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    Chapter 19
    The Mysterious Man

    Bell woke up, only to find a note from Kanan saying that he had managed to get the Gm Badge and left for Cinnabar Island. Bell was greatly upset by this; Kanan seemed to be trying to avoid her. She then looked outside; people were going around the city attending to their chores. She has overslept and probably wasted a lot of time.

    She left the Pokémon Center, only to watch a familiar figure standing outside the doors, the man who gave her the Eevee.


    The man removed the cloaks that were covering his body, and revealed a familiar face, but Bell couldn’t remember where she saw him.

    “I am sure you cannot remember me,” The man said. “I am Gabriel. We met in Mt. Moon.”

    “And you gave me the Eevee?” Bell asked.

    “Yes,” He said. “I would like it back, please.”

    Bell was shocked; she didn’t know how to respond to his request.

    “If you do not give it to me, I will have to take it by force.”

    Gabriel produced a Pokéball and sent out a Clefable.

    “This little creature was following you,” Gabriel said. “But I managed to capture it before you notice it. I then evolved it using a Moon Stone it had made.”

    Bell didn’t know why he was telling her all that information, instead she replied with another question. “Why do you want Jolteon?”

    “Because it belongs to me,” Gabriel’s tone became threatening. “I said I can help you. I never said you could keep it.”

    “I won’t hand it over without a battle,” Bell said, sending out Ivysaur. “You can’t defeat me.”

    “Hyper Beam.” Gabriel said calmly. Clefable sent out a destructive beam that defeated Ivysaur and almost killed it.

    Bell knew she couldn’t win, but she was too proud to surrender, and ended up having all her Pokémon get taken out. She was down to Jolteon.

    As soon as Jolteon exited her Pokéball, she recognized her former master. She looked back at Bell to see whither or not she realized who this was. Bell stared into Jolteon’s eyes speechless.

    Jolteon lowered her head, closed her eyes, and started slowly walking towards Gabriel. Shock struck Bell harder than anything else, Jolteon had turned her back on her.

    “Give me the Pokéball,” Gabriel said. “She is not your Pokémon.”

    Bell hesitated. She was not willing to give her Jolteon away, but it seemed that Jolteon no longer wanted to be a part of her team. Bell dropped the Pokéball onto the ground next to her feet. She turned around and walked away from Gabriel, Clefable and Jolteon.


    One of Bell’s strongest Pokémon was now out of the picture. She only had four Pokémon to battle the Gym Leader with. Bell wanted to catch a new Pokémon to replace Jolteon, but she knew an Electric Pokémon would be hard to find.

    She traveled south to Route 19, she failed to find any Pokémon.

    “You have to fish them out,” An old man said. “You won’t find any out on the beach.”

    “I don’t know how to fish,” Bell replied. “I guess I’ll just go back. Thank you for the information.” Bell tried to sound as polite as she could, but she was still upset about losing Jolteon.

    “I can give you a Pokémon,” The old man said. “It’s a Pokémon that I don’t want. And she wants to see the world, I can’t just keep her with me.”

    Bell feared that the old man will do what Gabriel did and claim the Pokémon in the future.

    “So I can keep the Pokémon with me?” Bell said. “And never return it to you?”

    “Yes,” He said. “I have given away many Pokémon in the past. I mostly give them to starting trainers from this city.” He pointed at Fuchsia’s direction. “They don’t have the power to travel alone without Pokémon to Pallet Town, so I help them by giving them Pokémon I catch. But no one picked this Pokémon, and I can’t keep it with me forever. I am an old man.”

    “I’ll take it,” Bell said. “Thank you for your offer. I promise I’ll take good care of it.”

    The old man produced a Pokéball, he opened it with his other hand and a white beam shot out, and slowly formed a Pokémon that Bell had not seen before.

    “Her name is Slowpoke,” The old man said. “She’s a Water Pokémon, and a Psychic Pokémon.”

    The pink Pokémon slowly approached Bell. She looked up at her, and Bell got down to her knees as soon as the Slowpoke stopped walking.

    “Hi, my name is Bell.”

    Slowpoke smiled at her, she seemed to take comfort with Bell. The old man approached her and handed the Pokéball to her.

    “Please take good care of her,” The old man said. “She might not seem like it, but Slowpoke has a lot of potential.”

    “I will take care of her,” Bell said. The old man took the Pokéball from her hand, withdrew Slowpoke, then handed it back to her. Bell thought it was weird, but guessed that it was the old man’s way of clinging onto Slowpoke for the last moment.

    “I hope she process to be of great help to you.”


    Bell returned to the Pokémon Center. She healed her Pokémon, which she forgot to do after her battle with Gabriel. She was now back at five Pokémon. She checked her Pokédex and it said that so far she has managed to record data for all the Pokémon she has owned, which was ten.

    She left the Pokémon Center and chose her destination, the Gym. Bell didn’t know what to expect from the Gym Leader, Chris had managed to defeat him, seemingly easily, as he didn’t express any difficulty he may have had. Kanan obviously managed to defeat the Gym Leader pretty quickly, as he left her a note saying that he had defeated the Gym Leader, presumably on his first try.

    Bell entered the Gym, ready for her battle.


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    Default Pokémon: The Bell Rings

    Chapter 20
    The Poisonous Ninja Master

    “Hello?” Bell shouted to no one in particular. The Gym seemed empty. “Is anyone here? I’ve come to challenge the Gym Leader.”

    Bell wandered around for a few seconds before a girl appeared in front of her with a buff of smoke.

    “I welcome you to my Gym,” She said. “My name is Janine, and I accept your challenge.”


    Janine’s first Pokémon was one not native to Kanto, a Crobat. Bell recognized the species because she saw one in Pewter. Bell’s first Pokémon was Ivysaur.

    “Sleep Powder!” Bell was lucky and managed to put Crobat to sleep. Janine didn’t seem to mind.

    “Take Down!” Ivysaur threw it’s body carelessly at Crobat, and dealt a considerable amount of damage to it.

    Bell ordered the same attack again, and Ivysaur managed to knock Crobat out, but it had dealt a lot of damage to itself.

    “Impressive,” Janine said with an indifferent face. “My next Pokémon is Weezing.”

    The Pokémon was sent out of it’s Pokéball, and it prepared itself for battle. Bell knew that Ivysaur wouldn’t last much longer, but she didn’t know what direction to take.

    “Sleep Powder!” This time the attack missed. Bell had rushed her decision and forget the possibility of the attack missing. She knew Ivysaur would be knocked out, and she wasn’t wrong. But Janine’s decidion surprised her.

    “Explosion,” Janine said. Weezing managed to knock both itself and Ivysaur out of the battle. Janine was down by two Pokémon, while Bell was down by one.

    Bell’s next Pokémon was Pidgeotto. Janine picked another Pokémon that wasn’t native to Kanto, Bell failed to recognize the Pokémon.

    “Toxicroak,” Janine said. “Attract.”

    Toxicroak looked at Pidgeotto in a flirty way. Pidgeotto focused on her for a moment, but his love for battle kept him his sanity, and he used a Gust attack, which managed to take both Janine and Toxicroak by surprise, as Bell didn’t order it.

    “What a rude Pokémon,” Janine said. “How dare he misbehave without the orders of his trainer.”

    This angered both Bell and Pidgeotto, and Pidgeotto sent another Gust towards Toxicroak.

    “Control your Pokémon!” Janine seemed to start to lose her cool.

    Pidgeotto summoned a Twister that knocked Toxicroak out. He then grinned at Janine and mocked her by descending and cleaning it’s feathers, as if saying he couldn’t be bothered by Janine’s attempts.

    Janine returned Toxicroak to it’s Pokéball. The battle was going exceptionally well for Bell. Janine sent out an Ariados, another Pokémon not native to Kanto.

    “Toxic.” Janine said, her cool seems to have returned to her.

    Ariados managed to poison Pidgeotto, who responded by using a Gust against it, even though Bell ordered a Sand Attack. By disobeying Bell’s orders, Pidgeotto got poisoned, which he might have avoided had he lowered Ariados’ accuracy.

    He followed it by another Gust, which knocked Ariados out, but not before it delivered a Night Shade attack. Janine’s next Pokémon, Venemoth, managed to knock Pidgeotto out using a Psychic attack.

    Bell returned Pidgeotto to it’s Pokéball. The battle seemed to still be going well for her. Janine lost four Pokémon and Bell lost two.

    Bell sent out her Nidorina. She was sure she could win. Janine was a disappointment, she was a normal Gym Leader. Bell had expected an explosive and hard battle. But Janine seemed pretty weak, but not weaker than Erika. She also seemed to rely on numbers, not strength.

    “Double Kick!” Bell ordered, and Nidorina jumped towards the Venemoth and kicked it twice with it’s hind legs.

    “Psychic.” Janine ordered calmly. Her voice was indifferent once again. Venemoth’s eyes glowed blue and then it sent what seemed like a telekinetic force into the inside of Nidorina’s body. Nidorina glowed with a blue color and seemed to have take a huge amount of damage.

    “Double Kick again!” Bell said. Nidorina repeated her previous attack, but was knocked out after Janine ordered another Psychic attack.

    “Return Nidorina,” Bell withdrew her Pokémon. “I choose Drowzee!”

    The Pokémon was ready for it’s first Gym battle, willing to do it’s best.

    “Confusion!” Bell ordered, and Drowzee attacked Venemoth with a weaker version of Psychic.

    “Sleep Powder.” Janine’s voice seemed tenser, and Venemoth’s attack missed just by a little.

    “Confusion again!” Bell shouted, hoping to knock Venemoth out, although she failed. She managed to confuse it however, and this proved to be helpful as Venemoth knocked itself out while trying to use Bug Buzz.

    Janine’s last Pokémon was another strange Pokémon. Janine called it out by it’s name as she produced the Pokéball, Drapion.

    “Use Crunch!” Drapion’s attack was so strong that it knocked Drowzee out in one hit. Bell had only her new Pokémon to rely on.

    “Slowpoke!” Bell threw her Pokéball onto the field. Slowpoke appeared out of her Pokéball and looked around, this was going to be her first battle ever.

    “Use Yawn!” Bell said. Slowpoke turned to face her opponent.

    “Crunch.” Janine said confidently, and Drapion managed to attack first and knocked Slowpoke out. Bell had one last hope, Jolteon. She reached for Jolteon’s Pokéball after she returned Slowpoke to her Pokéball, only to remember that she no longer had Jolteon when her hand connected with the empty space on her belt where Jolteon’s Pokéball used to be.

    “You have lost,” Janine said. “Your abilities as a trainer is lacking.”

    Bell shrugged it off and exited the Gym; she had become frustrated with this journey, and decided to go back to Pallet Town.


    Bell healed her Pokémon and prepared herself for the trip back to Pallet Town, she planned to leave first thing in the morning. She retired to the bed she had woken up in.

    Bell stared at the roof of the room she was in, her father’s face flashed in front of her. She thought of how he would be ashamed of her for giving up. She thought about what Chris and Kanan would say. But the loss of the battle and Jolteon affected her greatly. She shouldn’t have underestimated Janine.

    The fact that Janine owned dour Pokémon not native to Kanto angered her greatly. But she ha to let go of that, it was never her true dream to become a Champion, she just wanted to travel Kanto, she had already seen most of the stuff there is to see in Kanto. She was ready to go back home.


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