Pokèmon Blazing Red

Background Information:
This is a fanfiction that takes place after Ash's adventures across all the regions.
I do not own pokemon, nor do I want to own it, So enjoy yourselves.

Despite Red's defeat, he continues on with his life, marrying to Misty, He has a child named Amaranth who eventually witnesses Red's death from him being drowned by Team Rocket. In seeing this, Amaranth unlocks his anger and becomes a pokemon trainer to one day strike revenge on Team Rocket, recieving Red's Pikachu, he leaves home to become the champion of Kanto and defeat Gold, his father's nemesis.
Chapter 1:
Amaranth left out of his house, after celebrating yesterday and falling into slumber from a massive sugar rush in result of the party he was showing off at his house due to his new Pikachu, he felt like he was hungover or some sort. Walking into Route 1, he looked around at the lush green trees and fresh smell of adventure. Water shimmered in the pond which was to the left of him as he walked into the shiny emerald grass. The glimmer blocked off the Rattata which came leaping from the grass. Amaranth sneered, Feeling some what better now he had encountered a Rattata to defeat for his first fight.
"PokèBattle Gear, set, digitalize environment!"Amaranth yelled as a scouter like gear appeared over his left eye, the lense was tinted indigo. He observed that his Pikachu level was resetted to 10 and it had 48 HP, along with the moves Thundershock, Quick Attack, Rock Smash and Iron Tail.

"Pikachu use Iron Tail!"Amaranth said as the electric mouse ran forward, sparking the Rattata to nothingness but a fuzz ball of violet fur and little dangling limbs. It fell down on one side, Pikachu's body glowed yellow as it levelled up to 11.