The past few months, I must say, have been absolute hell. Not really the sort of thing a society woman should say, but there are no cultured words to describe it.

James, why must you be so difficult? Remember the fun we had playing in the special room before? And then you had to up and run away not once, but twice!

And for you to join something like team of yours...Now you spend your time tromping through the mud after some ghastly little rodent. What could possibly posess you to turn in everything dear to you for that?

It's that little tart you travel with, isn't it? You know, I found out the hard way that your leader has a thing for redheads. He's a positively dreadful man, you realize. All eyes and hands...all I had to do was turn my ankle the right way and he told me everything. Of course, just the right mix of powders from Vileplume may have had something to do with that, but I digress.

You know, it occurs to me that if I were to wear my hair just right, you'd never know the difference between me and her. And by the time you noticed, you would be mine.

You can't keep running forever, James.