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    Before i start....My fan-fics are not that good. I am a imaginative person but thats usually my Downfall in writing is that i have too many things at once and the reader gets confused...with that in mind. Here we go.
    Chapter 1: The only easy way is the hard way

    "What was that?" Syrena asked her partner.

    "Oh im sure it was just a wild Sentret or somethign getting into the garbage," Replied Mallice,"I may as well check it out just in case."

    "Good thinking," She replied with a quiver in her voice,"I'll stay here and keep and eye on things."

    *ring*...*ring*...*ring*...."GAH!!!! Oh my it was just the phone." Syrena said in a fright."Hello, Hello?" She said with a look of confusion on her face.

    "Hello Syrena, You do remember me right?" The mysterious man asked.

    "Oh yes, its been so long Professor Pine, How may i help you?" She excitedly wondered.

    "Well I need you and Mallice to visit my lab tomorrow morning, Something very important that I the Pokemon Knights to take care of and I figured I would get my two Favorite students to help. If you have the time that is."

    "Why sure im always willing to help a friend in need, And im sure i can find someway to trick Mallice down their." She replied laughing.

    "Thank you Syrena I will be endebted to you." Professor Pine said as he hung up the phone.

    "I told you it was just a wild Sentret." Mallice said as he walked back into the guard room.

    "We are going to visit Professor Pine tomorrow, no if's and's or but's," Syrena firmly said, "he just called and asked us if we would be willing to help, so there is no backing out of it."

    "You know when we met as kids, I never imagined me and you would be working side-by-side as Pokemon Knights," Mallice said while looking at the Knights symbol of honor on his uniform,"'We our sworn to our duty as Pokemon Knights, We shall uphold the honor of the Pokemon Knights to protect and serve the innocent from harm.' Dont you just love that creed?"He asked her.

    "Well we should go on our Patrol duties, I want to see you up bright and early tomorrow so we can go to Professor Pine's Lab and see what is up." She said.

    "Fine, fine whatever just as long as i can get some sleep when we get back to HQ."

    The next day our Heros set off to Professor Pine's lab in the early morning.

    "Are you sure you know where your going?" Syrena asked Mallice.

    "Yes im very aware of the direction that the Professor's lab is in. Ive only been there everyday of my life from the age of nine to eleven," He sharply replied,"and besides you do see the huge building about one-hundred yards in front us right."

    "Oh! wow I always Thought it was further out of town than this."

    "Well it just goes to show that you never did pay attention to anything,"he said,"and here we are, now that wasnt so bad."

    "Ahh it's so nice to see you both after all these year, please come in." the professor said."I know your really wondering why im asking you to help me, so here is why i called you two down here, there have been disturbances coming from the ancient caves all over the world .Which leads me to this, have you two ever heard the story of the Ancient Twelve Twilights."

    "Why no professor,"Syrena replied,"but I'm willing to listen."

    "Well long ago the four most famous and powerful Pokemon trainers Sealed away an ancient power known to us as Mewtwo. Mewtwo was created of the pure evil will of a disturbed man who only sought power. Mewtwo escaped from him, and he only sought after revenge on the human world for what he saw as impurities. After years of struggles with the monster, the four Pokemon trainers know as the Pokemon Knight sealed Mewtwo away in a chamber using the Twelve Twilight crests. The hid these crest away in many regions of our world. However reports have been coming in that eight of the twelve Twilight Crests have been found and stolen by a mysterious man who goes by Cabara. Now heres where you come in, I have enlisted you two to help me stop him from getting the last 4 Twilight Crests."

    "But why us?" Mallice replied."I know there are more powerful Pokemon Knights than us?"

    "But thats where your wrong my young friend."Said the Professor,"You two are direct decendants of two of the Original Pokemon Knights. And there is a trick behind the crests, Only a direct decendant of one of the original knights can come into any kind of contact with a crest."

    "So that means that..."Syrena Muttered.

    "Correct that the other two decendants are the ones collecting the crest. We unfortunately have little information on the other decendant. All we know is that he is currently the number 10 ranked pokemon trainer in the world. which will make this quite a challenge for you two."

    "We're up to it!" Mallice and Syrena Both said

    "Good, you two should really should head to Amber Island thats where they are reported to be heading, Luckily we're not far from there so you should be able to intercept them before they get to teh crest." Professor pine said.

    "One question how will we know where to look for the crests?" Syrena asked.

    "Here are maps of the four remaning towns where the crests are at: Amber Island, Folsom City,Migek ruins, and Fertey Ruins. The caves should be easy to fid just ask the local professor they should know wheres the caves are when you reach the towns."said the professor

    "Ok, your ready for this Syrena?"Mallice asked

    "Definately, I may be scared but im still brave." she replied.

    "Good luck and remember you absolutely must reach them before the gather all twelve crests." Professor Pine said.

    "Got it." Syrena and Mallice both replied.
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    Uh, are you aware of the rule that says to start a new paragraph when a NEW person starts? This is practically unreadable.


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