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    Default "Notes of the Melody"

    This is dedicated to my friend Deki, a lover of Jigglypuff everywhere.

    A small pink puff wandered about the crowded downtown streets of Celedon, looking around quietly. She was silent in thought, meandering around the many peoples' feet as to not be trampled. Wingtips, spike-heels, sneakers, sandals, boots.... None of them quite excited the Jigglypuff, other than perhaps frightening her into running away in fear of being stepped upon.

    You see, she was a young Jigglypuff, and quite small. She was new to being on her own, and definitely new to singing.

    But Pasquelle had a wonderful singing voice. It was soothing and beautiful, possibly the most wonderful voice of any of her tribe. In her own language her name meant "Melodic Aria."

    Who am I looking for...? she wondered to herself, looking up at all the human faces in awe. Personally, the sheer size of the giants scared her. Pasquelle was only two kheris tall, but these... the humans were at least seventy!

    But she knew what she was in the city to do.


    Pasquelle looked around in thought, pondering about the giants around her that wandered seemingly aimlessly along the streets with her large sapphire eyes.

    Humans are so strange, she told herself. They awake in the morning only to dress themselves in a new fur, eat, and go to a place where they work as a servant to someone that gives them slips of rectangular leaves. They are quite obsessed with these leaves, I should say. Some humans will kill for them, others die from lack of them. Simply their need for them enslaves them. I suppose that these 'dollars' could be the true dominatours of the world of men, since it is so vital a part of their day-to-day lives.

    Her gaze stopped on one of them.

    This one, a male, wore his blond head fur short on his head, and his attire consisted of a light brown T-shirt and a pair of jeans with several different pockets. Upon his head over his fur was a strange piece of clothing, called by the name 'hat'.

    This one reminds me of a Farfetch'd, I should think. His Hat, like the Farfetch'd's leek, is that material possession which he never lets out of his sight. His entire essence of uniquity is his Hat. Humans are so strange, to have such a material grasp on life.

    With this, she moved on to find a female walking down the street with a strange black device in her hand.

    "Denise, I need you to fill out these papers for me by five today," she chatted seemingly to herself. Not soon after this, the Jigglypuff let the buzz of the crowds drown the woman out.

    I see this female, and she is talking to a black rock, Pasquelle wondered, confused. Do human females have such a desire to have friendship that they will pretend these small devices called Phones can respond to their babbling? And she is telling the Phone to do something! Even given it a name. Denise may be a fine name, but so peculiar, this talking to an inanimate object!

    Again, Pasquelle strolled down the sidewalk, observing the giants around her. That female... she required of the black rock to perform a rite for her, this 'filling out papers,' so to speak. Do humans rely on others to do their work for them? Curious, indeed!

    She saw another human, this one, again, male like the first. He wore a black fur that had a white breast with a dark green stripe down the middle. With him he carried a flat black box with a handle on it.

    Curiouser than the others! she exclaimed in thought. This one walks around carrying a box! What in the world would one store in such a contraption?

    She moved on once more, keeping in mind all the peculiarities of men.

    Now here is one man that stands out from the rest, Pasquelle thought to herself, watching a young boy playing tag with his friends in the park. He... this boy is so carefree, and he cares not about Dollars or Hats or talking to black rocks. He just wants to live a happy life, with friends and family. She sighed. Yes. He'll do. The Jigglypuff hid amongst the bushes, watching the youth carefully, following him when he began to walk home.


    The young boy—his name might have been Shay—was about the age of twelve years, with blond hair that glistened in the soon-to-set evening sun. His emerald eyes glittered with humility and joy.

    The youthful Shay found himself walking to school the park the next afternoon, and unbeknownst to him, Pasquelle the Jigglypuff continued to follow him, watching him attentively.

    Just as Shay was about to reach the Celedon City Park, Pasquelle jumped out before him and halted his walk. He yelped, having been frightened by the pink fluff for a moment.

    "Oh, hello," he greeted, smiling to her warmly. "What kind of Pokémon are you?"

    "Jigglypuff, jig jigglypuff," she returned, nervous at her first rite. Carefully she took out her kheri, a slate blue device holy to the race of the Jigglypuff, and sighed. Then she began to sing, holding her kheri before her, prostrate as she closed her eyes.

    Shay's eyes began to droop, the melody so soothing that he was falling asleep. Soon the young boy collapsed to the sidewalk in a deep sleep.

    Now then, she sighed.

    Pasquelle ritually inflated herself to at least twice her size, then again to three times her size. Then she took her kheri and stood atop the slumbering Shay, and drove the kheri deep into the boy's chest.

    The kheri soon took the blood from the boy's heart, and Pasquelle held the chisel of it to her face, smelling her first draw, then painted ceremonially upon her face the marks of her tribe. She also made the same strokes upon Shay's pale face.

    You are free now, dear child. You are freed of the corruption of the strange world of men. Live your loving and carefree life elsewhere, far from humans and their curious ways.

    Perhaps someday I shall see you again.
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