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    Chapter 134: Out of Your Spikeshell

    I never saw Alexis until the next morning. She came by my room as I was finishing getting dressed.

    “Good morning, hun!” she said.

    “Good…morning. Don’t know if I’ve ever heard you call me that before,” I said.

    “I’m sure you have,” Alexis said, giving me a morning kiss. “So, ready for today’s battle?”

    “I suppose so. Lexi, what all went on last night? I mean, with Rudy and all,” I said.

    “Well, he invited me to his dance studio! He had so many Pokémon who were into dancing! And then…” Alexis said, hesitantly.


    “…he asked me to stay here! I couldn’t believe it; he’d only just met me!”

    “What did you say?”

    “Well, what do you think? I said no, of course!” she said. I breathed a sigh of relief.

    “Wow, that sure is a relief. Have I ever told you that-” I started.

    “Hey! They’re ready for you!” Mark said, poking his head in.

    “…we’ll finish this later,” I said.

    “Good luck!” Alexis said, then we kissed again. We then went in different directions. Soon, we were all at a battlefield on a giant rock above the whirlpools on the edge of the island. There was a battlefield on top, and the spectators watched from a balloon from above. One of Rudy’s workers stepped to the side of the field to judge the battle.

    “This official battle between Rudy, Leader of the Trovita Gym, and Mike, the challenger from Littleroot Town, will now begin! Each Trainer will use three Pokémon in one-on-one battles! Substitutions are not allowed, and battle will end when either Trainer has won two one-on-one battles! Begin!” the guy said.

    “Okay, Magnezone! Let’s do this!” Rudy said, sending out a Magnezone. It looked like a giant metal orb with several eyes, screws, and magnets coming out of it.

    “Let’s do this, Metagross!” I said, sending out Metagross.

    “Ah, a Metagross! This’ll be quick! Magnezone, Zap Cannon!” Magnezone fired a Zap Cannon at Metagross.

    “Metagross, Confusion!” Metagross caught the Zap Cannon with Confusion, then fired it right back, doing little damage.

    “Magnezone, use Metal Sound!” Magnezone sent out a soundwave with an irritable tone. Metagross just stood there.

    “Sorry, but Metagross’ Clear Body ability prevents stat loss!” I said.

    “Prevent this! Zap Cannon!” Magnezone fired another Zap Cannon, this time hitting its mark and paralyzing Metagross.

    “Okay, looks like I underestimated you. But that won’t happen again! Metagross, Gravity!” Metagross used Gravity to drag itself and Magnezone to the ground. “Now use Earthquake!” Metagross’ Earthquake knocked Magnezone off its feet (even though it didn’t have any feet).

    “Magnezone! Get up!” Magnezone tried to get up, but couldn’t.

    “Metagross! Finish it with Hammer Arm!” Metagross slammed Magnezone with Hammer Arm, knocking it off the cliff. Because of the gravity, Magnezone began to plummet toward the waters below. “Oh, no! Metagross, use Magnet Rise!” Metagross’ Magnet Rise brought Magnezone back up. It just floated there, knocked out.

    “Magnezone is unable to battle! Metagross is the winner!”

    “Phew! Great job, Metagross! Take a good rest!” I said.

    “Meta!” Metagross said as it returned to its Poke Ball.

    “Magnezone, return,” Rudy said, recalling Magnezone. “I appreciate the help, but don’t think I’ll go easy on you because of this. In fact, ever since the battle began, I’ve wanted to give it my all!”

    “Well hey, what’s stopping you, I say! Golduck, come on out!” I said, sending out Golduck.

    “Starmie, I choose you!” Rudy said, sending out his Starmie. “Cue the music!” Rudy’s crew began playing a techno song that Starmie began to dance to.

    “……..okay, interesting. Golduck, let’s start things off with Hydro Pump!” Golduck fired a Hydro Pump at Starmie, but Starmie spun to the side to dodge. “Huh. Okay, use Aqua Jet!” Golduck charged at Starmie with Aqua Jet, but Starmie dodged again.

    “No chance! You can’t stop what you can’t hit!” Rudy said. “Dance away, Starmie!”

    “This dance is overrated! Golduck, Blizzard!” Golduck fired a Blizzard, finally landing a hit on Starmie. “Great! Now use Hyper Beam!” Golduck landed a Hyper Beam on Starmie, knocking it to the ground. It looked like it was on its last legs when it got up. “We’ve got this!”

    “Rudy, you can do it!” a voice said. It sounded like Alexis, but with a cold. In horror, I looked up at the balloon to see Alexis and Mark arguing.

    “Could…could that have…but…no way…” I said, completely distracted.

    “Gotcha! Starmie! Spin right into a Thunderbolt!” Starmie spun around, launching a Thunderbolt that was incredibly effective against Golduck. “And now, finish it with Rapid Spin!” Starmie hit Golduck with Rapid Spin, knocking it out.

    “Golduck is unable to battle! Starmie is the winner!”

    “Way to go, Starmie!” Rudy said, returning Starmie.

    “…” I just stood there, but I somehow managed to recall Golduck. Why? Why would she do this to me? Does she…I just can’t…it doesn’t matter. Whether that’s the case or not, I’ll just have to win this, no matter what! I thought to myself. “Gallade, showtime!” I said, sending out Gallade.

    “Ah. This should be interesting. Hitmonchan, let’s go!” Rudy said, sending out a Hitmonchan, a Pokémon that looked like a professional boxer. “Use Fire Punch!” Hitmonchan ran at Gallade with Fire Punch.

    “Gallade, Ice Punch!” Gallade’s Ice Punch countered the Fire Punch, with neither Pokémon taking much damage. “Now use Leaf Blade!” Gallade ran at Hitmonchan with Leaf Blade.

    “Hitmonchan, use Vacuum Wave!” Hitmonchan sent out a cyclone-like attack that spun Gallade around to damage it. “Now! Bullet Punch!” Hitmonchan nailed Gallade with a series of jabs that added up to considerable damage. “You’re just not on our level, Mike! You can’t beat me!”

    “…well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Gallade, Swords Dance!” Gallade used Swords Dance to increase its power. “Now! Use Close Combat…dance-style!”

    “HUH?!?” everybody gawked. In time with the music, Gallade turned Close Combat into a hip-hop dance. It kept hitting Hitmonchan with its dance moves, keeping Hitmonchan off-balance the whole time.

    “Hitmonchan, don’t just stand there! Use Fire Punch!” Hitmonchan tried hitting Gallade with Fire Punch, but missed several times because Gallade danced to dodge. “GRRRR!”

    “Looks like the dance shoe is on the other foot! Gallade! Finish this up with Psycho Cut!” Gallade hit Hitmonchan with a good amount of Psycho Cuts, doing enough damage to knock Hitmonchan out.

    “Hitmonchan is unable to battle! Gallade is the winner, and victory in this match goes to Mike of Littleroot Town!”

    “We did it,” I said, my mind coming back to reality. I patted Gallade on the back. “…great job, pal.”

    “Gallade?” Gallade asked, confused.

    Later on, we were standing at the pier again, and Alexis came running down and leapt at me.

    “You were so awesome, Mike! I knew you’d win! I just knew it!” she said, hugging me. I couldn’t believe my ears.

    “…yeah, I suppose. Lexi, we need to talk.”


    “…I think that maybe…it WOULD be a good idea if you stayed here after all,” I said, turning away.

    “What?! But why?” Alexis asked.

    “I think it’s pretty obvious that you want to stay here. I think…I should just go solo from here on out. I’m sure you’ll have a great time with Rudy,” I said, pushing back tears.

    “Mike, you’re talking nonsense!” Alexis said. “I can’t believe you’d ever say these things…why are you pushing me away?”

    “Because…bec…because YOU pushed ME away!” I said, spinning around with an angry face; Alexis’ face had shock all over it. “I clearly heard that remark from the balloon! You’ve changed what you want, and because you mean so much to me…I want to respect your wishes. I know that-”

    “Yeah, if I may interject,” Mark said. “…uh, that was me up there, trying to pull Alexis’ voice and play a little prank!”


    “Yeah! A one-sided battle would’ve been boring, so I wanted to divert your attention a little bit! You gotta admit, it puts a little drama into the whole thing!” Mark said, grinning.

    “…sorry, he made me promise not to tell,” Alexis said, ashamed.

    “Hyper Beam,” I said.

    “What?” Mark asked.

    “GYARRRRR!” Gyarados roared, popping out of the water. One Hyper Beam and Mark went sailing into the sun.

    “You’d think HE'D learn by now,” Alexis said, continuing the running gag from before.

    “Alexis, why did you go along with it?!” I asked desperately.

    “I wanted to tell you, but Mark kept saying it was best not to! Besides, it was sort of subdued, so I thought you didn’t hear it.”

    “Alexis, I didn’t appreciate that kind of joke! I-I love you too much! So the thought of you and another guy…I couldn’t possibly live with it! I don’t want to lose you because of something like this and-” I went on, but Alexis stopped me with a finger to my mouth.

    “That’s something I’ll help you work on. ‘K?”


    “For the record, I think you’ve made a good step today!” Rudy said, coming over.

    “How so?”

    “Well, sometimes couples need to know that their significant other loves and cares about them! Reaffirming that will definitely put you two back on the right track!” Rudy explained. Alexis and I looked at each other, then smiled, knowing he was right.

    “That’s right. I promise to keep my jealousy in check, Alexis!” I said.

    “And I promise to keep loyal to you, Michael!” Alexis said.

    “And to commemorate such understanding and growth, as well as an exciting battle, I present you with this Spikeshell Badge!” Rudy said, giving me a badge that looked like a spiral shell with spikes on every side.

    “Thanks, Rudy! YEAH! WE WON THE SPIKESHELL BADGE!” I said, holding up the badge.

    “You’re all welcome back to the island any time!...especially if you have any…y’know, sisters,” Rudy said, blushing.

    “Last I checked, don’t think so,” I said.

    “We should introduce him to Andrea!” Alexis said. We then laughed together.

    “MICHAAAAAAAAEELLLL!” Mark shouted, zooming up to us with Empoleon. “YOU’RE DEAD, YOU LITTLE F@(#%&#!”

    “Serves you right, ya big @$$! C’mon, Gyarados! Let’s do this!” I hopped onto Gyarados’ back. The battle raged all afternoon, and Alexis couldn’t stop laughing. According to Deoxys, she couldn’t stop thinking about “us” either, and I can honestly say the feeling was mutual. And so, with another badge to add to the collection, the journey could continue.
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    Chapter 135: Raikou of the Thunder

    “Looks like a storm ahead! We’ll have to veer off, Gyarados!” I said.

    “Gyarados is strong enough to make it through! We’re GOING to make it to Valencia Island!” Mark said.

    “Gyarados might be able to make it through, but WE can’t!” Alexis said. “We have to divert for now!”

    “No! We have to keep going!”

    “Veer off!”

    “Forge ahead!”

    “LOOK OUT!!”

    We got caught in the storm, and everything went blank.

    “…wake up! Come on!” Alexis said. I slowly woke up and saw Alexis over me.

    “What happened?” I asked.

    “Captain Stubborn got us into the storm, but we got blown off course and onto Pinkan Island,” Alexis answered.

    “Pinkan Island?” I asked.

    “That’s what my Pokegear says. It’s Pinkan Island, a place that has pink fruit growing on its trees. We shouldn’t be here, but Mark is missing!” Alexis explained.

    “Okay! Let’s go find him!” I said. We then went up a ways, onto the top of the island. “Wow, look at that!” I said, pointing to some Nidoking who were pink instead of purple.

    “Yeah! They must’ve eaten the Pinkan Fruit!” Alexis commented.

    “Beg pardon?”

    “There’s some!” Alexis said, going over to a tree. She picked some fruit. “Come on out, Grovyle!” Alexis said, sending out Grovyle. “Here, try some of this!”

    “Gro,” Grovyle said, taking some of the fruit. It began to eat it, and as it did, the leaf on its head turned pinker and pinker.

    “What the hell?!” I said, astounded. “Will it always be like this?”

    “I don’t think so; the only Pokémon that are completely pink are the ones who live here, so maybe the fruit’s effect is temporary!” Alexis answered. “C’mon, try it with one of your Pokémon!”

    “Okay. Espeon, you’ve got to try this!” I said, bringing out Espeon. It ate the fruit, and its forehead gem turned pink. “Hahahaha! That look sure suits you, buddy!”

    “Espe?!” Espeon said, surprised. Alexis and I laughed out loud while Grovyle slightly chuckled, leaning against the tree.

    “Well, enough yuks. Let’s go find Mark!” I said.

    “Hey, what’s up with THAT tree?” Alexis asked, pointing to a pink tree that looked like it had coconuts on it.

    “Huh. I wonder…” I said, going over.

    “Espe!” Espeon warned.

    “Huh?” But it was too late. The tree got up and grew faces on the coconuts. It was an Exeggutor! “Uh-oh! Espeon, Iron Tail!”

    “Espe!” Espeon jumped at Exeggutor with an Iron Tail, but Exeggutor lifted up its foot and intercepted with Stomp, trapping Espeon. “Espeon!”

    “We’ll help out! Dragon Pulse, Grovyle!” Alexis said. Grovyle shot a Dragon Pulse at Exeggutor, hitting it and freeing Espeon.

    “Thanks, Lexi! Now let’s get out of here!” I said. We grabbed hands and began to run, but Exeggutor used Trick Room to slow us down. “Oh, no! Look out!” I warned, but Exeggutor ran at us with incredible speed and used Stomp on us repeatedly.

    “Agh! Oof! Get off!” Alexis shouted.

    “I…can’t…move!” I said. “Oh man. Magic scar, activate or do something!” At once, I felt my scar burn, and it shielded us with a barrier. Exeggutor kept going, stomping on the barrier and draining my energy. “No! I can’t hold it as long as it keeps attacking!”

    “Mike! Please hang in there!” Alexis said. Suddenly, a figure used Giga Impact to knock Exeggutor into the distant part of the island.

    “Who-?!” I asked. Suddenly, the figure stopped in front of us. It was Mark’s Umbreon!

    “Umbre!” Umbreon said happily.

    “Espe!” Espeon said, surprised.

    “There you are!” Mark said, coming over. “You guys should know better: Pokémon aren’t afraid to attack humans on this island!”

    “Then you shouldn’t have gotten us here in the first place!” Alexis scolded.

    “Fine, fine. Sorry,” Mark said apologetically. Suddenly, a giant thundercloud appeared overhead. “Aw, man! Not again!” Suddenly, we heard a roar. Looking in its direction, we saw a yellow tiger-like Pokémon with bolts for stripes, a thundercloud-like mane, and a thunderbolt-shaped tail.

    “That’s…the Pokémon of the Thunder, Raikou!” I said, looking up my Pokedex.

    “Uh-oh. Um, nice Raikou?” Mark said, backing off. Raikou roared and leapt at Mark. “Umbreon, Sucker Punch!” Umbreon landed a Sucker Punch before Raikou’s attack could get through. Raikou then launched a Thunder that hit Umbreon and did a ton of damage. “NO! Umbreon, give it a Shadow Ball!” Umbreon fired a Shadow Ball, but Raikou dodged and used Thunder again, doing even more damage.

    “Mark, you’ve got to think outside the box! Raikou isn’t just another Pokémon; it’s one of the three legendary beasts!” I shouted from within the barrier.

    “Yeah! Okay, Umbreon! Let’s try something different! Use Dig!” Umbreon dug into the ground, then resurfaced a ways away from Raikou, who launched another Thunder. “Dig again!” Umbreon dodged and dug into another part of the ground, causing Raikou to get curious. “Keep going!” Umbreon jumped out of one hole to go into another, creating a series of holes. “Okay, now combine Swift with Psychic!” Umbreon fired a Swift into the holes, controlling them with Psychic. Next thing I knew, the attack came flying out of each hole, creating mass confusion. “Umbreon! Use Shadow Ball!” While Raikou was distracted, Umbreon hit it with a Shadow Ball. “And now! Action!” Umbreon, still controlling the Swift with Psychic, sent the stars at Raikou. Raikou, however, disintegrated them all with Thunderbolt. It then rushed at Umbreon with Thunder Fang. “Umbreon! Giga Impact with everything you’ve got!” Umbreon rushed at Raikou, using Giga Impact. The explosion that came from their impact was so large, I couldn’t see Mark.

    “MARK!!” I shouted from inside the barrier. The smoke cleared, and Raikou had a nearly unconscious Mark on its back. Raikou looked like it had sustained some wounds itself. I lowered the barrier and went over. “Here, Raikou. If you’ll let him down, I’ll give you this,” I said, getting out a Sitrus Berry. Raikou lowered Mark to the ground, came over, and ate the Berry out of my hand. “Deoxys, come on out!” I said, bringing out Deoxys.

    “Ah, looks like we’ve met the third beast!” Deoxys said.

    “Yup. I guess you’d like to speak to me?” I asked. Raikou nodded and said something as Mark slowly came back to reality.

    “Here’s what I can get:

    ‘I’m glad that my master chose you all to confront the darkness; your friend there has a good eye for ingenuity. As for you two, your passion and compassion are so great that you will most certainly defeat the shadows,’ Raikou says.”

    “Why can’t your master come tell me all this? I mean, since it was the one to choose me and all…” I asked.

    “‘Because it needed to know that you are not like other humans. I myself have come across only a few like you before, so we couldn’t take any chances. You will meet Ho-oh soon enough, I assure you,’ Raikou said.”

    “Ho-oh...I see,” I replied.

    “Hey…what’s going on?” Mark asked, coming back to reality. Umbreon leapt into his arms, happy to know he was safe.

    “Raikou, who is behind this? Who has been manipulating Lugia?” Alexis asked.

    “‘They are a group known as Cipher. The three of us have been subject to their power before, but we were saved by another with a heart like yours. In fact…he had Pokémon just like you two,’ Raikou says. I think he means Espeon and Umbreon.”

    “Can you tell us how to save the other Pokémon?” Mark asked.

    “You must find the way to their hearts and connect them with yours. Always remember: the Relic Stone will lead to the light,’ Raikou said.” At that point, a thunderbolt came down from the sky and caused a bright light. As soon as it dissipated, Raikou was gone.

    “The Relic Stone?...hmm,” I wondered.

    “Sounds like we’ve got a heck of a job ahead of us,” Alexis said.

    “Maybe we should forget about the Grand Festival and Orange League for now?” Mark suggested.

    “No. The PWE can’t act until we have a good grasp on Cipher’s plans. Once we get home, if Dad’s found out enough, I’ll request to go take them on,” I answered.

    “Mike, this could be dangerous! If a Pokémon as powerful as Raikou had to be saved, these guys must mean business!” Alexis said.

    “I know. But we have to do something before the Shadow Pokémon rule the world,” I said. “We’ll do what we can here, and then it’s off to Orre!”

    With new resolve in our minds, we moved ahead on our journey, anticipating the next Contest, the next Gym, and the next step.
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    Chapter 136: Fact or Clefable

    After meeting with Raikou on Pinkan Island, we left for and arrived at Valencia Island, the site of Mark’s next Contest.

    “Well, here we are! Gyarados, take a good rest!” I said. Gyarados nodded and went below the sea.

    “So, where’s the Contest Hall?” Mark asked.

    “Looks like it’s at the northern end of the island,” Alexis said, checking her Pokegear. “Oh, look!” she said, pointing to a Clefable, a light pink fairy-like Pokémon.

    “Wow, THAT’S a real beaut!” Mark said.

    “I wonder who it belongs to?” I asked.

    “That would be me, Mr. McCarver!” a voice said. I spun around to see a girl about 3 inches shorter than me with red hair.

    “Chelsea! Long time no see!” I said, giving her a hug. Chelsea Hardy was a mutual friend of Alexis’, Ben Hall’s, and mine; she was about Mark’s age and was from Blackthorne City in Johto.

    “I know! It’s been forever!...and Alexis! You’ve grown! And you’re so beautiful!” Chelsea said, giving Alexis a hug.

    “You too! It’s great to see you again! How’s David?” Alexis asked.

    “Funny you should ask,” Chelsea said, shyly holding out her hand which had a ring on it. Alexis squealed.

    “You actually-?! I’m so happy for you!!” Alexis said, crushing Chelsea in an embrace.

    “That’s so awesome! Good for you guys!” I said, joining in.

    “A-HEM!” Mark said, clearing his throat.

    “Oh. Right. Chels, this is my brother Mark from Hearthome City!” I said.

    “How do ya do?” Mark said, shaking her hand.

    “Wow, the resemblance is uncanny!” Chelsea said, looking from Mark to me and back again. “Say, I’ve heard a lot of chatter about you from my friend Gerardo! He’s around; do you know him?”

    “Know him? We sure do! He’s a rival of mine!” Mark said.

    “And his friend Rojan is a rival of mine, in case you’ve met him! He seems like a guy who knows everyone,” I said.

    “In fact, I do know him! Wow, you two sure have connections! Where did you-”

    “In Fuschia City!” a familiar voice said. Up came Gerardo with his Abomasnow, an ice beast-like Pokemon.

    “Hey, Gerardo! Good to see you again!” I said.

    “Ready for another Contest battle?” Mark asked.

    “Hell yeah! We’re ready to take you down this time!” Gerardo responded.

    “But the one walking away with the ribbon will be me!” Chelsea said, coming in between them.

    “Wow. This is quite a motley crew,” I said.

    “And par for the course,” Alexis added.

    We all went to the Contest Hall, where everybody performed. Mark and Gerardo gave excellent performances with Umbreon and Abomasnow, then Chelsea’s turn came.

    “And from Blackthorne City, it’s Chelsea Hardy! Go!” Anne said.

    “Clefable! Onstage!” Chelsea said, sending out Clefable. “Use Metronome!”

    “What the-?!” I said in response. “Let’s see if it works for her like it works for Mark!” Clefable used Metronome to bring out a Water Pulse.

    “Metronome again!” Chelsea said.

    “What?!” Alexis said. Clefable’s next Metronome attacks had it use Flamethrower, Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, and Focus Blast. Then the next Metronome had Clefable use Extremespeed to shatter them all into sparkles, embers, and sparks.

    “And now use Psychic!” Clefable used Psychic to gather them all to its body. “One more Metronome!” Clefable’s last Metronome had it use Draco Meteor, resulting in multicolored-colored meteors to shower on the stage.

    “Incredible! Clefable’s Draco Meteor tinted with multiple colors created a simply dazzling appeal!” Anne said. “Let’s go to the judges!”

    “Clefable demonstrated that it was certainly more than capable of rolling with the punches! Magnificent!” Mr. Contesta said.

    “Yes! And remarkable, too!” Sukizo added.

    “Clefable’s appearance was certainly enhanced by the Psychic attack! I loved it!” Nurse Joy commented.

    “And that’s it! We’re going to determine who moves on to the battle stage!” Anne said. After a while, she came back. “Okay, and here are the results! These eight contestants will move on!” Among the results were Mark, Gerardo, and Chelsea. Mark won his way to the finals, but Gerardo and Chelsea faced off in the semifinals. “And there’s one minute left on the clock! Gerardo and Abomasnow have Chelsea and Clefable on the ropes!” Anne said, noting Chelsea having a fourth of her points left and Gerardo having half of his.

    “All right, Abomasnow! Ice Shard and Wood Hammer!” Abomasnow created an Ice Shard, then its arm glowed turquoise as it slammed the Ice Shard, sending little shards of turquoise ice at Clefable, taking a few of Chelsea’s points.

    “Clefable, Psychic!” Clefable used Psychic to grab the shards and make them into a cord. “Now use Bounce, then Gravity!” Clefable bounced into the air, but used Gravity to bring it down at incredible speed. It looked like the cord was what brought it down, docking Gerardo some points. Clefable’s attack successfully hit Abomasnow, taking much more of Gerardo’s points and paralyzing Abomasnow.

    “Façade!” Abomasnow rushed at Clefable with Façade.

    “Clefable, Cosmic Power!” Clefable glowed with lunar light, then ran at Abomasnow. The resulting explosion created many colors, docking points from both contestants.

    “Time!” Anne said. “And the winner is…” she said, evaluating the scores. “…Chelsea! You’ll be moving on!”

    “All right! We’re taking this all the way!” Chelsea said, hugging Clefable.

    “Nice. She took Gerardo’s moves, matched them, and created a great appeal with them,” Alexis said.

    “Let’s see how Mark fares with a strategy like that,” I said.

    “And now, it’s the final stage! The Great Sephiod against Chelsea Hardy! Five minutes on the clock, and…begin!” Anne said when Mark and Chelsea got onstage. The five-minute timer started.

    “Umbreon, action!” Mark said, sending out Umbreon.

    “Clefable! Onstage!” Chelsea said, bringing out Clefable.

    “Okay! Umbreon, use Dig!” Umbreon dug into the ground. “Now use Hyper Beam!”

    “Clefable! Use Protect!” Clefable used Protect, but nothing happened. Protect began to fade.

    “NOW!!” Mark said. Umbreon dug out of the ground behind Clefable, spun around, and hit Clefable with a Hyper Beam. Chelsea lost major points.

    “Clefable, use Metronome!” Clefable’s Metronome brought out an Ancientpower.

    “Umbreon, use Shadow Ball!” Umbreon used Shadow Ball to counter Ancientpower.

    “Use Psychic!” Just before the attacks collided, the Pokémon used Psychic to shape it into a yin and yang orb. This move deducted many of Mark’s points as it hit Umbreon.

    “Clefable, Solarbeam!” Clefable charged up a Solarbeam.

    “Umbreon, Sucker Punch!” Umbreon snuck around and nailed Clefable with a Sucker Punch, throwing its Solarbeam off and taking points from Chelsea.

    “You sure are smart! But how can you counter this?! Clefable, use Cosmic Power!” Clefable used Cosmic Power. “Now use Defense Curl and Rollout!” Clefable curled up and used Rollout with an intense glow. That docked a few more points from Mark’s score.

    “Umbreon, use Psychic!” Umbreon tried Psychic, but Cosmic Power protected Clefable, resulting in Umbreon getting hit by Rollout. Mark lost even more points. The counter was now at three minutes.

    “Keep rolling along!” Chelsea said as Clefable continued Rollout.

    “I got it! Use Dig!” Umbreon dug into the ground, dodging Clefable’s attack. It then smacked Clefable with Dig, taking a few more of Chelsea’s points.

    “Ha! Just what I wanted!” Chelsea said.

    “What?” Mark asked. He then noted that Umbreon was infatuated by Clefable. “Oh, I forgot about Cute Charm. But the joke’s on you!”

    “I don’t follow,” Chelsea said. Just then, Umbreon inadvertently threw out a thread from a ball of yarn. It wrapped around Clefable, and it suddenly became infatuated with Umbreon. “No! What happened?”

    “Booyah! I knew Cute Charm would come into play, so I readied a Destiny Knot! Now Clefable’s just as woozy as Umbreon! Now, Umbreon! Use Swift!” Umbreon used Swift. “Combine it with Moonlight!” Umbreon summoned Moonlight, and as the Swift passed through, it gathered the light for a dazzling glow, docking more of Chelsea’s points.

    “Clefable, look out!” Clefable was immobilized, so it got hit and Chelsea lost even more points. “Clefable, use Metronome!” Clefable used Metronome, then used Explosion. The attack did heavy damage to both parties, and both were buzzed out by the judges.

    “Oh my gosh! Looks like a tie!” Anne said. “Well, we’ll look at the points left over from before the Pokémon fainted!” After evaluation, the judges told Anne their decision. “Okay! And the winner is…the Great Sephiod and Umbreon! Congratulations!”

    “All right! We did it, Umbreon!” Mark said.

    “Umbre, Umbre,” Umbreon said, reeling.

    “You guys did great. Best of luck in the Grand Festival!” Chelsea said, coming over to Mark.

    “Thanks! You guys did great!” Mark said, shaking her hand. He then went center stage to receive a green ribbon from Mr. Contesta. “ALL RIGHT! WE WON THE VALENCIA RIBBON!” Mark said.

    “See you there, Mark!” Gerardo said before he went off.

    Alexis and I met Mark later that day, having said our goodbyes to Chelsea.

    “All right! Ready to move on?” I asked.

    “You bet!” Mark replied.

    “So when is the Grand Festival?” Alexis asked.

    “According to Mr. Contesta, in two weeks. I’ll be sure to get in some training while we head to Mikan Island for your fourth Gym Battle!” Mark answered.

    “Yeah! Mikan Island, here we come!” I said confidently.

    After all the events, Mark finally qualified for the Southern Seas Grand Festival. Even though we were on the brink of being done, the journey still hadn’t come to an end. In fact, there usually are no ends; just new beginnings.
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    Chapter 137: Triple Battle Trial

    Our next stop before Mikan Island was Tangelo Island. I had called Nurse Joy at this particular island from Kumquat Island to register for the Orange League before facing Luana. The island was like a resort; there was the “Pokémon Park”, but we were more interested in perfecting Kingdra’s Draco Meteor.

    “Go for it, Kingdra! Draco Meteor!” Kindgra fired a Draco Meteor into the air, but a little flare came out yet again.

    “Still not quite there,” I said.

    “Well, an attack like that is going to be hard to master,” Mark said.

    “C’mon, we just need more practice!” Alexis argued.

    “Or maybe we need some outside help. Someone who really can use Draco Meteor. Hmm,” I pondered. I then got an idea and brought out my Pokedex. I searched and found my answer. “Hey, Deoxys! C’mere!” I called to Deoxys, who was relaxing with Grovyle and Breloom.

    “What’s up?” Deoxys asked as it flew over.

    “This,” I said, showing it what was on my Pokedex.

    “…oh! Gotcha. I’ll be right back!” Deoxys said, using Teleport. Next thing we knew, it was back with our friend Shelgon.

    “Hey, it’s Shelgon!” Mark said. “How’d you find him?”

    “I utilized the locator function on my Pokedex! With that in mind, we just had to bring Shelgon here and help us out!”

    “Shel? Shelgon? SHEL!” Shelgon said, initially confused, but happy upon seeing Kingdra.

    “Duwa,” Kingdra said, rolling its eyes.

    “Hey, Shelgon. Think you can show us Draco Meteor again?” I asked it.

    “Shel! Shel…GON!” Shelgon said, launching a Draco Meteor.

    “Duwa…” Kingdra said, contemplating the attack. Shelgon talked to it for a while, then Kindgra tried it again. There were a couple more meteors fired as a result, but nothing too serious.

    “Hey, nice! You’re getting better!” I said.

    “Those attacks are worthless!” a voice said. We looked to see three guys coming down to where we were.

    “Oh, and would you guys know better attacks?” I asked defiantly.

    “We know better Pokémon! And they're much cooler than yours! Let’s show ‘em!” one of the guys said. They brought out their Pokémon: Fearow, Beedril, and Hitmonchan.

    “Nice, nice. They don’t seem to be up to par, though,” Mark said.

    “WHAT WAS THAT?!” the punks shouted.

    “You don’t know cool until you’ve seen my Breloom!” Mark said.

    “Bre!” Breloom agreed, coming over.

    “You challenging us, buddy?!” one of the punks asked.

    “Whatever’s going on, I want in!” I said excitedly. “Deoxys, feel like a battle?”

    “Nah, kinda tired. Maybe Shelgon would?” Deoxys suggested. Shelgon nodded, coming over to me. I grinned and gave it a thumbs-up.

    “This might be a good opportunity to improve Kingdra’s Draco Meteor! Count us in!” Alexis said.

    “But wait, how can a battle involve three Trainers on each side?” Mark asked.

    “If it’s a Triple Battle, it can happen!” a familiar voice said. We looked to see Chris coming up with his Delcatty. “It’s a staple of the Unova Region! I’m sure it could happen right here!”

    “Wow. These battles seem to get more and more complex by the generation,” I said.

    “Sounds good to us! Let’s get it on!” one of the punks said.

    “Okay!” we all said.

    “Right! This Triple Battle will now begin! Each Trainer will use one Pokémon for a total of three on each side! Substitutions are not allowed, and battle will end when all of either side’s Pokémon are unable to continue! Begin!” Chris said, judging the battle.

    “Shelgon, it’s showtime!” I said.

    “Kindgra, go!” Alexis said.

    “Breloom, I choose you!” Mark said.

    “Fearow, go!”

    “Beedrill, get in there!”

    “Hitmonchan, let’s do it!”

    Shelgon stood across from Beedril, Kingdra from Fearow, and Breloom from Hitmonchan.

    “Beedrill, start off with Twinneedle!” Beedrill flew at Shelgon with its drills at the ready.

    “Fearow! Wing Attack!” Fearow flew ahead with Wing Attack.

    “Hitmonchan, Close Combat!” Hitmonchan ran forward.

    “Lexi?” I asked.

    “Right! Kindgra, use Whirlpool!” Kindgra set up a Whirlpool.

    “Shelgon, Flamethrower!” Shelgon fired a Flamethrower at the Whirlpool, creating a cloud of steam that diverted Fearow, Beedrill, and Hitmonchan’s attention.

    “Mark?” I asked.

    “Right! Breloom, use Mach Punch!” Breloom hit all three of the opponents with Mach Punch, doing moderate damage.

    “Fearow! Drill Peck!” Fearow nailed Breloom with a Drill Peck.

    “Kingdra! Hurry and use Ice Beam!” Kingdra charged up an Ice Beam.

    “No you don’t! Hitmonchan, Thunderpunch!” Hitmonchan’s Thunderpunch kept Kingdra from moving.

    “Shelgon, Dragonbreath!” Shelgon fired a Dragonbreath at Hitmonchan, who dodged.

    “Beedrill, Poison Sting!” Beedrill’s Poison Sting nailed Shelgon, keeping it restrained as well.

    “We’ve got you now!” Hitmonchan’s trainer said.

    “Lexi, we’re counting on you!” I said.

    “You can do this!” Mark said.

    “…right! Kingdra! Our friends are counting on us! Let’s answer their calls! Draco Meteor!” Kingdra let loose a Draco Meteor, which was executed perfectly. The attacks hit the opponents with high power.

    “All right!” I said. “Way to go, Lexi!” Alexis laughed as we fist-bumped.

    “Gah! What the-?!” the punks said in surprise.

    “I’ll take it from here!” Mark said. “Breloom, use Dynamicpunch!” Breloom used Dynamicpunch to knock Hitmonchan into its Trainer.

    “My turn! Shelgon, use Dragon Claw!” Shelgon leapt at Beedrill and landed a Dragon Claw, knocking Beedrill into its Trainer.

    “And now for the big finish! Kingdra, use Ice Beam!” Kingdra’s Ice Beam froze Fearow, who landed on its Trainer. All three Pokémon were knocked out.

    “Team Tangelo’s Pokémon are unable to Battle! Therefore, Team Hoenn is the winner of this battle!” Chris said.

    “We did it!” I said. The three of us high-fived.

    “We’re not done yet!” “We’ll take our revenge!” the punks said.

    “Delcatty, use Assist!” Chris said. Delcatty jumped in and used Assist, running at the punks with Brave Bird. The explosion sent them flying to the other side of the island.

    “Thanks for your help, Chris!” Alexis said.

    “My pleasure. In fact, it’s ALWAYS a pleasure to help someone like yourself!” Chris said, coming up right behind her with his creepy smile. She got a ‘creeped-out’ look on her face.

    “And special thanks to our bulky friend here!” I said, stroking Shelgon’s back.

    “Shel! Shelgon!” Shelgon said, then it waved to us and Kingdra as it left, floating away on the ocean.

    “Um…how can it float?” Mark asked.

    “Don’t ask; I doubt there’s a logical answer,” I said.

    “So, you guys getting ready for the Orange League or something?” Chris asked.

    “Yeah. I am. In fact, I’ve just got one more badge to go!” I said, showing Chris the Jade Star Badge, Sea Ruby Badge, and Spikeshell Badge.

    “Huh. Usually Trainers would start with the Mikan Gym,” Chris said. “Then again, seeing as you started up north, I’m not surprised.”

    “Well, order doesn’t matter to me. What matters is getting the last badge and facing the head of the Orange Crew,” I replied.

    “Such confidence! I want to see how this next challenge will go! Got room for one more on this showboat?” Chris asked.

    “That depends on if you like the ‘boat’ you refer to,” Mark said, clicking his watch. Gyarados surfaced nearby.

    “What do you mean?” Chris asked. He then looked at Gyarados and passed out.

    “Guys, thanks for your help today. Kingdra certainly benefited from this battle, and it was thanks to your faith in us!” Alexis said.

    “But more importantly, it was thanks to YOUR faith in Kingdra!” Mark said.

    “You know that we have your back, no matter what!” I added.

    “Thanks! And the same goes to you, especially for the next Gym and the Grand Festival!” Alexis said, smiling.

    With our camaraderie strengthened, we moved forward in our quest to win in the Southern Seas.
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    Chapter 138: The Coral Eye of the Beholder

    At last, we had made it to Mikan Island, the site of my fourth Gym Battle, where the badge that would qualify me to face the leader of the Orange Crew awaited me.

    “I wonder what the next Gym Leader will do? Or what type of Pokémon they’ll use,” I wondered as we sat in the Pokémon Center.

    “The Gym Leader here is named Cissy. She’s a Water Pokémon Trainer, and quite a hotshot at that,” Chris said.

    “Okay, so Gallade and Girafarig might be the good choice,” I concluded, looking at all my Pokémon, who I’d brought out for evaluation.

    “Actually, I believe you have to match them with your own Water-Types,” Chris refuted.

    “Huh? So just Golduck?” I said, looking at Golduck.

    “I think Golduck will do just fine, Mike! It’s got plenty of power!” Alexis said.

    “And plenty of spirit. Golduck will be fine on its own,” Mark added.

    “Sure, but what if I have to use more than one?” I asked.

    “Then I’ll lend you Empoleon!” Mark said.

    “Excuse me, Nurse Joy!” a voice said. We turned to see a woman about twenty years old running in with her Seadra. She had a black shirt, a magenta skirt, and brown hair. “My Seadra damaged its fin. Can you take a look at it for a while?”

    “Of course, Cissy! Always a pleasure to assist you in any way I can!” Nurse Joy said, her Chansey taking Seadra away.

    “Cissy?!” we all exclaimed.

    “Yes?” she said, turning to us.

    “Um…hello! My name is-”

    “Mike McCarver, right?” she asked. “I recognize you from the description my friend Danny gave me: cyan shirt and hat, triple scar, Psychic Pokémon…that about cover it?”

    “Y-yup. That’s me!” I said.

    “Well, I guess you’re here to challenge me to a Gym Battle, right?”

    “Yes, but if your Seadra is in no condition…” I suggested.

    “No, no! We were doing some speed training and it hurt its fin, so it’s out of commission. However, I do have other ways to hold a Gym Battle! I’d be glad to take you on!” Cissy insisted.

    “Okay! Thanks a lot!” I said.

    We followed her to the Gym, which was a giant cylinder-like building. However, we went out back to the beach.

    “Hey, Sis! Who’re these guys?” a little boy asked.

    “Senta, this is today’s challenger, Mike! And these are his friends Alexis, Mark, and Chris!” Cissy said. “This is my little brother, Senta! He’ll be assisting in the battle!”

    “So, you’re the challenger my sister’s been dying to face, are you? Let’s see if you’re what they all said you were!” Senta said, but Cissy gave him a little glare, then went off to prepare things.

    “Huh. Dying to face me, huh? Maybe it was Danny’s description?” I suggested.

    “Or maybe she’s impressed by your progress!” Chris suggested.

    “Yeah. You’re making quite a big name for yourself. Winner of both the Ever Grande and Indigo Conferences! It’s not surprising that even Gym Leaders would learn to admire you,” Mark added. Alexis just scowled.

    “Wow. How do you respond to that?” I asked, embarassed.

    “Okay! Now that SOME things are back in line, I’m ready to start! Blastoise, let’s go!” Cissy said, bringing out her Blastoise. “Here’s how the match will work: we ride our Water Pokémon out to that buoy and back! First to get back will be the winner!”

    “Ride Golduck? I don’t think that’s possible!” Chris said.

    “Guess you’ll just have to battle after all!” Alexis said.

    “Not true. I’ve got an ace up my sleeve! Mark?” I asked.

    “Oh. OK!” Mark answered, clicking his watch. Out of the water came Gyarados.

    “A red Gyarados?!” Cissy and Senta exclaimed.

    “Gyarados! Ready to do this?” I asked.

    “Gyar!” Gyarados replied excitedly.

    “Okay! Such an opponent fires me up! Let's go!” Cissy said, getting onto Blastoise’s back.

    “All right! It’s showtime, Gyarados!” I replied, getting onto Gyarados’ back.

    “Now, on the count of three!” Senta announced.

    “Good luck, Mike!” Alexis called.

    “Give ‘em trouble!” Chris said.

    “And you too, Gyarados!” Mark added.

    “One…Two…THREE!” Senta said. At that, the four of us took off toward the buoy.

    “Okay, Blastoise! Let’s kick it into high gear!”


    “Gyarados, you’ve got power and speed! Let’s show ‘em what for!”


    “Let’s just see that power of yours! Blastoise, do it!” Cissy shouted.

    “Blastoise!” Blastoise said as it rammed into Gyarados.

    “Rrgh! Dirty trick! But so is this! Gyarados, Avalanche!” I said.

    “Gyar!” Gyarados said as it launched an Avalanche at Blastoise, slowing it down.

    “Blastoise! Well well, you’ve certainly got some surprises!” Cissy said.

    “Gyarados! Full speed ahead!” I said. Gyarados moved ahead.

    “Okay! Blastoise, use Hydro Pump!” Blastoise fired a Hydro Pump at us which ended up knocking me off.

    “Bleaugh! That wasn’t very cool!” I said as I resurfaced.

    “See you at the finish line!” Cissy said as she passed us.

    “Gyarados, let’s hurry!” I said as I climbed onto Gyarados. We were about five seconds behind Cissy when we lapped the buoy. “There’s got to be some way to get further ahead!” I said. Just then, a tidal wave came from behind us. “OH, MAN! NOT THIS!”

    “Oh, no! Blastoise, get away!” Cissy said. She and Blastoise charged ahead.

    “Wait a minute! We can use this! Gyarados, up for a little wave-riding?” I asked.

    “Gyar!” Gyarados said. We submerged and came up on top of the waves, riding them ahead.

    “Just like old times! SURF’S UP!” I shouted ahead to Cissy.

    “What in the world?!” Cissy exclaimed in astonishment. The wave subsided by the time we caught up to her.

    “I didn’t beat the rest of the Orange Crew by luck! It’s strategies like this that have helped me and my Pokémon come out on top! And it’s how we’ll come out on top today, too!” I said, now neck-in-neck with Cissy.

    “You’re quite the clever one! But you won’t win this race!” Cissy said confidently. “Blastoise, full power!”

    “Blast!” Blastoise sped ahead.

    “Every time I catch up, she speeds ahead! We need a way to just blow her away!...I’ve got it! Gyarados, use Aqua Tail!”

    “Gyar!” Gyarados said as it used Aqua Tail to propel itself forward.

    “What?!” exclaimed Cissy.

    “Now let’s see you catch up to us! WHOO-HOO!” I said as Gyarados and I passed her up. She wasn’t even close when we passed the finish line. “Great job, GyaradoooOOOOOOSS!” I said as Gyarados screeched to a halt and I flew off its back and into Mark and Chris. The three of us went tumbling into the coconut tree behind the Gym.

    “Nice job, BRO,” Mark said sarcastically.

    “Ladi-odle-ladi-odle-lay-hi-hoooo…” Chris said, dazed.

    “Mike, you and Gyarados were so awesome!” Alexis said, helping me up.

    “Thanks, Lexi. Gyarados, nice job!” I said as we went over to it.

    “Gyar!” Gyarados said happily.

    “Heh, that reminded me of this other challenger I faced a ways back,” Cissy said, coming up. “I’ve got to admit, you two sure surprised me. You have ingenuity and trust on a level that far surpasses many other Trainers! For that, I now present you with the Coral Eye Badge, proof of your victory here at the Mikan Island Gym!” She handed me a pink badge that had a blue eye on it.

    “Thanks a lot, Cissy! ALL RIGHT! WE WON THE CORAL EYE BADGE!” I exclaimed.

    “Gyar, Gyar!”

    “Now you qualify for the Orange League Championship match!” Chris said.

    “Oh, good! Then your next stop should be Pummelo Island! You’ll find it northeast of here!” Cissy said.

    “Just be sure not to lose there!” Senta said.

    “Don’t you worry; we’ll be sure to win!” I responded.

    After all this time, I finally qualified for the chance to defeat the head of the Orange Crew. I kept confident as I moved forward, ready for whatever challenges lay ahead.
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    Chapter 139: Chris-tal Clear

    After winning my fourth badge on Mikan Island, we travelled to Sunburst Island, in the hopes of training for my final Orange League Gym Battle and for the Southern Seas Grand Festival on Mandarin Island North.

    “Flareon, use Fire Spin! Zoroark, use Shadow Ball!” Chris’s Flareon fired a Fire Spin that turned Zoroark’s Shadow Ball into a fireball.

    “Umbreon, Iron Tail!” Umbreon’s Iron Tail reflected the attack right back.

    “Zoroark, Night Daze!” Zoroark’s Night Daze, a wave of red energy, reduced the attack to black embers.

    “Ooh, nice!” I said.

    “Flareon, huh?” Alexis asked, getting out her Pokedex.

    “Flareon, the Flame Pokémon. Flareon is the evolved form of Eevee. The air it inhales is ignited by a flame in its body and is expelled as fire.”

    “It sure is beautiful, isn’t it?” Aleixs asked about Flareon.

    “Yeah. I especially like its fur around its neck!” I said.

    “Mew, Dark Pulse!” Mew fired a Dark Pulse at Flareon.

    “Flareon, use Quick Attack!” Flareon used Quick Attack to spin around the Dark Pulse and nail Mew. “Zoroark, Dark Pulse back!” Zoroark’s Dark Pulse did major damage to Mew, knocking it out. “Flareon, Last Resort!” Flareon hit Umbreon from behind with Last Resort, knocking it out.

    “Umbreon and Mew are unable to battle! Zoroark and Flareon are the winners, and victory in this match goes to Chris of Twinleaf Town!” I announced.

    “Man, nice battle, guys,” Mark said, going over to Umbreon and Mew.

    “Umbre,” Umbreon said, disappointed.

    “Flare! Flare, Flare!” Flareon said, reassuring it.

    “He’s right; don’t dwell on it. In fact, I think you’ve got quite a future ahead of you too,” Zoroark said.

    “So how can Zoroark talk again?” Alexis asked.

    “The way I figure it: don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” Chris answered.

    “Anyway, let’s go get some lunch!” I suggested. We went into town, where there were several merchants selling figures made of glass.

    “Look at all of these! They’re so pretty!” Alexis said, fawning over them.

    “She’s still as big an art buff as ever, I see,” Chris said.

    “You have NO idea,” I replied. “These ones over here have a distinct feature about them: it looks like they’re going to come alive at any moment!” While saying that, I was looking at figurines in one vendor that looked better than the others.

    “Oh, you like them?” the guy working the vendor asked. He and his Charmeleon were creating new statues made of glass. “Thanks! The name’s Mateo! And yours?”

    “I’m Mike!”

    “I’m Alexis!”

    “The name’s Mark!”

    “And I’m Chris!”

    “Pleasure to meet you all! We take special pride in these crystal figures, so it’s always good to hear praise!” Mateo said.

    “Big brother!” a voice said. A young girl came running up to Mateo.

    “Marissa? What is it?” Mateo asked.

    “It’s…it’s terrible! The crystal has all been stolen from the crystal cave!” Marissa said.

    “Oh, no!” Mateo said. He looked incredibly shocked.

    “I don’t get it: why would somebody take ALL of the crystal? It’s quite abundant!” Chris said.

    “Maybe so as to sell it back to these people so that they can make their crystal figures again! That’s just rotten!” Alexis said.

    “Looks like we’re going on a crystal hunt, guys!” I said.

    “Wait, we’re having to sidetrack when the Grand-” Mark started, but I then pointed to the PWE symbol on my cap. “…okay, I’ll shut up now.”

    “Hold on! I’m coming with you!” Mateo said. “My Charmeleon and I should be able to help you out!”

    “All right, but stay close!” I said. “Let’s start by investigating the crystal cave!” I said. We all travelled to where the crystal cave was, and there was no crystal there.

    “How could they take such things off the caves in such a short time?” Chris asked.

    “Found something!” Alexis said, picking up a screw.

    “Looks like they used some kind of machine to get it off!” I concluded.

    “But a machine would short-circuit in here because the tide comes up!” Marissa claimed.

    “Then they must’ve had a hovercraft!” Mark said.

    “Team Rocket!” we said.

    “Well, either they’re long gone, or they’re still hiding on the island, waiting to sell the crystal back to the townspeople! We’ve got to search the island!” Mark said.

    “No worries! We’ve got an eagle’s eye! Deoxys?” I said, bringing Deoxys out.

    “Right! Leave this to me!” Deoxys said. It then extended its aura which exploded into an aurora in the sky. “Got ‘em! They’re in the middle of a lake in a cavern near here!”

    “A lake? But that’s…” Mateo said hesitantly.

    “What’s up?” I asked.

    “…that’s the site of the Crystal Onix,” Mateo answered.

    “The Crystal Onix?!” Chris said. “AWESOME! I’m gonna go catch it!”

    “Crystal Onix?” I asked.

    “It’s an Onix whose body is made of crystal instead of rock. Such a find would win me the Grand Festival for sure!” Chris said.

    “What?! In that case, I’LL be getting the Crystal Onix!” Mark shouted.

    “Just try!” Chris argued back. The two then ran off.

    “*sigh* Let’s go,” I said. We followed the two to the cavern, where there was indeed a lake in the middle.

    “So, where’s Team Rocket?” Alexis asked.

    “They should still be around…there!” Deoxys said, pointing to the bottom of the lake. At that, a hovercraft inside a bubble leapt out of the water, with a claw holding an Onix that had crystal skin.

    “The Crystal Onix!” Mateo shouted. “Charmeleon, use Fire Spin!” Charmeleon fired a Fire Spin at the claw, but since it was in the bubble, the flame fizzled out.

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!” came the usual laugh.

    “Sorry to burst your bubble, but ours is invulnerable!” Ashley called.

    “And with that, we’ll be taking this Crystal Onix along with al the crystal we stole! We’ll make a fortune!”

    “Sorry, but fortune’s going to be smiling on us today! Flareon, use Flamethrower!” Chris’s Flareon came out and fired a Flamethrower at the bubble, which did nothing. “Damn!”

    “Take this!” Olson said as the machine fired a Bubblebeam and nailed Flareon and Charmeleon. “You might as well cool down; we’re untouchable!”

    “Never! Omastar, Ice Beam!” Chris said, bringing out Omastar and having it use Ice Beam on the bubbles. “Flareon, Fire Spin!” Flareon’s Fire Spin grabbed the frozen bubbles and made them into a wall.

    “…huh?” Mark asked, surprised at this.

    “Nice move, but we’ll just have to make those walls come tumbling down!” Ashley said as they fired two more bubbles. In them were Armaldo and Cradily.

    “Espeon, get in there!” I said, sending out Espeon.

    “Armaldo, X-Scissor!” Armaldo hit Omastar with X-Scissor.

    “Cradily! Sludge Bomb!” Cradily kept Charmeleon at bay with Sludge Bomb.

    “We are NOT going to lose here! Flareon, Last Resort!” Flareon charged ahead and hit Cradily with Last Resort, not doing much.

    “Armaldo, Slash!” Armaldo’s Slash was enough to knock Flareon out.

    “We need a TON more power!” I said. “Espeon, Confusion!” Espeon gathered the stars left over from Flareon’s Last Resort with Confusion.

    “What are you doing?!” Chris asked.

    “Taking care of business! Espeon! STAR SHOWER GIGA IMPACT!!” Espeon launched the stars at Armaldo and Cradily, then knocked them into Team Rocket with Giga Impact. The resulting explosion destroyed the bubble completely.

    “What in the-how did-where’d-huh?!?” Chris asked, flabbergasted.

    “Way to go, Espeon! Deoxys, ready? Use Zap Cannon!”

    “Right! ZAP CANNON!” Deoxys said, launching a Zap Cannon into the water, completely shocking Team Rocket and freeing Onix.

    “Wait, wait! How did you burst our bubble?!” Ashley asked as she resurfaced.

    “Uh, speaking of which…” Olson said, tapping her shoulder. The Crystal Onix had emerged from the water. It roared and used Slam to send them flying.

    “TEAM ROCKET’S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!!” the y said as they went flying out of the cave.

    “Thank you, Onix!” Marissa called out. Onix nodded and went under the water. It then emerged with a giant load of crystals.

    “Let’s take these back!” I said.

    “YEAH!” everyone else agreed. With everyone helping out, we took the crystals back to the caves and spread the word around town. The townspeople were so grateful, they gave us tons of rock candy.

    “Now THIS is a thank-you!” I said. “Mateo, Marissa, I hope things go well for you!”

    “And same to you! Good luck in the Orange League!” Mateo said.

    “Don’t forget to come back sometime!” Marissa said. We waved as we left.

    “So, we’re going to do some more training. What about you?” Mark asked Chris.

    “I’m heading over to Mandarin Island North. I figure I might do some training there instead. But you…” Chris said, pointing to me. “…I would’ve enjoyed facing you in a Contest. You’ve got some flair!”

    “Hey, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that anything can happen! I might just face you one day!” I said.

    “I look forward to that,” Chris said, shaking my hand. “And as for you, I’ll see you in the Grand Festival!”

    “I’ll be there!” Mark said.

    Having rivals around is only succeeded by having friends around. Though Chris was both, I can say we both gained a lot of respect for each other that day. And so, with bonds strengthened, we departed from Sunburst Island to continue our journey.
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    Chapter 140: 20,000 Miles Under the Sea

    Before proceeding to Mandarin Island North, so that Mark could compete in the Grand Festival two days later, we decided to head in the direction that Fairchild Island used to be, upon hearing a rumor around Sunburst Island:

    “…some people say that there’s treasure at the bottom of the sea, inside the sunken island, Fairchild Island.”

    “And we’re REALLY going to trust a rumor?” Alexis asked.

    “Hey, why not? Besides, we need to burn some time waiting for the Grand Festival to start, don’t we?” I suggested.

    “Personally, I prefer not wasting time, but maybe we’ll find some Pokémon down there!” Mark said.

    “Ready, Gyarados?” I asked.

    “Gyar!” Gyarados replied. It then dove beneath the water. Just before that, I tapped into my scar’s power, having it build an air bubble for us.

    “Man, that’s handy!” Mark commented as we went beneath the surface.

    “Well, we’re going to need to find some way to keep breathing if I run out of energy!” I said.

    “Down there!” Alexis said. We saw a sunken island at the bottom of the ocean, about the size of Cinnabar Island.

    “Wow. That’s huge!” I said. “Wonder what we’ll find down there?” We moved closer and closer. Along the way, we passed a school of Wailmer, some Corsola, and some other Pokémon. As we moved closer, there was a small, light-blue Pokémon with an antennae on its head.

    “What’s that Pokémon?” Alexis asked.

    “It…it can’t be! A Phione!” Mark said.

    “What’s a Phione?” I asked.

    “It’s an extremely rare Water Pokémon found only in Sinnoh! I don’t know what one’s doing here, but I am NOT complaining! Let’s go, Empoleon!” Mark said, bringing out Empoleon.

    “Mark, wait! You won’t be able to breathe!” I said. Unfortunately, he went off. “Aw, man! Well, let’s go looking for treasure!” I said. Alexis, Gyarados and I moved forward, finally reaching the submerged Fairchild Island.

    “This place seems big! Maybe the treasure is on the underside!” Alexis said.

    “Rrk! Y-yeah, let’s check it out!” I said, feeling my energy wavering.

    “Mike! Are you okay?” Alexis asked.

    “I…I just feel a little drained. I can hold it up for a while longer, but if it looks like I’m going to give, you two need to high-tail it back to the surface! I’ll have Golduck and Deoxys help me look for Mark!” I said.

    “Okay…” Alexis said, concerned.

    We continued our search on the bottom side of the island. There was a little shell-like thing there, hanging on the surface. It looked like it had two beady, black eyes on it.

    “What is that?!” I asked.

    “Looks like…” Alexis said, checking her Pokedex. “…okay! It’s a Kabuto! The Pokémon that Kabutops evolves from!”

    “Oh, I see! What’s it doing down here?” I wondered as we swam up towards it. “Hey, little guy! What’s up?” I said as we enveloped it in the barrier. It just sat there.

    “Huh. Not much of a conversationalist, huh?” Alexis commented.

    “Yup. Seems to be a little too ‘inside its shell’!” I joked, earning me a punch on the head by Alexis. “Rrgh…right. Sorry,” I apologized.

    “Hey, little guy? What are you doing here? Shouldn’t there be other Kabuto around?” Alexis asked it. The Kabuto shifted its upper body side to side after hearing that.

    “It’s basically saying no,” Deoxys translated.

    “Huh. Okay, well then, let’s take you to where they might be!” I said, taking it off. It was revealed that Kabuto had red eyes underneath and yellow claws. It looked slightly unsure when hearing my proposal.

    “COME BACK HERE!!” we heard Mark shout. He was still chasing Phione with Mew creating a bubble around their heads. Phione came to us, pulled Kabuto from my hands, and went off.

    “Hey! Come back!” I said. We all went chasing after them, coming across an underwater cave. We followed the Pokémon in to find that there was an area with a surface for us to come up to. As soon as we did, we saw Phione, Kabuto, and several Pokémon that looked like they belonged on land instead of under the ocean.

    “What are all these Pokémon doing down here?” Alexis asked.

    “I know how we can find out. Deoxys?” I said, bringing it out.

    “Sure. I’ll ask them,” Deoxys said. It then went over to the Pokémon and talked with them for a while, then implanted its aura back into me. “It seems that Phione has been gathering these Pokémon because they were involved in several shipwrecks. Phione couldn’t take them back to shore because there are many Pokémon it couldn’t lift.”

    “Those poor Pokémon…” Alexis said.

    “I see. That’s a good reason for Phione to stay under the sea,” Mark said.

    “And it’s also a good reason for us to help out! We’re taking these Pokémon back up to the surface!” I said.

    “What?! How do we do that?” Mark asked.

    “We’ll have Gyarados stationed up on top…” I said.

    “…while Golduck, Kingdra, and Empoleon carry you three and the Pokémon up to Gyarados…” Deoxys added.

    “…and those who can’t swim will stay on Gyarados’ back…” Alexis guessed.

    “…until we get finished and take them all back to Mandarin Island North!” Mark concluded.

    “AWESOME!” the four of us said.

    “Let’s get to work! Golduck!” I said, bringing Golduck out.

    “Kingdra, let’s go!” Alexis said, sending out Kingdra.

    “Empoleon, let’s do this!” Mark said to Empoleon.

    “And you can count on me to help out, too!” Deoxys volunteered.

    With that, we began taking Pokémon on Golduck, Kingdra, and Empoleon’s backs, as well as Deoxys carrying some itself. I continued to create the necessary barriers for us to maintain air while Gyarados went up to the surface with us following closely. Once we got to the surface, we placed the Pokémon on Gyarados’ back, then went back under. Then, we would repeat the process several times.

    “We’re almost there!” Alexis said.

    “Yeah! How are we doing?” Mark asked.

    “We’re…doing ok…ay…” I answered, struggling. Suddenly, I felt a tug at my leg. It was a Cradily! “No way! RRGH!” I said, chucking the Smeargle in my hands up to Deoxys. “Golduck, Aerial Ace!” Golduck struck Cradily with Aerial Ace while the others were still making their way back up. “Good luck, guys. Golduck, use…urgh…” I said, running out of energy. I felt the barrier starting to dissipate.

    “Duck! Golduck, Duck!” Golduck encouraged.

    “Golduck…get out of here…just…” I said, completely out of stamina. I couldn't concentrate, so the barrier fell, and I was surrounded by water. Cradily then grabbed me and then dragged me into a submarine, where the usual bad guys were waiting.

    “Ahoy, young runt! We be back!” Olson said, like a pirate.

    “Thanks for gathering so many Pokémon for us and exerting your energy out there! We’ll just be taking you back to the boss now!” Ashley said. “Let’s move it, Orwell!”

    “IT’S OLSON! O-L-S-O-N! It’s not that difficult!” Olson shouted, starting the submarine. Golduck, from what I could tell, was trying its hardest to break in, but couldn’t. We moved forward while I tried to get up.

    “Once I have my strength back, you-you’re in…big trouble…” I threatened, albeit weakly.

    “And once we take you to Giovanni, we’re in the clear!” Ashley said.

    “Enjoy the ride, me heartie!” Olson sneered, tying me up.

    “It’ll be an enjoyment, all right!” Deoxys said, having transferred into my body.

    “What?! How’d he get his strength back?!” Olson asked.

    “It can’t be…that orange Pokémon?!” Ashley said.

    “In the flesh!” Deoxys said, breaking the rope. He then had me move and fight them physically, accidentally pressing the button on the submarine that made it blow up. Luckily, I had just regained enough energy to create another barrier to protect myself from the explosion. Golduck then grabbed me and sped back to the surface.

    “TEAM ROCKET’S SHOVING OFF AGAIN!!!” they shouted as they disappeared into the sun.

    “All…right…Thanks, you guys,” I said.

    “Golduck!” Golduck replied, giving me a thumbs-up.

    “Our pleasure. Just don’t go and try suffocating yourself again,” Deoxys responded.

    “Hurry! Get him over here!” Alexis shouted as Golduck brought me over.

    “Boy, you’re far too reckless, little brother,” Mark said.

    “Watch…your…mouth…bro…” I argued.

    “Smeargle!” the Smeargle among the rescued Pokémon said. It came forward and summoned up a big, yellow egg. The egg went into me, and all of a sudden, I felt much better.

    “Wow…it used Softboiled to heal me! I feel like a whole new man!” I said.

    “Yeah, that’s what HE-” Mark started.

    “No more bad jokes!!” Alexis snapped at him. “Mike, what did I tell you about being careful?!”

    “…I’m sorry. I should’ve kept an eye out for Cradily,” I said.

    “…just try not to do anything too crazy anymore, okay?” Alexis asked, giving me a hug.


    “All right, you two. Let’s get these Pokémon to Mandarin Island!” Mark said.

    We took the Pokémon to Nurse Joy on Mandarin Island North, and she contacted their Trainers who started coming in droves to pick up their Pokémon.

    “Well, Phione, I think your work is done,” Mark said.

    “But there’ll be plenty more accidents out at sea. You never know what’ll happen,” I said.

    “Which is why Phione’s job is so important!” Alexis added.

    “…thanks, guys. Just thanks,” Mark said, almost enraged. Phione smiled, waved to us, and left.

    A good experience with a Pokémon with a good heart turned out good for everybody. I now knew my limits, so I knew from then on that I had one extra burden to bear: knowing when they’d be weighing too heavily on me. With that knowledge, the journey continued.
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    Chapter 141: Last One In, Hit the Lights

    After the incident with Fairchild Island, we finally made it Mandarin Island North, where the Southern Seas Grand Festival was to be held. We met up with Sean, Chris, Gerardo, and Chelsea (who had come as Gerardo’s guest) at the opening banquet, talked about our adventures, and got ready to go. The next day was the opening appeals. It started with the opening ceremonies, starting with Anne’s statement.

    “Welcome to the Southern Seas Grand Festival! The home of the elite in these open seas who will dazzle you with their gorgeous and talented Pokémon!” Anne said. “And to start the proceedings, let’s meet the judges! Mr. Contesta!”

    “Truly a pleasure to see you all!” Mr. Contesta said.

    “Mr. Sukizo!”

    “Mandarin Island North is simply remarkable!” Sukizo said.

    “Our panel of Nurse Joys!” There were three gathered there who greeted everyone at the same time. “And finally, our guest judge for the Grand Festival! He’s the artist with the moves, the Champion with the grace, the one, the only…Wallace of Sootopolis City!”

    “No way!” I said. “Wallace is here?!” And just like that, Wallace and his Milotic entered from the center pool.

    “Greetings and salutations to you all! I look forward to a truly spectacular Grand Festival from all of the competitors!” Wallace said.

    “And now that the opening statement has been made, let’s get on with the Performance Stage! And first up…is the Great Daico!” Just like that, Sean was onstage. His appeal consisted of his Roserade and Chimecho, using their musical attacks.

    “Chimecho, Heal Bell! Roserade, Grasswhistle!” Roserade’s Grasswhistle made people fall asleep while Chimecho’s Heal Bell gave them all a pleasant feeling. “Roserade, Sunny Day! Chimecho! Use Astonish!” Roserade’s Sunny Day made it seem like the sun was coming up. Chimecho made a sound like an alarm clock so loud that it woke people up abruptly.

    “Wh-what?! What kind of performance was that?!” I said, feeling like I’d heard nails on a chalkboard.

    “That was just annoying!” Alexis said.

    “Five more minutes, mummy…” Mark said, still asleep. I told Empoleon to use Hydro Pump. “GAH, ALL RIGHT! I’m up, I’m up!”

    “Wow! Taking an enchanting tune as a lullaby and then an abrupt wake-up was a nice appeal! Let’s go to the judges!” Anne said.

    “Truly an eye-opening combination, if you’ll pardon the pun!” Mr. Contesta said.

    “Yes! A remarkable one, too!” Sukizo added. The Nurse Joys added a whole ton of positive remarks.

    “Ah, such a creative technique, recreating such a situation! Such a sweet lullaby, then an abrupt alarm with the sunlight in the window! Brilliant!” Wallace said.

    “What planet are these people from?!” I asked.

    “Clearly, one where they like getting up early in the morning,” Gerardo answered.

    “Chris, get ready! You’re coming up soon!” Alexis said.

    “Right! Watch the doctor do his work!” Chris said, adopting the mad scientist outfit and rushing off with that creepy cackle.

    “…talk about malpractice…” Alexis said, creeped out yet again.

    “And here’s our next performer! The Great Teali! Go!” Anne said as the curtain came up. Chris wasn’t there. “…uh, we seem to be having problems; the Great Teali isn’t-”

    “Well, hello!” Chris said, popping up from behind her.

    “Well, hello!” Zoroark added, disguised as Chris.

    “EEEK!” Anne said, creeped out of her mind.

    “Which one is the real deal?” Chris asked.

    “Well, so as to add to the confusion…” Zoroark said.

    “Torterra! Come on out!” they said together, holding up Torterra’s Poke Ball. Out came Chris’ Torterra. “Use Frenzy Plant!”

    “TER-ra!” Torterra said as it brought up a Frenzy Plant. The plants grabbed Chris and Zoroark and juggled them around in a perfect circle. “Now use Energy Ball!” At this, Chris and Zoroark came together. Tortera fired an Energy Ball at them, creating a huge light. When it cleared, they were standing on Torterra’s back. The lights went out, and we heard a drum roll. A spotlight shone on them.

    “Raise your voices if you think I’M the real one!” We heard some cheering.

    “Raise your voices if you think I’M the real one!” We heard some more cheering, but less than before.

    “And the answer is…” they said together. Just then, Zoroark transformed into itself.

    “TA-DAH! Congratulations!” Chris said. Zoroark fired a Shadow Ball into the air that hit a party ball that had been preset. It exploded and sent confetti everywhere. At that, the audience cheered, and Chris, Zoroark, and Torterra took a bow.

    “Amazing! Using a Pokémon’s transforming ability to create confusion, then having Torterra throw even more confusion into the mix, then soliciting the audience’s help to figure out who’s who! So inventive!” Anne said. “Let’s hear from our judges!”

    “I was surprised to see such a Pokémon as this…Zoroark, was it? What a creative use of its abilities!” Mr. Contesta said.

    “Yes! Its transformation is just remarkable!” Sukizo added, as well as more positive comments from the Nurse Joys.

    “You certainly have a flair for the unusual! That was a clever mix of putting yourself out there and letting your Pokémon do their thing! And how kind of you to think of involving the crowd! Truly a top-notch Coordinator in my opinion!” Wallace commented.

    “Well, let’s just see where that takes him,” Mark said.

    “It’s bound to take him far: you want to establish a connection with the audience, right?” I told him.

    “He didn’t have to add the creep factor there,” Alexis said, shuddering. “Still, better her than me…”

    “Annnnnnnd I’m back!” Chris said, coming out from behind Alexis.

    “HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!?” Alexis shouted, scared out of her mind.

    “I get around.”

    “Hey, Gerardo! Looks like you’re on deck!” Sean said.

    “Awesome! Let’s do this!” Gerardo said, donning his Caliph outfit and running off.

    “Why are you all dressed up already? You’re, like…the last one!” Chelsea asked Mark.

    “The GREAT SEPHIOD always stays in character. Nobody aside from you all should know my identity,” Mark answered.

    “MARK!!” a voice said. Mark fell to the ground. I looked to see our old friend, Laura Brill!

    “Hey, Laura! How’s it going?” I asked.

    “Pretty good! I heard you guys were going to be in this Grand Festival, so I grabbed all my Kirlia and zoomed on over!” At that, the Kirlia came up and greeted us. I saw that the eyelashed Kirlia had evolved into a Gardevoir.

    “Well, do I have a treat for you!” I said, grabbing Poke Ball number 7. “Come on out!” I said, sending out Gallade.

    “Gallade? Gallade!” Gallade said happily. The Kirlia were surprised to see him, but then greeted him ecstatically. Gardevoir was in shock, but that changed to happiness as she hugged him, who blushed in embarrassment.

    “So, Mark! Long time no see!” Laura said.

    “Excuse me, but that’s…” Mark said.

    “Oh, right! The Great Sephiod! Have you gone yet?” Laura asked.

    “No, I got a little sidetracked at registration. Scarface here almost deep-sixed to due an incident at Fairchild Island.”

    “Wait, what? What happened?”

    “I just…I ran out of energy and was going to drown. Anyway, Team Rocket grabbed me, and I got rescued by these guys…the end,” I summed up. “Now be quiet; Gerardo’s about to go on!”

    “Annnnnd now, here’s the next performer! The Ice Prince himself…Caliph Gerardo!” Gerardo went onstage.

    “Sneasel! Delibird! Let’s go!” Gerardo said. “Sneasel, start off with Icy Wind! And Delibird, use Present!” Sneasel blew an Icy Wind towards Delibird. Delibird got out a glowing orb and threw it at the Icy Wind. At contact, the present exploded. This sent the Icy Wind all over the stage ground. “Now use Ice Beam, Delibird!” Delibird used Ice Beam on a certain spot. “Sneasel! Start skating and use Shadow Claw!” Sneasel skated around the ice floor and used Shadow Claw to slash away at the block of ice being formed by Delibird’s Ice Beam. It kept going and going until finally, it looked like a throne with a pillow and a perch. Gerardo jumped up to the throne, Sneasel leapt up to the pillow, and Delibird landed on the perch. The three resembled some kind of ancient royalty.

    “Amazing! Now THAT’S why he’s the king! Let’s hear from our judges!” Anne said.

    “I loved that picturesque scene that I’m seeing right now! Magnificent!” Mr. Contesta said.

    “Yes! Remarkable as well!” Sukizo added. The panel of Nurse Joys also voiced positive opinions.

    “Such beauty…being creative and artistic all at once! What a gorgeous appeal!” Wallace said.

    “And let’s continue!” Anne said, going on with more Coordinators.

    “That was a good appeal, but artistry has kinda been overdone to death,” Mark said.

    “Hey, if it ain’t broke…” Sean said.

    “Way to go, Gerardo!” I said as he came back.

    “Thanks! I think that went well!” Gerardo responded. Time passed. Later on, Mark was called up.

    “All right. Here goes something,” Mark said, ready to add his appeal to the Southern Seas Grand Festival.
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    Chapter 142: To Battle!

    “Umbreon! Breloom! Action!” Mark said, bringing out Umbreon and Breloom. It was their turn for the Performance Stage of the Southern Seas Grand Festival. “Umbreon, Use Swift!” Umbreon fired a Swift that circled around itself. “Breloom, Mach Punch!” Breloom used Mach Punch to move around at the same speed. “Umbreon, Psychic!” Umbreon’s Psychic took control of the Swift attack and guided it in several directions. Breloom kept using the speed from Mach Punch to travel along with them. “Keep going, but add Dynamicpunch!” Breloom ran all around the area, jumping off walls, and still using Mach Punch. Umbreon was using Psychic to have the Swift follow Breloom like a trail of stars. Every now and again, Breloom would use Dynamicpunch on one of the stars to create a little flash, then it would disappear. This continued until all of the stars were destroyed. “Now, Umbreon! Psychic again! And Breloom, use Swords Dance with a spin!” Umbreon used Psychic to create a bright blue circle around Breloom.

    “What is it doing?” I asked. “I can’t see anything!”

    “Be patient,” Sean reassured me. At that, Breloom used Swords Dance to whirl around and spin the stardust with it.

    “Oh! The stardust was what Umbreon was using Psychic on!” Alexis said. With the whirling around, the stardust began to sparkle. Finally, it went up into the air and fell down in sparkles over Mark, Umbreon and Breloom.

    “Wow! Umbreon’s mental manipulation combined with Breloom’s physical manipulation…now THERE’S a combo! Let’s go to the judges!” Anne said.

    “That combination was truly a sight to behold! Well done!” Mr. Contesta said.

    “Indeed! And it was remarkable, too!” Sukizo added, while the Nurse Joys shared similarly positive reactions.

    “Ahh, what display of ability, mastery, and beauty! I had expected no less of you, Mr. Sephiod! My compliments, as well as a greeting from my mentor, Juan!” Wallace commented.

    “Uh?” Mark asked, caught off-guard by this.

    “Oh, and…” he said, then tossed a slip of paper at Mark. Mark looked confused, then left with Umbreon and Breloom.

    “Great job, bro!” I said as he got back.

    “You were so AWESOME!” Laura added.

    “Hey, what’s that note say?” Gerardo asked.

    “Hmm, let me see…” Mark said, looking at it. “It says, ‘Tell your brother to meet me in one hour at the Contest Hall pool’.”

    “Me? Hmm…I wonder why me?” I asked, trying to cover up that I probably knew why. Wallace was a PWE liason, so I assumed he’d probably heard something about Cipher. And so, Alexis and I went to find him later at the pool, relaxing with Milotic.

    “Long time no see, Mr. McCarver! You’ve done well for yourself in these past months, I’ve heard!” Wallace said.

    “You too! Oh, and…” I said, looking at Alexis. “Is it all right that Alexis be here? She…uh…”

    “I’m his girlfriend! If there’s anything he should know, I should know it as well! Like the PWE, for instance!” Alexis said.

    “It’s perfectly fine! I envy you two, by the way. Anyway, Mike,” Wallace said. “The PWE learned of your apparent connection with a member of Cipher named Gorigan. Does the name ring a bell?”

    “Not in a good way,” I said, thinking back. “Gorigan was that primate-looking guy that stole Andrea’s Primeape from her and probably…has turned it into a Shadow Pokémon by now.”

    "That was NOT a pleasant experience," Alexis said, tightening up.

    “Well, what can you tell me?” Wallace asked. “Steven asked me to gather information on this, and the association needs to know as much as possible about these Shadow Pokémon! Your friend Rojan was only able to provide so much, so you can fill in the blanks!”

    “Very well.” And so I told about his Shadow Hypno, how I could see the black aura with the help of my scar, the Shadow-Type moves it uses, and the encounter’s I’d had with Suicune, Entei, and Raikou.

    “…I see. Well, we shouldn’t have anything to fear with the PWE doing what it can. After all, it was slightly involved in the first incident five years ago. A young man ultimately brought down Cipher’s leaders, Evice and Nascour, but apparently, there is another boss for us to deal with. And so, we can never give up searching, learning, and fighting,” Wallace said. “Your father will probably be calling on you soon to undertake a mission…to save the world.”

    “…I understand.” I said.

    “…but in the meantime, maybe you can alleviate some of this pressure by battling! You know: you two battling? I’d like to see what you two are made of!” Wallace said, adopting his usual composure.

    “A battle?!” I said in surprise.

    “I don’t see why not! Let’s do it, Mike!” Alexis said, adding a hint of competitiveness.

    “…right. Okay! Let’s go!” I said. We took either end of the stage. I sent Mark a message on my Pokegear, then reached for Poke Ball number 1.

    “This official battle between Alexis Jameson and Mike McCarver of Littleroot Town will now begin! Each Trainer will use one Pokémon with no substitutions! Battle will end when either Trainer’s Pokémon is unable to continue! Begin!” Wallace said.

    “Espeon! It’s showtime!” I said, sending out Espeon.

    “Grovyle! I choose you!” Alexis said, sending out her Grovyle.

    “Espeon! Start things off with Quick Attack!” Espeon rushed forward with a Quick Attack.

    “Grovyle! Dodge and use Bullet Seed!” Grovyle leapt aside and hit Espeon with a Bullet Seed.

    “Not enough, Alexis! Espeon, use Flash!” Espeon’s Flash distracted Grovyle. “Now use Signal Beam!” Espeon fired a Signal Beam at Grovyle.

    “Grovyle! Detect!” Grovyle managed to use Detect to jump out of the way at the last second.

    Not bad, Lexi. You’ve really grown in your battle skills. But just because I love you doesn’t mean I’m not going to come at you with all I have! I thought. “Espeon! Psybeam!” Espeon fired a Psybeam at Grovyle.

    “Detect again!” Grovyle dodged with Detect.

    “Confusion!” Espeon’s Confusion grabbed the Psybeam and flung it right back at Grovyle, doing some damage.

    “Rrgh-! All right, time to get serious! Use Grasswhistle!” Grovyle grabbed its leaf and used Grasswhistle to put Espeon into a daze.

    “You know better than that! It may be in a daze, but that doesn’t mean it’s helpless! Espeon, NOW!” Espeon used its ability, Synchronize, to put Grovyle into the same daze. Eventually, they both woke up.

    “Clever move, Mike!! Grovyle, hurry! Use Leaf Blade!” Grovyle rushed forward with Leaf Blade.

    “Espeon, Quick Attack!” Espeon used Quick Attack to dodge the move.

    “Grovyle, keep at it! Leaf Blade!” Grovyle kept trying to use Leaf Blade, but Espeon dodged the attacks one by one. Eventually, though, Grovyle managed to get a hit.

    “Too late, Lexi! Espeon, Trump Card times ten!” Espeon fired ten Trump Cards with increasing power. Grovyle jumped to dodge them, but the eighth one caught its arm, and the last two nailed Grovyle.

    “No!! Grovyle…Grovyle, get up!” Alexis shouted.

    “Gro…Grovyle…Gro!” Grovyle said, struggling, but finally got up again.

    “Hey, guys! We made it!” I heard Mark call. He, Sean, Chris, Laura, Gerardo, and Chelsea had all come in.

    “Espe!” Espeon said in happy surprise when it saw Sean’s Glaceon, just like I’d requested.

    “You’re welcome, buddy,” I said to Espeon. Espeon smiled and nodded to me, thanking me. Unfortunately, Glaceon just looked bored as ever.

    “Grovyle, let’s do it! Use Fury Cutter!” Grovyle leapt at Espeon with Fury Cutter.

    “Espeon, Iron Tail!” Espeon countered Fury Cutter with Iron Tail.

    “Keep going!” Grovyle used more Fury Cutters, which Espeon would counter with Iron Tail, but finally, one broke through Espeon’s tail and hit it two more times.

    “Gah! She turned my own strategy against me!” I said.

    “I’ve learned a few tricks, Mike! Grovyle, use another Leaf Blade!” Grovyle leapt at Espeon with Leaf Blade.

    “Okay, Lexi. Time to bring the big guns! Espeon, Psychic!” Espeon grabbed Grovyle with Psychic. “Now! Last Resort!” Espeon hit Grovyle with a Last Resort. “Keep it up, pal!” Espeon hit Grovyle with two more Last Resorts, doing major damage. Finally, Grovyle was sent flying into the wall. “All right! Now use Confusion!” Espeon used Confusion to gather all the stars left over from the attacks onto its gem. “We’re ready if Grovyle is, Lexi!”

    “Rrrgh…nice moves, guys,” Alexis said, gritting her teeth. “Grovyle, I know you can do this! C’mon, show me that fighting spirit!” At that, Grovyle began to glow with the usual light. Its head leaf disappeared and it grew in size, body and tail alike. By the time the light vanished, it had gained six yellow seeds on its back, and it looked entirely different from before.

    “Scep-TILE!” it said.

    “What in the world is that?!” I asked.

    “Wow!” Alexis said, getting out her Pokedex.

    “Sceptile, the Forest Pokémon. Sceptile is the final evolved form of Treecko. With razor-sharp leaves on its arms, it moves lightly through tree branches in order to attack its enemies.”

    “I can’t believe it! All right, let’s turn this around!” Alexis said. She then checked her Pokedex again. “Hm...okay! I have an idea! And a strategy just like that one you’ve got over there, Mike!” Alexis said.

    “All right! Let’s see it!” I said confidently.

    “Sceptile! Leaf Storm!” Sceptile fired a series of big leaves in a tornado. “Now use Quick Attack and Swords Dance!” Sceptile rushed in front of the attack with Quick Attack and used Swords Dance to gather it all onto its arms.

    “Ah, I see where this is going!” Wallace said. “Bravo!”

    “I like it! Very inventive!” I complimented.

    “Thank you! And now, let’s see it in action!” Alexis responded. I glanced at Glaceon, who looked a little more absorbed in this battle than before.

    “Okay, then! Looks like it’s showtime!” I said.

    “Yeah! SCEPTILE! LEAF STORM BLADE!” Sceptile activated its Leaf Blade, applying the Leaf Storm to it to enhance the potency.

    “ESPEON! STAR SHOWER GIGA IMPACT!” Espeon rushed forward, the stars it had gathered at the ready. The two sent the stars and leaves at each other, each colliding with the other. Finally, Espeon’s Giga Impact and Sceptile’s Leaf Blade made contact, and there was a huge explosion: the usual white light with stars flying everywhere. I couldn’t see what was happening until the light cleared, and both Espeon and Sceptile were on the ground, knocked out.

    “Espeon and Sceptile! Both Pokémon are unable to battle!” Wallace said. “Therefore, I declare this match to be a draw!”

    “Espeon, Sceptile!” I said, running up. “You two were awesome!”

    “And I can’t believe you evolved like that, Sceptile! That was amazing! YOU’RE amazing!” Alexis said.

    “Scep…Sceptile!” Sceptile said, embarrassed.

    “Espe!” Espeon added, prompting Sceptile to shake hands with Espeon.

    “Nice match, you guys!” Mark said as the others came running over.

    “You two have got some MOVES!” Sean said.

    “Like I said! The spotlight’s always open for more!” Chris added.

    “Hey, Glaceon? Why aren’t you coming over?” Sean asked. Glaceon was looking at Espeon, but when it heard Sean, it looked surprised, then turned away. But I could see that there was more than that; I used my scar to see a tiny blush on its cheeks. I turned to Espeon and gave it a thumbs-up, who became surprised, then passed out. “Huh? What happened there?” Sean asked. I just shrugged.
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    Chapter 143: Breaking the Ice: Mark VS Gerardo

    “So, you’ve met Wallace before?” Gerardo asked.

    “Yeah. At the Hoenn League Championship in Ever Grande City almost two years ago,” I answered.

    “Man! Why does all the lucky stuff happen to you?!” Sean asked.

    “If you’ve been through what I’ve been through, you wouldn’t be saying that, dude,” I replied.

    It was the evening after my battle with Alexis, on the opening day of the Southern Seas Grand Festival. Me and the others were going to view the results of the performance stage at the Contest Hall. Sure enough, we found them, and Mark, Sean, Chris, and Gerardo had all made it to the top 32.

    “Awesome!” Mark said.

    “Way to go, guys!” Sean added.

    “Now we’ll settle this!” Chris said confidently.

    “Here comes the battle pairings!” Gerardo said. As fate would’ve had it, he and Mark were paired up for the first battle.

    “Huh?!” we all said. Mark and Gerardo turned to each other.

    “Well, I guess we’re up,” Mark said.

    “Yeah, I guess so,” Gerardo replied.

    “Hey, don’t get so down about it!” I said. “You’ll both just have to do your best and make this battle count, right?”

    “Just give it your all!” Alexis added.

    “We’ll be behind you the whole way!” Chelsea also said.

    “Especially you, Mark!” Laura said.

    “…yeah! Thanks, you guys!” Mark said, rejuvenated. Gerardo, however, turned and walked away.

    Later on, at the hotel, I was standing on the balcony by myself. Alexis and the girls had their own room, and Mark, Sean, and Chris were reminiscing on the good old days in the other room.

    “Hey, knock knock,” Gerardo said, coming in.

    “Hey, G-doe. How ya doing?” I asked.

    “…heh heh, G-doe. I like it; it’s got a ring to it,” Gerardo said, amused. “The thing is, I’m…I’m not too sure about tomorrow.”

    “Why not? You’ve just gotta play to win, and that’s it, right?” I asked.

    “It’s not so simple! This kind of battle, it’s…” Gerardo said, still uneasy.

    “Look. Even I don’t feel sure of myself whenever I battle one of my friends. I may have acted confident, but it was actually difficult to battle Alexis! And the only way I could get over it was to stop seeing her as my girlfriend and see her as an opponent. That’s how I could bring myself to battle her,” I explained.

    “…as an opponent…” Gerardo pondered. “…well, actually, it’s not that at all. I mean, I’ve faced Mark before, but…” He went back a ways. “…not like this.”

    “…I see. This is because it’s the last hurrah,” I concluded.

    “Exactly. I mean, battling a friend for the greatest honor ever is just nerve-wracking!”

    “Mark’s already a Top Coordinator; he’s got nothing to lose. Besides, I’m sure he’d be less disappointed to lose to you than to Sean or Chris, since they have a rivalry that extends a long ways back. That’s the thing: they’re comfortable battling each other, and they’re best friends! You know why? It’s because they put aside their friendship to be opponents.”

    “…you think? Hmm…okay, I’ll give it a shot!” Gerardo said, finally perking up.

    “That’s the ticket!” I said. He then thanked me and left. Not long after, Mark entered.

    “Hey, you got a minute?” Mark asked.

    “Sure, what?” I asked.

    “…I, uh, I’m not so sure about tomorrow,” Mark said.

    “OH FOR THE LOVE OF-” I won’t finish what I said, but I basically had the same conversation with Mark. I couldn’t understand why those two would feel down about battling a good friend.

    “I see. Thanks, little brother!” Mark said. “Oh, and…how are you?” Mark asked.

    “…to be honest, I’m still not sure about things either. I mean, in regards to Cipher,” I said.

    “You’ll have to face them sooner or later, right? It’s the only way to stop them from closing the hearts of every Pokémon in the world.”

    “But why me, Mark? I was the one chosen to stop them. I know I wanted an adventure, but this one has spiraled out of control!” I said. “What if something happens to one of my Pokémon? What if…I can’t save them?”

    “Then you’ll need us to bail you out, right?” Mark suggested.

    “…that’s another thing. If I am to go, I’m going alone,” I said, turning away.

    “WHAT?! That’s just crazy!” Mark said. “This mission is too dangerous for one person to take on by himself!”

    “This mission is too dangerous, period! You know nothing about these Shadow Pokémon!” I argued back, not looking at him.

    “…you beat a Shadow Pokémon on your own, remember? And I’ve beaten you before! I can handle myself just fine!” Mark said.

    “Tough, but fair,” I said. “All right, you can come, but I’m not so sure about Alexis. I mean, if the mission wasn’t this dangerous, I’d gladly bring her along, but-!”

    “Then let’s take it one step at a time and make it not so dangerous! ‘K?” I heard Alexis ask. She’d had Nidoqueen lower her down to our level and was now right behind me, arms around my torso.

    “…’K. Thanks, you guys,” I said, tears welling up. We all hugged, strengthened in spirit and bonds. The next day, the battle stages started. There were some intense battles, and Sean and Chris hardly broke a sweat with their opponents. Later on, it was Gerardo and Mark’s turn.

    “And now, let’s go to the next battle! To my left, the Great Sephiod! And to my right, Caliph Gerardo!” Anne announced. We cheered for the two the loudest.

    “Don’t give anything less than your best, guys!” I shouted.

    “Give it all you got!” Alexis added.

    “GO MAR-I mean, SEPHIOD!” Laura screamed out.

    “GET ‘EM, GERARDO!” Chelsea shouted.

    “Jynx, Delibird! Let’s go!” Gerardo said, sending out his Jynx and Delibird.

    “Breloom, Mew! Action!” Mark said, sending out Breloom and Mew.

    “Ooh! Tough break there, Mark! Using Breloom?” Gerardo asked.

    “There’s more to a battle than just type! Mew, use Aura Sphere!” Mew created a flurry of Aura Spheres. “Breloom, Mach Punch!” Breloom used Mach Punch to hit them all into each other, making them one big Aura Sphere. “Now use Thunderpunch!” Breloom’s Thunderpunch made it into a sparkling thunderball that took some of Gerardo’s points.

    “Interesting! But nothing we can’t handle! Jynx, Psychic! And Delibird, Present!” Jynx used Psychic to hold the attack in place while Delibird’s Present went inside and exploded, creating a shower of blue sparks. The judges were awed, and Mark lost some points as well.

    “Rrgh! Mew, Dark Pulse!” Mew fired a Dark Pulse at Jynx.

    “Delibird, Blizzard!” Delibird’s Blizzard cancelled out the Dark Pulse, costing both Coordinators points.

    “Another Dark Pulse! And this time, with Silver Wind!” Mew fired a Dark Pulse with Silver Wind around it. This time, Delibird was caught off guard and took a hit, costing Gerardo points.

    “Jynx! Ice Punch! And Delibird, Ice Beam!” Delibird fired an Ice Beam at Jynx’s Ice Punch, making it larger. Jynx then rushed at Breloom and Mew.

    “Mew, use Bounce! Breloom, grab onto Mew!” Mew bounced on the ground, then into the air with Breloom grabbing onto its tail. “Now, Breloom! Use Solarbeam!” Breloom charged up a Solarbeam (which didn’t take long, since it was so close to the light) and hit Jynx with it, taking more of Gerardo’s points.

    “Jynx! Lovely Kiss!” Jynx sent a Lovely Kiss at Breloom, causing it to fall asleep, despite Mew’s urges to get it to get up. “Delibird, use Steel Wing!” Delibird flew at Mew with Steel Wing.

    “Mew, Transform!” Mew transformed into Breloom. “Now use Thunderpunch!” Mew’s Thunderpunch hit Delibird, doing major damage and taking more of Gerardo’s points.

    “Jynx! Use Blizzard!” Jynx used Blizzard to encase Breloom in a block of ice, taking more of Mark’s points.

    “We’ve gotta end this now! Mew, use Metronome!” Mew got in between Jynx and Delibird, using Metronome. At first, nothing happened, but then Mew used Explosion.

    “Oh dear,” I said.

    “That can’t be good,” Sean added. When the smoke cleared, all three of those Pokémon were knocked out. At that moment, Breloom cracked the ice and stood up, barely able to keep going.

    “And that’s it! Since Breloom is the only Pokémon able to battle, victory goes to the Great Sephiod and his Breloom and Mew!” Anne announced. The audience cheered, and Mark just stood there, utterly speechless.

    “…Mew! Are you okay?!” Mark asked as he and Breloom ran out to it.

    “Mew…Mew,” Mew replied, slowly getting up.

    “I’m proud of both of you! You did great! I’m sorry about the Explosion, though,” Mark said.

    “Mew, Mew!” Mew said, shaking its head.

    “Thanks, Mew. And you too, Breloom,” Mark said. He then looked at Gerardo, who was consoling his Jynx and Delibird.

    “Well, you guys did great,” Gerardo said to Mark. “I…I’m glad you’ll be progressing.”

    “Thanks, Gerardo. I’m sure I’ll hear more from you in future Contests,” Mark said. He then shook hands with Gerardo, then gave him a hug.

    “That’s sweet; they’re friends even after all that!” Chelsea said.

    “MARK WON! MARK WON!” Laura said over and over again.

    “Sephiod! It’s Sephiod! Geez,” Alexis corrected her.

    “Well, now Mark just has a few more battles before the finals,” I said. “Let’s see how things go.”
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    Chapter 144: Fire and Ice: Mark VS Chris

    The next day of the Grand Festival, Mark, Sean, and Chris blazed through their next matches with flying colors. The next matches were then announced for the top eight.

    “Aaaand, here they are!” As the pairs were revealed, Mark and Chris were put together.

    “Well, well! Looks like this’ll be fun!” Chris said competitively.

    “I’m going to enjoy this too!” Mark said, just as competitively.

    “It must be a Coordinator thing. Pitting two best friends against each other like that makes them eager?” Alexis asked.

    “Don’t forget; both Mark and Gerardo had doubts about yesterday’s battle,” I whispered to her.

    “Okay, but this is different! Neither one of them is letting it show!” Alexis said back.

    “Right, but they’re true rivals. They don’t back down from the challenge. They know that for the sake of both their friendship AND their rivalry, they’ll give it everything they’ve got. They owe each other that much,” I explained.

    “You know, if whispering was a crime, you guys would be good citizens,” Mark said. We laughed sheepishly, realizing that we weren’t exactly whispering at the end.

    “Well, I’d better go…TRAIN,” Chris said, once again popping up behind Alexis and me. We grabbed on to each other and gave off the same girlish scream.

    “…not your proudest moment, huh?” Sean asked me. He then walked off, saying “…jeez, I lost to HIM?”

    Later on, I was helping Mark train for the next day’s match while Alexis, Gerardo, Chelsea, and Laura watched us on the sides.

    “Okay, Metagross! Gallade! Psycho Drill!” Gallade jumped onto Metagross’ back and used Swords Dance. Metagross used Gyro Ball to spin as well, adding Zen Headbutt to make Gallade glow. Metagross floated up into the air, then dove into the ground with Gallade’s arm blades going in first.

    “Ninetales, Empoleon! Jump!” Mark’s Ninetales and Empoleon jumped up into the air. Gallade and Metagross came up beneath them. “Now use Flamethrower and Hydro Pump!” The streaming attacks came down at my Pokémon, but the spinning duo plowed right through and smacked both Ninetales and Empoleon, sending them plummeting to the ground.

    “And that’s time!” Chelsea announced.

    “Yeah! Way to go, Metagross and Gallade!” I said.

    “Meta!” Metagross said, fist pumping.

    “Gallade!” Gallade added, taking a bow.

    “Guys, don’t sweat it. We just need a new strategy, that’s all,” Mark said, going over to Ninetales and Empoleon.

    “Nine,” Ninetales said, nodding.

    “Pol,” Empoleon said, not as sure as Ninetales.

    “I’ve got an idea. Empoleon knows Ice Beam, right?” Alexis asked, coming over.

    “Yeah,” Mark said.

    “Well, try some sculpting! You know, like what Chris did with that Crystal Onix!”

    “Hmm,” Mark thought. “I’ll give it a shot.”

    “Great! Let’s do it, Mightyena and Crobat!” Alexis said, sending out Mightyena and Crobat.

    “Okay! Let’s try again!” Mark said. Ninetales and Empoleon got back on their feet. “Empoleon, Ice Beam!” Empoleon used Ice Beam on a certain position. “Ninetales! Flamethrower!” Ninetales fired a Flamethrower that shaped the ice figure into a wall. “Great! Now use Strength!” Empoleon got behind the wall and used Strength to push it at Mightyena and Crobat.

    “Nice move! But we’ve got one too! Sunny Day!” Mightyena used Sunny Day. “Mightyena, use Fire Fang! Crobat, use Heat Wave!” Mightyena readied a Fire Fang in its mouth while Crobat fired a Heat Wave at Mightyena. Mightyena caught the attack, intensifying the flames. “NOW! HYPER BEAM!” Mightyena fired a Hyper Beam that was accentuated by a flaming spiral. The attack stopped Empoleon in its tracks and eventually blew up the wall. Empoleon went flying into Ninetales and the two passed out.

    “Oh. Ohhhhh! I get it. I need to be ready to cool his jets!” Mark said.

    “Yeah! That’s the only real weakness to the ice sculpting combo!” Alexis said.

    “Just try and think what can keep that kind of heat from melting the ice!” Gerardo said.

    “And more importantly, if they do, think about what that can do to help you!” I added.

    “Will do! Thanks, guys!” Mark said.

    “Good luck! You’re gonna win this for sure!” Laura said.

    Later that night, I was walking with Laura. Gallade and Gardevoir were also walking with us, shyly holding hands.

    “So, how exactly do you know Mark?” I asked.

    “Well, I saw him perform at Lake Valor for a Contest once. I was so impressed with his win that I ran backstage and asked for his autograph. I happened to see him without his mask, but I didn’t care. He was just so cool with his Umbreon that I knew that image of them onstage would never change like their appearance! He’ll never lose!” Laura said.

    “Oh.” That’s all I could come up with. “Well, what about this afternoon?”

    “That was a practice battle! You’ll never beat him in a REAL Contest! You’re just not good enough!” she said.

    “…tactless, yet rude. Why not?” I asked, irritated.

    “He’s into Contests, and you’re into battles! Do I have to spell it out?!” Laura said. “I admit you have skills in battling, but in Contests and probably everything else, Mark has your number!” Laura said, getting out of control at this point. And wouldn’t you know it; I lost it as well.

    “Okay, then tell me: have you asked Mark about his perfectness? Has he EVER lost to anyone?” I asked.

    “Nope! No need! He’s perfect!” Laura said.

    “Take a look at this,” I said, pulling out the Tohjo Falls Ribbon. “Why is this in MY possession and not Mark’s?”

    “I don’t follow,” Laura said.

    “I faced him in the Tohjo Falls Contest. And won. With Gallade! So thank you for allowing me to beat my greatest rival!” I said grinning. She was taken aback in shock.

    “Is that true, Gallade?” she asked.

    “…Gallade,” it said, nodding. Laura continued to look shocked, then ran away. Gardevoir started to go after her, but not before turning back and waving goodbye to Gallade.

    “Sorry, pal,” I said to Gallade.

    “Gall? Gallade,” Gallade said, shaking its head and reassuring me.

    “Yeah. You’re right,” I said. Whatever you meant by that, I agree.

    The next day, Mark and Chris were neck in neck in the last three minutes of their match. Chris was using Torterra and Flareon, while Mark was using Ninetales and Empoleon.

    “Empoleon, Ice Beam!” Empoleon used Ice Beam to create a giant ice block. “Ninetales, Will-O-Wisp!” Ninetales used Will-O-Wisp to chink away at the ice until it formed a dome.

    “Torterra, let’s melt them! Sunny Day!” Torterra used Sunny Day.

    “Oh, no! Not this again!” Mark said.

    “Flareon! Overheat!” Flareon fired an Overheat at Empoleon and Ninetales.

    “Now Mark’s gotta do something to take care of Sunny Day or his ice plan isn’t going to work!” I said.

    “MARK!! HANG IN THERE!!” Laura shouted at the top of her lungs.

    Mark, I said some things to her to shatter her image of you. PLEASE prove me wrong, I thought to myself.

    “Empoleon! Grab that dome!” Empoleon used Strength to grab the ice and use it as a shield against Overheat. Chris lost some points. “Now, Ninetales! Use Toxic!” Ninetales fired a Toxic at Torterra and Flareon.

    “Torterra, Flareon! Look out!” Chris said.

    “Now use Will-O-Wisp!” Ninetales sent a few Will-O-Wisps after the Toxic. Once they connected, there was a great explosion that knocked Torterra and Flareon far back, costing Chris more points.

    “Torterra, Solarbeam! Flareon, use Fire Spin!” Torterra’s and Flareon’s attacks formed a beam that was similar to Alexis’ attack the other day.

    “NO! He must’ve seen Mightyena’s attack!” Alexis said. The attack melted the ice into water, nailed Ninetales and Empoleon, and cost Mark a good chunk of his points.

    “How’s he going to get through this one?” Chelsea asked.

    “I may have an idea,” Gerardo said. At that, we saw Mark get “that look” on his face.

    “Torterra! Another Solarbeam!” Chris said. “You should’ve been more prepared for…the Great Teali!” Chris said, having a crazed poise.

    “Oh, I did! Ninetales, Extrasensory!” Ninetales used Extrasensory to lift the water into the air and right above Torterra just as it was charging up for Solarbeam.

    “Yes, of course! Having water block the light will reduce the effect of a Solarbeam!” I said. Torterra then fired the Solarbeam.

    “Empoleon, Flash Cannon!” Empoleon fired a Flash Cannon that collided with the attack, but eventually broke through the Solarbeam and nailed Torterra. “Ninetales, use Overheat!” Ninetales added its Overheat to knock Flareon far back. “And Empoleon, Ice Beam!” Empoleon’s Ice Beam hit Torterra and completely froze it, knocking it out.

    “TIME!” Anne announced. We looked up at the board just as half of Chris’ points were deducted for losing Torterra, making them just below Mark’s. “And with that, The Great Sephiod’s Ninetales and Empoleon have defeated The Great Teali’s Torterra and Flareon! Congratulations: you’ll be moving on to the semifinals!”

    “YEAH!” Mark shouted. Empoleon and Ninetales ran to him and the three celebrated.

    “Grr…you ditch monkey! I’ll remember this!” Chris said, recalling his Pokémon.

    “Really?” Mark asked, coming over.

    “Yeah…but in a good way. You did awesome!” Chris said, shaking hands with Mark.

    “Thanks! Hopefully, we’ll be able to face off again soon!” Mark said.

    “SEE?! Mark’s awesome! You were wrong about him losing!” Laura said to me.

    “What? But Mike did beat him at-” Alexis said.

    “Just…just let her have it this time. I’m sure Mark will clear the air…and the competition. He’ll be winning from here on out!” I said confidently, even though I knew the truth. Mark was almost to the top, but one more obstacle remained before he could be the winner: Sean.
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    Chapter 145: The Endgame: Mark VS Sean

    “Glaceon, Ice Shard! Kabutops, Night Slash!” Glaceon’s Ice Shard gave Kabutops’ sickles an icy glow as it took out its opponents. The judges buzzed the Shiftry and Xatu out.

    “And The Great Daico is our winner!” Anne announced.

    “Espe! Espe!” Espeon said, clearly rooting for Glaceon.

    “Okay, buddy. Keep it down; they’ve got an announcement,” I said, laughing.

    “And now, with the semifinals over, we’re down to our last two Coordinators, who’ll be facing off tomorrow! The Great Daico and The Great Sephiod! These two rivals will be battling for the ultimate prize: the coveted Ribbon Cup!” Anne said.

    “And it’ll be my fourth!” Mark and Sean said at the same time. They then looked at each other, then grinned with a competitive fire in their eyes.

    “Man, it’s just like the good old days,” Chris said.

    “Yeah, Mark told me about it in Hoenn,” I said.

    “Wait, what do you mean?” Gerardo asked.

    “Apparently, Mark, Sean, and Chris all knew each other before they met in this Grand Festival,” Chelsea guessed.

    “Yup. These three all got starter Pokémon from Professor Rowan in Sinnoh at the same time,” Alexis said.

    “And then they went digging in the Underground while there and received fossils,” I added.

    “Right, but there was a special significance to that day,” Chris interjected. “We all vowed to become Top Coordinators together. And then, once we’d each won three Grand Festivals, we’d see which of us was better. That time has finally come!”

    “And you lost,” Laura said. Alexis smacked the back of her head.

    “We had our fossils revived, then split up: Mark wanted to stay in Sinnoh, I went to Hoenn, and Sean tried out Kanto. We each won, then switched off. I went back to Sinnoh, Sean went to Johto, and you joined Mark in Hoenn and he won there. Finally, after winning those, Sean went back to Sinnoh, Mark went to Johto, and I went to Unova. Each time we went somewhere, we would win a Ribbon Cup. Mark called us after the Silver Conference to discuss meeting up somewhere we hadn’t been for the Grand Festival that would decide which of the three of us was the best,” Chris explained.

    “Which you are now out of the running in,” Laura said. Chelsea smacked the back of her head.

    “But Mark and Sean have always had something bigger than what you see now. They knew each other long before I knew either of them, so their friendship has extended for a long time. As such, their bond has grown all the stronger, and they want to pay each other back by giving it their all in one final showdown. And I’m going to make a killing off the videos I’ll make of it!” Chris said, getting out a video camera.

    “I can believe that. The bonds that are especially strong are the ones that build up over the years. Just look at me and Alexis,” I said, taking her hand. “We’re best friends because of how long we’ve kept our bond intact, so it’s only natural that Mark and Sean would be the same.”

    “Well…it’s actually different, but you guys get the idea,” Alexis said.

    “That’s what’ll make this battle all the harder, huh?” Gerardo asked. “So it’s not just limited to BEST friends, but to any friend? Whew, I thought I was being left out.”

    “It may not look like it, but they probably agree with you on the inside,” I said, looking at them. By this time, they were butting heads with that ridiculous grin on their faces.

    That evening, I stood with Mark on the balcony of my room, talking.

    “So, what do you think will happen after this?” I asked.

    “Depends on what you’re talking about,” Mark answered. “If you mean our journeys, I’d say we’ll go to Pummelo Island and you face the head of the Orange Crew, then we go back to Littleroot Town and find out what we can about Orre, then go there.”

    “…yeah, I guess. I’m still not too thrilled about meeting Shadow Lugia again, OR placing you guys in that kind of danger…but I guess I have no choice,” I said, not feeling very confident.

    “We’ll be okay. After all, Suicune and the others have faith in us,”

    “Anyway, I meant what’ll happen with you, Sean and Chris?” Mark grew quiet.

    “…I don’t know. We’ll definitely settle things between us, but…I dunno. Maybe they’ll try out other regions for Contests, I guess.”

    “Maybe you three could…form some kind of club or something?” I suggested.


    “Yeah! Like in that movie, the Three Hit-mon-tiers!” I said, remembering a movie about a Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and a Hitmontop fighting to save a kingdom from an evil Dusclops who was undermining from within. “You guys could journey places, passing on what you’ve learned to aspiring Coordinators!”

    “…hm. I hadn’t thought about that. I guess I’ll talk with them about it tomorrow, but right now, I’ve gotta get ready,” Mark said.

    “Ready? Oh, right. Ready for lights, camera…”

    “ACTION!” Mark said, sending out Umbreon and Aerodactyl.

    “Let’s do this!” Sean said, calling out his Infernape and Luxray.

    It was the day of the final match and Mark and Sean had begun their battle. We all sat in the audience, anxious to see what would become of this. Chris was on the sidelines, recording the match.

    “Umbreon! Start off with Swift! And Aerodactyl, use Stone Edge!” Umbreon’s Swift and Aerodactyl’s Stone Edge spiraled towards the opponents in perfect synchronization, taking some of Sean’s points away.

    “Luxray, Shock Wave! And Infernape, Flame Wheel!” Infernape did a Flame Wheel on its side while Luxray fired a Shock Wave into it. The result was the Flame Wheel’s spin sending out a spiraling Shock Wave to neutralize the attacks coming at them. Mark then lost some points.

    “Umbreon, Quick Attack!” Umbreon leapt at Luxray with Quick Attack.

    “Too slow! Infernape, Mach Punch!” Infernape intercepted the attack with Mach Punch, dealing major damage to Umbreon and Mark’s points. “Now, Luxray! Use Thunder Fang!” Luxray used Thunder Fang on Umbreon, doing more damage.

    “Rrgh, keeping them separate isn’t working! Umbreon, get on Aerodactyl’s back! And Aerodactyl, use Crunch!” Aerodactyl zoomed at Luxray as Umbreon jumped onto Aerodactyl’s back.

    “Infernape, Mach Punch!”

    “Umbreon, Sucker Punch!” Infernape’s and Umbreon’s attacks neutralized each other and took some of each Coordinator’s points while Aerodactyl was able to land Crunch, taking some more of Sean’s points.

    “Let’s show ‘em real skills! Infernape, Flare Blitz!” Infernape started a Flare Blitz, rushing at Umbreon.

    “Aerodactyl, Steel Wing!” Aerodactyl defended Umbreon from the attack with Steel Wing, but it wasn’t enough to keep Infernape from doing damage. Mark lost more points to where three fourths of his were gone, and Umbreon and Aerodactyl were looking weak. Sean, on the other hand, was down to half of his points, and there wasn’t much time left.

    “Looks like you’re at the end of your rope! But let’s keep going! I want us to have a good battle like we promised!” Sean called out.

    “Mark, c’mon! Fight FIGHT FIGHT!!!” Laura cheered.

    “GET IT!!!” Gerardo called out.

    “Bro, I know we have a rivalry, but I’m with you one hundred percent!” I said quietly. “You can beat him! You WILL beat him!” I said.

    “Interesting. How can Sean read Mark’s moves so well?” Chelsea asked.

    “That’s a lawyer for ya. He studies up on everything and hits you where it hurts,” Alexis said.

    “…studies up? What if there’s something he doesn’t know?” I asked. “Mark might just have a shot in that case!” I looked to see Mark get “that look” again. He then muttered something to his Pokémon, and they smiled, determination returning to them.

    “Okay, Sean. Let’s keep going! Aerodactyl, Fly!” Aerodactyl, with Umbreon on its back, flew high into the air.

    “Okay. Let’s be ready for when it comes…” Sean said.

    “Use Hyper Beam!” Both Pokémon opened their mouths. Nothing happened. Infernape and Luxray looked a little flustered.

    “Huh?! But…but…where is it?!” Suddenly, Aerodactyl fired off a Hyper Beam that blasted Luxray far back. “Oh no! What cheek!”

    “Umbreon, Last Resort!” Umbreon hit Infernape with a Last Resort. “Now, Umbreon! Get on Aerodactyl’s back!” Umbreon leapt onto Aerodactyl’s back again. “Hyper Beam again!” The two opened their mouths.

    “It’s gotta be Aerodactyl again! I know these things! Infernape, Mach Punch!” Infernape leapt up with Mach Punch, but Umbreon fired a Hyper Beam that blew it far back. “NO! All right, you asked for it! Infernape, Flare Blitz! And Luxray, Thunderbolt!” Luxray gave Infernape’s Flare Blitz tons of sparks as Infernape rushed at Mark’s Pokémon.

    “Here’s the grand finale, guys! DOUBLE GIGA IMPACT!” The two combined their Giga Impacts into a streaming attack that caused a humongous explosion when colliding with Infernape. Luxray was even caught in the explosion. The judges were just in awe, especially Wallace.

    “Such magnificence! Such flow! This is a finale worthy of much praises!” Wallace said, getting up. At that, the Pokémon landed, almost out of gas. Mark’s and Sean’s points both went down.

    “AND TIME!!” Anne announced. “And now we must evaluate the scores!”

    “Who do you think won?” Alexis asked.

    “Hmm,” I said, examining the two scores closely, seeing that Sean had a slight lead. “…uh-oh.”

    “And we have our winner! Victory in this match goes to-huh?!” Anne said, but then looked surprised. Infernape let out a grunt, fell on its knees, then fell to the ground, knocked out. The judges then buzzed it out. “I-I don’t believe it! Infernape is unable to battle! And with that, The Great Sephiod’s Umbreon and Aerodactyl have defeated The Great Daico’s Infernape and Luxray, making The Great Sephiod the winner of this year’s Southern Seas Grand Festival! Congratulations!!” The others were celebrating at the moment Anne said that. I just stood there, proud of both competitors.

    “Great job, guys. That was an awesome battle,” I said. Sean was just standing there, in shock.

    “…how…I don’t…*sigh* Well, looks like we lost,” Sean said. He then gave Mark a thumbs-up and left, carrying Infernape with Luxray walking off with him.

    “WE DID IT WE DID IT WE DID IT!! I’m so proud of you guys!” Mark said, hugging Umbreon and Aerodactyl.

    “Umbre! Umbreon!” Umbreon said, happily nuzzling Mark’s face.

    “Aeroooo!” Aerodactyl said, doing the same, but that caused Mark to fall over. The three of them then laughed as Wallace came up to them with the Ribbon Cup.

    “Spectacular performance, my friends! I didn’t expect anything less!” Wallace said, handing Mark the Ribbon Cup.

    “Thanks very much, Wallace! YEAH! WE WON THE SOUTHERN SEAS GRAND FESTIVAL!!” Mark said, holding the Ribbon Cup high. His Pokémon were all out and celebrating at this time.

    Later that evening, Sean and I were standing at the balcony atop the hotel, where the reception for the Grand Festival was taking place.

    “So, did Mark talk to you?” I asked.

    “Yeah. You know, that ‘journeying together’ thing doesn’t sound like a bad idea. But I kinda want to try to win a fourth Grand Festival first, though. Hey, before I forget, your telepathic friend wrote me a message-in MY handwriting, might I add-saying that Glaceon had someone it wanted to say goodbye to,” Sean said.

    “What?! Oh, Deoxys. Must’ve done that while I was asleep. Sorry if it took over your body without you knowing,” I said.

    “A Pokémon’s gotta do what a Pokémon’s gotta do!” Deoxys chimed in.

    “Heheh, yeah. Glaceon, come out,” Sean said, bringing out Glaceon.

    “Espeon, come on out!” I said, letting Espeon out. As soon as it emerged, it looked nervous. It turned to me, but then I nodded and it turned back to Glaceon. While they talked, Sean and I resumed our conversation.

    “Yeah, that kind of adventure would definitely strengthen my ties with my friends. That’s why I do what I do: I do it for my friends. To show them that it’s possible to go all the way with their love and support. You know what I mean, right?” Sean asked.

    “Yeah…of course! I get what you mean!” I said.

    “Good. Well, I think we’d better get going. Best of luck at Pummelo Island. Glaceon, you ready?” Sean asked.

    “Glace!” Glaceon said. It then turned to Espeon and shyly licked its cheek. It then went off with Sean as he waved to us. I waved back while Espeon, having just figured out what had happened, practically melted into butter. I laughed and sat down next to it.

    “He’s right. We do what we do for our friends. Our bonds strengthen us, and it’s through those bonds that we can accomplish anything,” I said, stroking Espeon’s head.

    “Espe!” Espeon said, nodding.

    “And that’s how it’ll be. We WILL make it to Orre, we WILL unlock Shadow Lugia’s heart, and we WILL do it with our friends’ help!” I said, more determined than ever.

    “Mike? Enjoying the moon without me?” Alexis asked, coming over.

    “...not anymore,” I said, putting my arm around her. Espeon jumped up to the edge and joined us, and we all shared a smile as we looked at the moon.

    This Grand Festival was over, but the missions of every Coordinator that competed certainly were not. And neither was mine: I knew then and there that my destiny was coming for me. And I wouldn’t face it alone; not a chance in the world.
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    Chapter 146: Gyarados’ Goodbye

    After Mark’s Grand Festival win, it took us a couple of days to get him to leave, what with all the interviews he had to do and all. Finally, we set out for Rind Island, the next island on the way to Pummelo Island, where I was to challenge the head of the Orange Crew for victory in the Orange League.

    “Man, those interviewers are NUTS! And getting Laura to stop following me around was a pain, too!” Mark said.

    “Yeah, we feel SO sorry for you,” Alexis said.

    “Okay, Rind Island dead ahead!” I said. “This is a great place to see Magikarp, according to Nurse Joy!” I said.

    “Gyar, Gyar!” Gyarados said excitedly. It was clearly happy to be coming here, since it was a Magikarp once.

    “I also heard that the Magikarp that come here undergo a test to evolve into Gyarados, so maybe Gyarados might find some more of its own kind!” Mark noted.

    “Really? I wonder what they have to go through?” Alexis wondered.

    “Hey, anything would be a trial for most Magikarp!” Mark said. That earned him a smack to the back of his head from Gyarados.

    We arrived at the island to see that there was a small waterfall waiting for us that was part of a river stretching along the island. Along with it was our old friend, Shelgon. As soon as it saw us, it jumped up and down in happiness.

    “Wow, what a coincidence! Hey guys, it’s Shelgon!” I said to Lexi and Mark.

    “Whoa! It got all the way out here?!” Alexis asked, coming up to see.

    “I don’t get it; Shelgon would sink like a brick! How could it have gotten around the islands?” Mark suggested, coming forward as well.

    “Uh-oh,” I said, bracing on to Gyarados. Gyarados came to a screeching halt because some Magikarp were passing by. Alexis and Mark went flying over to the island, but Shelgon jumped up and broke their fall with its body.

    “Thanks, Shelgon!” Alexis said.

    “Shel!” Shelgon replied, happy to see all of us.

    “Hey, answer me one thing,” Mark said to it. “How are you able to get around the islands?! You can’t exactly swim, so…”

    “Shel!” Shelgon said, leading us to a booster from one of Team Rocket’s hovercrafts.

    “…huh. Well, what do you know?” I said, enlightened by this.

    “Shel! Shel!” Shelgon said. It then held the booster with its little arms.

    “It’s saying it wants to fly. That’s actually quite common among Bagon and Shelgon,” Deoxys translated.

    “Okay! I’ll grab some rope!” I said, going through my backpack. “Here we go!” I said, taking some rope out and tying the booster to Shelgon with it.

    “Wait, why didn’t we use that rope to take Shelgon with us when riding Gyarados?” Mark asked.

    “Because shut up,” I answered.

    “Got it,” Mark replied.

    “Okay! Switching on!” I said, turning on the booster. Shelgon slowly lifted off the ground, the booster going slightly higher. Suddenly, the rope snapped and the booster went up the waterfall and landed into a part of the top of the river. It hit a boulder, causing it to explode and its remains fell into the river, stopping the water flow.

    “Oh, no! It stopped!” I said. Gyarados looked shocked, and Shelgon looked down in shame.

    “Hey, don’t worry! Nobody could’ve known that would happen!” Alexis said to Shelgon. Gyarados, however, roared.

    “Gyarados! Calm down!” I said to it.

    “GYAR!” Gyarados roared back, then pointed to the Magikarp, now gathered around the remains of the stream.

    “No…that test they had to undergo…” I said.

    “…was indeed climbing up the river!” a voice said. We turned to see an interesting-looking old man standing there. “My name’s Quackenpoker, Quincy T. Quackenpoker. I specialize in the study of these Magikarp!”

    “Hello, I’m Mike,” I said.

    “And I’m Alexis!”

    “The name’s Mark!”

    “Pleasure to meet you all! Anyway, the Magikarp, having swam everywhere for the past year, return to this place to climb the river. Once they reach the top, then half of them evolve at nightfall, swim back down the river, and depart. But now that that rubble’s in the way, I’m at a loss as to how the Magikarp can get up there,” Quincy said, befuddled. Gyarados was getting more and more angry until it finally roared, leapt out of the water all the way to where the boulder was, and tried to knock the boulder out of place.

    “Gyarados! STOP IT!” I said, running to it. “You need to get back into the water! Your own health is at risk!”

    “Gyar!” Gyarados replied, shaking its head. It then went back to ramming the boulder.

    “Mike, this is a test for all kinds of Magikarp! You don’t think Gyarados would feel there’s something it can do?” Deoxys asked.

    “If it weren’t in its condition, yes I would, but…!” I argued, noticing Gyarados looking weaker and weaker.

    “I didn’t want to do this, but I have no choice,” Mark said. “The tracking device on Gyarados has a shocking system. I’ll just press this button to knock it out and we can have Deoxys carry it back to the water!” At that, he pressed a button on his watch. Gyarados was zapped and knocked out.

    “…Deoxys, Psychic,” I said, bringing Deoxys out.

    “Okay,” Deoxys replied, using Psychic to place Gyarados into the water.

    “I know it means a lot to Gyarados, but if anyone’s going to do something about this, it’ll have to be us! And I’ve got an idea. Breloom! Come on out and use Stone Edge!” Mark said, bringing out Breloom. Breloom then used Stone Edge to create stones around the edge of the end of the river. “Keep going!”

    “I see what he’s doing! Sceptile, Rock Slide!” Alexis said, bringing out Sceptile. It then used Rock Slide to help Breloom out. Soon, there were stones all around the rim. “Mike, let’s do it!”

    “Huh?...Oh, right! Golduck, come out and use Hydro Pump!” I said, sending out Golduck. It fired a Hydro Pump into the water to make it rise.

    “Kingdra, you use Hydro Pump too!” Alexis said, bringing out Kingdra. It then used Hydro Pump as well until the water was overflowing and creating a new river for the Magikarp.

    “All right! Now let’s get going!” Quincy called to the Magikarp. They nodded and began swimming upstream. Unfortunately, when they got to the rocks, they began to have trouble.

    “NO!!! We were so close!” I said, ramming my fist into a tree.

    “If only that rubble weren’t there, the Magikarp would be able to get in,” Alexis said. At that point, Shelgon leapt towards the debris and attempted to destroy it with Dragon Claw, but to no avail.

    “Sorry Shelgon, but it’s no use. Its just too big,” Mark said.

    “Shel, Shel! Shelgon Shel!” Shelgon insisted. It then rammed the rocks with Headbutt repeatedly, but to no avail. Finally, it let out a roar and glowed. It grew wings and dramatically changed in shape. By the time the glow ceased, it resembled a dragon with a tail and wings.

    “Unbelievable! Shelgon evolved into a Salamence!” Quincy said, astonished.

    “Wow! That’s awesome!” I said.

    “RAAAAARR!” Salamence roared, flying up into the sky. It then fired a Draco Meteor which ended up obliterating the rocks and allowing the water to flow again.

    “Yeah! Way to go, Salamence!” Alexis said. Kingdra looked impressed.

    “All right! The Magikarp are free to make it to the top!” Quincy said. And so they did. Gyarados woke up later, wondering what happened. While we were waiting for the Magikarp to evolve, Salamence explained everything, and Gyarados seemed grateful.

    “Ooh! There they go!” I said, noting the Magikarp beginning to evolve. By the time half of them had evolved into Gyarados, they all began to swim downstream again and spread throughout the Orange Islands.

    “That was incredible! Magikarp are more than meets the eye, clearly!” Mark said.

    “I just hope nothing like that boulder incident happens again!” Alexis said.

    “…” Gyarados was looking down.

    “What’s up, pal?” I asked, going over to it.

    “Gyar…” Gyarados said half-heartedly.

    “Wow. Um, Gyarados says that this might have to be the place where it leaves us,” Deoxys said.

    “What?! Are…are you saying you want to stay here?” I asked. Gyarados nodded.

    “It says that it should probably be here to ensure that no incident like that boulder happens again. Maybe it’s the sympathy it feels for the Magikarp, seeing as it was one once,” Deoxys said.

    “…okay. Well, I guess it was going to happen eventually, but…” I paused. “…I didn’t think it’d happen so soon.”

    “It seems like the logical choice. Having a Gyarados guard the island and make sure the Magikarp can make it up safely,” Quincy noted.

    “Okay. Well, if that’s what you want, then I agree, Gyarados. I guess…this is goodbye. For real this time,” I said sadly.

    “Gyar…Gyar,” Gyarados said.

    “Yeah, you’ll always be with us, too,” I said.

    “You knew what it said?!” Mark asked.

    “Somehow…I had a feeling,” I replied. I then painted an 8 onto Gyarados’ Poke Ball and handed it to Quincy. “Can I trust you with Gyarados?”

    “Absolutely! You have no reason to fear; I’ll be here!” Quincy said enthusiastically.

    That’s kinda what worries me the most, I thought. “Well, Gyarados…bye,” I said, hugging it.

    “Gyar,” Gyarados replied, hugging me with its tail.

    “We’ll definitely see you again! I know it!” Alexis said.

    “Great having you as a partner, Gyarados,” Mark added, taking the tracker off Gyarados.

    We waved to Gyarados and Quincy as we walked off, but then we reached the edge of the island.

    “…….uh-oh,” I said, not realizing that Gyarados was our only means of transport.

    “Wow. Foresight, huh?” Alexis said to me.

    “Don’t rub salt in the wound, Lexi,” I retorted.

    “Guys, how are we going to get around now?” Mark asked. We then felt something whoosh by us. “What was that?!”

    “RAAR!” the figure said. It was Salamence, and it wrapped its tail around us and threw us onto its back.

    “Oh…OH! That’s right! Salamence, welcome to the team!” I said.

    “Raar!” Salamence replied happily.

    “Now, let’s go!!” I called out. We then flew from the sadness of leaving a good friend and towards the dawn of a new beginning.
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    Chapter 146: The Search for Salveyo

    In order to get ready for my upcoming match, I decided that we needed to train on the island adjacent to Pummelo Island, so that’s where Salamence took us. After waking up and enjoying breakfast, we then began practice.

    “Espeon, start off with Signal Beam!” Espeon fired a Signal Beam at Metagross. “Metagross, Gyro Ball!” Metagross spun with Gyro Ball to bounce the attack at Gallade. “Gallade, use Leaf Blade!” Gallade’s Leaf Blade bounced the attack to Golduck. “Golduck, Blizzard!” Golduck’s Blizzard redirected the attack to Girafarig. “Girafarig, Mirror Coat!” Girafarig caught the attack with Mirror Coat and sent it to Deoxys. “Deoxys, Avalanche!” Deoxys took the attack in and used a powered-up Avalanche, causing the boulder in the center of all of them to freeze solid.

    “Great, you guys! That looked like it took no effort at all!” Alexis said.

    “Yeah, but I fail to see the point,” Mark said.

    “The head of the Orange Crew will probably be no pushover. I expect there’ll be some back-and-forth with his Pokémon, so we’ve gotta train to bounce back and make it count,” I explained.

    “I see. Nice tennis analogy,” Mark replied.

    “Service!” a voice said. With that, a giant cage came down on my Pokémon, trapping them all. “Game, set and match!”

    “TEAM ROCKET!” I shouted, looking up to their usual hovercraft.

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAH!” came the usual laugh.

    “Well, it seems like the ball’s in our court, Orson!” Ashley said.

    “THE NAME’S OLSON!” Olson shouted. They then lifted off.

    “Good thing I’ve got a receive ace up my sleeve! Deoxys, Teleport!” I said.

    “Oh yeah!” Deoxys said. It then teleported out of the cage. “No more bad tennis jokes, though. OK?”

    “Sure, sure! Now go get ‘em!” I said.

    “Right! PSYCHO BOOST!” Deoxys said, firing a Psycho Boost at Team Rocket’s hovercraft. It exploded, and Deoxys caught the cage. Ashley and Olson flew a little ways away, into a giant Vileplume taking a nap nearby. The Vileplume, realizing something was stuck inside its flower, used Stun Spore.

    “Uh-oh,” I said. “What should we do?”

    “We could sell tickets…” Mark asked. That earned him a smack to the back of the head by me. “Heh, just kidding! I’m sure there must be some kind of remedy on the island!”

    “Can it really be that convenient?!” Alexis asked as she and I pulled Ashley and Olson out of the Vileplume.

    “Yes! This island is known for their giant Vileplume and the cure for their Stun Spore…hang on,” Mark said, checking his Pokedex. “…ah! Here it is: Salveyo Weed! By brewing this into a soup, we should be able to cure the heavy paralysis!”

    “Okay! Espeon and I will go looking for it! You guys try to find some way to get Grumpy and Dopey over there settled in!” I said.

    “You…hear that? He’s…taunting…us…Orwell…” Ashley said amidst the sickness.

    “You’re…doing…it…on…pur…pose…” Olson replied.

    “I’ll be back, guys!” I said, running off with Espeon.

    “Be careful not to fall into any Vileplume!” Alexis called.

    I began the search, but went a while without being able to find any kind of Salveyo Weed.

    “Hmm. Espeon, think you could predict the future?” I asked.

    “Espe! Espeon…” Espeon said. It then read the wind currents to predict the future. It then opened its eyes and led me east.

    “Okay, let’s see…I could gather some of these Cheri Berries while we’re here, just in case the Salveyo Weed isn’t enough,” I said, starting to pick Cheri Berries and putting them into my backpack.

    “Espe, Espe!” Espeon said, pointing towards the water.

    “Down there? Okay, use Psychic!”

    “Espe!” Espeon said, using Psychic on me. It sent me down into the water, using Psychic to open the water to create a passage of air for me. I walked around on the bottom, looking for Salveyo Weed. Suddenly, I saw a Poliwag, a small, blue tadpole-like Pokémon.

    “Hey, little guy! Think you can help me?” I asked it.

    “Poli?” Poliwag asked.

    “I’m looking for some Salveyo Weed! My…friends…need it in order to recover from a Vileplume’s Stun Spore!”

    “Poli…Poli! Poliwag!” Poliwag said, swimming upward.

    “H-hey! Wait up!” I said. Espeon then lifted me out of the water. “Hey, Poliwag!” I called seeing it run off on land.

    “Poli! Poli!” Poliwag said, motioning us to follow it with its tail. Espeon and I nodded to each other and followed it. Soon, we came across a giant lake, where Poliwag dived in. We waited for a few minutes, then Poliwag came out with some Salveyo Weed.

    “Awesome! Okay, let’s go!” I said.

    “Espe!” Espeon agreed, then we ran to the bottom using Espeon’s Psychic to move the water. I reached the bottom to find plenty of Salveyo Weed, so we picked some and ran back to the surface. By that time, we’d put it all into a pile and were carrying it back.

    “Okay. Just gotta get back. Hope I don’t get interrupted, even in the middle of this sen-HOLY CRAP!” I said. In front of us was a legion of sleeping Vileplume.

    “Espe Espe,” Espeon warned.

    “Poli…” Poliwag said nervously.

    “(C’mon, let’s just slip past them. They won’t notice us if we)-GAH!” I whispered but then tripped over a rock. I stumbled, but got back on my feet. Because of the noise, the Vileplume woke up, clearly pissed. “RUN FOR IT!!!” We ran as fast as we could, avoiding the Stun Spore the Vileplume fired, when I suddenly ran into one. One Stun Spore later, I was paralyzed. “That…didn’t…feel…good,” I said.

    “Espe! Espeon!” Espeon said. It then used Psybeam to attack the Vileplume and drive them away.

    “Poli?” Poliwag asked, coming up to me.

    “Don’t…worry about…me…how’s the…Salveyo Weed?” I asked.

    “Poli!” Poliwag said, picking some up.

    “Good. Espeon…use my Pokegear…call Lexi…” I said.

    “Espe!” Espeon said. It then hit some buttons on my Pokegear.

    “Hello?” Alexis’ voice responded.

    “Lexi…help…paralysis…” I said.

    “NO!!! Where are you?!” she asked frantically.

    “Not…not sure…have Crobat…find me with its radar…” I said.

    “Got it! Crobat, help us out!” Alexis said. I waited for a while, wondering if Crobat could find me.

    “Cro! Crobat!” I heard Crobat say.

    “Mike! Jeez, don’t do reckless things like that again!” Alexis reprimanded as she ran up and held me up.

    “Yeah…sorry…I need…the Cheri Berries…in my backpack,” I said.

    “Huh? Not the Salveyo Weed?” Alexis asked, reaching into my backpack.

    “That’s for…directly breathing it in…I didn’t…” I answered.

    “I see. Okay, here goes,” Alexis said, feeding me the Cheri Berries. It took a while, but I finally recovered from the paralysis.

    “Ahh, feels great to move again! Thanks, everyone!” I said, rejuvenated.

    “No problem!” Alexis said.

    “Espeon!” Espeon added.

    “Poli!” said Poliwag.

    “Aww, aren’t you just a little cutie!” Alexis said to Poliwag. It jumped into her arms happily. “Ohh, you’re so huggable!!”

    “Yeah, Poliwag’s been helping us find Salveyo Weed. In fact, we can now take all this back!” I said.

    “Right! Let’s go!” Alexis said. And so, we took the Salveyo Weed back, brewed up the stew, and fed it to Ashley and Olson.

    “Ahh! I feel GREAT! How about you, Olson?” Ashley said.

    “I thought I told you, the name’s-oh. Never mind. Uh, yeah! I feel great, too!” Olson replied.

    “There, now you guys are all better. Feel like just leaving now? We promise we’ll let you go without any trouble,” Mark said.

    “To hell with that! We’re taking your Pokémon!” Ashley said.

    “Do unto others and then do more to them! That’s what we say! Rotom, come on out!” Olson said as he and Ashley sent out all six of their Rotom. “Attack!” The Rotom all fired Thundershock, Overheat, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Air Slash, and Leaf Storm at us.

    “Everyone! Let’s go!” I said. “Espeon, Signal Beam!” Espeon’s Signal Beam repelled the Thundershock to Wash Rotom. “Metagross, Gyro Ball!” Metagross’ Gyro Ball reflected the Overheat to Frost Rotom. “Gallade, 32-Fouettes-en-Confusion!” Gallade’s move whirled the Hydro Pump towards Heat Rotom. “Golduck, Blizzard!” Golduck’s Blizzard merged with the other Blizzard and went toward Fan Rotom. “Girafarig, Mirror Coat!” Girafarig’s Mirror Coat reflected the Air Slash towards Mow Rotom. “Deoxys, Psychic!” Deoxys used Psychic to send the Leaf Storm at Plasma Rotom. Six explosions later, all the Rotom were knocked out instantly.

    “Way to go, you guys! Crobat, let’s wrap this up with Brave Bird!” Alexis said. Crobat flew at Team Rocket with Brave Bird.

    “Empoleon, Aqua Jet!” Mark said, sending out Empoleon, who used Aqua Jet to go towards Team Rocket. Poliwag pitched in with a Bubblebeam.

    “Espeon, let’s do this! Giga Impact!” Espeon dashed with the other two with Giga Impact. Team Rocket just freaked out until the attacks landed and created an explosion.

    “Why didn’t we take their advice, Orson?!” Ashley asked.

    “Why don’t YOU take a hint, lady?!” Olson retorted.

    “WE’RE BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!!” they cried as they and their Rotom faded into the distance.

    “Well, I think that filled our training quota for the day,” I said, satisfied. “We’re better at the whole repelling thing!”

    “So, think you’re ready to take on the final Gym?” Alexis asked.

    “Absolutely. But not before thanking you, little buddy!” I said, bending down to pet Poliwag’s head.

    “Poli! Poli!” Poliwag said happily.

    “Well then, let’s get a move on!” Alexis said.

    “Right!” Mark said, pressing his watch. At that, Salamence came flying down toward us to take us to Pummelo Island. Waving goodbye to Poliwag, we flew to face my final challenge in the Southern Seas.
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    Chapter 147: Pummelo Meet-and-Greet

    After leaving the deserted island, we flew our way to Pummelo Island, where I was to take on the head of the Orange Crew for a place in the Orange League Hall of Fame. We landed at the docks, and Mark sent off Salamence to fly wherever it wanted.

    “We’ll call you if we need you!” Mark said. Salamence nodded and went to fly around.

    “Okay, guys. Let’s heal up at the Pokémon Center and find out where to register for my match!” I said.

    “This is so exciting! I wonder what kind of Pokémon the leader will use?” Alexis asked anxiously.

    “Don’t know, don’t care. As long as I beat him, they can be all legendary if that suits him!” I said, confident as ever.

    “Man, you need to put more faith in your opponents. Not everybody is weaker than you,” Mark said. “Heck, even I’M stronger than you!”

    “Grr…” I said, feeling enraged.

    “Mike, let it go,” Alexis said, but I turned around.

    “You’re right. There are Trainers out there that I’ve got nothing on. That’s why I make it a point to not challenge Trainers I know I can’t beat,” I said to Mark.

    “That’s a very wise creed, Michael. You’re getting the hang of being a Trainer!” Mark said.

    “Thanks…I think,” I said, insulted. It was nothing new; Mark had held the position of top dog for years; even though I’d beaten him once, he would always one-up me. Anyway, after healing up at the Pokémon Center, we learned from Nurse Joy that registration happened at the Verification House, so we went there.

    “Well! Hello, my young friends!” an old man said. “Here to register for a battle with Drake, eh?”

    “Yup! That’d be me!” I said, taking out my badge case. He took out a scanner and scanned both my Pokedex and my Badges. My ID information came up as well as the badge information.

    “All right! You’re registered! Let’s see…your battle begins tomorrow at 9:00!” the man said.

    “Thank you very much! Can you tell me about the Leader?” I asked.

    “Well, it’s a bit of a tale. Drake is the head of the Orange Crew, and a mighty powerful one at that,” the man explained. “He’s won so many challenges in his career that he could easily make Elite Four level in no time. In fact, the secret to his success is with his partner, Dragonite. I’m sure you’ve noticed it everywhere.”

    “How could I not?” I said sarcastically, seeing so many sculptures and statues of Dragonite around. It was a giant dragon-like Pokémon with a giant tail, and said to be one of the rarest Pokémon around, second only to legendary Pokémon like Deoxys.

    “Well, come with me,” the man said. He took us to the Palace of Victory, which was adjacent to the Stadium. There, we saw pictures of winners from previous generations along with their and their Pokémon’s footprints. I looked at the last one, of a young boy and his Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Tauros, Lapras, and Charizard.

    “So, is this the person I’ll be facing tomorrow?” I asked.

    “No, he actually didn’t take the position as Orange League Champion, although he is the only person to have ever defeated Drake, the Champion before him,” the man said, pointing to the picture and footprints before. In the picture was a big man with black hair, along with his Dragonite and other interesting-looking Pokémon.

    “Huh. I wonder why not?” Mark asked.

    “He decided to continue in his journey to become a Pokémon Master, that one. So ambitious…anyway, with that, Drake kept right on as the Champion, but even though he keeps up his wins, he’s awfully down. Maybe he just needs someone to revitalize his spirits…” the man answered.

    “Hmm. Perhaps a brief chat with him is in order,” I said.

    “Mike! We really shouldn’t pry into other people’s business!” Alexis scolded.

    “But if I want to face the head leader, I want him to be at the top of his game. Right now…he’s apparently not living up to his full potential!” I argued, knowing Alexis would act on that statement. Sure enough:

    “…not…living up…to his full…potential?” Alexis asked, slightly twitching. “THAT DOES IT! We’ve definitely got to go talk to this guy and get him back in shape! Where is he?” she asked with a fire in her eyes blazing.

    “Whoa whoa whoa! Lunch first, guys! Please?!” Mark pleaded.

    Good to see that black hole he calls a stomach is as demanding as ever, I thought to myself.

    With that, we went to grab lunch and discussed how we were going to find him. Eventually, we came upon the solution of looking for him at the Pummelo Stadium, so we went over there. Inside was a gigantic colloseum-like setting with a battlefield in the middle. Drake was standing in the middle, looking up at the statue of Dragonite.

    “Excuse me, sir?” I asked. He turned around.

    “Oh, hello. Visitors, huh? Well, I doubt you’ll find much around here,” he answered.

    “Well, we’ve come here to find you. My name’s Mike McCarver, and I’m to be your challenger tomorrow,” I said to him.

    “Really? Well, pleasure to meet you. I’m Drake,” Drake said, coming over. “It’s been a while since I’ve battled. Maybe Rudy finally started taking things easy. That or you might just be one of those who are actually strong Trainers.”

    “Well…I guess,” I said, embarrassed. “But anyway…um…not to pry, but-” I started.

    “You’re wondering if I’m really up to tomorrow’s battle because of some gossip you heard?” Drake finished. “Yeah, I’m always up for a battle, but I’m just a mess lately. I haven’t had many good challenges in a couple of years. I mean, the only thrill I found was that one challenger who beat me, but since then, I haven’t been able to enjoy battling.”

    “Does that justify you not giving it your all in battles?!” Alexis accused.

    “Not a chance. I do give it my all. I’m just disappointed with the level of the Trainers that I face,” Drake answered. Alexis looked shocked, then shot me a look that said ‘you lied to me’. “That one battle a couple of years back….man, that was intense. I just want to be able to relive it. I want to witness a battle with emotions flying, attacks that flow one into the other perfectly…that would bring back my fighting spirit,” he said. He then walked off a ways.

    “Man, he’s pretty down,” I said.

    “Well, that’s what happens when you get to be the best! I’m going to ask him to teach me some pointers!” Alexis said. She then went over.

    “Hm. Well, bro? What do you think?” I asked.

    “What do I think…? Um…well, I dunno,” Mark said.

    “That’s your answer?” I asked, irritated.


    “…okay, spill it. What’s on your mind?” I asked.

    “………….fine. I’m thinking, if he’s gone the past few years without a loss, then it’s possible that this guy is more powerful than any of us could ever imagine!” Mark explained.

    “Of course. I’d hoped as much. Otherwise, the victory wouldn’t be worth it,” I replied.

    “That’s not what I meant. I mean…” Mark said, then stopped.

    “What?” I asked.

    “…I know this may seem negative, but…I’m not sure I see victory waiting for you tomorrow,” Mark answered, his head hung low. I just stood there in utter silence.

    “You…you don’t have faith in me?” I finally said after a long period of time.

    “Hey guys! I’m back! Man, those pointers really helped! Techniques, stats, bonding with your Pokémon…I’m going to use it all and become a great Gym Leader!...hey, Mike. What’s with the face?” Alexis asked upon returning.

    “Why…? I had full faith in you all this time! Why can’t you believe in me?” I asked.

    “I believe in your abilities, don’t get me wrong. I’m just not positive in them compared to Drake’s,” Mark replied.

    “Mark! That’s just low!” Alexis said.

    “He may be strong, but-!” I argued.

    “Strong? He’s got a Dragonite! He’s gone almost undefeated! I’d say he’s pretty damn powerful!” Mark argued.

    “If that’s all you’ve got, then that’s a pretty damn weak case!” I retorted.

    “But he’s lost less times than YOU have! AND he’s much more experienced! Face it: you may not be good enough!” Mark replied.

    Upon his words, I heard millions of “you’re not good enough”s that had built up in my memory and heart over the past seventeen years. Finally, I clenched my fist and glared at Mark.

    “Mark, let’s battle,” I said. Drake glanced over.


    “You heard me! All or nothing! If I can beat you, then Drake over there doesn’t stand a chance!” Drake looked interested at this.

    “Wasn’t it you who said something about not challenging Trainers you can’t beat?” Mark said, folding his arms.

    “No need to worry about that. I’m challenging YOU, after all,” I replied.

    “I’M GONNA IGNORE THAT!!!” Mark shouted, pissed.

    “Mark, you’re a Top Coordinator. You won the last Johto League Championship. You have just as much ingenuity, determination, and love for your Pokémon as me (if not more). You’re definitely a cut above the rest, and I’ve always tried to catch up to you. Out of all the people we’ve met, the enemies we’ve beat, the Trainers we’ve fought…” I said, pointing at him, “…you are my ultimate rival! The true test of my and my Pokémons’ abilities! This is the chance to settle the score between us brothers once and for all!...so what do you say? You in?”
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