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    Default "Pokémon: Intensity" - Season 1 (Rated TV-14)

    This is now the fifth message board I've posted these ideas on, but I figure the more people read them, the better off I am. Anyway, these are my storylines for episodes of a TV show of my creation (complete with episode numbers and airdates), set seven years from now. Note that the characters have aged as if they aged on the real show too - if Ash was 10 when he got Pikachu, he'd be 15 in Hoenn, so he's 22 seven years later.

    “The Fall of the House of Ash”
    Episode 1ACP01
    Original Airdate: 1/2/04

    It’s the year 2010, and Ash, now 22 years old, is still living with his mom. Having retired from Pokémon training after defeating the Hoenn League in 2004, he and Pikachu now spend all their time loafing around while Delia and Mimey tend to everything. After a while, Delia decides that Ash needs to move out and find his own place to live. Though Ash objects initially, he eventually relents, packing his things and moving away. When Pikachu points out that Ash has not actually picked out a home yet, Ash instead moves into the Cerulean City Gym with his girlfriend Misty. Though Misty’s older sisters balk at the decision, Ash agrees to pull his own weight, keeping his living area clean. When Delia learns that Ash has shacked up with Misty instead of taking the initiative to find a home of his own, she tells him off. Ash finally realizes that he can’t keep falling back on his friends whenever something looks difficult. He and Pikachu once again set out to find a house of their own. After several disappointing false starts, Ash begins to worry that he will never find a place to live. But he then receives a phone call from his friend May, who informs him of the vacant rooms at Goldenrod Arms Apartments in the Johto region. Ash and Pikachu drive to Goldenrod and take an empty room, and after fixing it up, they celebrate with a housewarming party, where Delia congratulates Ash on finding his own home.

    “Take This Job and Love It”
    Episode 1ACP02
    Original Airdate: 1/9/04

    Ash and Pikachu are enjoying their lives as “single men”. They laze around and let things fall where they do, but when Misty comes over to visit she berates Ash for letting his apartment go to seed so quickly. Ash cleans up to appease her, but when she asks if he’s found a job, he claims that he can merely live off the small fortune he’s accumulated in the years he’s been training Pokémon. However, when Ash actually sits down and does the math, he realizes that he’ll run though his entire savings in a few years’ time. He takes advice from Leonard, his elderly landlord, and sets out to find work in Goldenrod. After sweeping every available business in the city for job applications, Ash devotes an entire weekend to filling them out and turning them back in. However, weeks pass and he does not hear back from anyone. Leonard mentions that he’s got to take it into his own hands to ask his possible employers whether or not they’d consider him. Ash first returns to the Goldenrod Department Store, where he is given a job as a stockboy in the clothing department. He is grateful for the work, but he realizes that the job is not suited for him. He knows nothing about clothes and cannot help anyone who asks him about the merchandise. He instead decides to search for another job, but nothing works out to his expectations. Pikachu points out that Ash’s standards are just too high – if he demands a luxurious, high-paying job, his odds will slim. Ash instead decides to take what he can. Applying for work at the Goldenrod Bike Shop, the owner, a surly man named Al, agrees to hire him full time as a stockboy.

    “Rocket Bye Baby”
    Episode 1ACP03
    Original Airdate: 1/16/04

    Over the years, Team Rocket has moved beyond mere Pokémon theft and expanded into a worldwide Mafia-like organization. Jessie and James, once the worst agents in the business, have been constantly promoted as they improved their skills. At Class C, the third highest rank, they receive more advanced assignments. Their boss, Giovanni, sends them on a mission to the panoramic Celadon City to boost the department store’s latest shipment of Super Potions. Though James and their Pokémon sidekick Meowth are up to the mission, Jessie is ponderous of something else. Recently, she has been observant of the amount of working mothers in the Team Rocket organization. As she and James have been married for several years, she has always secretly wanted to start a family. On the way to Celadon City, Jessie and James disguise themselves as average citizens and check into a hotel for the night. Once in bed, James notices how eager Jessie is to get him going. She admits that she wants a child of her own. James is surprised by this and is unsure if Jessie would be up to the challenge of raising a baby while still maintaining the level of devotion her job requires. The next day, Jessie and James plan to sneak into the store but are accosted by a young trainer who demands a battle. Jessie sends out her Sneasel to trounce the foolish trainer, but the boy’s Arbok poisons her. Not having much time before Sneasel is fully poisoned, Jessie realizes that she is out of Potions. Turned away from the Pokémon Center, her only choice is to run across town to the department store and steal a Super Potion. She makes the arduous journey on foot and manages to cure Sneasel moments away from death. As James and Meowth steal the remainder of the Super Potions, James tells Jessie that maybe she does have the devotion to be a mother after all. But Jessie declines, insisting that motherhood would be too much trouble.

    “Little Bike Shop of Horrors”
    Episode 1ACP04
    Original Airdate: 1/23/04

    Ash’s job at the bike shop isn’t all he had expected it to be. Each day, he must get up at 8:25 AM in order to make it to work on time. Once there, Al puts undue pressure on him to work harder than he needs to and constantly berates him for the tiniest thing done wrong. Eventually, Ash cannot take it any longer and vents his problems to Misty over the phone. Misty can’t see how bad the job can really be, and Ash tells her to try it sometime. Later in the week, Ash develops a nasty bout of flu. He again calls Misty and informs her of his problem – he can’t go into work the next morning, but if he misses a day Al will fire him. Seeing Ash’s problem, Misty decides to go to work at the bike shop in his place. The next morning, Misty gets up early and makes the long commute to Goldenrod. Al is initially against Misty filling in for Ash, but she convinces him to give her a chance. As it turns out, Misty is actually better at stocking bike parts than Ash is. Nonetheless, Al still shouts at her in order to get her to work faster. Misty sees through Al’s motivations. He only yells to get the best out of his workers. At the end of the day, Misty stops by Ash’s apartment to help him and tell him how the day went. Though Ash is feeling better, he doesn’t believe Misty’s analysis of Al and is sure that he’s just a louse who is always angry for no good reason. But Misty points out that even though Ash has no experience in stocking bike parts, he still does it well thanks to Al’s “encouragement”. Ash sees Misty’s point and returns to work the next day with a more positive attitude, resulting in Al’s perplexment.

    “’Zard for Life”
    Episode 1ACP05
    Original Airdate: 1/30/04

    Ash uncovers his old, outdated PokéDex from the early days of the Indigo League. Though he initially considers throwing it away, he recalls the memories of his first months of training and decides to look through the entries for the heck of it. He and Pikachu laugh it up at the outdated entries and the ridiculous automated voice it has, but the laughter ceases when Ash finds the entry for Charizard. Ash is forcibly reminded of what happened to his Charizard – disobedient for much of the time he owned it, it eventually matured and became a valuable fighter, only to leave and strengthen itself in the Charicific Valley. Ash decides it is high time to go back and retrieve Charizard, feeling it must be stronger by now. He, Pikachu, and Misty set off to the Charicific Valley by car, carefully trekking over the rocky terrain and locating the volcanic training grounds. However, once inside the valley, Ash finds hundreds of Charizard and is unable to determine which one is his. Pikachu, however, recognizes the tallest and strongest as Ash’s own. Amazed at how much his former Pokémon has grown, Ash’s hopes fade when he learns that Charizard has become the valley’s leader and will not leave without a fight. Ash reluctantly sends his Feraligatr in to grapple with Charizard. Recalling the training skills he hasn’t used in years, Ash manages to beat Charizard, though he still feels bad about having to pummel one of his own. Ready to claim Charizard, Ash is shocked again when the lizard does not even remember who his trainer is. Ash shows Charizard the Volcano and Zeppelin badges he won with his help. Memories return, and Charizard goes back to Ash.

    “I Think, Therefore I Ache”
    Episode 1ACP06
    Original Airdate: 2/6/04

    Ash is excited to have his Charizard back on his team. He feels that it’s a worthy feat, as he’s never gotten one of his lost Pokémon back for good before, and he decides to tell his mom about it. While driving back from the Charicific Valley, he and Misty take a detour into Pallet Town, where they say hello to Delia. While there, Ash also wants to say hi to Professor Oak, whom he has not seen recently. Delia tells Ash that Oak is much older these days and could use a visitor, as he spends all his time in the laboratory with only his assistant Tracey for company. Up at the lab, Ash is shocked to see Professor Oak, who is now so weak that he can’t get around without a wheelchair. Nonetheless, Oak stays cordial, showing Ash what’s changed since the last time he was at the lab. Ash is impressed that Oak is able to keep up his research even at the age of 72, but he notices that Oak doesn’t seem too pleased about it. Oak admits to Ash that he has been considering retiring, as he doesn’t have much time left and has already made many impacts on the world of Pokémon research. Ash begs him not to, but before long, Oak’s mind is made up and he officially announces his retirement, passing the torch to his colleague Professor Elm in New Bark Town. Dejected, Ash returns to Goldenrod City, upset that his longtime mentor has finally given up his research, but tries to put it out of his mind. Several days later, Ash gets a visitor at the apartment. It’s Tracey, who has resigned from being Elm’s new assistant on the grounds that Elm can’t do anything right. Tracey begs Ash to come back and talk some sense into Oak. Ash finds Professor Oak at the Viridian City Retirement Center and tells him what has become of his lab under Elm’s supervision. Outraged that Elm is destroying the one thing he ever knew backwards and forwards, Oak comes out of retirement and resumes his position.

    Rate, review, rant. There's more to come.
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    I'm not sure if this really counts as fanfiction. I think it would be better suited to the anime forum under 'make your own episodes' or something. As it stands, these aren't stories so much as fanmade episode capsules.

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    They are however, very well thought out. I like that you divided the story into individual episodes (chapters) but there isn't much action in any single one to make it its one chapter/episode. But overall, nice job!


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