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    Chapter 43: On the Road Again

    “Okay, send this to them back at home!”


    We were back in Rustboro City and Professor Birch had agreed to send Zapdos to me by flight. I sent Zapdos off with a message from me to Dad saying “Mission Accomplished” as well as a picture of me, Deoxys, Ed, and Articuno. Oh, and I’d also sent the necklace I picked up in Mirage Tower to Alexis, seeing as the next day was her birthday.

    “Hey, Mike! You ready to shove off to Sootopolis?” Mr. Briney called.

    “I sure am! Let’s set sail!” I replied.

    “Gull, Wingull!” Peeko added.

    It took us about a week, but we made it to Sootopolis City. The Ever Grande Conference started on the next day, and I needed to make it through Victory Road all the way to Ever Grande City, the city surrounded by water. So, I got out all my Pokémon to make the last leg of the journey with me. Espeon and I grabbed onto Golduck who was using Surf, Deoxys carried Girafarig, and Medicham meditated on top of Metagross as we all swam across the water. Once we made it to land, we all began running toward our destination. There was a cavern there, so Espeon used Flash to guide us. Once we made it out, we saw a huge chasm. Usually, people were taken to Ever Grande another way, so I felt like an idiot. Anyway, Deoxys used Confusion on all of us and we got over the chasm. Waiting for us were boulders, so Medicham used Strength to lift them, and Girafarig used Rock Smash to crush the rest. We moved on to a more grassy area, and Metagross used Cut to get past a thicket. Soon, Ever Grande City was right in sight. We were almost there! We could just feel the-

    “Hey, kid! Hold up!”

    Timing. Ain't it grand? “Yes?” I asked. I saw two men, one of which had sky blue hair, a white beret, and a white outfit with a matching cape. The other had a pinkish mohawk, a pink shirt, black vest, and brown pants.

    “You here for the Hoenn League Championship?” the mohawk guy said. “From the look of you, you came up the waterfall!”

    “That’s right,” I replied.

    “Well, you could’ve just come up the mountain path,” the man in white said. I stared in utter disbelief, and then my Pokémon and I fell to the ground. Both of the men laughed.

    “Nice to meet you, kid! I’m Sidney!” the mohawk guy said as he helped me up.

    “I’m Mike.”

    “Yes, my friend Steven has told me about you! I’m Wallace,” the man in white said.

    “…Wallace?! As in-”

    “…the former Gym Leader of Sootopolis, that’s me.”

    “Nice to meet you both. Oh, Wallace! Just so you know, Winona got your gift!”

    “Really?” Wallace said, surprised. He then smiled, looked away, and said, “I’m glad.”

    “Man, you’ve still got it bad for her!” Sidney teased. He then turned to me. “So, you’re Mike McCarver? The young up-and-comer with Psychic Pokémon?”

    “That’s right! I’m here to kick butt and win tournaments!...and I’m all out of butt.”

    “I like your style, kid! As it happens, I’m a member of the Hoenn Elite Four and I’ll take your challenge! To see if you’re ready for Ever Grande, of course!” Sidney said, getting up.

    “E-Elite Four?!”

    “So, what do you say? Want to battle?”

    “Sid, he just got here! AND after climbing the waterfall and going through all that! No way would he be able to-” Wallace protested.

    “I accept!”

    “Should’ve known better,” Wallace said, exasperated. We took our places on either side of Wallace. He then said, “This official battle between Sidney, member of the Hoenn Elite Four, and Mike from Littleroot Town will now begin! Each trainer will be allotted the use of one Pokémon with no substitutions, and battle will end when either Trainer’s Pokémon is unable to continue! Begin!”

    “Let’s go, Mightyena!”

    “It’s showtime, Espeon!”

    He sent out a very strong-looking Mightyena against Espeon.

    “Not a very good choice, kiddo! I specialize in Dark-Types! You should’ve picked Medicham!”

    “Even though I value all my Pokémon equally, Espeon’s been my partner from the beginning! We’ll win this together!”


    “Famous last words! Mightyena, use Bite!” Mightyena lunged forward, fangs beared.

    “Dodge and use Swift!” Espeon used Swift. “Now, use Psychic!” Espeon’s Psychic caused the Swift to form a spiral. “This was my appeal for the Pacifidlog Contest! Gather them all up with your tail!” Espeon jumped through the spiral, spinning so as to gather all the stars into one big one. It landed with the big star on its tail.

    “Wow, stunning!” Wallace said, amazed.

    “What the-?!” Sidney said, astounded.

    “Now, let’s see Mightyena dance! Let ‘er rip!” Espeon unleashed the stars, which scattered and hit Mightyena’s feet, causing Mightyena to jump around.

    “Mightyena! Focus Energy!” Mightyena pumped itself up, even though it couldn’t exactly focus on its target. “Now use Shadow Ball!” It fired a Shadow Ball blindly. Unfortunately, it blindly fired it right at Espeon.

    “Counter that with Signal Beam!” Espeon fired a Signal Beam that did major damage to Mightyena, even though the Shadow Ball did even more to Espeon. “Okay, use Take Down!” Espeon charged at Mightyena with a Take Down.

    “Mightyena, use Hyper Beam!” Mightyena could see at this point, to my misfortune. It fired a Hyper Beam, which nailed Espeon for a critical hit. Espeon looked down and almost out.

    “Espeon, no! Rrgh, it must’ve been because of Focus Energy!”

    “Mightyena, get ready!” Mightyena growled in response, ready to take Espeon out.

    “We’re not going down without a fight! Espeon, think you can keep going?”

    “Espe!” it said, getting to its feet.

    “Mike, you’re making a mistake. Pushing Espeon like this is unadvisable, seeing as it’s clearly hurt. It won’t survive another Hyper Beam, much less withstand one! The best thing for you-and Espeon-to do is to surrender, and there’s no shame in that,” Sidney said.

    “It’s not my call, Sid! If Espeon wants to continue, then we’re continuing! I trust its judgement, and I know it trusts mine! That’s how great our bond is! Espeon, let’s go! Into the air!”

    “Espe!” it said, jumping into the air.

    “All right, but just know that you’re clearly not ready for Ever Grande! MIGHTYENA, FINISH IT WITH HYPER BEAM!”

    “Espeon, Giga Impact! FULL POWER!”

    Mightyena fired an even bigger Hyper Beam upward. Espeon activated Giga Impact and pushed against Mightyena’s Hyper Beam with downward momentum. I could swear a saw Espeon turn into a comet for a brief second. Anyway, Espeon slammed into Mightyena below. When the dust cleared, Espeon barely got to its feet, as did Mightyena. The two just stood there for a while, breathing heavily. After a while, Espeon fell to the ground, knocked out.

    “Espeon is unable to battle! Mightyena is-huh?!” Wallace said. Mightyena suddenly fell down as well. “Uh…Mightyena is also unable to battle! That means that this battle is a draw!”

    “Espeon, you okay?” I asked, running over. Espeon nodded. “You were so awesome, pal! You held you own against an Elite Four Pokémon!” I said, hugging it. The other Pokémon came over and congratulated Espeon as well.

    “Espe, Espe!” Espeon said to us.

    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw saw Sidney close his eyes, smile, and return Mightyena to its Poke Ball, saying: “I’m proud of you, partner. Great job!” He and Wallace then came over to us. “Let me tell you, Mike…I’ve never had such a fun battle. I was wrong;
    you’re more than ready for Ever Grande, and you have my support all the way! If you can hold up against us, then you can do anything! Great job!” he said as he held out his hand. I shook it, ecstatic to get such a compliment.

    “Your Pokémon are simply amazing, Mike! You ever think about doing Contests?” Wallace asked.

    “Sorry, but if I were to enter my brother’s field of work, then I’d never get anywhere! Especially not with him around!”

    “Haha, should’ve expected as much from the son of David McCarver!”

    “Wait, does that mean you’re-” I asked as I pointed to the patch on my hat.

    “No, as Hoenn Champion, I’m too busy to be a part of the PWE. I’m only a liason, and I know OF it through Steven and Sidney here.”

    “That’s right,” Sidney said, showing me his patch underneath his vest. “Now go out there and win one for all of us, eh, kid?”

    “Will do! And thanks again! Let’s go, guys!” I said. We then went off to Ever Grande City. At registration, I got signed up, receiving my instructions and living assignments. I then took my Pokémon to the Pokémon Center, where I found a familiar face.

    “Long time no see. Ready to finally settle things?” Paul said upon seeing me.

    “I’ve been ready for a long time,” I replied coldly.

    With my rival in the competition as well, I knew this Championship would turn out to be one of the roughest I’d ever compete in.
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    Chapter 44: Practice Makes Perfect

    “So, you made it after all, Mike. I was starting to think you and your ‘friends’ wouldn’t show.”

    “So, what all badges did you earn?”

    “See for yourself,” he said, holding out his badge case. In it were badges I recognized, and some I didn’t recognize.

    “You didn’t go to Petalburg?” I asked, noting the lack of a Balance Badge.

    “I heard the Gym Leader there was almost at Elite Four level. I didn’t want to face him until Grotle evolved, but that took too long, so I didn’t go.”

    “That’s a shame,” I said, whipping out my badge case. He saw the Balance Badge and smirked.

    “Well, maybe there’s something to be said for luck,” he responded. I fell to the ground.


    “Whatever; you’re that much weaker if you lost.”

    “Need I remind you that you lost to me in Slateport City?”

    “What was that?!”

    “Paul, your Pokémon are ready!” Nurse Joy said. He took them, glared at me, then stormed out of the Center. I pulled down my eye and gave him a raspberry after he was out of sight. It wasn’t long after when my Pokémon were ready. I took them out side, but then looked to see Paul talking to a giant green turtle-like Pokémon with huge trees on its back. I got out my Pokedex.

    “Torterra, the Continent Pokémon. Torterra is the evolved form of Grotle. Small Pokémon occasionally gather on Torterra’s back to make small nests.”

    “Grotle evolved. Not good,” I said to myself. I then went off to my assigned home: a beachhouse-like place. I let out all my Pokémon and we went exploring. This house was all kinds of cool; made me want to live in it instead of my parents’ mansion.

    “Well, this is certainly nice!”

    Speak of the devil. My parents were inside the door, looking around.

    “H…Hey, guys! Come on in,” I said, my buzz now killed.

    “It’s certainly a far cry from our home, but it’s still nice,” Mom said, looking at everything.

    “For your information, I like it a LOT more than that mansion of yours!” I replied.

    “Then remind us to get you one!” Mom said.

    “Really? Thanks, but let’s discuss that after this is over!”

    “Anyway, I’m proud of you, Mike. This adventure of yours has done a lot more for you than your father or I ever have.”

    “No, Mom. Your support has helped me in my journey. Yours, Dad’s, Alexis’…everyone back home! I couldn’t have done this without you all. And now I’m going to return the favor by winning this Championship!”

    “That’s my boy!” Dad said. “Do your best! We’ll be cheering for you in the stands!”

    “You’d better!” I replied.

    “So, do you have any more rooms?” Mom asked.


    “Not for us; we’re staying in another place. I meant for any visitors!”

    “Oh. Yeah, two bedrooms here. Why?”

    “Here’s why!” a voice said. I grinned, ran to the source, and we greeted via our lips meeting.

    “Great to see you, Alexis! Sorry I couldn’t stop by before coming here!” I said.

    “I understand. Your friend Ed told me the whole story on his way to Lilycove City.”

    “Cool. Wait-” I said, eyeing her outfit. “…why are you in your school uniform?”

    “Uh, end-of-the-year class trip? Sorry I didn’t tell you!” she said, blushing. I also noticed she was wearing the necklace.

    “Oh, boy,” I said in despair. The WHOLE CLASS had come to this event! If I lost, I’d never hear the end of it because they would’ve seen all of it.

    “So, you have spare bedrooms, do you?” Alexis asked as my parents slipped out the door, waving.

    “Rrrrrrrright this way,” I said to her as I led her to the rooms. She let out Mightyena to play with the other Pokémon. That afternoon, I had called Mark for some tips on that move of Empoleon’s: Avalanche. I wanted to teach it to Deoxys, because I was thinking that if Paul and I DID face off, it might come down to Deoxys against Torterra, which was a Grass and Ground Type. An Ice Attack would certainly be helpful in that situation, so naturally, we needed to practice it.

    “Okay, let’s try again!”

    “You got it! Espeon, Psybeam!” Espeon used Psybeam on Deoxys, which did little damage.

    “Okay, here we go! AVALANCHE!” it said. Its gem glowed with a white light, but a few snowflakes flew out. “That’s just pitiful,” Deoxys said.

    “Hey, no worries! We got SOMETHING out, right? We just need more practice!”

    “My turn! Mightyena, Fire Fang!” Alexis said. Mightyena bit Deoxys with a Fire Fang.

    “Ow ow ow ow! Okay, AVALANCHE!” it said again. It blasted Mightyena with an Avalanche, this time at full power.

    “Uh…maybe it needed something to light its fires?” I said sheepishly.

    “Not funny!” Alexis said as she tended to Mightyena.

    “Okay, let’s try again! Metagross, use Meteor Mash!” Metagross nailed Deoxys with Meteor Mash.

    “Oof, okay. AVALANCHE!” Deoxys retaliated with an Avalanche, just as powerful as before.

    “Okay, looks like you’ve got the hang of it,” I said.

    “I guess. We need to try a battle just to be sure.” Just then, a Solrock flew in front of us.

    “Cholololorock!” it said.

    “What did it say?” I asked.

    “It said, ‘I’ll provide the battle you need!’” Deoxys translated.

    “Okay, thanks! Deoxys, you ready?”


    “Start off with Night Shade!” Deoxys fired a Night Shade at Solrock, who dodged and nailed Deoxys with a Psywave. “Okay, Avalanche!” Deoxys fired an Avalanche at Solrock, who barely dodged and took minor damage. It then retaliated with a Solarbeam. “Use Confusion!” Deoxys used Confusion to catch the attack and fling it back at Solrock. Solrock dodged and used Fire Spin. “Take in that attack!” The attack surrounded Deoxys. “Now use Avalanche!” Deoxys fired another Avalanche, but Solrock dodged again. “Rrgh, it’s not working!” It was then that Solrock nailed Deoxys with a Tackle. “Now, use Avalanche again!” Deoxys fired yet another Avalanche, but this time, since Solrock was at close range, it couldn’t dodge. Solrock fell to the ground, hurt. “Solrock! Deoxys, stop!”


    “Solrock, are you okay?” I asked it.

    “Cholololrock!” it said as if nothing had happened.

    “That’s good,” Alexis said. “I wonder who this Solrock belongs to?”

    “Who, indeed. The only way a Pokémon would come to us so easily is if it knew us. And it would know us if we’d battled it before. Isn’t that right, TATE?”
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    Chapter 45: Jealousy Springs Eternal

    “Isn’t that right, TATE?” I asked, looking toward the house. Sure enough, there was Tate, grinning.

    “Well, you’re certainly a sharp one!” he said as he ran over. When he got to me, we high-fived.

    “Lexi, this is Tate, co-Gym Leader of Mossdeep City! Tate, this is Alexis, my long-time best friend and…um…”

    “Mike, you can say it!” Alexis said, grinning. This caused me to grin back.

    “…and my girlfriend,” I finished.

    “Nice to meet you!” Alexis said, shaking Tate’s hand.

    “And you! Man, girlfriend? That’s not good,” Tate said, worriedly.

    “Why’s that?” Alexis asked, confused.

    “WAIT. You don’t mean-?!” I said, hoping for the best and expecting the worst.

    “Yup,” Tate replied.

    “Oh, dear,” I said, woefully. Why is it always the worst?

    “What?” Alexis asked.

    “HEY, MIKE!!!!” a voice called out. I looked up, and to my COMPLETE surprise, Liza was running up. She grabbed onto me and said, “I just KNEW you’d make it into the Ever Grande Championship! I’m going to be cheering the LOUDEST for you, I guarantee!”

    “Uh…hey…Liza…” I said, very much awkward from the situation.


    “Uh…yes, Alexis?”

    “Who. Is. This.”

    “I’m Liza, co-Gym Leader of Mossdeep City! And you are…?”

    “Alexis Jameson. Mike’s best friend.”

    “I see! Well, any friend of Mike’s is a friend of mine!” She said, shaking Alexis’ hand over and over again. “So, BEST friend?”

    “Ah, uh, so! What are you guys doing here? I mean, shouldn’t you be at the Gym?!” I asked, trying to get off the subject.

    “We really wanted to come see this! Plus, not many Trainers come to the Gym during the Championship,” Tate said.

    “So we gave Xatu and Claydol to Mom so that she could run the Gym, and we came here to see you! We’ll be at ALL your battles!”

    “Y-yeah…great…” I said, nervous as all hell. I was even more so because I could see the veins in Alexis’ head. It was almost as if she was on fire or something.

    “Attention, all participants! In two minutes, all registration for this Championship will close and the preliminary pairings will be decided! And the torch will be lighted with the flame of Moltres at seven ‘o clock! Trainers, please report to the main registration hall!”

    “Uh-oh,” I said. I ran over to the registration hall right at the one-minute point, with the others on my heels. Right on cue, a brown-haired boy ran up to the desk and registered at the last moment possible. “Hey, Wally! Cutting it close, aren’t you?”
    He turned and said, “Sorry, but I had to sneak out of my house! My uncle wasn’t too cool with this whole idea, but I HAD to do it! Anyway, maybe we’ll finally get that match you were talking about, Mike!”

    “Looking forward to it, bud!” I replied as I shook his hand.

    “Attention, competitors! The pairings for the preliminaries tomorrow are being chosen now!” I looked to find myself facing a sort of muscular guy named John.

    “Okay, sounds interesting,” I said.

    “Mike, I need to report back to the class in about ten minutes,” Alexis said. She then grabbed my neck and said, “…so don’t do anything CRAZY while I’m gone.”

    “Yes, ma’am!” I said in a high-pitched voice.

    “Good. See you after the ceremony!” She then stormed off (I could literally see the storm over her head).

    “Mike, we’re going to, uh, go to the stands! See you later!” Tate said, having to drag Liza off.

    “Bye!” she called out.

    “Oh, this is going to be a nightmare,” I said to Wally. “I mean, Alexis is going to kill me if Liza keeps this up!”

    “Girls sure are possessive, aren’t they?” Wally noted.

    “Yeah. Alexis is usually easy to forgive, but this might be a different case altogether. I might have to take desperate measures, but I can’t risk any bonds I’ve made.”

    “Well, you think about that at the ceremony. Let’s go!” Wally said. We went to the main stadium, where a throng of people was waiting in the stands. I could see my classmates, but to my horror, Rick was next to Alexis. I couldn’t do a thing but glare, especially since Wally hit me over the head before I could rush over. Suddenly, I heard a riot outside the stadium. Everybody stopped to see what it was, but not everybody could see it. I made my way outside to where the riot was taking place. An Armaldo and a Cradily were attacking the torchbearer and her Jolteon. Commanding the other Pokémon were the usual bad guys, Ashley and Olson. Luckily, they weren’t facing me, so I got Espeon out and had it use Psychic on all four of them.

    “Wait, what’s happening, Orson?!”

    “You’re saying my name wrong, that’s what!”

    “Hey, guys! Didn’t your mother ever teach you it’s impolite to attack girls?” I said, walking up.

    “THE RUNT!”

    “See ya la vista! Espeon, Hidden Power!” Espeon’s Hidden Power sent the four of them flying.

    “TEAM ROCKET’S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!” they screamed as they vanished into the evening sky.

    “They make it easier every time. Hey, you all right?” I asked the torchbearer. She had a blonde ponytail and a track uniform.

    “Ow, ow, ow! I can’t…I can’t walk! I can’t bring it in!” she said, trying to get up.

    “Don’t worry. I’ll help you inside the stadium!” I said, helping her up and putting her arm over my shoulders. “I’m Mike.”

    “Paige,” she said weakly. We then moved forward. Espeon and Jolteon followed us into the stadium, where several Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys were waiting.

    “There’s no way this girl can take the flame to the top of the stadium!” the head Officer Jenny said.

    “I’ll do it,” I said, taking the flame of Moltres in hand. “It’s showtime, Espeon!”

    “Espe!” it replied. We then ran into the stadium, all the Trainers moving back to make room for us. We ran up the steps to the giant torch where we lit it, causing the whole crowd to cheer as the flame burned five times as large. Espeon and I smiled at each other, ready for the festivities to begin. After it was over, we went to see Paige, who was in a cast.

    “Thanks for helping me, Mike. I hate playing the damsel in distress, but…”

    “Hey, don’t worry. Even though they’re complete idiots, they’re decent Trainers. I’ll see to it that they’re taken down!” I said, striking a pose. Espeon then whacked me with an Iron Tail. “Thanks, I kinda went crazy there,” I said weakly. Paige laughed.

    “Anyway, thanks for your help! I really hope I get to face you in the Conference!” she said.

    “You and me both, sister!” I said, shaking her hand. We said goodbye, then left just as another guy came in. We met Alexis outside and returned to the house together, not saying a word.
    Later that night, I was checking on things before bed, and saw Alexis on the porch. I went out there and stood next to her for a while.

    “Can’t sleep?” I finally asked.

    “No,” she responded.

    “…not enough Mareep to count?”

    “Heh. No, I can sleep, but I’ve got so much on my mind.”

    “Yeah? Would any of it have to do with Liza?”

    “And that girl Paige. I mean, all these girls that you seem to be around and it just aggravates me!”

    “Alexis, calm down. If it makes you feel better, I got jealous seeing you with Rick. And all the guys back at school who approached.”

    “…well, that does make me feel a little better, but somehow guilty, too.”

    “That’s something we need to work on, I guess. We need to control our jealousy if our relationship can remain healthy.”

    “I know. And I’m sorry I did that to you. It’s just that…I’m afraid that some girl like Liza will take you from me!”

    “Don’t be ridiculous. You know that I’ll never love another girl.”

    This made her stare, surprised. She smiled and asked, “What?”

    I thought back to what I said, stammered for a bit, then finally smiled, put my arms around her waist, and said, “I…I love you. I always have.”

    “…I love you too,” she responded, her arms around my neck. We then spent the rest of the night watching the moon, safe in the knowledge that we’d taken a crucial step in our relationship. With Lexi backing me, I knew that my Pokémon and I would win this. For everyone back home…for all our bonds…and for her.
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    Chapter 46: Passing the Preliminaries

    “Wake up!” a familiar voice said. I opened my eyes to see Rick glaring at me. It didn’t take me long to realize that Alexis and I were still on the porch from last night.

    “R-Rick! Hey, man! What’s up?” I said, getting up in a hurry.

    “Don’t ‘what’s up’ me! You and Alexis were…!”

    “No, man. We did NOTHING. Well, except kiss, but that’s natural!”

    “That’s what I was going to say! You two kissed! And I’m not too sure I’m happy with that!”

    “Rick, you treat Alexis like some sort of object without thinking about her feelings. And I’M not too sure I’m happy with THAT! I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

    “Not without Alexis! The class has to meet up to be divided into groups for the project, and she’s part of the class!”

    “*sigh* Lex, do you hear that?”

    “Don’t worry! I’ll still be there to cheer you on in the stands! Rick, you go on ahead. I’ll be there in a few,” Alexis said, getting her stuff ready.

    “No way! I know what you’re planning! I’ve had it with you always getting Alexis! You don’t deserve her! Know why?! Because you’ve always been a loser and you’ll always BE a loser! You got to where you are through LUCK! You’re…” he continued to rant.

    “Mightyena, let’s play a little game I like to call ‘How to lose a guy in ten seconds!’ The rules: just keep using Fire Fang on Rick!” Alexis said, pissed off.

    “RAAARR!” Mightyena roared as it bit into Rick with a Fire Fang.


    “Well, good! You could use some smarts,” I replied as Rick ran away from Mightyena.

    After Alexis and I had gotten ready, we went down to the main registration hall together. There, we kissed goodbye, wished each other luck, and went our separate ways. I waited with Wally to see when and where the Trainers would battle. My match was about an hour later, on Field 13. We went to the stadium, and I took my place across from John, that muscular guy. The preliminaries went like this: first was a one-on-one battle to cut the competition in half. Then, you had to win two out of three double battles in order to move on to the top 32. The judge gave us the signal to choose our Pokémon.

    “Okay, Espeon! Showtime!” I sent out Espeon.

    “I thought you’d try that! Cacturne, go!” He sent out a Cacturne, which looked like a cactus/scarecrow. “See, after seeing that Espeon last night, I knew I should come prepared for something to fight it! Like a Dark-Type! You’ve got no chance to win! You’ve got-”

    “Signal Beam,” I said, already bored.

    “Espe,” Espeon said, nailing Cacturne with a Signal Beam. With one shot, Cacturne was down for the count.

    “Wha-what just happened?!” John said. “My poor Cacturne!”

    “Uh, Cacturne is unable to battle! Espeon is the winner, and victory in this match goes to Mike of Littleroot Town!”

    And with that…um…challenging…battle, I moved on in the preliminaries. I somehow managed to make peace with John; probably mentioning the Pokerus was what did it. Anyway, I’d let the register lady know about Espeon’s Pokerus, so if it were illegal, she would’ve barred me, right? Anyway, I saw Wally and his Delcatty waste his opponent and their Flygon.

    “Way to go, buddy!” I said.

    “You, too! We’re going to be facing off in the finals before you know it!” Wally said as he received my high-five. Alexis, Liza and Tate came and congratulated us. Liza raved as usual, and Alexis and Tate had to fill in the praise for Wally.

    “Okay, Wally! Looks like your next opponent is George, who uses Fighting types!” I said, looking at the charts later that day.

    “And your opponent is Logan, who uses Electric types!” Wally replied, also looking at the charts.

    We wished each other luck, then went to our respective fields. I owned Logan’s Manectric and Electrode with Metagross and Medicham. From what I heard, Wally did the same to some George’s Machamp and Primeape. There was to be no battling after that, and the next day was a free day, so the gang and I went exploring through the town. Hearing that the local pasta place made some of the best noodles in the world, we stopped there to eat. We then went to the park and let our Pokémon out to play, and stayed there for a while. Unfortunately, Alexis’ classmates were also there. Rick came over to us.

    “Don’t think I’ve forgotten today, loser! I’m here to get my revenge!” he said angrily.

    “Rick, just go. You’re causing nothing but trouble! Why can’t you take a hint?!” I asked just as angrily.

    “Dude, c’mon. We’ve got an assignment to do,” Curly said, coming over.

    “It ain’t worth it!” Larry added.

    “It is for me! I’ll take you down once and for all and then Alexis will be mine!” Rick said, mad as ever. It was at that point that Alexis went up to him and slapped him.

    “Rick, there is NO way in the world that I would ever go out with you! So cut it out already!” she said right to his face.

    “Ah, so you’d rather settle on someone who’s not even there most of the time?” he replied. This made Alexis look down, but I stepped forward.

    “Rick, it’s her choice and hers alone! Who she chooses and what she does isn’t YOUR decision; it’s all about how SHE feels!”

    “Screw how she feels!”

    And so I punched him. That caused us to fight, tumbling into the river below. Finally I shoved him down, and said, “Look at this! This is pathetic! We have to stop this!”

    “No! You’ve had it coming! Fight me now!” he said, ready to go.

    “Girafarig, use Thunder on the water,” I said. Girafarig hesitated, then electrocuted the water, and me and Rick along with it.

    “Mike! You okay?!” Liza called.

    “Mike! That was the dumbest idea ever!” Alexis said.

    “…man, I’m sorry,” Rick said. “I guess I was so obsessed with being the best that I couldn’t stand being…bested by the guy I’ve been tormenting for years. Now I know how you felt, being on the bottom.”

    “No, that’s not it. I felt like the world was against me. But if there’s any advice I could give, it’s that it’s always darkest before the dawn. Trust me, keep your friends close to you and that dawn will come soon. I know that for a fact,” I said as I turned to my friends on shore.

    “Thanks, Mike. I’ll remember that,” he said as we got out. Just then, Olivia came over to us.

    “Everything all right here? I could’ve sworn I saw lightning…” she said. Rick perked up.

    “Everything’s just fine!” Rick said quickly. He then went over to her and said, “Although I do feel a little shock. Any way you could… help me out?” And with that, Rick and Olivia went off.

    “Like I said, that was the smartest idea ever!” Alexis said, embarrassed.

    “Shock treatment: the best way to get bullies off your back!” I said.

    The next day, I faced off with a kid named Eric who used a Vibrava and a Weezing. I sent out Golduck and Girafarig to battle. I was struggling a bit at first, because he was having Vibrava use Earthquake and Weezing use aerial attacks. But then:

    “Golduck, use Blizzard!” Golduck’s Blizzard froze the ground below just as Vibrava was coming down for another Earthquake. As soon as it hit the ice, it slipped and caused a half-as-powerful Earthquake.

    “Weezing, Sludge attack!” Weezing fired a purple blob at Girafarig.

    “Girafarig, use Confusion!” Girafarig recovered from the Earthquake in time to catch the Sludge and fire it right back.

    “Vibrava, Dragonbreath while it’s distracted!” Vibrava fired a Dragonbreath at Girafarig while it was using Confusion. Girafarig couldn’t move, and so it couldn’t stop the attack. Golduck did, though. It blocked the attack with its arm, and not even at my command, strangely. Girafarig looked surprised at this.

    “Great, Golduck! Now hit Vibrava with Blizzard!” Golduck’s Blizzard greatly damaged Vibrava. “Girafarig, use Psybeam!” Girafarig fired a Psybeam that knocked out Weezing.

    “Great job, Weezing! Vibrava, use full power Dragonbreath!” Vibrava fired a Dragonbreath at Golduck.

    “Rig!” Girafarig said, using Mirror Coat to intercept the attack and fired it right back, knocking out Vibrava. Golduck looked startled.

    “Vibrava and Weezing are unable to battle! Golduck and Girafarig are the winners, and victory goes to Mike from Littleroot Town!”

    “Way to go, you two!” I shouted. The two looked at each other and smiled. “Uh, what…oh.” I said, understanding the situation.

    “You did it, Mike!” Alexis said, coming out to embrace me.

    “Awesome job!” The twins said, also coming out to the field. Above Alexis I could see Rick in the stands next to Olivia. They were applauding and he saluted me. I tried to salute him back, but was quickly mobbed by Liza beforehand. Later, I found out that Wally had won his battle as well, and so we waited on the Top 32 Results at registration.

    “And now, we will present the Top 32 and who they’ll face tomorrow!” a voice said. Soon, the pairings appeared. Paul was all the way over in another bracket. Wally was also facing some random Trainer, so that was good. As soon as I got to me, I looked at my opponent.

    “No way! PAIGE?!” I said. She then came up to me.

    “Well, this ought to be fun!” she said.

    “You up to this? I mean, your leg-”

    “Most definitely. You?”

    “…absolutely,” I said confidently.

    With that, I was ready to begin the final stretch of the journey to the top. Even though she had an injured leg, Paige’s technique couldn’t have been faulty if she made it this far, so I had to be ready for anything.
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    Chapter 47: Facing the Eevolutions

    “Paige, best of luck today!”

    “You too, Mike!”

    “And now, we will begin the second match of the day! Mike McCarver of Littleroot Town faces Paige Ingle of Goldenrod City! Each trainer will be allowed the use of six Pokémon in a full single battle! Both trainers may substitute Pokémon as they wish, and when half of either trainer’s Pokémon are unable to battle, we will break for a field change! Now, let’s see what field these two will battle on!” The screen above showed our faces, six slots for our Pokémon, and a circle with water, leaf, rock, and snowflake symbols separated. The circle then spun arrows around all eight sections (there were two of each symbol) until they began to slow down and landed on the water symbol. With that, the field opened to reveal a field similar to that of the Sootopolis Gym: a water field with several floes.

    “Trainers, select your Pokémon!” the judge said. By this time, we’d shook hands and gone to our respective positions.

    “Go, Espeon!” Paige said.

    “Go, Golduck!” I said.

    She sent out her own Espeon against my Golduck.

    “Espeon, use Psybeam!” Espen fired a Psybeam at Golduck.

    “Use Confusion, Golduck!” Golduck caught the attack with Confusion, then reversed it at Espeon.

    “Dodge and use Quick Attack!” Espeon lunged at Golduck with Quick Attack.

    “Golduck, Dive!” Golduck went under the water to dodge the attack, then nailed Espeon with its head. “All right, now use Aqua Jet!” Golduck dove at Espeon with Aqua Jet, sending it into the side of the field and dropping it in the water. “Finish it with Psychic!” Golduck grabbed Espeon with Psychic, then slammed it against a floe, causing it to pass out.

    “Espeon, no!”

    “Espeon is unable to battle! Golduck is the winner!” With that, Espeon’s picture on the screen disappeared. Paige returned Espeon to its Poke Ball and got another out.

    “Go, Jolteon!” She sent out her Jolteon, a yellow Eevolution with spikes everywhere.

    “Golduck, return!” I said, returning Golduck to its Poke Ball. “Great job, pal. Rest up. Okay, Metagross! You’re up!” I said as I sent Metagross out.

    “This should be an even match! Jolteon, use Thunder!” Jolteon fired a Thunder at Metagross.

    “Metagross, use Zen Headbutt!” Metagross dodged the Thunder and nailed Jolteon with a Zen Headbutt. However, Jolteon’s Static ability then paralyzed Metagross. “Uh-oh!”

    “Jolteon, use Shock Wave!” Jolteon’s Shock Wave did a bit of damage to Metagross.

    “Metagross, use Meteor Mash!” Metagross tried to use Meteor Mash, but was stopped halfway through because of the paralysis.

    “Jolteon, Take Down!” Jolteon nailed Metagross’s face with Take Down.

    “Now’s your chance! Hyper Beam!” Metagross fired a Hyper Beam from short range, doing a number on Jolteon. “Now grab it and spin!” Metagross levitated into the air, grabbed Jolteon, and spun around with it. “Reverse Release!” Metagross stopped and let go, causing Jolteon to hit the side of the field and faint.

    “Jolteon is unable to battle! Metagross is the winner!”

    “Way to go, Jolteon. Take a rest,” Paige said as she returned Jolteon to its Poke Ball. “Flareon, you’re up!” She sent out a Flareon, a red Eevolution with an orange mane and bushy tail.

    “Metagross, use Psychic!” Metagross couldn’t move because of the paralysis.

    “Flareon, Overheat!” Flareon fired a humongous stream of fire at Metagross, who couldn’t dodge. With one hit, Metagross passed out.

    “Metagross is unable to battle! Flareon is the winner!”

    “You did great, pal!” I said to Metagross as I returned it to its Poke Ball. “Golduck, let’s go again!” Golduck returned to the field, ready to battle.

    “Flareon, return!” She said, returning Flareon to its Poke Ball. “Vaporeon, let’s do it!” She sent out Vaporeon, a blue Eevolution with a mermaid-like tail. “Use Take Down!” Vaporeon swam through the water at high speed with a Take Down.

    “Golduck, use Psychic!” Golduck grabbed Vaporeon with Psychic and lifted it into the air.

    “Vaporeon, Hydro Pump!” Vaporeon fired a Hydro Pump at Golduck, causing it to drop Vaporeon.

    “Golduck, use Aerial Ace!” Golduck nailed Vaporeon in the head with an Aerial Ace.

    “Vaporeon, use Aqua Tail!” Vaporeon’s tail glowed light blue and hit Golduck in the torso.

    “Golduck, Hydro Pump!”

    “Vaporeon, Hydro Pump!”

    The two attacks cancelled each other out.

    “Golduck, Aqua Jet!”

    “Vaporeon, Take Down!”

    The two collided, and the explosion took them both out.

    “Golduck and Vaporeon! Both Pokémon are unable to battle!”

    “And that’s it! We’ll now take a short break for a field change!” the announcer said. I went to the side and chatted with Alexis and the others while the field changed to an ice field. Paige and I returned to our respective positions.

    “Trainers, resume!” the judge said, raising his flags.

    “Flareon, let’s go!”

    “Girafarig, you’re up!”

    She sent out Flareon to face Girafarig.

    “Flareon, use Overheat!” Flareon fired an Overheat at Girafarig.

    “Girafarig, Mirror Coat!” Girafarig intercepted the attack and dealt it back at double damage. “Good, now use Charge Beam!” Girafarig launched a Charge Beam at Flareon.

    “Dodge and use Iron Tail!” Flareon jumped up and came down with an Iron Tail.

    “Intercept with Crunch!” Girafarig’s tail head opened its jaws and chomped on Flareon’s tail. “Now use Thunder!” Girafarig’s Thunder shocked a trapped Flareon and knocked it out.

    “Flareon is unable to battle! Girafarig is the winner!”

    “Flareon, good job!” Paige said as she returned Flareon to its Poke Ball. “Umbreon, come on out!” She sent out an Umbreon.

    “I’m sensing a pattern. Girafarig, use Stomp attack!” Girafarig jumped into the air and aimed its hoof at Umbreon.

    “Dodge and use Swift attack!” Umbreon’s Swift threw Girafarig for a loop. “Now use Faint Attack!” Umbreon nailed Girafarig with a Faint Attack.

    “Girafarig, Charge Beam!”

    “Umbreon, Take Down!”

    Umbreon charged through Girafarig’s Charge Beam as if it didn’t exist, and knocked Girafarig out with a Take Down.

    “Girafarig is unable to battle! Umbreon is the winner!”

    “Good job, Girafarig. Take a rest,” I said, returning Girafarig to its Poke Ball. “Medicham, you’re up!” I sent out Medicham.

    “Umbreon, use Shadow Ball!” Umbreon fired a Shadow Ball at Medicham, hitting for major damage. “Now use Confuse Ray!”

    “Medicham, Meditate!” Medicham dodged a Confuse Ray using Meditate. “Now use Dynamicpunch!” Medicham ran forward with Dynamicpunch, but got held up by the ice.

    “Umbreon, use Take Down!” Umbreon was also thrown off by the ice, but charged forward. The two collided, and both of them attacked, creating an explosion. They were both knocked out because Umbreon’s Take Down was apparently a critical hit.

    “Umbreon and Medicham! Both Pokémon are unable to battle!” the judge said. We returned our Pokémon to their Poke Balls. So I had two Pokémon left, and Paige had one. She got hers out.

    “Wait, Paige. I should have you know the Pokémon I’m using has Pokerus, so it’ll be stronger than normal. Is that okay, or should I-”

    “It’s fine. Truth be told, this one has Pokerus too. Now we’ll both know what it’s like to face a Pokémon with Pokerus!”

    “Oh. Okay. It’s showtime, Espeon!” I sent out Espeon. “Now, there’s only one more member of the Eevee family…”

    “Go, Glaceon!”


    She sent out a light blue Eevolution with two locks on the side of its head and matching tail.

    “Well, darn. I was wrong,” I said.

    “Glaceon, Ice Shard!” Glaceon fired a series of pieces of ice at Espeon. I was too flabbergasted to have Espeon react for a second.

    “Uh, use Trump Card!” Espeon fired a Trump Card at Glaceon.

    “Counter that with Iron Tail!” Glaceon’s Iron Tail broke the Trump Card. “Now use Shadow Ball!” Glaceon fired a Shadow Ball.

    “Espeon, another Trump Card!” Espeon fired a second Trump Card, cancelling out the attack. “Just keep on going! Trump Card!” Espeon fired Trump Card after Trump Card, each one getting progressively more powerful. Even though Glaceon kept dodging and nailing Espeon with multiple Quick Attacks, my true aim was to make it more powerful. Paige just kept grinning the whole time this was happening until she broke the ice.

    “Buddy, if that’s all you’re going to do, then this match is over! Glaceon, use Ice Beam!” Glaceon fired an Ice Beam at Espeon.

    “There! Trump Card!” Espeon’s Trump Card cancelled out Ice Beam and went even further.

    “Glaceon, look out!” But since Glaceon was using Ice Beam, it couldn’t move and was hit by a super-powerful Trump Card.

    “Way to go! Now use your Homerun Attack!” Espeon fired a Shadow Ball into the air, leapt after it with Quick Attack, and used Iron Tail to knock it into a dazzled Glaceon, who could barely get up after the attack.

    “GLACEON! FULL POWER ICE BEAM!” Glaceon fired a gigantic Ice Beam at Espeon.

    “ESPEON! FULL POWER GIGA IMPACT!” Espeon used Giga Impact to dodge the Ice Beam and slam Glaceon into a block of ice. When Espeon jumped back, Glaceon was wiped out.

    “Glaceon is unable to battle! Espeon is the winner, and victory in this match goes to Mike of Littleroot Town!”

    At this, the crowd was on its feet cheering. I ran out to the field and hugged Espeon. “You did it! Way to go, pal!”

    “Espe! Espeon!” Espeon replied, licking my face.

    “I’m proud of you, Glaceon. Well done,” Paige said as she returned Glaceon to its Poke Ball. She then came over to me. “Mike, that was awesome. Espeon’s been raised really well! As an Eevolution expert, I know what I’m talking about!”

    “I believe you! And you did a great job, too!” I said, shaking her hand.

    “Best of luck in your future matches!” she replied, leaving.

    Later that day, I joined the gang and watched Wally and his Roselia win their match. After that, we congratulated each other and gathered in the main hall to see the pairings for the next day. Upon seeing myself, I saw that I was facing a kid named Matt. He was about a year younger than me and about five inches taller, and he used Rock Pokémon. I went off to the house to think up a strategy for my coming match.
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    Chapter 48: Rock and Rollout

    “Now for our third match today! It’s a local favorite, Matt of Ever Grande City, against a rough n’ tough newcomer, Mike from Littleroot Town! Let’s choose the field!”
    It was the next day, and I’d already seen Wally and his Altaria win their match. I was up a while after that, facing a guy named Matt. Surprisingly, he had a whole swarm of girls sitting in the stands right behind him. I would’ve felt inadequate had it not been for Alexis. She was hyping up the guys in the crowd and getting them to root for me. Ah, Lexi and her feminine charms. Anyway, Matt and I met on the side.

    “Well, best of luck, Matt,” I said as I shook his hand.

    “Luck is for the weak. Trainers who have skill don’t need it!” he said indignantly.

    Okaaaaay, SOMEONE’S got an attitude problem, I thought to myself. We made our way back to our positions just as the randomizer chose a grass field.

    “Trainers, select your Pokémon!” the judge said. I grabbed number 5. Just for kicks, I’d had numbers sprayed onto the Poke Balls: 1 for Espeon, 2 for Metagross, 3 for Medicham, 4 for Golduck, 5 for Girafarig, and 6 for Deoxys, and decided to call them number (blank).

    “Go for it, Girafarig!”

    “Rocka, you’re up!”

    I sent out Girafarig while he sent out a Corsola, a pink Pokémon with small limbs and two coral-like horns on the top of its head. This Pokémon was part Water-Type, so I was more than ready…

    “Charge Beam, Girafarig!” Girafarig fired a Charge Beam.

    “Rocka, Mirror Coat!” Corsola used Mirror Coat to deal double damage to Girafarig. I couldn’t believe it; the first move and both Pokémon were already exhausted.

    “Rocka, use Spike Cannon!” It glowed white and fired spikes out of its horns.

    “Girafarig, Mirror Coat!” Girafarig countered the attack and dealt it back with more damage. Both of the Pokémon were faltering, but not willing to give an inch. “Use Thunder!” Girafarig readied a Thunder.

    “Rocka! Use Water Gun!” Corsola fired a Water Gun at Girafarig, causing Girafarig’s Thunder to fly into the air.

    “Confusion!” Girafarig’s Confusion flung Corsola around.

    “Use Water Gun to propel yourself into a Tackle!” Corsola broke free using Water Gun.

    “Girafarig, use Stomp!”

    Girafarig jumped into the air and came down with its hoof. Corsola flew at Girafarig with a Tackle. The collision caused Girafarig to pass out.

    “Girafarig is unable to battle! Corsola is the-!” He was cut off as Thunder came back down on Corsola and knocked it out as well. “…Corsola is ALSO unable to battle!”

    We returned our Pokémon to their Poke Balls. I got out Poke Ball number 1.

    “Okay, Espeon! Let’s do it!”

    “Rocco, you’re on!”

    I sent out Espeon against his Onix, a snake-like Pokémon with stones for a body.

    “Rocco, give it a Rock Slide!” Onix fired a Rock Slide at Espeon.

    “Espeon, Iron Tail!” Espeon dodged the Rock Slide and nailed its head with an Iron Tail, knocking it back a ways. “Now use Hidden Power!” Espeon then fired a Hidden Power at Onix and knocked it even farther. It then fell over, passed out.

    “Onix is unable to battle! Espeon is the winner!”

    “Wh-what?!” Matt said, astonished. He then returned Onix to its Poke Ball. “Rocke, let’s do it!” Matt sent out a Magcargo, the evolved form of Slugma.

    “Espeon, use Psychic!” Espeon used Psychic to lift Magcargo into the air.

    “Rocke, Harden! Hurry up!” Magcargo hardened up to defend against the impact of being thrown into the ground by Espeon’s Psychic. I could see Espeon straining to lift Magcargo up, probably because of its weight.

    “Espeon, use Psybeam!” Espeon fired a Psybeam at Magcargo.

    “Dodge and use Fire Blast!” Magcargo fired a Fire Blast at Espeon.

    “Espeon, Confusion!” Espeon caught the attack and reversed it. However, the attack didn’t do squat against Magcargo.

    “Rocke, give it a Yawn!” Magcargo yawned and brought out a pink bubble that floated toward Espeon.

    “Espeon, use Confusion!” Espeon tried to capture the bubble with Confusion, but couldn’t in time. The bubble burst in Espeon’s face, and Espeon gradually went to sleep. “No, try to stay awake!”

    “Hit ‘em with Overheat!” Magcargo fired an Overheat at Espeon.

    “Espeon, Shadow Ball! Come on!” But Espeon continued to fall asleep, firing a Shadow Ball that was way off target.

    “Rocke, another Overheat!” Magcargo used a second Overheat, but this one was less powerful than the first. Even so, it was enough to take Espeon out.

    “Espeon is unable to battle! Magcargo is the winner!”

    “Great job, pal. You did great,” I said, returning it to its Poke Ball. I then got out number 4. “Golduck, showtime!” Golduck came out, pumped to battle.

    “Rocke, return!” Matt said, returning Magcargo to its Poke Ball. “Go, Rocky!” He sent out a Nosepass.

    “Ah, crap. Here we go. Use Hydro Pump, Golduck!” Golduck fired a Hydro Pump at Nosepass.

    “Dodge and use Thunderbolt!” Nosepass dodged the Hydro Pump and nailed Golduck with a Thunderbolt.

    “Golduck! Break out of that! Aqua Jet!” Golduck broke from the attack with Aqua Jet, and then used it to hit Nosepass.

    “Rocky! Give it a Zap Cannon!” Nosepass fired a Zap Cannon at Golduck.

    “Golduck, Confusion!” Golduck’s Confusion caught the attack and sent it right back, nailing Nosepass in the nose. “Now finish it with Hydro Pump!” Golduck’s Hydro Pump threw Nosepass against the wall, knocking it out.

    “Nosepass is unable to battle! Golduck is the winner!”

    “And with that, we’ll take a quick break to change the field!” the announcer said. I watched as the field changed from grass to rock. I filled my mind with dreadful thoughts, knowing that this field gave Matt the advantage. We later took our positions again and the judge told us to call out our Pokémon.

    “Rokku, come on out!” He sent out a Steelix, the evolved form of Onix. I should’ve known he’d use at least ONE Pokémon that wasn’t a Rock-Type.

    “Golduck, I’m sticking with you!” I said as I sent Golduck out.

    “Rokku, use Dragonbreath!” Steelix fired a Dragonbreath that hit and paralyzed Golduck.

    “Golduck, try a Hydro Pump!” Golduck, unfortunately, couldn’t move.

    “Finish it with Iron Tail!” Steelix’s Iron Tail blew away Golduck, and it fainted upon landing.

    “Golduck is unable to battle! Steelix is the winner!”

    “Great job, Golduck. Take a rest,” I said as I returned it to its Poke Ball. “You’ve certainly got skill, Matt! I’ll give you that!”

    “You as well. Now, bring it on!”

    “Consider it brought! Medicham! Let’s do it!” Medicham came out, did its yoga poses, and got ready for battle.

    “Rokku, give it a Sandstorm!” Steelix spun around in a tornado of sand, coming right at Medicham.

    “Break through it with Hi Jump Kick!” Medicham hit Steelix with a supereffective Hi Jump Kick, causing it to fall down. “Now use Brick Break!” Medicham slammed its Brick Break on Steelix’s head as it tried to get up, and it fainted.

    “Steelix is unable to battle! Medicham is the winner!”

    “Rokku, come on back. Go, Rocke!” Matt sent out Magcargo. “Use Overheat!” Magcargo used Overheat, but it wasn’t nearly as powerful as the others before it.

    “Medicham, dodge and use Hi Jump Kick!” Medicham jumped into the air.

    “Use Harden!” Magcargo used Harden, hurting Medicham’s leg as its Hi Jump Kick hit.

    “Give it an Ice Punch!” Medicham, through the pain, managed to freeze Magcargo with Ice Punch. “Way to go!”


    “Magcargo is unable to battle! Medicham is the winner!”

    “You did good, Rocke! Take a rest,” Matt said, returning Magcargo to its Poke Ball. “Okay, this is where your good luck streak ends! Go, Roll!” He sent out a Graveler, who was a boulder-shaped Pokémon with indents on its rocky body. “Use Rollout!” Graveler formed a rolling ball, which moved at INCREDIBLY high speed at Medicham.

    “Medicham, use Energy Ball!” Medicham fired an Energy Ball at Graveler, but it dodged, even managing to stay on course. It nailed Medicham and sent it flying. Graveler then bounced off the side and hit Medicham again. Medicham fell to the ground, unconscious.

    “Medicham is unable to battle! Graveler is the winner!”

    “Way to go, Roll! This rock field works perfectly to our advantage! You see, it isn’t luck, but skill, that wins!”

    “Rock field, huh? Well, I’ve got an idea of how to take care of that! Metagross, you’re up!” I said as I released Metagross from its Poke Ball. Metagross came out, pumped up for battle.

    “Roll, use Rollout again!” Roll used Rollout to circle Metagross.

    “I know what he’s trying to do! And for my plan to work, I’ve got to play along! Metagross, use Meteor Mash!” Metagross flew at Graveler with a Meteor Mash, but missed and hit a boulder. “Just keep on going!” Metagross kept going, using Meteor Mash, Metal Claw, and Take Down to try to hit Graveler. However, every attack missed and hit another boulder on the field.

    “Roll, hit Metagross with Rollout!” Graveler smashed into Metagross with Rollout, but it did little real damage. “If you keep missing, Metagross will tire out and get pulverized! And then that mystery sixth Pokémon of yours will be revealed and I’ll beat it!” Matt said to me.

    “Not a chance! All right, Metagross! Use Earthquake!” Metagross used Earthquake to shake things up. The attack didn’t seem to shake Graveler, but it caused the boulders that Metagross had hit to crumble to pieces. Graveler hit one by accident, going up into the air.

    “What the-?!”

    “Now, Metagross! Give it a Meteor Mash!” Metagross flew up to Graveler and slammed it into the ground with Meteor Mash. Graveler slowly rolled back, then came to a halt and collapsed. “YEAH! WE DID IT!”

    “I-I can’t believe it!” Matt said.

    “Graveler is unable to battle! Metagross is the winner, and victory in this match goes to Mike of Littleroot Town!”

    “Way to go, buddy!”


    “Well, you did good, Roll,” he said as he returned Graveler to its Poke Ball. I then went over to him.

    “Now do you understand? Even though one shouldn’t fully rely on it, there’s something to be said for luck.”

    “I think I understand. Thanks for a great match! However, you’d better win this thing!” he said, holding out his hand.

    “Sure! Now I’ve got one more person to win this for!” I said, shaking his hand.

    Later, I received congratulations from the others. Liza started taking pictures of me and Wally, raving about us making it to the top eight. I found out that in the next round, I was facing a girl named Lauren. I didn’t know what her strategy was, but all I knew was that I had to defeat her in order to move on. And I wasn’t planning on anything else!
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    Chapter 49: Jigglypuff, Great and Small

    “Here we go, folks! This is the first match of the quarterfinals! First up, it’s the czar of Psychic Pokémon, Mike of Littleroot Town! Hoping to take him down today is Lauren, the wild child of Kanto’s Sevii Islands! Let’s shake those hands, kids!”
    I shook Lauren’s hand, and we wished each other luck. We then took our respective places on the field, which, thanks to the randomizer, was an ice field again. I got out number 4 while she got out her Poke Ball.

    “Go, Golduck!”

    “Go, Azumarill!”

    I sent out Golduck while she sent out an Azumarill, a Pokémon that looked like a blue rabbit with an egg-like body. Golduck seemed to blush when it saw Azumarill.

    “Whoa there, Golduck! You don’t want to make Girafarig jealous now, do you?”

    “DUCK! Golduck?” Golduck asked, looking around frantically.

    “Azumarill, use Attract!” Azumarill sent out an Attract towards Golduck.

    “Golduck, jump and use Hydro Pump!” Golduck dodged the attack and nailed Azumarill with a Hydro Pump.

    “Okay, use Rollout!” Azumarill bounced off of a block of ice and began using Rollout, throwing Golduck for a loop. One thing I noticed was that it had to bounce off the ice blocks to keep going, but the bounce was greater each time and slightly throwing Azumarill off. Anyway, Azumarill was moving too fast for us to use Psychic, so we had to do the next best thing.

    “Use Blizzard!” Golduck fired a Blizzard to stop Azumarill in its tracks.

    “Azumarill, use Water Gun!” Azumarill fired a Water Gun at Golduck.

    “Confusion!” Golduck reversed the attack with Confusion, hitting its mark and knocking Azumarill out.

    “Azumarill is unable to battle! Golduck is the winner!”

    “Great job, Azumarill!” Lauren said as she brought it back. “Now go, Ivysaur!” She sent out an Ivysaur, a Pokémon that looked like a dinosaur with a pink bulb on its back. “Give it a Razor Leaf!” Ivysaur fired a series of leaves at Golduck.

    “Golduck, Confusion!” Golduck caught the attack.

    “Hurry, Ivysaur! Vine Whip!” Ivysaur sent out two vines that ensnared Golduck and slammed it into pretty much everything on the field. They were right; Lauren WAS a wild child, and so were her Pokemon. When Ivysaur was done, Golduck had passed out.

    “Golduck is unable to battle! Ivysaur is the winner!”

    “Wow. That’s some power. Are you ALWAYS this happy?!” I asked, noticing Lauren and Ivysaur jumping around.

    “You should see us when we’re mad!” Lauren called out.

    “Heh, if Alexis is any indication, I’m pretty sure I know what THAT’S like. Showtime, Espeon!” I said as I sent Espeon out.

    “Ivysaur, use Bullet Seed!” Ivysaur fired several Bullet Seeds at Espeon.

    “Espeon, Confusion!” Espeon caught the attack with Confusion.

    “Now, Ivysaur! Vine Whip!” Ivysaur threw out its vines again.

    “Not that again! Espeon, use Signal Beam!” Espeon released the Bullet Seeds and fired a Signal Beam. It knocked away the Vine Whip and nailed Ivysaur in the face.


    “Now let’s strike ‘em out with our Homerun Attack!” Espeon fired a Shadow Ball into the air, leapt after it with Quick Attack, and knocked it into Ivysaur with Iron Tail. Just like that, Ivysaur was knocked out.

    “Ivysaur is unable to battle! Espeon is the winner!”

    “Wow, I didn’t expect anyone to get past that!” Lauren said, returning Ivysaur to its Poke Ball. “Let’s do it, Metagross!” She sent out a Metagross, except it was shiny: it had a silver body with the X on its face and its claws being gold.

    “I’m screwed,” I said to myself.

    “Metagross, use Meteor Mash!” Metagross nailed Espeon with a Meteor Mash with what looked like a critical hit.

    “Espeon, use…uh…gah! Nothing works against a Steel Type!” I said, flustered. “Just use Giga Impact!” Espeon rushed forward with Giga Impact.

    “Metagross, counter that with Take Down!” Metagross flew at Espeon with Take Down. The two collided, and when the smoke cleared, the two faced off for a second with heavy breathing. After a while, Espeon fell to the ground, knocked out.

    “NO! ESPEON!”

    “Espeon is unable to battle! Metagross is the winner!”

    “Way to go, Metagross!” Lauren called out, jumping up and down.

    “You did great, Espeon. Take a rest,” I said to Espeon. I then got out number 5. “Girafarig, you’re up!” I sent out Girafarig. “Give it an Earthquake!” Girafarig stomped the ground, but accidentally broke through the ice instead of causing an Earthquake. “Oh, no!”

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s rich! Metagross! Full power Hyper Beam!” Metagross fired a humongous Hyper Beam at Girafarig. Since Girafarig couldn’t move, it took the attack directly. Ironically, the explosion freed Girafarig from the ice, but also TKO’d it.

    “Girafarig is unable to battle! Metagross is the winner!”

    “And with that, we’re going to take a short break to change the field!” the announcer said. I returned Girafarig to its Poke Ball and stormed over to the bench. Sitting down, I thought about that stupid mistake I made.


    I looked up to see Mightyena with a note in its mouth. I took the note, and Mightyena ran back to Alexis. I opened the note and read it.

    “Mike, don’t worry about what happened just now. Everybody makes mistakes, but don’t make the mistake of dwelling on them. Love, Alexis.”

    I smiled, thinking: Thanks, Lexi. I won’t. I then got up and returned to my position. The field had changed to a grass field, and Lauren looked confident as ever.

    “Time for a repeat performance, Metagross!”

    “Medicham, let’s do this!”

    I sent out Medicham to face her Metagross.

    “A Fighting Pokémon? Clever, but not clever enough! Shadow Ball, Metagross!” Metagross fired a Shadow Ball.

    “Medicham! Shadow Ball back!” Medicham’s Shadow Ball cancelled out Metagross’s. “There’s only one way to win! Medicham, hurry! Use Dynamicpunch!” Medicham, through the smoke, hit Metagross with a Dynamicpunch. It didn’t knock Metagross out, but that wasn’t my true aim.

    “Metagross, use Meteor Mash!” Metagross fired up a Meteor Mash. However, it hit itself in the head with the attack. “What?!”

    “Hah! Dynamicpunch confused Metagross! Now give it a Brick Break!” Medicham jumped at Metagross with Brick Break.

    “Metagross, Reflect!” Metagross managed to use Reflect, but Brick Break broke through and knocked Metagross out.

    “Metagross is unable to battle! Medicham is the winner!”

    “Good job, Metagross! Okay, Sableye! You’re up!” She sent out a Sableye, which was both Ghost and Dark-Type.

    “Medicham, return!” I said, knowing most of Medicham’s attacks would be useless against Sableye. “Okay, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Metagross! Let’s go!” I sent out my own Metagross.

    “Ooh, you have good taste! Sableye! Use Focus Punch!” Sableye ran at Metagross with Focus Punch.

    “Metagross, use Iron Defense!” Metagross defended against the Focus Punch. “Now, use Meteor Mash!” Metagross slammed Sableye into the ground with a Meteor Mash. “Now, let’s try that new technique! Gyro Ball!” Metagross started to spin and, during that spin, nailed Sableye and knocked it out.

    “Sableye is unable to battle! Metagross is the winner!”

    “Wow, those are some interesting techniques! But I’ll take them down! Rapidash! I choose you!” She sent out a Rapidash, which looked like a horse with flames for a mane and a tail.

    “Metagross, be careful! Rapidash is a Fire-Type! Try Psychic!”

    “Rapidash! Agility!” Rapidash ran out of the way of Metagross’ view and began to circle Metagross at high speeds.

    “Rrgh, it’s too fast! Flash Cannon to your left!” Metagross fired a Flash Cannon which just nicked Rapidash’s tail.

    “Rapidash! Use Flamethrower!” Rapidash got at close range and hit Metagross with a full-on Flamethrower.

    “Metagross! Grab it and use Take Down!” Metagross, through the flames, grabbed Rapidash’s leg and sped towards a wall with a spinning Take Down.

    “Rapidash! Try to get out of there!”

    “No way! Reverse Release!” Metagross released Rapidash, who flew against the wall and landed on the ground, knocked out.

    “Rapidash is unable to battle! Metagross is the winner!”

    She returned Rapidash to its Poke Ball. “Okay. Last chance.” That was the first time I’d seen her NOT being hyper. “This next Pokémon will be the one to defeat you! I guarantee!”

    “Uh-oh. Must be a big one!”


    “I CHOOSE YOU…JIGGLYPUFF!” She sent out a Jigglypuff, which looked like a balloon with big eyes.


    “Use Sing!” Jigglypuff began to sing its song, and Metagross gradually drifted off to sleep.

    “NO! Metagross! Wake up!”

    “Now use Flamethrower!” Jigglypuff puffed up and blasted Metagross with a Flamethrower. Metagross woke up, but knocked out.

    “Metagross is unable to battle! Jigglypuff is the winner!”

    “Man, that is one tough Jigglypuff!” I said. “Okay, Medicham! It’s showtime!” I sent out Medicham, who looked ready to battle.

    “Jigglypuff! Sing again!”

    “NO, NOT AGAIN! Medicham! Psychic!” Medicham grabbed Jigglypuff’s mouth with Psychic, and then flung Jigglypuff up and into the ground.

    “Jigglypuff! Puff Up!” Jigglypuff, before hitting the ground, inflated to cushion itself from damage. “Now use Rollout!” Jigglypuff spun sideways, knocking Medicham back a ways. It then continued to spin around Medicham.

    This is just like what happened with Azumarill, except there’s nothing to bounce into and throw off its momentum! Wait…Azumarill bounced off ice at greater speeds, but was thrown off…of course! “Medicham! Ice Punch at the ground!”

    “Cham? Medi-CHAM! Cham cham cham cham cham...” Medicham said at it punched the ground with Ice Punch after Ice Punch.

    “We’ll stop whatever it is you’re trying to do! Jigglypuff, full power Rollout!” Jigglypuff rolled towards Medicham. At that point, Medicham delivered one last Ice Punch to the ground, causing icicles to emerge. Medicham jumped out of the way of Rollout, and Jigglypuff went bouncing around the icicles until it came out the other side, disoriented. “Oh, no! Jigglypuff!”

    “Medicham! Use Dynamicpunch!” Medicham was now waiting at the other side, and it nailed Jigglypuff with Dynamicpunch, which caused Jigglypuff to fly back into the icicles and bounce around in reverse. Medicham moved to the other side, and Jigglypuff came out with its sense of direction gone and its mouth wide open. “Now! Energy Ball!” Medicham fired an Energy Ball into Jigglypuff’s mouth. Jigglypuff inflated even bigger than before until there was an explosion inside it, and it totally deflated and floated to the ground, knocked out.

    “Jigglypuff is unable to battle! Medicham is the winner, and victory in this match goes to Mike of Littleroot Town!” I went out to the field and hugged Medicham, and we did the same poses by each other. Our friends came out to congratulate us, and then Lauren came over.

    “I HAVE ONE THING TO SAY TO YOU!!!” she shouted. I drew back in terror until she held out her hand. “Best of luck in the semifinals!”

    “Th-th-thanks,” I said, shaking her hand.

    After watching Wally come out on top with his Magneton, we went to the Pokémon Center to heal up, then to the registration room to see who we’d face in the next match. The results were in, and you could guess who I was facing next.

    “No-no way!” Tate said.

    “It can’t be!” Liza said.

    “We knew this would come,” Alexis said.

    “Yeah, it was inevitable,” I said.

    “I don’t believe this,” Wally said. “It-it’s you…and me!”

    Unfortunately, it was true: Wally and I were to face off in the semifinals. That night, we didn’t see him at dinner. I asked my parents about what to do, but Dad said I should just give it my all; I owed Wally that much. I decided that he was right: no matter what happened, I would fight with all I had. After all, I wasn’t about to let Paul win. The next day, at the battle, Wally was late. I stood there at my position, enraged at the thought of him backing out. Suddenly, he made it in, and went to his position without saying a word. The field became a rock field.

    “Go, Banette.”

    “Come on out, Medicham!”

    He sent out a Banette, a marionette-like Ghost Pokémon with a zipper for a mouth to face Medicham.

    “Medicham, use Shadow Ball!” Medicham nailed Banette with a Shadow Ball, and Wally just fidgeted over what command to give. “Now use Psychic!” Medicham used Psychic to throw Banette against the boulders until it fainted.

    “Banette is unable to battle! Medicham is the winner!” Wally just returned Banette to its Poke Ball and got out another, but wouldn’t throw it. I knew what he was thinking.

    “Ref, time out!” I said to the judge. “Wally, come over here!”
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    Chapter 50: Friend or Foe

    “Wally, what are you doing? You just GAVE Medicham that win! We both came here to win! I’m giving this my all, why can’t you?!”

    “I…I just can’t…I can’t fight you! You’re my friend!”

    “You’re letting down the REST of your friends if you refuse this battle! If you came all this way just to give up now, you’ve been wasting your time here in Ever Grande!”

    “Wh-what? But that’s not…”

    “Look, Wally. We’re all going to have to make difficult choices at one point or another. But no matter what your choice, you’ve got to be behind it, 150%! So, can you give me that?”

    “…yeah! I will!” Wally said, his spirit rejuvenated. “I’ve just been afraid, but not anymore! I’m coming at you, head on!”

    “That’s the way! It’s showtime!” I said as we high-fived. The crowd applauded us as we returned to our places.

    “Okay, Altaria! Let’s do this!” He sent out his Altaria to face Medicham.

    “Medicham, use Dynamicpunch!” Medicham jumped at Altaria with Dynamicpunch.

    “Altaria, dodge and use Aerial Ace!” Altaria dodged the attack and used Aerial Ace to hit Medicham from behind. “Now use Peck!” Altaria nailed Medicham with a series of Pecks.

    “Probably shouldn’t have encouraged him! Well, I know how to take it down! Hi Jump Kick!” Medicham jumped at Altaria with Hi Jump Kick.

    “Use Aerial Ace again!” Altaria used Aerial Ace to dodge and come up from behind.

    “Behind you! Ice Punch!” Medicham quickly spun around and hit Altaria with Ice Punch at the same time Altaria hit it with Aerial Ace. The two collapsed and fell to the ground.

    “Medicham and Altaria! Both Pokémon are unable to battle!”

    “Great job, Medicham. Take a break,” I said to it in its Poke Ball. “Come on out, Metagross!” I sent out Metagross.

    “Go, Roselia!” Wally sent out a Roselia, a green Pokémon that had two flowers for hands.

    “Bad choice when facing a Steel Type! Metagross, use Psychic!” Metagross grabbed Roselia with Psychic.

    “Roselia, use Petal Dance!” Roselia, from where it was, summoned up a Petal Dance and fired it at Metagross.

    “Okay, Metagross! Move Roselia in front of the attack!” Metagross used Psychic to use Roselia as a shield. The attack didn’t do much, though. “Finish it off with Meteor Mash!” Metagross landed a Meteor Mash, which knocked Roselia out, even though Metagross looked hurt while doing so.

    “Roselia is unable to battle! Metagross is the winner!”

    “And that’s the end of the first half! Now, we’ll take a break for a field change!” I went over to Wally’s side during the break after returning Metagross to its Poke Ball.

    “How you holding up there, champ?”

    “I’m good. Listen, thanks for that pep talk earlier. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

    “Don’t worry. These situations are going to come up in life. Believe me,” I added as I thought about the first time I left Alexis. “But how you handle them is what helps you grow stronger. Just like you did when we fought Wattson together. So, ready to grow some more?”

    “Are you kidding? Have you SEEN my height?”

    “Hahahaha-funny. Looks like the field’s back up. Let’s give these guys a good show!” I said. We returned to our positions, and the field had changed to a water field.

    “Magneton, you’re up!” Wally said, sending out a Magneton.

    “Metagross, let’s do it!” I said, sending out Metagross. As soon as it came out, it looked badly hurt. “What the-?!”

    “Must’ve been Roselia’s Poison Point ability! Upon impact, Metagross became poisoned!” Wally said.

    “Uh-oh! Metagross! Return!” I said, aiming the Poke Ball at Metagross. However, the red light wouldn’t bring Metagross back. “What the hell?! Oh, right. Magneton has Magnet Lock. Steel-Types can’t come back!”

    “Magneton! Use Shock Wave!” Magneton fired a Shock Wave at Metagross.

    “Metagross, let’s go down swinging! Use Brick Break!” Metagross' Brick Break hit Magneton hard. The attack was super effective.

    “Magneton! Thunderbolt!” Magneton’s Thunderbolt hit its mark, taking down Metagross.

    “Metagross is unable to battle! Magneton is the winner!”

    “You did great, Metagross. Take a rest,” I said to Metagross in its Poke Ball. “Now, Girafarig! Let’s get ‘em!” I said, sending Girafarig out of its Poke Ball.

    “Magneton! Use Thunderbolt!” Magneton fired a Thunderbolt at Girafarig.

    “We’ll top that! And then some! Girafarig, use Mirror Coat!” Girafarig used Mirror Coat to counter the attack and deal it back with double damage.

    “Give 'em a Sonicboom!” Magneton fired a shockwave at Girafarig.

    “Girafarig, dodge and use Psychic!” Girafarig moved out of the way of the attack and flung Magneton into the water with Psychic.

    “Magneton, get out of there!”

    “Too late! Girafarig, hit the water with Charge Beam!” Girafarig fired a Charge Beam that spread through the water and greatly damaged Magneton due to water conducting electricity. Magneton came back out of the water, but just floated on the surface, passed out.

    “Magneton is unable to battle! Girafarig is the winner!”

    “Way to go, Magneton! You deserve a rest. Okay, Delcatty! Let’s do it!” He sent out his Delcatty, a cat-like Pokémon with purple fur. “Use Doubleslap!” Delcatty leapt at Girafarig with its tail at the ready.

    “Dodge and use Charge Beam!” Girafarig dodged the attack and fired out a Charge Beam.

    “Delcatty, use Assist!” Delcatty’s paw glowed white, and it fired out a Will-o-Wisp, negating the Charge Beam and moving ahead.

    “Cripes! Use Light Screen!” Girafarig’s Light Screen protected it from Will-o-Wisp. “Now use Stomp!” Girafarig jumped into the air.

    “Now, Delcatty! Use Hyper Beam while it’s in the air!” Delcatty nailed Girafarig with a Hyper Beam. Girafarig fell to the ground next to Delcatty, knocked out.

    “Girafarig is unable to battle! Delcatty is the winner!”

    “You did great, Girafarig. Rest up. Okay, Golduck! Let’s do this!” I said, sending Golduck out.

    “Delcatty, use Attract!” Delcatty sent out an Attract at Golduck.

    “Golduck, look out! Hydro Pump!” Golduck’s Hydro Pump caused the Attract to dissipate and even damaged Delcatty.

    “Delcatty, use Assist!” Delcatty’s paw glowed, and it fired out a Magical Leaf.

    “Golduck, Confusion!” Golduck used Confusion to catch the attack and fire it right back. Delcatty was greatly damaged, but still able to continue.

    “Delcatty, Assist again!” Delcatty’s paw glowed white.

    “Golduck, we’ve got to shut it down! Use Psychic!” Golduck’s Psychic caught Delcatty mid-attack. It threw Delcatty against one of the floes. “Now finish it with Fury Swipes!” Golduck nailed Delcatty with Fury Swipes. “Now finish it with Blizzard!” Golduck fired a close-range Blizzard, freezing Delcatty and knocking it out.

    “Delcatty is unable to battle! Golduck is the winner!”

    “You did great, Golduck! Way to go!”


    “All right. This is our last chance. Gardevoir! Let’s do it!” He sent out a Gardevoir, a humanoid-like Pokémon with a white body and green hair and limbs.

    “I was afraid of this. Ralts evolved,” I said as I got out my Pokedex.

    “Gardevoir, the Embrace Pokémon. Gardevoir is the final evolved form of Ralts. Supporting itself with psychic power, this Pokémon does not feel gravity’s pull and will protect its Trainer at the cost of its own life.”

    “Gardevoir, use Shock Wave!” Gardevoir used Shock Wave to greatly damage Golduck. With just one hit, Golduck went flying into the water and resurfaced belly-up.

    “Golduck is unable to battle! Gardevoir is the winner!”

    “What…what just happened?!” I said, astonished.

    “Gardevoir and I have been through a lot together, training and all! With the experience we’ve gained, we’re going to show how far we’ve come and win the Championship!”

    “I see. Well, Wally, I’m proud of you. And I’m sure your family is as well. And we all know how strong you’ve become. BUT! I’ve got something to prove as well. And I’ve got a rival to beat! Well, two!” I added with a thumbs-up.


    “And I intend to win, no matter what! ESPEON, SHOWTIME!” I said, sending out Espeon. “Let’s make this quick! Hidden Power!” Espeon fired a Hidden Power at Gardevoir.

    “Gardevoir, Confusion!” Gardevoir reversed the attack back at Espeon.

    “Dodge with Quick Attack!” Espeon used Quick Attack to move out of the way. “Now use Signal Beam!” Espeon fired a Signal Beam.

    “Confusion again!” Gardevoir reversed the attack, doing considerable damage.

    “Espeon, we can’t do special attacks! Give it an Iron Tail!” Espeon went at Gardevoir with Iron Tail.

    “Gardevoir, Psychic!” Gardevoir caught Espeon with Psychic. It then held Espeon in place.

    “Rrgh! I never thought my own techniques would hurt me so greatly! Espeon, use Confusion!” Espeon used Confusion to throw Gardevoir into the water and release Espeon. When Gardevoir came back, it was confused.

    “Gardevoir! Use Shock Wave!” Gardevoir fired a Shock Wave at the water. Luckliy, both Espeon and Gardevoir were on the floes, so it didn’t damage either of them.

    “Espeon, this is our chance! Use Shadow Ball!” Espeon fired a Shadow Ball at Gardevoir.

    “Gardevoir! Use Confusion!” But Gardevoir just stood there and took the attack.

    “Wally, I’m sorry, but this is something I have to do!” I said, feeling regret overcome me. “Espeon! Giga Impact!” Espeon jumped and came down, like a comet, with Giga Impact. Upon collision with Gardevoir, there was an incredible explosion. When the smoke cleared, Gardevoir was floating on the water, and Espeon happily tackled me. I held Espeon in my arms, congratulating it and laughing.

    “Gardevoir is unable to battle! Espeon is the winner, and victory in this match goes to Mike of Littleroot Town!”

    “Gardevoir,” Wally said through tears. “I’m proud of you. You did awesome.”

    “Wally…” I said as Espeon and I came over.

    “No regrets!” Wally said, drying the tears. “You were the better man today, Mike! Now go and win this for the both of us!”

    “Will do!” I said as we shook hands.

    Later on, Wally and I met up with Alexis, Liza, and Tate, who congratulated Wally for his performance.

    “Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.”

    “So, Mike! You’re in the final match! That’s gotta feel awesome!” Tate said.

    “I’m so excited I’m so excited you’ll win the whole thing I just know it!” Liza said, jumping up and down while clutching my arm.

    “RRRRRRR…” Alexis fumed. “Anyway, good luck against your opponent tomorrow.”

    “Thanks. If it’s who I think it is, I’m going to need it.”

    “That and a whole lot more!” a familiar voice said.

    “Well, Paul. Looks like we get a chance to see who the better Trainer is!” I said, turning to Paul.

    “Whatever you say. I’ll prove to you that power is what it takes to win. You and your pathetic bonds can’t defeat me!” he said as he walked off. I glared at him, feeling my scar burn.

    “Mike, don’t listen to him!” Alexis said, putting her arms around me. “He’s just jealous because he doesn’t have friends! You’re going to beat him because you have us AND your Pokémon to support you!”

    “I’m not going to defeat him,” I replied coldly.


    “WE’RE going to defeat him! Together, we’ll show him the true power of bonds!” I said. “I need a favor from all four of you.”

    “Sure!” Tate said.

    “Anything for you!” Liza said.

    “Just say the word!” Wally said.

    “Right!” Alexis said.

    “Look out, Paul. Here we come!” I said, ready to beat Paul…once and for all.
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    Chapter 51: The End of the Beginning, Part One

    “And now, for the final match in the Hoenn League Championship! Paul, from Veilstone City, faces Mike, from Littleroot Town! And this match…GRUDGE match, I might add, will determine who deserves the Champion’s Trophy! This battle will not incorporate any special fields; just straight-up battling with no gimmicks! Trainers, select your Pokémon!”

    “I’ve been waiting a long time for this. I’ll show you that power is the way to go! Murkrow, stand by for battle!” Paul said as he sent out a Murkrow, a black bird Pokémon with what looked like a hat on its head.

    “You’re going to regret the day you became a Trainer, Paul! Girafarig, go!” I sent out Girafarig, who was pumped to battle its old master.

    “Too bad this reunion has to be bittersweet, Girafarig! Murkrow, use Faint Attack!” Murkrow dove at Girafarig with a Faint Attack.

    “Girafarig, show him how you’ve grown! Charge Beam!” Girafarig fired a Charge Beam, hitting its mark and throwing Murkrow off.

    “You’re reacting too late! Get it together and hit it with Steel Wing!” Murkrow flew at Girafarig with Steel Wing.

    “Girafarig, use Crunch!” Girafarig’s tail head grabbed onto Murkrow’s wing with Crunch and threw it to the ground. “Now, Thunder!” Girafarig then used Thunder, which zapped Murkrow at close distance, taking it out.

    “Murkrow is unable to battle! Girafarig is the winner!”

    “Well, Paul? Still think Girafarig is useless?”

    “I THINK that Murkrow needs to get it together from now on!” Paul said as he returned Murkrow to its Poke Ball. “I’m not going to acknowledge your bonds as powerful!”

    “Why not? As much as I hate to admit it, Girafarig is the bond between us! So whether you like it or not, you have a bond with me!”

    “Shut up! Lairon, stand by for battle!” Paul said as he sent out a Lairon. “Use Take Down!” Lairon charged forward with Take Down.

    “Girafarig, use Earthquake!” Girafarig lifted its hoof.

    “Lairon, jump and use Water Pulse!” Lairon jumped to avoid Earthquake and hit Girafarig with Water Pulse. “Now use Metal Claw!” Lairon’s Metal Claw hit its mark and knocked Girafarig out.

    “Girafarig is unable to battle! Lairon is the winner!”

    “Girafarig, you were awesome. Take a rest,” I said, returning Girafarig to its Poke Ball. “Paul, I’m not giving up on you yet! I’ll show you how powerful bonds can be!” I said, getting out a Poke Ball. “Solrock, I choose you!”


    I sent out Tate’s Solrock, who was ready to battle.

    “Use Fire Spin!” Solrock used Fire Spin to trap Lairon.

    “When did you get that Pokémon?” Paul asked.

    “A friend that I have a bond with lent it to me! Soon you'll see the true power of friendship! Solrock, use Psychic!” Solrock’s Psychic turned the Fire Spin into an orb of fire that surrounded Lairon.

    “Lairon, use Protect!” I couldn’t see what happened to Lairon until the Fire Spin dissipated. It was able to keep going, from the looks of it. “Now use Metal Claw!” Lairon jumped at Solrock with Metal Claw.

    “Solrock, Psychic!” Solrock caught Lairon with Psychic. “Now use Solarbeam!” Solrock charged up and fired a Solarbeam at Lairon, knocking it out.

    “Lairon is unable to battle! Solrock is the winner!”

    “Way to go, Solrock!” Tate called from the stands.

    “Unforgivable! You insult me by using another Trainer’s Pokémon! You’re going to pay!” Paul said, returning Lairon to its Poke Ball.

    “I’m just trying to prove a point! And I think I’ve proven it so far, so why don’t you accept it?”

    “Whatever works for you, stick to it! I’m sticking to raw power, no matter what! Nidoking, stand by for battle!” He sent out a Nidoking, a purple dinosaur-like Pokémon with large ears and a horn.

    “The bigger they are, the harder they fall! Solrock, use Psywave!” Solrock hit Nidoking with a relatively strong Psywave. However, the attack didn’t look like it damaged Nidoking much.

    “Nidoking, Poison Jab!” Nidoking’s fist glowed purple and it landed a hit on Solrock, stunning it. “Now hurry and use Horn Drill!” Nidoking’s horn spun around, and upon impact with Solrock, knocked it out.

    “Solrock is unable to battle! Nidoking is the winner!”

    “Good job, Nidoking!”

    “Well, sounds like I’m making SOME progress. Anyway, you did good, Solrock,” I said as I returned Solrock to its Poke Ball. “Okay, Lunatone! You’re up!” I said, sending out Liza’s Lunatone.

    “You DARE to continue insulting me?!” Paul asked, enraged.

    “Lunatone, Ice Beam!” Lunatone fired an Ice Beam at Nidoking, causing major damage and freezing Nidoking in the process.

    “Nidoking, get out of there!” We waited a while, but Nidoking couldn’t move.

    “Nidoking is unable to battle! Lunatone is the winner!”

    “Lucky shot! That’s all it was: luck!” Paul said, returning Nidoking to its Poke Ball.

    “Maybe so. Luck favors the prepared, and my friends and I are prepared to take you down!” I said, feeling Alexis and the others right behind me.

    “Your friends can’t save you! Elekid, stand by for battle!” He sent out an Elekid, a yellow humanoid Pokémon with two plug-like antennae on its head and black stripes on its body.

    “Okay, use Rock Slide!” Lunatone fired a Rock Slide at Elekid.

    “Elekid, dodge and use Focus Punch!” Elekid zipped from boulder to boulder and smashed into Lunatone with a Focus Punch.

    “Lunatone, give it a Psywave!” Lunatone fired a weak Psywave at Elekid.

    “Elekid, use Thunder!” Elekid fired a Thunder that obliterated the Psywave and nailed Lunatone. “Now finish it with Discharge!” Elekid fired a wave of electricity that hit Lunatone and knocked it out.

    “Lunatone is unable to battle! Elekid is the winner!”

    “Don’t worry about it, Mike! You and Lunatone did great!” Liza called from the stands.

    “Thanks, Liza! And you too, Lunatone,” I said to it in its Poke Ball. “Okay, Gardevoir! You’re up!” I sent out Gardevoir to battle.

    “Yeah, Gardevoir! Win this for all of us!” Wally called out.

    “Another BORROWED Pokémon. I’m getting the feeling that there’s a pattern here!”

    “You get feelings? Gardevoir, use Magical Leaf!” Gardevoir fired a Magical Leaf at Elekid.

    “Dodge it!” Elekid jumped up.

    “Oh no you don’t! Use Confusion!” Gardevoir guided the Magical Leaf with Confusion and had it hit Elekid for what looked like a critical hit. “Finish it with Shadow Ball!” Gardevoir’s Shadow Ball hit its mark and knocked Elekid out.

    “Elekid is unable to battle! Gardevoir is the winner!”

    “This is starting to annoy me!” Paul said as he returned Elekid to its Poke Ball. “Weavile, stand by for battle!” He sent out a Weavile, a Pokémon that looked like a black cat with a red crown and matching collar.

    “What in the-? No biggie! Gardevoir, use Psychic!” Gardevoir tried Psychic on Weavile, but it didn’t move. It just grinned. “Oh, no! Weavile has got to be a Dark-Type! Use Magical Leaf!” Gardevoir fired a Magical Leaf. Weavile moved back a little bit, but continued to grin. “That’s not good! It must be really powerful!”

    “You’re just embarrassing yourself! Weavile, use Night Slash!” Weavile’s claw glowed purple, and it leapt toward Gardevoir with it.

    “Gardevoir, Double Team!” Gardevoir split into copies of itself. Weavile missed by hitting one of the copies. “Hurry up and use Future Sight!” It attempted to fire an orb of energy that would go into the future and reappear later.

    “There it is! Use Dark Pulse!” Weavile fired a wave of darkness at the real Gardevoir, hitting its mark. “Now! Night Slash!” Weavile slashed Gardevoir with Night Slash, knocking it out.

    “Gardevoir is unable to battle! Weavile is the winner!”

    “You did great, Gardevoir. Wally will be proud,” I said, returning Gardevoir to its Poke Ball. “Time to relive the past! Go, Mightyena!” I sent out Mightyena, who I’d borrowed from Alexis.

    “Mike! Mightyena! You can do it!” Alexis called from the stands. Mightyena and I nodded at each other and blew her a kiss in response, causing her to blush and Liza to stare at her in astonishment.

    “Okay, Mightyena! Alexis is counting on us! Let’s make it happen!”

    “Weavile! Icy Wind!” Weavile fired a shower of sleet at Mightyena.

    “Mightyena! Sucker Punch!” Mightyena, at INCREDIBLY high speed, jumped at Weavile and nailed it with a dark, glowing paw before the Icy Wind could get through.

    “Weavile! Use Metal Claw!” At close range, Weavile was easily able to hit Mightyena with Metal Claw.

    “Use Iron Tail!” Once again, an easy target for Mightyena’s Iron Tail.

    “Finish it with Brick Break!”

    “Finish it with Fire Fang!”

    Weavile’s Brick Break slammed down on Mightyena’s head, which was biting Weavile’s torso with Fire Fang. Both Pokémon collapsed.

    “Weavile and Mightyena! Both Pokémon are unable to battle!”

    “Great job, pal. You deserve a rest. Paul, you’ve done it now!”

    “Done what?”

    “Forced my hand. That’s all the Pokémon my friends lent me, so I have to use my closer!”

    “Join the club!”

    Ready for what was coming next, I grabbed number 6, feeling everybody that I’d met on my journey at my back. I hoped that this final showdown would finally show Paul the true value of bonds, but one way or another, there was nothing, not even a Trainer like him, keeping US from victory in the Hoenn League.
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    Default Re: Pokemon: Legend of the Blessed Aura (Hoenn)

    Chapter 52: The End of the Beginning, Part Two

    “TORTERRA! STAND BY FOR BATTLE!” Paul said, sending out Torterra, who stomped its foot.

    “DEOXYS! SHOWTIME!” I said, sending out Deoxys. These two Pokémon caused people to murmur amongst each other excitedly.

    “Is-is that-?!” Paul asked, astonished.

    “The same. You see, I stretched the truth about what happened that day, but it really was thanks to Torterra’s help back then when it was a Grotle. Of course, don’t think Deoxys hasn’t gotten stronger since then.”

    “That’s right! You’re going down for all of Hoenn to see!” Deoxys added, having me move with it.

    “Did it just speak through you?” Paul asked.

    “Does that really surprise you? If you’re going to be thrown by just my speaking ability, you’re never going to win!” It said as it adopted Speed Forme and sped around Torterra with Extremespeed.

    “We’ll see, you pair of smartmouths! Torterra, Stone Edge!” Torterra fired a series of stones out of nowhere.

    “Deoxys, Confusion!” Deoxys went back to Normal Forme, caught the attack and dealt it back to Torterra.

    “Torterra, Energy Ball!” Torterra fired an Energy Ball at Deoxys.

    “Deoxys! I have an idea! Block it!” Deoxys took in the attack, blocking by going to Defense Forme. “Now use Avalanche!”

    “With gusto! AVALANCHE!” Deoxys said, going to Attack Forme and blasting Torterra with a super-powerful Avalanche. Since Torterra was Grass and Ground-Type, the attack did a TON of damage.

    “Torterra! We have to finish this now! USE FRENZY PLANT!” Torterra unleashed eight thorns from the ground, aimed at Deoxys.

    “No! That’s the most powerful Grass-Type Move! There’s no way we can…wait…of course! Deoxys, get ready!”

    “Always am!”

    “Get set!” The attack was almost there.

    “Once again, always am!”

    “GO! Use Psychic!” Deoxys grabbed the Frenzy Plants with Psychic and used them to restrain Torterra.

    “NO! TORTERRA!” Paul said.

    “Show’s OVER, Paul!”

    “Let’s go!”

    “FULL POWER PSYCHO BOOST!” we said together. Deoxys fired an incredibly powerful Psycho Boost at Torterra’s head, causing an explosion. When the smoke cleared, Torterra had passed out.

    “Torterra is unable to battle! Deoxys is the winner, and this year’s Hoenn League Championship winner is Mike of Littleroot Town!”

    I stood there, trying to process what had just happened. “We-we did it?!” I asked.

    “WE DID IT!” Deoxys shouted, putting me in a headlock.

    “You guys were incredible!” Tate said as he and others ran out onto the field.

    “Hey, gang! Thanks for your help!” I said as I was mobbed by the four of them. After they let me up, I could see that Paul was just walking away. I went after him. “Paul! Where are you headed now?”

    “To Johto. I’ll win there for sure! In the meantime, why not add some skill to that luck of yours?” Paul said.

    “Paul, it wasn’t luck OR skill. It was the bonds I’d made with people all around the region that gave me and my Pokémon strength! Can’t you-”

    “I don’t battle that way. You’re free to, but don’t think I’ll go back to that. That’s all I’ll say.” Paul then left, back still turned. I finally accepted that he wasn’t into making friends and made my way back into the stadium. I gave the others their Pokémon back and let all six of mine out of their Poke Balls. It was there that Wallace came and handed me a huge gold trophy.

    “I’m very impressed with you and your Pokémon, Mike! Well done!”

    “Thank you, Wallace!” I said, receiving the trophy. “I can’t believe it! WE CONQUERED THE HOENN LEAGUE!”

    “Espe!” Espeon added. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant robotic hand grabbed it.

    “What?! NO!” I said. I looked up to find Ashley and Olson in another hovercraft.

    “Here’s a consolation prize, runt!” Ashley said.

    “A free Espeon for us!” Olson added. I was about to send out Deoxys when Dad rushed forward with a Poke Ball in hand.

    “I won’t forgive this anymore! LUGIA, AEROBLAST!” He sent out a Pokémon that looked like a white dragon with indigo marks on its eyes and indigo flaps on its back. It fired out a vortex of air to blow up the hovercraft, disconnect the claw, and send Ashley and Olson flying.

    “NOOOO! NOT AGAIN!” they said as they flew into the distance.

    “Espeon! Are you all right?!” I said, getting Espeon out of the claw.

    “Espe, Espe!” Espeon said, perfectly all right.

    “That’s good,” I said, relieved. “Thank you, Dad. By the way, is that…”

    “Yes, I stretched the truth about what really happened. Sound familiar?” he asked.

    “Heh, that must run in the family,” I replied as I got out my Pokedex.

    “Lugia, the Diving Pokémon. Lugia is said to be the guardian of the seas and quietly spends its time at the bottom of the sea because its powers are too strong. If Lugia flaps its wings, it is said to cause a forty-day storm.”

    “That’s really impressive, Dad! No wonder you’re at the position you’re at now!”

    “Well, I try. Now why don’t you go see to your fans out there?” he said. We shook hands and I went out into the crowd. With Alexis and Liza holding both of my arms, I went over and talked to my old classmates. Even Rick congratulated me, to my surprise. I then went over to Ed, who had made it at the last minute.

    “Sorry I was so late, Mike! I’m glad I was able to see your battle!”

    “No harm! Glad you could make it!” I said, shaking his hand (I freed myself from Liza to do it). We were then surrounded by reporters.

    “Mr. Mike! Where did you get your scar?!”

    “What’s your sign?”

    “How were you able to tame a legendary Pokémon?”

    “Is your primary type Psychic?”

    “Where are you headed next?” a familiar voice said. I turned to see that it was Gabby and Ty, along with Professor Birch.

    “Where I’m headed next? I think after a little break, I’m going to try out the Pokémon League in the Kanto region!”

    “Wait, really?!” Ed asked. “Hey, let me come with you!”

    “Uh, come with me?”

    “Yeah! I’ve always wanted to try the Battle Frontier located there! And besides, two heads are better than one! C’mon, we’ll travel together, give each other support, and win!” Ed said, holding out the back of his hand.

    “….sure thing, Ed! I’m in!” I replied, placing my hand on top of his. Just then, another hand slammed on top of it. “Huh?”

    “I don’t want you boys hogging all the fun! I’m coming too!” Alexis said.

    “Wh-WHAT?! But-”

    “No ‘buts’! I’m coming!” she said, right in my face.

    “Yes ma’am!” I replied, hoping to not incur her wrath.

    “So, it’s the three of you, is it?” Dad said, coming over. “Well, we’ll get a ship to take you to Pallet Town when you’re ready!”

    “Right! You all anxious to start a new adventure?” I said to my Pokémon, and they all agreed. That night, we were on our way back to Littleroot Town, having said goodbye to Wally, Tate, and a still clueless Liza (much to my relief). Me and Alexis were standing on the deck, watching the night sky.

    “So, Mr. Champion. What are your plans for when we get to Kanto?” she said to me.

    “We should probably start with the Gym in Viridian City, then go to wherever Ed’s first Battle Frontier thing is. What about you? Is there a particular goal you have with Pokémon?”

    “Well, I’m not sure, but I was kind of hoping to become a Gym Leader myself. If I can travel around and see their styles, I might just learn something!”

    “Good call. Why didn’t you say that earlier? I wouldn’t have disagreed with you like I did…sorry about that, by the way.” She just scoffed and got right in my face.

    “It’s much more fun this way! Right?”


    “Am I interrupting anything?” Professor Birch said, having come out of nowhere.

    “Yes, and-” She paused when she saw Poke Balls in Professor Birch’s hands.

    “I decided to give you your own starter Pokémon before you left, Alexis! And Mike, here’s a brand new Pokedex for the Kanto region!” he said, handing me a new Pokedex.

    “Thanks, prof!” I said, taking it.

    “Wow, which Pokémon should I choose?” Alexis said, having let all of them out. There was a Mudkip, which Brendan had chosen, a Torchic, a Fire-Type that looked like a chick, and a Treecko, a Grass-Type that looked like a gecko. “Hmm…I choose Treecko!” she said, petting Treecko’s head.

    “Treecko!” the Pokémon replied happily.

    “Well, here are your Pokedex and Poke Balls! Good luck, you three!” Professor Birch said. With that, he left.

    “Now where were we?” I asked, putting my arm around her waist.



    “Wake up!”

    I awoke from my nap to find Alexis sitting over me. It was a week after the Hoenn League Championship, and we were finally on our way to Kanto on my dad’s private yacht.

    “Sorry, I guess I’m a little out of it today.”

    “Same old, same old! Thank goodness!” she said, giving me a kiss.

    “Hey guys, no PDA!” Ed said, a ways away.

    “Oh, hush! You adults!” Alexis said to him.

    “Hey, I’m eighteen!” Ed said, flustered.

    I laughed and got up. I looked to see all of our Pokémon out and about. Espeon and Deoxys were already making good friends with Alexis’ Treecko, and the other Pokémon were quickly bonding as well.

    “Kids, we’re almost at Pallet Town!” I heard Dad call.

    “Wow. The Kanto region,” Ed said.

    “I can’t wait to be in it!” Alexis added.

    “Yeah…we’re about to take our first step in a whole new world!” We all got ready to disembark, fully prepared for the trials ahead of us. With my Gym Battles ahead, Alexis’ training ready to kick off, and Ed’s Battle Frontier waiting, there was a whole lot of anxiety in the air. But one thing was certain: we’d all face it together. “Okay, guys! IT’S SHOWTIME!”

    To Be Continued…
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