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    Chapter 199: Reach For the Starmie

    After making our way through the traps and puzzles and such, we rode an elevator to what looked like the top of the island. Indeed, we were outside, and just a few yards away from the giant sphere-shaped dome that was Greevil’s lair on Citadark Isle. We came out, breathed some fresh air, and looked out at a faraway Gateon Port.

    “Just think…if we fail here…that’ll be the first thing to go…” I said.

    “That’s why we won’t lose!” Ed said, putting a hand on my shoulder. “We’ll stop Cipher, take those Shadow Pokémon away from them, and be home just in time for lunch!”

    “That sounds good. Especially the lunch part,” Mark said.

    “We can’t be complacent just yet. Who knows who or what else is waiting for us along this path!” Michael said. “...ah! Look over there!” He pointed to the entrance to the spherical dome. In front of it was the man in blue we saw in Gateon Port.

    “I figured as much. Well, we’d be rude to not go ‘introduce’ ourselves to that guy!” Alexis said. We started to walk over.

    “Mufwofwo! We meet again, I see!” a familiar voice said to our left.

    “Oh, no…” Mark moaned, as did we all. Indeed, it was our pompadour friend, Snattle. “Well, how’s it going, governor? Oh wait, that’s right: your position of governor was taken away from you with just one little emasculation of a broadcast, right? My mistake.”

    “Your MISTAKE was crossing me in the first place!” Snattle fumed. “Not only are Lovrina and Gorigan useless, but you tarnished my name! You and that Marcia girl! And to top it all off, YOU insulted my fashion sense!” He was pointing at Mark now. “It really doesn’t matter though. I will get my revenge on you and make you presents for Master Greevil! I will become the governor of Orre if it’s the last thing I do!”

    “Careful what you wish for, fashion freak,” Mark taunted.

    “H-H-How…you still have the gall to insult me, even now,” Snattle said, remaining surprisingly calm. “You think I have no fashion sense?”

    “Well, if the shoe fits. Then again, nothing else probably would,” Mark continued.

    “Shut up. I won’t stand to hear this from you!” Snattle said, losing his cool.

    “Strange, I can’t hear you very well either. Not over that 50’s hairstyle!” Mark said. We were all snickering at this point.

    “Y-Y-Y-YOU…WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT FASHION?! What could you possibly know about beauty, elegance, and grace?” Snattle asked, striking a pose.

    “I know a few things. Empoleon, Mew! Action!” He brought out Empoleon and Mew. “Do your stuff, guys!” Mew enveloped Mark in a bubble, while Empoleon froze it with Ice Beam. Mew then surrounded it with Aura Spheres, while Empoleon’s Flash Cannon gave them a glow. It then jumped on top and used Drill Peck to spin the bubble around, sending silver sparkles everywhere. Mew then used Flamethrower to add some more color until the bubble dissipated. What was left…was not what I was expecting at all.

    “Wh-What?! How'd he do that?!” Michael stammered in shock.

    “Just who are you?!” Snattle asked, flabbergasted.

    “I DO know about beauty, elegance, grace…and performance! Because I am…the Great Sephiod, Top Coordinator extraordinaire!” Mark said, having donned his costume. “Let’s dance, you and I!”

    “You asked for it, you impudent brat! This time, I won’t be shy about revealing the full extent of my power! Solrock! Starmie! Go!” Snattle said, bringing out a Solrock and a Starmie.

    “URGH!” I shouted, my scar burning with intense pain. “They’re both pretty powerful…”

    “Good luck, Mr. Sephiod!” Michael said, awestruck by Mark’s performance.

    “I give up,” Alexis said, exasperated.

    “This battle will be two-on-two with no substitutions! Battle will end when both of either Trainer’s Pokémon are unable to continue! Begin!” Ed announced.

    “Solrock, use Shadow Sky!” Solrock created a Shadow Sky. “Starmie, Shadow Mist!” Starmie sent out a Shadow Mist at Empoleon and Mew.

    “Dodge and use Hydro Pump and Silver Wind!” Empoleon and Mew jumped to avoid the Shadow Mist and shot out Hydro Pumps at Solrock and Silver Wind at Starmie, both doing supereffective damage.

    “Solrock! Shadow Rave!” Suddenly, Shadow Rave stuck out beneath the Shadow Mist and hit Empoleon.

    “Empoleon! Fight back with Flash Cannon!” Empoleon launched a Flash Cannon at Solrock.

    “Starmie! Shadow Break!” Starmie’s Shadow Break cut the attack in half.

    “Mew! Dark Pulse!” Mew fired a Dark Pulse at Starmie, but it spun around, dodging every attack. The Dark Pulses inadvertently struck Solrock, but nothing hit Starmie. “Man! That just isn’t cool!”

    “Starmie sure is fast, isn’t it?” Alexis noted.

    “Starmie is arguably the fastest Pokémon in existence. That kind of dodging is nothing!” Ed replied.

    “All that speed will mean nothing if it doesn’t have the power to go up against Empoleon!” I interjected.

    “Starmie, Shadow Break!” Starmie slammed into Empoleon with Shadow Break, knocking it far back.

    “………..well, damn,” I said, ashamed of myself.

    “Mew! Give it an Aura Sphere!” Mew fired out an Aura Sphere.

    “Nice! Aura Sphere can’t miss!” Ed said.

    “Is that what you think?” Snattle asked smugly. Starmie flew around while the Aura Sphere followed it, unable to catch up. Starmie flew in front of Empoleon and then ducked at the last second, letting Empoleon take the hit. Mew apologized, but Empoleon shook its head, as if to say it didn’t hurt at all.

    “Some speed!...Empoleon, use Drill Peck!” Empoleon chased after Starmie with Drill Peck.

    “Solrock! Shadow Panic!” Solrock sent out a Shadow Panic, but Empoleon was too busy chasing Starmie and Mew dodged it with ease.

    “Phew! That would’ve been inconvenient!” Mark said. “Mew! Iron Tail!” Mew flew at Solrock with Iron Tail.

    “Starmie, intercept with Shadow Storm!” Starmie sent off a Shadow Storm. It knocked Empoleon far back, but Mew managed to dodge, thereby altering its aim with Iron Tail and causing it to miss.

    “Rrgh…his Pokémon just can’t be hit!” Mark said.

    “There’s no surpassing the power of the heavens!” Snattle said, adopting a pose. “They are everywhere, all-knowing, and all-powerful!”

    “…..hmm! In that case, I’ll just borrow some of that power! Empoleon! Go after Starmie with Aqua Jet!” Empoleon used Aqua Jet to chase after Starmie again.

    “Solrock! Shadow Panic!” Solrock sent out a Shadow Panic.

    “Mew, move!” Mew moved directly into Starmie’s path, and Empoleon veered a little bit. Unable to go anywhere else, Starmie headed towards Solrock, accidentally intercepting the Shadow Panic and becoming confused.

    “N-no! That can’t be! It isn’t fair!” Snattle said. “Starmie! Shadow Break!” Starmie hit itself again and again.

    “Mew! Let’s take advantage of this moment! Dark Pulse and Aura Sphere!” Mew fired an Aura Sphere that was enhanced by Dark Pulse, both in potency and appearance. The attack smacked Starmie and knocked it into the air. “This is your chance, Michael! Get it!”

    “You got it! Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball. It took Starmie in, wiggled a while, and snapped shut. “STARMIE SNAGGED!”

    “No! I’m not losing another! Solrock, come ba-” Snattle started.

    “OH, NO YOU DON’T!” I said, activating my scar. A barrier developed around him, and the ball’s recall beam couldn’t go through.

    “Wh-what?! Let me out!!” Snattle said, banging against the wall. I walked over.

    “Not until this battle’s over, Mr. Pompadour. So go on!” I ordered.

    “Y-Y-Y-You!! You have the nerve to insult me while I’m like this?! BAH! Solrock, Shadow Rave!” Solrock sent out several Shadow Raves at Empoleon and Mew, who dodged.

    “Empoleon, I think he’s suffered enough. Let’s put him out of his misery with HYDRO CANNON!” Empoleon fired off a Hydro Cannon, an attack supereffective against Solrock, and with one hit, Solrock was down and out. “We did it! Go for it!”

    “Wait…almost there…almost…charged! All right! Snag Ball, take two!” Michael said, throwing another Snag Ball. It took Solrock in, wiggled, and clicked shut. “And that’s done! SOLROCK SNAGGED!”

    “Solrock and Starmie are unable to battle! Empoleon and Mew are the winners, and victory in this match goes to Mark of Hearthome City!” Ed announced.

    “N-N-NOOOOOOO!” Snattle shouted. “You little…I can’t believe I lost to you…again! My plan! It was supposed to be perfect!”

    “Well, it could’ve been…if you had counted on Team Sephiod!” Mark said, high-fiving Empoleon and hugging Mew.

    “Face it, Snattle. You’re out of style, and you’re out of chances,” I said, leaning on the barrier. All of a sudden, it began to roll downhill.

    “Huh?! Oh, noooooo!” Snattle said as he rolled towards the edge…and off. “Master Greevil!...FORGIVE MEEEEEEEEeeeee…” he screamed as he fell.

    “Uh, oops,” I said bashfully.

    “That was cruel!” Alexis said, smacking my arm. “Let’s go after him!” We found another elevator leading down. We rode it to the bottom to see Snattle in the water as we came out.

    “You’ll all pay for this! For ruining my position as governor, for ruining Master Greevil’s plans…and for ruining my hair!! WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!” he cried as he swam away.

    “Feh. Fashion freak. It's STILL funny!” Ed said.

    “Wait. Look at this,” Mark said, pointing to the Robo Kyogre not a few yards away. “…you mean to tell me we could’ve just taken this elevator THE WHOLE TIME?!?”

    “Actually, no,” a Cipher Peon said. “The elevator’s usually locked from this side, unless you have a special keycard.”

    “Hydro Cannon!” Empoleon fired a Hydro Cannon at him, sending him flying in Snattle’s direction.

    “WHAT’D I SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY?!” the Peon screamed as he flailed into Snattle. Mark picked up the keycard that the Peon had dropped.

    “Well, this must be the keycard. Let’s get back up there!” Mark said, pissed off.

    “R-Right,” I replied. With another Admin down, we were all the closer to finally facing Greevil.
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    Chapter 200: An Abrupt Shadow End

    Upon defeating Snattle for a second time and sending him swimming back to Gateon Port, we decided to make our way into Greevil’s main base. Unfortunately, the man in blue that looked like Eldes was still blocking the way.

    “What do y’all say? He was pretty serious back in Gateon Port,” I said.

    “I say we try to negotiate,” Ed said.

    “I say we fight!” Alexis argued.

    “I say lunch!” Mark chimed in.

    “*sigh* What about you, Michael?” I asked.

    “Personally, I like Ed’s idea,” Michael said. Ed grinned, Alexis scowled, and Mark shrugged, sneaking a snack.

    “Okay. Let’s talk with him,” I said. We made our way to the edge of the bridge towards the sphere-like lair. He walked toward us.

    “Hello there. It’s been a while. I remember you all well, back when I was punishing that fool Zook in Gateon Port,” he said.

    “Thank you for that, Mister...” I started.

    “Ardos. My name is Ardos. And don’t thank me, since I was merely teaching him his place and not to reveal our Shadow Pokémon to the public,” he replied. “We didn’t want the world to know what we, Cipher, were planning. Hmhmhm…back then, I thought you were just ordinary children.”

    “Well, think again,” I said, grinning.

    “Indeed. I didn’t suspect that you all would become Cipher’s greatest and most damaging threat. Especially you, little one,” Ardos said, pointing at Michael. “You and your Snag Machine have created quite a few problems for us.”

    “A few? We slowed down the progression of your top-secret project!” Ed said.

    “We unveiled the secrets behind the phony Phenac citizens!” Mark added.

    “We obliterated the mass output of Shadow Pokémon!” Alexis stated.

    “We’ve been taking the Pokémon you use as weapons for world domination!” Michael chimed in.

    “And we found our way here and managed to defeat the majority of Cipher!” I finished. “Now, in the name of the PWE, GET OUT OF OUR WAY!”

    “…that’s enough talk. You’ve indeed been able to make it to our base and halt most of our plans. Now, let me see your skills in battle!” Ardos said. “Four-on-four!”

    “You’re on!” Michael said. They jumped back to an open space and readied their Poke Balls.

    “Electabuzz. Swellow. Go!” Ardos said, sending out an Electabuzz and a Swellow.

    “Leafeon and Swalot! I choose you!” Michael said, bringing out Leafeon and Swalot.

    “AAARRRRGGHHH!” I screamed, my scar burning fiercely. I heard nothing but my heartbeat as Alexis tried to help me up.

    “….ke…me on…Mi…wha…ng?...ease…chael! Please, GET UP!” Alexis was pleading as I snapped back to reality.

    “…it…it hurts…they’re…too strong…” I said, seeing intense shadow auras around both Swellow and Electabuzz.

    “Is he okay?!” Michael asked.

    “He’ll be fine. Just win this!” Mark said.

    “Okay. Leafeon, start off with Energy Ball!” Leafeon fired an Energy Ball at Electabuzz.

    “Dodge and use Shadow Half!” Electabuzz jumped, then executed a Shadow Half, taking half of everybody’s stamina away.

    “It’s on now! Michael could get some momentum if…” Ed started.

    “Swellow, Shadow Half!”

    “WHAT?!” Michael asked as Swellow used Shadow Half to cut everybody’s stamina again.

    “I don’t get it. Why would he do something so reckless? His Pokémon are in prime snagging condition now!” Alexis said.

    “Something’s up. We just need to figure out what it is before Michael lets loose,” Mark said.

    “Time to let loose!” Michael said. “Swalot, Sing! And Leafeon, Grasswhistle!” Swalot and Leafeon used their attacks to put both opponents to sleep. “Perfect! Now for the first one! Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball at Swellow. It took Swellow in, wiggled, and clicked shut. “SWELLOW SNAGGED!” Michael said.

    “Swellow is…um…unable to battle!” Ed said.

    “Indeed. Good show. But how will you fare against this next one?” Ardos asked, throwing another Poke Ball. Out came his Alakazam. “Use Psychic!” Alakazam turned to Swalot.

    “Leafeon! Aerial Ace! Swalot, Stockpile!” Leafeon ran at Alakazam with Aerial Ace while Swalot used Stockpile for one count.

    “Now!” Ardos commanded. Alakazam grabbed Leafeon with Psychic and flung it into the ground multiple times. “Now finish it with Fire Punch!” Alakazam’s spoon began to burn, and Alakazam nailed Leafeon with it, knocking it out.

    “Leafeon is unable to battle!” Ed announced.

    “Leafeon, you did great. Return!” Michael said, recalling Leafeon. “I know how to counter that! Bronzong, go!” Michael sent out Bronzong to battle.

    “Alakazam, Fire Punch! Electabuzz, Shadow Break!” Alakazam and Electabuzz (now awake) got their arms ready and rushed at the opponents.

    “Bronzong, Iron Defense! Swalot, Stockpile!” Bronzong’s and Swalot’s attacks dramatically increased their Defense, and the Fire Punch and Shadow Break didn’t do much, even though they were supereffective.

    “Impressive. Somehow, you were able to survive my attacks by raising defenses. But how could THAT one have survived Alakazam’s Fire Punch so well?” Ardos asked, identifying Bronzong.

    “Bronzong’s ability, Heatproof, lowers the strength of Fire-Type moves! Your Fire Punch just won’t cut it!” Michael explained

    “Then how about Thunderpunch?!” Alakazam rushed at Bronzong with a Thunderpunch.

    “Bronzong, Ancientpower!” Bronzong fired an Ancientpower at Alakazam, which knocked it over. “Now use Gravity!” Bronzong used Gravity to bring everybody down.

    “Electabuzz, Shadow Break!” Ardos commanded. All Electabuzz could do was struggle forward.

    “Swalot! Spit Up!” Swalot used Spit Up next to Electabuzz, landing a direct hit. “Now finish it with Sludge Bomb!” Swalot use Sludge Bomb to knock Electabuzz off its feet. “Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball. It too took Electabuzz in, wiggled, and snapped shut. “Awesome! ELECTABUZZ SNAGGED!”

    “All right! Electabuzz is unable to battle!” Ed announced.

    “Not bad for an amateur. But I suppose now it’s time for me to get serious,” Ardos said.

    “Sorry, but Michael’s already taken out your two Shadow Pokémon! What could you possibly have left?” Mark taunted.

    “Oh, not much. Just my Snorlax here,” Ardos said, sending out a Snorlax.

    “Urk!” I said, feeling more pain in my scar. “Well… at least it’s not as bad as the other two!”

    “But THREE Shadow Pokémon?!” Michael asked, pulling up the Aura Reader and seeing Snorlax’s aura.

    “There’s only one attack Snorlax needs! Snorlax! Shadow End!” Snorlax’s aura grew enormous, and it charged into Swalot, knocking it into the air. “Alakazam! Psychic!” Alakazam used Psychic to throw Swalot to the ground. When it landed, it was knocked out.

    “…Swalot is unable to battle!” Ed said, getting nervous.

    “You did great, Swalot. Take a rest,” Michael said, calling Swalot back.

    “Come now, boy. If this is all you’ve got, then your defeating the rest of Cipher was nothing more than a fluke! You’re nothing without your friends here!” Ardos said, sneering.

    “…that may be, but I least I have them! The bonds I have with them have given me incredible strength! And it’s that strength that can overcome even the most powerful forces you throw at us! And this is the proof! Zapdos, let’s do this!” Michael said, sending out Zapdos.

    “Wh-what the hell?!” Ardos exclaimed in shock. “…it makes no difference. You will fall all the same. Snorlax! Shadow End!”

    “Don’t try it. I know that trick! Snorlax isn’t exactly in good shape after using that attack! Zapdos, dodge and use Discharge!” Zapdos flew up and fired Discharge, hitting both Alakazam and Snorlax while Bronzong dodged. “Now, Bronzong! Secret Power!” Bronzong hit Alakazam with Secret Power, throwing it off balance. “Now use Flash Cannon!” Bronzong, at close range, nailed Alakazam with a Flash Cannon, sending it into Snorlax’s torso. “Zapdos! Steel Wing and Drill Peck!” Zapdos activated Steel Wing and spun into a Drill Peck, delivering multiple strikes to Snorlax from behind. Eventually, it toppled over on top of Alakazam.

    “Th-this can’t be! They’re trapped!” Ardos said.

    “Bronzong, Flash Cannon! And Zapdos, Thunder!” Bronzong and Zapdos let loose their respective attacks, creating a massive explosion. When it cleared, Snorlax rolled over, and we saw that both opponents were KOed. “Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball at Snorlax. It took Snorlax in, wiggled a little, and finally clicked shut. “SNORLAX SNAGGED!”

    “Alakazam and Snorlax are unable to battle! Zapdos and Bronzong are the winners, and victory in this match goes to Michael!” Ed announced.

    “Way to go, guys!” Michael said, celebrating with Zapdos and Bronzong.

    “Y’all were awesome!” I said, finally coming out of the pain. Alexis and the others gave similar praise.

    “N-No…this is trouble…if something isn’t done…” Ardos grunted to himself. “I should’ve crushed you much earlier. However, there’s nothing that I can do now but let you meet Master Greevil himself. But don’t think this is over. You will get what’s coming to you…NO MATTER WHAT.” He then stormed off.

    “Shouldn’t you arrest him?” Ed asked.

    “He’s just a fall guy. It’s the head honcho that we’re here for,” I answered. And so, with another obstacle out of the way, we were ready to move further and confront said honcho himself.
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    Chapter 201: Running Out of Mime

    After Ardos had been defeated, we were finally able to enter the spherical lair that Greevil waited in. Upon entering, we found a PC and a Healing Machine. We took the opportunity to heal our Pokémon while Michael made adjustments to the Purify Chamber.

    “You think we should be stopping right now?” Alexis asked.

    “We need to be ready for anything. Besides, Michael wants more of them purified; I’m not stopping him. That, and…there’s no way they can get out of here without running into us,” I explained.

    “They don’t exactly HAVE to leave. I mean, they have a giant legendary Shadow Pokémon that could obliterate us at any moment, they could have some machine that could grab us and toss us back into the volcano, there could-” Ed speculated.

    “Okay, Ed? Not helping,” Mark said to Ed.

    “Erm, sorry. Ah, looks like he’s done!” Ed said, changing the subject.

    “Everybody ready?” Michael asked.

    “Yeah! Let’s go take this guy down once and for all!” I said, getting all fired up. We opened the door and saw a giant room in front of us with many computer monitors. Waiting in the center were Greevil and Eldes.

    “Hoho! Now this is quite a surprise. You’ve managed to defeat Ardos,” Greevil said upon seeing us.

    “Yeah, why didn’t he get the memo that you invited us here?!” Michael shouted.

    “Oh, details. How I grow weary of them. Anyway, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, since you’ve defeated so many of my other followers as well,” Greevil replied.

    “It’s just part of the job. And speaking of, I guess you know why I’m here. By the authority vested in me by the Pokémon World Enforcers, I’m placing you under arrest for illegal experimentation on Pokémon as well as related crimes. Give yourself up now, or we’ll have to get serious!” I ordered, pointing at him.

    “Hmhmhmhm. I must say, this is the first time in a while I’ve been so excited,” Greevil said.

    “That kinda sounds like the opposite of what you should be feeling right now!” Mark said.

    “…! Guys, look out!” I said, feeling my scar activate. We jumped back.

    “Yes. You all running would be nice. For you see, I cannot allow you to meddle in my Shadow Pokémon plans more than you have,” Greevil said, sneering nastily. A glass wall came up and blocked us off from the room. “I think it’s best for you to stay out of my lair for the time being. Good luck breaking through that.”

    “You think this is going to…” Alexis started. I grabbed her shoulder.

    “…no. Let’s go,” I said. She looked like she was about to explode, then sighed and nodded. We walked out to the bridge. “Sorry about earlier. I looked with my scar and found another room to the right in there. In there is an elevator shaft leading…somewhere.”

    “And if we can find where that “somewhere” is, we’ll be able to get into Greevil’s lair!” Ed said.

    “Bingo! Now, where to start looking?” I wondered.

    “You don’t want to know,” Mark said. He pointed to the elevator next to the bridge, and out of it came our old buddy, Gorigan.

    “Oh, I’ve been waiting for this!” Alexis said, cracking her knuckles. We cringed from the sound and fell to the ground in agony.

    “Huh?” Gorigan said, startled. He grinned when he saw us. “Heheh! Hey, kids! It’s me again!”

    “Long time no see, Gorigan,” Alexis said. He walked over and led us to the open area on the other side of the bridge.

    “You know, it really is good to see you kids again. I’ve gotten used to it, I guess! But you know, my cred’s taken a few blows from those losses you handed me!” Gorigan said, fuming at this point. “Now, I’ve only got one more chance. Master Greevil’s giving me a chance to redeem myself and beat you! If I don’t…there’ll be no tomorrow. So here I come! Prepare to drop!”

    “…what?” Alexis asked.

    “Just…just forget it. I don’t know where it came from,” Gorigan explained. “Anyway, let’s do this, girlie! You’re first on my list!”

    “Bring it! Let’s make this two-on-two! Sceptile! Moltres! I choose you!” Alexis said, sending out Sceptile and Moltres.

    “Pretty good, but I can do better! Poliwrath! Mr. Mime! Get it done!” Gorigan said, sending out a Poliwrath and a Mr. Mime, a mime-like Pokémon with gloves, and the evolved form of Mime Jr.

    “ACK!” I said, my scar burning again. Poliwrath and Mr. Mime had Shadow Auras, but Poliwrath’s was bigger. “Uh…okay…go get ‘em, Lexi!” I attempted to cheer.

    “Sceptile! Start off with Sunny Day!” Sceptile initiated Sunny Day.

    “Poliwrath! Shadow Rush!” Poliwrath rammed Sceptile with its Shadow Rush.

    “Strike back with Leaf Blade!” Sceptile landed two Leaf Blades on Poliwrath, doing major damage.

    “Mr. Mime! Shadow Storm!” Mr. Mime whipped up a Shadow Storm that enveloped Sceptile, but Moltres swooped through and pulled Sceptile out, taking a slight bit of damage.

    “Moltres, Flamethrower!” Moltres fired a Flamethrower at Mr. Mime.

    “Dodge it and use Shadow Storm again!” Mr. Mime jumped to avoid the Flamethrower and used Shadow Storm a second time.

    “Look out!” Moltres flew up high to avoid the attack. “Sceptile, Bullet Seed!” Sceptile fired a Bullet Seed from the air, knocking Mr. Mime down.

    “Poliwrath, Shadow Rush!” Poliwrath jumped into the air using Shadow Rush, knocking Moltres and Sceptile out of the sky.

    “Moltres, Sky Attack!” Moltres glowed during the fall, then glided into Mr. Mime with Sky Attack, sending Mr. Mime into the air. It smacked onto the ground, then got up, enraged.

    “Mr. Mime! Another Shadow Storm!” Mr. Mime whipped up a Shadow Storm.

    “Ancientpower!” Moltres used Ancientpower to neutralize the Shadow Storm. “Now use Fire Spin!” Moltres enveloped Mr. Mime in a Fire Spin.

    “All this light is too much! Time to mix up the weather! Poliwrath, Shadow Sky!” Poliwrath’s Shadow Sky went up and nullified the Sunny Day, weakening Fire Spin’s power.

    “Oh, no! Sceptile, use Dragon Pulse!” Sceptile launched a Dragon Pulse at Poliwrath.

    “Dodge and use Shadow Rush!” Poliwrath moved out of the way and ran at Sceptile with Shadow Rush.

    “Sceptile, Aerial Ace!” Sceptile ran at Poliwrath with Aerial Ace. The two attacks hit, and both combatants took major damage.

    “Moltres, time for the light to shine again! Sunny Day!” Moltres sent a Sunny Day into the air. “Now let’s use Flamethrower!”

    “Mr. Mime! Dodge and use Shadow Storm again!” Mr. Mime moved away from the Flamethrower Moltres fired and sent out its Shadow Storm.

    “Moltres! Overheat!” Moltres fired an Overheat at the Shadow Storm, cutting through it and hitting Mr. Mime with maximum power. “Go for it!”

    “You got it!” Michael said. “Snag Ball, go!” He threw a Snag Ball at Mr. Mime, which took it in, wiggled, and came open, releasing Mr. Mime. It still wasn’t caught.

    “Hyahyahya! Looks like you’ve got a ways to go! Shadow Storm!” Mr. Mime’s Shadow Storm did major damage to Moltres.

    “Moltres, don’t give in! Use Fire Blast!” Moltres shot off a Fire Blast that completely enveloped Mr. Mime, causing it to faint.

    “Now let’s try it! Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing the Snag Ball. THIS time, it wiggled until Mr. Mime was caught. “MR. MIME SNAGGED!”

    “Not again! Grr…ho! Hyohyohyohyo! You think that’s going to stop me?! Think again, girlie! I’ve got you figured out. Poliwrath, Shadow Sky!” Poliwrath began to use Shadow Sky again.

    “Sceptile! Hurry up and use Solarbeam! Sceptile tried gathering sunlight, but Poliwrath’s Shadow Sky began to envelop the sun. “Rrgh…Okay, Alexis! Stay calm! You can do this! You just have to think!” At that, she cringed, then closed her eyes. She then looked up with a grin. “Moltres! Use Flamethrower on the Shadow Sky!” Moltres blasted the source of Shadow Sky with Flamethrower,causing it to glow with flames. “Now, Sceptile! Solarbeam!”

    “That won’t do you any good! Poliwrath! Finish it with Shadow Rush!” Poliwrath ran at Sceptile.

    “Sceptile!” Sceptile said, grinning. It then fired off a Solarbeam that sent Poliwrath careening into a rock.

    “Wh-wh-what?! But I was blocking off the sun!” Gorigan said.

    “But you were providing a shadowy light with Shadow Sky! I just needed to heat things up a bit to simulate the heat and light from the sun for Sceptile’s Solarbeam!” Alexis explained.

    “Grrrr….y-you…” Gorigan fumed.

    “Let’s finish this up, guys! Sceptile, use Leaf Blade! And Moltres, use Sky Attack!” Moltres glowed while it picked up Sceptile, then they flew at Poliwrath and landed the double attack, knocking Poliwrath out instantly.

    “There! Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing the Snag Ball. It took Poliwrath in, wiggled, and snapped shut. “We did it! POLIWRATH SNAGGED!”

    “That’s it! Poliwrath and Mr. Mime are unable to battle! Moltres and Sceptile are the winners, and victory in this match goes to Alexis of Littleroot Town!” Mark announced.

    “What?! Grrr…nooooo! We’re doomed!” Gorigan wailed, frustrated by his loss.

    “Lexi, you were awesome!” I said, coming over to her.

    “Well, y’know…” Alexis replied.

    “I won’t lose here! I CAN’T lose here! I’ll take you down with me!” Gorigan said, getting ready to charge. I thought about what he was going to do, so as soon as he charged, I activated my shield, enveloping Alexis in it. “Nice job, kid, but SHE WASN’T MY TARGET!!”

    “…crap,” I said just before I got tackled. I couldn’t hold up the shield anymore as I got pummeled repeatedly.

    “What are you going to do now, girlie?! Watching this?!” Gorigan called. No answer. “…hey, what gives?” he asked, letting up.

    “NOW!” I said, grabbing Deoxys’ Ball and bringing it out.

    “I’m on it! PSYCHO BOOST!” Deoxys said, unleashing a Psycho Boost that sent Gorigan flying.

    “NOOOO!” Gorigan shouted as he disappeared from sight.

    “Hey, you okay?!” Mark asked, helping me up.

    “I’ll be fine,” I said.

    “Man, you were lucky he didn’t rip out your spine!” Ed said.

    “...too graphic, man. Alexis, are you okay?...um, Lexi?” I asked. She was turned away, but when I saw her face, she was wiping away a tear, her cheeks were red, and she had a smile on her face. “Alexis…what’s up?”

    “Huh?...um…nothing. I’m glad you’re safe, Mike!” she said happily, giving me a hug and a kiss. “So, uh, we should probably keep moving, hm?” She then went on ahead.

    “Women: the WEEEIIIRRDEST creatures on Earth,” Michael said.

    “What’d you expect?” Mark asked.

    “I just hope if I get married, my wife is a little more direct!” Ed said, passing by me. I just shrugged it all off. With another victory under our belts, we were ready to arrest Greevil once and for all.

    “Hey, Mike. You dropped this,” Deoxys said, holding the ring box I’d had.

    “Huh? That’s weird. What’s it doing out of my pocket?” I asked.

    “It probably fell out during your struggle with Gorigan. Better keep a careful eye on it!” Deoxys said, nudging me. “I’m sure THE TIME is coming up soon enough!”

    “I sure hope so,” I said, putting the ring box in my pocket. I then began to wonder when to ask her all over again.
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    Chapter 202: Three’s A Crowd

    After we had defeated Gorigan and given him the boot, we needed to find another way into Greevil’s lair, so we decided on the elevator Gorigan had used: the one adjacent to the building.

    “Hang on, guys. Let me extend my senses and see if this elevator is truly our path,” Deoxys offered. Its aura then went out and underneath the foothold.

    “Where do you think this elevator leads? I can’t really see below the ledge…” Ed asked, trying to look below.

    “Are you seeing anything, Deoxys?” I asked. It nodded its head, since it couldn’t communicate without its aura being in someone.

    “Okay, let’s get on the elevator then!” Mark said. We got on, and rode down the elevator until we got to a hallway underneath.

    “Whoa! Look at all that lava!” Michael said, pointing out the window.

    “I guess that area we were in was just the beginning,” Alexis said. “Who knows what could happen if it erupted?”

    “I’d get my Pokemon out and have everybody hold back the lava!” I suggested.

    “But six Pokémon alone can’t hold it. Especially not that much lava,” Mark refuted.

    “ANYway, I wonder how many Shadow Pokémon are left?” I pondered, while Deoxys went back into its ball.

    “Well, I can check on that…” Michael said, pulling out his PDA. “Okay. Looks like…thirteen.”

    “Not a good number, but we’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do,” Ed said.

    “Hey! Who let you in here?!” a voice said. It was a Cipher Peon at the other end of the hall.

    “Uh…Iggy sent me,” I joked.

    “That jerk! I mean, I need another week! He’ll get his money!” the Peon said frantically.

    “...okay, he lied. We’re not here for…Iggy…we need to get through here!” Ed said.

    “So, you’re the intruders! Damn you for tricking me like that!” the Peon said.

    “Let us through, NOW!” I ordered.

    “You just won’t stop being pests, will you? Then I’ll have to take you all down! Glalie! Dugtrio! Let’s go!” he said, sending out a Glalie, an icy face-like Pokémon with horns, and a Dugtrio, the evolved form of Diglett, looking like three bunched together.

    “AAACK!” I shouted, the scar burning again. Dugtrio’s shadow aura looked about as powerful as Poliwrath.

    “It’s Dugtrio!” Michael said, looking through his Aura Reader.

    “Got it. Raichu! Aggron! I choose you!” Ed said, bringing out Raichu and Aggron.

    “What are you doing, Ed?! Dugtrio’s a Ground-Type! It’ll cream both of your Pokémon!” Mark shouted.

    “Did you forget? Dugtrio can’t use any Ground-Type moves! It’s a Shadow Pokémon!” Ed retorted.

    “Maybe not, but Glalie’s not restricted like that! Glalie, Ice Beam!” Glalie fired off an Ice Beam.

    “Aggron! Take in that attack!” Aggron blocked the Ice Beam, taking relatively little damage.

    “Dugtrio! Shadow Break!” Dugtrio rushed forward towards Aggron, ready to strike.

    “Raichu, Focus Punch!” Raichu blocked the way and whacked Dugtrio on the head with Focus Punch. Dugtrio looked dizzy. “Now, hit Glalie with a Thunderbolt!” Raichu fired a Thunderbolt at Glalie.

    “Dodge using Headbutt!” Glalie flew at the wall using Headbutt, dodging Raichu’s Thunderbolt. It then rammed wall after wall, gaining momentum each time, until it finally hit Raichu.

    “Raichu!” Ed called out.

    “Dugtrio! Shadow Break!” Dugtrio popped out of the ground beneath Aggron, striking it with Shadow Break and knocking it on its back.

    “Aggron! Grr…” Ed said.

    “Like that? Dugtrio, Shadow Sky!” Dugtrio initiated Shadow Sky, starting to pelt us all since we were in close quarters. I activated my scar, creating a barrier for Ed.

    “Mike?!” Ed asked.

    “It’s so you can concentrate (urk)! Go ahead! Keep going! We’ll (oww) be fine!” I said, holding Alexis and shielding her. Mark and Michael were constantly trying to dodge the bursts.

    “…well, okay. Aggron! Let’s get rid of this with Solarbeam!” Aggron charged up a Solarbeam and fired it at Dugtrio.

    “Dodge and use Shadow Break again!” Dugtrio jumped into its hole and sprung back up under Aggron, hitting it with another Shadow Break. “Glalie, use Crunch!” Glalie flew at Aggron, ready to use Crunch.

    “Aggron! Iron Head!” Aggron leapt at Glalie with Iron Head, sending it flying towards a wall.

    “Glalie! Headbutt!” Glalie used Headbutt to bounce off the walls again, heading towards Aggron.

    “Raichu! Iron Tail!” Raichu jumped up and hit Glalie into Dugtrio with Iron Tail, ending the pinball game he had going. “Now use Thunderbolt, you two!” Raichu and Aggron fired Thunderbolts at Glalie.

    “Dugtrio! Block it!” Dugtrio took it the Thunderbolts, and neutralized them with its immunity to Electric-Type moves.

    “Raichu! Use Quick Attack!” Raichu struck Dugtrio with a Quick Attack.

    “Glalie! Crunch!” Glalie chomped down on Raichu’s tail. Raichu ran around in a panic, getting pelted by Shadow Sky.

    “Aggron! Metal Claw!” Aggron grabbed Glalie with Metal Claw, picked it up, and slammed it into the wall, not giving it a chance to bounce back. Raichu thanked Aggron for freeing it.

    “Dugtrio! Shadow Break again!” Dugtrio zoomed towards Raichu.

    “Aggron, use Earthquake! Raichu, jump onto Aggron’s back!” Raichu jumped up while Aggron used Earthquake to stop Dugtrio’s advance and damage it. Glalie floated upwards.

    “Glalie, Icy Wind!” Glalie nailed both Aggron and Raichu with Icy Wind, slowing them down a little.

    “Raichu, Thunderbolt!” Raichu fired a Thunderbolt.

    “Glalie! Headbutt off the walls!” Glalie used Headbutt to bounce around, then struck Raichu.

    “Rrgh! There’s gotta be some way to stop that pinball method!...” Mark said.

    “But no Electric attacks will work, since Dugtrio’s out!” Michael reminded him.

    “Mike, what do you think should be done?” Alexis asked.

    “I…I don’t know. Their strategy seems pretty solid,” I answered, unsure.

    “Guys, I’m a Pokemaniac! I think I have the knowhow to beat these opponents!” Ed said, turning to us.

    “Alright then, go for it!” I said, letting down the barrier since Shadow Sky was gone.

    “Right! Aggron, fire a Thunderbolt at Glalie!” Aggron launched another Thunderbolt.

    “You don’t know when to give in! Glalie, Headbutt off the walls again!” Glalie began its pinball maneuver.

    “Raichu, rope Dugtrio with your tail!” Raichu used its tail to restrain Dugtrio, who couldn’t break free. “Now use Agility!” Raichu ran around in a circle, despite Dugtrio’s efforts to escape. As it went around, it was creating a hole in the floor due to Dugtrio’s digging. In a matter of seconds, it was a small crater in the floor. By the time Glalie had composed itself and was bouncing its way to Aggron, it hit the edge of the hole, bounced to the other edge, and bounced facefirst to the ceiling. It stopped, dizzy.

    “What in the hell?!” the Peon asked, surprised.

    “Now, Raichu! Thunderbolt!” Raichu zapped Glalie with a Thunderbolt, knocking it out. “Now let’s wrap this up! Raichu, Volt Tackle! And Aggron, Double-Edge!” Raichu and Aggron activated those moves and rushed towards Dugtrio. Raichu leapt onto Aggron’s head, and the two formed an energy like a Giga Impact with their charge. Dugtrio was frozen with fear, and by the time Raichu and Aggron came back to Ed’s side after the attack, Dugtrio was TKOed.

    “Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball. It took Dugtrio in, wiggled, and clicked shut. “Yeah! DUGTRIO SNAGGED!”

    “Th-this can’t be happening! It isn’t real!” the Peon screamed. “AAAAAHHHH!” he said, jumping out the window. He landed on the machine that was creating the whirlpools and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, but then the machine let off an alarm and blew up, sending the Peon into the air and out of sight.

    “Poor guy,” I said. “Ah well, let’s move on! The elevator to the finale is waiting for us!” We took the elevator up.

    “Let me ask you something, bro,” Mark said. “That scar is what sustained your life from when you were electrocuted at New Mauville. Maybe you shouldn’t use it so much; it seems like…life support. If you were to use up all of its energy…that might mean you’d…y’know,” I was deep in thought after that.

    “…well, I guess so. I’ll try to tone it down, but if it comes to that, I’ll gladly take that risk.” Alexis looked at me with shock on her face. I tried to smile to cheer her up, but my mind was still on the thought. The elevator opened, and we ended up in another room like the inside of the dome.

    “Well, here we are. Now let’s see Greevil escape!” Michael said.

    “All right, guys. I’m pretty sure he didn’t get his standing as the Grand Master of Cipher for nothing. So be prepared for ANYthing,” I said to everyone. They all nodded, and I opened the door and went inside. At the same positions as before were Greevil and Eldes.

    “Wh-what?! Eldes!” Greevil said upon seeing us.

    “Sir!” Eldes said in response.

    “Who let these children in? How could they penetrate our defenses so easily?!” Greevil asked. He clenched his fist and glared at us. “It doesn’t matter. I am giving you the responsibilities of dealing with them since the others are officially useless! I need to go see to something upstairs,” Greevil said, floating off in his special chair.

    “Greevil! Come back here!” I ordered.

    “You’re not worthy, you little insect!” Greevil replied, scowling. “If you manage to get past him, then come upstairs. I’ll be waiting!” he said, disappearing into the ceiling.

    “I didn’t think it possible, but it happened anyway,” Eldes said.

    “What did?” Alexis asked.

    “Well, you’ve managed to anger Master Greevil. It just doesn’t seem likely. Anyway, I told you the day would come when we would battle,” Eldes said to me.

    “Indeed,” I said, getting my Poke Balls ready. I needed all the ammo I could get, thinking that this could potentially be the toughest Pokémon battle I’d ever face.
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    Chapter 203: Fulfilling a Duty, Part One

    “This official battle between Mike McCarver and Cipher Admin Eldes is about to begin! Each Trainer will use six Pokémon in a Full Double Battle! Battle will end when all of either Trainer’s Pokémon are unable to continue! Begin!” Ed announced.

    “Before we begin, I’d like to say one thing,” Eldes said.

    “Okay,” I agreed.

    “Well, this isn’t how I’d planned to face you,” Eldes said.

    “Excuse me for not standing on my head on a ledge above a giant buzzsaw, if that’s what you mean,” I said sarcastically.

    “No no, I meant that I wanted to face you in a regular battle, not one under Master Greevil’s orders,” Eldes said. “You just seem like a respectable challenger, one I can truly face. But this particular battle…it will be meaningless and unfulfilling. Mike, can you still challenge me knowing that?”

    “…” I said, thinking to myself.

    “Are you seriously thinking about that?! He’s the enemy! He has to g-” Michael started, but Alexis put a hand on his shoulder and shook her head.

    “…regardless of my answer, it doesn’t look like either of us has a choice but to battle. But let me ask you this: why do you serve Greevil?” I asked.

    “…to fulfill my duty,” Eldes answered.

    “Duty?” I asked.

    “I’m not at liberty to say more, but it’s something I have to do. What about you? Why do you fight against Cipher?” Eldes asked me.

    “Well, because they’re using Shadow Pokémon to try and take over the world,” I answered. “It’s the PWE’s responsibility to protect this world, so…”

    “But on whose orders did you act? Yours?” Eldes asked.

    “I…I knew of this before…but I acted on my father’s orders…and another’s,” I said.

    “…your father’s orders…” Eldes said.

    “What?” I asked.

    “Mm? N-no. Just rambling. Anyway, let’s start. But before I send out my Pokémon, perhaps you’d like to use that power of yours to see what’s in store?” Eldes asked.

    “Huh?...um, okay,” I said, confused as to why he’d give me an advantage. I closed my eyes and tapped into my scar’s power, turning the world into a yellow tint. I looked at Eldes’ Poke Balls, and four of them had dark auras around them. I opened my eyes. “Th-this can’t…”

    “That’s right. Now then, let’s do this. Marowak! Lapras! Go!” Eldes said. He sent out a Marowak and a Lapras. My scar burned at the sight of the shadow auras surrounding them.

    “AGGGHH!...Urk..I can top that! Girafarig! Gallade! I choose you!” I said, sending out Girafarig and Gallade.

    “A good start. Or is it? Lapras, Shadow Storm!” Lapras blew a Shadow Storm at Girafarig and Gallade.

    “Girafarig! Mirror Coat!” Girafarig sent the attack back with Mirror Coat, but Marowak blocked it with its bone. “No! Gallade, Leaf Blade!” Gallade struck Marowak and sent it into the air with a Leaf Blade.

    “Marowak! Come back down with Shadow End!” Marowak used the speed from the fall to strike Gallade with a powerful Shadow End. It rose up, taking in the recoil damage.

    “Now, Gallade! Psychic!” Gallade lifted Marowak into the air with Psychic. “Girafarig, hit Lapras with Thunder!” Girafarig fired a powerful Thunder at Lapras. It just sat there, and I saw Eldes smirk. “….oh no! Lightningrod!” The Thunder veered off and went towards Gallade, shocking it since it was in the way of Marowak.

    “That’s right, Lightningrod. With it around, your electrical attacks are useless! Marowak, Shadow Panic!” Marowak managed to confuse Gallade with its Shadow Panic, but Girafarig dodged. “Lapras, Shadow Sky!” Lapras sent a Shadow Sky into the air.

    “No! Gallade, use Ice Punch on Marowak!” Gallade punched itself on the head. “GRRGH!”

    “Marowak, use Shadow End!” Marowak ran towards Gallade with Shadow End, but fell over at the last second, causing Marowak’s new target to become Girafarig.

    “Girafarig! Double Hit!” Girafarig used Double Hit to throw Marowak off. “Now use Crunch!”

    “Marowak, dodge it!” Marowak jumped in front of Lapras. “Lapras, Shadow Storm!” Lapras sent out a Shadow Storm towards the two Pokémon.

    “Girafarig! Confusion!” Girafarig reversed the attack with Confusion. Gallade’s confusion then wore off.

    “Marowak! Block it!” Marowak spun its bone around to repel the Shadow Storm and cause it to dissipate.

    “Grah! ANOTHER reason I hate Marowak! Gallade, use Close Combat!” Gallade rushed at Marowak to use Close Combat, but Marowak always stayed one step ahead, blocking all of Gallade’s moves. “Girafarig! Now that Marowak’s distracted, use Psybeam on Lapras!” Girafarig fired a Psybeam at Lapras, which did a bit of damage.

    “Marowak! Shadow End!” Marowak just nicked Gallade with a Shadow End, doing some damage.

    “Gallade, Psycho Cut!” Gallade ran at Lapras with Psycho Cut, but Marowak intercepted again. “We’re getting nowhere like this!...but maybe we can change that! Gallade, come over here!” Gallade and Girafarig were by me. “Here’s what we’re going to do…” I quickly explained the plan to them.

    “Time to take you out! Marowak, Shadow Panic!” Marowak sent out a Shadow Panic.

    “Jump and run!” Girafarig and Gallade ran past the opponents to reverse the move. Marowak dodged, but Lapras was affected. “Girafarig, use Stomp on Gallade!” Girafarig hit Gallade with a light Stomp. It was enough to make Gallade flinch, but then it adopted a pose.

    “What’s with that?! Why’d he do that?” Michael asked.

    “It’s Gallade’s ability, Steadfast!” Mark explained. “Remember how it works?”

    “Gallade! Close Combat again!” Gallade rushed at Marowak and took it by surprise. It tried to block Gallade’s assault, but Gallade was just too fast for it and completely overwhelmed it. “Finish it with Psycho Cut!” Gallade’s Psycho Cut landed a critical hit, and Marowak went down.

    “Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, sending out a Snag Ball. It took Marowak in, wiggled, and clicked shut. “MAROWAK SNAGGED!”

    “Marowak is unable to battle!” Ed announced.

    “Excellent. Using Gallade’s ability to increase its speed and throw Marowak off the rhythm of Close Combat. You’ve got skills, but let’s see how you stack up against THIS kind of speed! Ninjask, go!” Eldes said, sending out a Ninjask.

    “Not so tough without your lightningrod, huh? Girafarig, Charge Beam!” Girafarig fired a Charge Beam at Lapras, who ducked.

    “Oh, I’ll manage. Ninjask, Giga Drain!” Ninjask used Giga Drain on Girafarig, draining much of its energy. “Now use Silver Wind at close range!”

    “NO! Giga Drain was just a cover!” I said. Ninjask nailed Girafarig with its Silver Wind, doing supereffective damage and knocking Girafarig out.

    “Girafarig is unable to battle!” Ed announced.

    “Great job, Girafarig. Return,” I said, recalling Girafarig. “Okay, I guess I’ll have to get serious. Metagross, go!” I said, sending out Metagross. As soon as it and Gallade saw each other, they fist-bumped. They certainly had been getting more chummy lately.

    “Clever, using a Steel-Type. But not clever enough! Lapras, Shadow Storm!” Lapras sent out a Shadow Storm at the two.

    “Metagross! Light Screen!” Metagross’ Light Screen shielded it and Gallade from the Shadow Storm.

    “Lapras, Shadow Shed!” Lapras used Shadow Shed to dissolve the Light Screen.

    “Now, Gallade! Get on top of Metagross!” Gallade jumped on top of Metagross’ head. “Now use Gyro Ball and Swords Dance!” Metagross and Gallade spun around and increased power using their attacks. “Psycho Drill, go!” Metagross rose into the air and the two dug into the ground with their attack.

    “What the-?!” Eldes said in shock. “Ninjask, Lapras, look out!” Seconds later, Gallade and Metagross came drilling out of the ground, smacking Lapras’ head and knocking it into Ninjask.

    “Ninjask! Silver Wind!” Ninjask sent out a Silver Wind.

    “Nice try, but no dice! Metagross, add Thunderpunch! And Gallade, add Ice Punch!” While they were still spinning, they dodged the Silver Wind and hit Lapras with Thunderpunch and Ninjask with Ice Punch, both supereffective hits powerful enough to knock the targets out.

    “Whoa. Uh, I mean, Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball at Lapras. It took Lapras in, wiggled, and snapped shut after a while. “Great! LAPRAS SNAGGED!”

    “Okay! Lapras and Ninjask are unable to battle!” Ed announced.

    “Way to go, Mike! Keep it up!” Alexis cheered.

    “You can do it!” Mark said.

    “We’ll take him down before you know it, guys!” I said to them.

    “Hm. We’ll see about that,” Eldes said. “Your combinations. Your calculations. And most of all, your bonds with your Pokémon. You have all the makings of a Pokémon Master. But make no mistake, I cannot let you win! Nor can I let you pass! You will fall here, and so will your friends, and Cipher will rule the world…unless you can beat me.”

    “Believe me, I plan to,” I replied, realizing the gravity of the situation. Indeed, the battle was only starting.
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    Chapter 204: Fulfilling a Duty, Part Two

    Okay, Mike. Stay calm. Let’s reassess the situation. Eldes has three Pokémon left, and you have five. If you can win, you get to go face Greevil for the fate of the world. No pressure…gulp, I thought to myself.

    “You’ve done well to get past Marowak, my shield. But now the real battle begins!” Eldes said. “I may not like going through with this battle, but I must. For Master Greevil.”

    “Sorry, but I have a duty to fulfill too. My dad wouldn’t be too happy if he heard his son failed to stop a Shadow Pokémon plan,” I replied.

    “Not to mention hearing that his son DIED because of a Shadow Lugia!” Mark added. “I assume that's how far your Grand Master would be willing to go?” Alexis gasped and turned away at that. “…uh, you okay?”

    “…nothing, I’m fine. Go get ‘em!” Alexis said, turning back around.

    “Right. Okay, Eldes! Let’s see what you’ve got!” I said.

    “Ask, and you shall receive. Manectric! Flygon! Go!” Eldes said, bringing out a Manectric and a Flygon, the evolved form of Vibrava.

    “ACK!!” I shouted, seeing a shadow aura around Manectric.

    “Manectric, up! Flygon! Use Earthquake!” Flygon struck the ground with Earthquake as Manectric jumped up onto Flygon’s back.

    “Metagross, Magnet Rise!” Metagross used Magnet Rise to lift all four combatants into the air, dodging Earthquake.

    “Now, Manectric! Shadow End!” Manectric floated at Gallade and struck it with a very powerful Shadow End. Gallade smacked into the wall, then just floated there, knocked out.

    “Gallade is unable to battle!” Ed announced.

    “You did great, Gallade. Come back!” I said, recalling Gallade. “Golduck, you’re up!” I said, sending Golduck out.

    “Hm?” Eldes said, confused.

    “What are you doing, bringing Golduck out?” Mark asked. “Manectric is…stronger…than…oh. Forget I said anything.”

    “Smooth,” I said. “Golduck, use Rock Climb!” Golduck brought the two opponents into the air with Rock Climb. It then climbed up the wall. “Metagross, use Take Down!” Metagross also sped up to meet the opponents with Take Down.

    “Manectric, Shadow End! Flygon, Crunch!” Manectric jumped down and clashed with Golduck, both dealing and taking damage. Metagross’ Take Down missed, and Flygon used Crunch on Metagross’ arm.

    “Look out!” I said as they all fell to the ground. They got up and swapped partners. “Metagross, use Zen Headbutt! And Golduck, Blizzard!”

    “Manectric, Shadow End! And Flygon, use Dragonbreath!” Metagross and Manectric rushed at each other with their attacks while Golduck and Flygon fired their attacks. The ensuing explosion caught all four Pokémon, and once it had cleared, Metagross and Flygon were on the ground while Golduck and Manectric were struggling to stay up.

    “Metagross and Flygon! Both Pokémon are unable to battle!” Ed announced.

    “Great job, Metagross. Return,” I said, recalling Metagross.

    “You did a fine job, my friend. Come back,” Eldes said, also recalling Flygon.

    “All right! He’s down to two!” Alexis cheered. “Keep it up, Mike!”

    “Waste him! He’s only got two Pokémon left!” Michael added.

    “Two Shadow Pokémon,” Mark said. My heart sank as I remembered that little detail.

    “Salamence, go!” Eldes said, sending out a Salamence.

    “Urk!” I said, my scar burning again. “Right! We’re more than ready for you, pal! Espeon, come on out!” I said, bringing Espeon out.

    “Salamence! Shadow Rush!” Salamence flew at us with Shadow Rush.

    “Espeon, Quick Attack!” Espeon used Quick Attack to run, causing Salamence to give chase. “Golduck, use Psychic on Manectric!”

    “Dodge and use Shadow End!” Manectric ran to its left to get out of Golduck’s focus and ran at it with a Shadow End.

    “Dodge using Aqua Jet!” Golduck used Aqua Jet to run away, causing Manectric to run after it. Soon, both parties were about to collide. “Now! Switch partners!” Espeon and Golduck ran past each other, nicking the other opponent with their attacks before Salamence and Manectric bonked each other in the head.

    “Hmm…nice maneuvers,” Eldes said.

    “Way to go, you guys!” I called out. Espeon and Golduck responded happily until Espeon fell down, suffering paralysis. “What?!”

    “Looks like it’s become prone to Manectric’s Static ability. Now that Espeon’s made contact, Espeon will continue to be paralyzed!” Eldes said.

    “That may be, but misery loves company!” I retorted, grinning. Suddenly, Espeon’s gem glowed, and Manectric became paralyzed as well.

    “No!!” Eldes exclaimed. “I’d forgotten about Synchronize! Rrgh…”

    “Yup! Now Espeon’s paralysis mirrors onto Manectric! Golduck, use Hydro Pump!” Golduck fired a Hydro Pump at Manectric. I tensed up, realizing that if this attack hit, Manectric was going down.

    “Salamence! Cut through it with Shadow Rush!” Salamence flew in front of the attack and blocked it, then used Shadow Rush to fly through it and into Golduck, doing major damage. “Again!” Salamence delivered another Shadow Rush, which knocked Golduck far back and then knocked it out.

    “Golduck is unable to battle!” Ed announced.

    “Golduck, you did awesome. Rest up,” I said, recalling Golduck. “Well, I didn’t want it to come to this, but it looks like we have no choice.”

    “Espe!” Espeon agreed.

    “Then let’s do this!” I said. Espeon and I nodded and I got out the Master Ball. Eldes lifted an eyebrow. “Here we go, Eldes! This Pokémon and Espeon will be the ones to seal your fate! Deoxys, showtime!” I said, bringing out Deoxys.

    “Wh-whaaaaat?!” Eldes shouted, his sunglasses nearly falling off.

    “Let’s do this, partners!” Deoxys said through me. We all high-fived, then got ready to battle.

    “Okay. Deoxys, start off with Double Team!” Deoxys multiplied into its clones and created a thick wall.

    “Hmph. That’s pretty pitiful. I can see which ones are the fakes just by the lack of color. Salamence, sweep them all away with Shadow Rush!” Salamence used Shadow Rush to blow away the clones. Once they were all gone, so were the real Deoxys and Espeon. “Wait, what?!”

    “Espeon! Shadow Ball times ten! And Deoxys, use Psycho Boost!” Deoxys’ Psycho Boost led Espeon’s Shadow Balls in a V-formation to attack both Manectric and Salamence at the same time.

    “Impressive. Having Deoxys use Teleport after being covered up…a truly terrifying tactic!” Eldes praised. “But if you think I’ll fall to such a trick as that, you’ve got another thing coming! Manectric, get onto Salamence!” Manectric hopped onto Salamence’s back. “Salamence, use Shadow Rush!” Salamence flew at Espeon and Deoxys with Shadow Rush.

    “Deoxys, Zap Cannon!” Deoxys fired several Zap Cannons, but Manectric ran to Salamence’s head and intercepted the Zap Cannons without taking much damage. Espeon and Deoxys had to jump out of the way of Salamence’s attack. “Rrgh! Okay, they’re coming back around! Espeon, Giga Impact!” Espeon started to go into Giga Impact, but suffered paralysis and couldn’t move.

    “Salamence, Shadow Rush!” Salamence flew at the stalled Espeon with Shadow Rush.

    “Espeon, NO!!!” I shouted. Just then, Deoxys caught Salamence with Superpower.

    “You…won’t get through me…that easily!” Deoxys said. It pushed Salamence back and changed into Attack Forme. “ZAP CANNON!” It fired a Zap Cannon at Salamence before Manectric could block it. Salamence took moderate damage and was paralyzed.

    “N-no…Salamence, Shadow Rush again…” Salamence, like Espeon, couldn’t move.

    “Let’s finish this!” I said. Espeon and Deoxys got into place. “Deoxys, combine Avalanche with Confusion!” Deoxys whipped up an Avalanche, then controlled it with Confusion. “Espeon, Giga Impact!” Espeon’s Giga Impact dragged the snow along with it, and it caused a bright explosion upon impact. Espeon jumped back out unharmed, and we almost immediately heard a roar. We saw Salamence emerge with a knocked-out Manectric on its back. “It’s not over! Deoxys, finish it! Rock Slide and Focus Punch!” Deoxys summoned up a Rock Slide and travelled along it to hit Salamence in the face with a Focus Punch. Salamence flipped into the air and came down, finally knocked out.

    “Uh, Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball at Manectric. It took Manectric in, wiggled, and snapped shut. “MANECTRIC SNAGGED!...c’mon, c’mon, charge! We have to charge up before El-” Michael said frantically.

    “No,” Eldes said. “Take your time.”

    “What…?” Michael asked, flabbergasted.

    “We lost. Totally…” Eldes said, turning away. “So to the victor go the spoils. Be sure to purify their hearts.”

    “Eldes…why?” I asked.

    “Because you were the better man. You turned out to be stronger than I had imagined. I have my doubts, but there is a slight chance that you can defeat the Grand Master. And should you do so…let us have a true battle someday,” Eldes said, coming over. He held out his hand.

    “…yes. I promise,” I said, shaking it. Eldes left, lowering the screen that separated the entrance from the main hall.

    “Well, I have to say it: Salamence and Manectric are unable to battle! Espeon and Deoxys are the winners, and victory in this match goes to Mike of Littleroot Town!” Ed announced.

    “Great job, Mike!” Alexis said, running out to me and tackling me.

    “You guys did great!” Michael also said. “Oh, yeah! SALAMENCE SNAGGED!”

    “And now there’s just one thing left for us to do!” Mark said.

    “Yeah…stop the one pulling the strings…Grand Master Greevil,” I said.
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    Chapter 205: Repent, the End is Near

    We’d finally reached the endgame. We’d cleared all of the Admins, we’d snagged the majority of the Shadow Pokémon, and we’d made it to the enemy stronghold. All that was left was for us to face Greevil, the Grand Master, and defeat his Shadow Lugia. But first…

    “…I think we need to take a quick rest before we go rushing into this kind of situation,” Ed said.

    “Yeah. We can get lunch while we’re at it!” Mark agreed.

    “Resting?! Right now?!” Michael asked in shock.

    “Think about it. One way or another, this will be the end. We may need to loosen up and calm our nerves before going in,” I said.

    “Or in this case, going up,” Alexis said, pointing to the final elevator.

    “Yeah, I guess,” Michael said. We brought out our Pokémon and split up to different areas of the room, eating while waiting for our turn to heal our Pokémon.

    “Hmm…I wonder...could Shadow Lugia really be complete?” I pondered.

    “Espe,” Espeon said, shaking its head.

    “Yeah, I guess there’s no real way to know, huh? Maybe if you saw the future, though…” I said, but then also shook my head. “…no. We can’t do that. We’ve just gotta press on and take the events as they come,” I said.

    “Espe!” Espeon agreed.

    “Pal, I’ve been traveling with you from day one. If something happens to me…I’m proud to have fought with you,” I said to Espeon. “The same goes for all of you guys! We’re partners, and I can’t imagine having a better journey with any other Pokémon with me!” My Pokémon swarmed me with hugs. “Okay, okay! Why don’t we go heal up now?” I asked, recalling them into their Poke Balls. I then went to heal them up, then decided to talk for a short while with everyone. I started with Michael. “Hey buddy, your turn.”

    “Oh, thanks,” Michael said, recalling his Pokémon.

    “I gotta say, you’ve really grown in the time we’ve all spent together. You’ve become such a great Snagger, it’s almost going to be a shame when there aren’t any more Shadow Pokémon to hunt down,” I said.

    “Heheh! Well, I’m sure I can live with that somehow!” Michael replied.

    “I also think you’ve developed amazing bonds with your Pokémon. That, my friend, is quite possibly the greatest thing you can do for a Pokémon,” I added.

    “Yeah…I never thought I would,” Michael said.

    “What do you mean?” I asked as Michael healed up his Pokémon.

    “Well…my dad…he gave me my Eevee and wanted to train with me to help me grow closer to Pokémon. But then…he was gone…so anyway, I gave up on training, and resorted to improving my battle skills in the simulations we had at the lab,” Michael explained.

    “I can’t imagine much help there other than in battling,” I commented.

    “Yeah…I guess I was afraid. But now that I’ve met you all…I’m not afraid anymore. I can make it through this. And once we’re done, I’m going to do my best to purify all the Shadow Pokémon that I’ve snagged!” Michael said.

    “That’s great, man. Let me know how it goes,” I said to him.

    “I will. I’ll need to send Andrea’s Primeape back to her, too!” Michael said. “But anyway…thanks. Thanks for standing with me through this whole endeavor!”

    “My pleasure. Now, let’s get ready to hand Greevil a major defeat!” I said. We high-fived, then brought out our Eevolutions. They chatted for a while, and Michael went to rearrange the Purify Chamber, but I went over to Mark, who was scarfing away with his Pokémon. “It’s true: Pokémon take after their Trainers!” I commented with a smirk. Mark and his Pokémon looked around at each other.

    “…I don’t see it,” Mark replied. His Pokémon all agreed.

    “So, is this adventure anything like you thought it would be?” I asked.

    “…not at all. I guess I got confident in thinking we’d blaze right through it without any major snafus, but…that turned out wrong. You could’ve warned me that this stuff would be dangerous!” Mark answered.

    I DID warn you, you idiot! “I DID warn you…bro!” Phew, nice save.

    “Why the pause?”

    “Uh…no reason. Anyway, I suppose you couldn’t have seen this coming, so maybe you would assume it was just like any other adventure, right?”

    “Yeah…lack of experience can lead to lack of knowledge. But all in all, we kinda HAVE blazed through it. I mean, there was some collateral damage done along the way, but we’ve made it through! And we’re about to bring it all to a close!”

    “I guess so. I’m really glad we’ve been able to journey together and learn so much from each other. So…” I said, taking that ‘True Learner’ badge out, “…I think it’s high time that this is given to the REAL True Learner.”

    “Nah nah, it’s all g-huuuuuuh?!?” Mark asked, spewing his food as I split the badge in half. I gave him one half and kept the other in my hand.

    “…here. We’ve both learned much from each other. I think THAT’S what Master Kiyo wanted to teach us. Not just learning from our experiences, but learning from our friends. THAT is a true learner, and so we’ve both earned this,” I said.

    “…yeah. Of course we have! We’re of the McCarver bloodline, after all!” Mark said.

    “No doubt! And we’ll make a milestone in our family name for sure!” I agreed.

    “Right! Now then, if you’ll excuse me…” Mark said. He and his Pokémon continued to scarf their food. I laughed and walked off. I then saw Ed coming back from the Healing Machine. “Hey! So, you ready?” I asked.

    “I think so. Mike, I think I may know just what we need to do to take down that Shadow Lugia,” Ed said to me.


    “Remember the prophecy we found with Brandon?”

    “Oh…oh yeah! I do. In fact, we found the actual prophet that depicted the prophecy on Shamouti Island!”

    “Wow…so you realize this, too?”

    “Realize what?” I asked.

    “How we’ll win! It’s right there:

    ‘Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice, or lightning,
    Lest these titans do battle in the world in which they clash.
    The guardian of the waters shall rise to quell the fighting;
    Alone its psalm will fail, thus the earth shall turn to ash.
    O chosen one, into thy hands bring together all three
    Treasures combined to tame the beast of the sea.’

    It makes perfect sense! By separating Lugia from any other allies and using the attacks of Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno all at once, we’ll be able to defeat it!” Ed explained.

    “That’s true. All that remains is for it to be activated so that we can put an end to it. Can you do it? And stay safe?” I asked.

    “…there were risks before we even started this journey, Mike. Safety is not guaranteed…but my ability to make it happen is. And so is Michael’s and Alexis’!” Ed said. We fist-bumped, ready to go.

    “Hey, speaking of Alexis…where is she?” I asked.

    “I think she went outside. She was the first to heal her Pokémon, and she’s probably been out there since,” Ed said. I went outside to the rocky area. Sure enough, there was Alexis, catching a glimpse of the sun amidst the dark clouds covering the island.

    “Everything okay?” I asked, putting my hand on her shoulder.

    “Yeah…” Alexis said, almost as if she was asleep.

    “I know this is going to be a major fight. I just need to know that you’re ready for whatever could happen up there,”

    “…yeah, I am…the sun’s nice, isn’t it?”

    “Sure. Amidst the dreariness, a glimpse of light…the light of hope…certainly seems strong, now matter how quickly it gets covered up again.”

    “And no matter how covered it is, as long as it exists, we can rely on that light in our hearts to get us through,” Alexis commented. “…sorry, just a little bit of imagery there. I think I’m ready. Let’s do our best.” She then started to walk towards the building.

    “Alexis, I…” I paused. Oh, man! I feel it! Now…more than ever…this is the time! I won’t just leave it at ‘never mind, it’s nothing’ again! I’m going to ask her! “…I wanted to continue our talk from when we were on the S.S. Libra first.”

    “Oh?” Alexis replied. She then came back. “All right. So, where were we?”

    “…….damn,” I said. Alexis laughed out loud.

    “You’re silly, you know that?” Alexis told me.

    “So I’ve been told. Anyway…um…OH! It was about taking the next step!”

    “…yeah…it was,”

    “Well…I think that…now’s probably a good time to confirm it for ourselves. I mean, that we’re ready to move to the next step. Are you?”

    “Most definitely. You?” Alexis asked. I reached behind me for the ring box. I opened it up to feel for the ring.

    “I’ve been ready ever since we got back from the Orange Islands. I now know what to do. So…will y-huh?” I asked, feeling nothing inside the box. “…uh…hold on a sec.” I spun around to look, and to my horror, there was nothing in the box! “…uh…uh…where…I can’t believe…no! This can’t-”

    “What’s wrong, Mike?”

    “I…uh…nothing’s wrong! I’m just, ah…uh…a little anxious! Yeah! Talking about this kind of thing makes me anxious! I’m looking for the right words to say, and is something funny?” I asked, seeing her laugh to herself.

    “It can be hard to look for the right words, but in truth, actions speak louder. Your actions show how much you care, so there’s no need for words. Besides, I wouldn’t look for words before looking for this!” Alexis said, holding out her hand. To my dismay, in it was the ring.

    “…how’d that get there?” I asked. Alexis laughed again.

    “I didn’t want to spoil it for you, but…anyway, I think this can still be salvaged! ‘K?” Alexis said, placing the ring in my hand.

    “…’K. So, will you?”

    “Absolutely!” Alexis said. I placed the ring on her finger, and then we kissed pretty hard for a while. Tears couldn’t stop flowing from her eyes. I couldn’t blame her; I felt some myself. We then held each other, watching the sunlight.

    “You think this light…is for us?” I wondered.

    “If it’s not, I don’t want to know who it’s for,” Alexis answered. We then agreed it was time to go back inside. Once we did, we were greeted with applause.

    “Congratulations!” Mark, Ed, and Michael cheered.

    “Wh-what?!” I asked.

    “Deoxys told us all about what you planned to do a few seconds ago!” Mark explained.

    “Really? I don’t remember it…” Michael said.

    “That’s because Deoxys said it through you,” Ed explained.

    “…Deoxys…ah well, whatever. It’s probably better, right?” I asked.

    “I hope you guys save me some cake!” Michael said.

    “No way! Not after I’M done with it!” Mark said hungrily. Glutton.

    “Now then, let’s make sure we get you two lovebirds back home in one piece, all right?” Ed joked.

    “WHY YOU-!!” I said. Ed laughed as I chased him around. Eventually, we all gathered at the final elevator. At last, it was time. Time to arrest Greevil, time to take down Shadow Lugia, and time to end this, once and for all.
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    Chapter 206: The Last Stand

    “All party report!” I said.

    “I’m fine, I’m fine!” Alexis said.

    “Everything’s A-OK,” Ed said.

    “You worry about your own hide!” Mark said.

    “I’m good, but I can’t help but feel that I’ve heard those responses somewhere before…” Michael mused.

    “Must be your imagination. All right, let’s get moving!” I said. We opened the elevator door and took it up. It broke apart, but the floor still took us upward. We emerged in a giant room with a dome on top. In the center was a battlefield, and Greevil’s floating chair was waiting on one end. I walked to the other end with the others by my side.

    “…so, you’ve managed to even make it this far. Hohoho,” Greevil said, turning around. “You truly amuse me. I had no idea children like you would pursue me this long. Professor Krane, Data Roms, the Lair…you five put an end to all of our well-laid plans.”

    “You forgot to mention Marcia and the ONBS broadcast!” Alexis noted.

    “Indeed. And you’ve forced me into a corner as well,” Greevil affirmed.

    “That’s right. There’s nobody left but you. As I said before…in the name of the PWE, you are under arrest!” I shouted, pointing at him.

    “…hohoho. I’m sorry, but I must refuse your request. You see, my Shadow Pokémon Plan isn’t entirely finished yet,” Greevil sneered.

    “What do you mean?! We’ve stopped the mass output of Shadow Pokémon! You’re done!” Ed said.

    “…hohoho. You think that’s enough to stop me? The final act is about to unfold. I shall tell you children what I have planned: first, the creation of Shadow Pokémon that cannot be purified. Second, an army of Shadow Pokémon that obey my orders and mine alone! Third, the complete domination of the world with these tools!” Greevil monologued.

    “…tools?! You just consider them TOOLS?!” Michael snapped.

    “Whoa, whoa. Calm down,” Mark said.

    “Pokémon are valuable partners! They are friends! To think that you’d use them for such malicious purposes…you’re despicable! What happened to make you throw away your love for Pokémon?! You must have had it at some point!” Michael reasoned.

    “…that’s none of your business. Besides, you all will feel true pain, true suffering…true death! HOHOHOHO!” Greevil laughed as the section of the dome behind him opened. “Let me introduce you to my faithful servant! The one who shall lead my army and spread destruction across the world! Come forth…XD001!” Greevil said.

    “Get ready!” I said. At that moment, our target flew in. Sure enough, it looked stronger and more in control than ever before.

    “It is now free of all adjustments and ready to destroy everything in its path! Behold, my Shadow Lugia!” Greevil said.

    “…we’ve met,” I said, my scar activating.

    “Eh?” Greevil said, startled.

    “It was when it was unleashed on the Seafoam Islands. That’s how I knew of its power, and that’s how I knew to stop this plot!” I said.

    “…hm. I seem to recall you going into a pained state whenever a Shadow Pokémon is unleashed,” Greevil noted.

    “Oh, that’s only when a Shadow Pokémon is first brought out,” Michael said.

    “DUDE!” I rebuked.

    “Hohohoho. Well, you haven’t seen anything yet. How about I bring out six more?” Greevil said, grabbing six Poke Balls.

    “S-Seven Shadow Pokémon at once?!” I stammered.

    “Swalot! Sing!” Michael said, bringing out Swalot. It sung a song, and that was the last thing I remembered. When I woke up, Swalot was next to me, using Dream Eater.

    “…uh? Oh, thanks. Wait…why was I knocked out, again?” I asked, feeling a faint pain in my scar.

    “That’s why,” Ed said, pointing towards Greevil. Surrounding him were Shadow Lugia and six other Shadow Pokémon: a Moltres, a Zapdos, an Articuno, a Tauros, an Exeggutor, and a Rhydon.

    “…oh, crap,” I said.

    “We’ll have to find some way to deal with it! Everybody, bring on your best!” Mark said. He sent out Umbreon, Empoleon, and Mew.

    “Go!” Alexis said, bringing out Mightyena, Sceptile, and Moltres.

    “Let’s do it!” Ed said, bringing out Articuno, Raichu, and Arcanine.

    “Go for it!” Michael said as he sent Leafeon and Zapdos to join Swalot.

    “…all right! IT’S SHOWTIME!” I said, sending out Espeon, Metagross, and Deoxys. “Hit ‘em hard, and don’t hold back!” Our numbers made it to them and started fighting. Exeggutor, Tauros, and Rhydon were being overwhelmed, but the two Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno faced each other, evenly matched. That just left us against XD001.

    “There’s no way you can win! Lugia, Shadow Blast!” Lugia fired off a stream of shadowy air that created a gigantic explosion, sending us flying back.

    “That was fast. Okay, we need to come up with a strategy to get Lugia off our backs,” I said.

    “We’d better get the legendary birds into place!” Ed said.

    “Right, but they’re locked in battle with the Shadow legendary birds!” Alexis said.

    “Shadow Fire! Shadow Bolt! Shadow Chill!” Greevil commanded. His Moltres let loose a dark stream of fire, his Zapdos sent out a dark bolt, and his Articuno sent out a stream of dark ice.

    “Metagross! Light Screen!” Metagross’ Light Screen defended our Pokémon from the attacks.

    “With them on us, we can’t win!” Michael said.

    “We may have some hope!” Deoxys encouraged.

    “What do you mean?” I asked.

    “Look!” Deoxys pointed to three spots which emerged into red, yellow, and blue streams of light. From them emerged the three beasts.

    “Suicune!” I said.

    “Entei!” Alexis added.

    “Raikou!” Mark finished.

    “WHAAAAAT?!” Ed shouted, shocked.

    “Let me translate!” Deoxys said. “Suicune says, ‘We are here to aid you in your battle! Leave the legendary birds to us! You focus your efforts on Shadow Lugia!’”

    “Sounds good!” I answered. Suicune nodded and launched a Hydro Pump at Shadow Articuno. Raikou used Quick Attack to hit Shadow Zapdos, and Entei bit into Shadow Moltres’ wing with Bite. “Okay. Looks like it’s up to you three!”

    “We’re ready whenever you are!” Alexis said.

    “Let’s encircle Shadow Lugia!” Ed said. They ran off to separate corners.

    “Mark, catch!” Michael said, taking off the Snag Machine and throwing it to Mark.

    “Wh-what’s this for?” Mark asked, catching it.

    “It’s up to you to snag the other Shadow Pokémon! We’re counting on you!” Michael said.

    “…all right! Leave it to us! LET’S GO!” Mark said. He and the three of his Pokémon rushed in as we recalled most of ours.

    “Deoxys, go help Mark!” I said. Deoxys nodded and flew off. “All right! Let’s do it!” I said. “ATTACK!”

    “Articuno! Blizzard!” Articuno blasted Lugia with a Blizzard.

    “Zapdos! Thunder!” Zapdos nailed Lugia with a Thunder.

    “Moltres! Fire Blast!” Moltres hit Lugia with a Fire Blast.

    “What the-?! This can’t be! They’ve got it trapped!” Greevil shouted in shock. “Lugia, break out of there! Shadow Storm!” Lugia tried using Shadow Storm.

    “Espeon! Confusion!” Espeon’s Confusion stopped the Shadow Storm and turned it against Lugia. Eventually, the attacks wore off.

    “C’mon! We can’t give up now!” Alexis said.

    “Pour everything you’ve got into these next attacks!” Ed said. “Use Ice Beam!”

    “You’re our only hope now!” Michael encouraged. “Use Thunderbolt!”

    “We’re depending on you! The fate of the world is with you three!” Alexis added. “Use Flamethrower!” And so, the three launched their attacks in a perfect triangle around Shadow Lugia. It totally restrained Lugia until it glowed with a white light.

    “Wait, what?!” I asked in surprise. “It’s not working! Espeon, let’s go!”

    “Espe!” Espeon said. We rushed forward to attack, but we were suddenly enveloped in the light.

    “Mike! Espeon! Wait up!” Michael said, running after us. Suddenly, the light shone so brightly that all I could see was white…
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    Chapter 207: From the Other Side of the Coin

    My name is Mark McCarver, and I am a nineteen-year old Pokémon Coordinator. I was born in Littleroot Town, but I currently hail from Hearthome City. My travels through Orre with my younger brother Michael (who has everyone call him Mike for whatever reason), Michael from the HQ Lab, Alexis Jameson, and Ed Takeshi brought me to Citadark Isle. Here we were to face Greevil, the Grand Master of the criminal organization known as Cipher. Upon reaching Greevil, we battled him and his crew of Shadow Pokémon, including his Shadow Lugia, which apparently couldn’t revert back to its original form. After meeting the legendary beasts in the Southern Seas, we discovered a way to take Lugia down: using the three legendary bird Pokémon. Since all three were owned by our companions, the younger Michael gave me the Snag Machine to help Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. And so…

    “LET’S GO!” I shouted, rushing at the Shadow Pokémon with my Umbreon, Empoleon, and Mew. My brother’s Deoxys and the three legendary beasts joined in. Entei battled a Shadow Moltres, Raikou a Shadow Zapdos, and Suicune a Shadow Articuno. That just left me and Deoxys with a Shadow Tauros, Shadow Exeggutor, and Shadow Rhydon. “Umbreon, Faint Attack!”

    “Umbre!” Umbreon said, striking Exeggutor with Faint Attack. Exeggutor countered with a Shadow End, doing a ton of damage to Umbreon.

    “Rrgh! Empoleon, Hydro Cannon!” Empoleon nailed Rhydon with its Hydro Cannon, doing a ton of damage. However, Rhydon just barely held on and used Shadow Panic, causing Empoleon to become confused. “Mew, hold them off with Reflect!” Mew brought up a Reflect. “…I’ve gotta snap Empoleon out of that confusion!” I said.

    “Leave it to me!” I heard.

    “Huh?” I asked. I looked around until I saw Deoxys with an embarrassed look on its face as it pointed back and forth between us. “Wait…did you just speak through me?” Deoxys nodded. It flew over to Alexis, who was having her Moltres take care of Lugia. Deoxys let out her Sceptile and brought it over. Deoxys said some things to it.

    “Sceptile!” Sceptile agreed, bringing out the Yellow Flute. I’d forgotten that Sceptile loved music. It played the Flute, and Empoleon snapped out of it.

    “Great! Thanks, Sceptile!” I said. “Okay, where were we? Ah yes, ACTION!” I shouted. Umbreon, Empoleon, and Mew knew what to do, since we’d rehearsed this. Umbreon and Mew fired off Hyper Beams, and Empoleon flew ahead of them, guiding them with its Steel Wing. “Now! BIG BANG BOOM!” Empoleon clapped its wings together, causing the Hyper Beams to collide right in front of the three Shadow Pokémon. It created a huge explosion, but Empoleon’s resistance to Normal-Type moves protected it from serious harm. When the smoke fro the explosion cleared, Exeggutor and Tauros got up, but Rhydon was out. Tauros charged at us with Shadow Rush.

    “Sceptile, let’s go!” I heard again. I looked to see Deoxys and Sceptile nod at each other, then deliver a double Rock Slide to Tauros, knocking it into Exeggutor.

    “Okay, now’s my chance!” I said, putting the Snag Machine on. I held a Poke Ball in the hand the Machine was on, and these lights transferred from the arm to the ball. “Time to see what this can really do! SNAG BALL, GO!” I shouted, throwing the ball at the unconscious Rhydon. The ball took Rhydon in, wiggled, and finally clicked shut. “All right! RHYDON SNAGGED! Way to go, team!” I shouted in celebration. The other Pokémon voiced their excitement until Tauros and Exeggutor got up again. Exeggutor used Shadow Shed to nullify Mew’s Reflect.

    “Hey, Mark! How’s it going over there?” Ed called.

    “Better than I thought!” I called back. “You guys?”

    “Uh…we don’t know! Mike, Espeon, and Michael just disappeared!” Ed said.

    “WHAT?!” I shouted, turning around. Just then, Empoleon careened into me. “That’s it…you’re laying off the Poffins!” I said, struggling to get out from underneath Empoleon.

    “Em-po-le-on,” Empoleon chuckled sheepishly.

    “Anyway, let’s take these guys down! Raikou, Entei and Suicune are doing their best, so we should, too!” I said, looking at the beasts battling the birds. “Empoleon, Flash Cannon! Umbreon, Dig! Mew, Psychic!” Umbreon used Dig to create holes around the opponents. Empoleon fired a Hydro Cannon and Mew used Psychic to cause it to follow Umbreon around as it dug the holes. Soon, Umbreon used Dig to hit Tauros, which then got nailed by the Hydro Cannon and knocked out. “That’s the way! Snag Ball, go!” I said, readying and tossing a Snag Ball. Like before, it took the target in, wiggled, and snapped shut. “Oh yeah! TAUROS SNAGGED!”

    “Mew!” Mew shouted. Exeggutor was launching a Shadow Storm at us.

    “It won’t make it far! Umbreon, Sucker Punch!” Umbreon zoomed past the Shadow Storm and hit Exeggutor from behind, doing supereffective damage. “Empoleon, Drill Peck!” Empoleon spun through the Shadow Storm and into Exeggutor with Drill Peck, also doing supereffective damage. “Mew! Finish it with Dark Pulse and Silver Wind!” Mew combined its Dark Pulse with Silver Wind to create a stunning Dark Pulse with glimmers of white light. Both attacks were supereffective against Exeggutor, and it collapsed. “Yeah! Okay, okay, come on…fully charged!” I said, seeing the Snag Machine charge up. “Snag Ball, go!” I said, throwing a third Snag Ball. It took Exeggutor in, wiggled, and clicked shut. “We did it! EXEGGUTOR SNAGGED!”

    “Great! Now give the beasts a hand over there!” Alexis called out.

    “Why don’t you?” I asked.

    “Because Mike’s in there! I need to be ready to get him out if need be!” Alexis replied.

    “*sigh* Fine, fine! I’ll help!” I said reluctantly. How my brother could deal with that girl, I’ll never know. I ran over to Raikou. “Hey! I’m here to help!” Raikou looked at me and nodded. It was then that Shadow Zapdos fired a Shadow Bolt at us. “Mew, use Aura Sphere!” Mew used Aura Sphere to counter the attack while Raikou landed a Spark. It didn’t do much, though. “This isn’t working! You’re facing Pokémon of your own types! Maybe you could beat either of the others in a fight, but…” And that’s when it hit me. Apparently it hit Raikou too, because we both perked up at the same time. “Okay! I’ll hold off its attack while you go for Moltres!”

    “Rar!” Raikou roared in agreement. It then struck Shadow Moltres with a Thunderbolt. Shadow Zapdos looked confused, then launched a Shadow Bolt at us.

    “Umbreon! Shadow Ball!” Umbreon’s Shadow Ball overpowered the Shadow Bolt and struck Shadow Zapdos. Meanwhile, Raikou bit into Moltres with Thunder Fang, causing it to faint. Entei looked confused, until Raikou looked at it as if to telepathically tell Entei of our plan. Entei nodded and turned its attention to Shadow Articuno. “Alrighty then, Snag Ball, go!” I said, throwing an Ultra Ball through the Snag Machine. This one took Moltres in, wiggled for a WHILE, then finally clicked shut. “MOLTRES SNAGGED!” I said. Raikou and I nodded at each other, smiling, then turned out attention to Entei. It launched an Eruption at Articuno, who took its attention away from Suicune to launch a Shadow Chill, but it didn’t do much to Entei. Entei just used Overheat, which took Articuno out on the spot. Suicune then nodded to us and launched a Bubblebeam at Shadow Zapdos, restraining it for a while. It then froze more of its Bubblebeam with Blizzard, then shot an Aurora Beam through them as if they were prisms. The frozen bubbles magnified the Aurora Beam’s power and TKO’ed Zapdos. “All right! Snag Ball, go!” I said, throwing a Snag Ball at Zapdos. It took it in, wiggled, and clicked shut. “ZAPDOS SNAGGED! Now to wait a while before…” I said.

    “Hey! Don’t-don’t you dare do that!” I heard Greevil shout. He was shouting into his chair, which seemed to have a screen in front of it. “You miserable little brats! How DARE you do that to-aah!”

    “What’s going on?” I wondered. Just then, I felt my brother in trouble, so I silently wished for his safety. Suicune, Entei, and Raikou looked at each other and nodded. “Oh, uh…thank you for all of your guidance,” I said to them, bowing. Suicune bowed right back, and then all three jumped out the open part of the dome. I wanted to see where they went, but when I made it over there, they were gone. “Oh, well. Snag Machine’s ready.” I went back over to Shadow Articuno, charging the Snag Ball. “Okay, last one! Snag Ball, go!” I said, throwing the Snag Ball. It took Articuno in, wiggled, and snapped shut. “It’s over! ARTICUNO SNAGGED!” My Pokémon and I all high-fived in victory.

    “Noooo!” Greevil shouted. “Not my precious Lugia! YOU CAN’T!”

    “What’s happening?!” I asked, recalling my Pokémon and going over to Ed and Alexis.

    “Sounds like something’s happening to Shadow Lugia, but what?” Ed pondered.

    “Maybe it’s Mike and the others on the inside!” Alexis suggested, recalling Sceptile. Suddenly, sparks flew around Greevil’s chair.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” Greevil screamed, electricity coursing through him.

    “Uh-oh. We can’t just sit here and do nothing!” Ed said.

    “You’re right! Where’s the video camera?” I suggested. That earned me a smack to the head from Alexis.

    “We can’t go in there or we’ll get fried! What can we do?!” Alexis asked. Just then, we heard another elevator. On the other side of the room was Eldes, running towards us.

    “MASTER GREEVIL!!” he shouted, jumping to the chair. He grabbed Greevil and jumped to the side with him, getting slightly singed on the way. “Grand…Master…are you all right?” Eldes asked.

    “…Eldes…I…it’s over…I’ve lost…” Greevil said, despairing. “…mere children…crushed my plan…”

    “Don’t say that!” a voice said. We turned to see Ardos coming up to Greevil. “It’s not over yet! As long as we’re here, the dream of Cipher shall live on. We’re ready to blow up this island with these children on it!” We all gasped at this.

    “But…if I did that, then I would be blowing up the Shadow Pokémon data…and our subordinates…” Greevil argued weakly.

    “It is for the good of Cipher, Grand Master! Don’t you see that?!” Ardos explained. “Our safety comes first! Those kinds of things can be replaced!”

    “You…how can you say such things?!” Eldes snapped. “You’re a fool! Cipher is gone! There are no more Shadow Pokemon! There is no data left! We’re finished, and you would take it out on these people?! HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!”

    “Shame?! Shame lies in giving up! We must make sacrifices…for the future of Cipher!” Ardos replied.

    “….yes…for Cipher…there must be sacrifices…” Greevil started.

    “No! We’ve done this for long enough…Father!” Eldes said suddenly.

    “What?!” I said, shocked.

    “You do not call him that! It’s Grand Master!” Ardos shouted.

    “Father, you’ve lost sight of what’s important. You’ve gotten carried away by all of this Grand Master nonsense. World domination by Shadow Pokémon? Nonsense. Look at these Trainers! They won out over us! WITHOUT Shadow Pokémon! We were in the wrong,” Eldes reasoned.

    “Shut up! Show some spine, you…you, you-!” Ardos said, filled with rage. I thought he was starting to cry for a second.

    “Come, Father. Let’s go home. The laws of the land will render judgement on what we have done,” Eldes said, holding out his hand. Greevil, in tears, took it. Ardos simply stormed away.

    “…I see now…all of my actions…I made a terrible mistake…” Greevil said.

    “Thank you all…” Eldes said, looking at us. “And tell Mike I’ll be waiting for that true battle.” The two of them then left.

    “Can do,” I said, nodding. Ed and Alexis also nodded. The overwhelming feeling of guilt had passed over all of us, I could tell.

    “Agh!” we heard a voice say. Out of the shining Lugia came Michael (the one from the HQ Lab).

    “Hey, you okay?” Ed asked, helping him up.

    “Urgh…I think so.”

    “Hey, where’s Mike?” Alexis asked, going over.

    “I think he and Espeon are still in there! But…Mike used all of his scar’s power! He…I…” Michael said, choking up. Lugia twitched a little as it floated towards the open part of the dome. Suddenly, there was a burst of light, and Lugia looked like a normal Lugia. Unfortunately, that burst of light sent it, Espeon, and my brother flying out the open area, to my shock. They flew out, then plummeted.

    “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” I shouted, rushing over to try and save them. When I made it to the open area, I was too late; they were out of sight. However, before I’d gotten there, I saw a rainbow off in the distance, and a speedy figure rushing by at the waters below. At any rate, I couldn’t see Michael or Espeon anywhere. “Where…where could they…”

    “…n-no…no…” Alexis said, sobbing.

    “It can’t be…” Ed said, shocked. Michael hung his head in despair. I looked out again, and suddenly, Lugia flew up to me with a crazed look in its eyes.

    “……this can’t be good,” I said.
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    Chapter 208: The War Within

    “…lo? Mike? Hey, wake up!”


    “Come on, man! Wake up!”

    “Uggghh…” I said, waking up. Espeon and Michael were beside me, and we were floating in an area of white. “Where do you think this is?” I wondered.

    “Got me,” Michael replied.

    “Espe,” Espeon said, also confused.

    “Okay. Well, let’s see if we can find anything here,” I said. We began to float forward, almost like we were swimming. “…I have no idea if we’re moving at all, do you?”

    “I haven’t a clue. It’s not hard to imagine, since it’s all white in here,” Michael answered.

    “Espe! Espeon!” Espeon said, pointing to my scar.

    “Oh, yeah! Great idea!” I said. I activated my scar, creating a shield around us. “Espeon! Use Psybeam!” Espeon fired a Psybeam at the shield, pushing us forward. There were slight shades of gray as we moved further, until I finally saw something black far ahead.

    “What’s that?!” Michael asked. “Let me see…” He pulled up the Aura Reader. “…nothing. What could it be?”

    “I can’t extend my powers beyond this point. We’ll just have to head towards it. Espeon, take a break,” I said. Espeon let up as we floated closer and closer to the source of the blackness.

    “I wonder…will we make it out of here? Will we be alright?” Michael asked.

    “We need to have faith that we will. And besides, we have a little fortune-teller here!” I said, stroking Espeon’s back.

    “Espe!” Espeon agreed, lighting the gem on its forehead. It closed its eyes, reading the future through the wind currents. It opened its eyes and shook its head with an uncertain look on its face.

    “Don’t worry. We’ve gotta pull through this. And we will! Otherwise, Alexis will never forgive me,” I said.

    “Of course…wh-what the heck?! Mike, look at that!!” Michael said, pointing to the blackness. Inside it was an unconscious Lugia, with its colors like that of a normal Lugia.

    “We…we’ve gotta be inside Lugia’s subconscious!!” I assumed.

    “How is that possible?!” Michael countered, astonished. “Could it have been…that light?”

    “I’m not going to question it. All I know is that Lugia has to come out of there!” I said. We floated forward, only to see dark matter all around Lugia. It suddenly opened its eyes.

    “Who is it?!” we heard.

    “Um…I am Mike. This is my partner Espeon, and my friend Michael,” I introduced.

    “Mike…Espeon…Michael…I see. Well, what brings you here?” Lugia asked.

    “We’ve come to free you from the darkness!” Michael said.

    “Free me?...ha ha, you couldn’t possibly understand,” Lugia said.

    “Try me,” I said.

    “Nobody can free me from the darkness. These humans, what they’ve done to Pokémon…it’s unforgivable. But there’s nothing I can do. They’ll always find a way to ruin our lives…and drag us into the darkness of despair,” Lugia explained.

    “What happened to you?” I asked.

    “I…I don’t remember…but I can remember being filled with despair and sorrow…and I became convinced that that’s what humans can guarantee for us Pokémon,” Lugia answered.

    “You’re wrong! Humans and Pokémon can live together!” Michael blurted out.

    “We work together to reach our goals, we form great friendships…humans and Pokémon build bonds and persevere through even the darkest times with them!” I reasoned.

    “It’s too bad Lugia’s only bond is to me!” a voice said. The shadows surrounded Lugia and Greevil’s face appeared.

    “Greevil! What have you done?!” I asked.

    “With the right amount of modifications, I made it so that this Lugia’s heart would permanently be closed off to humans! And what better way to start that process than by convincing it that humans are bad? HOHOHOHOHO!” Greevil laughed.

    “Why you--! You sick BASTARD!” I shouted, clenching my fist. “Do you have any idea how inexcusable that is?! You’ve sacrificed your pride as a Pokémon Trainer, no…you’ve sacrificed your own HUMANITY just to get a powerful Pokémon?! You’re insane!”

    “…think what you will. It’s just a Pokémon, after all,” Greevil said. “All your talk about bonds and friendship is nonsense! Pokémon are weapons! And I shall use this one to take over the world!...at any rate, there’s nothing you can do in there. Lugia is now mine to command, and you’re trapped in there. So sit back and enjoy my world conquest! HOHOHOHO!” Greevil laughed.

    “There’s not much time. We’ve gotta act fast!” I said.

    “What can we do?!” Michael asked.

    “We’ve gotta find some way to get to Lugia and break it free from this darkness! Espeon, Quick Attack!” I said, opening the shield. Espeon leapt out and flew at Lugia with a Quick Attack. Unfortunately, the shadows formed their own shield, protecting Lugia from attacks.

    “Hmph! Good luck getting through!” Greevil taunted.

    “There’s…there’s no hope for this world…” Lugia said.

    “You’re wrong! Hope will always shine through in the end! You’ve just got to reach out for it! Espeon, Signal Beam!” Espeon fired a Signal Beam at the darkness, but it blocked that attack as well.

    “I can’t…I can’t see a future for Pokémon unless there is destruction of mankind,” Lugia said.

    “There’s no way we’re going to let that happen!” Michael said. “Lugia! Try to reach out for that hope!”

    “Espeon! Homerun attack times ten!” Espeon fired Shadow Balls up, leapt after them with Quick Attack, and slammed them into the darkness with Iron Tail. It chipped away at the dark shield, but the shield quickly regenerated.

    “All right! The shield CAN be broken!” Michael said.

    “But we need more. We’re going to need more power or we’ll never break through!” I said. “We’ve got to do our best…for Lugia!”

    “…….for……me?” Lugia asked. Some of the darkness faded a little bit.

    “Hey! Don’t-don’t you dare do that!” Greevil’s voice shouted. The darkness was back, and it multiplied.

    “Yeah! We’ve got to give it hope!” Michael said.

    “Okay. Reach out to everyone with your heart! Maybe our thoughts can reach them, and their hope will help us!” I said. “Espeon, Last Resort!” I said. Espeon landed a Last Resort on the darkness, taking more away. “Again!”

    “You miserable little brats! How DARE you do that to-aah!” Greevil shouted, then winced as Espeon landed another Last Resort.

    “Gather it all up with Confusion!” Espeon gathered the stars from the Last Resorts to it with Confusion. “We need to hope! Hope for those who believe in us to give us their power! PLEASE!” I shouted. Just then, orange light flew in from everywhere, spreading throughout me and Michael’s bodies.

    “Incredible!” Michael said.

    “We’ve got it! Now we just need a little more! Blessed Aura, I beseech you: grant me all your power!” I said, channeling all the power in my scar. “Ready?”

    “Your scar…” Michael said. I nodded, knowing the risk I was taking. “…r-ready!” We grabbed onto Espeon, who grinned and nodded as the light and my scar’s power gathered onto it as well. “You sure about this? Remember what Mark said…”

    “…if I don’t make it, tell Alexis I love her.” Michael slowly nodded. “Right! It’s showtime! STAR SHOWER GIGA IMPACT!” I shouted.

    “ESPEON!” Espeon shouted, rushing forward at the darkness with its most powerful move.

    “Noooo!” Greevil shouted. “Not my precious Lugia! YOU CAN’T!”

    “We can, and WE WILL!” I replied as Espeon rammed into the darkness. We began to push forward, chipping away at the dark shield.

    “Lugia! This is the light of hope! TAKE IT!” Michael shouted.

    “Hope for a future! Hope for humans AND Pokémon! Grab onto that hope and don’t let go!” I encouraged. Sparks began to fly everywhere. Lugia looked up in shock.

    “……hope?” Lugia said. “You’re…giving all of this…to me?”

    “We believe in you! WE ALL BELIEVE!” I yelled.

    “……incredible…” Lugia said, finally smiling and beginning to cry. It reached out with its wing and we touched it. The darkness floated up into the air, and Greevil’s face appeared.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” Greevil screamed. His face began to disappear as the darkness cracked. Finally, after it had so many cracks, it shattered. Lugia stretched its wings wide, and we bowed our heads to it.

    “…hm. I should be the one thanking you all,” Lugia said, bowing in return. Suddenly, there was another white light, and the four of us were being separated. The light then engulfed us, and I felt the last of my scar’s power leave. I couldn’t move, and all turned to darkness...

    ….when I awoke, I felt feathers on my face. I looked up to see a bird-like Pokémon. I couldn’t believe it: it was Ho-oh! I was riding on Ho-oh, who was flying around Citadark Isle.

    “Ho-oh…you saved me?” I asked. Ho-oh turned to me, then turned back.

    “Espe!” I heard. I turned around, and Espeon was right behind me.

    “Espeon! You made it!” I said as we hugged. We then laughed, unable to quite comprehend what all had happened.

    “MIIIIIIKE!” a familiar voice called out. I looked in its direction, and there was Alexis, riding her Moltres. Michael was riding Zapdos, and Ed was on Articuno.

    “Hey, guys! We did it!” I shouted happily. I felt my scar activate again; this time with a good feeling. “Wait…where’s Lugia?” Ho-oh looked at Citadark Isle. I looked as well, and out came Lugia, good as new. On its back was Mark, trying to hold on as they caught up to us. Ho-oh and Lugia were then flying side by side and nodded to each other. I took the opportunity to fist-bump with Mark before Lugia turned back to me and nodded. I nodded in return, knowing our goal had been achieved. I looked back at Citadark Isle as the dark clouds began to dissipate. Eldes and Greevil were back there, and Eldes was waving us off. I looked at Mark, pointing at them, and he nodded. I then waved back to Eldes as we flew towards Gateon Port. There, we landed and were reunited.

    “Mike! I can’t believe it! I thought I’d lost you for good!” Alexis said, squeezing me.

    “If you’re not careful, you just might!” I tried to say, unable to breathe. Alexis then let go in embarrassment.

    “Mission accomplished!” Ed said, high-fiving with me.

    “Yeah. And we all have you to thank, kid. You’re a hero!” Mark said, rubbing Michael’s hair.

    “Aw, shucks…” Michael said.

    “‘It’s time for us to go,’ Ho-oh says,” Deoxys said.

    “Oh. I wish you well,” I said. We all bowed our heads in respect.

    “‘And I you. You all are perfect examples of those who can guarantee a future for both humans and Pokémon alike. Perhaps you can spread what you know to other people and Pokémon of the world. Peace should be restored, and it is on that day that I shall return,’ Ho-oh says.”

    “We look forward to it!” I said.

    “‘Thank you for everything. Farewell,’ Lugia and Ho-oh say,” Deoxys translated. As the two Pokémon flew up into the sky, we watched them go with hope in our hearts and our eyes on a bright future. Such a future built on peace is not easy, what with all the conflict in the world. But we can build it. Just as we build our bonds between humans and Pokémon, so too can we build a peaceful world, day by day.
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    A lot of things have happened since that day. Before we left Gateon Port, we found Miror B. and his cronies. Michael, with astounding skill, defeated Miror B. and snagged his Shadow Dragonite, the last Shadow Pokémon in existence. Last I’d heard from Michael, he’d just finished purifying all the Shadow Pokémon and sent Primeape back to Andrea as well. He released most of the other Pokémon, feeling they needed to live out their lives now that they had pure hearts, but kept the ones who fought alongside him all the way. Michael now works with Professor Krane at the HQ Lab but also frequents the Orre Colosseums daily, facing thousands of challengers anxious to battle with him.

    Ardos disappeared, but Eldes convinced Greevil to change his ways. They live in Orre in peace, but I did meet up with Eldes at one point. Turns out Greevil is his father, and Ardos is Eldes’ brother. We kept our promise and had a true battle. The outcome, interestingly, was a draw.

    Brendan became a top-notch battler. He began to take part in professional battles not long after we parted ways. Last I saw him was on TV, and he and his new Rhyperior were taking on a kid named Lucas and his Magmortar in Sinnoh.

    I haven’t seen Wally, Andrea, Rojan, Gerardo, or many of the other friends I made on the adventures in a while, but I get letters from them occasionally.

    Also, Mark, Sean, and Chris returned to Sinnoh as the Sinnoh Trio, frequenting Contests, teaching classes on Contests, having battles with up-and-comers, etc. Before all that, though, Mark went through Kanto and won the Grand Festival. However, I haven’t heard from him lately.

    Due to some incident at Snowpoint City, Brandon gave up his position as Frontier Brain of the Battle Pyramid. At this, Scott gave Ed a call. Now he’s the Pyramid King, and I see him every now and again.

    Thanks to their experiences in Orre, Ashley and Olson turned over a new leaf. They now work for Ed at the Battle Pyramid. Ashley still gets Olson’s name wrong, but I bet it’s on purpose.

    My Pokémon are doing well. Believe it or not, Golduck and Girafarig had an egg together, and it hatched into another Girafarig! They’re raising it well now, and Espeon and the others couldn’t be happier.

    Alexis and I waited a couple of years, then finally got married. During the waiting time, we had Cinnabar Island rebuilt. It’s now a beautiful place, and Alexis is the new Gym Leader. I had the PWE HQ relocated to the island, where I am now its head. Professor Birch is still in the dark about the PWE, and I’m hoping it stays that way. We’re still trying to find Team Rocket, but I always have time to spend with Alexis. Sometimes she lets me battle alongside her in her Gym Battles. Man, I love her. We’re even talking about having a kid of our own.

    I have fun remembering the past, but I’m ready for the future. Know why? Because no matter what comes from it, my bonds with all my wonderful friends and Pokémon will keep me going. I can’t wait for the next adventure, I can’t wait for the next chance to see everyone, and I especially can’t wait for it to be showtime again.

    The End
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