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Thread: The Mewtwonian Brotherhood (Story of Mewtwo's past, Rated PG-13)

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    Default The Mewtwonian Brotherhood (Story of Mewtwo's past, Rated PG-13)

    This story is about what happens to Mewtwo during the time period between the first movie (Mewtwo Strikes Back) and its sequel, the ridiculously named Mewtwo Returns (Yes, it’s a lame title, probably because nothing better could be thought up). THIS IS NOT WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS! THIS STORY IS NOT CANON! Sure, there may be hardcore evidence that Mewtwo did diddly-squat during the three-year period, but quite frankly, I could care less. This is a fan-fiction so not everything has to be true unless the author intends it to be, which I don’t. So I don’t what any BS about it. Oh yes, and to any Yoshi fans out there that say either a) Yoshi can’t wield swords and/or b) He should be with Birdo, work with me here, it’s just for fun! (Besides, there’s evidence that Birdo’s originally a guy!). Without further ado, time for the story! (BTW, I’ll place Author’s Notes where necessary before each chapter)

    Legal Disclaimer (To protect me): I do NOT own ANY characters in this story. I do NOT own Pokemon, or any other creatures that you may find familiar. Yes, the monsters in this story are from every single facet imaginable. That’s right, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, Final Fantasy, plus much, much more. Only thing I own are any characters that are original to THIS story. Oh yeah, and I don’t own the concept of space travel and fighting with swords and huge-ass battles, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Any kind of plagiarism in this story is PURELY unintentional and I’ll be happy to give credit where it’s due. I don’t even have a job, so PLEASE DON’T SUE!!!!

    Oh yes, and any comments are generally welcome. Just no pointless flames...

    Rated PG-13 for Violence, Language, and Death. Especially in future chapters, like the huge Battle of the Rubian Crown near the end.

    Prologue: The Brothers Mewtwo
    Chapter 1 - Eight Years Later
    Chapter 2 - An Agent's Discovery
    Chapter 3 - Confrontation
    Chapter 4 - Key to the Past

    1/4/03 - Started Story, added the Prologue. Oh and Go Niners!
    1/10/03 - Chapter One up...uh, yeah
    1/16/03 - Chapter Two up. Dennis Green, c'mon down to San Francisco!
    1/31/03 - Chapter Three up
    2/27/03 - Ouch, it's been a month? Yeah, been having writer's block lately. Chapter Four up
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    Legend of the Magis
    The Mewtwonian Brotherhood
    By ShadowDino


    Prologue – The Brothers Mewtwo

    “Alright, you ready Psyclone?”
    “Ready when you are big brother!”
    If there was anything that was unseen to the brothers of the Royal Family, it was their future. Melius and Psyclone was the perfect picture of how brothers treat each other. They had their fights, all brothers do, but in the end, they always looked at each other with Respect. Psyclone, the younger of the two, had more raw power but most of it was unfocused. Melius, the elder brother, did not have the power his younger brother possessed but he knew how to use what powers he had.

    Melius and Psyclone were Mewtwos, a race of beings whose powers were unparalleled. They had no equal, and they reacted to injustices against them with extremely ferocity. This did not mean they were unreasonable, but it did give them the edge when it came to dealing with races they felt were inferior. Of course, being skilled in the telekinetic arts does not give one power above all else. One had to have control, wisdom, and the ability to keep their power in checked. The Mewtwos, along with their ancestors the Mews, did not posses the other skills to a great extent but they did know who did.

    The Yoshis.

    For ages, the Mewtwos held the throne of the monster world Rubias. They owe their livelihood to the Yoshis, for they were the ones that beat back the human incursions that threatened their world. A beautiful serene world, Rubias is often seen as a paradise. A fragile paradise always under fire. Luckily for them, the Rubians have no need to fear the Yoshis, since they did not give in to greed like humans did. The Rubian Royal Family have always laid their trust with the Yoshis, for that, they felt grateful. The Yoshis did not even ask much from the Rubians in return, a fact that has puzzled many a historian.

    However, that was a thought meant for adults. Melius and Psyclone were quite young. They had no idea that they were next in line to the Rubian Throne. Melius was merely 9 and Psyclone three years younger than that.
    “Now Melius?”
    “Alright, NOW!”
    “Sorry mom!”
    The queen, Nerissa, was always wondering how she would put up with her children. Both of them were quite rambunctious, always playing jokes on everyone.
    “How many times have I told you not to hack into the security systems and set off the alarms?”
    “To be fair mom, I did the hacking, not Melius”
    “I knew that Psyclone, Melius doesn’t have the knowledge to do what you can pull off!”
    Nerissa had been asked many a time how she manages raising both boys. She couldn’t help but shake her head at her son’s apology because it had a tone of sarcasm in it.
    “I guess boys will be boys. I’d just wish you could find some kind of guidance so you could use your skills in ways that doesn’t make the headlines”
    The Queen knew things could be a lot worse. A Civil War was brewing.

    Rubias had its share of problems in the past. Three years ago, the breakdown of control of the spell that protected the great Pokeans on the world of Pokelanios led the King’s sister, one Delia Ketchum, to seal the powers of the Pokeans and rest their hopes that her son, Ash, could resurrect the mighty race that could morph from Human to Pokemon at will. That put considerable strain on the stability of the Throne. Now, it seems things reached a boiling point as the King’s backstabbing brother, Melako, had started an uprising. Things looked their worst.


    It was nightfall on the royal Palace, and the family was sitting down to its daily dinner.
    “So let me get this straight dear, Psyclone managed to BREAK through the security system and was on the verge of sending the message ‘Melius and Psyclone rock’ on every single computer screen?”
    “I know, isn’t he so mischievous? Maybe we should shore up the system!”
    “Nah, you know the kid’s a technological wiz, our system is fine, it’s just that Psyclone’s head and shoulders above the rest!”
    The king, Maliki, chuckled at his sons’ latest escapade. He seemed more forgiving than his wife was.
    “Let me guess Melius, you’re the one that broke the shield guarding the actually server?”
    “Guilty as charged dad!” Melius and Psyclone simply laughed and give each other a congratulatory high-five.
    “Ah well, boys will be boys. Just try not to make a habit of it. Now, time for dinner!”
    The family got down to the table and had their dinner. The family had a world-class chef in their services, so their meals always tasted great. So good that Melius and Psyclone didn’t use their powers to chuck the food at each other. Well, at least the hackers don’t play with their food.

    Maliki turn to his wife and got to the business at hand.
    “What’s wrong Maliki?”
    “It’s nothing much. It’s just all these threats against us have me quite worried.”
    “You don’t think a war could break out?”
    “I’m not sure Nerissa. However, I have called for assistance on this matter.”
    Nerissa seemed quite relived. “Assistance” was usually one of Maliki’s old friends from his younger war days. The famed Magi Mako Balinola. Mako was a Yoshi, and an exceptionally powerful Magi as well. There were rumors that Mako’s grandson, Yoshi, could be more powerful than him.
    “Decided to finally call Mako?”
    “However did you know?”
    “I have my ways” Nerissa simply gave her husband a playful wink.
    “In any case, I called on him sometime this afternoon, and he didn’t have anything else happening. He said that this situation concerned him greatly so he would get he ASAP.”
    “Perhaps tonight?”
    “I do not doubt it. The earlier the better.”
    “Daddy, what are you and mommy talking about?” Psyclone had finished his dinner and was focused on his parents’ discussion.
    “Yeah dad, what IS going on?” Melius decided to quip in as well.
    “It’s nothing much boys, just a small territorial dispute” Maliki saw no reason to worry the boys with this matter. “You two can go play video games if you wish.”
    “Thanks dad!” Both boys were happy to be able to go to their room.
    “Ready to lose Psyclone?”
    “Not a chance!”
    Maliki and Nerissa smiled at their boys’ little competition.
    “Well, at least we can be sure that the boys are safe.”
    “I sure hope so Nerissa…”


    Several hours had passed. The rest of the night was uneventful, which was normal since Rubias tended to sleep at this time. Maliki and Nerissa had made a last check on the boys before going to the main chambers just to sit and relax before turning in for the night. It was then, they saw two shadows rustling by.
    “Maliki, what was that?” Nerissa was very worried
    “I’m not sure” Maliki had his hands in an attack stance. He might be nobility, but Maliki knew how to fight.
    Then, out of nowhere, the shadows simply lunged forward. Maliki moved to strike, but before he could, the shadows simply knocked him and Nerissa down and disappeared deeper into the palace.
    “Nerissa! Are you okay?”
    “Yes, but WHAT were those things?”
    Suddenly, more shadows appeared but they had their weapons drawn, almost as they meant to kill them both.
    Maliki stood strong, “WHAT DO YOU WANT” he shouted in a thunderous voice.
    The shadows said nothing, instead, with blades drawn, they quickly came in to strike…and then, out of nowhere, a spark of electricity blasted and destroyed the shadows.
    “What in the…?”
    “Maliki?” Maliki recognized that voice.
    “Mako? That you?”
    The Magi Mako Balinola emerged from the doorway. He had a light-bluish skin coloration and his cape was at his back. His blade was drawn and crackling with electricity.
    “Where are the kids?”
    “They’re in their room, just playing. Why?”
    “Those ninjas…Melako sent them!”
    “Melako? We must hurry!”
    Mako rushed ahead while Maliki grabbed scimitar off the wall using his telekinesis he then chased after the shadows with Mako.
    Then, a scream was heard when they reached the boys’ rooms. One of the ninjas had captured Melius. Psyclone was on the floor, unconscious.
    “MELIUS!” Nerissa had managed to reach the room.
    “Let him free!” Maliki demanded.
    “Thundara Blast!” Mako had his hand and cast a powerful Aero spell. Electricity formed at his hands and then he blasted them right at the ninja, but the ninja easily evaded it. Not wasting anytime, the ninja grabbed a smoke bomb, threw it on the ground, then disappeared.
    “NO!!!” Nerissa cried out as her eldest son was kidnapped.


    The next morning, Mako had entered the main chambers. Maliki and Nerissa could see on the look on his eyes that he had not succeeded in tracking Melius down.
    Mako shook his head; “Things have gone from bad to worse. I had some of my best knights as well as some secret agents rushed over from Dinosaur Land. We managed to track down the getaway vehicle…”
    Nerissa, with Psyclone in her arms looked up with hope, “And?”
    “It was completely destroyed. We found the bodies of the ninjas, but no trace of Melius. The only clue we have is the strange piece of black paper with a big red ‘R’ on it. Analysis trace it to one Team Rocket of Pokelanios, but their crime syndication is very extensive on Pokelanios.”
    Maliki slammed his fist on the table. “Ugh, I do NOT believe this! My eldest son has been kidnapped, now he’s a prisoner of HUMANS?”
    Psyclone suddenly quipped, “Daddy, I want Melius back!”
    Maliki, saddened by the loneliness that Psyclone will surely have to endure, calmly patted Psyclone on the head, “Don’t worry Psyclone, we’ll have your big brother back in no time.” He then turned to Mako, “How long do you think it will take to track Melius down?”
    “Our best agents are working on it. However, Pokelanians are very suspicious of Yoshis. It could take quite a while. If I may make a suggestion, perhaps you should have some of your people working on it?”
    “And how would you propose we should do that?”
    Mako grinned, “The Pokelanians are fools, they believe every Legend people throw at them. If we can use some of your people, under the guise of these ‘Legnedary Pokemon’, that should make tracking Melius down much more faster!”
    Maliki nodded, “I can send some of my best agents down there to track Melius down. Of course, I already have people keeping tabs on the Resurrectionist, so it should not be too hard!”
    “Very well then, I’ll get to work.”
    “Mako…thank you.”
    “You’re welcome Maliki. I just pray that this doesn’t take so long I have to involve Yoshi in it!”
    Mako walked out of the room and Maliki looked at Psyclone. “Don’t worry, Melius will be back and you can hack into the system just like you used to!” Maliki smiled as Psyclone wiped some tears out of his eyes and nodded.
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    I had no clue you were an author, too, Dino!

    This is really good. ^_^ I enjoy fics that give a new facet to Mewtwo.

    Peering into the mind of a being of supreme power isn't something everyone can write well. This's definitely a pleasant reading of Mewtwo: it's not completely dark and serious like some I've seen. Most of the good Mewtwo fics are humourous, though, in my opinion, and you do have salt, Dino.

    One thing I'd recommend is either to double-space all of it or tab beginning a new paragraph instead of just between sections. Use a section break line for those. Oftentimes it's difficult to discern to which character dialogue goes unless you show that the thoughts are separated from one another.

    n33! Keep it up! The Mewtwonian Brotherhood is sure to be a good read! :)

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    Originally posted by Kurai
    One thing I'd recommend is either to double-space all of it or tab beginning a new paragraph instead of just between sections. Use a section break line for those. Oftentimes it's difficult to discern to which character dialogue goes unless you show that the thoughts are separated from one another.
    Err...section break line? What's that? An example would really help me out kurai.

    Thanks for the compliments though, and thanks for the good wishes as well!

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    Hey, this is an interestinc concept, I like it, Shade, please continue
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    A section break is a line of ascii characters that separates, well, sections. It's hard to explain further than that, but many authors (like me ^^;; ) use them, so if you need an example, check out some other fics (maybe mine, teehee ^^;; ).


    This is my most common one, though I've seen these, too, and similar ones:


    They can be as long or short as necessary, though shorter ones are better for less dramatic shifts between sections. When making yours, be however creative that you like. I've seen some pretty complex ones. Teehee. ;3

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    Chapter 1 – Eight Years Later

    Author’s Note: And here, our hero is introduced. So is the hero’s girl, best friend, and Pokemon. And a few others as well. Oh yeah…you’ll probably be surprised to know a certain princess happens to be Yoshi’s cousin. I’m not going to explain how that managed to be in this story, since it is completely irrelevant to the story, but let’s just say that genetics work a tad bit differently in this world.

    Eight years had passed since Melius was kidnapped. Psyclone was 14 and standing on the balcony on the Yokata Estate. During the eight years, he had gotten himself into severe trouble and had almost caused total chaos to ensue on Rubias. His parents were so distressed at all of this that they finally decided to have him train under a Magi Knight. They could not rely on his father’s good friend Mako because he did not believe in training monsters to fight for him, so they turned to his grandson, Yoshi. It took a few months, but Psyclone had gradually accepted life in the service of a Magi. He had almost gotten a second family in Yoshi’s family. Still, even though he had his fellow monsters working by his side, there was still the void of not having an older brother to hang around with. Sure, his fellow monsters that worked with him were ALMOST like brothers, but not quite.
    “This sure aint the type of anniversary you wanna acknowledge, right Psyclone?”
    Psyclone looked down at the source of this voice: Yoshi’s main partner and Psyclone’s best friend, Charlie. Charlie was a Raichu, but he sure hated those that called him cute. On his wrist was a bracelet that produced a handy armblade when Charlie needed to call it into use. The bracelet sparkled a shiny gold and silver…a relic passed through generations of his family.
    “Yeah…I don’t get it, it’s been eight years and they still haven’t found him.”
    “Pokelanios is a very strange planet Psyclone. There are weirdos that keep on hindering the investigation process. I mean, c’mon, every single agent is considered a ‘Legendary Pokemon’ and it’s hard for them to stay uncaptured.”
    “Why isn’t there a spell on them for their protection?”
    “Because the mystical imbalance on that world thanks to that whole debacle some 11 years ago have prevented any form of magic on the world, except for rudimentary psychic abilities.” Psyclone and Charlie turned to see their Boss, Yoshi.

    Yoshi Yokata, Magi Knight, arrived on the balcony of the Imperial Estate. Yoshi had green skin combined with the usual white belly area his species was accustomed to. Around his waist area stood a belt, to the left side stood his blade, a weapon every Magi held. Besides that, there were the red spine scales that protruded the back of his head, and at his feet were his standard red boots. Within him stood the powers of the Spectrum: Every one of the eight elements was under his control. The fires of Vulcan, the waters of Aqua, the grasses of Solar, the winds of Aero, the cold of Artic, the rocks of Gem, the light of Holy, and the darkness of Shadow.

    Yet despite all this power, Yoshi was still not the most powerful being alive. There was another…whose power was beyond comprehension. The one who saw the entire world…no, the entire galaxy as his to control. His name was Joshua and he had no last name. He was a powerful sorcerer whose mastery of evil had made many fall before him. Yet he looked as young as Yoshi himself. Fortunately, he was in remission, for Yoshi earlier delivered a punishing blow that sent him back. For the time being, Dinosaur Land and the Yoshian Empire were safe from his reign of terror.

    Psyclone nodded, “I remember your grandfather said he didn’t want you being involved in searching for my brother.”
    Yoshi sighed, “My grandfather tried to protect me so I didn’t have to face Joshua. We all know what happened then.”
    “Do you suppose that means…?”
    “No Psyclone, I do not think my grandfather is weak. It is just that fate and destiny have gotten into the way, skewing his wishes.”
    Charlie decided to quip in, “You believe we’ll be sent to track down Melius?”
    “Unfortunately, Melius isn’t exactly the highest priority on the list.”
    Psyclone caught on and Yoshi continued, his voice having a foreboding tone. “Civil War is brewing”
    “The king’s treacherous brother Melako is gaining more power than believed.”
    “So the alliance of Monster and Yoshi will be honored and reforged?” Charlie’s had gained a sudden interest.
    “Bah, my father does not see it as profitable.” Yoshi’s father, Anoshi Yokata, was the emperor of Dinosaur Land and had supreme control over the Yoshian Empire. However, greed was not something a Yoshi had. Though imperial rule proved disastrous for humans, who lacked the discipline to maintain control, having an empire and giving control to one were perfect for Yoshis, who seldom cared.

    The emperor had his share of quarrels with dragging his people to matters where they do not belong. Of course, his wife happened to be Jeanne Balinola; the daughter of the great Mako Balinola. That gave a Magi some sort of influence on the imperial throne, something that rarely happened. Since Yoshi was a Magi, he could not become emperor, which was the law of the land. Rule would pass to Anoshi’s second eldest son Elliot, but since he had aspiration of joining the Yoshian Army, he could not rule. Since Anoshi had no other son, and had no other nephews, rule would pass to Yoshi’s eldest son.

    “Oh well, I supposed we could still keep up hope” Yoshi sighed as the night began to fall.
    “Yoshi! Time for dinner!” Yoshi heard his mom calling out to him informing him that dinner was ready.
    “Alright guys, time to eat” Yoshi had already turned and went inside. Charlie started to leave, but Psyclone simply stared out at the sky.
    “Uh, Psyclone, are you THAT dense? Didn’t you hear? Dinner!” Charlie seldom had the patience to put up with Psyclone’s dimwittedness in the past.
    “Alright, I’m coming! It’s just…”
    “Ugh, I just can’t help but wondering where Melius is. Hell, I’m not so sure if he’s alive, dead, still captured, or wandering around the universe knowing absolutely nothing” Psyclone turned around and walked in, with a million questions brewing in his head.

    Oh well, perhaps no news was good news…


    “You can’t do this, I won’t let you!”
    “Pokemon were meant to serve humans alone”
    “Ready when you are big brother!”
    “Big Brother!”
    In an instant, Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokemon known to Man, woke up in a dead sweat.
    No, it happened AGAIN!, Mewtwo thought to himself. As a Psychic Pokemon, it was normal for them to recollect things that have been said in the past. Mewtwo had no doubt who the first two voices were. One was that boy who somehow managed to bring sense into his madness…as if he had some sort of strange connection to Pokemon in general. The other was the voice of a madman who had foolessly betrayed him in other for his own greed. Mewtwo did not know why he did not simply kill him outright.

    But the final voice that rang in his head…that was something…else. He recalled that one voice in his past was from a little girl…but this was something else.

    Sure, he had acknowledged that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant, but he still had questions surrounding his actual PAST. Even though it was obvious that he was created, not birthed the way he was, the fact that the word “brother” kept ringing out in his dreams, as if they were a sign of his past, something he did not yet know. For a split-second, Mewtwo even considered the possibility that he MIGHT have been born a Mewtwo, not created, genetically cloned from Mew, but he immediately laughed off the notion.

    After his experiences on New Island, and the events that surrounded that fateful day, Mewtwo took his group of Superclones that he had cloned himself and quickly left, erasing any knowledge from the Humans and Pokemon that had seen the events. He had also encountered his predecessor, Mew, on the island. She, at least, Mewtwo THOUGHT Mew was a she, insisted on following Mewtwo for whatever reason. Mewtwo had not asked Mew to join him, but he did not bother to discourage her either. If Mew had a purpose of following him, Mewtwo did not know it. However, Mew did have a tendency to vanish from time to time, returning with what Mewtwo sensed as a feeling of accomplishment. It was as if Mew’s MISSION was to find Mewtwo.

    Either way, Mew did not get in the way and she did not pose any kind of threat, so Mewtwo could care less want she decided to do. They were currently around the Orange Island area, staying on an island that was not habited by Humans. Mewtwo’s aim was to find a place to stay, away from the scourge of Human incursion. To live out their lives as peacefully as possible.

    “Brother…” The echo rang again in Mewtwo’s head.

    He did not understand the meaning of the echo. Perhaps he should find someway to figure out the echo himself. However, Mewtwo did not see the effort as worth risking Human contact again. It was part of the past and the past was just that, the past.

    However, it would be nice to finally figure out where that voice came from. It could potentially lead to a sense of closure to his past. Closure to the past, so he can get on with the present and the future.


    Dinnertime at the Yokata Estate was quite the busy time of the day. There were several cooks and maids on hand to serve dinner, and they had plenty of mouths to feed. Aside from Yoshi and his parents, Yoshi had a little brother. His little brother, Elliot, was a go-getter and becoming a fine Monster Trainer, in the hopes of competing in the Monster Battle League. However, Elliot’s main goal was to enter the Army and eventually fight alongside his older brother. It did prove somewhat difficult to achieve, considering that Yoshi was a fighter pilot in the Yoshian Navy, head of his own squadron of the best young pilots in the entire Yoshian Empire. Yoshi called his group the “Yoshi Squadron”, liking to keep things plain and simple.

    Elliot happened to train one of the most powerful beasts in the known universe: A Blue-Eyes White Dragon, who went by the name Drake. Though he looked very ferocious on the outside, Drake was a nice-guy on the inside. Even though he technically wasn’t one of them, Drake was accepted with Yoshi’s Monsters. Hell, all of the Monsters living with the Yokata family had themselves a nice wing of the estate all to themselves. It was Monster tradition that they were allowed to wander the open world free, only placed in their crystal-like chambers when it was time to battle or fast moving was needed.

    And then there were Yoshi’s other two monsters: Artie and Austin. An Articuno and a Zapdos respectively, Artie and Austin were twin brothers who decided to work under Yoshi when he saved their family from pirates. The grateful parents asked the boys whether or not they wanted to join with Yoshi and seizing a once in a lifetime opportunity for grand adventures with the Magi, they jumped right for the chance. And that was when Yoshi was only four years old! However, the twin birds weren’t the only ones to work for a Yokata. Their little sister, an Articuno by the name of Artica, trained under Elliot. This didn’t affect their relationship with their parents though, they lived only a five-minute fly from the estate, and so they could visit their folks anytime they wished. Besides, their parents had four other kids as well.

    Today however, there were two other guests that Yoshi had invited for the day. One of them was Yoshi’s best friend, Boshi Delano. Boshi had blue skin where Yoshi had green, wore black boots and was rarely seen without his signature shades on his head. Boshi had a knack for extreme sports: Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Roller Blading, Biking, the like. Boshi was the more athletic of the two, one time finishing twice as fast as Yoshi did in a footrace. Yoshi knew Boshi since they were newly hatched; Boshi’s father was the emperor’s top advisor. They were friends ever since, being that Boshi was the one that helped Yoshi adjust to the new life on Dinosaur Land after he returned from four years studying in Hyrule with his cousin, the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda. Though not quite the pilot Yoshi is, Boshi is pretty respectable in his own right, gaining the Third-in-Command position in Yoshi Squadron.

    The other guest was a tad more important to Yoshi than Boshi was. That person is Yoshi’s girlfriend, Pinkara Giridin, or Kara as she commonly likes…or in Yoshi’s experience, vengefully insists on being called. She had pink skin where Yoshi’s was green, had yellow back scales instead of red, and wore orange boots. Being female, Kara also had a more protruding chest, but it wasn’t anything for male Yoshi to drool about, considering that male Yoshis don’t gawk at a female Yoshi’s breasts very often because they didn’t function that way. Kara was known to be quite the fiery-type, which was quite strange considering her elemental alignment. A Magi Knight, though not nearly as powerful as Yoshi was, Kara had the power of Arctic within her. Anybody who tested her was commonly flash-frozen within seconds, and that’s if she didn’t feel like using her blade in the first place.

    Yoshi and Kara met and liked each other from the moment they saw each other. Yoshi thought he had seen an angel when he saw Kara. They met when both were very little, about the age of one. They kept playing together and acting like a real couple up until when they were separated on account of Yoshi’s departure to Hyrule for four years. Before he left, Yoshi finally kissed Kara and gave her a locket, vowing to reunite with her one day. Once he returned, Yoshi did run into Kara, but not the Kara he remembered. Kara had become a figure of power, standing almost unopposed. Boshi, who had said that the name similarity was a coincidence, asked Yoshi to help solve the problem and solve the problem Yoshi did. After getting into a scuffle where Yoshi stunned Kara by not only blocking her Arctic assaults, but also blasting her with a retaliatory attack. Kara then issued a Monster Battle challenged, which Yoshi defeated her again by tapping into Psyclone’s ultimate power: The ShadowFlare. Kara finally went to Yoshi’s house to confront him once and for all and when she reached his room, she found the very locket Yoshi had given her glow. Saying, “I told you I’d be back”, Yoshi gave Kara a kiss that restored her nicer side and the rest was history. Kara usually showed this more gentle side to Yoshi alone, since he is the only one that made her feel comfortable.

    “So, I hear Civil War is going to break out in Rubias”, Kara quipped to Yoshi’s mother.
    “Well dear, it would be nice to go do something about it, but SOME people don’t wish to deal with it” Jeanne took the time to shoot a glare at her husband.
    Anoshi acted innocent, “What? I don’t want to go sending in our men to fight in a potentially costly and frivolous war!”
    “Innocent people may die because of this! We don’t want Rubias to fall into absolute chaos and being ruled by a warmonger that has to potential to topple us!”
    While this was going on, Kara took the time to whisper to Yoshi, “This isn’t going to happen to us when we get married will it?”
    “I sure hope not, that’ll be just plain awful”
    “Yeah Boshi?”
    “You do know that your girl said ‘When’, not ‘If’”
    Watching to see that Kara wasn’t listening, Yoshi responded to Boshi, “Eep, I think I might have given her hope”
    “Meh, I don’t see that as much of a problem, the two of you are already close as it is. Both emotionally AND physically.”
    “Hey, what makes you think…?”
    “Oh please, I saw her sleeping with a smile in your bed that one morning, don’t try to deny the truth!”
    “Oh yeah…” On the night Kara realized what she had with Yoshi, the two had done a little…something together to mark the occasion. Yoshis did express their love physically at a much younger age than Humans, but that was due to the fact that Yoshis first go from infancy to having more adult bodies much quicker than Humans, and then began to age very slowly after twenty.

    Then, the emperor stood up. “Now, I’m am well aware what the occasion this night marks.” Everyone knew about Melius’s kidnapping. Anoshi then turned to Psyclone, “I rest assure you that we have had nothing but sympathy on this issue, and I wish this night would be like any other. We feel happy to have housed you for these past years.”
    Everyone clapped and applauded, then, Psyclone stood up, “I know the past eight years haven’t exactly been the best of my life, but I thank everyone here for putting up with me.”
    Charlie decided to chime in, “Yes, you’re extreme case of dumbass had just about driven everyone here nuts!”
    Had Charlie not been his best friend, Psyclone would be quite enraged, but Charlie had almost been what Melius was: an older brother, despite the obvious size difference. Everyone had chuckled at this remark, and Psyclone continued on, “In two years, it will have been ten years since my older brother was taken from me. I pray that I do not have to mark that occasion.”
    A few seconds of silence went by, and then Psyclone raised a cup, a tradition that had taken place for the past three years, and said an old Rubian prayer before closing with, “May the lost eagle return to the flock, here here!”
    “Here here!”


    With dinner over, everyone was around the house. Boshi had a date so he had already left, leaving Yoshi and Kara to themselves in the main living room, which was quite huge and had a nice 64” TV on the wall. That was currently being used by Charlie to play a popular video game that was basically every single shooter genre rolled into one. First person, space, ground, war-based, you name it.

    “Oh please Psyclone, is this the BEST you can pull off?”
    “Bah, I’m just getting started”

    This usually meant a slow down in the day, nothing of import ever happened on a normal day. Oh well, it sure as hell beats having to chase down random morons all across Dinosaur Land.

    Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Yoshi’s mother ran to the door. “Don’t worry I’ll get it”
    Jeanne opened the door, only to find her father in the doorway in his cloak.
    “Dad? What are you doing here?”
    Mako wasted no time getting inside. By that time, Anoshi had gotten to the door. Mako nodded to Anoshi, “My liege”
    “Master Balinola, what brings you to our house?”
    “First, tell me where Psyclone is.”
    “In the main living quarters”
    “Very well” Mako made his way to the room Psyclone was currently in. With the Magi Knight inside the room, the game was paused.
    “Grandpa?” Mako’s entrance had gotten Yoshi’s attention. “What are you doing here?”
    Mako looked at his grandson and spoke. “I have recently just gotten off a call from the King of Rubias.”
    This had gotten Psyclone’s attention, “What, has my brother been found?”
    Mako shook his head. “I’m afraid not Psyclone” Psyclone’s hopes sank as Yoshi’s grandfather continued speaking. “Maliki has called an emergency meeting at the Palace. It appears Melako is ready to strike.”
    Anoshi and Jeanne had managed to reach the quarters, “And what does this have to do with us?” Anoshi inquired.
    “Anoshi, the King of Rubias has requested that I gather as many men as possible.”
    “What makes you believe I will give you the approval?”
    “Melako is power hungry. If the Rubian Crown falls to him he will surely want more. He has no doubt already heard of the Alliance of the Demons by now…”

    The Alliance of the Demons had consisted of the idle Joshua and Ganondorf Dragmire, an evil wizard from Hyrule that had once been sealed but due to the Princess Zelda’s naivety, Joshua had broken the already weak seal and had join forces with Ganondorf. However, by Mako’s urging, Yoshi had managed to suppress Ganondorf from gaining much power, but Ganondorf’s defeat and suppression would not have happened had it not been for a young boy by the name of Link.

    “So?” Anoshi scoffed at Mako’s warning. “This Alliance you speak of has yet to be of any real threat!”
    “Joshua and Ganondorf are merely biding their time! Though we cannot take them out now, if Melako joins with them, they will be practically unstoppable!”
    “Hmph, I think this is a huge folly!”
    Jeanne stepped in, “Anoshi, just this once, trust my father”
    Anoshi shook his head, “Oh alright, you may whistle parts of the Navy that will aid your cause. However, I will not sway them in any way.”
    Mako nodded, “I thank you for this my liege, you will not regret this decision”
    Anoshi shook his head and walked away. Mako then turned his attention to Jeanne. “Yoshi will need to come with.”
    Yoshi immediately got up, “Sorry gramps, but Kara has to stay here for two weeks because her parents are on vacation! I’m not going to leave her here!”
    Mako had a smirk, Yoshi always put Kara above everything else, “Who said anything about leaving her here? She can come with us, after all, I’m going to need all the help I can get!”
    Yoshi nodded and Psyclone and Charlie turned off their game.

    “Alright, I already have a speeder than can take us to the spaceport. From there, we can take a shuttle up to the dock at Alunis. I’ve already contacted Admiral Delano, and he said that the Raptor’s Rage will take us to Rubias”

    Everyone had gotten their things ready and entered the speeder. During this, Jeanne turned to her father. “Dad, how likely do you think Civil War will break out on Rubias?”
    “At this rate, it will take a damn apocalyptic disaster to prevent it”

    "You tried your best, and you failed miserably! The point is: Never try!" -Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

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    Chapter 2 – An Agent’s Discovery

    It was morning on the island Mewtwo was staying, and it was awfully serene here. A vast improvement over sitting at a top of a tower planning revenge. At that though, Mewtwo couldn’t help but smile a little.

    Life wasn’t that hard after his experiences on New Island, since he had wiped all memories of those that were present on it, Mewtwo had no worries about dealing with Humans ever again. Oh wait, then there was than madman…oh well, even though he still had knowledge of his existence, Mewtwo didn’t see of him as much of a threat. After all, he was the most powerful Pokemon ever created, why should he fear any Human?

    Then there was Mew. What WAS her objective anyways? One would think that after New Island, Mew would go back to wherever she came from since she had done her part and went up against Mewtwo. Yet she still followed. Could it possible be that Mew still held some key to Mewtwo’s past?

    “Big Brother…” Mewtwo again shuddered at the mind echo.

    The Echos have been getting more and more prodding. Why this was happening was completely unknown.

    “Ugh, I’m already content with the way I was brought to this world! Why must something that is probably a sign of the past come to haunt me?”

    Then, suddenly he heard one of his own let out a roar. It was that cloned Gyarados he had created on New Island. Wasting no time, Mewtwo quickly rushed over there, his hands in the ready position to strike with a blast of psychic powers if needed.

    “Alright, what is the situation?”
    Even though it wasn’t the spoken Human language, Mewtwo understood Gyarados quite well. “So, you say someone has betrayed us?”
    Gyarados nodded and pointed at the brush. Mewtwo peered in and was quite shocked at what Gyarados had found.

    It was Mew, and it appeared she was speaking into some sort of hologram recorder! “My liege” Mew could TALK! How was this possible? “I have spotted the subject in question and am currently sending in coordinates for you to use at your disposal.”

    “My liege?” Mewtwo instantly knew what Mew had been planning. “So, she sees it fit to betray us? Gyarados, Dewgong!”
    Both Pokemon rushed over to Mewtwo’s side.
    “We shall show her the folly of crossing us. Gyarados, prepare your best Hyper Beam, Dewgong, prepare your best Blizzard. Attack on my mark!”
    Both Pokemon signaled that they were indeed ready. Mewtwo nodded and his hands gained a bluish glow.
    “Be prepared to strike! This traitor will rue the day she crossed Mewtwo!”


    The mood at the Rubian Palace was most somber. The emergency conference called by King Maliki was about to get under way.

    “Your Majesty, we are ready to start at your word.”
    “Not quite yet, I am still awaiting Master Balinola’s arrival”
    “As you wish…”

    The situation had grown very grim. At last word, the treacherous Melako’s power and influence had grown very strong and vast. Rumors were flying that he had employed the help of a powerful rogue warlord that betrayed the Chancellor of the Mushroom Kingdom and this recent acquisition not only added to Melako’s already growing ground forces, but it gave him a mighty airspace navy, as a Mushroom Kingdom navy was extremely powerful, second only to the navy of Dinosaur Land.

    The Queen took some time to talk to her husband, “Why delay these people further?”
    Maliki sighed, “I need to know whether or not Mako can get the forces needed in the event of an uprising”

    Several minutes have passed and the gathering was growing restless. The King’s main advisor had gone up to him. “My lord, the local governors are growing impatient. Some have said that they will leave if you keep them waiting longer!”
    “Very well, tell them I will start things in five minutes”, Maliki responded. After his advisor left to talk to the governors, Maliki muttered under his breath, “Damnit Mako! Where the hell are you?”

    And as if by cue, the front doors swung open and standing in the doorway was Magi Master Mako Balinola.

    Maliki quickly went up to his old friend to shake his hand. “You took your sweet time getting here Mako”
    “Yeah well, I had to get some help before getting here…”
    Maliki saw what Mako had meant. Standing behind him was Mako’s daughter, Jeanne, and grandson, Yoshi, with a female Yoshi at his side. “Your girlfriend?”
    Yoshi nodded his head, as he had just remembered that this happened to be Kara’s first visit to the monster world of Rubias, “Yes Your Majesty, may I introduce Pinkara Giridin, Arctic Class Magi Knight”
    Kara shot a quick glare at Yoshi before bowing to Maliki, “Greetings Your Majesty. Most friends call me Kara.”
    “Very well Kara,” Maliki smiled at her, “Any friend of the Balinolas is considered a friend here on Rubias, I welcome you here and would be pleased to give you a full tour, but certain circumstances prevent that from happening.”
    “I understand”
    Maliki then turned to his son, “Well Psyclone, have you been behaving yourself at the Yokata’s?”
    “I haven’t hacked anything yet Dad!” Father and son laughed and shook hands.
    Sighing, Maliki said, “If only your brother were here with us…”
    “Yeah Dad, I know”

    After seating his guests, Maliki called over his advisor and told him, “We are ready to begin”


    Wasting no time, Maliki spoke to all the governors about the situation, which almost everyone understood. Fortunately, it was already unanimously agreed that Melako was a threat that should not be ignored. The only dispute was how to deal with it.

    The more passive governors wanted to try and negotiate, “I’m sure that he’ll be reasonable enough that we can work something out and avoid a full blown war!”
    To which the more radical governors rebutted, “Yes, and get walked all over with? We’ve already agreed that the sorcerer is a powerful madman that only wants one thing: The Rubian Crown!”
    The King agreed, “Reasoning with Melako is completely out of the question. He’d probably kill our emissaries just to spite us.”
    That’s when a governor, Bahamut from the Dragon Realm, stood up, “That’s why we should bring up all of our forces and strike now while he’s still mobilizing.”
    Another, Selena of the Forest Realm scoffed at that remark, “Yes, and send our best men into a suicide mission? Melako’s fortress is practically invincible and any attempt to strike there would result in a slaughter!”
    The arguing continued until Maliki stepped in. “Enough! Both sides have made excellent points, but they all have their flaws, some more than others. That’s why I have had Magi Master Mako Balinola from Hyrule give us a scenario.”
    Bahamut was unimpressed, “You’re resorting to help from an OUTSIDER Your Majesty? Do not think of Rubias as so weak that we need help from another!”
    Mako stepped up and spoke, “Rubias is strong, but only on the ground. Rubias does NOT have the Navy to stand up to what intelligence has told us about Melako’s navy.”
    “Oh? And what do you propose Magi?”

    Mako got out a holo-disk, inserted it into a projector terminal, and pressed a button. Instantly a picture of a Human with a Mushroom Shaped hat on appeared from the terminal with a distinguished uniform.

    “General Talus Fungino, once a high-ranking general of the Mushroom Kingdom Navy but betrayed the Chancellor in hopes of gaining power. However, forces loyal to the Chancellor defeated him and he was exiled from the land and ended up on Rubias some two years ago where he was contacted by Melako”
    Merli, a governor of the Magic Realms got up, “And exactly WHAT do we have to fear from a HUMAN?”
    Mako turned to the governor, “Humans may be idiotic and pathetic, but that does not mean we should ignore them completely. If given the chance, they WILL strike with extreme ferocity. The portion of the Navy he has brought into his alliance with Melako is quite powerful and can topple the Crown very quickly. That is Rubias’s main problem, she does not have a navy that can stand up to Fungino’s”
    “Oh? And exactly what can you do to help us?”
    “Before I arrived here, I made a stop on Pipe World, in Dinosaur Land. I consulted with the Emperor of the Yoshian Empire and he has allowed me to rally naval support from Dinosaur Land”
    Everyone buzzed around the field. Any portion of the Yoshian Navy will bring about a great boost to Rubias.
    “I apologize for doubting you Master Balinola, but what part of the Navy will we be expecting for help?”
    Mako smiled at this outburst of support generated, “The flagship of the Yoshian Navy, the Raptor’s Rage and Admiral Dekar Delano has already consented their support, and with that, the renowned Yoshi Squadron will be there for support as well. Admiral Delano has assured me he will try and get more to help Rubias.

    The crowd became more active at this news. A part of it was due to what they have heard about Yoshi Squadron and all the exploits they have earned over the year. What they did NOT know that most of the pilots in the Squadron were under the age of 20, a fact that brought a slight grin to Yoshi and Kara’s face.

    “So Master Balinola, what do you propose we do?”
    “We start to mobilize ourselves. Prepare you men for battle, and I will call Admiral Delano to arrange the arrival of as many forces as possible. I will also have a contingent of the best Magis all over the system to fly in at once. We must hurry, for even as we speak, Melako is preparing his forces”


    In a much more dark region of the planet Rubias, a massive army was growing. Scores of disciplined soldiers did their marches and prepared for war. In a massive fortress at the top of the tower, Melako was outlining his war plan to his ally, General Fungino.

    “So allow me to grasp the situation Melako” General Fungino wanted full understanding on the subject. “When will we strike?”
    “Not yet, we still have some building up to do…”
    “And when will we be ready?”
    “In about a month or so”
    “A Month? You expect me to stick around here a month?”
    “Have patience my friend, it will all be worth it in the end…”
    “It had better be…”
    “Do not think I will neglect your part of the deal. If this plan should work and Rubias is mine, you will receive your share of the world”
    “Good, you did not forget my arranged quarter of the world to do as I see fit”
    “Precisely, and I will bother you not in your reign of that portion of the world”
    “I have the navy, you have the army?”
    Melako got up and laughed, “Do you doubt my prowess? Take a look outside the window!”
    Fungino got to the window and looked up. He saw infantry firing accurate shots and ninjas accurately placing knives right between the eyes. He took a step back at the sheer power the army had.
    Melako smiled, “When the time comes to strike, the dawn of the Rubian Crown will fall to ME!”
    Looking outside at the power he held, Melako couldn’t help for laugh evilly, for soon he thought, that Rubias would fall to him.


    In the Intelligence region of the Rubian Palace, the agents there were hard at work at the recent developments. Their orders were to keep a sharp eye out on the region that was known to be Melako’s stronghold.

    The Rubian Intelligence System was one of the best out there. Their agents were some of the most skilled in espionage, spying, and computer hacking in the entire galaxy. The most decorated agent was Nelina, a Mew, who at last report was hot on the trail of locating the missing prince, Melius. Systematically renown for bringing down many threats against the Crown and exposing traitors left and right, Nelina was quite good at reporting in, which made it a bit strange that she had not reported in a few months. Oh well, maybe the pressure of being chased down by the idiotic scum of Pokelanios might have had her a bit confused.

    Other than that, it happened to be a particular slow day at the Intelligence Office. Then, all of a sudden, a signal came in.

    “Hey, we’ve got an incoming recorded message!”
    “Err, let me check the bearings…ah, here it is, Pokelanios?”
    “Pokelanios? That backwater planet? Check who it’s from”
    “Alright…here we go! It’s a message from…Nelina?”
    “You’re kidding, Nelina? She doesn’t normally send recorded messages unless it’s an emergency.”
    “Well, the part of the signal is a mayday signal”
    “Mayday signal?”
    “Should we get it to the king?”
    “Let us hear it first before we make a decision”

    The agents put the recording into a local terminal and played the message. Once it was over, their eyes opened wide.

    “Did she just say she knows the whereabouts of someone we have been tracking for eight years?”
    “I think she did!”

    The scout called over a messenger and placed a disk containing the message sent by Nelina in his possession and told him, “This is urgent news concerning a situation on Pokelanios. Get it to the King IMMEDIATELY. If the King refuses to be interrupted, tell him, ‘The Lost Eagle has been found’”

    Nodding, the Messenger quickly raced to the main conference room of the Palace as fast as he could.


    With the conference over with and all the governors going back to their individual realms in preparation for a possible outbreak of civil war, Maliki took the time to rest and individually speak with Mako in the his private chambers. All of the people Mako brought with him to Rubias were there as well, so was the Queen.

    “I thank you for managing to snare an important part of defending Rubias old friend”
    “No problem Maliki. Melako, though it may not appear like it, is a threat to the entire system, if he someone manages to snare Rubias, I fear he will ally himself with the Alliance of the Demons and plot to take over the entire system.”
    “We must not allow that to happen now, shall we not?”

    Then, while this happened, a signal rang inside. Maliki went to the door and answered, “I do not wish to be disturbed right now!”
    On the other side, the Intelligence Messenger spoke, “Yes, I understand Your Majesty, but I have news! The Lost Eagle has been found!”
    Instantly recognizing what the message meant, Maliki immediately let the messenger in.

    “So, you have news on Melius?”
    Psyclone’s eyes opened wide instantly, “Melius? What’s going on, did they find him?”
    The messenger gave the disk to Maliki, who immediately popped it into the terminal. Then, the holo-image of Rubias’s best agent, Nelina, appeared in the room. She nodded and began her report.

    “My Lord Maliki of the world of Rubias, this is Agent Nelina reporting in. Over the past few years I have been on Pokelanios, I have followed as many leads as possible in the hopes of tracking down the kidnapped Prince Melius. About two months ago, I had heard rumors of a secret base used by the crime syndicate Team Rocket on the remote island called New Island. Heading into the ocean to learn more, I heard an echo that sounded very familiar.”

    Well, that sounded promising. Nelina continued, “When I had reached New Island, I had found a fortress, where it seemed to be a gathering growing. I had spotted several Humans, possible Monster Trainers arriving at the fortress. I made my way into the stronghold when I came across a laboratory where the scientists have claimed to have ‘genetically cloned’ a Mewtwo from Mew DNA. Immediately knowing that genetic clones are genetically impossible, I continued my search. When I had gotten outside, I had found a huge battle stadium.”

    Huge Battle Stadium? “Though I just arrived there, some kid had already been sent flying my way. I had managed to stop him from a near-fatal injury, but I was amazed on who sent him flying in the first place. When I had taken a second look I saw a Mewtwo, one who matched somewhat of the missing prince’s description. Afterwards a battle ensued where the same boy I had saved sacrificed his life to stop me from dealing a blow that would have overpowered and knocked him out…a stone spell. However, an outburst of sorrow had revived the boy and then I had traveled with this mysterious Mewtwo, finding out more”

    Maliki turned to Mako, “Could it possibly be?”
    “I’m damn sure of it…”
    Nelina’s recording continued, “After a few days, managing to quickly take a DNA sample during his sleep, I have confirmed the mysterious Mewtwo to indeed by the missing Prince Melius, kidnapped eight years ago”

    At this news, Maliki, Nerissa, and Psyclone jumped to their feet and celebrated.
    “Finally! They found him!”

    However, the message still continued, ““I have spotted the subject in question and am currently sending in coordinates for you to use at your disposal. Please send whatever is necessary because I have noted that the Prince’s powers have gotten quite…oh no”

    Nelina’s head suddenly perked up and she looked as if she had discovered something shocking. “He’s found me. Even with all my precautions, someone must’ve tracked me down!”
    A voice range out from the recording, as a holo-image of a Mewtwo appeared on a Gyarados with a Dewgong at his side. The Mewtwo spoke, “So, you see it fit to betray me? You shall pay for this!”
    Nelina turned forward as attacks where being prepared, “I will need back-up for this mission. Please send whatever help you can to the coordinates as follow. This is Nelina, over and out.” The image fizzled as three blasts struck and nothing but static appeared.

    Maliki turned to the Messenger, “Is there anything else?”
    “No sire, no other messages have been retrieved”
    Turning to Mako, Maliki spoke, “I don’t understand this, Melius never reacted with this ferocity. I would expect this from Psyclone, but not from Melius! Perhaps that isn’t Melius”
    “No it is Melius. I could sense it”
    “But why would he…?”
    “He has obviously been brainwashed by the Pokelanian scum. Even though he does not have the sheer power Psyclone posses, in his rage, he has lost a good deal of control. Melius is now a ticking time bomb and setting him off could potentially destroy him. We have to quickly reach him and restore his memories before he causes massive chaos”
    Maliki now had a huge decision to make, “I do not wish for you to try and deter our attention from the crisis, but there doesn’t seem to be any other way.”
    Suddenly, Yoshi got to his feet, Psyclone behind him, “Let me do it”
    Jeanne quickly reacted to this, “Yoshi, no! Can’t you see this is too much?”
    “I can’t let Grandpa or you try and do it because you have too much to do here! You don’t need me here either!”
    Jeanne saw Yoshi’s point, “I understand…”
    Mako shook his head, “I didn’t want you involved, but seeing as we have no other choice…good luck Yoshi”
    “Thanks Gramps! You coming with Psyclone?”
    Seeing the chance Psyclone got up, “You know I’m in!”
    Mako looked at Maliki, “Since the two are brothers, Psyclone probably has the best chance out of all of us to restore Melius’s memories”
    Maliki nodded, “Yoshi, your mission is to bring Melius back to Rubias ALIVE by ANY means possible. Try to use reason first, use force ONLY as a LAST resort. Do you understand?”
    Putting on his belt with his blade on it, Yoshi responded, “Yeah, sure, no problem. Charlie? Kara? Ready to go?”
    Getting their things ready, Kara and Charlie said, “Ready”
    “Alright, let’s go!”

    Yoshi and the rest began running out to get to the spaceport while Mako shouted, “The Raptor’s Rage should be able to take you to Rubias, as it isn’t needed at this particular moment.”
    Maliki joined in with the last minute instructions, “Use a transport shuttle as means of planetary transportation”
    Yoshi waved behind him and Maliki wished him luck, “Good Luck Sir Yokata! And Godspeed!”


    "You tried your best, and you failed miserably! The point is: Never try!" -Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

    "I'm sure there are others, but I have a mild headache/erection, so I have to take some Tylenol/pornography." ~The Mozz

    "Oh how dreadful. Say, can you hear that? It's the sound of the Reaper!" ~Magus, Chrono Trigger

    "Are you guys part of a gang, or something?" ~Zelos Wilder, Tales of Symphonia

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    Chapter 3 – Confrontation

    In the expanses of space, the Raptor’s Rage flew across the vacuum of space. The pride of the Dinosaurian Navy, the Raptor was the pinnacle of the power of the Yoshis. Stocked to the brim with laser cannons and missile launchers, the true weapon of the Raptor was what stood behind the special hanger bay behind the bridge. That was the main hanger of Yoshi Squadron, the undisputed best in fighter squadrons, single-handedly crushing entire armadas from weaker worlds.

    “So, what’s the plan again?” Kara walked towards Yoshi to the hanger where Yoshi would take off.
    “Simple, all we need to do is take a transport down to Pokelanios’s surface. We outta get there in a few more minutes.”
    “And you swear you’re not gonna get your ass killed down there?” Kara looked at Yoshi, eyes filled with a somewhat feeling of worry.
    “You worry too much Kara,” Yoshi smiled, “This is probably one of the easiest things I’ve done in my life! All I have to do is get to the surface, and bring a renegade back to Rubias”
    “Didn’t the King say Melius’s power could destroy?”
    “Yeah, destroy any idiotic human. But I can resist any telekinetic force!”
    “…Just don’t take too long okay?”
    “Okay Kara, I won’t”

    The two reached the hanger, where Psyclone was waiting.
    “We almost ready?”
    “Just as soon as the admiral gives us the launch window”

    Yoshi and Psyclone loaded up the transport, a rectangular-like vessel with two laser cannons on the top. Better to be safe than sorry.

    Kara kissed Yoshi farewell, “Come back to me in one piece…”
    “No problem.” Yoshi waved good-bye and boarding the vessel.

    Inside, Yoshi took the pilot’s seat. “Admiral, is our window ready?”
    “We’re clearing your path as we speak.” The Admiral spoke over the intercom, “Open the hanger doors!” Then, the doors to the hanger began to open, with the expanse of space waiting for them. Then, the floor was evacuated to give the transport room to take off
    “Commander, your launch window is coming up in ten seconds”
    “Thank you Admiral”
    Ten seconds passed…”Commander Yokata, you are go to launch!”
    “Here we go!” Yoshi pressed a button and the ship blasted towards outer space and began to fly.
    Psyclone spoke up, “Well, time to see whether or not eight years will be it!”
    “Yeah…here’s to hoping!” The vessel flew towards the planet’s surface.


    On Pokelanios’s surface, the transport drifted above the lower ocean in the Orange Island region. From the signal Nelina sent them, the lost prince should be somewhere around the area.

    Psyclone shook his head, “Bah, how long has it been since we got that message? For all we know, my brother could be halfway around this backwater planet by now!”
    “Patience Psyclone, first we find out whether or not Nelina’s ALIVE, then we can track down Melius.”
    “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”

    The ship traveled about the ocean, going from island to island, until suddenly, the signal had grown stronger around a certain island.
    “Hey, what’s that?”
    “That could be it, let’s land and figure it out from there…”
    Yoshi managed to find enough space to have a makeshift-landing pad for the time being. Then, after a somewhat bumpy landing, Yoshi and Psyclone got out.
    “Ugh, Pokelanios,” Psyclone said with disgust, “A backwater planet up the wazoo with Humans that know nothing”
    “I know what you mean,” Yoshi shook his head, surveying the area, “I would like to know how the hell Melius got kidnapped here in the first place. Stupid Humans”

    Yoshi and Psyclone walked around, keeping at least one hand near their weapons in order to attack at a moments notice. Then, Psyclone looked around and saw something.
    “Hey Boss!”
    “You might wanna come here, quick!”
    Yoshi ran over to where Psyclone was, and there, bound to a pole, was a Mew.
    “What in goddess’s name is this?”
    “I’m not sure…sure looks familiar. But this Mew’s pretty badly beaten up. Is it even alive?”
    Yoshi grabbed the bio-scanner and scanned the unconscious Mew.
    “Well, there’s Nelina.”
    “Nelina? Man, last time I saw her, she was actually remotely good-looking. Now, she doesn’t look so good anymore.”
    “Keep your hormones under control, even if she is about your age.”
    “Is she at least alive?”
    “Still checking…alright, the scanner says she’s alive, but damn, I don’t know who or what did this to her.”
    Very faintly, the Mew began to speak. “Uh, who’s there?”
    “I am Yoshi Yokata, Magi Knight from Dinosaur Land. This is my assistant, Prince Psyclone of the Rubian Crown”
    “Prince Psyclone?”
    Psyclone stepped forward, “Yes, it is me. Can you tell us what has happened?”
    “I can’t remember much. The kidnapped Prince has a lot of rage, he…” And then, the Mew fell unconscious again.
    “What the…?”
    “She’s sustained too much injuries. I’m actually surprised she’s alive. We have to get her back to the Raptor and get medical help soon.”

    Then, Psyclone’s head sprung up.
    “What’s wrong?”
    “Someone’s watching us. The energy…seems familiar”
    “…Get the hell outta here Psyclone! Take Nelina and get out of here!”
    “But what about…?”
    “I’ll deal with it. Get going, NOW!”
    “Got it!” Psyclone quickly cut Nelina’s binds and took off.
    “Whoever you are, you had better prepare yourself for a fight!


    Mewtwo watched the strange creature face him. It wasn’t a Human, since it appeared dinosaur-like. Mewtwo decided to use his psychic abilities to stop him in his tracks. He summoned them forward and struck

    And nothing happened.

    “Impossible! How could this creature resist my assault?” Mewtwo charges forward his energy to deliver a blast of energy. He found the creature, and attacked.

    And the creature swiftly used his sword to block the hit. An explosion took place but when the smoke cleared, the creature was still standing. Mewtwo decided to confront the being.

    “Your skill impresses me, but even you cannot stand up to my power!”
    The creature then spoke, in perfect Human language as well! “I do not wish to fight you. I was sent to escort you unharmed!”
    “I do not believe you! You should surrender now while you still have the chance!”


    The Mewtwo decided to show himself, and was demanding a surrender? Was it insane?

    “Surrender? Please, do not make me use force to attack!”
    “If you are not afraid, then you should attack!”

    Seeing the idiocy of this move, Yoshi decided to quickly put this to an end. Drawing upon the powers of the Holy element, Yoshi called forth his attack.

    “Saint Beam!” The blast of white light hurtled towards the renegade Mewtwo, but it easily dodged it.

    “Impressive, but not good enough.” The Mewtwo prepared another blast, but Yoshi quickly side-stepped this one as well. Decided on a quick slash, Yoshi charged, but to no avail, as the Mewtwo simply teleported again.
    “You will not defeat me by simple physical attacks!”
    “Don’t you get it? I’m not trying to defeat you! Just come with me, and no one gets hurt!”
    “I am no fool, do not think I will be swayed by reason!”

    The Mewtwo attacked again, but its motions were too easy to predict and avoid. If it was Melius, it sure had done a lot of training, but Yoshi knew Psyclone was more powerful. Yoshi had to think up of something fast or he would be forced to strike the Mewtwo down.

    Yoshi got his blade behind him, having it glow a brightish green, preparing to strike the Mewtwo with an attack that should do the trick. All he needed now was an opening…


    Mewtwo had never faced an opponent like the one before him. This being was very skilled in battle and moved quite quickly. Mewtwo could sense his opponent was holding back, but he could not figure out why.

    But it mattered not, Mewtwo was intent on finishing this struggle quickly. This being, while fast, could not dodge attacks left and right forever. It would tire eventually. Until then, Mewtwo just kept on its attacks. Finally, it appeared that the Yoshi stood still…as if he was waiting for something.

    This gave Mewtwo the chance he had been looking for. Charging all of his energy, he launched a final assault that was almost impossible to escape. The attack hammered his enemy and a spectacular explosion took place. After the smoke cleared…the being was gone.

    Mewtwo smirked, knowing he was victorious. Laughing at his victory, he decided to walk over to where his enemy was spotted last. However, this would not be as when he looked up, there was the being! Impossible, it had managed to quickly move to the air by what appeared to be…wings? This shocked Mewtwo, and then, the creature struck. Mewtwo moved to avoid this latest attack, but the creature moved too fast, and the attack landed. The attack however, didn’t seem to do much in the ways of pain.

    And then, after that, the creature appeared behind Mewtwo. Mewtwo turned to face him, but for some unknown reason, he began to fall. The attack must have placed some kind of spell on him that weakened him! Mewtwo began to falter, with the creature placing his sword back onto the sheath. Mewtwo then saw what happened to be another Mewtwo with some weapons on its back, holding what seemed to be the very traitorous Mew from earlier. However, all of Mewtwo’s energy had gone for naught as all of his senses were shut down.

    And then…there was darkness.


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    Author’s Note: In this chapter, I will screw around with the whole genetic cloning thingy and the origin of Mewtwo. Bear in mind that this is NOT Canon, just my view of things. Remember, this is supposed to be considered to be almost AU…

    Chapter 4 – The Key to the Past

    Several hours had passed. By that time, Mewtwo had finally recovered from the blow that creature had given him. How it managed not only negate his power, but bring him down with one fell swoop completely left Mewtwo dazed and confused. When he had awoken, he found himself standing on what appeared to be a cylinder platform, in a room that he supposed must be a prisoner’s cell. He tried to step forward, but some sort of forcefield froze him in place. Yep, it was a prisoner’s cell, and Mewtwo was a prisoner for the second time in his life.

    “Ah, you have awakened! Good…”

    Mewtwo turned around when he heard someone spoke and to his amazement, there stood another Mewtwo! Impossible! How could there be another Mewtwo in the world, because he was the only known one. Perhaps the Humans managed to create another one. However, this Mewtwo looked more youthful and had what appeared to be twin swords strapped onto his back, held by a buckle on the Mewtwo’s chest.

    “How can this be?” Mewtwo asked the other Mewtwo, “I though I was the only Mewtwo on the world.”
    “Your close-mindedness blinds you from the truth.” The other Mewtwo responded, but to Mewtwo’s amazement, this one actually spoke with his mouth, unlike using his mind to convey speech.
    “The truth? What do you mean?”
    “You shall see, soon enough” The Mewtwo walked all around the cell Mewtwo was in, then said, “I see my Master has not left any severe injuries. There doesn’t appear to be any broken limbs…good.”
    Master? This Mewtwo had a Master? “I do not know who or where you come from, but how can a powerful Pokemon such as yourself work for a Master? Have you no shame?”
    The Mewtwo did not look pleased, “My reasons for serving under Sir Yokata are my own, best you keep that in mind” With the tone the Mewtwo had in his voice, Mewtwo knew it was futile to push the issue further.

    In all of Mewtwo’s awareness of his being, never in his wildest dreams did he think there could be ANOTHER Mewtwo in the world. Though he had good reason to have quite a grudge, Mewtwo thought this one might be able to answer a great deal of his questions. Perhaps there could be an answer to the ongoing “Brother” echos.

    The Mewtwo nodded and spoke, “I will return at dinnertime. My master will wish to speak to you.”
    “Tell me this…where am I?”
    “Where?” The Mewtwo grinned at that question, “You are currently on the Dinosaurian Empire Armada Vessel Raptor’s Rage en route to the Monster World Rubias. You will know why later.”
    “And…where we you created?”
    The Mewtwo looked a bit flushed at that question, “Created? Once again, your beliefs betray you. I was not created this way…I was born this way.” With that, the Mewtwo began to walk away…and actually walking with his feet instead of floating.

    The Mewtwo was BORN a Mewtwo? But Mewtwos were created by being genetically cloned from Mew DNA, at least, that is what the Human told him. Perhaps there was more to this mystery than meets the eye…


    “So? How did it go?”
    “Eh, still hostile”
    “That’s to be expected”

    Psyclone stood inside Yoshi’s chambers. An elaborate set-up, Yoshi’s chambers was custom built for him, and Yoshi intended it to house every Commander of Yoshi Squadron until the Raptor itself was destroyed. Having lush garments, one would think the other members would resent this, but most Yoshi Squadron pilots had lavish chambers as well.

    “Man Psyclone, that was one hell of a struggle that thing put up.” Charlie quipped, “You sure that’s Melius?”
    “I did a DNA scan and it’s a perfect match.”
    “I thought he was supposed to be weaker than you.”
    “Well, I did beat him in several strength contests when I was little.”
    Then Yoshi said grimly, “The only difference is Psyclone…your power is something you control. If what Nelina said was true, Melius’s imprisonment might have amplified his power. Not to your level of course, since my grandfather has already concluded that your brother can never surpass your power…but still, if unchecked, that’s a ticking time-bomb”
    “Yes…” Then Psyclone quickly changed the subject, “How is Nelina doing anyways?”
    “Well Psyclone,” Charlie said, grabbing a disk, “At last report, she’ll live, but she did sustain a good amount of injuries.”
    Yoshi turned and looked outside a window, “See what I mean, Psyclone? Your father told me that Nelina has exceptionally good defense against most powerful blows. If Melius and his cronies can do that…”
    That prompted a shudder from Charlie, “I don’t want to even think about it”


    Several hours had passed as Mewtwo whittled the time away. He tried to focus his energy to find a way to escape, but what good would it do? Even if he COULD break free, which the mysterious Mewtwo assured him was physically impossible, how would he get out. He saw out of a window that he was indeed in the vacuum of space. With no knowledge of how to travel through space, Mewtwo would be better off just staying inside and find out his fate.

    Then, the Mewtwo appeared again.
    “It is time…” With that, the Mewtwo activated a switch that released Mewtwo from the prison.
    “You know, I could kill you and escape right now.”
    The Mewtwo laughed, “I have more power than you can even imagine. And please, don’t use your mind to do the job of your mouth. Come with me.”

    Looking around, Mewtwo saw it was futile to try to escape. For some reason, his power seemed very constricted. Mewtwo had a feeling that his captors had done something to weaken him greatly.

    After a bit of a walk, with guards on each side of him, Mewtwo got to a lavishly furnished room. With a table in the middle, Mewtwo walked in. There, to his horror, he saw the very same creature sitting in a chair. Holding up a glass, the creature similed.

    “Welcome. I trust you are well.”
    “Hardly. Tell me, who are you and what do you want with me?”
    The creature let out a grin, “First off, let me assure you that you will not stay imprisoned for long.”
    “Am I to be killed?”
    “Of course not. Before I tell you why I have been sent to escort you to Rubias, allow me to introduce myself.” The creature stood to his feet.

    “My name is Yoshi Yokata. I am a Yoshi from the realm of Dinosaur Land on the planet of Pipe World.” Well, that answered the question of what the creature was. Strange how he was named after what his species was called.
    Yoshi then paused, when Mewtwo asked, “Do you expect me to bow or something?”
    “No, not at all. Continuing on, I am also known as a Magi, a skilled warrior that can harness the power of the eight elements of the universe. I have been told I am quite powerful, but, who likes a braggart?”
    “So, that explains how you where able to bring me down so quickly?”
    “Well, your power is vast, I will give you credit for that.”
    “Finally, you got something right.”
    “And any normal person trying to face you would be killed most painfully and quickly.” Mewtwo grinned, if this person didn’t capture him in the first place, he probably would’ve like him. Yoshi continued, “But as you can obviously see in my skill in bringing you down, I am not a normal person.”
    “Enough about you. What do you want with me?”
    “I have been sent here by the King of Rubias, His Royal Majesty Maliki.”
    “I care not about who sent you, tell me WHY this ‘Maliki’ sent you.”
    “You will know soon enough…but first, please sit.”

    Yoshi pointed out some chairs as Mewtwo made his way there. Then, Yoshi sat down, next to what appeared to be a female Yoshi and a Raichu with some sort of bracelet. Mewtwo then saw the other Mewtwo from earlier take his seat as the dinner came up.

    Even though he detested being imprisoned, Mewtwo saw that his captors treated their prisoners quite well when it came to food. Mewtwo never ate anything THIS good. But why his captors would treat him this well was quite beyond him. Perhaps Mewtwo was some kind of key to whatever mission these people were on.

    Then, Yoshi spoke, “Where are my manners? I haven’t introduced you to everyone else. From what he has told me, I see you have already met Psyclone, my ally, friend, and Prince of Rubias” Yoshi pointed to the Mewtwo from earlier, who merely bowed his head.

    Huh, that was interesting. The Yoshi did not use the word “servant” or “worker” when describing the Mewtwo. Perhaps, “Psyclone” wasn’t unwillingly captured…and he was Prince of the world he apparently was going to. For some reason, the situation suddenly became very different.

    However, Mewtwo did not notice that Yoshi did not bother to pause as he went on. “The girl you see next to me is…”
    The female Yoshi interrupted the male very quickly, “My name is Pinkara Giridin. Of course, if you know what’s good for you, you’d best stick with Kara” The female spoke with a high amount of ferocity and Mewtwo sensed that this girl, however insolent as she was, could easily back up his threat with force.
    “Kara…” The Yoshi spoke in a calming manner. “I apologize for my girlfriend’s behavior.” Girlfriend? Huh, so the girl was his mate. Must be interesting. “And finally, the Raichu over there is one of my closet friends since I was young, Charlie.”
    The Raichu put his arm to his head and said, “Yo”

    Having enough Mewtwo spoke, “I would say pleasure to meet all of you, but I demand to know why I have been brought here.”
    “I suppose I have kept you waiting long enough. Very well then.” Yoshi stood up and pressed a button, “Oh yes, and before I start, let me say that your powers have been sealed off by a mechanism attached to the back of your neck tube.” Well, that explained how weak Mewtwo felt, “Do not try to remove it as it is an exercise in futility. I assure you, it will be removed.”

    As this was being spoken a picture of two Mewtwos appeared on a monitor. However, it appeared that these Mewtwos were children. So it was possible that Mewtwos were actually BORN Mewtwos. The two appeared very close with the older one having its arms around the younger one, who had an appearance of laughter.

    “The Brothers Mewtwo of the Rubian Crown” Yoshi said. “The younger one is Psyclone over there” Yoshi pointed over to Psyclone, who began to look as if there was something on his mind. “About eight years ago, a kidnapping occurred in the Rubian Palace. My grandfather assisted the King and Queen of Rubias in fighting off the kidnappers. However, the kidnappers managed to escape with the older brother.”

    A kidnapping? But still no actual answers. Yoshi continued, “The ship carrying the kidnappers was tracked down and found…completely destroyed. It was shot down and raided, the kidnappers were killed, and the boy was not among the dead. First reaction crews confirmed that the older brother was taken and the hijackers were linked to a criminal organization on Pokelanios going by ‘Team Rocket’”

    Team Rocket? The Humans, of course, “That’s where you come in. I was sent by the king to track down the missing brother, and I believe you have a vital clue in finding the older brother.”
    Mewtwo spoke, “You waste your time. I know nothing about this ‘older brother’ you speak of. My story stands. And believe me, I am telling the truth, so I demand that if you have no other use for me you release me at once!”
    The Yoshi began to snicker, “Who said anything about you telling us the location? You see, you just being here brings forth the final key to solving this mystery, and you don’t even know it.”

    Mewtwo was taken aback. Yoshi continued, “Have you ever wondered where you came from? Surely you must know that genetic engineering to clone is scientifically impossible. The scientists who ‘created’ you were fooled into think they had cloned you from Mew. Even they had no idea that you were born the way you were.”
    “How can you be so sure?”
    “I do my homework. Cloning to create a superior being is scientifically impossible, always has been. There is no way to simply ‘create’ a genetic superior being, it is obtained only by evolution. That explains why the scientists failed so many times: They tried to achieve the impossible. Humans have a nasty habit of trying to do what cannot be done.”
    It seemed that the Yoshi has solid backing behind his sayings, “Go on…”
    Yoshi continued, “Maybe you have been having visions lately, something that would appear to be from the past. Has there been anything that you couldn’t explain because it made no sense to you?”
    Mewtwo could not say anything because Yoshi seemed to be quite right, so he nodded.

    Then, Yoshi left the room and said to Mewtwo, “Follow me. Soon, your past will be revealed and everything will make sense.” Mewtwo followed him, and it appear the others were joining him to.

    Eventually, Mewtwo reached a room with Yoshis and…other Mewtwos! Amazing! Yoshi spoke to one of the Mewtwos, who merely nodded and brought up a screen with some code of genetic code. Mewtwo assumed that this must be a scientific lab.

    Yoshi turned to Mewtwo, “This is a genetic code of the missing older brother of the Rubian Crown obtained from the databanks. I assure you this is genuine since the Queen herself submitted it on the first day of the investigation.” Yoshi then gave Mewtwo a small pad. “Please put your hand here. You’ll feel a slight prick,” Mewtwo did so, and there was a slight prick, “Good, now, I’ll just hand this to the scientists.”

    Yoshi did so and the scientists put it into the computer. Mewtwo’s DNA code appeared side by side with the code of the older brother. And the match result grew quite a bit of joyous chatter and completely amazed Mewtwo. 100% DNA Code Match.

    Mewtwo looked around, the others bowed before him. He turned to see Yoshi smiling and Psyclone with his hand out. Mewtwo took it as he heard Psyclone say, “It’s been awhile…brother” The way it was said…almost similar to the echos of before.

    Turning to Yoshi, the only words Yoshi said were, “Welcome back, Prince Melius of Rubias”


    "You tried your best, and you failed miserably! The point is: Never try!" -Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

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