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    Default Pokemon bloopers

    Hi, some of you may remember reading these over at Serebii and OPS. Well I've decided to post them again but with a few changes made. I'll add some more later. Anyway, here's the first wave of my bloopers, enjoy.

    [Pokemon I choose you]

    Ash: [holding Pikachu when he gets it] this one is the best one of them all. [Pikachu suddenly pees all over Ash]EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!

    Director: Cut. Great, the first day of shooting and we're already having difficulties.

    Ash: Can’t we just use a Pikachu that's potty trained?


    Ash's Mom: [hands Ash bunches of stuff] don’t forget your underwear, your sleeping bag, your pajamas, let’s not forget your favorite teddy bear, Mr. Snuggy

    Ash: AAAH, Mom, no one is supposed to know about that!

    Ash's Mom: Oh, sorry.

    Ash:[struggling]don't you think that’s Enough stuff

    Ash's Mom: Those are only the essentials, Here’s your T.V., Your VCR, Portable DVD player, Playstation 2, Gamecube, stereo, gameboy...

    Ash: Errr, Mom, I’ll be outside most of the time, there’s no electricity.

    Ash's Mom: Oh, don't be ridiculous, you have your own power source, Right Pikachu?


    Ash: [to anyone reading this] And you say you have embarrassing parents


    [The scene where Ash sees Misty for the first time]

    Misty: Hey, I got something [fishes out Ash] Wow, what a kyuutieeee!

    Ash: Pikachu?

    Misty: No, you.

    [Ash blushes]

    Director: Cut. Maybe we should make Pebbleman the flirty one. [I know that's not Brock's last name, but IMO, it sounds way better than Slate]


    [the part near the end]

    Ash: Pikachu? Are you alright?

    Pikachu: [weakly] Pik-a

    Ash: I think I may have damaged that cute girl's bike.

    Director: cut!

    Ash: But she is!

    Misty: You really think I'm cute?

    Ash: Yep. I love you

    Misty: [Swoons] Oh, Ash [huggles him] I love you too.

    Pokemon Fashion Flash

    Misty: Psyduck and I are gonna look so cute, you won't resist.

    Ash: But, you're cute now.

    Misty: [eyes glitter] You really think so?

    Ash: [holds Misty's hands] yeah. [they both kiss]

    Director: Cut! Ash, you're supposed to insult her, not flirt with her.

    Ash: [whining] But I don't wanna, I love her!

    Brock: See that Susie, That could be us.

    Susie: That’s what I'm afraid of.

    Misty: Excuse me miss, but where is everybody?

    Freaky looking Cross dresser: They're at Susie's it’s time for her...

    [Misty starts laughing her butt off]

    Director: Cut! What's so funny?

    Misty: His voice

    Crossdresser: There is nothing wrong with my voice, and I'm 100% woman. [Snap snap]

    Misty: Yeah right. You're more woman than James will ever be.

    James: Yeah, that's ri...Hey!

    Misty: [stifled laughter] Excuse m-me, wh-where is everybody?

    Crossdresser: They're at...


    Crossdresser: That's the 5th take, If anybody needs me, I'll be in my trailer.[runs off sobbing]

    Ash:[off screen]Sheesh, What a wuss.

    Misty: [with James' voice] Excuse me, where is everybody?

    Director: Cut! James, what are you doing?

    James: It was her idea, she put me up to it.

    Misty: Well, it sounded right, after all, she sounds like a guy. [It's true, of course that was the dub's fault]

    James: What was that for anyway?
    Misty: Payback for that stunt you pulled on me back in the Porta Vista episode a while back

    James: But Nobody in America saw that part!

    Misty: But it was still humiliating!

    Ash: [Seeing Misty's new look] Wow Misty, you look kawaii.

    Misty: Thanks Ash. Rescue me now, and I'll give you a cuddle treatment.

    Ash: Okay! [grabs Misty and runs out of Salon Roquet]

    Director: AY-Yi-Yii!

    Dig those diglett

    Gary: Well well, if it isn't little Ashy. Hey, who's the cutie?


    Director: I need an aspirin

    Friends To The End

    Misty: Hey Ash, want to go down to the Pokemon village to get some souvenirs?

    Ash: Okay, let's go.

    Director: Cut, you're supposed to be depressed.

    Ash: Well, she sure makes me happy. And how can I say no to a pretty face like hers?

    Director: [anime cloud] Now, I'm depressed.

    Brock: You need a girlfriend, bad.

    Director: Oh, shaddap

    The Misty Mermaid
    [Warning, perverted humor coming up]

    Daisy: ...and, the handsome Prince will be played by me, of course.

    Ash: Why can't I play the prince? I'm perfect for that part.

    Daisy: This is a family show, only we sisters can perform.

    Ash: Sounds like incest if you ask me. -_-

    Director: Thank you, Jerry Springer

    [crew members chant Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!]

    Director: I gotta get a new line of work.

    [ok, so maybe that wasn't so perverted, but this next scene is.]

    [At the beginning of the show where Misty "reveals" herself to the audience]

    Ash: [drooling] Wow, Misty looks hot

    [Misty's bikini top falls off and into the water]

    Misty: Oops [blushes, and covers up]


    Director: Why do I get the feeling he’s been watching too much RAW?

    Pikachu Revolts
    Misty: the way Togepi looked at me was just awful I've never seen it like this before. You’ve got to do something, You just got to.[sobs]

    Ash:Aww,[comforts Misty]it's alright, we'll figure this out, and everything will be just fine.

    Tracey: [sniffling] Young love is so sweet.

    Director: You’re not supposed to comfort her!

    Ash: Well, what am I supposed to do, let her cry? That would be very un-boyfriend like.


    Ash: I don’t know, maybe because WE WANT IT ONSCREEN!

    Director: Well, I don’t. This is a kids' show, and if we add that kissy-kissy stuff to the show, our ratings will drop!

    Ash: [muttering] As if they aren’t low enough already.

    Ash: You’re not going anywhere until you tell us everything you know! [sobs]

    Misty: Aww, poor Ashy-Washy [comforts him, but sees no tears] Huh, you're not crying.

    Ash: [whispers] Just play along.

    [Misty continues to comfort Ash]


    James: Actually, we have an off screen relationship too.

    Director: Et tu Roquet?

    J/J: Yep

    Meowth: Dat’s right!

    Director: Excuse me for a moment [goes into the closet] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Tracey: uuhhh....cut?

    [at the end of the episode]

    Ash: Oh well, you can't lose 'em all.

    [all laugh, Tracey slips off of Lapras and into the water]

    Tracey: Aaah...Help, I can't swim!

    Ash: Tracey, stand up, we're in a kiddy pool

    Tracey: Oh.

    Director: I hate my life.

    Ash: Oh well, you can't win them all

    [all laugh]

    Tracey: [stops laughing] Uhh, guys, why are we laughing?

    Ash: Y'know, I have no idea

    Misty: Me neither. Wanna make out?

    Ash: Sure

    Director: Why didn't I listen to my dad and become a lawyer?
    That's it for now, I'll add in some more bloopers later, with some parts from the movies. If anyone has any good ideas for bloopers, PM them to me, and I'll post them. They only have to be
    PG rated with mild language or some suggestive themes.

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    I have one...

    Jirarudan: I am merely.........Dammit, line?

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    Pokemon, I choose you:

    *Melody, Haruka, Latios, Moe, Misty, Casey, and Bayleef are beating up Gary's cheerleaders*

    Gary: What are they doing?

    Ash: Better question - who are they?

    Gary: I got the best question!

    Ash: Did not!

    Tracey: That's enough! Everybody in line now! We need to be organized hgiving out these Pokemon!

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    You are silly.

    I love making fun of Giovanni and Mewtwo. I don't know why. o_o

    Giovanni: *to Mewtwo* You complete me.
    Meowth: Dad, ain't I yeh top cat no'se more?
    Giovanni: Zeep eet!
    Mewtwo: *gnaws on Mew*
    Giovanni: Nono, Mewtwo. We do not gnaw on our kitty. Nono... stroke him. Stroke him. Yes.... Would you like a Poptart?

    While this is amusing, it'd be much easier to read were you to space after your punctuation, Wobbie. ^_^

    *draws up the ranks to add onto this*

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    All fixed now. Thank god for Spellcheck.
    Anyways,I like what you submitted so far.I think it would be better that you post them instead of PMing them to me.It'll be a lot easier for the both of us.

    Anyways here's one that I came up with from Pokemon: The first movie.

    Mewtwo: Allow me to demonstrate my powers. [Makes Fergus float in the air]

    Ash: *Yawn* Impressive, not!

    Mewtwo: YOU DARE TO MOCK ME!? [sends Fergus flying towards Ash]

    Ash/Fergus: Ow!

    Here's one from Misty Meets Her Match

    Rudy: [in cheesey French accent]You are a vision of loveliness. Come with me to the Cashbah. We'll make beautiful muzeek togethair, no?

    Ash: Sorry but, she's already taken!

    Rudy: [scoffs] She's obviously never been with a real man before.

    Ash: I'm more man than you'll ever be, you...you... [Misty whispers something in his ear] Jiggly!

    Misty: No, it's gigolo

    Ash: I mean gigolo.

    [they continue arguing]

    Tracey: [to director] Isn't this where you're supposed to yell cut?

    Director: I've gotten to the point where I just don't care anymore.:bawling:

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    Default *giggles a bit*

    ^^;; Parodies ish being in the fun-ness.

    Sorry, but I just have to open my big mouth: Spell-check and grammar-check are completely fallible. They check for strands of familiar word(s) and ensure that it seems logical to it. Not always is the case that something is misspelled or out of grammatical syntax, since it *is* a computer afterall, and computers don't have a complete empathetic understanding of a language as of yet, do they? (Long story short: The spell-check missed some.)

    Ash: "Heracross, attack those Pinsir! HEADBUTT THE TREE!"
    Upon being released from his Pokéball, Heracross resumes munching on Bulbasaur's bud. "Hara-hara-kuroooosu!" ^~^
    Bulbasaur seems distraught, yet enjoying the attention.
    Heracross: "Harakurosu!" *snubs Ash*
    Bulbasaur: "Bulba... Bulbasauuuuuuuuuuur." ^_______^
    Tracey: "Teehee." *sketches* "Poké-ai is so cute!" ^-^
    Misty grabs Tracey by the ear and drags him away in her usual Brockish fashion. "You're a bigger peeping Tom than Brock...."
    Ash sweatdrops, beginning to get frustrated. ".... ATTACK!"
    Misty: "Not gonna happen, Ash. Leave your Pokémon be."
    Ash: "But I need a Pinsir!" ;-;
    Misty: "Ash, can't you see they're in LOVE?"
    Misty sweatdrops. "Apparently not." =/

    Sorry if that came off as perverted. I have the accidental tendency to make people feel uncomfortable. >_< *goes off to name the Shipping for Herakurosu and Fushigidane*

    -=: [rose.iii] -=:=- [the.kuraitenshi] -=:=- [those.things.with.wings] :=-

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    Default Re: *giggles a bit*

    Originally posted by Kurai
    [color=cccc66*goes off to name the Shipping for Herakurosu and Fushigidane*[/color]
    it already has a name, BlowMyBulbshipping, or Blowjobshipping


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    I agree on the spell check thing,It's really annoying especially when you're trying to write a Pokemon fic.

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    Which is why you rely on good ol' manual proofreading, eh? Ehhh? .... *silence* *is given dirty, aggravated stares* *darts away* o_o;;

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