rojan explained.

    “Relic Stone…that’s right,” Mark said. “We’ve heard something along those lines. What do you know about it?”

    “Not much. Just that it’s the key to unlocking the door to a Shadow Pokémon’s heart. It has…some properties that I wasn’t told about when I was working with that Togepi I told you about.”

    “But what does this all mean? Why would Cipher close off their hearts and have them attack humans? Couldn’t we just beat them in Pokémon battles?” Alexis asked.

    “It’s not that simple. Not only are they even tougher, but they have their own special attacks. You remember, right?” I asked, trying to get her to think back to Shadow Lugia.

    “…oh, right. That was freaky,” Alexis said, remembering.

    “What? What was?” Gerardo asked.

    “Nothing,” I said, returning to my meal.

    Later that night, we were all at the Pokémon Center. Alexis and I were standing on the balcony, watching the stars.

    “Mike…” Alexis said.

    “Yeah?” I asked.

    “It’s been a lot of fun, journeying across the Orange Islands, but…I can’t help but feel that we were robbed of our vacation,” Alexis said.

    “Well…I guess you could call it a tropical vacation.”

    “That’s not what I meant. We were in danger from the moment the vacation started! And since then, we’ve only encountered more trouble! Do you ever think…that there’ll be a time when we’re NOT in danger?”

    “…I really don’t know. But I do know this: as long as we have each other-and the others-then danger should be looking out for us!” I said confidently.

    “…I knew it! You do have the answers!” Alexis said, chuckling.

    “What do you mean?” I asked.

    “You claimed to not be sure about whether or not us going with you to Orre would be a good idea, but you just admitted…” she said, taking my hands, “…that as long as we all have each other, then there’s nothing to fear! So I think it’s safe to say that all of us going to Orre together is the best course of action!”

    “…wooooooooooooow. You are SNEAKY!” I said, awed by how she did that. “Well, I guess it was mainly you that I had on my mind when thinking about the dangers. I don’t want you to get hurt or put in danger again, but…”

    “Hey, the way I see it, danger for us is another typical day!” Alexis said.

    “Yeah, true. Okay, we’re definitely going to get through this together!” I said. We then kissed, grateful for the other’s support.

    “One problem though: you said yourself that we couldn’t move until the PWE found out more about Cipher. Why should we make a move, if that’s the case?” Alexis asked.

    “…um…I received a call from Dad recently…” I said. “Shadow Lugia struck again.”
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    Chapter 152: Get Along, Little Diglett

    “So, what exactly did your dad tell you?” Alexis asked.

    “I…I can’t say. In fact, I even disobeyed orders telling you of his message!” I replied.

    “Ooh! I’m telling Mom!...or Dad!...sorry, couldn’t resist,” Mark said.

    We had said our goodbyes to Gerardo, Rojan, and Chelsea and were flying on Salamence to Hamlin Island, where the ferry to Pallet Town awaited. From there, Salamence would easily be able to take us to Littleroot Town.

    “So, what part of the island will we find the ferry on?” I asked.

    “Why are we always checking my Pokegear?!” Alexis asked, irritated.

    “Sorry, sorry,” I said, pulling out mine. “Okay, says here that we need to go to Hamlin City, on the northern part!”

    “That’s a given. I mean, Pallet Town is NORTH, so we’d come to the NORTH. How'd you miss your Pokegear's ‘obvious button’?” Mark asked sarcastically.

    “Don’t you start with me, too!” I snapped.

    “Rar…” Salamence said, exasperated. We landed near the ferry site, only to find the next one wasn’t leaving for two hours.

    “Hmm. Well, what should we do?” Mark asked.

    “Got me,” Alexis said, turning away.

    “I, for one, would like some alone time,” I said, still pissed about earlier. “See you guys in two hours!”

    “Fine! See you then!” Mark said in a huff. Alexis looked at us, confused, but then rolled her eyes and went off. So did Mark. Salamence and I just went off in another direction. We crossed the bridge leading to the actual island.

    “I don’t get it. Why, whenever I opened my mouth, did I get nothing but hostility?” I asked.

    “Rar,” Salamence said, unsure.

    “I don’t know. We need to find some way to come together. I mean, we’re coming together as a team to stop Cipher! I should think maybe we’d need that sense of camaraderie, right?”

    “Rar, rar.”

    “It said, ‘Dude, I think they feel that you don’t trust them’,” Deoxys translated.

    “Oh…why not? It’s thanks to them being there with me that I had the strength to go on through the Orange League!” I said.

    “And how do you repay them? By withholding information from them. I know you might think it for their own safety, but friendships are built on trust, as I’m sure you know,” Deoxys responded.

    “…maybe. We’ll see how that theory turns out next time I see them,” I said.

    “That might not come so quick. Look over there!” Deoxys said, having me point to the front. In front of us was an Electrode, and it looked pissed.

    “Electrode!” it said as it crackled with electric energy.

    “Salamence, let’s just fly over it!” I said, getting on Salamence’s back. As we flew over, Electrode decided to explode, causing us to waver a little. “Whoa! That was close!...what the hell?!” Soon, there were several more Electrode gathered below. They all looked just as pissed and about to explode. “This can’t be good! Salamence, evasive action!”

    “Go, Diglett! Round ‘em up!” a voice said. I looked down to see a man with a cloak and a cowboy hat. He sent out tons of Poke Balls, and out of them came just as many Diglett. They burrowed into the ground, dug around the Electrode, and down they went.

    “What the-?!” I said as Salamence and I landed. “Where’d they go?”

    “They went underground. Y’see, they’re exploding because they’re cramped in the city. That’s why I’m here,” the cowboy said. “The name’s Poncho, and I’m a Diglett rancher, partner.”

    “A…Diglett rancher?” I asked.

    “Rar?” Salamence added.

    “My Diglett tunnel holes to carry the Electrode through, and we take ‘em outside the city so they don’t have to explode. The only problem is that recently, somebody set that open area on the southern part of the island on fire. The Electrode migrated back to the city, and things…well, they haven’t been well. And worst of all, these three Diglett don’t really meld well,” Poncho said, motioning to three Diglett who looked like they were arguing.

    “What are they arguing about? Deoxys?” I asked.

    “Hmm…it seems that one of them isn’t really picking up the pace, and the other two don’t feel like they can trust it to do its job right,” Deoxys said.

    “Well, what could be keeping it from doing it right?” I asked. “Hey, little guy. Can’t you do a little more?”

    “Digletty,” Diglett said, turning its head.

    “I’m guessing that’s a no,” I said.

    “Some of these Diglett are awfully proud. That particular Diglett actually has been doing better than most, but one day it just started gettin’ lazy about its job. I don’t complain since they get things done, but infighting seems to be a given,” Poncho noted.

    “Well, infighting only serves as distraction. We’ve gotta make the peace between them!” I said.

    “Uh, speaking of distractions…” Poncho said, noting the Electrode that had gathered around us.

    “Let me help in some way, Poncho! Golduck! Get out here and use Aqua Jet!” I said, sending out Golduck. It then used Aqua Jet to ram one of the Electrode, then it hit the others, rolling them into separate holes left over by the Diglett.

    “Nice form!...uh-oh! Look out!” Poncho said, but it was too late. Three Electrode had gathered around us.

    “Hey, guys! Help us! You need to be able to trust each other…because you guys are friends! Despite what happens you all have each other’s backs! You’re strongest together, so together you can handle this!” I shouted to the Diglett that had been arguing. They looked at each other, nodded, and dug into the ground. Next thing I knew, the Electrode were gone, and the Diglett popped their heads up.

    “Nice moves, partners. Y’all did great together!” Poncho said to them. The Diglett all nodded happily and turned to each other, saying something.

    “Hey, they’re making up!” Deoxys said. The Diglett then glowed, coming together. When the glow faded, they were bunched together, forming a Dugtrio.

    “Trio Trio Trio!” Dugtrio said, zooming around and digging around the Electrode left and right. Golduck leapt into action and used Rock Climb to send many other Electrode into the air, then Salamence used Twister to blow them away towards the field area.

    “Now we need to go to that field and keep it safe for the Electrode!” I said. We all went to the field area, where the fire was still blazing. “Who could’ve caused this?!” I asked.

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” the familiar laugh answered.

    “…as if I didn’t know,” I said.

    “Looks like the secret is out!” Ashley said.

    “We’ll just have to take care of that! Let’s do our thing!” Olson said. It was Ashley’s Heat Rotom that was creating the fire. Next thing I knew, Gengar and Mismagius were using Hypnosis and Confuse Ray, respectively. This attack was being channeled into an orb that was being charged by a Thundershock from Olson’s Plasma Rotom. The surge then travelled up a pole to a satellite dish, where it sent out a radio transmission. The Electrode winced for a moment, but then grinned and rolled towards us.

    “What in tarnation are they doing?!” Poncho asked, astonished.

    “They’re being controlled by that satellite! Now they can manipulate more than just one Pokémon! However, if we can just knock it out, the Electrode should go back to normal! Salamence! Dragonbreath!” Salamence fired a Dragonbreath at the satellite.

    “Vaporeon, Ice Beam!” Olson said. Vaporeon came out and used Blizzard to overpower the Dragonbreath and freeze Salamence.

    “Okay. Golduck, let’s hit ‘em with Hydro Pump!” Golduck fired a Hydro Pump at them.

    “Jolteon, Thunderbolt!” Ashley said. Jolteon came out and used Thunderbolt to blow away the Hydro Pump and nail Golduck.

    “Rrgh! There’s nothing we can do! They’ve got us matched out here!” I said. The Electrode were getting closer and closer. All of a sudden, giant rocks were thrown at them, sending back a ways. “Who-?” I turned to see Alexis with Nidoqueen, who was using Superpower to throw the stones.

    “Nidoqueen! Shadow Claw!” Nidoqueen rushed at Heat Rotom and used Shadow Claw to knock it out. “Kingdra! Douse that flame with Hydro Pump!” She sent out Kingdra, who used Hydro Pump to put the fire out.

    “Alexis! Great timing!” I said. “Hey, about before-”

    “Don’t worry. We need to follow Dugtrio’s example and come together!” Alexis replied.

    “You…you were watching?” I asked.

    “OVERHEAT!” a voice called. An Overheat knocked out the satellite. I turned to see Mark and Ninetales come running up.

    “We WERE watching! And I like how you put the situation for those Diglett!” Mark said.

    “…guys…” I said, inspired.

    “Good to see more of y'all! Now it’s my turn! Dugtrio! Use Mud Shot!” Poncho said. Dugtrio fired a Mud Shot at Team Rocket, hitting their Pokémon in the process.

    “Golduck, let’s finish this! Hyper Beam!” Golduck got up and fired a Hyper Beam at the equipment, causing a major explosion.

    “TEAM ROCKET’S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!!” Team Rocket shouted as they disappeared into the sky.

    “Y’all did great, kids. Thanks to you, these Electrode can enjoy some peace and open spaces!” Poncho said.

    “Electrode!” the Electrode said, grateful to us.

    “Thanks, Poncho! But it wouldn’t have happened without Dugtrio’s help!” I said.

    “Trio!” Dugtrio said happily.

    “Well, y’all take care now!” Poncho said. The Electrode, Diglett, and Dugtrio shouted their goodbyes as we left.

    “…guys, I think I owe you an apology. And some explanations,” I said.

    “We’re just happy YOU’RE not going to blow up on us!” Mark said.

    “Hah hah, very funny.”

    “The important thing is that we’re a team and that we trust each other!” Alexis said.

    “Right. And to that end, I’ll tell you what Dad said,” I said, filled with team spirit and ready to go to the home where the Pokémon roam. Yeehaw!
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    Chapter 153: Lessons Learned

    After the ferry ride back to Pallet Town, we decided to rest up for the night before making the ardurous flight back to Littleroot Town. Luckily, we happened to run into Professor Oak and Tracey.

    “You really should stay with us for the night! We’d be glad to have you, and hopefully you might be able to help me out tomorrow morning?” Professor Oak requested.

    “How so?” I asked.

    “Oh, you’ll like it! Trust me! But first, dinner!” Professor Oak said, escorting us to his house. We spent the night there, and the next morning, while eating breakfast, Tracey told us about us ‘helping out’.

    “The truth is, we’re receiving visitors from the school known as Pokémon Tech! It’s a school that trains students up in Pokémon knowledge and battling until they reach a level where they can qualify for the Indigo Pleateau Pokémon League! I was going to do a battling demonstration for them, but I still need somebody to battle. Can I count on you guys to help?” Tracey asked.

    “Sure! I’d like to battle with you first!” Alexis said excitedly.

    “I’d sure like to teach these kids a thing or two about Contests!” Mark said, a glint in his eye.

    “Well, sure. It’d be nice to influence up-and-coming Trainers in any way possible,” I said.

    “Great! Then here’s how it’ll go: my report on Pokémon Watching, Mark’s Contest demonstration, then the battles! That all right with you, Professor?” Tracey asked Professor Oak as he re-entered.

    “Of course! Anything to stimulate the minds of these students!” Professor Oak agreed. “I’m especially anxious to see what kind of appeal you’ll use, Mark!”

    “I’m going with a classic!” Mark said. Later that morning, the students arrived. They viewed Salamence in awe, and Salamence stood there proudly.

    “All right, everyone! Let’s calm down!” a student said. She had dark hair and a badge labeling her the teaching assistant.

    “Good morning, everyone!” Professor Oak said, walking in front of the students. “I’m pleased to see you all here! Interacting with Pokémon is one of the greatest steps to learning, and you'll have many opportunities to do that today! Now then, let’s start with my assistant, Tracey Skechit!”

    “Hello, everyone! In addition to being Professor Oak’s assistant, I’m also a Pokémon Watcher!” Tracey said.

    “Pokémon Watcher?” “What does that kind of person do?” “Where’s the bathroom?” the students asked.

    “Come this way!” Tracey said, leading us to a herd of Tauros. “Okay. Here goes!” He then took out his sketchpad and began drawing.

    “What Tracey is doing is drawing what he sees. Watchers observe Pokémon in their natural habitat and make note of their physical conditions through their drawings,” Professor Oak explained. It took a while, but then Tracey came back.

    “There! All done!” Tracey said, showing us his sketch. It was a perfect representation of all the Tauros. “See this one here? It’s extra muscle in its legs indicates that its even more powerful than the others! It’s things like that that Pokémon Watchers keep an eye out for!”

    “Wow!” “That’s neat!” “I’d sure like to do THAT for a living!” “I need to use the bathroom!” the students said.

    “Thank you all!” Tracey said as we clapped for him.

    “All right! And next, we have a…uh, where is he?” Professor Oak said. Just then, a Fire Spin engulfed an area in front of all of us.

    “Oh no,” I said, giving myself a facepalm.

    “He went too far,” Alexis said, embarrassed.

    “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS!!” we heard. The Fire Spin was taken out by an Aqua Jet, and there was Mr. Great Sephiod, Ninetales, and Empoleon. “Get ready for…the Great Sephiod!! I’m here to teach you about the fundamentals of being a Pokémon Coordinator! Show ‘em, Ninetales!”

    “Nine!” Ninetales replied. It then sent out Will-O-Wisps, gathered them back to its tails with Fire Spin, then blew them out with Toxic.

    “You see? Being in a Contest is about showing off your Pokémon’s moves in ways that not even battle moves can compare! That appeal was all about manipulating the moves to create a great sight! Let’s try you, Empoleon!” Mark said, motioning to Empoleon.

    “Empoleon! POL!” Empoleon said. It then brought up a Whirlpool, zoomed around it to the top with Aqua Jet, and then shattered the Whirlpool with Hydro Cannon. It then flexed for a finish.

    “That’s another essential element to Contests: making sure your Pokémon are first and foremost!” Mark explained.

    “What’s he mean by that?” “How does that work?” “I don't need the bathroom anymore,” the students commented.

    “Simple: they have to be the stars. Just like in a regular battle, they’re the ones doing the work and making everyone look good. So be sure to put them before anything else, battling or otherwise! Umbreon, action!” Mark said, bringing out Umbreon. “Shadow Ball and Swift!” Umbreon fired a Shadow Ball upward, then Ninetales caught it with Extrasensory and Empoleon put a Metal Claw over it. As the Swift passed through, some of the stars were black, and some were white from passing through Empoleon’s Metal Claw. “And that’s that. Thank you!” Mark said as he recalled his Pokémon. The students clapped for him as well.

    “Okay! And now…time for our Pokémon battle!” Professor Oak said. Alexis and Tracey got on opposite sides. “This match will be one-on-one with no time limit! Begin!”

    “Scyther, I choose you!” Tracey said, sending out his Scyther.

    “Sceptile! Let’s do it!” Alexis said, sending out Sceptile. The students were surprised by her choice.

    “Scyther, Fury Cutter!” Scyther lunged at Sceptile with Fury Cutter.

    “Detect, Sceptile! Then use Rock Slide!” Sceptile used Detect to dodge Scyther’s attack. It then brought up a Rock Slide to do major damage to Scyther.

    “Scyther, use Slash attack!” Scyther flew into the air and came down at Sceptile, its scythes at the ready.

    “Sceptile! Wait for it…now! False Swipe!” Sceptile dodged at the last minute, striking Scyther with its leaf that did major damage, but wasn’t meant to knock it out. Scyther just barely got up. “Now let’s finish it off! Use Quick Att-”

    “HOLD IT!” a voice said. The assisting teacher stepped up and went in front of the class. “This, students, is obviously a Trainer who doesn’t know the fundamentals!”

    “Wait, what do you mean?!” Alexis asked, insulted.

    “While it is a boon to have moves outside your Pokémon’s type, ignoring the type moves is a serious failing. Remember, attacks applying to your Pokémon’s type are much more powerful than other moves! For example, since Sceptile is a Grass-Type, it should’ve been using Grass-Type moves!” the girl said.

    “Hey, just who do you think you are, telling her how to battle?!” I shouted.

    “I am Giselle. Who are you to be using such a tone with me?” the girl asked, turning in my direction.

    “I’m Mike McCarver. I think I can prove that moves aren’t the most important thing! It’s definitely heart! The heart you share with your Pokémon! That’s the most important thing of all in battles, and it’s something you can never learn in school!” I shouted. The students gasped. Giselle closed her eyes.

    “…I seem to recall somebody like you. Very well, put your money where your mouth is! Golem, let’s go!” Giselle said, sending out a Golem.

    “Gladly! Gallade, let’s do this!” I said, sending out Gallade. “Start off with Thunderpunch!”

    “What? Haha! You must be out of your mind! Electric attacks won’t work on Golem!” Giselle said. Gallade ran at Golem with Thunderpunch, while Golem just stood there.

    “Good thing Golem’s not my target! Do it, Gallade!” I said.

    “Gallade!” Gallade said as it punched the ground directly in front of Golem, stunning it. “Now use Ice Punch!” Gallade then attacked Golem with an Ice Punch, a super-effective move that knocked it far back.

    “Rrgh! Golem! Use Rock Polish!” Golem slammed its fists, causing the cracks in its round body to glow red. “Now use Defense Curl and Rollout!” Golem curled up and used Rollout to roll at Gallade with incredible speed. “That’s the power of a combo, and the power of same-type moves!” Giselle said, laughing.

    “It won’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that SWORDS DANCE!” I said. Gallade jumped, landed on Golem, and started doing a spinning Swords Dance while staying on top of Golem.

    “What the?!” Giselle said, astonished. Gallade’s spin then guided Golem around in circles, causing Alexis, Mark, and the students to laugh.

    “We’re on a roll! Gallade, now!” I said. Gallade jumped off Golem, and Golem zoomed into a sleeping Snorlax and bounced right off. It then wandered around in a daze, dizzy from the rolling.

    “Golem! Stone Edge, now!” Golem snapped out of the daze and fired a Stone Edge at Gallade.

    “Gallade, use Fire Punch!” Gallade’s Fire Punch obliterated the Stone Edge.

    “Hurry, Golem! Use Magnitude!” Golem jumped up into the air, about to come down with a Magnitude.

    “Gallade, Teleport! Then use Leaf Blade!” Gallade teleported to where it was just above Golem. Golem looked up in surprise, then was struck by a Leaf Blade. The attack looked like a critical hit, and instead of slamming on the ground with its feet, it just slammed on the ground. Gallade had jumped off Golem just before landing, and landed on a rock on one foot. “You the MAN!” I said, running over and high-fiving with Gallade.

    “Gallade, Gallade!” Gallade said happily.

    “Way to go, Mike! That’s showing her!” Alexis called.

    “How…? How could you have won without…?” Giselle said, despairing.

    “It’s like I told you: it’s not just about type. It’s about something you can’t learn in schools,” I said to her. Gallade nodded.

    “…it seems that we all could stand to learn a lesson or two, not just the students,” Giselle said, getting up.

    “Okay, guys! Who wants to see a herd of Tauros?” Tracey said. He then led the students away.

    “Thank you all very much! I’d say we all learned a thing or two today! Anyway, give my regards to Professor Birch!” Professor Oak said to us.

    “Thanks, Professor Oak! Take care!” I said as I got on Salamence.

    “And good luck!” Alexis added.

    “Yah, trick, yah!” Mark said to Salamence. It nodded and took off, ready to take us back home.
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    Chapter 154: The Mile-High Discussion Club

    After assisting in Professor Oak’s lesson, we were finally on the way home to Littleroot Town to talk with Dad about Cipher. It would be a long flight on Salamence’s back, but we’d be in Littleroot Town in a couple of hours.

    “Hey Salamence, are you sure you can make a flight like this?” I asked.

    “Rar!” Salamence said, nodding.

    “I feel like he’d need some kind of break or something!” Alexis said.

    “Ehh, you’re overanalyzing the situation. Salamence is a very strong Pokémon, both in terms of strength and endurance!” Mark said. “What could possibly go wrong on this kind of flight?”

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” we heard.

    “You just had to ask,” Alexis said. I looked back to see a giant plane chasing us.

    “Good to see you, sky-runts!” Ashley called out.

    “We’ll just be taking you and that Salamence to the boss!” Olson said. The plane then fired a beam of electricity at us.

    “Dodge it, Salamence!” I said. Salamence turned right to avoid the beam, but then Team Rocket fired another one.

    “Salamence, go down!” Alexis said. Salamence dove, moving closer to the ocean. Team Rocket charged at us.

    “Do a barrel roll!” Mark said. Salamence spun upward to move over them. “Now use Flamethrower!” Salamence fired a Flamethrower at the plane, but it was ineffective.

    “You don’t learn, do you?” Ashley called as the top of the plane opened.

    “But we sure do!” Olson called as the claw grabbed us.

    “Deoxys, Teleport!” I said, secretly sending out Deoxys. It nodded and teleported away. I’m counting on you to be my eyes and ears on the outside, buddy.

    Sure thing, Mike, Deoxys thought back. We were then taken inside the plane, where several more Team Rocket grunts restrained us and brought us toward the front of the plane. There were several pilots, and Ashley and Olson were standing right next to Giovanni and his Persian.

    “Well, well. If it isn’t the big boss man himself! To what do I owe the pleasure?” I asked sarcastically.

    “Mr. McCarver. I am aware that you have received word of a Pokémon attacking certain regions. A Lugia with inverted colors?” Giovanni asked.

    “H-How did you know?” I asked.

    “You'd be surprised what my spies can find out,” Giovanni said, pulling up a screen of Shadow Lugia and a ship.

    “That’s…” Alexis started.

    “The S.S. Libra,” I answered.

    “That’s the ship you told us about!” Mark said. Indeed, those were the facts that Dad had told me earlier that week: the S.S. Libra was making a delivery of Pokémon to another region, but Shadow Lugia had attacked it and sent it flying. The crew had abandoned ship and nobody was hurt, but the ship and all of the Pokémon on it were thrown into the deserts of Orre by Shadow Lugia. Dad had wanted to speak to me about going there to investigate.

    “Very well. So you know of the incident. And?” I asked.

    “It seems that this ‘Cipher’ has a lot to do with wreaking havoc and destruction, and I simply cannot have that. How can I rule the world if somebody else will bring it to ruin? That is why I need somebody to take them down! And seeing as how we both have interest in this particular case…why don’t you join me?” Giovanni proposed.

    “What?!” Mark said.

    “No way!” Alexis shouted.

    “….” I thought.

    “With my intelligence and research, and your battling skills, Cipher would be reduced to ash! Then, we would take that Lugia for ourselves and rule the world together! What do you say?” Giovanni asked.

    “…..I’ll join…”

    “Bro…” Mark said in shock.

    “Mike!!” Alexis said in horror.

    “Heh,” Giovanni chuckled.

    “….when Slowpoke learn to fly,” I finished with a grin.

    “What?!” Giovanni said. Alexis and Mark breathed a sigh of relief.

    “My interests slightly differ from yours, Giovanni. It’s true that we both want Cipher taken down, but I could never act in the name of greed and evil. Good, virtue, and bonds above all else...they kinda have a monopoly on me right now!” I explained. “But, if it’ll help you sleep at night…we’ll definitely take Cipher down! Count on it!” I said.

    “Hmph. So you refuse my offer?” Giovanni asked.

    “Yours and any offer made by any of these organizations will not sway me!” I answered.

    “…heh. ‘Monopoly', indeed…very well. You may go,” Giovanni said.

    “…thank you,” I said. I then turned around, but stopped when I saw Salamence still restrained. “Think you could give us back our ride?”

    “So sorry, but that Salamence is staying with us. ‘Friends today, enemies tomorrow’, right?” Giovanni said with a smirk.

    “No…I’m the one who’s sorry, seeing as negotiations have broken down,” I said. I then snapped my fingers, and there was a loud explosion.

    “What the-?!” Giovanni said. Deoxys came in with its clones, ready to release Salamence.

    “EVERYONE! LET ‘EM HAVE IT!” I said as we sent out all of our Pokémon to battle. Ashley and Olson leapt forward with Poke Balls at the ready. “Espeon! Homerun attack!” Espeon used a Homerun attack to send Ashley and Olson flying out the open hatch into the sky.

    “NOOOO! NOT AGAIN!” they screamed, disappearing from sight. Just then, an emergency door blocked the hatch.

    “You may have won the battle, but you’ve lost the war!” Giovanni said as he and his Persian escaped in a miniature capsule that ejected from the plane. At the same time, all of the Grunts escaped in escape pods as well, leaving just us and our Pokémon on the plane.

    “Well, now what?” I asked.

    “Now we get out of here!” Alexis said.

    “About that...” Mark said, checking the controls. “We’re in lockdown! And the engines are busted! We’re in free fall!”

    “NOOOOOO!” Alexis and I shouted.

    “There has to be a way to override the lockdown!” Mark said, pressing random buttons.

    “It’s too late! We’re going to fall into the ocean!” I said.

    “Hello?! HELLO! Can anyone hear us?! We’re on a plane about to crash into the ocean!” Alexis shouted over the radio.

    “So in other words, you started the party without me! Typical, guys!” a familiar voice answered.

    “Wait, who is this?” Alexis asked.

    “Articuno, Ice Beam!” the voice answered. Just then, a wave of ice went over us. As far as I could tell, we were completely frozen by the time we landed in the ocean. We went under for a little while, but then floated back to the surface. A green Crawdaunt and an Aggron landed on the ice and began to chip away at it with Crabhammer and Brick Break, respectively.

    “Is that who I think it is?” I asked.

    “I think that it is him!” Alexis said.

    “Nice thinking!” Mark said.

    “ED!” we all said as they broke the hatch and jumped in.

    “Long time no see, guys!” Ed said as we all engaged in a group hug.

    “Rai, Rai!” Raichu said as it jumped in.

    “Espe!” Espeon said, giving it a high-five.

    “What are you doing here? Weren’t you supposed to return home?” I asked.

    “What are you talking about? I AM home! This is Lilycove City!” Ed said. We looked around at the shore. Sure enough, the plane had touched down in Lilycove City.

    “…eheheh,” I said sheepishly.

    “Hey, what are WE doing here, anyway? Weren’t we going to be heading for Littleroot Town?” Mark asked.

    “That’s a good point. Deoxys, get Salamence free!” I said.

    “Roger! Oh, and good to see you again, Ed!” Deoxys said. It and its clones then released Salamence from captivity, to which it happily roared.

    “You guys caught a Salamence? That’s a pretty big one!” Ed said, observing Salamence with awe.

    “Actually, it followed us around through the Orange Islands from when it was a Bagon, but now it’s become our main means of transport!” Alexis explained.

    “Not just that, but this guy helped me win the Orange Island Championship!” I said, stroking Salamence’s head.

    “Rar,” Salamence said proudly.

    “Wow! Well, good to have you around, Salamence!” Ed said. “So, you guys on your way to speak with Mr. McCarver?”

    “…y-yes! How did you know?” I asked.

    “My dad went over there a few days ago. He asked me to wait here on you guys and then accompany you to Littleroot Town! Although, I could’ve done without the plane thing,” Ed said.

    “Why is your dad there?” Mark asked.

    “Because…he was the captain of the S.S. Libra,” Ed said. An ominous feeling filled the air.

    “…right. Well, let’s get home, and fast!” I said. We then recalled our Pokémon, hopped onto Salamence’s back, and began the final leg of our flight home.
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    Chapter 155: Respect Your Elders

    After meeting with Ed in Lilycove City following our encounter with Giovanni, we rode Salamence all the way to Littleroot Town to meet with my and Ed’s fathers.

    “So, your father is part of the PWE as well?” I asked.

    “Yup. Representative from Lilycove City. I forgot to tell you: he was so impressed by my Battle Frontier position offer that he even gave me a hug! It’s just…it’s so…YES!!!” Ed said ecstatically.

    “Someone has daddy issues,” Alexis said.

    “WATCH IT!” Ed shouted.

    “Hey, look! There it is!” Mark said. Sure enough, we were finally back home in Littleroot Town. We came across Mom and Dad’s mansion and landed there. Salamence had to duck its head, but it was able to get inside.

    “Mom! Dad! We’re home!” I called. No answer. “Hello?” No answer. “Everybody must be out.”

    “I don’t think so. They would’ve called if they were going to be gone. Let’s look around,” Ed said. We searched the house until we got to Dad’s office.

    “Be quiet. If they’re in here, we don’t want to go and make him mad,” Ed said.

    “Your dad that scary?” I asked.

    “Yes, he is,” Ed said. We quietly opened the door, only to find a dark room. “Huh. Could’ve sworn-GAH!”

    “Welcome home, kids!” Dad’s voice said as the lights turned on. He and a bunch of other people were waiting for us.

    “D-Dad?!” I said, shocked.

    “Come, enjoy the welcome-home party! And I assume you have some news for us?” Mom asked.

    “Oh…oh, yes! I’m now a member of the Orange League Hall of Fame!” I said, holding up the Winner’s Trophy. People clapped as Mom placed it in the trophy case.

    “And you, Mark?” Dad asked.

    “Yessir! I’m the winner of my fourth Ribbon Cup!” Mark said, holding up the Ribbon Cup as people clapped. With that, we enjoyed the party. Salamence even got on Mom’s good side, surprisingly. Later that evening, after many people had left, Dad wanted to talk with me and Ed.

    “Okay, Dad. But there’s just one thing…” I started to say.

    “Mike, you don’t need me around for this!” Alexis said. “Besides, I need to go visit my parents first!”

    “All right. Good night!” I said as we gave each other a kiss. She left.

    “I need to go make some calls anyway. Catch y’all later!” Mark said, leaving.

    “Anyway, I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Taka Takeshi,” Dad said.

    “Oh, Ed’s father?” I asked.

    “Yes, exactly!” Dad said. A man about his height with black hair entered.

    “Ah, so you must be David’s son! I’m proud to finally meet you! Oh, and thanks for your support in my son’s travels through Kanto!” Mr. Takeshi said to me, shaking my hand.

    “Ah…you’re welcome!” I said, wanting this man to get a little further away from my face.

    “The reason I wanted to meet you…was to do battle!” Mr. Takeshi said. “Hariyama, let’s do this!” He sent out a Hariyama, who had an Iron Ball attached to it.

    “A battle?! Dad, you can’t be serious!” Ed said.

    “I want to make sure he is ready for the trials ahead!” Mr. Takeshi replied.

    “Well, I guess I’d better. Go get ‘em, Salamence!” I said. Nothing.

    “Uh, son? Salamence is downstairs with your mother,” Dad said. I collapsed.

    “Fine then! Espeon, it’s showtime!” I said, sending out Espeon. “Start things off with Quick Attack!” Espeon ran at Hariyama.

    “Hariyama, use Belly Drum and then Arm Thrust!” Hariyama struck its stomach like a drum to maximize its strength, and then unleashed an Arm Thrust on Espeon, doing incredible damage.

    “What the?! Fine, then! Espeon, Shadow Ball!” Espeon fired a Shadow Ball at Hariyama.

    “Knock Off attack!” Hariyama batted the Shadow Ball away with Knock Off. “And now use Rest!” Hariyama used Rest to recover.

    “Espeon, now’s our chance! Psychic!” Espeon lifted Hariyama into the air with Psychic, slamming it against the ground repeatedly until Hariyama woke up. Hariyama then pressed its hands against the ground mid-flight and flipped into the air.

    “Hariyama, use Focus Punch!” Hariyama came down with Focus Punch.

    “Espeon, use Quick Attack and spin!” Espeon jumped at Hariyama with Quick Attack and spun to avoid being hit while hitting Hariyama with its tail at the same time.

    “Very good! I’m glad you recognize what to do in this kind of situation! When the opponent is larger and can resist your moves, you resist him! If Focus Punch had hit, you probably would’ve lost, but instead of attacking head-on, you took the more preferable route! Excellent!” Mr. Takeshi said.

    “Wow. Thank you, sir!” I said, realizing that that was right. I knew then and there that what he was doing was preparing me for power plays by Shadow Pokémon.

    “Now, Hariyama! Use Earthquake!” Hariyama slammed the ground with Earthquake, causing Espeon to trip. “Now use Brick Break!”

    “Gotta stay calm. There’s a way out of this…got it! Espeon, use Signal Beam on the ground!” Espeon’s Signal Beam propelled it into the air to dodge Hariyama’s attack. “Now use Psybeam!” Espeon hit Hariyama with Psybeam from above, causing it to become confused. “That’s another thing! When faced with an opponent with incredible strength, I’ve got to use their strength against them! Like so!” I said to Mr. Takeshi, seeing Hariyama hurt itself.

    “Excellently done. I’m impressed at how much you know! But can you beat this? Hariyama, Stone Edge!” Hariyama then whipped up a Stone Edge and shot it at Espeon.

    “Oh, no! Espeon, looks like we’re gonna have to go big! GIGA IMPACT!” Espeon rushed through the Stone Edge with Giga Impact and slammed Hariyama against the wall. When the dust cleared, Hariyama was no longer confused. “Uh-oh!”

    “Indeed, uh-oh! Hariyama, Fling!” Hariyama grabbed the Iron Ball at its leg and threw it at the now helpless Espeon, sending it flying at the wall.

    “NO!!” I shouted as Espeon slumped to the ground, unable to battle. “Espeon! You okay?” I asked, holding it up.

    “Espe…Espe,” Espeon said weakly.

    “Don’t worry about a thing. You battled great. Take a good rest,” I said to Espeon.

    “Your battling is excellent! I now see you have what it takes to beat Cipher once and for all!” Mr. Takeshi said.

    “What do you mean? I…I lost!” I said.

    “The point wasn’t to win or lose! The point was to see what you can do! You can stay cool in tight situations, you can come up with alternate strategies, but most importantly of all, you can believe in your Pokémon, your friends, and stick with them until the end! That, my boy, is what we need! And that’s exactly why Ed here is going with you!” Mr. Takeshi said.

    “Reporting for duty!” Ed said.

    “All right!” I said. “Ed, welcome back to the team!” We high-fived and then left to get some rest. “Oh, wait…Ed, go ahead. I’ll catch up in a minute,” I said, hanging back. “Dad, there’s one other thing I want to talk to you about. How are we supposed to stop these Shadow Pokémon? I mean, it’s not like just ANYbody can see them.”

    “These Pokémon can be identified with the use of a Aura Reader. Professor Krane, from Orre, developed one. He also developed a machine that will not only stop these Pokémon, but restrain them. From then on, it will be your duty to return them to normal. I heard all the details from your friend Rojan,” Dad said.

    “Their hearts must be made pure again. This will make things safer for everyone. I know you are up to the task,” Mr. Takeshi added.

    “Very well. But one last thing before I go…” I said, pausing.

    “Well, what is it?” Dad asked.

    “Don’t keep us in suspense,” Mr. Takeshi added.

    “Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time now, and some part of me thinks this could be the end, regardless of who wins. So, I just want to do one thing before then…” I stopped, then finally said: “…I’m going to ask Alexis to marry me.”
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    Chapter 156: Orre Ho!

    “You kids be safe!” Dad said.

    “Try not to get in too much trouble!” Mom said.

    “And knock ‘em dead!” Ed’s father said.

    “RAR!” Salamence added.

    “Will do!” I said, saluting.

    “We’ll take them down!” Alexis added.

    “You can count on us!” Ed said.

    “And we’ll be back before you know it!” Mark finished. With that, we left on a ship to Orre, intending to land in Gateon Port.

    “So, tell me all about it. How were the Orange Islands?” Ed asked.

    “Well, we actually started out in the Sevii Islands, trying to find Alexis, but we found Suicune as well!” I said, showing Ed Suicune on my Pokedex.

    “Also, we went around these islands and the Orange Islands on our old friend Red Gyarados!” Alexis said.

    “No way! It can survive there?” Ed asked.

    “Yup! We toured the Southern Seas and won in the Orange League and Grand Festival!” Mark said.

    “Wish I was there! Man, to think there were so many interesting Pokémon there and I missed out!” Ed said, jealous.

    “Not only that, but I caught a Moltres!” Alexis said, bringing out Moltres’ Poke Ball.

    “WHAT?!? You gotta be kidding me!” Ed exclaimed. “Wow, we’ve got the legendary bird trio, don’t we?”

    “Yeah, except I don’t keep Zapdos with me,” I said. “I wonder what we should do about that…”

    “Incoming!” a passenger screamed. A giant cannonball went right by us and splashed water everywhere.

    “Who did this?!” I shouted. “Wait, lemme guess…”

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” the same old laugh came.

    “*sigh* I should’ve known,” I said.

    “Good guessing, water-runt!” Ashley called out over a megaphone.

    “And here’s your prize: a barrage of cannonballs! FIRE!” Olson shouted over the megaphone. The ship they were in fired more cannonballs at us.

    “Guys, we’ve got to get these people out of harm’s way! Here’s the plan: you guys fly over and take care of them while I have my Pokémon lift the ship out of their blast range!” I explained.

    “Got it! Let’s go, Articuno!” Ed said, sending out Articuno and getting on its back.

    “Let’s do this, Empoleon!” Mark said, sending out Empoleon and getting on it.

    “Be careful, Mike. Moltres, I choose you!” Alexis said, bringing out Moltres and getting on its back. The three of them went over.

    “Good luck, guys. Okay, everybody! We’ve got a job to do!” I said, bringing everybody out. “Use Psychic to lift the ship and move it out of range of Team Rocket!” I said.

    “Espe!” “Meta!” “Gallade!” “Duck!” “Rig!” “Right on, boss!” my Pokémon all said. They then used Psychic to lift the ship and move it far away. From what I could see, Articuno was using Ice Beam to freeze the bottom of their ship and Ominous Wind to hold them in place while Moltres used Flamethrower to heat up the ship and Empoleon using Hydro Pump to cool it down to where the hull could be weakened. Team Rocket tried firing more cannonballs, but they landed short of the ship.

    “Dammit! Orson, we need to get into range!” Ashley said.

    “THAT’S OLSON!” Olson shouted. “And don’t worry, we can! Anchors away!” At that, several anchors fired out in different directions and caused the others to inadvertently move out of their way while the ship moved towards us.

    “Crap. Okay, change of plans! Looks like we’re fighting!” I said. We got ready, but just then, an Aurora Beam came out of nowhere and struck Team Rocket’s ship.

    “Where’d that come from?!” Ashley asked.

    “Oh no! Our hull is breaking!” Olson said. Sure enough, the hull, which had been weakened by Moltres’ and Empoleon’s attacks, began to crumble until it collapsed on itself. Finally, there was a huge explosion.

    “Why?! Why can’t we ever indulge in the sweet taste of victory?!” Ashley screamed in midair.

    “Because bitter defeat masks it!” Olson said. “That and sea water!”

    “TEAM ROCKET’S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!” they shouted, disappearing into the sun.

    “Wow, that sure was lucky!” I said.

    “Hey, Mike! You want us to put the ship down now?” Deoxys asked.

    “Oh…yeah! Good idea!” I said as the ship was lowered into the ocean again. I looked in the direction of the attacks, and there, on a small peninsula, was Suicune. “Suicune…”

    “Okay, let me translate. Ahem…

    ‘So, it appears the time has come,’ Suicune says.”
    Deoxys translated.

    “Yeah. We’ve heard about Shadow Lugia’s latest attack. We’re ready to stop it,” I replied.

    “‘Well, I came down here to wish you the best of luck. You see, we have been subject to these horrors before. It was thanks to the courage of two people that we were rescued, but because the darkness is so much stronger this time, there can be no guarantee that it will happen again. You will need to be on your guard at ALL times,’ Suicune said.”

    “Of course. We will fight the darkness, and we’ll take down Cipher. One thing, though: I seem to recall about ‘another’ like me who would help us fight the darkness. Your master foresaw it, so who is it?”

    “‘…it shall be the one to complete the three harmonies,’ Suicune said. Oh, and it says, ‘remember the prophecy.’”

    “Right…‘disturb not the harmonies of fire, ice, or lightning’…ah!”

    “‘Right. Those are vital,’ Suicune said.”

    “Yeah. I’ll remember that. But…what happened to you? How were you saved?” I asked. Suicune closed its eyes.

    “‘…it was roughly five years ago. Cipher trapped us and forced our hearts shut as well. Then, a young man came and took us from them, and he purified all of us that had been subjected to this practice. He then released all of us. Raikou and Entei now interact with humans less. However, circumstances have changed, and we feel that we can trust you and place the fate of the world in your hands,’ Suicune said.”

    “Wow. But what if the same thing happens to our Pokémon?” I asked.

    “‘No chance. Your Pokémon will not fail you because of the powerful bonds between you. That strength, along with the Blessed Aura, will allow you to overcome Cipher’s demented regime and bring an end to the darkness that they have created. But if you lose them…surely you will know what fate would befall the Pokemon then,’ Suicune said.”

    “No…Andrea’s Primeape...” I said, thinking back to when Gorigan forced Andrea to release Primeape and recaptured it.

    “‘…I see. Well then, it is definitely a must that you defeat them. And know that we are always watching over you…you, who understands the value of peace and love between Pokémon and humans,’ Suicune said.” At that moment, Suicune vanished into the wind.

    “Hey, Mike!” I heard. Ed was calling my name as he and the others got back on the ship. “Everything cool?” Ed asked.

    “…as cool as the Northern Winds,” I answered.

    “Wait…you saw…?” Alexis asked.

    “I did. And we now know that the harmonies of fire, ice, and lightning will be necessary,” I said. I then called Professor Birch and told him to send Zapdos to the Pokémon Lab HQ in Orre in a few days.

    “Why not now?” Mark asked.

    “We’re on a boat, Mark. It’d be kinda hard for Zapdos to blend in,” I said.

    “Yeah, good point,” Mark replied.

    “I’ll be right back,” Alexis said, going off.

    “Hey, Mike. Is it true?” Ed asked. “About Alexis…I heard my dad mentioning it on the phone last night, but…are you going to…?”

    “Yup!” I said, whipping out the ring Dad bought for me to give to Alexis.

    “…wow…no way!” Mark said. “Congrats, little brother!...so, I’m best man, right? You want me to come up with a vow?” Mark asked.

    “No way! I’ve traveled with him so long, we’re like brothers! I should be best man!” Ed argued.

    “And I’m his REAL brother! AND I’ve been traveling with him through the Southern Seas! I should be best man!” Mark retorted.

    “Should not!” “Should too!” “SHOULD TOO!” “SHOULD NOT!” they argued, then began to fight. I did a facepalm.

    “What’s wrong, guys?” Alexis asked. Panicking, I hid the ring.

    “Nothing!” we all said, standing in a line as if nothing had happened.

    “Seeing your energy…I’m so anxious now! I can’t wait ‘till we give those guys what’s coming!” Alexis said.

    We then stacked hands and shouted, “LET’S DO IT!!” With that, we officially began our mission to save the world.

    To Be Concluded…
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