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    Chapter 184: Mass Confusion

    “So, that’s it. You came here to get revenge on Gorigan for forcing you to release your Primeape and taking it for himself,” Michael said.

    “Bingo. And I’ll make sure Primeape is safe from him and the rest of those jerks!” Andrea affirmed.

    “That would’ve been more noble-sounding without the ‘jerks’,” Alexis said.

    “You just be quiet!” Andrea retorted.

    “Guys, can we focus?” I asked. “Okay, Mark. Continue,”

    “Right. Mew, Aerodactyl! Double Hyper Beam!” Mew and Aerodactyl fired Hyper Beams at the opponent’s Shadow Beedrill and Shadow Pidgeotto, a pigeon-like Pokémon. The two sustained the hits, and kept going.

    “Now it’s our turn! Double Shadow Blitz!” said a Cipher Peon. Beedrill and Pidgeotto used Shadow Blitz to knock Mew and Aerodactyl out of the air, but they were still ready to go.

    “Mew! Use Psychic!” Mew’s Psychic slammed Beedrill around and around.

    “Pidgeotto! Shadow Panic!” Pidgeotto sent out a Shadow Panic at Mew and Aerodactyl, but Aerodactyl flew in front of Mew to prevent Mew from being targeted while becoming confused itself.

    “Oh, no! Aerodactyl!” Mark said.

    “Sceptile, that’s your cue!” Alexis said, bringing out Sceptile. “Andrea, that thing you were telling me about, please!” Andrea nodded, and gave Sceptile a Yellow Flute. Sceptile took it and began playing to relieve Aerodactyl of its confusion.

    “Mew! Hurry and use Aura Sphere!” Mew fired an Aura Sphere at Beedrill, managing to knock it out.

    “Snag Ball, go!” Michael caught Beedrill in a Snag Ball, but it quickly broke free. “What?!”

    “Use a stronger one!” Ed said. “Um…try this Net Ball!” He gave him a Poke Ball that had a netting on the top section, and it worked better on Bug and Water-types.

    “Sure. Just let me charge up…” Michael said while the Snag Machine charged up.

    “While you’re doing that, I’ll keep Polly here occupied! Aerodactyl! Iron Head!” Aerodactyl used Iron Head on Pidgeotto, causing it to flinch.

    “Got it! Snag Ball, let’s try this again!” Michael threw the Snag Ball, which took Beedrill in, wiggled briefly, and clicked shut. “There we go! BEEDRILL SNAGGED!”

    “Just one more, then!” Mark said. “It’s all you, Aerodactyl! Use Thunder Fang!” Aerodactyl grabbed Pidgeotto with Thunder Fang, all but taking the fight out of it.

    “Pidgeotto! Shadow Panic!” Pidgeotto managed to get a Shadow Panic out, but Mew dodged it, and as it came back around to find Aerodactyl, Aerodactyl moved Pidgeotto to the receiving end of the attack, causing it to become confused. It then released Pidgeotto.

    “All right! Mew, finish it with Iron Tail!” Mew flew at Pidgeotto with Iron Tail, but Pidgeotto managed to sweep to the side, evading Mew. “What?!”

    “It’s Tangled Feet, Pidgeotto’s ability! It raises Pidgeotto’s evasion if it’s confused!” Ed explained. Mew kept chasing Pidgeotto around, but to no avail.

    “An Aura Sphere will take care of that!” Mark said.

    “Or, there’s this!” Alexis said.

    “Sceptile,” Sceptile agreed, starting to play the Yellow Flute. Pidgeotto snapped out of its confusion, only to fall to Mew’s Iron Tail.

    “Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball. It took Pidgeotto in, wiggled a while, and finally snapped shut. “Yeah! PIDGEOTTO SNAGGED!”

    “Nooooo! You…you haven’t beaten Cipher yet!” the Peon said, running away.

    “Yeah, yeah. That’s what they all say,” I said. “Great job, guys! Now, let’s move!”

    We were a little ways into the Cipher Key Lair, finding random Cipher Peons and taking their Shadow Pokémon. However…

    “Yup. Just like before. We’re lost!” I said.

    “We’re not LOST. We just don’t know where we are, how we got here, and how to get back!” Andrea argued.

    “Oh, good. What-EVER was I thinking?” I asked sarcastically.

    “Hey, what’s this?” Michael asked. He saw a box with a Poke-Ball design. He opened it, only to find a Shellder-in-the-box, who fired out some nasty black liquid on Michael’s face. “AAAGGGHHH! GETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFF!!” Michael screamed, running and rolling around.

    “Umm…” I said.

    “…Mew, Water Pulse, please,” Mark said. As we held Michael in place, Mew used Water Pulse to wash his face.

    “One little girl with a lonely goater…” Michael sang, suffering confusion.

    “Oh, dammit. Sceptile, if you please?” Alexis said. While Sceptile played the Yellow Flute to help him, Alexis found another box like the first one. “Okay, just going to…” Alexis cautiously opened the box. Out popped a Haunter-in-the-box who made a loud noise. Alexis screamed and fainted.

    “Alexis!” I said, catching her. “Man! That would’ve probably done the same to me!” I said.

    “Uh, guys? Who ordered the extra boxes?” Ed asked. Sure enough, we were surrounded by those boxes.

    “This isn’t good! Each of them is sure to contain a trap!” Michael said, having snapped back to reality.

    “Well, maybe I could-” I started.

    “Let’s just open each one of them!” Andrea said, opening one after another then running to a new one. After a few tries, she gave up. Then, all sorts of traps popped out at the same time: Mark got shocked, Andrea was entangled in a rug, Ed got knocked out by one of those boxing gloves, and Michael got trapped in a box.

    “…use my scar to check out the insides of each one,” I finished glumly. I sighed and started checking with my scar’s sight ability. I found the boxes that had Poke Balls and helpful items inside, so I opened them and took the items.

    “Uggh…what happened?” Alexis asked, waking up.

    “You were freaked out of your mind by a trap in one of those boxes,” I answered. “In fact, it got everyone.”

    “Grrr…who would do such a thing? I’m gonna make them pay!” Alexis said, furious.

    “That would be me!” a voice said. In dropped a Cipher Peon and his Golbat and Shellder.

    “Rrk!” I said, seeing Shellder glow with a black aura. “There’s one!”

    “I’m on it! Sceptile and Crobat! Let’s do it!” Alexis said, sending Crobat out to accompany Sceptile.

    “Shellder, Shadow Blitz!” Shellder leapt at Crobat with a Shadow Blitz.

    “Sceptile, defend with Leaf Blade!” Sceptile intercepted the attack and knocked Shellder far away with Leaf Blade.

    “Golbat, Supersonic!” Golbat sent out a Supersonic.

    “Crobat, Supersonic!” Crobat used a Supersonic as well. Both Bat Pokémon were affected and went into confusion.

    “Again?! WHAT THE HELL?!” I blared. I hit myself amidst the confusion.

    “It doesn’t matter! Sceptile, you’re up again!” Sceptile nodded and played the Yellow Flute, relieving both Crobat and Golbat of the Confusion. “And now use Bullet Seed!” Sceptile fired a Bullet Seed at Shellder, who hid in its shell to avoid major damage.

    “Shellder, Shadow Blitz!” Shellder leapt at Sceptile with Shadow Blitz, but Sceptile just caught Shellder and held it up as it helplessly tried to wriggle away. “Rrgh! Golbat, Air Cutter!” Golbat fired an Air Cutter at Sceptile, who used Shellder as a shield.

    “Crobat, Brave Bird! And Sceptile, Rock Slide!” Sceptile threw Shellder up and used Rock Slide, sending Shellder into Golbat’s open mouth. Crobat then used Brave Bird to ram into them, creating a huge explosion. Crobat, although feeling the recoil damage, carried a passed-out Shellder out of the smoke.

    “All right! Finally free!” Michael said, coming out of the box.

    “Impeccable timing!” I said. “Snag that Pokémon!”

    “Huh?” Michael said. He then checked with his Aura Reader, and confirmed Shellder to be a Shadow Pokémon. “Right. Snag Ball ready!” He said, getting out a Snag Ball and charging it.

    “I won’t let you! Golbat, use Supersonic!” Golbat fired a Supersonic at Michael, causing him to become confused. AGAIN.

    “Duh-huh-huh! Hey, look! Snag Ball, go, haahaa!” Michael said, inadvertently throwing the Snag Ball at Golbat. It bounced off Golbat and nicked Shellder, which was drawn in and eventually captured. “Hehehe, I did it! SHELLDER SNAGGED…or something!”

    “God help us,” I said, tired of it all.

    “Sceptile, finish it with Dragon Pulse!” Sceptile fired a Dragon Pulse at Golbat, who was knocked out by the attack.

    “Gah! Enjoy it while you can, suckers!” the Peon said, vanishing into a box with Golbat. I opened it to find nothing there.

    “Damn, he’s sneaky. Well, let’s clean up here and move on,” I said.

    And so, after getting everybody back to normal, we moved on in our quest to take down Gorigan.
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    Chapter 185: Fourth Floor, Mind the Shadow Pokémon

    After making up a few floors, we finally made it to the third floor above ground level in Cipher’s Key Lair. We found paths that split off three ways.

    “Okay. We’ll have to split up. Ed and I will go this way,” Mark said.

    “I’ll go with Mike to the left!” Michael said.

    “Really?” Alexis and Andrea asked, their hearts sinking. I knew they didn’t like each other, but come on.

    “All right. Meet back here in half an hour!” I said. We split off. Michael and I found a door, and inside were two businesswomen working at their desks. They saw us, there was a moment of awkward silence, then they went back to their work. “Um…okay. Let’s move on.” And so we went out another door. Once outside, we saw another Cipher Peon. With him was a Butterfree and a Tangela, the pre-evolved form of Tangrowth. “Rrk!” I tried to hold in the pain, but my scar was burning too much.

    “Okay. Both of them are Shadow Pokémon,” Michael said, checking the Aura Reader. “What should we do?”

    “Hmm…” I pondered. “We have the element of surprise. What Poke Balls do you have?” I asked.

    “Hmm…Great Balls, Timer Balls, dah-dee-dah…here’s a Net Ball!” Michael said.

    “That could work on Butterfree,” I said. “But what about Tangela?”

    “Try this Quick Ball,” Mark whispered, handing him another Quick Ball. He and Ed were crouched behind us.

    “What?! What are you guys doing back here?” I whispered.

    “The door we found was locked, so we came back. Like before, Quick Balls are much more effective at the start of an encounter, so maybe there’s more to be said for pre-encounter!” Ed said. “Do it!” Michael looked to me and Mark. We nodded, and Michael prepared it.

    “Here goes! SNAG BALL, GO!” Michael said, throwing the Quick Ball. The Peon and his Pokémon turned, and Tangela was drawn in, and the ball wiggled and eventually clicked shut. “TANGELA SNAGGED!”

    “Why you-! Jumpluff! Butterfree! Go!” the Peon shouted, sending out a Jumpluff, a blue Pokémon with three cotton balls.

    “This’ll be simple! Houndoom, go!” Michael said.

    “You too, Ninetales!” Mark said. They sent out their Houndoom and Ninetales. “Michael, try this one! Ninetales, Flamethrower!” Ninetales fired a Flamethrower at Jumpluff, doing a good deal of damage.

    “Okay. Houndoom, Flamethrower!” Houndoom fired a weak Flamethrower at Jumpluff. It didn’t look strong, but it was enough to knock Jumpluff out.

    “Uh…Butterfree, Shadow Rush!” Butterfree flew at Houndoom with Shadow Rush.

    “Try this one now! Ninetales, Will-O-Wisp!” Ninetales whipped up some Will-O-Wisps, causing Butterfree to stop in its tracks.

    “Okay…Houndoom, Will-O-Wisp!” Michael said, unsure.

    “Rar!” Houndoom growled confidently and with a grin. It then sent out several Will-O-Wisps that surrounded Butterfree and burned it.

    “Huh. I guess some things just flow more naturally. Okay, finish it with Extrasensory!” Ninetales used Extrasensory to throw Butterfree around until it fainted.

    “Here goes!” Michael said, getting a Net Ball out. “Snag Ball, go!” He threw the Snag Ball, and it took Butterfree in, wiggled, and clicked shut. “Yeah! BUTTERFREE SNAGGED!”

    “Grah! I’m going for backup!” the Peon said, running off.

    “Get back here!” we said. We chased him down the hall.

    “Wait up!” Alexis’ voice called.

    “What?! Don’t tell me you two found a locked door too?!” I asked.

    “No. A dead end,” Andrea answered.

    “Well, so much for the splitting up. Let’s go ahead!” I said. We went down the corridor until we found another door. We broke through and found a room. Inside the room was an R&D and a handle on the desk.

    “Stop!” the researcher said. “What are you doing here?”

    “We were just looking for the bathroom?” I suggested.

    “Liars! Mister Snidle will want to hear about this!” the R&D said.

    “You rang?” a Peon said, falling in from the ceiling. “Ahh, I recognize you children from the S.S. Libra! You’re the ones causing us a 14% loss in manufacturing productivity!”

    “Oh, no. Not the nerd again,” Alexis said.

    “Don't taunt nerds!" Ed, Andrea, Mark and I argued.

    “If you get any further, there’s a 98% chance that our Shadow Pokémon plan will go down in flames! Therefore, I’ll have to decrease the danger to Cipher by 54% by taking you kids out! Magneton! Wobbuffet! Let’s go!” Snidle said, sending out a Magneton and a Wobbuffet.

    “Hah! I’ll take you on! Charizard, Wobbuffet, let’s do it!” Andrea said, sending out her Charizard and Wobbuffet.

    “Hang on!” I said, my scar burning again. “That one’s a Shadow Pokémon!”

    “Yeah! Magneton’s gonna be trouble!” Michael said, checking his Aura Reader.

    “Don’t worry! I’ve got this taken care of! Charizard! Blast Burn!” Andrea’s Charizard let loose a Blast Burn at Wobbuffet.

    “What?! You can’t be serious!” I said.

    “Wobbuffet, Mirror Coat!” Wobbuffet used Mirror Coat to double the damage and send it back.

    “Wobbuffet, Mirror Coat back!” Andrea’s Wobbuffet also used Mirror Coat to reflect the reflected attack back at Snidle’s Wobbuffet.

    “Mirror Coat again!” Snidle’s Wobbuffet intercepted the attack’s power and reflected it.

    “Mirror Coat again back!” Andrea’s Wobbuffet also intercepted the attack’s power and reflected it again.

    “This could go on for hours,” Michael said.

    “Not true,” Alexis explained. “Mirror Coat doesn’t exactly reflect the damage; you still take damage from the attack. That means one of them will go down sooner or later!”

    “Mirror Coat!” Snidle’s Wobbuffet reflected the attack with Mirror Coat, then faltered a bit. Andrea’s Wobbuffet also looked like it couldn’t take any more.

    “Charizard!” Andrea shouted. It then took in the attack, causing a great explosion.

    “That was so NOT smart,” Mark said.

    “Just watch! We’ll turn this around!” Andrea said. Just then, Charizard glowed with a red aura, and its tail flame increased in size.

    “I can’t believe it! It’s Charizard’s ability, Blaze!” Ed exclaimed. “That raises its Fire-Type moves in a pinch!”

    “Charizard! Use Fire Spin!” Charizard fired a Fire Spin at Magneton.

    “Wobbuffet, hurry and use Mirror Coat!” Snidle’s Wobbuffet intercepted the attack, but then passed out.

    “Mirror Coat right back!” Andrea’s Wobbuffet reflected the Fire Spin, then passed out as well. The attack completely enveloped Magneton, doing major damage.

    “Magneton, Shadow Rave!” Snidle said. Magneton sent part of its black aura into the ground beneath Charizard, creating shadowy spikes to hurt Charizard. Charizard just barely managed to hang on.

    “Charizard! Finish this with another Blast Burn!” Charizard fired off another Blast Burn that overtook Magneton. “Kid, hurry!”

    “Uh, right! Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball at Magneton as soon as the fire died down. It took Magneton in, wiggled, and snapped shut. “We did it! MANGETON SNAGGED!”

    “What?! No! My calculations were totally out whack! LET’S CHEESE IT!” he said, then he and the R&D ran off.

    “Let him go,” I said. “He won’t be needing this!” I picked up the System Lever. We then went out the door into the commons area from before.

    “Ohhhhh…so THAT was the locked door! Heh, our bad!” Ed said. He got a dirty look from Andrea, and just sulked away.

    “So, which way should we go?” I asked.

    “Well, I saw some stairs a little ways back. Let’s try that,” Alexis said. We went through again, and sure enough, we found the stairs leading up. Fortunately, we came out on the topmost level: the roof.

    “Okay, gang. Somewhere up here is a door leading to Gorigain’s lair. We’ve got to find it and get into it!” I said.

    “Also, there’s got to be some way we can stop the Shadow Pokémon development. We haven’t found anything like that yet, so it’s gotta be up here!” Michael said.

    “Let’s go!” we all said. With that, we were finally ready to finish the Shadow Pokémon plan once and for all.
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    Chapter 186: Not A Smarton Move

    We had finally reached the roof of the Cipher Key Lair, ready to throw a wrench into their Shadow Pokémon plan and defeat Gorigan. Hopefully, we’d be able to find out about Shadow Lugia along the way.

    “Okay. There are two big guards on duty. I’m going to see if I can extend my scar’s power to see a little bit more…” I said. I activated my scar and closed my eyes. Everything turned from black to a yellow view of everyone around me. I looked around, then saw the Poke Balls on the guards’ belts. I couldn’t see through the balls, but two of them on one guard’s belt had black auras. “Got it!” I said as I opened my eyes. “That guy has two Shadow Pokémon, and the other has zero!”

    “Wow…” Andrea and Michael said, looking at my scar with awe.

    “Right. Who’s up?” Mark asked.

    “Let me give it a go. I think I know a way to WRAP things up, as it were,” Ed said. “Lickilicky! Come out and use Wrap!” Lickilicky was sent out and it used Wrap on one of the guards, pulling it over.

    “Hey! What the-?!” the guard protested.

    “Shock Wave!” Lickilicky’s Shock Wave caused the guard to pass out. “Now use Rollout!” Lickilicky jumped away, then used Rollout to knock him down the stairs.

    “Hey! What happened to my buddy?!” the other guard asked, coming around the corner.

    “Same thing that’ll happen to you, pal!” Ed said. “Lickilicky, get in there!”

    “You too, Espeon!” I said, sending Espeon into battle.

    “All right, then! Venomoth! Weepinbell! Let’s go!” the Peon said, sending out a Venomoth-a purple moth-like Pokémon-and a Weepinbell, the pre-evolved form of Victreebel, only without teeth and a shorter vine.

    “RRGH…okay. I’m fine,” I said, seeing both of their shadow auras. “Espeon, start off with Psybeam!” Espeon fired a Psybeam at Weepinbell.

    “Dodge and use Shadow Rave!” Weepinbell jumped to avoid the Psybeam and used Shadow Rave.

    “Espeon, Confusion!” Espeon’s Confusion stopped the attack, but it was too powerful to send back, so Espeon just let it emerge in between the battlers.

    “Your turn, Lickilicky! Muddy Water!” Lickilicky shot a Muddy Water out at Venomoth, who got drenched, but was still fine.

    “Venomoth, Shadow Rush!” Venomoth rushed at Lickilicky with Shadow Rush.

    “Lickilicky, let’s nip this one in the bud! Shock Wave!” Lickilicky’s Shock Wave did even more damage because Venomoth was covered by water. “Now finish it with Rollout!” Lickilicky used Rollout on Venomoth many times until it was knocked out.

    “Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball. It took Venomoth in, wiggled, and snapped shut. “VENOMOTH SNAGGED!”

    “What now, Mike?” Ed asked.

    “Take the System Lever! See what you can do on the upper levels!” I said.

    “I won’t let you get away that easily! Weepinbell, Shadow Hold!” Weepinbell used Shadow Hold on Espeon and Lickilicky.

    “Damn! Now I can’t escape!” Ed said.

    “That’s okay. This’ll be easy with only one Pokémon to fight!” I said.

    “That’s what you think! Weepinbell, Shadow Rave after Shadow Rave!” Weepinbell sent out several Shadow Raves at Espeon and Lickilicky.

    “Not good! Quick Attack!” Espeon used Quick Attack to run away, avoiding the attacks as they came.

    “Lickilicky! Defense Curl!” Lickilicky used Defense Curl to curl up, and it didn’t take as much damage from the attacks.

    “That doesn’t make sense…ah, forget it. Keep going, Weepinbell!” the Peon said.

    “Espeon, we’ve gotta end this! Use Giga Impact!” Espeon kept running, then turned towards Weepinbell and activated Giga Impact. It rushed right through Weepinbell, doing major damage. Weepinbell got up, but was quickly hit by the Shadow Raves that had been chasing Espeon, knocking it out.

    “Snag Ball, let’s go!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball. It ensnared Weepinbell, wiggled a while, then clicked shut. “WEEPINBELL SNAGGED!”

    “Oh no! Run away!” the Peon said, trying to run down the stairs. Just then, he tripped and fell in a similar fashion to his fellow guard.

    “Hah! They’ll never learn,” I said. “Okay. Let’s keep moving to the upper levels!” With that, we went to the uppermost part of the base. Up there was a big structure with a hole in the center.

    “Here’s the directions…” Ed said. “‘To adjust voltage on this Control Machine, use the System Lever. WARNING: Do not raise voltage too high.’ What should we do?”

    “Pump it up,” I said. Michael and I took the System Lever we had and used it to raise the Control Machine’s voltage. We heard explosions. “Oh no! It’s gone wild!”

    “What was your first clue?!” Mark asked.

    “Run for it!” Alexis said. We ran to a lower level, but all the machine did was explode on the inside, spark with electricity for a second, then shut down. Out from a hidden door came a Cipher Peon.

    “Hey, what’s going on?!...no no no! The production line’s stopped! The control computer’s not responding!” the Peon said.

    “Heh. Ain’t I a stinker?” Michael asked.

    “YOU!! You were the little runt that caused me to abandon ship at the S.S. Libra! And now, thanks to you, the Shadow Pokémon production software’s been deleted and Gorigan’s going to have my head!” the Peon panicked.

    “Don’t worry! I’m out for his!” Andrea retorted.

    “Nevertheless...wait, really? Ahem, I mean…I, Smarton, will personally defeat you and deliver you to Mr. Gorigan as a gift!” he said. “Huntail! Arbok! Let’s go!” Smarton sent out his Huntail, which we’d seen before, and an Arbok, a new Pokémon.

    “Rrk! That one!” I said, pointing to Arbok’s shadowy aura.

    “I never get tired of beating this guy! Dewgong, Bronzor! Let’s do this!” Michael said, sending out his Dewgong and Bronzor to face the opponents.

    “Hold on!” a voice said. Just then, a multitude of attacks came down on us. At that, we were surrounded by Team Rocket and their Pokémon.

    “We’re back, runts!” Olson said.

    “And this time, it’s all out! Hand over all of your Pokémon, or we throw you into the sea!” Ashley said.

    “Dude, that’s a little extreme!” Mark said. Jolteon needled him.

    “Yeah! I’m not even with these kids!” Smarton protested. Cradily squeezed him with Wrap.

    “Guys, will you KNOCK IT OFF?!” Andrea said, sending out her Lapras. “Come on! I can’t believe you would go this far just to get ahead! Sure, I’m one to talk, I know…” At that time, I heard music. “…but nothing comes from it! I learned that from these guys, and you two clearly need to learn that as well! I mean, Pokémon aren’t meant to be used as weapons or collectible items! They’re for bonding with and accomplishing things together! I never had siblings…hell, I never even had a good family! But I’ll tell you what I have now: my Pokémon. They are my family, and I’ve gained new friends through them that…that I can call family as well,” Andrea’s words touched Team Rocket’s Pokémon, as they looked at each other with saddened looks. By this time, the Rotom were asleep. I knew what Andrea was up to, so I nodded to Michael, and we covered our ears. Soon, Team Rocket was looking guilty, but then their guilt was replaced with yawns. They, along with Gengar, Misdreavus, Cradily, Armaldo, Vaporeon, and Jolteon soon fell asleep, along with Ed, Alexis, and Mark. Andrea grinned at us, taking out some earplugs.

    “Did you really mean everything you said now? Because I’d say you’ve learned a lot if you did,” I said, going up to her.

    “Well, to be honest, I still don’t like your girlfriend over there,” Andrea explained, embarrassed.

    “…of course,” I said. So much for THAT moment.

    “I hate to interrupt, but we have a battle,” Smarton reminded.

    “How did you not fall asleep from Lapras’ Sing? And what about your Pokémon, kid?” Andrea asked Smarton and Michael.

    “The effects of Sing are nullified when the sound goes through speakers in my helmet!” Smarton said, grinning.

    “And I had Dewgong use Safeguard to protect it and Bronzor from falling asleep!” Michael said. At that point, however, Huntail and Arbok woke up.

    “Anyway, back to the battle!” Smarton said. “Arbok! Shadow Half!” Arbok sent out a shadowy aura at all parties. As it passed over them, they were drained of energy, then the aura disappeared.

    “What…what just happened?” Michael asked.

    “Shadow Half is a move that cuts everybody’s stamina in half! So your Pokémon are ready to be taken out! Huntail, Crunch!” Huntail leapt at Dewgong.

    “Bronzor, Confusion!” Bronzor stopped Huntail with Confusion, then threw it aside. “Dewgong, use Blizzard!” Dewgong fired a Blizzard at Arbok, who looked hurt but not beaten.

    “Arbok, get ready for another Shadow Half!” Smarton said.

    “Michael, I have an idea!” I said. “Try freezing them!”

    “What? How?” Michael asked. I whispered my idea to him. “Ohhhh…good idea! Dewgong, Spread Blizzard everywhere!” Dewgong fired a Blizzard attack every which way. “Now, Bronzor! Secret Power!” Bronzor unleashed a Secret Power, taking the snow in and unleashing it on Arbok. As a side effect, Arbok was then frozen.

    “Oh, no! Huntail, use Iron Tail to get Arbok out of there!” Huntail tried using Iron Tail to chip away at the ice.

    “Bronzor!” Bronzor said in protest. It then sent out an Ancientpower to knock Arbok down, causing Huntail to fall with it.

    “Wow! Bronzor can use Ancientpower?!” I asked in shock.

    “Apparently so! Now, let’s finish this, Dewgong! Take Down!” Dewgong jumped and nailed Arbok with Take Down, cracking the ice and causing Arbok to faint. “Snag Ball, go!” Michael threw a Snag Ball at Arbok, taking it in, wiggling, and eventually clicking shut. “Yeah! ARBOK SNAGGED!”

    “Uh-oh…” Smarton said. Huntail nervously grunted in agreement. “Uh…we can still…”

    “Signal Beam, Dewgong!” Dewgong fired a Signal Beam, causing Smarton and Huntail to be sent flying into the air.

    “GORIGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” Smarton screamed as he and Huntail flew into the air and out of sight. What bothered me was how they managed to go through the pyramid-shaped barrier.

    “Great idea. We’ll have to settle things with him! Thanks for the tip!” I called after him. We then went to wake the others up.

    “What do we do with them?” Michael asked, pointing at Team Rocket.

    “Let’s freeze them,” I said.

    “Got it! Dewgong, Ice Beam! Bronzor, Secret Power!” Dewgong and Bronzor’s attacks froze Team Rocket and their Pokémon.

    “Happy landings!” I said, pushing them off the building and towards the water below.

    “T-T-T-Team Rocket’s washed up again…” Ashley and Olson said, shivering as they and their Pokémon floated away.

    “That was a little cold, so to speak,” Mark scolded.

    “Eh, whaddya gonna do?” I asked sheepishly.

    “Anyway, Gorigan’s inside that door. Let’s go!” Ed encouraged.

    “At last. I’ll get Primeape back!” Andrea said.

    “We can’t underestimate him, though,” Alexis reminded.

    True; although Gorigan was the only obstacle left, he was still a force to be reckoned with. The battle ahead would not be an easy one…
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    Chapter 187: Rated G for Gorigan

    After infiltrating the Cipher Key Lair, destroying the software for the production of Shadow Pokémon, and crushing Cipher’s ambitions, all that was left was to take down the guy in charge of the Lair: Gorigan.

    “Gorigan! You here?” I called out as we charged into his office. It was pitch-black until some lights flashed on. At a desk with a computer screen behind it was the man himself: Gorigan.

    “Well, well. I see you defeated the thugs I sent to keep little mice like you out. That is to be commended!” Gorigan said.

    “Not only that, but we were the ones who raised the voltage on that machine on top of the building!” Michael said.

    “…wait, what?! You raised the voltage?!” Gorigan shouted, his voice increasing in intensity. “Unbelievable! For a group of kids…do you realize what this means?!”

    “It means that the Shadow Pokémon are soon to become permanently extinct,” Mark said.

    “And we’ll start by taking back MY Primeape!” Andrea shouted.

    “…oh, yes. YOUR Primeape. Would you like to say hello?” Gorigan asked smugly. He then sent out a Poke Ball, which brought Primeape out.

    “AGGGHHH!” I shouted, feeling intense pain from the scar. “That…Primeape…rgh!”

    “Mike!” Alexis shouted, grabbing me.

    “HYAHYAHYAHYAHYA! Looks like you recognize each other!” Gorigan said. Primeape grunted.

    “Primeape, it’s me! Andrea! Remember?” Andrea pleaded.

    “It’s no use. Primeape’s a Shadow Pokémon now!” Michael said, giving her his Aura Reader. When she saw the aura, she fell to her knees in shock.

    “The only way to beat me is to defeat your precious Primeape! Can you do that?” Gorigan asked, laughing.

    “I…I…” Andrea stammered.

    “She can and WE will!” Alexis said, rushing forward. By this time, I’d become adjusted to Primeape’s aura, so I could stand on my own.

    “Oh, really? Well, how’s THIS?!” Gorigan shouted, sending out his Hypno. I just stood there. “Wait…what?! You should be on the ground, screaming for your life! I clearly remember last time…” Gorigan shouted at me, puzzled.

    “Ixnay. I’ve seen Hypno’s shadow aura before, so I’m accustomed to it. That trick won’t work on me twice!” I taunted, pointing to my scar.

    “Grrr…it doesn’t matter! If these little ladies are gonna take me on, they’d better act fast, or my Pokémon and I will barrel through all of you!” Gorigan retorted. “In wrecking my factory, you wrecked my good name and standing! So I, Gorigan, will KNOCK YOU ALL DOWN!”

    “Why does that last threat seem so familiar…?” I pondered.

    “All right! Here we go, Nidoqueen!” Alexis said, sending out Nidoqueen.

    “Heracross! Let’s do it!” Andrea said, bringing out her Heracross.

    “Hypno! Start off with Shadow Down!” Hypno sent out an aura at Nidoqueen and Heracross, causing them to tremble.

    “What’s that move?!” Ed asked.

    “Heh! It’s a special move that dramatically cuts the Defense of the user’s opponents! Now, Primeape! Shadow Rush!” Primeape ran at Heracross with Shadow Rush.

    “Heracross, quick! Dodge it!” Heracross flew out of the way. “Now use Horn Attack!” Heracross flew at Hypno and started jabbing it with its horn repeatedly.

    “Nice move. But not nice enough! Hypno, Shadow Storm!” Hypno caught Heracross in a Shadow Storm, the same attack it had used on me last time we met. Heracross was spinning inside and taking damage.

    “Nidoqueen! Get Heracross out of there!” Nidoqueen ran forward, but Primeape stood in its way.

    “Primeape, Shadow Rush!”

    “Nidoqueen, Poison Jab!”

    The two Pokémon ran at each other, their attacks collided, and they both flew back.

    “Heracross, you’ve got to get out of there! Use Hyper Beam!” Heracross let loose a Hyper Beam from its horn, striking Primeape. The force caused Heracross to accidentally ram into Hypno, causing the Shadow Storm to fade.

    “Your options are limited now, Gorigan! We’ve found ways to overturn your Shadow moves!” Alexis said confidently.

    “Don’t be so sure, my little hothead! Primeape! Shadow Storm!” Primeape spun around to generate a Shadow Storm, which picked up Nidoqueen and Heracross. “Hypno! Throw in your own Shadow Storm!” Hypno created a Shadow Storm and engulfed the two Pokémon in it.

    “Oh, no!” Alexis said. “There’s gotta be some way they can get out!”

    “I…I can’t think of any way,” Andrea said. “This is so cheap!” Just then, Alexis got “that look” on her face.

    “I think I might know a way! Nidoqueen, Ice Beam!” Nidoqueen fired its Ice Beam, and because it was being twisted in several directions, it was fired everywhere. The guys and I ran up to Alexis and Andrea, and I used my scar to create a barrier, protecting us from being frozen. Sure enough, the Ice Beam even hit Primeape and Hypno, and Hypno’s little pendulum was frozen and its Shadow Storm stopped.

    “Nice! Heracross, use Hyper Beam while grabbing Nidoqueen!” Heracross held Nidoqueen, then used Hyper Beam to propel the two of them out of the Shadow Storm while striking Primeape again. Primeape just managed to get up.

    “Let’s finish this! Primeape, Shadow Rush!” Primeape rushed at Nidoqueen and Heracross.

    “Nidoqueen! Superpower!” Nidoqueen readied its fist to use Superpower. The two attacks collided, but this time, Primeape was the one to be sent flying. It almost hit Michael, but it went into the wall.

    “This is my chance!” Michael said. “Snag Ball, go!” Michael threw a Snag Ball at Primeape. It took Primeape in, wiggled for a while, then finally clicked shut. “I did it! PRIMEAPE SNAGGED!”

    “What?! NO! I’ll kill you all for this! Hypno, Shadow Storm!” Hypno sent out another Shadow Storm.

    “Dodge it!” Nidoqueen and Heracross leapt out of the way of Shadow Storm.

    “Again!” Hypno fired another Shadow Storm.

    “Nidoqueen, dodge and use Fire Punch!” Nidoqueen moved out of the way, then smacked Hypno in Heracross’s direction with Fire Punch.

    “Heracross! Megahorn!” Heracross bent down, then used Megahorn to send Hypno into the air like a springboard. “Now finish it with Close Combat!” Heracross flew up into the air, then used Close Combat to hit Hypno repeatedly. “Hurry! Turn it away from Gorigan!” Heracross used its movements to block Hypno from Gorigan’s view.

    “Huh? Why’s tha…wait a minute…” Gorigan said, figuring it out.

    “NOW! Hurry and throw the ball before he catches on!” Andrea called to Michael.

    “Huh? Oh, right! SNAG BALL, GO!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball.

    “OHH! I get it! Hypno, return!” Gorigan said, trying to recall Hypno. Unfortunately for him, Heracross was blocking the beam, so Hypno couldn’t be recalled into the Poke Ball. “GRROOAH! That’s cheating!”

    “Oh, and having your Pokémon attack me wasn’t?” I asked. The Snag Ball took Hypno in, wiggled for a LONG time, and finally clicked shut.

    “Awesome! HYPNO SNAGGED!” Michael said. The ball then disappeared as Gorigan was trying to leap for it and fell to the ground doing so.

    “This is just a formality, but…Primeape and Hypno are unable to battle! Nidoqueen and Heracross are the winners, and victory goes to the team of Alexis and Andrea!” Ed announced.

    “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Gorigan shouted. He tried to get up, but was stopped by Nidoqueen holding a Shadow Claw to his throat.

    “It’s over, Gorigan,” Alexis said. “You’ve lost.”

    “I…I…won’t go down like this!” Gorigan said frantically. “One call to my buddies from my wristwatch and this Lair will self-destruct! And you kids will go with it!”

    “WHAT?!” we said, shocked. Suddenly, the computer screen kicked on.

    “Gorigan. That is quite enough. Accept that you have lost,” said a voice from the computer. We looked to see Mr. Verich, the rich man we saw in Gateon Port.

    “M-Master Greevil!” Gorigan said, bowing down.

    “Ah, yes! The children I met in Gateon Port!” Greevil said. “I am Mr. Verich, remember? Or should I say…Greevil, the Grand Master of Cipher!”

    “So…we finally meet you in your true form,” I said, looking at Greevil.

    “You’ve done well to stop the Shadow Pokémon production, but that is as far as you go. To be honest, it is not of any consequence. For you see, the final touches to XD001 have been finished. It is now completely immune to purification,” Greevil monologued.

    “XD001? It’s complete?” Gorigan asked.

    “Yes, and it now rests with me. To be honest, it is all I need to conquer the world,” Greevil said. “Gorigan, you are to report back to Citadark Isle immediately. And you children are invited as well. Come to Citadark Isle. Come and see the activation of our perfect Shadow Pokémon. If you can get to me, that is. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” After that laugh, I cringed as I watched the screen go black.

    “Hyahyahyahyahya! You kids are in for it now! With XD001 finished, YOU’RE finished! Oh, and good luck getting through the rough seas and making it to Citadark Isle!” Gorigan said to us. “There should have been more Shadow Pokémon, but the place will still be swarming with Trainers carrying the Shadow Pokémon I made!”

    “Why should there have been more?” Ed asked.

    “…because it would’ve taken a shorter time to get the Pokémon from the S.S. Libra if XD001 hadn’t dropped it in the desert,” Gorigan explained sheepishly. “But it doesn’t matter; we have enough to take you kids down! So come, if you dare! HYAHYAHYAHYAHYA!” he laughed as he ran off.

    “Gorigan…we’ll show you just how wrong you are,” I vowed silently.

    “Hey, look!” Ed said. He was at Gorigan’s desk and he picked up a little device. “What is this?”

    “Let me see it,” Michael said. He inserted it into his PDA, and the Shadow Monitor beeped. He looked to see a list of all the Shadow Pokémon appear. “Whoa. According to this…we’ve still got about 35 Shadow Pokémon to go!”

    “Man! That’s a lot of work!” Alexis said, pooped.

    “We’d better find a way to get to Citadark Isle,” I said.

    After that, we left and went back to the entrance to the Lair. Gonzap and Wakin were gone, and so were the guards. I could’ve sworn I saw Trudly and Folly running off, but Andrea got my attention.

    “Guys, I’m really glad I was able to help you,” Andrea said.

    “Glad to have you around!” Ed said. “Our mission probably would’ve been a bust without you!”

    “Thanks,” Andrea said as she and Ed shook hands. She then went over to Michael. “Take care of Primeape, okay?”

    “I’ll purify it and make sure it gets back to you! I promise!” Michael said. Andrea smiled, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and came over to me.

    “Well, we need to battle again sometime,” Andrea said.

    “We’ll be in touch,” I said, holding out my hand. She shook it, then went over to Mark.

    “It was nice seeing you again,” Andrea said awkwardly.

    “It, erm, was nice seeing you again too,” Mark said, also awkwardly. They said nothing for a few seconds, then Andrea moved on to Alexis.

    “Thanks…for everything,” Andrea said.

    “I’m always happy to help…a friend,” Alexis replied. They then hugged, signifying their rivalry coming to an end.

    “All right, guys! Like I always say, smell you later!” Andrea called as brought out Charizard. They then flew away, with us waving after them.

    “Sooooooo…what’s your history with her?” Alexis asked Mark curiously.

    “I plead the fifth,” Mark said, cringing.

    “Okay. Let’s get back to the HQ Lab and formulate a plan,” I said.

    At long last, we’d finally brought many things to an end: the Shadow Pokémon development, Gorigain’s good standing, and Alexis and Andrea’s rivalry. But the final stage was set, and all that remained was for us to step into it.
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    Chapter 188: Flash Cannon Fodder

    After defeating the Cipher Admin Gorigan and learning that Cipher’s Grand Master, Greevil, was on Citadark Isle, all we could do was try to think of ways to get onto the island. The trouble, of course, was finding something that could traverse the rough seas that had taken many a sailor’s life. So we went back to the HQ Lab to discuss things with Professor Krane, who would undoubtedly know how to traverse the seas.

    “Well…that could be a tough one,” Professor Krane said. “I don’t know of any way to really traverse the seas aside from boat, but that’s out.”

    “Using our Pokémon could work against us,” Mark said.

    “What do we do? There has to be something we can use…” Alexis said.

    “Big brother!” Jovi called. “Dr. Kaminko called! He wants to know how the Robo Kyogre is doing!”

    “Say what?” Michael asked.

    “Yeah! We took the Robo Kyogre parts, didn’t we?” Jovi asked.

    “No no, that was actually Makan. He took it to the parts shop in Gateon Port,” Professor Krane said.

    “…wait…wait! That’s it! If they could modify it to become a transport of some kind, we could get to Citadark Isle!” I said.

    “Great thinking! It just might work! Okay, I’ll get in touch with Makan right away!” Professor Krane said. We waited a while, and then Professor Krane came back. “He’s way ahead of us! He started working on it a couple of days ago, and it’s coming along! It should be finished by tomorrow!”

    “All right!...so what do we do until then?” I asked.

    “If you ask me, we should work on our Pokémon’s moves!” Alexis suggested.

    “Good idea! Michael, I’ll be your tutor for today!” Ed said.

    “No way! There’s much more to learn from me!” Mark argued, having changed into his Great Sephiod outfit.

    “How the hell did you change so fast?!” Alexis asked.

    “Something I learned not long ago. Anyway, pick me!” Mark said.

    “NO, ME!” “DON’T LISTEN TO HIM!” “YOU KNOW HE’S NOT A GOOD CHOICE!” “PICK ME!” they shouted, then started fighting. Eventually, Michael went to move Pokémon around in the Purify Chamber, purified some who were ready, and then asked Ed AND Mark to help him. We went outside and they stood on opposite sides.

    “Okay. First, let’s perfect Houndoom’s Flamethrower! Ninetales, let’s kick things off!” Mark said, sending out Ninetales.

    “Okay, Houndoom! Go!” Michael said, bringing out Houndoom. “Show ‘em a Flamethrower!” Houndoom’s Flamethrower was still pretty weak.

    “Ninetales, show them how it’s done!” Ninetales let loose a beautiful Flamethrower.

    “Houndoom, try it like that!” It took a while, but Houndoom finally got it. “That’s it!”

    “Great job! Now let’s try this!” Ed said. “Aggron, I choose you!” Ed sent out his Aggron. “Let’s show them Solarbeam!” Aggron charged up and fired a Solarbeam.

    “Huh. Can Houndoom learn that? Houndoom, can you try that?” Michael asked.

    “Rar,” Houndoom said, shrugging. It then tried, but it let loose a Dark Pulse instead.

    “…Mission complete! New move learned!” Ed said, throwing his arms up in a sheepish sense of accomplishment. After a while of trying out Solarbeam, Houndoom had half accomplished it before getting tired.

    “Hey, Houndoom needs to rest,” Michael said. “Let’s try something else!”

    “Sure! Variety’s good!” Ed said.

    “Houndoom, you just rest for now. You did awesome today!”

    “Rar!” Houndoom said, thankful. It then walked over to us and lay down. Alexis sent out Mightyena to keep it company and chat with it.

    “Okay. How about Bronzor?” Mark suggested.

    “Okay. Bronzor, come on out!” Michael said, sending Bronzor out.

    “Empoleon, action!” Mark said, recalling Ninetales and bringing Empoleon out. “Let’s show them how to use Flash Cannon!”

    “Empoleon!” Empoleon agreed. It then fired a Flash Cannon into the air.

    “All right! That was awesome!” Michael said. “Bronzor, want to try?”

    “Bronzor…” Bronzor said, nervous.

    “Aw, come on. You can do it!” Michael said.

    “It takes after its Trainer,” I said.

    “I HEARD THAT!” Michael said to me.

    “If you ask me, it seems kinda shy to use its moves outside of battle,” Deoxys said.

    “How do you know?” I asked.

    “Um…I peered into its mind. How else could I have known?” Deoxys asked.

    “Good point. So it has to battle to feel confident?” I concluded.

    “I guess it really DOES take after its Trainer!” Alexis said.

    “…ah, fine. Sure,” Michael said.

    “Don’t be so sure! You’ve built up a lot of confidence since we met you, and I think Bronzor could learn a lot from you!” Ed said.

    “And us,” Mark reminded him.

    “Very true,” Ed agreed.

    “Okay then, let’s build up that confidence! Bronzor, let’s go for Empoleon! Flash Cannon!”

    “Bronzor,” Bronzor said, finally getting into it. It tried to charge up a Flash Cannon and fire it at Empoleon, but it was one second before the attack became nothing. “Bronzor…”

    “It’s okay. We’ll just try again!” Michael said.

    “I hope it can work out for him. He’ll need to be ready for what’s ahead of us,” I said. “If those Shadow Pokémon are as tough as Gorigan made his Hypno and Primeape to be, all of us are going to have to be on top of our game.”

    “Yeah, but Bronzor seems to have a Timid Nature. Doesn’t that slow down growth?” Alexis asked.

    “Let me think…I think it diminishes some kind of stat. However, it should increase another one,” I said.

    “What’s up?” Michael asked.

    “We’re determining what a Pokémon’s nature does to its stats,” I answered.

    “Well, the proof is in the pudding, so let’s see just what these stats are made of! Empoleon, Hydro Pump!” Mark said. Empoleon fired a series of Hydro Pumps at Bronzor.

    “Dodge it!” Bronzor swiftly moved from side to side, dodging the attacks.

    “I think we’ve found our advantage!” Alexis said.

    “Yeah. A Timid nature decreases Attack, but increases Speed!” Ed explained.

    “Then it should be quick to learn a new technique! Empoleon, Flash Cannon!” Empoleon fired a Flash Cannon at Bronzor.

    “Bronzor, Flash Cannon back!” Bronzor tried to fire a Flash Cannon, but couldn’t. It got overtaken by Empoleon’s Flash Cannon.

    “Well, looks like there’s going to be a lot more practice needed,” Mark said. “Flash Cannon after Flash Cannon!” Empoleon fired a series of Flash Cannons, and they overpowered the Flash Cannons coming from Bronzor.

    “Bronzor, come on! You can make this work! COME ON!” Michael encouraged. Bronzor finally spun in place, delivering a spinning Flash Cannon that was as good as Empoleon’s. It didn’t do much due to Empoleon’s resistance, but it did enough.

    “Whoa! That’s more like it!” I said.

    “Way to go, Bronzor!” Michael called. At that time, Bronzor glowed. It changed shape, and when the glow faded, it looked like a bell with arms connected by a yoke at the top.

    “I can’t believe it! Bronzor evolved into Bronzong!” Mark said.

    “Bronzong?” I asked, getting out my Pokedex.

    “Bronzong, the Bronze Bell Pokémon. Bronzong is the evolved form of Bronzor. Able to sleep for millennia, it brings forth rains by opening portals to another world.”

    “Awesome! Now, Bronzong! Let’s show ‘em how powerful you’ve become!” Michael said.

    “Bronzong!” Bronzong agreed. It then used Earthquake to shake things up.

    “Impossible! It knows Earthquake?!” Mark asked.

    “Now use Flash Cannon!” Bronzong spun, firing several Flash Cannons at Empoleon. A few looked like critical hits, and after the barrage, Empoleon went down.

    “Empoleon is unable to battle! Bronzong is the winner, and victory in this match goes to Michael!” Ed announced.

    “Hey! That wasn’t an official battle!” Mark protested.

    “Great job, guys!” I said.

    “This training will go well, I know it!” Alexis said.

    Indeed, the training went well. Michael’s Pokémon all learned new moves: Leafeon learned Grasswhistle, Houndoom mastered Solarbeam, Swalot learned Sludge Bomb, Dewgong learned Aqua Tail, Bronzong learned Psychic, and Zapdos learned Heat Wave. Armed with these new attacks, we were more than ready to take on whatever came our way at Citadark Isle.

    “Everyone!” Professor Krane called to us the next day. “The Robo Kyogre is ready to go!”

    “Let’s do this, guys! One way or another, this is our final battle with Cipher!” I said.
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    Chapter 189: One Bumpy Ride

    “Okay, guys! I’m making the final adjustments now! THIS way, it’ll be able to seat the five of you!” Perr said as he adjusted the Robo Kyogre.

    “Awesome! Just be careful that nothing-” Michael said.

    “Aah! Great. The engine broke. Hang on,” Perr said.

    “…happens to jinx the process,” Ed finished.

    “Don’t worry. Give us another minute,” Makan said apologetically.

    “Can we even trust this thing?!” Alexis asked.

    “Well, it WAS built by Dr. Kaminko, so…no,” I answered. Alexis and I chuckled to ourselves at that.

    “Hey! Jovi is impressed with Dr. Kaminko’s work, so don’t go laughing at him!” Jovi reprimanded us.

    “Why are you here, Jovi? Shouldn’t you be back at the lab?” Michael asked.

    “Jovi came to see Big Brother off! Isn’t Jovi thoughtful?” Jovi asked cheerfully.

    “The question is: what thoughts does she generate?” Mark asked silently.

    “Oh. Guys, I’m getting a call. I’ll be right back,” I said, seeing my Pokegear. I knew Alexis was following me, but I just let it go and answered the Pokegear. “Hello?”

    “Hey, son. How’s the mission coming?” Dad asked, coming into view.

    “Hey, Dad! Mission’s going pretty well so far. We’re far from the end, but we’ve made great headway,” I explained.

    “Well, tell me all about it,” Dad requested. And so I told him about everything that had happened. “I see…well, hm. Sending you to some island in the middle of torrential storms and rough waves where if you do survive you’ll be completely at the mercy of some megalomaniac and his vast number of Cipher troops and all of their Shadow Pokémon?”

    “Well, if you really don’t-” I started.

    “Okay! I’m trusting you to make it happen, son! Good luck!” Dad encouraged. I stared at him in utter disbelief.

    “W-Why are you not concerned for my safety?” I asked.

    “Because in this business, we don’t concern ourselves with our own safety, but the safety of the entire world,” Dad reminded me.

    “Yeah, yeah. I remember. So I’ll talk to you later then,” I said.

    “…you’ve grown up so much, son. Be safe,” Dad said, smiling. He then hung up.

    “‘Do you know why your Dad didn’t concern himself with your safety?’” I heard Deoxys say through me.

    “Why?” I asked.

    “…is what it asked,” Deoxys finished.

    “What?!” I asked. I looked around frantically, and sure enough, there was Suicune. “Oh, there you are. Actually, I don’t. Why?”

    “‘Because he has faith in you. Sure, parents will worry about their children, but your father doesn’t want to make you second-guess yourself. So he kept his worries to himself and only intended to inspire confidence in you, his son,’ is what Suicune says.”

    “How do you know?” I asked.

    “‘…I once had that kind of feeling…at least, I remember it from my past life,’ is what Suicune said.”

    “Past…life?” I inquired.

    “Entei, Raikou, and myself were caught in a fire and lost our lives long ago. Our master gave us these new lives in order to oversee the closeness of humans and Pokémon. Once we’ve been able to find that humans and Pokémon can live in peace like in the old days, then our master will return,’ is what Suicune said.”

    “I see. That must’ve been terrible…I’m so sorry; I didn’t know!” I apologized.

    “‘Do not worry for us. It will only cause us to second-guess ourselves,’ is *phhwwhh* what Suicune said.”

    “Very funny. Anyway, will your master be making an appearance?” I asked.

    “‘That depends on you. You alone will determine if the divine one shall return to drive away the darkness. We will meet again soon, but at that time, we shall fight the same fight. It looks like you are ready,’ is what Suicune said.”

    “Oh, the Robo Kyogre,” I said, looking over at the others. “Thanks, Sui-” I started, but stopped when I saw that it was gone. “Dammit, I hate it when it does that.”

    “But you have to admit, it does know how to make an exit,” Alexis said, coming up.

    “I just wish it wouldn’t make them so often. Anyway, are you ready?” I asked her.

    “Yup! Are you?” Alexis asked, kissing me.

    “Definitely!” I answered, kissing her. We then walked over to the others and got into the Robo Kyogre.

    “I don’t know much about driving, but I’ll do my best!” Ed said, taking the wheel.

    “Good luck, big brother!” Jovi called.

    “Be careful!” Makan encouraged.

    “Come back in one piece, as it were!” Perr joked. He then moved the bridges so that we could leave. At that, the Robo Kyogre’s arms extended to look like a real one’s, and the circles on the arms rotated with the engine, moving us forward.

    “I’VE NEVER BEEN GOOD WITH MOVING VEHICLES!!” Mark shouted as we moved along. We kept going southwest, towards an island surrounded by black clouds.

    “Ominous clouds…” I observed.

    “Giant island…” Alexis added.

    “Big structure…” Ed said.

    “…and big storms,” Michael said.

    “BLEAH!” Mark said, vomiting in the back. “Don’t make me lose my lunch before I even eat it!”

    “That’s the thing: you DID eat it!” Alexis refuted.

    “Aw, come on. That was just my first lunch!” Mark said.

    “How is this guy still skinny?” Michael asked.

    “I ask myself that question every day,” I answered. “Anyway, just a few more waves and we’ll be there!”

    “Uh…remember what I said about jinxing the situation?” Ed asked, his voice trembling.

    “Are you about to be proven right?” I asked, exasperated.

    “Yup. TSUNAMI!!!” Ed screamed as a giant wave appeared.

    “There’s gotta be some way they’re making these waves! And a way for us to get through them!” Mark said.

    “Leave it to me!” I said. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my scar. In that moment, it activated, and I was able to create a barrier around the Robo Kyogre, and the tidal wave splashed right over us.

    “All right! That sure helped!” Ed said. “Full speed ahead!.................do you mind?!”

    “Oh, sorry,” I said, letting down the barrier so that the Robo Kyogre could move.

    “Uh-oh! Look out!” Alexis said, pointing ahead. There was another tidal wave headed right for us.

    “No! Can’t you put up another barrier?” Michael asked me.

    “It drains the energy out of me! I can’t be expected to create two consecutive barriers!” I protested.

    “Not good not good not good!” Mark said frantically. Just then, an Aurora Beam burst out and broke the tidal wave.

    “Where did that come from?” Ed asked.

    “I think I know,” I said, looking out the window. There was Suicune, running across the sea…and I’m still not sure as to how it was doing that.

    “Get us to that island!” Mark said. Ed pushed us through the storm and to the island. We disembarked, rattled from our little adventure.

    “Right…everyone okay?” I asked, breathing heavily.

    “A-OK,” Ed said.

    “I’m good,” Mark added.

    “I’m doing fine,” Alexis also said.

    “…” Michael was deep in thought.

    “…I’ll take that as a yes,” I said, catching my breath. “Up there is a base filled to the brim with Shadow Pokémon. We’ve got to take them all and take down their boss. Get ready, team! This is our last hurrah!” Not only that, but it was our last chance to save the world from Cipher’s evil ambitions once and for all.
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    Chapter 190: What Do You Do With a Pokémon Sailor…

    “Move it! I can’t see!”

    “Ow, whose hand was that?!”

    “Sorry, that was me.”

    “Hey, watch it!”

    Our group had made it to Citadark Isle, where Greevil was planning to activate the Shadow Lugia. We saw a huge number of Cipher Peons welcoming Greevil back as he, Eldes, and the man in blue who helped us against Zook walked by.

    “I can’t believe it! Eldes is a member of Cipher, and on top of that, he’s one of the head Admins!” I said.

    “You were right to suspect him, Mike,” Ed said.

    “Well…to be honest, I don’t entirely,” I commented.

    “Why not? He’s a VILLAIN!” Mark argued.

    “I just…get this vibe from him that says…that he’s a good guy. Someone who respects his Pokémon, respects his opponents, and the like,” I protested.

    “Maybe that was all a façade for who he really is. Anyway, we’ll find out more as we continue into the island,” Alexis said.

    “First, we’ve gotta wait for all those Cipher goons to clear out. They all catch us at once, we’re as good as gone,” Michael said.

    “What are you kids doing here?!” a voice asked. We looked up to see a sailor looking down at us.

    “…uh, hey! Um…the, uh…we just flew in from Gateon, and BOY, are our arms tired!” I said.

    “…….was that supposed to be funny?” the sailor asked, his expression unchanged.

    “…I guess it doesn’t matter…” I said, sulking away.

    “Anyway, nobody should even be able to get to this island! We had trouble getting Mr. Greevil here! So how were you able to get on the island?” the sailor asked.

    “I’m sick of this Q&A! Let’s waste him!” Mark said.

    “You’ll have to deal with these first! Golduck, Sableye! Let’s go!” the sailor said, sending out a Golduck and a Sableye.

    “URK!” I said, clutching my burning scar. “Both of them…are Shadow Pokémon!”

    “Then let’s, as Mark said, waste ‘em! Leafeon, I choose you!” Michael said, bringing out Leafeon.

    “Espeon, showtime!” I said, sending Espeon out. Espeon gave Leafeon a thumbs-up, and Leafeon nodded.

    “Golduck! Start this off with Shadow Mist!” Golduck sent out Shadow Mist at our Pokémon.

    “Espeon, Confusion!” Espeon’s Confusion stopped the attack and caused it to vanish.

    “Clever, but not clever enough! Shadow Rave!” Golduck sent out Shadow Rave at both Espeon and Leafeon.

    “Quick Attack!” we commanded. Espeon and Leafeon both used Quick Attack to dodge the attacks coming from below.

    “Sableye, Shadow Blitz!” Sableye rushed at Leafeon and hit it with a Shadow Blitz, landing a critical hit.

    “Espeon, Sunny Day!” Espeon brought up a Sunny Day. “It’s all clear!”

    “Right! Leafeon, Synthesis!” Leafeon used Synthesis from the rays to restore its power. “Now use Grasswhistle!”

    “Leafe!” Leafeon said. It then used Grasswhistle to hypnotize Sableye.

    “Now, Espeon! Signal Beam!” Espeon fired a Signal Beam at Sableye while its defenses were down. The attack did moderate damage.

    “Golduck, Shadow Rave!” Golduck let loose another Shadow Rave, this time both of our Pokémon were hit.

    “Espeon! Get up and use Psychic!” Espeon used Psychic on Golduck, flinging it against the ground several times.

    “Sableye! Grab it!” Sableye grabbed Golduck, thus nullifying Psychic’s effect.

    “I really HATE Dark-Types! Michael, your turn!” I said, irritated.

    “Leafeon, Dig!” Leafeon dug into the ground.

    “Golduck! Another Shadow Rave!” Golduck sent out Shadow Rave, causing Leafeon to come out of the ground prematurely. It looked in serious pain.

    “Espeon, use…rrgh!” I said, stalling. “I can’t do a thing! Leafeon isn’t exactly fighting-fit, and no move of Espeon’s will affect Sableye!...no move? THAT’S IT! Espeon, use Quick Attack to run around the two!”

    “Espe?” Espeon asked, looking at me as if to ask if I’d lost my mind. I just nodded to it, and it started using Quick Attack.

    “Golduck, Shadow Rave again!” Golduck tried to use Shadow Rave to skewer Espeon, but the attacks kept missing.

    “Keep it going!” I said.

    “Mike, you do know that Espeon can use Iron Tail, right?” Alexis reminded me.

    “…………Espeon, keep going!” I said. Alexis fell to the ground. Espeon circled Golduck and Sableye continuously.

    “Why do this?” Mark asked me.

    “I’m glad you asked! Sableye’s gem-like eyes gather several Espeons at once! Trying to see that many at once…” I said, seeing Sableye get increasingly dizzy. “…will tax Sableye until it’s weak! Espeon, Iron Tail!”

    “Espeon!” Espeon said, slamming its Iron Tail onto Sableye. The attack did enough to knock Sableye to the ground, and it struggled to get up.

    “That’s my cue! Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball. It took Sableye in, wiggled, and clicked shut. “SABLEYE SNAGGED!”

    “What?! You took my Pokémon?!” the Sailor said, astonished.

    “And we’re taking your Golduck, too! Leafeon, Energy Ball!” Leafeon fired an Energy Ball at Golduck. Since there was nothing it could do, it took the super-effective hit.

    “Rrgh!” the sailor said, cringing.

    “Not so high and mighty now, eh? Golduck being a Shadow Pokémon prevents it from using any other moves! Just the Shadow moves, which we know how to refute! Want to give up now?” I asked.

    “…no! In the name of Master Greevil, we will fight! Golduck, Shadow Rave!” Golduck sent out another Shadow Rave.

    “*sigh* Some people just never learn. Espeon, Shadow Ball, rapid-fire!” Espeon sent out several Shadow Balls at once. They all struck the shadowy aura Golduck sent out, eliminating it. “Now use Hidden Power!” Espeon fired off a Hidden Power.

    “Leafeon! Add Magical Leaf!” Leafeon’s Magical Leaf shot out, gathered the Hidden Power, and ensnared Golduck in an onslaught of a combo.

    “No! Golduck, get out of there!” Try as it could, Golduck couldn’t escape.

    “Leafeon, Swift attack!” Leafeon fired a Swift.

    “Espeon, Confusion!” Espeon’s Confusion gathered the Swift back to it. “Time to bust out our trump card, partner! STAR SHOWER GIGA IMPACT!”

    “Espe!” Espeon said. It rushed forward with Giga Impact, then sent out the Swift in small bursts. The stars struck Golduck until Espeon’s Giga Impact made contact and created a bright, starry explosion. When it cleared, Espeon used Psychic to bring a KOed Golduck to us.

    “Way to go, guys!” Alexis called.

    “…incredible…” Michael said.

    “Hey, uh, shouldn’t you be snagging it?” Ed asked.

    “Oh! Right! Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, preparing and throwing a Snag Ball. It, too, ensnared Golduck, wiggled, and snapped shut. “GOLDUCK SNAGGED!”

    “That was kinda painful,” I said, holding my Golduck’s Poke Ball.

    “Oh, get over it, little brother,” Mark said. “We won. That’s all that matters.”

    “D-D-D-DAMMIT!” the sailor shouted in anger. “You may have beaten me, but Master Greevil will hear about this!” He then ran off towards the base.

    “That’s true. Someone’s likely to have spotted us,” I said.

    “To be fair, we were technically INVITED here,” Alexis said.

    “That kind of thing doesn’t exactly flow down the chain of command, I fear,” Ed said.

    “Well, let’s get started, then. There’s much to do and less time to do it!” Mark said.

    “Hey, did you see where my friend went?” another sailor said, coming up from Greevil’s boat. We all stared at each other until he eyed our Robo Kyogre. “Hey…that boat! Did you kids bring it here?”

    “……uh, yes! Yes we did!” I said.

    “That’s such a cool vehicle! Could you take me for a ride in it sometime?” the sailor asked.

    “Tell you what. We don’t come back here, it’s yours,” I offered.

    “YAHOOO! Go on, get in there and do whatever you need to do, then!” the sailor encouraged, shoving us along.

    “Hey, don’t push!” “Ow, my back!” “That DEFINITELY wasn’t your hand this time, was it?” we said as he moved us along. And so, adding two more Shadow Pokémon to the pile, we began our assault on Greevil’s lair.
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    Chapter 191: Trapped Like a Raticate

    After gaining entrance into the base of Citadark Isle, we found a PC in the first room. Michael went to make some adjustments to the Purify Chamber while we took a break.

    “Okay, Mike. do you think you could track down anybody who’s using Shadow Pokémon nearby?” Alexis asked.

    “Good idea. That way they won’t be able to get the drop on us and surprise us like they usually do,” I answered.

    “It’s like you’re a living Dungeon Map!” Mark said.

    “You guys hear something?” Michael asked.

    “Okay then, go ahead and do it, Mike!” Ed said.

    “All right,” I said. I closed my eyes and focused on my scar. I could see through walls, seeing that there weren’t any Trainers with Shadow Pokémon around. There really weren’t many Cipher Peons around there either. “I can’t see anything in particular…wait! There’s something…” I said. I could see a Trainer with a black aura around one of his Poke Balls. “This one should be a snap!”

    “Yeah! Let’s go get him!” Alexis said.

    “Seriously, guys! I hear something!” Michael said.

    “Well, I don't. Say, bro. Did you know that when you do that, it looks like yellow eyes are shining through, even when your real eyes are closed?” Mark asked.

    “……I’ve only used this power a few times. It’s safe to say I didn’t know that,” I answered.

    “Good! Because I was kidding,” Mark said.

    “You freaking-” I started.

    “Actually, that is what’s happening,” Alexis said, giving Mark a look. “Thanks for confusing him.”

    “…yeah, yeah. Anyway, what do you think you hear?” Mark asked Michael.

    “It sounds like something…scurrying about,” Michael said. Suddenly, a figure with a Shadow Aura dropped down on us. It then scurried around us, like Michael described.

    “Wh-wh-wh-what is THAT?!?” Alexis and I screamed, grabbing each other.

    “Why do you scream like a girl?!” Mark asked irritably. He then managed to stop the thing by grabbing its tail. It was a Raticate.

    “Rrk. Okay. That thing is a Shadow Pokémon,” I said.

    “Yeah. But who does it belong to?” Michael asked.

    “Probably our mystery guest in the next room. I’m gonna go pay them a visit!” Alexis said, storming off while holding the Raticate by its tail. The door opened, and there was a guy in a purple suit with a yellow bandana with red hair. “Is this yours?!”

    “…whoa. Hey there, little lady. Yeah, that’s mine. I’m sorry if it harmed you-I’m Furgy, by the way. Maybe I can make it up by taking y-” the guy started.

    “Don’t. Even. Start. Got it?” I glowered in his face.

    “….yeah! Got it! But anyway, what are you guys doing here? This island is just for Cipher’s people! They asked me to come and join up, but I’m lost!” Furgy said.

    “I’d say you’re in the right place at the right time! How about battling with me?” Alexis asked.

    “Battle you? What for?” Furgy asked.

    “If I lose, I’ll go on a date with you!” Alexis said.

    “WHAAAAAAT?!” Mark, Ed, and Michael shouted.

    “DEAL! What if you win?” Furgy asked.

    “Then you’ll allow us to take possession of your two Shadow Pokémon!” Alexis said. “Final offer!”

    “………….well, you’re too hot to say no to. All right, let's do it!” Furgy agreed.

    “Mike! Are you just going to let this happen?! Alexis is your girlfriend, after all!” Ed said.

    “So?” I asked.

    “So? SO?! She’s practically giving herself to him!” Ed shouted.

    “That’s if he wins. And I have faith in Alexis’ skills. Can’t you?” I asked.

    “Hm…good point. If she’s going to be a Gym Leader, she’ll need great skills,” Ed said.

    “Raticate, you’re up!” Furgy said to Raticate. “I’ll also throw in my Dodrio!” He sent out a Dodrio, a bird that looked like a Doduo, except with three heads with long beaks and different expressions on them.

    “Urgh…that’s a Shadow Pokémon, too!” I said, pointing to Dodrio.

    “Not a problem! Mightyena and Kingdra! You’re up!” Alexis said, sending Mightyena and Kingdra out.

    “Dodrio, use Shadow Blitz!” Dodrio rushed at Mightyena with Shadow Blitz. Mightyena growled at it, using its Intimidate ability to cut Dodrio’s and Raticate’s strength.

    “Kingdra, Hydro Pump!” Kingdra let loose a Hydro Pump on Dodrio, sending it far back.

    “Raticate, Shadow Down!” Raticate sent out a Shadow Down, capturing Mightyena and Kingdra and causing their Defense to drop drastically. “Now use Shadow Rush!” Raticate ran at Mightyena with Shadow Rush.

    “You’ve got nothing! Mightyena, Fire Fang!” Mightyena caught Raticate in its Fire Fang, shook it around for a while, then threw it back.

    “Raticate, Shadow Rush, quick!” Raticate rebounded quickly, nailing Mightyena with a Shadow Rush.

    “Kingdra, Dragonbreath!” Kingdra launched a Dragonbreath at Dodrio, who became paralyzed from it.

    “Dodrio! Shadow Blitz!” As expected, Dodrio couldn’t move.

    “Now use Bounce!” Kingdra bounced into the air, then landed on Dodrio’s back. “Now let’s kick it up a notch! Use Whirlpool!” Kingdra created a Whirlpool behind Dodrio, causing it to panic and run for its life. It ran into some walls a few times.

    “Dodrio, get a hold of yourself! Rrgh!” Furgy said, growling.

    “Just like a girl, keeping men running in circles,” I commented.

    “Whoa, pick your battles, dude,” Ed said.

    “Not yet! I won’t lose like this! Dodrio, Shadow Blitz!” Dodrio ran at Raticate with Shadow Blitz. “Raticate, Shadow Rush!” Raticate ran at Dodrio with Shadow Rush. I suddenly realized what he was trying to do. Sure enough, Dodrio stopped short due to paralysis, sending Kingdra flying off of Dodrio’s back. “Jump, Raticate!” Raticate jumped up to nail Kingdra with Shadow Rush.

    “Kingdra, Bounce again!” Kingdra used the fall to enhance its Bounce attack, completely knocking Raticate into next week. “Now use Ice Beam!” Kingdra spun around and nailed Dodrio with an Ice Beam.

    “Dodrio, don’t take that! Shadow Blitz again!” Dodrio leapt at Kingdra with Shadow Blitz.

    “Mightyena! Iron Tail!” Mightyena jumped forward and intercepted the attack with Iron Tail, knocking Dodrio’s heads into each other and also knocking them out.

    “You’re up, pal!” Mark said to Michael.

    “All right! Snag Ball, g-” Michael said, starting to ready a Snag Ball.

    “NO!” I said, blocking him. “Did you forget? We get his Pokémon ONLY if Alexis wins! We’ve got to be patient!”

    “…go and break the moment, why don’t ya?” Michael said, disappointed.

    “This isn’t how it’ll end! Raticate, use Shadow Rush!” Raticate ran at Mightyena and Kingdra using Shadow Rush.

    “You guys and your Shadow Pokémon! You’ll just never learn! Mightyena, Sucker Punch!” Mightyena cut Raticate’s attack off with Sucker Punch. “Kingdra! Let’s finish it off with Draco Meteor!”

    “Duwa!” Kingdra agreed. It then shot a Draco Meteor into the air, and it exploded and rained down on Raticate. When the smoke cleared, Raticate was also knocked out.

    “Gah! You could’ve let me off a little easier, you know!” Furgy said, falling to his knees.

    “Don’t worry. There’re plenty of girls who’d want a guy like you, I’m willing to bet,” Alexis said.

    “You sure about that?” I whispered.

    “Hell if I know, but don’t let him hear you!” Alexis whispered back. “Now then, keep up your end of the bargain. We’ll be taking your Shadow Pokémon.”

    “…yeah, okay. Take care of them. As for me, I’m gonna find a way off this island. I get the feeling something big’s about to go down,” Furgy said, leaving.

    “Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, putting Dodrio in a Snag Ball. It wiggled and clicked shut. “DODRIO SNAGGED! Now we wait…”

    “Lexi? That was some awesome battling there,” I said, going over to Alexis.

    “That’s sweet, but I think it was luck this time around,” Alexis said.

    “That’s not true! An opponent as wily as Raticate? You knowing the right time to dodge and counterattack…you’re definitely Gym Leader material now! No question about it!”


    “What?! Wait, no, I-!” I protested, but then she just laughed.

    “It’s okay. I know what you meant. I just felt like keeping you running in circles. But still, thanks,” Alexis said, giving me a quick peck. “Okay, boys! Let’s keep moving!” She then walked off. And with another victory under our belts, we moved forward in our search for Greevil.

    “RATICATE SNAGGED!...hey, something wrong?” Michael asked me.

    “N-nothing. I’m starting to think that Raticate isn’t the only sneaky one anymore…” I said.

    “Buddy, women are the sneakiest creatures on Earth. Why'd it take you this long to notice?” Mark asked.

    “Because shut up,” I answered.

    “Got it,” Mark replied.
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    Chapter 192: All You Need Is Lovrina

    “Arcanine, Overheat!” Arcanine used Overheat to take out the opponent’s Sneasel.

    “Metagross, Meteor Mash!” Metagross took out the opponent’s Golbat with Meteor Mash.

    “And victory goes to the team of Mike and Ed!” Mark announced.

    “Whoa. Didn’t think there were such powerful Trainers on this island that WEREN’T a part of Cipher,” the Trainer we faced said. “Maybe I’d better seek out stronger opponents elsewhere,” He then left.

    “Man, not one Shadow Pokémon,” Michael said, disappointed.

    “We’ve nearly cleaned out this entire floor and still not one among them,” Alexis said.

    “If we don’t get them all quickly, we may never reach Greevil before Shadow Lugia is activated,” I said.

    “Say, why don’t we just fly up to the top of the base and take Greevil out there?” Mark asked.

    “Because without a leader, the members will give up and leave with their Shadow Pokémon. And we need to snag them and purify them!” I answered.

    “But they seem to be getting progressively harder. It might not be long before we hit the big time and get some really strong ones,” Ed said.

    “Like from an Admin,” Michael agreed.

    “Why do you say that?” I asked as we came to an elevator.

    “Because of her,” Michael said, pointing to the person coming out of the elevator.

    “No…!” Ed said.

    “Hey, it’s you! You’re the group that took Professor Krane from me!” Lovrina said as she came out of the elevator.

    “Us? No, it was the one-armed man…” Mark said jokingly. I laughed, but Lovrina was not amused.

    “Master Greevil was oh so angry because of that! He REALLY got on my case, and I’m BURNING mad at you!” Lorvina said, scowling. “…but then again, we didn’t need Professor Krane anyway. Thanks to MY researching and adjustments, XD001 is now perfect! Now it can never be purified, ever! I’m so amazing!”

    “Well, why don’t you show us this ‘XD001’ and let US be the judge of that?” Michael offered.

    “Oh, you want to see it? I’m so afraid I can’t let you do that,” Lovrina refuted.

    “And why not?” Ed asked.

    “Because I have my orders to detain you, but I’m so going to defeat you instead! Here I come!” Lovrina said.

    “Get ready!” I said.

    “Wait, guys!” Ed said. “As I recall, I seem to be the target of her anger. Maybe I should have a stab at this!”

    “All yours!” Mark said.

    “Yeah. Last thing I’d want to do is face a person as wacko as Gorigan,” I said.

    “HOW DARE YOU?! I’ll so thank you to take back that insult of my cousin!” Lovrina snapped.

    “Wow. You’d go the rest of your life and never learn something like that again,” I said, dumbfounded.

    “The battle will be two Pokémon each with no substitutions! Let’s do this! Articuno! Lickilicky! I choose you!” Ed said, bringing out his Articuno and his Lickilicky.

    “Whoa. Nice Pokémon. But so are…Farfetch’d! And Altaria!” Lovrina said, bringing out an Altaria and a Farfetch’d, a duck-like Pokémon with a leek.

    “AGGHH!” I shouted, grabbing my scar. “They’re…they’re both Shadow Pokémon!”

    “I see them!” Michael said, looking on his Aura Reader. “Jackpot! Any others on her team?”

    “If there are, we’re SO dead. Gah! Now I’m talking like her!” Mark said.

    “…none. No others,” I said, using my scar’s power.

    “Phew. That’s SO good…d’oh!” Mark said.

    “Articuno! Let’s wrap this one up quick! Use Ice Beam!” Articuno fired an Ice Beam at Altaria.

    “Dodge and use Shadow Rave!” Altaria flew out of the way, then used Shadow Rave. Articuno was able to dodge, but it struck Lickilicky.

    “Oh, no! Lickilicky, are you okay?” Ed asked.

    “…..Licky?” Lickilicky asked, as if nothing had happened. Ed grinned.

    “Tough luck, lady! Lickilicky, Power Whip!” Lickilicky threw out its tongue, striking Farfetch’d with Power Whip.

    “Altaria, Shadow Mist!” Altaria engulfed Articuno and Lickilicky in a Shadow Mist. “Now, Farfetch’d! Shadow Panic!” Farfetch’d unleashed a Shadow Panic.

    “Look out!” Michael called.

    “Once they’re confused, it’s all but over!” Mark said.

    “Oh, I wouldn’t know about that,” I said.

    “Articuno! Shield yourself behind Lickilicky!” Articuno flew behind Lickilicky, letting it take the Shadow Panic in.

    “HOHOHOHO! How oh-so foolish! Lickilicky’s not coming out of confusion any time soon!” Lovrina taunted.

    “Indeed. It’ll always be confused…as to why you did what you did just now!” Ed retorted.

    “Huh?” Lovrina said, startled. Indeed, Lickilicky was just fine. “But HOW?!? That’s SO not fair!”

    “You overlooked Lickilicky’s Own Tempo ability! It’s not getting confused any time soon! Lickilicky, Rollout!” Lickilicky used Rollout to ram through both Farfetch’d and Altaria. Both hits were super effective, but Farfetch’d survived, whereas Altaria also suffered a critical hit and fainted.

    “Now! SNAG BALL, GO!” Michael said, charging up a Snag Ball and throwing it. It took Altaria in, wiggled, and clicked shut. “ALTARIA SNAGGED!”

    “RRRRRRGGGHHHH! This is so not over! Farfetch’d, Shadow Break!” Lovrina fumed.

    “What?!” I said in shock. There was a move I hadn’t heard of. Sure enough, Farfetch’d’s wing glowed with a dark aura, and it struck Articuno with it.

    “Surprised?! Now use Shadow Sky!” Farfetch’d sent up a Shadow Sky that started raining down on Articuno and Lickilicky.

    “Lickilicky, Muddy Water!” Lickilicky sent out a Muddy Water at Farfetch’d.

    “Dodge and use Shadow Break!” Farfetch’d evaded the attack and flew at Lickilicky.

    “Articuno, Steel Wing!” Articuno intercepted the Shadow Break with Steel Wing, but soon got damaged from the collision. Farfetch’d flew back, but then looped around.

    “Another Shadow Break! This will finish it!” Lovrina said triumphantly. Farfetch’d flew forward with Shadow Break at the ready.

    “Articuno, Ominous Wind at the ground!” Articuno fired an Ominous Wind at the ground to create a shadowy fog. Farfetch’d stopped where it was, unable to see inside it. “Lickilicky, now!” Lickilicky’s tongue reached out and trapped Farfetch’d with Wrap, restraining it. “Now use Shock Wave!” Lickilicky’s tongue glowed with the Shock Wave, dealing an insane amount of damage to Farfetch’d.

    “What?! Farfetch’d, get out of there and use Shadow Break!” Farfetch’d got its wing ready.

    “Lickilicky, Slam!” Lickilicky’s tongue threw Farfetch’d against the ceiling. “Articuno, Blizzard!” Articuno let loose a Blizzard that caught Farfetch’d midfall. “And now…FULL POWER STEEL WING!”

    “GYAO!” Articuno cried as it knocked Farfetch’d in our direction with a Steel Wing.

    “Michael, do it!” I said.

    “Right now?! Uh, Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, clearly worrying about getting hit. He threw a Snag Ball just before Farfetch’d made it to us. It took the Pokémon in, wiggled, and finally clicked shut. “Phew…FARFETCH’D SNAGGED!”

    “I’ve gotta say it: Farfetch’d and Altaria are unable to battle! Articuno and Lickilicky are the winners, and victory in this match goes to Ed of Lilycove City!” Mark announced.

    “NOOOOOOO! This is oh so not good! If Master Greevil finds out about this, I’m so gonna get it!” Lovrina said in both rage and despair. “You will pay for this! You will find XD001 further ahead, and it WILL make you pay!” Lovrina then turned to Ed. “I SO NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!” She then stormed away.

    “I love you too!” Ed joked. “Great job, you two!” Articuno and Lickilicky hugged Ed in celebration.

    “All three of you were awesome!” Michael said.

    “Yeah, great job!” Mark added.

    “Shadow Break…that’s one scary move. I guess Gorigan made some adjustments,” I said.

    “We’ll just have to be ready for any other new moves like this, ‘K?” Alexis asked.

    “‘K! Now, let’s go!” I said. Enlightened as to the new terrors of Shadow Pokémon, we forged ahead, ready to take on the challenge Cipher had set for us.
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    Chapter 193: A Rocket Rebound

    After defeating Lovrina for the last time, we took the elevator she left behind down to another level.

    “I don’t understand. Greevil knows the Shadow Pokémon are going extinct, and that Cipher’s plans solely rest on Shadow Lugia. Yet he still hires new Trainers to join Cipher. Why is that?” I wondered.

    “Maybe it’s a fall-back plan in case Shadow Lugia somehow fails,” Alexis suggested.

    “Or maybe they’re trying to find more researchers to develop Shadow Pokémon again,” Ed said.

    “C’mon. They can’t have THAT many researchers,” Mark said. The elevator opened, and across the way, there were several R&Ds, hard at work. “Oh.”

    “What is that?!” Michael asked, pointing at the machine with swirling water in it.

    “Oh, that’s just our whirlpool generator,” an R&D said, coming up to us. “Come, have a closer look.” He took us up to the area above the whirlpool generator. “See how it swirls around and around? We’re influencing that so that it can create those harsh waters in the seas surrounding this island.

    “Oh…no wonder countless boats would sink trying to get here,” I said.

    “That was regrettable, yes,” the R&D said. “But we must do whatever it takes to protect the island! We don’t quite have the technology to generate hurricanes or anything like that, so we have to make do with this!”

    “Huh…” Mark said.

    “Well then, why don’t you kids go get suited up?” the R&D asked us.

    “Beg pardon?” Alexis asked.

    “You all are here to join Cipher, so the first step is getting fitted for uniforms, naturally,” the R&D said.

    “Wait, but-” Michael objected.

    “YES! Yes, absolutely! C’mon, guys! Let’s go see what we can find!” I said, clamping his mouth shut. We moved to a room where several Trainers were being fitted for uniforms. “Alexis, if you please,”

    “Sure!” Alexis said, getting out a Poke Ball. “Crobat, use Supersonic!” We covered our ears as Crobat came out and used Supersonic to confuse all of them.

    “Okay, what was the point of that?” Michael asked.

    “Now we just act like them, and then find our opening to move forward with the Cipher Peons none the wiser!” I explained. I nodded to Ed, who pressed the button to open the door. With that, we and the recruits came wandering out of the door like a bunch of people on drugs.

    “What in the hell?! What happened to you people?!” a Peon said to us.

    “Ha ha ha ha ha ha…” we all laughed.

    “Hey! What happened to you?” a Cipher Peon said, grabbing Alexis.

    “Ha ha ha ha…nothing like this,” Alexis said, kneeing him in an unmentionable place. “You don’t date me, you don’t touch me!” she shouted at the Peon who fell over in pain. I winked at her.

    “What’s gotten into these guys?!” another Cipher Peon asked. “Well, we’re just going to have to put an end to this!”

    “Armaldo, Ancientpower!”

    “Cradily, Sludge Bomb!”

    We turned in surprise as two attacks completely knocked out that Peon who was threatening us. We saw Ashley and Olson, standing proudly behind us.

    “You went and started things without us?” Ashley asked.

    “It’s just not a party without the full gang!” Olson added.

    “…glad to have you! Now let’s do this!” I said. “Gallade, Leaf Blade!” I sent out Gallade, who readied a double Leaf Blade.

    “Armaldo, X-Scissor!” Armaldo used X-Scissor, which gathered onto Gallade’s arms. Gallade swept through multiple Cipher Peons like they were nothing.

    “Cradily, use Energy Ball and Sludge Bomb!” Cradily fired Energy Balls and Sludge Bombs to distract the Cipher Peons.

    “Crobat, Brave Bird!” Crobat dove through the Peons using Brave Bird, completely knocking them out.

    “We’ve got more company!” Ed said, coming over.

    “You look for an exit! We’ll hold them off!” Ashley said. “Ready, Orson?”

    “Ready when you are! And it’s Ols-oh, never mind,” Olson answered.

    “TEAM ROCKET’S CHARGING OFF AGAIN!” Team Rocket said, running towards the incoming guards to hold them off.

    “They’re helping us?!” Ed asked.

    “Well, it’s not the first time,” I said.

    “Maybe Andrea’s speech got through to them!” Alexis suggested.

    “…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” the three of us laughed.

    “Heh, yeah. That was a good one, wasn’t it?” Alexis commented, still laughing.

    “Uh, guys. Trouble,” Mark said. He was pointing to an elevator, and a lone Cipher Peon was guarding it.

    “I won’t let you pass,” he said.

    “Don’t bark if you can’t bite!” Michael retorted.

    “You asked for it! Banette, Kangaskhan! Go!” the Peon said, bringing out a Banette and a Kangaskhan.

    “ACK!” I said, feeling my scar burn.

    “It’s both of them!” Michael said. “This is getting out of hand!”

    “Leave this to me!” Mark said, rushing forward. “Umbreon, Ninetales! I choose you!” He sent out Umbreon and Ninetales to face the Shadow Pokémon.

    “Shadow Rush!” At the Peon’s command, both Pokémon charged forward with Shadow Rush. The double attack took Mark by surprise, so Umbreon and Ninetales got mowed over. “Again!” The two Pokémon moved like a wall, using the same attack.

    “Umbreon, Psychic! Ninetales, Extrasensory!” Umbreon and Ninetales’ respective attacks restrained Banette and Kangaskhan and flung them back. “Umbreon, Double Team!” Umbreon split into clones of itself.

    “You think that’s going to work on me? Kangaskhan, Shadow Mist!” Kangaskhan sent out a Shadow Mist, thus revealing which of the Umbreon clones had a shadow.

    “Uh-oh,” I said. “This Peon ISN’T an idiot. This could be trouble.”

    “Kangaskhan, use Shadow Rush!” Kangaskhan sent the real Umbreon flying into the air with Shadow Rush.

    “Ninetales, use Toxic and Will-O-Wisp!” Ninetales sent out a Toxic towards its opponents, then several Will-O-Wisps to several points in the Toxic, causing the gases inside to blow up and cause indirect damage to Banette and Kangaskhan.

    “Clever move, kid. But you can’t hope to stop this! Double Shadow Rush!” The two Shadow Pokémon ran at Umbreon with Shadow Rush.

    “Umbreon, Sucker Punch!” Umbreon rushed at Banette, managing to damage it with Sucker Punch and dodged Shadow Rush at the same time. After the hit, though, Banette fell to the ground, nearly knocked out.

    “Now’s the time!” I said.

    “Right!” Michael said, charging up a Snag Ball. “Snag Ball, go!” Michael threw the Snag Ball, and it went through the same process as usual: took Banette in, wiggled, and clicked shut. “BANETTE SNAGGED!”

    “What?! So YOU’RE the kid with the Snag Machine? Well, you won’t be able to beat my other Shadow Pokémon! Kangaskhan, Shadow Rush!” Kangaskhan ran at Umbreon again, this time hitting it with a powerful Shadow Rush. Umbreon looked like it had little energy left.

    “Mark, do something! Quick!” Alexis said.

    “Ninetales, Toxic again!” Ninetales sent out a Toxic towards Kangaskhan. “Now use Overheat!” Ninetales fired an Overheat into the Toxic, causing it to blow up. This time, Kangaskhan took major indirect damage and flew towards Umbreon. “Umbreon, Iron Tail!” Umbreon smacked Kangaskhan back towards us with Iron Tail. “Michael, how’s the Machine?”

    “Almost…almost…there!” Michael said, charging up a Snag Ball. “Snag Ball, go!” He threw the Snag Ball, which took Kangaskhan in, wiggled, and snapped shut. “Oh yeah, KANGASKHAN SNAGGED!”

    “W-wait! Aw man, you’re seriously too much! I gotta bail!” the Peon said, running away.

    “No, don’t help out at all. We’ll just let ourselves in,” I said. Suddenly, he was flailing through the air and would’ve crashed into Alexis had I not grabbed her and pulled her aside. Because of that, he slammed against the elevator, causing it to open.

    “Thanks,” Alexis said. The two of us then took the other’s arm. “Shall we move ahead?”

    “We shall!” Mark said.

    “Wait! What about…” Ed started.

    “Ashley and Olson are doing their part so we can do ours. And they’ve been through much worse. I can attest to that,” I said. We then boarded the elevator, grateful for the sacrifice Team Rocket was making. Although we had cleared another obstacle on our way to Greevil, we were about to go from the frying pan into the fire…literally.
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    Chapter 194: Between a Block and a Hot Place

    After leaving Team Rocket to deal with the Peons on the floor below, we took an elevator up to another level.

    “Hey, did it get hot in here all of a sudden?” Ed asked.

    “Yeah, and that’s why…” Michael said, pointing over the edge of where we were. We looked down to see a pool of lava at the bottom.

    “W-We must be in a volcano!” Alexis said.

    “But why is the lava flowing, anyway?” I asked.

    “Let’s put a stop to it! Dewgong, use Surf!” Michael said. He brought out Dewgong, who used Surf, hoping to cool down the magma. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

    “It’s flowing magma. There’s no way one little stream of water will stop it!” Mark said. “What we need is something to block the flow. Hmm…”

    “What about this? Metagross, come out and use Psychic!” I said, bringing out Metagross. It used Psychic to hold the lava in place.

    “That may have worked, but how long can Metagross hold it?” Mark asked.

    “Good point. Sorry, pal,” I said.

    “Meta,” Metagross said, disappointed. It then released the lava. Suddenly, it got an idea. It floated out above the magma and went into the cave from which it was flowing.

    “Metagross! Wait!” I called out.

    “It must be trying to find something that’ll block the lava. Let’s wait for it!” Alexis said.

    “Okay,” I agreed. We waited until Metagross came back carrying metal blocks.

    “What are those?” Michael asked. Metagross then threw them at a space in the lava, creating a wall. Although the lava diverted to a path to the left, the area below wasn’t receiving any more lava.

    “Meta!” Metagross called to Dewgong.

    “Gong!” Dewgong nodded. It then used Aqua Tail, firing it into the area no longer receiving lava. With the attack’s help, the area hardened.

    “Awesome, guys! We can move on!” Michael praised. Metagross floated over and high-fived with Dewgong. We moved on, discovering another block sitting on a rocky ledge above one of the paths. I focused on my scar’s power, with which I created a barrier around the ledge the block was on, then closed it, crushing the ledge and causing it to crumble. Without the balance of a level foothold, the block slid and fell into the gap, blocking off the lava and diverting it into one more path. Dewgong cooled the area, providing us with more room to walk about.

    “There’s our way forward!” Ed said, pointing towards a path blocked off by the last bit of lava.

    “And another block above it! Metagross, Earthquake!” I said. Metagross slammed the ground, causing an Earthquake that shook the block and made it fall. Once the lava was blocked, another Surf from Dewgong cooled the rocks. In addition, the block made a nice foothold.

    “All right! Let’s move forward!” Alexis said.

    “I can’t let you do that!” a voice said. A big Cipher Peon jumped down from above, blocking our way. “Nice job, hanging tough in this heat! I thought I was going to melt waiting!”

    “It’s a trap!” Michael said in surprise.

    “You aren’t getting past me! I’m going to make sure you guys crash and burn! And then I’ll get to take your hides to Master Greevil!” the Peon said.

    “Let’s see you try to take us in!” Mark shouted.

    “Let me handle this one!” Michael said, stepping forward. “Houndoom, go! And you too, Dewgong!” Dewgong went forward after Michael had sent Houndoom out.

    “Nice, nice choices. But so are these! Magmar and Pinsir! Go!” the Cipher Peon said. He sent out a Magmar, a red-and-yellow humanoid-like Pokémon with a tail flame, and a Pinsir, a humanoid-like Bug Pokémon with large spiked horns on its head.

    “ARGH!” I shouted, clutching my scar. “It’s both of them! And something’s different…they’re stronger than many of the others!”

    “You’re right! What is it, I wonder?” Michael said, looking on his Aura Reader. “Oh well, I’ll just have to deal with it. After all, I have the advantage here! Dewgong, use Aqua Tail!” Dewgong unleashed an Aqua Tail at Magmar.

    “Shadow Rush!” Magmar used Shadow Rush to not only dodge the attack, but nail Dewgong as well.

    “Houndoom, use Dark Pulse!” Houndoom fired a Dark Pulse at Magmar.

    “Pinsir, Shadow Break!” Pinsir blocked the attack, then ran into Houndoom with Shadow Break. “Now use it on Dewgong!”

    “Dewgong, use Aqua Tail again, but this time use it on the ground!” Dewgong used an Aqua Tail on the ground, and the attack propelled Dewgong towards Pinsir, but it spun to dodge the Shadow Break.

    “Magmar, Shadow Rave!” Magmar fired off a Shadow Rave, but Dewgong maneuvered through the attack.

    “Now use Take Down!” Dewgong landed on Magmar with a Take Down, doing some damage to both parties.

    “Magmar, Shadow Rush!” Magmar retaliated quickly, knocking Dewgong down with Shadow Rush.

    “Houndoom, Will-O-Wisp!” Houndoom fired several Will-O-Wisps.

    “Magmar, block it!” Magmar got in front of Pinsir, taking in the Will-O-Wisps.

    “What?! Why?” Michael asked.

    “Magmar’s a Fire-Type! It can’t get burned by Fire-Type moves!” Mark called out. “You need to think more strategically in this case!”

    “Okay…Dewgong, Surf!” Dewgong unleashed a Surf at its opponents.

    “Pinsir, Shadow Break!” Pinsir sliced through the attack with Shadow Break.

    “Use Safeguard!” Dewgong whipped up a Safeguard for itself and Houndoom.

    “Magmar, Shadow Shed!” Magmar sent out its Shadow Shed to nullify the Safeguard. “Now use Shadow Rave!” Magmar’s Shadow Rave sent Houndoom and Dewgong flying into the air.

    “This might just be our chance! Houndoom, use Will-O-Wisp! And Dewgong, use Ice Beam!” Houndoom used Will-O-Wisp and sent it out, then Dewgong froze the attacks with Ice Beam. The frozen Will-O-Wisps then fell down on the opponents below, like a hailstorm.

    “What’s this?! Magmar, Shadow Rave!” Magmar’s Shadow Rave took out the remaining attacks.

    “Now! Use Flamethrower and Surf!” Houndoom and Dewgong used the opportunity to use a fusion attack. The streams of the attacks crossed, catching both Magmar and Pinsir in its range. When the attack stopped and Houndoom and Dewgong had landed, there was smoke around the opponents. “Guess I should ready a Snag Ball!” Michael said. However, the smoke cleared, and Magmar and Pinsir were still standing.

    “That…that can’t be! An attack like that…should’ve taken them both out!” I said, shocked.

    “Look again,” Ed said. I looked to see Pinsir with a blank stare on its face, while Magmar looked normal, but shaken.

    “Pinsir, let’s finish them with Shadow Break!” the Peon said. Pinsir just stood there. “Hey, you hearing me?”

    “Mar, Magmar!” Magmar grunted, shaking Pinsir. At that shake, Pinsir slumped over.

    “…oh. Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throing a Snag Ball at Pinsir. It took Pinsir in, wiggled, and snapped shut. “Yeah, PINSIR SNAGGED!”

    “Grr…I won’t stand for this! Magmar, into the lava!” Magmar jumped into the lava pool nearby. “Now use Shadow Rave!” Magmar let loose a Shadow Rave that was powered up with the lava. The attack nailed Houndoom and Dewgong, and Houndoom was sent into the lava behind.

    “NO! HOUNDOOM!” Michael shouted.

    “And now, let’s end this! Magmar, Shadow Rush!” Magmar, covered in lava, ran at Dewgong. Just then, Houndoom jumped out of the lava, looking stronger than before. “But…but how?!”

    “Houndoom’s special ability: Flash Fire!” Ed elaborated. “It doesn’t get hurt by fire; in fact, it powers up on contact! Go for it!”

    “Right! Houndoom, use Flamethrower!” Houndoom blasted Magmar with Flamethrower, throwing it back a ways.

    “Magmar, Shadow Rave!” Magmar sent out a Shadow Rave towards Houndoom.

    “Dodge and use Solarbeam!” Houndoom jumped to dodge the attack, then charged up and fired a Solarbeam at Magmar, sending it towards us. “Dewgong, Aqua Tail!” Dewgong drenched Magmar with an Aqua Tail attack, nearly wiping it out. “Houndoom, finish it! FIRE BLAST!” Houndoom shot off a Fire Blast at Magmar, completely enveloping it in flames. When the flames cleared, Magmar was down for the count.

    “M-Magmar…” the Peon said, exasperated.

    “Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing a charged Snag Ball. It took Magmar in, shook, then clicked shut. “We did it! MAGMAR SNAGGED!”

    “Noo! This can’t be happening!...all right, I give. You’ll want to go through here,” the Peon said, sulking off.

    “Lovely, thank you,” Alexis said.

    “Man, I can’t wait to get out of this inferno!” Ed said.

    “Don’t be so sure about that,” the Peon said behind us.

    “….that doesn’t sound good,” I noted. Indeed, Cipher was only getting warmed up, as we had yet to discover.
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    Chapter 195: …And That Has Made All The Difference

    After making it a ways from the volcano area, we found a cave leading to another elevator and a Cipher Peon guarding it.

    “There’s no way I’m going to let you kids get past! I’ll take you down and score points with Master Greevil!” she said.

    “Deoxys, want to give her the ol’ alley-oop?” I asked, bringing Deoxys out.

    “Well, now. That sounds like fun! Come on out, boys!” Deoxys said, making its clones. They all grabbed her, then hoisted her up, down, up, down, and then up out the ceiling.

    “AHHHHHH! NO FAAAAIIIIIIR!” she screamed as she flew out of sight.

    “Heheh. That was funny!” Ed said.

    “That was cruel!” Alexis argued.

    “That was what needed to be done,” Mark settled. Alexis and Ed shrugged as if to agree.

    “So, let’s get on this elevator!” Michael said. And so we did. We rode it up, and when we got out, we found another lava area. Only this one was filled with Trainers and split into two paths.

    “So, which path should we take?” Alexis asked. I closed my eyes and tapped into my scar’s power. I looked ahead to find a cave leading to an elevator guarded by two Cipher Peons, each armed with a Shadow Pokémon. “The left path,” I said, opening my eyes.

    “Yeah, you took too long,” Michael said.

    “Huh?” I asked. I then looked to see that Mark and Ed had taken the other path and were beating Trainers left and right. “*sigh* When in Rome, I guess.”

    “Where's that?” Michael asked.

    “Tell you later. Let’s just take the left path,” I said. And so we went left.

    “Wait! Mike, look out!” Deoxys said, grabbing my shoulder and pulling me back. At that moment, a Cipher Peon jumped down in front of us.

    “You shall not pass!” he said. “You thought those other Trainers brought the fire, but you’ve yet to see the REAL fire! Rapidash! Magcargo! Come on out!” He sent out a Rapidash and a Magcargo.

    “ACK!” I said, my scar burning. “Okay. It’s both of them!” I said, seeing shadow auras around them.

    “Okay! I’ll handle this one! Crobat! Nidoqueen! I choose you!” Alexis said, bringing out Crobat and Nidoqueen for battle.

    “Good call. Using Pokémon like Sceptile might’ve worked against her, and Nidoqueen is strong against Fire-Types like those,” Michael commented.

    “It’s not just that. Most of her team revolves around Sunny Day. If anybody is a Fire expert, it’s her,” I added.

    “Magcargo! Shadow Rave!” Magcargo used Shadow Rave, which sped towards Nidoqueen and Crobat.

    “Nidoqueen! Earth Power!” Nidoqueen sent out an Earth Power, completely driving back the Shadow Rave and knocking Magcargo into the air. “Crobat! Brave Bird!” Crobat flew down, then forward into a Brave Bird, intercepting Magcargo right before it hit the ground. The attack did enough to knock Magcargo out.

    “Hurry, Michael!” I said.

    “Uh, right!” Michael said, charging the Snag Machine. “Got it! Snag Ball, go!” He threw the Snag Ball, which drew Magcargo in, wiggled, and finally clicked shut. “MAGCARGO SNAGGED!”

    “Way to go, Lexi! That’s gotta be a new record!” I cheered. She winked back to me, smiling.

    “It’s not over yet, Mike,” Deoxys said.

    “Why do you say that?” I asked.

    “You’ve seen Rapidash’s aura. It’s like the ones of the Pokémon Lovrina had: stronger than that of the Shadow Pokémon we’ve seen as of yet,” Deoxys explained.

    “…well, I still don’t know why they were stronger, though,” I said.

    “Rapidash, Shadow Down! Then use Shadow Sky!” Rapidash sent out its Shadow Down to cut its opponents’ Defense sharply. It then used Shadow Sky, causing shadowy bits to pelt Crobat and Nidoqueen.

    “Those aren’t seriously powerful moves. In fact, they’re not even attack moves! What threat could they pose?” Michael asked.

    “I’m sure we haven’t seen everything yet. Besides, there’s more to a fight than strength,” Deoxys answered.

    “Crobat, Cross Poison!” Crobat sent out a Cross Poison at Rapidash.

    “Dodge and use Shadow Rave!” Rapidash dodged the Cross Poison, then nailed Nidoqueen and Crobat with a close-range Shadow Rave.

    “Wait…three Shadow moves?!” I asked. “…now I get it! That’s why Farfetch’d and Altaria had more intense Shadow Auras!”

    “It looks like we’ve been had. We got overconfident about the typical number of Shadow moves and didn’t think that Gorigan would modify the Pokémon to have more,” Deoxys concluded.

    “That’s insane!! Could that mean…” Michael wondered.

    “Crobat, use Substitute!” Crobat created a Substitute. “Nidoqueen, pick it up!” Nidoqueen held the Crobat Substitute in its hands.

    “How pathetic, using that thing as a shield! Rapidash, use Shadow Rave!” Rapidash sent out another Shadow Rave.

    “Who said I was using it for that?! Nidoqueen, Seismic Toss!” Nidoqueen jumped into the air, avoiding the Shadow Rave. It then spun in a circle, then flung the Substitute into Rapidash, doing major damage. Fortunately, the damage didn’t do a thing to Crobat, as its Substitute took the hit. Rapidash, however, looked weak.

    “Clever, little girl. But I won’t go down like this! Rapidash, use Shadow Rave!” Rapidash sent out a Shadow Rave at the opponents. Nidoqueen set Substitute in front, having it take the damage and breaking, causing Crobat to fly out.

    “This is nothing! Your only real move is that Shadow Rave, and we can dodge it easily! You’ve got no chance!” Alexis said.

    “You sure about that?” the Peon asked smugly. The Shadow Sky was still pelting down on Crobat and Nidoqueen, the former of which looked a little drained.

    “Crobat, fly into the air! Nidoqueen, charge in and use Superpower!” Nidoqueen readied its fist to punch Rapidash with Superpower.

    “Rapidash, dodge it!” Rapidash jumped up to dodge, and Nidoqueen went past.

    “Crobat, Wing Attack!” Crobat flew at Rapidash with Wing Atack.

    “Dodge again!” Rapidash ran to the side to avoid Crobat’s attack. “Now use Shadow Rave!” It used Shadow Rave to nail Nidoqueen, but Crobat flew to avoid the attack. Nidoqueen was also looking drained.

    “Nidoqueen!...wait! Use Sunny Day!” Nidoqueen’s Sunny Day cleared up the skies, causing the sunset and the half-moon to shine brightly.

    “No! My Shadow Sky!” the Peon said.

    “Nidoqueen! Moonlight!” Nidoqueen’s Moonlight replenished a lot of its strength. “Now, let’s finish this! Use Shadow Claw!” Nidoqueen ran at Rapidash with Shadow Claw.

    “Dodge it!” Rapidash jumped again, dodging the Shadow Claw.

    “Crobat, now!” Crobat flew at and landed on Rapidash’s back. “Now use Wing Attack!” Crobat started hitting Rapidash with Wing Attack over and over.

    “Rapidash, shake it off!” Rapidash tried, but couldn’t get Crobat off its back.

    “Let’s finish this!...for real, this time! Nidoqueen, Superpower!” Nidoqueen ran at a distracted Rapidash, hitting it with Superpower as Crobat flew off Rapidash’s back. Rapidash, having been knocked out, landed at our feet.

    “Just in time! Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing the Snag Ball. It took Rapidash in, wiggled, and snapped shut. “RAPIDASH SNAGGED! We did it!”

    “Oh, no! Gah, I just can’t battle in this heat!” the Peon said. He then retreated, running down the path.

    “Hey, you can’t stand the heat, get out of the volcano!” Alexis taunted as he ran off.

    “You were awesome, Lexi!” I said, high-fiving with her.

    “You three were stellar! You took them down like they were nothing!” Michael said.

    “It looks like we can rest easy now. Even with three moves, they still won’t beat us!” Deoxys added.

    “Think again!” a voice said. A female Cipher Peon was now in our way. “I’m…still…sore about that ‘alley-oop’ trick! You jerk!”

    “Oh, it’s you. How’s tricks?” I asked.

    “That phrase is out of date, and YOU’RE out of luck. Sharpedo, Stantler! Go!” She sent out a Sharpedo and a Stantler, a deer-like Pokémon with gigantic antlers that looked like they had eyes.

    “Swalot, let’s take care of this. Sing!” Michael said, bringing out Swalot. It used Sing to put Sharpedo and Stantler to sleep.

    “W-What?! But how…could you…*yawwwn*” the Peon protested before falling asleep.

    “Second verse, same as the first!” I said.

    “Right on!” Deoxys said, making more clones. They grabbed the Peon and her Pokémon, and flung them far into the air, out of sight.

    “Heh. It really WAS funny,” Alexis said. We all nodded and moved ahead, hoping to be close to the finale.
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    Chapter 196: Going Out On All Limbs

    After snagging some more Shadow Pokémon and beating more Cipher Peons, we decided to move ahead.

    “So, you saw two Trainers in the next room?” Alexis asked.

    “Yeah, and they both had a Shadow Pokémon. I wonder if we should be worried?” I wondered.

    “No, sir! Not with the two of us around!” I heard Ed’s voice say.

    “We’ll take ‘em out!” Mark said. They jumped over us and rushed ahead into the cave.

    “Guys, wait up!” Michael called. We followed them to the cave with the elevator.

    “Where were you guys?!” I asked.

    “Facing the trainers on the other route! We picked up some items while we were there!” Mark said.

    “And some numbers!” Ed said, holding slips of paper and grinning.

    “Uh-huh,” Alexis said. We made it to the elevator only to find the two guards there.

    “Hey! Nobody passes through here!” the first Peon said.

    “Not unless they’re a Cipher Admin, anyway!” the second Peon said.

    “Says you! We’ll take you down!” Mark retorted.

    “Let’s do this!” Ed said.

    “*groan* Well, I guess it can’t be helped. Give ‘em hell, guys!” I said.

    “We’ll see who’ll really be in hell after this! Go, Hitmonlee!” the first Peon said, sending out a Hitmonlee, a fighter-like Pokémon with bungee-like legs.

    “I’ve got your back! Go, Hitmonchan!” the second Peon said, sending out a Hitmonchan.

    “AGGGH!” I screamed, my scar hurting worse than ever. “Why does this always happen?!”

    “It’s Hitmonlee! That’s the stronger one!” Michael said, examining Hitmonlee with his Aura Reader.

    “But Hitmonchan’s a Shadow Pokémon too?!” Alexis asked, helping me up. I nodded as I adjusted to the pain.

    “Okay. We’re going to have to play this one smart, Ed!” Mark said. “Aerodactyl! Action!” He sent out his Aerodactyl to battle.

    “Nah, they have no Fighting-Type moves. Plus, this might help out! Crawdaunt, get in there!” Ed said, sending out Crawdaunt.

    “I’ll start things off! Use Shadow Down!” Hitmonchan sent out a Shadow Down at both of its opponents.

    “Hitmonlee! Shadow Rush!” Hitmonlee ran at Crawdaunt with Shadow Rush.

    “Oh, no you don’t! Use Vicegrip!” Crawdaunt readied its claws and caught Hitmonlee with its Vicegrip.

    “Hitmonchan, Shadow Rush!” Hitmonchan ran at Crawdaunt and rammed it with Shadow Rush, freeing Hitmonlee.

    “Aerodactyl, Thunder Fang!” Aerodactyl bit into Hitmonlee, trapping it again.

    “Hitmonchan, Shadow Rush!” Hitmonchan tried another Shadow Rush, but Aerodactyl flew into the air, making it miss.

    “Crawdaunt, Sludge Bomb!” Crawdaunt launched a Sludge Bomb at Hitmonlee, doing a good bit of damage.

    “Hitmonchan, another Shadow Rush!” Hitmonchan ran at Crawdaunt and landed a Shadow Rush, knocking it far back.

    “Crawdaunt, use Crabhammer!” Crawdaunt ran at Hitmonchan.

    “Shadow Rush!” Hitmonchan ran at Crawdaunt and cancelled out the Crabhammer with Shadow Rush. The two then sparred for a while, as if they were boxing.

    “Keep at it!” the Peon called.

    “Don’t let up!” Ed encouraged.

    “Aerodactyl, throw Hitmonlee out and use Stone Edge!” Aerodactyl threw Hitmonlee out in front of it and fired a Stone Edge at it.

    “Dodge it and use Shadow Down!” Hitmonlee avoided the attacks and used Shadow Down to reduce Aerodactyl’s defense. It then sent out the same attack to Crawdaunt.

    “That’s my opening! Hitmonchan! Shadow Rush!” Hitmonchan ran at Crawdaunt, but it still defended with Crabhammer.

    “Didn’t know about Crawdaunt’s Hyper Cutter, did you?” Ed asked. “Those attacks aren’t going to do jack! Crawdaunt, use Guillotine!” Crawdaunt tried to grab at Hitmonchan with Guillotine.

    “Dodge it now!” Hitmonchan ducked, avoiding Guillitone.

    “Gotcha! Crabhammer!” Hitmonchan was below Crawdaunt, so it didn’t take long for Crawdaunt to bring the Crabhammer down on Hitmonchan’s head.

    “Darn it!” the second Peon said. “Guess we’ve gotta do it! It’s up to you!”

    “W-What?! Are you sure?” the first one asked.

    “I know it’ll help! Anything to protect the Grand Master! Plus, we’re partners! I believe in you!”

    “…wow, thanks! All right! Hitmonlee, let’s do it! SHADOW HALF!” Hitmonlee used Shadow Half, cutting everybody’s stamina in half.

    “Oh, man! That isn’t good!” Mark said. “Aerodactyl, Dig!” Aerodactyl went down into the ground.

    “It’s no use! Hitmonchan, use Shadow Rush again!” Hitmonchan finally broke through Crawdaunt’s defenses and landed a Shadow Rush.

    “What do we do?” Ed asked.

    “We need to trust each other, that’s what!” Mark said.

    “Hitmonlee, Shadow Rush!” Hitmonlee ran at Crawdaunt with Shadow Rush.

    “Aerodactyl, go!” Mark said. Aerodactyl leapt out of the ground in front of Hitmonlee. “Scary Face!” Aerodactyl used Scary Face, slowing Hitmonlee down due to fear. “Now use Thunder Fang!” Aerodactyl bit into Hitmonlee again with Thunder Fang. “Now, Ed! You’ve gotta attack with water!”

    “What?! But Aerodactyl’s a Rock-Type! It could…” Ed started.

    “No…I trust you. I know you can do it,” Mark said. Ed nodded.

    “Crawdaunt, finish them! Use Brine!” Crawdaunt sent a ball of water that slammed into Aerodactyl and Hitmonlee, and the Thunder Fang did more because Hitmonlee got wet. Because of the attack, both Hitmonlee and Aerodactyl were on the ground.

    “Now!” I said to Michael.

    “Right! Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball at Hitmonlee. It took Hitmonlee in and wiggled until Hitmonlee was caught. “Yeah! HITMONLEE SNAGGED!”

    “Rrgh! Sorry, man! You’re on your own now!” the first Peon said, running off.

    “What?! Deserter. Hitmonchan, I’m in the mood for some fried fish! Let’s get ‘em with Shadow Rush!” Hitmonchan ran at Crawdaunt with Shadow Rush.

    “Crawdaunt, Harden!” Crawdaunt used Harden to increase its Defense, and took less damage than usual. “Now use X-Scissor!” Crawdaunt landed a close-range X-Scissor.

    “Hitmonchan, strike back!” Hitmonchan and Crawdaunt went into another sparring session.

    “How long will this take?!” Michael asked.

    “Dunno. But with one Pokémon left each, it can’t last much longer,” I said.

    “Crawdaunt!” Crawdaunt grunted as it was knocked onto the ground. Hitmonchan stood over it, ready to strike.

    “Crawdaunt, look ou-” Ed started.

    “NOW!” Mark shouted. Aerodactyl fired a Hyper Beam at Hitmonchan, knocking it into the far wall. Aerodactyl grinned and gave a thumbs-up to a surprised Crawdaunt.

    “But…how?” Ed asked.

    “Heh, I had Aerodactyl hold one of those Passho berries. It decreases the supereffectiveness of Water-Type moves!” Mark said. “It may be on its last legs, but it’s given you guys the opening! Go for it!”

    “Yeah! Crawdaunt, let’s finish this for real this time! GUILLOTINE!” Crawdaunt leapt over to a dazed Hitmonchan and knocked it out with a successful Guillotine.

    “Ready, Michael?” Alexis asked.

    “Ready! Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing another Snag Ball. It took Hitmonchan and snapped shut almost instantly. “And that is that! HITMONCHAN SNAGGED!”

    “No way! You’ll pay for this!” the Peon said, running off.

    “All right! Great job, guys!” I said to Mark and Ed as they celebrated with their Pokémon.

    “Thanks. Let’s get going!” Mark said.

    “Hold on,” Ed said, checking his beeping Pokegear. “Huh?...Uh-huh…NO, I’m not free right now!”

    “Even though they’re on the same island?” Mark asked. And so, after a brief lesson in trust, we forged ahead.
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    Default Re: Pokemon: Legend of the Blessed Aura (Orre)

    Chapter 197: Platforms and Levers and Hooks, Oh My!

    Upon defeating the Cipher Peons that we snagged Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan from, we took the elevator behind them and went up a level. We came out to a cave-like area, on a ledge outside the elevator. We separated to look at areas around, but couldn’t exactly find much.

    “Hey, look down there!” Ed said. He pointed to some Cipher Peons at the area below. “How do we get down there?”

    “Maybe we can use our Psychic Pokémon to…” Mark started.

    “WHOA!” Alexis cried out. The metal ledge she was on started floating downward.

    “Alexis!” I said.

    “I’m okay! There’s a place for me to get off! I’ll start kicking some butt! Don’t wait up!” Alexis called up. She made it to the bottom and then unleashed her Pokémon to attack the Cipher Peons. The platform came back up.

    “Kickass!” Ed exclaimed, taking his turn. He rode down.

    “Wow. Who knew they’d have traps like this?” Mark asked.

    “Hold that thought,” I said, feeling my scar activate again. This time, the pain wasn’t as bad. I turned to see a Cipher Peon and his Lickitung entering an elevator across from us. “There’s one.”

    “Strange. You’re not in screaming pain,” Michael noted, viewing it from the Aura Reader.

    “Must not be as strong. Still, a Shadow Pokémon’s a Shadow Pokémon, so we’ve gotta go for it!” I said.

    “There’s a platform over there! It’s floating towards us!” Mark said, seeing another platform come towards our ledge.

    “Okay. Let’s go!” I said as I jumped on. Michael followed, but Mark got left behind. “Sorry! We’ll wait for you!” We saw another platform come up, so we stepped on it.

    “Wonder where this leads?” Michael asked. The platform moved down.

    “Hopefully to an area where we can access that elevator. With shortcuts like these, the rest of this journey should be in the b-” I said, but stopped short when we were below ground level and back in the volcano. “…blast radius of disaster! We need to get out of here!”

    “Maybe Bronzong and Metagross can…oh wait, Bronzong can’t lift that kind of weight!” Michael said.

    “Wait! We’re going up again!” I said.

    “If we’re going back to the first point, then come out, Bronzong!” Michael said, bringing out Bronzong. “When we get to the highest point, use Flash Cannon to propel all three of us onto the platform!”

    “Zong!” Bronzong said. We waited until we were at the top.

    “NOW!” Michael commanded. Bronzong fired its Flash Cannon, and we rocketed to the ledge with the elevator.

    “…we did it! Phew!” I said.

    “At the risk of sounding cliché, what took you so long?” Mark asked, already there. And with Aerodactyl.

    “…why didn’t you remind us that we could just fly over instead of allowing us to believe that the only way around was those stupid platforms?!” I asked, enraged.

    “Because shut up,” Mark answered.

    “Got it,” I replied.

    “Okay. Let’s keep going! Into the elevator!” Michael said.

    “What about Alexis and Ed?” I asked.

    “They’ll manage. On you go!” Mark said, recalling Aerodactyl and pushing me on. We rode the elevator to a room with a bunch of levers and some crane hooks.

    “What is all this?” Michael asked.

    “I’m not falling for this one! Deoxys, let’s fly over!” I said, bringing out Deoxys.

    “Okay, fine. You first!” Deoxys said.

    “What? Why won’t you help?” I asked.

    “Let me show you,” Deoxys said, lifting its Master Ball with Confusion and lifting it into the air. Suddenly, an electric current came out of the walls and shocked it until Deoxys brought it back down. “Automatic shock blasters. They’ll take down any flying object unless they’re holding onto the crane.”

    “Oh. I see. Well, let’s go, I guess,” I said, feeling that this wasn’t my day.

    “Hold on. These hooks won’t exactly return to sender. Not without the sender coming back, anyway. How do we move across?” Mark asked.

    “I’ll do it! See that one hook leading back here? I’ll ride until I get over there, then bring the hook back and ferry you guys over!” Michael suggested. He activated a hook, then rode it to another section. He continued to do this for a while.

    “Should I tell him I can use Teleport?” Deoxys asked.

    “Wait until he gets back,” I answered. We snickered.

    “That’s just mean! Having him do all that and…” Mark said.

    “You’re one to talk, Mr. Platformer!” I argued.

    “I’m back!” Michael called, riding the hook back over.

    “Great! Now, Deoxys! Teleport!” I said.

    “What?!” Michael exclaimed as we Teleported to the next elevator. “You…you…aw, forget it.”

    “If anything, we’re saving Alexis and Ed the trouble when they get up here,” I reassured.

    “I’m going to rest up for the next big fight,” Deoxys said, clicking its ball and going inside. “By the way, look out.”

    “Huh?” I asked. It was then that my scar activated. I saw the Shadow Lickitung and its Trainer hanging from hooks.

    “Hah! So you finally found me! Well, you won’t be taking me down, I’ll tell you that! Lanturn, go!” the Peon said, sending out a Lanturn, an angler-like Pokémon with yellow light-balls on its forehead antennae. “Lickitung, get in there!” Lickitung jumped down.

    “Gallade, it’s showtime!” I said, bringing out Gallade.

    “Breloom, action!” Mark said, sending out Breloom.

    “Lanturn, Shock Wave!” Lanturn fired a Shock Wave at Gallade.

    “Gallade, Confusion!” Gallade’s Confusion drove the Shock Wave into the ground. “Now use Leaf Blade!”

    “Lickitung! Shadow Rush!” Lickitung swung from the hook with its tongue, flying at Gallade with Shadow Rush. It knocked Gallade far back, but Gallade grabbed another hook and managed to hold on.

    “Breloom, Mach Punch!” Breloom leapt at Lickitung with Mach Punch.

    “Lanturn, Protect!” Lanturn landed on Lickitung’s tongue and used Protect to defend against the attack. “Now use Supersonic!” Lanturn fired a Supersonic, which Breloom just managed to dodge.

    “You’ll need to do better than that! Breloom, Mega Drain!” Breloom began to drain energy from Lanturn.

    “Lickitung! Shadow Panic!” Lickitung began to use Shadow Panic. Gallade jumped from hook to hook to dodge, but since Breloom was using Mega Drain, it got caught by the attack.

    “No! Breloom!” Mark called out. Breloom nearly fell into a pit, but Gallade jumped and saved it.

    “I’m sorry bro, but there’s only one way to solve this! Gallade, use Psychic on Breloom!” Gallade used Psychic to lift Breloom up. “Now have it attack Lanturn and Lickitung over and over again!” Through Psychic, Breloom landed multiple punches and kicks on Lanturn and Lickitung.

    “I get it! By controlling its movements, Breloom won’t hurt itself in confusion! And Breloom won’t fall down, either! Go for it!” Mark encouraged.

    “Lickitung! Shadow Rush!” Lickitung jumped at Breloom, but Gallade made it dodge again.

    “Gallade, now! Have it split the two of them up!” Gallade’s Psychic made Breloom attack Lanturn during Lickitung’s jump, causing them to split apart. At that time, Breloom snapped out of confusion and looked around, wondering what was happening. It saw that it was above a pit, and began freaking out.

    “I think that’s the first time Breloom’s ever lost its cool. Regardless, use Giga Drain!” Mark called out. Gallade set Breloom on a hook.

    “Breloom!” Breloom replied. It then used Giga Drain to drain Lanturn’s energy.

    “Wait, wait! Why is it taking so much?!” the Peon asked.

    “Breloom’s holding a Big Root! It increases the effect of stamina-draining attacks!” Mark explained. Just then, Breloom had drained enough energy to knock Lanturn out.

    “Lickitung! Shadow Panic!” Lickitung jumped onto the ground and got ready to use Shadow Panic.

    “Gallade, Ice Punch!” Gallade, just behind Lickitung, attacked and froze Lickitung with an Ice Punch. “Now, Michael! Snag it!”

    “Right! Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing a Snag Ball. It took Lickitung in, wiggled, and clicked shut. “Yeah! LICKITUNG SNAGGED!”

    “What?! This…this can’t be!!...uh?” the Peon said. It was then that the hook he was on broke. “AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa….” we heard him scream. There was nothing until we heard a faint splash.

    “Oh. He’s fine,” I said.

    “Great job, team!” Mark said. We all then high-fived.

    “HEY!” we heard. We slowly and awkwardly turned to see Alexis and Ed at the starting point.

    “Where were you?! We busted our butts looking for you three!” Ed shouted.

    “And how do we get over there?!” Alexis called.

    “There’s a hook! Just grab it and ride on over!” I said.

    “No way! I’ve seen how reliable those are!” Alexis argued. We laughed, and they soon rode over. So, with more puzzles solved and more progress made, we forged ahead towards whatever lay in wait.
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    Chapter 198: You Could Drive A Truck Through Them

    After dealing with the platforming and hook-riding, we took another elevator up to another area. It was a fairly straightforward room, with light blue marks on the floor.

    “I wonder what these are?” I asked.

    “We can’t really see through them, so I guess they’re footholds,” Mark assumed.

    “There’s one of those boxes,” Alexis said, pointing to a Poke-Ball colored box. “What’s inside?” She opened it up, and a puppet Haunter popped out. “EEEEK!” Alexis screamed, drawing back onto one of the blue marks. When she landed on it, it disappeared and she fell through.

    “ALEXIS!” I shouted as she fell out of sight. “Metagross, let’s help-”

    “I’m okay!” I heard her call. “Just landed in that area with the hooks! I’ll catch up later; don’t worry about me!”

    “…if you’re sure,” I consented. We then moved ahead, but something shoved Mark.

    “UGH! Hey, what’s the big…idea…” Mark said, but then looked down in horror to see that he too was on a light blue mark. He fell through and the figure disappeared.

    “Uh-oh! Where did they go?!” Ed asked.

    “No clue. But we’ve gotta stay together and move ahead,” Michael said.

    “Right. Let’s go!” I agreed. We moved past a wall, and something really fast zoomed by. We tried to spot it, but couldn’t. Just then, a figure jumped in and shoved Ed onto a light blue mark.

    “Crap! AAAAAAHH!” Ed said as he fell through. My Pokegear then rang.


    “Hey, quit sending people down here!” Alexis said over the Pokegear.

    “Sorry! I’m going to find this prankster if it’s…gotcha!” I said, grabbing them just as they were about to push me over.

    “KIYAAAAAH!!” the Cipher Peon yelled, jumping away from me. “Okay, so you saw through my trick! But I’ve successfully divided your power and I’ll bring you in to Master Greevil!”

    “You do realize they can just come back up the elevator, right?” Michael asked.

    “……I’ll bring you in to Master Greevil!” she repeated.

    “Yup. Not all toes in the pond, if you know what I mean,” I said to Michael.

    “…nope, sorry.”

    “Doesn’t matter, a Cipher Peon’s a Cipher Peon! Golduck and Girafarig! Let’s do this!” I said, bringing out Golduck and Girafarig.

    “I see where you’re going! Scyther, Chansey! Go!” the Peon replied, sending out a Scyther and a Chansey, a fairy-like Pokémon with an egg in its pouch.

    “URK!” I said, my scar burning again. “They’re Shadow Pokémon, all right.”

    “Something’s wrong. Why are they so weak compared to others?” Michael asked, checking his Aura Reader.

    “Watch your mouth! I’ll show you weak! Scyther, Shadow Rush!” Scyther ran at Golduck and mowed it down with a Shadow Rush.

    “Golduck, go for it! Use Aqua Jet!” Golduck flew at Scyther with Aqua Jet. It landed a hit, but Scyther seemed unscathed.

    “Use Shadow Rush again!” Scyther got ready to use Shadow Rush on Golduck.

    “Girafarig, Thunder!” Girafarig let loose a Thunder that flew at Scyther. Scyther dodged, but ended up crashing into a wall.

    “Chansey, Shadow Rave!” Chansey sent out its Shadow Rave.

    “Girafarig, Mirror Coat!” Girafarig caught the attack and reflected it right back at Chansey, doing double damage. However, Chansey didn’t look like it took much damage.

    “Scyther, another Shadow Rush!” Scyther leapt at Girafarig, but its Shadow Rush missed. “Use Shadow Mist!” Scyther unleashed its Shadow Mist, distracting Golduck and Girafarig and lowering their evasion. That’s when I launched my plan. “Chansey! Shadow Rave!” Golduck and Girafarig soon came flying out of the mist, getting hit by Shadow Rave.

    “Golduck! Blizzard, now!” Golduck fired a Blizzard at Scyther, but it dodged and got behind Chansey. “You can’t hide forever! Golduck, use Rock Climb! And Girafarig, use Charge Beam!” Golduck used Rock Climb to send Chansey and Scyther into the air, splitting them up. It climbed up and nailed Chansey with the attack while Girafarig’s Charge Beam was super-effective against Scyther.

    “Chansey, Shadow Rave!” Chansey sent out another Shadow Rave.

    “Confusion!” Golduck and Girafarig reflected it back with Confusion, but neither opponent took much damage, especially Chansey.

    “What’s with Chansey?! It’s like it’s invincible!” Michael asked.

    “Chansey usually have an extremely high Special Defense. It’s going to be tough to break!” I answered.

    “What if I snagged it?”

    “Well then, that’d make things easier. However, I don’t think it’s down for the count yet.”

    “I beg to differ! I think it’s down enough for this!” Michael said, pulling out a Nest Ball.

    “All right, give it a go!” I said. “But first, I’ll do THIS! Golduck, Aerial Ace!” Golduck rammed into Chansey with Aerial Ace, sending it flying. “Now, Michael! Throw it!”

    “Right!” Michael said, charging it up. “SNAG BALL, GO!” Michael threw the Nest Ball, which took Chansey in. It wiggled for a LONG, LONG time, but finally caught the Pokémon. “Yeah! CHANSEY SNAGGED!”

    “Oh, no!” the Cipher Peon said, drawing back. I noticed that there was a light blue mark right behind her.

    “Golduck, Fury Swipes!” Golduck rushed at Scyther and used Fury Swipes, which Scyther blocked with its scythes. “Girafarig, Thunder!”

    “Rig? Rig!” Girafarig refused, shaking its head.

    “Duck, Golduck!” Golduck called back. Girafarig looked incredibly worried, but Golduck just nodded.

    “Golduck trusts you, and so do I. You can do it!” I said. Girafarig stood there, then finally used Thunder. The attack blasted both Golduck and Scyther, and they both fell to the ground. As Girafarig cried out, worried for Golduck, Golduck got up.

    “N-no! Golduck shouldn’t have survived!” the Peon shouted.

    “I beg to differ. During that Shadow Mist, I had Girafarig use Guard Swap with Chansey, increasing its Defense and Special Defense! And then I had Golduck use Psych Up to copy the stat changes, thereby increasing its defenses as well!” I explained. “And that, as they say, is that.”

    “And now it's my turn! Snag Ball, go!” Michael said, throwing out a Snag Ball. It took Scyther in, wiggled, and finally clicked shut. “SCYTHER SNAGGED!”

    “NOOO! Greevil will be furious with me!” the Peon screamed. Golduck shot a Hydro Pump at her, causing her to fall on the light blue mark. It disappeared, and she fell through. “AAAAAAHHH! YOU’LL PAY FOR THIIIIIIIIISSSS!” she yelled, falling down. We listened, but we didn’t hear a landing this time.

    “Ehm, we’re too high up to hear anything. She probably survived, right?” Michael asked.

    “I don’t care,” I answered.

    “Guys, we made it!” Alexis called out, coming over to us with Ed and Mark. “How’d you two fare?”

    “We fared fine. I’m glad you three are safe!” I said as Alexis and I hugged.

    “I don’t ever want to have to do that again,” Ed said.

    “Well, there’s another elevator. Let’s see where it takes us!” Mark said.

    “Hold up,” I said, pointing to Golduck and Girafarig. We decided to give them a minute, as they had “that look” on their faces. “So, how are your Pokémon doing?”

    “Well, we’ve put them all through the gauntlet today, so I think we need to proceed with caution,” Mark suggested.

    “If only there were a healing machine! I mean, we’d probably have to go back into the volcano section of the island since there was one there, but…” Ed said.

    “…but that’s where Deoxys comes in!” Alexis said. “It can use Teleport, right? We can heal up our Pokémon, then come back here!”

    “Good idea, except I can only Teleport one person at a time. Maybe I should multiply into my clones and carry you all!” Deoxys suggested through me.

    “That’d work!...if you don’t mind,” Michael requested.

    “Mind?! Anything to bring justice to these fiends! Let’s give this a try!” Deoxys said, moving my hand so that I sent it out. “Now, hang on! We’re going for a little ride!” Deoxys then multiplied into its clones, each of them taking us as I recalled Golduck and Girafarig. We flew through the area, backtracking to the volcano and finding the healing machine. We took the time to heal our Pokémon, then made our way back to the starting point.

    “Thanks, Deoxys. All right, everyone! Let’s move ahead! We’ve gotta be close now!” I said as we stepped into the next elevator. If only I knew how right AND wrong I was…
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