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    Default Nurse Joy's Fanfic Zone

    Hey! Welcome To Nurse Joy's Fanfic Zone!
    These Are The Very Important Rules Here:
    1- Do Not Be A Very Meanie One Coz' I'm Tough

    2- I Hold Officers Here I'm Pres. And The Next One To Reply Is The Vice-pres.

    3- The Secretary Will Be A Club Owner

    4- I'd Love To Chat

    5- Don't Ever Cross Me!

    6- I'm The Pres. You Can Count On!

    My Fics Are My Attachments!
    If You Don't Know Them... Go And Ask Me! You Can Attach As Many Poke-stories As You Want! These Are Probably Hilarious!
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    Sorry kiddo, but the Archive if for archiving fics purposes, not for you to make your own club. And by the way, that snotty attitude of yours wont lead you far in this place. Want to make a club? Go ahead and do it in the proper place, which is Fun, Clubs and Games forum. *closes*


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