(this was to a fic challenge on LiveJournal that gave various lyrics. The one I picked is the first line in the fic)

"If I was to hold one hand over my face now, would you know me? Or would you see the other side of me?"

That was what I asked you, standing in the hall outside the Boss' office. You cocked your head at me and asked me what I meant.

If anyone could have answered it, it would be you. I've seen the other side of you, the part of you where you're not the confident Tulip that everyone idolizes. I've seen you when you're just yourself, and I can't think why you can't say the same for me.

I take off my mask as you walk off, holding up a hand to my exposed face. This is weakness, isn't it?

That's why you couldn't answer. Because I'm not weak. I've always got one hand over my face, so to speak. And the other side of me doesn't exist.

You probably wouldn't agree, though. You'd say something that you made up on the spot, something about how we all have a weakness, and that the strength is to overcome that.

I heard you tell the Boss that once. But I'm not like him, chickie. I don't have a weakness. I don't have another side.

I rub at my forehead before I put the mask back on, becoming myself again.