Chapter 1-The begining

One day Miroku decided to become a pokemon master. He called Prof. Oak and asked about a pokemon and he told Miroku to come to his lab at 10 am tommorow. Miroku set his alarm clock the second he got off the phone and went to go make himself dinner. He ate his dinner slowly thinking about what kind of pokemon he should get and how long will his journey last. At that he washed the dishes and went to sleep.
Chapter 2-The big day

The alarm clock was ringing loudly and almost instantly he woke up. He threw on his best clothes and dashed out the door to Prof. Oaks lab.

"Welcome. Miroku I believe your here to choose your first pokemon" Prof. Oak exclaimed.

"Yes sir." Miroku said proudly.

"Ok then lets get started. We have Totodile, Chicorita and Cindaquil. What'll it be?" Prof. Oak asked.

"I pick Totodile as my starting pokemon." Miroku said. Right then Mark walked in to get his pokemon.

"Morning Grampa, I'm here for Cyndaquil" Mark stated.

'Good choice, Mark." Miroku said

"Thanks, Miroku. Care for a battle?" Mark asked.

"Sure, I see no reason not to." Miroku answered.

"Cindaquil go" Mark said throwing his pokeball.

"Pokeball go" said Miroku using the factor of surprise.

"Cindaquil use scratch" Mark stated and Cindaquil lashed at Totodile.

"Totodile dodge and use your scratch." Miroku exclaimed. Totodile followed suit and scratched Cindaquil.

"You were just lucky that time. Cyndaquil scratch now." Mark yelled. Cindaquil scratched at Totodile but Totodile nimbly dodges it.

"Totodile, end this, use your scratch attack" Miroku said calmly. Totodile scratched and made a critical hit ending the match instantly.

"Good match."Mark said as they both shook hands.

"Before you go, here are your pokedex's. They tell you information about any pokemon you wish. You two be careful on your journies and good luck." Prof Oak said.

Chapter 3-The Last check of the house

Miroku went back to his house to make sure he had all he needed. He walked out of the house and locked the door. Then he remembered that he didn't know how long he'd be gone. He whipped a remote device out of his pocket and pressed a button that said lock down.

"Security system engaged. How long do you expect to be gone?" A computerized voice said.

"Unknown. Can I have a stats check on the house in it's alarm setting?" Miroku answered.

"The stats are as follows. House entry:Not allowed. Open windows:Not allowed. Lasers: Engaged. Motion sensors:Engaged. The house is now in hyper security mode. Goodbye." said the computerized.

"I wonder how they managed to stuff all of that technology into a house?" Miroku asked himself.

Chapter 4-The adventure now starts

Miroku checked his watch and started down route 1. He passed by many pokemon like ratata and pidgey. They were of no concern to him as he walked peacefully down the path. After the quiet 10 minute walk he reaches Falknerville. He walked into the shop and bought 10 pokeballs. He went along route 2 enjoying the scenery and looking for pokemon. He finds a pidgey. He checkes it with his pokedex and finds out that it's on level 6 just like his totodile.

"Totodile go." Miroku said.

Totodile came out and awaited instructions from it's owner.

"Totodile use water gun." Miroku said.

Totodile let out a big blast of water drenching the pidgey so much that it could no longer fly.

"It's immobile Totodile. Use scratch." Miroku said in joy.

Pidgey was down for the count so Miroku threw the pokeball and the pidgey was engulfed by the red beam and sucked into the pokeball. The pokeball shook a little and the it stopped. Miroku was happy that he had two pokemon with him now. He continued down the path and his cellphone started to ring. He answered it and it was his cousin Ash.

"Hello" Miroku said.

"Miroku, it's me Ash." he said

"Yeah whats up?" Miroku answered.

"Well, Me and Spyke tried to get into your house being as were over here." He explained. "But it keeps saying entry not allowed."

"Well of course it did. Haven't you ever heard of call before you come? I left for my journey" Miroku said.

"Do you want me to unlock it via satillite?" Miroku asked.

"No thats all right we'll come find you and stay with you on your journey." They said.

"Sure but I only packed for me." Miroku exclaimed.

"Don't worry about that. We already packed tents and other camping stuff." They said.

"Ok. do you have a camping stove?" Miroku asked.

"Yeah, for both of us since they only have one burner. Why do you ask?" They replied.

"No worry. I only asked because in the Hydro town post that seems to be one of the most forgotten items for a pokemon trainer." Miroku answered.

"So your on route 2 right? stay there were on our way" They stated.

Miroku waited and they showed up about 15 minutes later. They all didn't greet each other being as they already had on the phone. They walked into Falknerville which was located between route 2 and Vendor Town. Falknerville was like Hydro town. It was a quiet suburb, like paradise for any city dweller. There were kids playing on their lawns. Other kids were in the middle of building a deluxe club house.

"Quiet place, this is the nicest place I've been so far" Spyke said.

"And if only every place was like this there'd be no point in ever leaving. You could enjoy life just sitting in a lawn chair by the lake drinking lemonade and talking things over with your friends" Ash said.

"You know, most places around here in this half of the world are like this." Miroku said.

They continued to walk until they got to the Vendor town/ Falknerville junction.

"Welcome to Vendor town, home of my first gym challenge." Miroku stated.

"Nothing big, Do you want us to come with you?" They both said.

"No, you can go on the tour of the city while I'm battling"

"Ok, well. we'll see you when we see you"

"See ya"

Chapter 5-The battle

Miroku headed for the Vendor town gym afterwards.

"Hello anyone? I'm here for a battle" He yelled.

"Good day. I'm Remy. I'm the gym leader" He said.

"Hi, I'm Miroku. I believe you'll be using rock type pokemon" Miroku stated remembering from one of his many books.

"That is correct shall we get started" Remy answered.

"Sure, Totodile go" Miroku yelled throwing his pokeball.

"Go geodude" said Remy

"Go Pidgey" Miroku stated hoping to test out his newest caught pokemon.

"You make the first move"

"Ok, Pidgey, tackle that geodude."

"Geodude, rock smash"

The rock smash made a critical hit.

"Pidgey, tackle again"

"Geodude, one more rock smash should do it"

The rock smash made a critical hit, causing pidgey to faint.

"ugh, sorry pidgey, return, Goooo totodile"

Totodile popped out of the red and white ball dancing happily.

"Totodile, water gun"

"Geodude dodge it and hit em with your tackle"

"Totodile, watergun now"

Totodile made a critical hit thus leveling up and ending the match. Remy congratulated Miroku and told him where the nearest Pokemon center was.

(Note: To save time, I'm skipping to the final chapter)
finale-The return home

"Well, it's been nice knowing you" James explained

"Yeah, I guess so, well we'll come back and visit one day."

"Well I'll be sure to wait for that day"

Miroku, Ash and Spyke walk away from their new found friend on the journey home.

"well, I guess we should leave too" Ash and Spyke said.

"What! no, you guys could move into the house in Hydro town" Miroku said

"We didn't come armed with that kind of money" Ash said

"Who said anything about money? I didn't, They built that house because I requested it and now I wanna keep the old one, so the new one is already paid for." Miroku explained

"You have that kind of money?" Spyke asked.

"haha, no, you file for it, and the city pays it using tax money and the house is under my name. Well, here's the S.S. Truman. It docks right outside of Faulknerville and we can walk back to Hydro town from there. " Miroku explained.

"Ok, why not" Ash said.

They explored the ship on the 30 minute ride home. They were allowed to go to th captains quarters and learn more about the S.S. Truman. They then proceeded back to their cabins to get their pokemon ready to battle other trainers who were willing to fight.

Before going into his house, Miroku gave Ash and Spyke the key to their new house.

Everyone in the city gave Miroku a big welcoming party and they wanted to see his prize pokemon.

"Come on out guys" Announced Miroku as he threw out all six pokeballs.

Out came Feraligatr, Raichu, Jynx, Machamp, Tyranitar, and Misdreveaus. Everybody crowded around the pokemon and played with them.

"This is one of the best looking Feraligatr's I've ever seen Miroku, you must take very good care of it" Stated Prof. Oak.

"Yes, it's one of the best pokemon I have." Miroku exclaimed proudly.

They partied from noon until it was dark. Miroku then sat in his quiet house wondering about whatelse he could persue in life now that his dream was fulfilled.

(I know, it sucks, but I still have quite a bit of writers block)