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Thread: "An Ode to You and I" [Poem]

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    Default "An Ode to You and I" [Poem]

    Yeah, I wrote this one during my hiatus a week ago...I'm sure everyone knows the feeling of having a girl or guy they can't live without, and then, y'know, having to live without them, and this is what that's all about. That sense of loss and emptyness. So yeah, it's called "An Ode to You and I", and I like it a lot.

    I’ve been here before
    A familiar trail
    Old, cold, and well-worn
    Running swiftly now, through deep, dank forest
    Though I’m not quite sure what
    I’m running from or
    Why I’m running or
    Where I’m going
    Or when I’ll begin knowing
    When exactly I’ll arrive there

    But now, I took a pause and thought
    I’m sure I’m running from you
    And all our past, all the things you’ve forced me through,
    All the pain that I endured was a joke to you,
    But that pain’s cured, it’s gone, removed, here no more

    Somewhere along the path
    I wondered if I’d make it out alive
    Realized that if I died it wouldn’t be much of a problem
    So I kept on walking
    And yet, as I walk I strive
    To find the path that by now
    I’ve lost, and I seek the power to
    Survive, to make it through these roadless woods
    I want to make it out alive from this journey
    Is this a journey?
    What causes all of this,
    The life that we live
    Who classifies all of this
    What is this classified as?
    I’m seeking answers without
    Asking questions and
    Even though I’m moving
    As fast as I possibly can
    I’m getting nowhere at all

    Still stuck in the forest, trapped
    Held captive by this force,
    Your force, your power—
    I think that even though
    I’ve gotten nowhere...

    Forget about it, this past
    And me, this past and me both
    It’s all long gone
    Just another shadow in the forest
    Haunting you through memories,
    Stalking you in your dreams
    I’m done, this is it
    Thanks for the memories
    It’s been real
    It’s been fun
    It’s been real fun.

    But now I’m gone, or you’re gone
    Only one person has to be removed
    From a relationship, and then it’s
    Not a relationship, all you’re left with
    Is two very lonely, aimless people
    Wandering around without a purpose
    Is that really worth it?
    Was this worth it?
    You’re worth it, every second, every
    Breath, every moment, all of it
    You’re completely worth it…

    But that leaves us with a problem, doesn’t it…
    One last question unanswered
    A phrase left hanging throughout time
    Left there, soulless, but with a steady chime
    It echoes, it sings, it reverberates, it rings…
    The question stands, dances around
    Frolics through an empty town...

    ...Am I worth it?
    "And we're not gods, we're just hacks."

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    That's beautiful, Evan.

    And believe me, I DO know the feeling of not being able to be with the one you love. I can relate pretty well with all the feelings conveyed in this poem.

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    thanks Alex!

    Any more comments or criticisms?
    "And we're not gods, we're just hacks."

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    *is speechless*

    It was Columbus instead.

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    I just found this. It's beautiful. I think anyone can relate to the them you've chosen. Do you have more poetry to post here?


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